Toyota announces free roadside assistance for UK's key workers

Toyota hybrid: How does it work?

Toyota hybrid vehicles have been offering drivers unrivaled comfort, refinement, low running costs and improved fuel economy since 1997. In this post we explain how hybrid cars work.

The Toyota Mirai can be powered by bullsh*t

No, the Toyota blog hasn’t been the victim of a hack – you really can produce hydrogen from bullsh*t, as a new short film from Toyota USA and Morgan Spurlock demonstrates.

Red Nose

Toyota car red nose challenge

How quickly can a red nose be fixed to a car? We take the challenge. Share your photos with your car and its red nose on Facebook and Twitter

Car Red Nose

How to fit a Car Red Nose

In our video, we show you the dos and don’ts when fitting a Red Nose to your car. PS, you can do some of the don’ts if you like!