The day iQ Revolution came to London

In May 2009, Jemca Toyota hit the streets of London with a convoy of new Toyota iQs. Jemca wanted to show Londoners why the iQ, which can seat 4 people yet is less than 3 metres long, was an obvious choice for urban motorists.

The iQ Revolution consisted of 4 cars which toured the capital for 5 consecutive days. They took in all the sites of London, and stopped to allow people a chance to get up close and personal with the cars. We’re starting to see iQs on the streets of London now, but at the time of the drive most people hadn’t seen the car in the metal before. As always seems to be the case with the iQ interest levels were high. Most people seemed to be genuinely surprised that such a small car can seat 4 people.

Check out our video of the day here….

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  1. Cute car for Europe but please don’t bring it to North America as it’s a city car only and wouldn’t do well on our highways. It’s too much like the Mercedes Smart Car and your Toyota Yaris which I wouldn’t want to bet my life on in a collision with a larger North American vehicle.

    1. I do see your point in the current cicumstances….But…..When are Americans (being one myself) going to start getting on board with the beauty of small cars and the usefulness of them – not to mention playing each ones part of ‘saving the planet’?
      These cars are great…. Big American cars are just an uneconomical, unevironmentally friendly ego trip.
      If everyone started driving smaller cars- the roads would be safer.
      Just a thought.

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