Toyota Stories – the Yaris babies

Putting a new spin on the phrase ‘family car’, we meet two families that recently had to deliver their babies in the back of Toyota Yaris models.

Toyota Auris

Vibrant Clarity: Toyota’s design philosophy explained

In recent years, exciting and emotional design has become a real priority in the development of Toyota cars, so we explain what Toyota’s ‘Vibrant Clarity’ design language is and how it is manifest in the lines of our vehicles.

Toyota Hybrid Town: Sarah’s story [Video]

We hear from Sarah Watson, a Yaris Hybrid owner from Hampshire – the county where more Toyota Hybrid cars were sold per capita than any other during the first part of 2014.

Toyota Stories – Hybrid Town

More Toyota Hybrid cars per capita were sold in Hampshire than any county in the first quarter of 2014 and this got us thinking – what would your local area be like if everyone drove one?