The recalls: your experiences

We are now seeing customers affected by the accelerator pedal recall at Toyota Service Centres around the UK.

To ensure we could begin work on customer cars at the earliest possible opportunity we have fast tracked the production and delivery of the part required to complete the precautionary upgrade, maximised the capacity of our Toyota Service Centres by extending opening hours and trained 1,156 Toyota Technicians across all of our Service Centres in 48 hours.

So, by now, many of you will have had your vehicles upgraded and we’d really like to know what you thought of your experience.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the recalls, please call our Customer Relations team on 0800 1388 744.

Accelerator pedal recall page:

Prius recall page:

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  1. I thought there was supposed to be a questionnaire being sent out in the post about the recall work.
    I was happy with the work carried out on my car and my next car will be another Toyota.

  2. Took my car into the dealership RMB in Darlington and the work was carried out in no time at all – the car checked over and even washed – can’t fault the service – well done Toyota.

  3. My 2000 plate Celica went into Toyota Cambridge about a year ago for a recall that the previous owner had failed to act on. I was surprised that Toyota would still be sending out letters 6/7 years after the recall was first announced, expecially on a ten year old car. Needless to say my vehicle wasn’t affected.

    They had apparently run the car on test, so had filled the fuel back up for me, a gain of around £10-15.

    They also gave the car a look over, and advised a couple of things that needed sorting. All the work noted was a genuine requirement, so I felt satisfied that someone who really knows what they are looking at had taken the time to investigate. The advisor had also priced up the work, providing a broken down and clear estimate.

    The car also came back the cleanest it has been in a long while, both inside and out.

    My only complaint of Toyota Cambridge is the sales department’s obsession with financing everything, solved only by the agreement that I would walk out if I heard the word finance once more.

    Keep up the great work Toyota. Bring out a viable alternative to my Celica and I’ll be back for more.

  4. Anyone know how long it takes to get the marks and spencers vouchers? My car had the pedal recall work completed over a week ago but i’ve had no vouchers sent through.

    It would be nice to be compensated for taking time off work.

    1. My car had the accelerator pedal replaced on 19 February but no M & S vouchers to date! Toyota have been reminded several times but I have now been told they should be received by end of next week. Won’t hold my beath.

      1. Have now been advised by Toyota Customer Relations that I should expect the vouchers in 3 weeks time (31 May). That will be only 10 weeks after the work was carried out!

  5. After reading your web site we booked our Avensis for its Accelratoe pedal recall. Thinking it would take about an hour to do the work needed, the agent told use one and 1/2 hours before we would get the car back. In the end the car took TWO hours before it was ready. Your Web site is very misleading, poor info very inconvient.

  6. After the recall I decided to treat my yaris to the Toyota wheel cleaner, instead of one I had of a different brand. The ‘other brand’ said not for use on wheels with chrome etc and my wheels have the chrome trim in the middle. I used the Toyota wheel cleaner and I am very happy with it, it is very good and not stron/damaging like other ones. Also still very happy with my toyota and never had any problems with it.

  7. I have a ’56 aygo MMT never had any problems with it – had accelerator problem fixed and was pleased with the service – now my car kangaroos in reverse gear and first gear when from cold – never had this problem before. I rang toyota yesterday they say it is not connected to the recall – i am taking it in on wednesday for them to ‘diagnostic check it’. Has anyone else had this sort of problem since the recall??

    1. Hi Jackie —
      I have the same make/model and year of car as you and i am having identical problems — I have had 2 diagnostic checks done on the car and no one seems to know what the problem is — the checks both came back clear ! – Could you advise what was the “diagosis” that you had , and did the problem get fixed ?? – would appreciate your urgent response — have come to the end of my tether with this car ! – Many thanks. Gail

  8. According to the dealership my brand new 2003(yes,2003) yaris had a problem with the software controlling it`s accelerator pedal,they spent much time trying to rectify it but in the end they told me that Toyota had informed them it was `normal` for that particular model and they wouldn`t be doing anything about it. Did Toyota know something back then?
    My other 2003 (yes, other 2003) yaris had a `hook and eye` arrangement to hold the driver`s floor mat in place. Did Toyota Know about the floormat problem back then?

  9. TO Mark Hutchings
    I see that you ‘know’ the software is what caused the problem with the accelerators. Do you work for microsoft as some kind of software expert? If you know so much about software in cars where is your top job in software? What about the OTHER SEVEN BRANDS that ALL had the same accelerator problem as Toyota? I suppose they are all ‘involved in a coverup’ as you put it. You say ‘first blaming the mats’,well if any mat is loose or put in the wrong way after you clean it, it could move in any car. You say ‘all about money for big companies’, small companies and individuals want money too.

    1. Fiona,
      I don’t work for Microsoft and I don’t claim to know 100% that this is software I am just expressing my concerns after watching a documentary on the BBC that said this.
      I would like to ask you however if you work for Toyota given your aggressive response to me.
      You go on about mats but some of the cars in America that had the sudden acceleration problem didn’t even have mats fitted.
      The reason I mentioned money is because on the BBC documentary they said that a leaked Toyota memo said how happy the company was with the fault being put down to mats as this was a cheap fix. They then had to admit it was the pedal, but people that have had the pedal fix are still experiencing the problem so how do you explain that?

      1. TO Mark Hutchings
        Just to clarify your comment, I do NOT work for Toyota, never have and I do not have any family/friends/neighbours who do either. If you think my comment was aggressive, you are easy annoyed.I am the sort of person who tells it like it is so I was just giving my opinion. Think what you want Mark,I have more to do with my time than bother with you again.

  10. See previous comment.Sorry forgot to say thanks for M and S vouchers recieved very quickly. I look foward to spending them.

  11. I brought my Auris last year from Farmer and Carlise Loughborough. Arranged the recall with them which was at a time to suit me no problems at all. All done within an hour and even washed it for me without me asking.I have every faith in Toyota cars and would certainly buy another. Thanks again.

    1. Hi Jing,

      The vouchers are sent via recorded delivery so you definitely should have received them by now, provided you are the registered keeper and your address is up-to-date on the DVLA database. If you’ve moved house recently, or if the DVLA don’t have your details for any reason, this may explain why you have not received you vouchers. However, I’ll look into this and get back to you.

      1. I had my recall begining March and have not recieved any M & S vouchers. How long is it that you have to wait? I had to take 1/2 day off work and a 20 mile drive, surley some compensation is in order.

        1. Hi Ceri-Jayne,

          As I advised Jing, the best thing is for you to contact the Customer Relations team who are able to look into this for you. Please give them a call on 01737 367 600. Thanks.

  12. I just want to raise an issue with my toyota auris tr 2010 model. I brought this car on the 1st march 2010 and i`ve done about 1000miles since and today there has been clicking noises coming from the clutch whenever i press down on the clutch to change gears. Does anyone else have this problem?

    1. Hi Darren, I had that problem before with my yaris after one month purchase from new. I sent the car to a toyota centre and was told it was something about the gear switching panel. They fixed it.

      1. Thank You Jing, I got a phone call from toyota today someones going to call me back today at some point to book my car in. I was going to go to my local dealer, but i think im going to wait for the call back.

  13. Dear Toyota,

    We have just had our Yaris dealt with by Kings Toyota of Southampton today the 9th April 2010, we have 3 Yaris and 1 Prius, as always the dealership look after us very well, the recall fix dealt with while we waited, we appreciated the letter from the Franchise Director and wish to thank Toyota for dealing with ‘the problem’ which we would report that we had not experianced in any of our vehicles.

    Regards John Powell.

  14. My 2009 Auris was dealt with promptly re the accelerator problem by Corrie Motors Inverness on 23 March and the car was given a wash.

    Somehow during the above treatment both wing mirrors had been sprung from their anchorages and this was not spotted by garage staff — as I found to my concern when I was caught up in dense traffic shortly after leaving the garage.

    Many thanks for the M&S voucher.

  15. Wow this blog is stunning. Appears as I found a gold mine. I desire to thank you so much for having the time to write this. Continue the good work! Just curious about, do you have an RSS Feed? Many thanks!

  16. I had my 09 Auris efficiently and promptly dealt with re the matter of the accelerator pedal by Corrie Motors, Inverness.

    One minus point — after collecting the car I set off into dense traffic to find that both wing mirrors were now totally out of alignment. OK so it was easy enough to lower the window and click the right-hand mirror back into its set position but impossible to do so with the other until I was able to find a parking spot some considerable distance further on.

    1. Robert,

      Before setting off, all drivers should check their mirrors as a matter of safety.

      Your car was obviously road tested and the person that did this correctly adjusted them to suit(or folded them in to prevent damage when parked).

      If anything, it shows that they are professional in their approach to test drives. 🙂

  17. Took my 2008 Yaris in to RMB Teesside on Saturday 27 March 2010, was told it would take 40 minutes, it was more like 65 minutes and the car had been “kind of” washed! Not as well as when it has a service! Car is now great, I immediately went on a 60 mile run and it had no issues, not that it did in the first place mind you! Recalls are standard on many makes of car and often nothing is wrong! I don’t care for those who have got “over excited” on here about this issue, clearly they have never owned a Vauxhall, VW or Citroen, etc!!!! Don’t respond to me telling me that you have, that is just pathetic! This is my first Toyota and I have NOT been put off buying another! They tried to expand too rapidly, they learned a valuable lesson – back to their values – end of!

  18. Had the recall work carried out on my Auris, by Octagon in Bracknell. Said it would take an hour, and could be done while I waited. One hour after arrival, got car back washed and cleaned inside. Impressive service as always.

  19. Hi Alan. Do you want to know what the worst lemon on the road is? Its a Chevrolet. It was the worst car I ever had was a Chevrolet Matiz.It may be cheap,but it’s certainly not cheerful.I got it new but only kept it for a year it was so nasty.It had a faulty starter,so many times the matiz would not start.matiz had faulty electrics,loose radio,rubbish pedals,rubbish paint,rubbish seats and mats, the tyres are like the wheels on a supermaret trolley. The gasket went and I had to wait weeks for a new part, matiz had no power to drive up a small hill, just rolled back down – lucky no other car was behind me that day.The roof leaked in from the ariel area,driver seat was not secure, rubber seals had started to perish. The matiz had faulty gears, would not change gears when driving along, or went into 2 gears at the same time.It was in the Chevrolet garage lots of times and they could not fix it.They gave me a courtesy car and it had all the same faults,only extra fault it had was a strange noise from the back of the car.Cornering was rubbish.The outside feels like it’s made of tin cans.The inside is tacky and rubbish, the instruments are not clearly visible.The speedomoter is hard to see. The dashboard reflects badly on the windscreen.The steering feels as if it’s connected to the wheels with rubber bands.
    My friend had a Chevrolet lacetti for 2 years from new and the alternator failed,suspension failed,trouble with the gear box. Again the brakes were faulty rubbish like my matiz.
    Best place for a Chevrolet is in the dump,it is the worst car I have ever driven and I was GLAD to get rid of it. I hated every minute in that car.I HAVE YET TO SEE CHEVROLET HAVING A RECALL for all those faults. Chevrolet is flimsy, poorly built rubbish. Would I recommend a chevroelt? Not a chance. Give me a Toyota any day.

  20. Alan, plenty of Toyotas in my family too and the mats never shifted. If you look up the AA website and put in VOSA recalls, you will find that SEVEN other brands had accelerator problems recently. I suppose they(all those brands) are all involved in a massive coverup. How do you know what the people in America did with their mats, you were not driving their car with them. What about the man in America who pretended his Toyota caused his accident when it was really himself who caused it to get a claim. That was in the news.

    1. Louise, sorry I spelled your name wrong in last posting. Have you watched the Toyota Recall program? The American who pretended to have accident is sad.
      My current car has been in the garage 5 times in the last 2 months and has to go back in for yet another problem to do with the electrics. The quality is suspect. My previous Toyota was in the garage once a year for servicing! It was in better condition than my new car. I know other cars have been recalled but I do not own one, I own a Toyota and that is my only concern, the quality is just not there,or I have been sold a brand new “lemon”.

    How can you say that mats do not cause a problem in cars. A mat problem can happen in ANY BRAND of car. I was learning to drive years ago, I had a lesson with an instructor who had a Volkswagen Golf. As THE INSTRUCTOR was driving along, he bent down and fixed his mat as it had curled over the pedals. He was not even looking at the road, his whole head was bent down to in round the pedals while he fixed the mat. I was shocked, I had never seen anything like it, and I never took another lesson from him as he had other bad driving habits. But my point is that he had a mat problem in a different brand so it must be possible in all cars. sounds like you ‘don’t have a clue’ yourself Alan.

    1. You have completely missed the point Loise. My last 5 cars were all Toyotas. The mats were never anchored I had to keep adjusting them myself. It was not rocket science, just plain old fashioned common sense to keep pulling them back from the accelerator pedal.The cases in America were a cover for a more serious problem which Toyota knew about but recalled the mats and not the cars thereby saving Toyota $100+ million dollars. There have been multiple deaths in America of people who did not have car mats in their cars. I do hope this clarifies things. My Avensis has the new floor layout. Watch the Money Program.

  22. Thank you so much for the M&S vouchers it was a lovely suprise . The recall was delt with quicker than expected and my yaris seems as good as ever now. Thank you.

  23. I decided to phone my local Toyota branch myself after completing the online form twice and getting no reply.
    I had my car booked in over the phone within minutes so it looks like the online form is a waste of time.

    The online form checked my vehicle details and said it was subject to the recall.
    However when I took my car in they told me it did not need the pedal fix.
    The car was new 17/12/2009 so did Toyota know about the pedal problem prior to this date and has my pedal already been modified?

    Also I still have worries as I watched a documentary on the BBC that said the pedal is not the problem it is actually a software problem.
    Can you clarify this please?

    1. Hi Mark,

      I have to agree with you that the pedal recall is not the problem. Three British engineers are in America to prove to Toyota that EMI (Electro mechanical interference)is the problem. Toyota said floor mats were the culprit in the first recall as a result of sudden acceleration in American cars. The truth is that they don’t have a clue. Last Saturday 20th March, two warning lights showed up. Parking brake system and the VSC system needed to be checked. I am now told the car needs an ABS Actuator? Both faults relate to the electrics in the car. My Avensis has done 4800miles.!

      1. Alan,
        Sorry to hear about your car at least I have had no issues yet with mine.
        My concern is that Toyota do not appear to be telling us the full story though, first blaming mats then the pedal,
        they must know by now its the software but its all about money with these big companies its looking more like a cover up.
        Its starting to turn into the Ford Pinto story all over again.

  24. Had the accelerator pedal recall done last week on my Yaris D4D and since then have experienced the ‘kangarooing’ problem when starting off in 1st gear but only from cold. Have driven the car from new and now have 20000 miles on the clock and have never experienced this problem before. Will contact Customer relations tomorrow to see if they have an answer as it appears this is a problem that is affecting only diesel models.

    1. Hi Steve,

      Yes, Customer Relations is definitely the team to contact if you have any concerns. They can be reached on 01737 367 600.

      However, the first port of call is the Toyota Centre that carried out the work. Through them you will be able to arrange an accompanied test drive. If you have any problems, you can always contact CR again.

  25. i took my auris to bury st edmunds toyota centre to have the throttle fixed this took about 1 hour to do the staff at my dealership were very helpfull and supplied me with tea and coffee while i waited,when i got my car back it had been washed and valeted,my auris is the 1st toyota i have had i will have another one when i replace it 2012,i think toyota have done a good job alltogether and deserve high praise about the the whole recall program

  26. My Auris had the recall completed last week at Somerset County Cars in Taunton. It came back sparkling clean and on time. Yesterday I had a nice suprise M&S vouchers came in the post. Well done Toyota.

  27. i had my Yaris accelarator pedal recall work completed by my local Toyota dealer and received £20.00 of M&S vouchers for the inconvenience.

  28. The work was completed at William A. Lewis on my Yaris
    in just over an hour. In addition they carried out a visual inspection of all the items relating to the safety of the vehicle and then washed the car. Everything was explained to me and I was given a cup of coffee whilst I waited.
    The whole operation was carried out to a very high standard. I will continue to support Toyota.

  29. I have just returned from Lostock Gralam Toyota and it took one and half hours for the work to be done on the recall, however, I did receive a drink, biscuits and the staff were friendly and helpful. I was told it had been vaccumed,but only the drivers area had been done, and it had been washed. I think Toyota have done over and above to make ammends and I would purchase another Toyota.

  30. i have not heard anything about M&S vouchers we had a recall letter and W.R.Davies Stafford who were very good and
    efficient as they always are and arranged to fit replacement
    part at the same time as they carried out the annual service
    on our Yaris so as not to cause us very little inconvenience
    Congratulations to Toyota for the way this recall has been dealt with,we would have no problem buying Toyota again.

  31. My 2009 Auris was repaired on 22-March at Westover Motors, Wallisdown, Bournemouth. The repair took about 45 minutes and all the staff were efficient and courtious. A safety check was also done with everything OK. The accelerator pedel did feel a little more responsive but this did not fix the MMT changing gear at the wrong speed problems I had have since the car was new.

    The car wasn’t washed (unfortunately!) but I did get a wash & free safety voucher for the summer. No sign of the M&S vouchers yet!

  32. I took my Auris to my local dealership Listers Toyota Stratford upon Avon today 22/03/10 for the modification on the accelerator pedal. The work was carried out quickly,efficiently and the car was valeted, the usual quality service I receive when I visit the dealership. The staff are extremely professional, polite and caring. They are a pleasure to deal with.

  33. Took my Auris to Harlech Toyota garage Monday 15th/3/10
    regarding the accelerator pedal. The service I received was second to none. As well as doing the pedal the car was checked for oil, water, washer water, tyres, the car was also washed and hoovered. I had a short stay with hot chocolate and daily papers. I have always been treated with extreme courtesy and staff are very helpful even in busy periods. I have now received my M&S vouchers much appreciated but realy unnecessary as I love my Toyota and a few small problems will not change that. I myself never had a problem.

  34. Motorline Toyota Canterbury carried out modification to the accelerator pedal on my Avensis quickly and efficiently.As usual the service was good and I received re-assurance when I voiced any concerns.Toyota cars are reliable and quality vehicles I have never experienced any problems with any of my previous Toyota’s they have always been a pleasure to drive.

  35. I would like to thank the staff at Anold Clark Toyota, in Prestwick, for their professional manner and excellent customer service in respect of the work carried out as a result of the recall.

    However, as an owner, I am concerned about the long term effect the recall will have on the residual value of my vehicle.

  36. Hi all,

    I took my Yaris into my local Toyota repair centre yesterday for the accelerator pedal recall. I was pleased to have been given an appointment convenient to me, and for the professional attitude of the staff there. Not only was the essential work completed, but the car was returned to me cleaned and vacuumed (which it really needed!) I was then informed that I would be receiving some M&S vouchers in the post in compensation. I was not expecting any of these gestures of goodwill, as Toyota’s response to the defective accelerator pedals has been good enough for me.

    Toyota have been open, honest and efficient in dealing with this situation, and I continue to have faith in the company and their cars. I would purchase another Toyota in the future.

    Thank you Toyota.

  37. Unless I have missed it in which case I apologise, I still have not received a reply to question regarding M&S vouchers.

    Do owners like myself who had their cars recalled and who suffered the inconvenience of keeping their cars off the road until taking them to the dealer plus the time spent waiting at the dealers receive vouchers even if the accelerator pedals were found not to be in need of fixing.

    1. TO S.Fletcher
      I think you just have to wait your turn for the vouchers. I got mine about a week after the work was done. I did not keep my car off the road like you did until the work was done. I just went on ahead as I knew the car felt fine and I had not had any problems with it so I knew it would be safe (and of course I knew the newspapers were exaggerating). I think if you just wait the vouchers will come but maybe it is only actually if you did ned the modification. Melissa from Toytota will tell you about your situation in a while.

    2. Hello again S. Fletcher,

      I’m sorry about the delay. I can now confirm how voucher eligibility is determined.

      Every customer whose VIN is on the list of vehicles affected by the accelerator pedal recall will receive £20 M&S vouchers. This applies even if your car was found to be in need of a confirmation check only. However, if you took your car to a Toyota Centre of your own volition and your VIN is not listed, you are not eligible for the vouchers. You can check whether or not your VIN is listed here.

      Given the information you have provided, it sounds as though you are eligible for vouchers. The voucher mailing process began two weeks ago, so some customers who visited their Centre prior to this time may experience a delay in receiving their vouchers. Rest assured however that you will definitely receive a voucher if you meet the criteria outlined above.

      I hope this has clarified things for you. Please do get back in touch if you have further questions. Thanks.

      (Please note: the above does not apply to those affected by the voluntary Prius recall.)

  38. I was learning to drive about 6/7 years ago, I had a lesson with an instructor who had a Volkswagen Golf. As THE INSTRUCTOR was driving along, he bend down and fixed his mats. He was not even looking at the road, his whole head was bent down to in round the pedals while he fixed the mat. I was shocked, I had never seen anything like it, and I never took another lesson from him as he had other bad driving habits. But my point is that he had a mat problem in a different brand so it must be possible in all cars.

  39. Thank you Toyota for the way you have dealt with the recall & owning up to the problem.
    My Yaris was fixed on Monday whilst having it’s first service. I paid a very reasonable price for the service as well. Excellent customer service from Wayside in Watford, one small niggle was that the car wasn’t cleaned but that’s not the end of the world.
    Received my £20 M&S vouchers today, thank you Mr Fonseca.
    This car is my second Yaris & I’m positive my next car will also be a Yaris because of the quality of the car & the service I have consistently received from Toyota.

  40. very, very, pleased with the service from j. roe of scunthorpe on the racall on my toyota yaris.cleaned and valeted on collection. keep up the good work.

  41. It’s very clear that journalists don’t drive Toyotas – what a lot of fuss about nothing. Frankly, I was embarrassed by the way Mr. Toyoda was treated in the US, in reality he leads an organization which he can be proud of and is wholly undeserving of the negative press.

    I’ve just had my wife’s car sorted by Farmer and Carlisle in Loughborough and their service was no different to normal – that is, outstanding! I have complete confidence in both Toyota and my local dealer, and in fact I’m so impressed with both the Toyotas that my wife has owned, and with the service received from Farmer and Carlisle, that my next car will be a Toyota.

    Thanks to all at Toyota for the fantastic effort you have obviously made to resolve this issue, and thanks too for the M&S voucher which was very gratefully received.

  42. recall work was completed on monday 15th March.Excellent service at Pentagon sheffield.Nice to have a cleaned car and visual safety report. Have been well informed about the problem and resolution throughout. Thanks

  43. When I heard about the Toyota recall I was not at all concerned, I have driven my Yaris for nearly 3 years and it has been an excellent car, I have never experienced any problems and it has always been a pleasure to drive. During the recall repair I received wonderful customer care and work was carried out promptly and efficiently. My car looked brand new after it’s was n brush up!! I am very happy with Toyota and think they have done very well carrying out this work so quickly and keeping customers up to date with progress.
    I have always said Toyota are excellent cars with an excellent reputation and this view for me has not changed. Well done Toyota!

  44. just Had my Auris checked out at Toyotas recall, visited the SDM toyota centre in Falkirk and I am over the moon with their customer service I was treated first class whilst I waited for my car which was returned to me washed and hoovered, I was also informed I would be receiving some marks and spencer vouchers. Its great to see a business who actually want customers, well done SDM Falkirk and thank you.

  45. Was very pleased with the service I got when I took my car for a recall. Did not have to wait long and even washed and vacuumed my car for me! Also the £20 M & S voucher was unexpected, but nice.

  46. Prius recall fix done by Toyota Toll House Gatwick. It took about 1 hour, surprised that car was not cleaned given this is what had been indicated on the Toyota website.

  47. For the attention of Mr Miguel Foseca
    Many thanks for your letter March 2010 enclosing vouchers for M&S.
    The recall work on my Yaris was completed without inconvenience to me. Therefore as a gesture of my confidence in Toyota and it’s dealers I wish to inform you that I have today signed an order for a new Toyota Yaris D4D With Marshalls of Peterborough.
    Kindest regards,
    Bernard LOne

  48. What a lovely surprise of £20 M & S vouchers. A great gesture of goodwill but would still buy a Toyota without issue of vouchers. Most reliable car ever. All cars have problems and Toyota have exceeded my expectations in all respects. All staff at our local garage are efficient and polite. Thank you Toyota for being the best.

  49. Modification work on the accelerator peddle incorporated in our cars annual service, no problems.
    We have always been pleased with the courtesy and service shown to us at Beadles Medway Ltd.


  50. I recently tried to take a driving test but was rejected becuase the DSA think that the toyota Aygo MANUEL is affected. I now have to wait 4 monthes for another test. TOYOTA, YOU HAVE GIVEN THE DSA THE WRONG INFORMATION AND HAVE RUINED MY TEST. SORT THIS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Sam,

      I assure you that Toyota has kept the DSA continuously up-to-date with all the correct information regarding the models affected and driving tests. In addition, we published the change of information on Aygo manual on our website and this blog on 3 February.

      If you use the VIN look-up facility, you can print out the confirmation page and use this as proof that your Aygo is not affected. Alternatively, you can request a Recall Safety Check certificate from a Toyota Centre.

      I’d like to refer you to our Customer Relations team, who will help you with your complaint from this point forward. Please call them on 01737 367 600. They will do all they can to help.

  51. Are the M & S vouchers being sent to customers in Wales as well? I had the work done on my Yaris 16th Feb. and nothing has fallen through my letter box by way of vouchers as yet…..

    1. Hi again Kate,

      I’m happy to confirm that, yes, customers across the whole of the UK are eligible for the £20 M&S vouchers.

      Toyota began posting vouchers two weeks ago, so I’m afraid some customers will experience a delay. They’re sent by recorded delivery so you should definitely receive them, wherever you are.

  52. Just checking the blog since I, like many of the people who have commented on this blog, received £20 M&S vouchers via recorded delivery about 4 weeks after my Yaris D4D (Model: T-spirit) had it accelerator pedal modified in the recall.

    Mine was repaired by Western Toyota in Edinburgh who also washed and valeted my car during they had my car for the hour of the recall fix.

    Unfortunately, like other Yaris diesel owners, I have also suffered the ‘starting off kangarooing’ problem.

    I will follow Melissa’s advice to the contributors and call Toyota’s Customer Relations number for their advice.

    We shall see what happens- unless Melissa and other contributors know better than me.

    1. RE; Kangooring
      We got a Vauxhall Astra years ago and it was diesel. Every time my husband drove it up a hill the car kangoored.Never did that to me.

  53. This is just to say thank you for the excellent service I received when having my Toyota Auris serviced & the accelerator pedal recall work attended to at Inchcape (Sandhurst).
    I would also like to say thanks for the M&S Vouchers which I thought was a nice gesture, together with the communication which has kept me informed about the recall.
    This will not change my faith in toyota, I have owned Toyota’s for many years,& I will continue to do so in the future.
    All companies have problems,it’s the way they deal with them that sorts the good from the bad,& I think Toyota have dealt with this problem very well.

  54. Listers, Stratford, carried out the pedal recall work on my Yaris SR on Friday 12th March. That appears to all be satisfactory but when I picked up the car afterwards the inside smelled strongly of cigarette smoke. I don’t know if this was due to the mechanic or the person who gave it a very substandard wash and vacuum, but it was very unpleasant. I bought the car from Listers, Coventry, but after calling them to book the car in for the recall they failed to call me back after saying Service were busy at the time of calling (Quite a common occurrence with them, I had the problem of the non-working sat nav which took months to sort out and no compensation). On top of that, I have to return the car this Saturday as they found, during the check, that my water pump is leaking. A bit disappointing on a car just under two years old that has only done just under 12,000 miles. A pity really because I love the car. I would buy another Toyota, I have had a few already, but not from Listers Coventry or Stratford. Looking forward to receiving my M&S vouchers though, a nice gesture.

  55. 18-3-2010, i had my fixed at benfield toyota wakefirld,i did have to ask for the free wash and vac, apart from that it is ok

    1. could you not wash and vac it yourself? The nice staff have enough to do with their time. Be proud of your Toytoa and have it shining like a new pin all the time.

  56. My yaris had the recall work done this morning at Dundee Struan Toyota Centre. Work completed in less than half an hour which is excellent and I appreciate it. However, the car was not cleaned/valeted – make me feel disappointed and not been well looked after.

    1. Hi Jing
      Had my Auris recall work done yesterday 17/03/2010 at RRG Denton Manchester and like you I am very disappointed with the service RRG denton, received cool service and no wash or valet car handed back to me same as I gave it to them.
      this is my fifth toyota and most definetly my last.
      Brendan Hand

      1. stop complaining about if you got your car washed/hoovered or not. I washed my car the day before I went to the garage, hoovered it out, dusted the dashboard, round the gearstick etc, wiped in round the inside seam of where the door closes. I think it is actually better to have a car all shining when you take it to a garage for work as it saves time for the staff. I am sure we can all manage to clean our own cars. If not getting a carwash is all you have to complain about, you must be happy enough in life. To those complaining about not getting their car cleaned, stop being so petty!

        1. I think, everyone thinks differently and does things in different ways. We are already grateful and happy for the work that has been done. Just disappointed by the fact that the quality of the service varies from centre to centre.

      2. You had to take 2 hours out of your business to get your car modified. Nobody would really mind,the work had to be done. If your work was SO important could you have taken your laptop/briefcase with you to the garage and done your work. You can hardly expect any company to reimburse you for a recall, there is no company anywhere that would do that.You had a bit of notice before you took your car
        to the garage so you could have rearranged your work schedule. You could have booked yourself an appointment time to suit, such as in the evening. If you had another brand of car and got a recall, they would not reimburse you either for attending.

  57. Hi,

    Thank you for the M&S vouchers they are greatly appreciated, it was a pleasant surprise to receive them this morning.

    I would also like to thank for the excellent service we received in correcting the accelerator problem.

    thank you


  58. Accelerator recall was carried out very efficiently by Inchcape at Sandhurst – and with a free car clean and valet. Excellent service as with previous Toyota service at Hedgend and Basingstoke.

  59. Hi, Thankyou for RRG doing the recall for my Auris
    Very happy Toyota RAV4/Auris family

    1. testing why we are receiving more and more email now 🙁
      i think a poorly designed blog

      1. Hello Sithembinkosi,

        These are automatic email notifications of blog comments that you chose to receive when you first commented on the blog. To unsubscribe, please click the link at the bottom of any of the emails.

  60. The recall work was carried out last Saturday and took just 40 minutes! I was comfortably provided with hot chocolate and entertainment! I had no worries about my Auris anyway, but it was reassuring to be dealt with so quickly by Beadles Gillingham, who answered all my queries and as usual took care of me and my car! I would have no hesitation in buying another Toyota, this one is my second and I love it to bits!

  61. Ever since the recall, our Yaris ‘kangaroos’ every time we pull away or travel slowly in first gear. The garage says we must book it in agin but this is inconvenient as it meens losing time from work.
    Hope they can fix it properly this time.

      1. Yes i have a similar problem – took my Yaris in (didnt have problem prior to this) and since i got it back it has started to intermitant juddering – when i am driving slow in 2nd or 3rd gear, i took it back to RRG Denton, they checked what they had done, but said everything was fine.I really like my Yaris but now it has a problem it didnt have before the recall ??

        1. Hi Debra,

          I spoke to a technical specliaist last week, and he confirmed that the recall work should not in any way affect any other mechanical parts, so the work itself is not responsible for what you are experiencing.

          He recommended that you book an accompanied test drive at a Toyota Centre. If you have any trouble arranging this, or if you have any other related concerns you would like to discuss, please call Customer Relations on 01737 367 600. Thanks.

    1. Paul, ours too! Ours has been in to the garage twice and they still haven’t sorted it out. They don’t even know what’s wrong with it. I am awaiting a reply from Melissa also. See my post from yesterday.

      1. Hi Paul and Pete

        I am having the same problem, i did reply to pete’s post yesterday ! Had two accompanied test already and still not found the cause !

        1. Hi Penny,

          Thanks for this information, and for your email.

          In this case, the best thing to do is to speak to Toyota GB Customer Relations. Please ring them on 01737 367 600.

    2. Had my Yaris recalled, local dealer Lookers in Chelmsford were very efficient, and i have had no problems since. I was most impressed by the apology and M&S vouchers from Toyota which I was not expecting. I think the whole thing has been over done in the media, all manufacturers have recalls from time to time and Toyota have gone above and beyond the call of duty – I will certainly be buying another Toyota when I come to change my car

    3. Hi again Paul and Pete,

      I’ve just spoken to someone in the Technical department who has confirmed that the recall work should not in any way affect any other mechanical parts, so the work itself is not responsible for what you are experiencing.

      What the technical specialist recommended is for you both to book an accompanied test drive at a Toyota Centre (which does mean taking your Yaris in again, Paul, I’m afraid). If you have any trouble arranging this, or if you have any other related concerns you would like to discuss, please call Customer Relations on 01737 367 600.


  62. Thank you for the vouchers they were a nice way of apologising! Can I just say that the open, honest and efficient way Toyota has handled this recall problem has only boosted my confidence in the company, and the fact I have just ordered a new Yaris goes to prove this! Everyone makes mistakes it’s how you deal with them that counts, well done Toyota!

  63. I wasnt aware of any problems with my yaris even before the publicity. Toyota got my car booked in most urgently, and it was sorted very efficiently. Thanks for an excellent car and even better service. £20 M&S voucher also received. Thank You!

  64. Thank you for the M&S vouchers I certainly did not expect them. Your apology is accepted and I am most impressed how the recall was handled. Your representative on telvision convinced me that this is a caring company who really was upset that a fault had occurred.
    I owned a Rover which also had a recall and Rover certainly were not as efficent as yourselves. I would like to add that the service at my local Toyota Garage, Shields Toyota, was also very efficent. We would certainly buy another Toyot.

  65. I had my lovely Yaris ‘fixed’ today at the Donnelly and Taggart branch in Campsie,Derry.I had NO problems with my car since I got it about 2 years ago.I had other Toyotas too which gave me no problems.I was very pleased with the high level of customer service and work carried out.All the staff were very friendly and helpful as usual,it is the most welcoming garage I have ever been in. Very efficient too as usual.
    I blame the media for extreme exaggeration, they just want a bad news story to sell their papers.There is nothing wrong with Toytoa.It is the best make of car.I have had plenty of other brands but always came back to Toyota and NEVER had any problem with any of my Toyotas.The way the papers are going on you would think this was the first time a car of any brand was ever recalled.
    I had a Ford Fiesta years ago( 1980’s to early 1990’s)and sparks flew out from the pedals.It was a fire risk and Fords are still making cars with fire risk recalls. There were OTHER BRANDS that had recalls about sticking accelerator problems in recent years:VOLKSWAGEN,LAND ROVER,FIAT Scudo,VOLVO C30, S40 and V50s(in2008),CITROEN C2, C3 and C3 Pluriel models in 2006.Also AUDI in 1987.
    I also read on the bbc business news website that FORD recalled the Focus due to fire risk in December 09.Ford recalled 30,000 Focus models in the UK because of a safety problem.The engine could catch fire in the Focus cars.Up to 65,000 models affected in Europe, with 29,451 of them in the UK.FORD ISSUED THE RECALL OF 4.5 MILLION CARS, MAKING IT THE LARGEST SINGLE RECALL IN HISTORY. EVEN MORE THAN THE Toyota recall.The reason behind the Ford recall is due to a faulty cruise control switch, this in turn could lead to a fire.I have not noticed the media going ON AND ON about the Ford problem.
    Also Nissan had a recall in the last week or 2.
    I thought Peugeot and Citroen were supposed to have the same part in their cars and there was talk that they were going to have a recall.Where is all the fanfare on their recall? The silence is deafening.
    If I was going out to buy a new car tomorrow it WOULD be a Toytoa.My lovely Yaris is too young to change now but the next car I get WILL be a Toyota.
    The staff at the Donnelly and Taggart Toyota garage are all great,I have been in other places where staff did not know the meaning of customer service.
    The way the media is (mis)behaving,anyone would think the word recall had only just been invented recently for Toyota.It is the American media trying to cover up for their own GM motors nearly going bust and having to be bailed out by the USA govt and they had many recalls.It seems they are just jealous of a good brand so want to try to wreck it.I have driven plenty of different cars in my day and one particular brand was a heap of dirt,I will mention no names but it was NOT Toyota.I am sure there are plenty of speeders out there who will be trying to blame their Toyotas when it is really to cover up for themselves speeding.
    Plenty of people I know have Toyotas and they are happy with them too.

  66. Toyota have done far more than other manufacturers do in compensating customers. When my Mazda 323 was recalled for a manifold problem, the work was done, the car washed and vacuumed, and that was it. No offer from the dealer. No vouchers from Mazda.
    Whatever offer your Toyota Centre provides, take it together, with the M&S vouchers from Toyota, with good grace. Other manufacturers won’t and don’t go this far.
    Thank you to Toyota for doing the recall on my Auris and thanks for the vouchers. Thank you also to Inchcape Burton for the promised contribution towards another set of car mats.

  67. I cannot believe that so many people that have paid several thousand pounds stirling for the World’s most reliable cars are now complaining because they have not recieved M&S vouchers or car-cleaning kits. I would much rather Toyota continued to keep its record as manufacturer of reliable cars than for it to waste money on low-cost gifts. When I had a recall on an Audi A4 for replacement disc pads, it cost me £760 for new discs on all four wheels with a token contribution from Audi towards the cost.

  68. £20 M&S vouchers are a nice idea but why oh why have they been sent out “signed for” delivery? In this day and age not all households have someone in during the day. With two Toyotas recalled this will mean two separate trips to the sorting office!

  69. After having the problem with the ‘sticky’ pedal happen to us twice, Sims Toyota in Northampton were very good and gave us a courtesy car for 2 weeks while the part came in. However, every since the recall, our Yaris ‘kangaroos’ every time we pull away or change gear. The garage say they can’t find anything wrong with it but now it is terrible to drive. Not sure what to do now. Our car was once a joy to drive.

    1. Hi Pete,

      We’d like to look into this for you. We need a few personal details for this, though, so I’ll send you an email now.

      Thanks for getting in touch.

    2. Hi Pete
      I am having the same problem with my Yaris, i did a blog on the 23/2/2010 to see if anyone else was having the same trouble, it was fine before the recall was done, a pleasure to drive.
      I’ve been back to my toyota dealership again & again, had the recall done again, still kangarooing when in 1st & 2nd gear. Just don’t no whats going on !

  70. Hi Melissa Listers Stratford say ring Toyota if you want info on car care kit,was not given one as you advised when i had software up grade all very poor

  71. Received excellent service at Darlington branch – as always. Efficiency in repair, car cleaned and today have received M & S vouchers which I wasn’t expecting. I think some sections of the press had blown up this story, resulting in some very bad publicity. As a first time Toyota (Auris) owner this certainly has not put me off buying from Toyota again.The vouchers were and accompanying letter were a very welcome gesture.

  72. I have been to Westlands Toyota in Stourbridge following a recall on my 2008 Yaris.
    I arrived at 10am today and was away just after 11am. Although very busy, everyone was courteous and every customer appeared to be well looked after.
    Personally, I have never experienced a problem with my car and because I am always looked after extremely well at Toyota, I certainly would not hesitate to purchase another Toyota car. Well done to all – THEY EVEN CLEANED MY CAR BEFORE LEFT!

  73. I have an 08 Auris. Not had any problems with it and wasn’t worried over the recall. As well as the letter also got in a separate mailshot a recall bulletin. In that it stated that the service centre would valet the car if it was left for an hour. On collection after an hour and an half it had been washed and a quick hoover. As it had only been washed a few days earlier i was expecting a valet. On phoning Toyota they claim that they interpret a valet to be the same as a wash. COME ON TOYOTA AND RRG DENTON DONT SHOOT YOURSELVES IN THE FOOT EVEN MORE. Deliver what you offer please its left a sour taste.

    1. Hi Chris
      Had my recall work done yesterday 17/3/2010 at RRG Denton and got the same kind of service I am very disappointed and will never use them again.You are right they seem determined to keep shooting themselves in both feet. I am getting rid of my two toyota’s no more for me.

  74. My 2008 Toyota Yaris has just had it’s accelerator pedal fixed under the current recall scheme. Listers Toyota Coventry carried out the work, 4th March 2010. The staff were very accommodating, courteous and my car even got washed. What’s more, I have just received a letter in the post from Toyota apologising for any anxiety caused due to the recall and have received £20 M&S vouchers as a goodwill gesture / apology for any inconvenience caused.
    Well done Toyota…I’m more that satisfied with the service received.
    Thank you.

  75. I have just had my accelerator pedal fixed on the 8th March at Westover Motors, Wallisdown, Bournemouth. The staff at Westover could not have been more courteous and helpful. Complimentary coffee and biscuits, daily newspapers as always. I watched the procedure through the large windows seperating garage floor from lounge area. this was followed by an all round safety check and car wash. I think toyota is to be commended on their quick response to the problem unlike many other car makers historical delays and fob offs. I have always bought Toyotas because of their reliability and this has certainly not put me off. I have had my Auris for two years and will be replacing it for another in twelve months time.

  76. I have a 08 Auris and only drive it at weekend when my partner is home after driving from plymouth to Nottingham and back at least 3 times a month. we both not noticed any wrong with the car and with it doing at least 600 miles a week if they was you would think we would of. When i heard the news i was very concerned due to the traving my partner does and we have a baby that i didn’t want in the car till i knew if anything was wrong. We didn’t have to do a thing Toyota Ron Brooks of Ilkeston sent us a letter explaining the recall and to phone for appointment which i got for a few days later when my partner got home. When it went in toyota checked everythng over for us and the customer sevice is the best i have ever recived.
    It has not put us off buying a other Toyota in fact due to how we have been delt with and how the car drives my next car for myself will be a Yaris or IQ.
    I received my M&S vouchers in the post this week which i knew nothing about, i was already more than happy with how it’s been delt with so the vouchers was a really bonus. I will be the first to admit i don’t know anything about cars but i do know Toyota are not the first to have a recall and won’t be the last.
    I would like to end this by saying that Toyota Ron Brooks of Ilkeston do a very good job and hope they carry on.

  77. Had my prius done yesterday at Listers Totota Stratford sad to say not very good had to wait nearly two hours no coffee offered no biscuits no car care kit ,when asked today about car care kit was told no one had had one from them yet. All very sad will not use them again

  78. Thanks for the M&S vouchers, a nice gesture. Not had a certificate but not worried as I have the dealer’s “no charge invoice” and your letter which cover the issue.
    All organisatios get it wrong sometime; what matters is how quickly and how well they put it right. You did well.

  79. My servicing at Jemca (Croydon) was perfectly satisfactory, though it took a good deal longer than stated. The M&S voucher was a nice gesture.
    I believe the way the matter has been handled by Toyota was commendable. I cannot say the same for the frenetic response by the media, quite out of proportion to the nature of the suspected defect. This seems to have been the case especially in America. In view of Toyota’s dominant market share, and the effect that this must have on the US automotive industry, especially in these recession times, I had my own view that this was hyped up to some degree. This suspicion has only been increased in the light of the recently announced recall of a number of General Motors models. Publicity for this, by comparison with the fanfare over Toyota’s problems, has been insignificant.

  80. Hi,
    I had my 2008 Yaris SR sorted out at my local dealership – Myers and Bowman, Cumbria and am delighted with the prompt and professional attention I received (as always).
    I entered my cars details on the Toyota website a few days after the recall was announced and discovered that my car was affected. I received a phone call from Myers the next day and had the car booked in and fixed the day after that. I got lot’s of coffee and a full car wash and was in and out within an hour.

    No M&S vouchers yet though and the fix to my car was weeks ago now!

  81. Many thanks for the excellent service I received while getting my Auris accelerator pedal fixed, at Charles Hurst in Belfast. The staff were more than helpful, polite and I was treated with the highest regard.

  82. Had my recall done last week.
    Car was cleaned Coffee was great and the staff have been fantastic from booking in to getting the car back.
    Special thanks to Mike who looked after me.
    Well done Vantage York top job once again.

  83. As always Benfield Toyota,Wakefield have been courteous and helpful. They do all they can to resolve any issues, always to my satisfaction. The proof of what I’am saying is supported by the fact that both my husband and I are on our fourth toyota between us. My comments relate to both the Sales department and the Service department.

  84. My Auris was recalled a couple of weeks ago and I found the service very good. However I have since been told by a colleague that they received a Marks & Spencer voucher from Toyota as compensation for the inconvenience. My colleagues car was recalled the week after mine and I haven’t yet received a voucher!! Is this a selective procedure?

    1. Hello there,

      No, this is not a selective procedure: all customers who were inconvenienced by the accelerator pedal recall will be sent £20 Marks & Spencer vouchers. The posting out process began two weeks ago, so any customers fixed prior to then may experience some delay. Rest assured, you will receive your vouchers.

      Thanks for getting in touch.

  85. I have had my recall done but as to date have not received any M&s vouchers. I see that some have recieved £20 and others £25 Should it not all be the same?

    1. Hi there Screaton A,

      As someone whose Auris was affected by the accelerator pedal recall, you will definitely receive M&S vouchers in the post. However, because of the volume of vouchers to be posted, some customers are experiencing a delay. The denomination of the voucher is £20 for all.

      These vouchers are not to be confused with other vouchers that may be given at the Centre’s discretion, and that may have a value other than £20.

      I hope that’s clarified things, but please do get in touch again if not.

  86. I have had no problems at all with my AURIS.Recall was carried out on 5th March 2010 by Pentagaon of Rotherham,excellent service.Refreshment were offered while I waited and staff were polite and efficient.My Auris was nice and clean when it was returned to me

  87. Had the Prius T4 ABS fix applied at Steven Eagell in Luton. They booked me in within 48 hours. The Toyota website says the upgrade takes 40 minutes. Steven Eagell said allow 1 hour. I was actually in their showroom for 2 hours. Never mind. They turned off that annoying reversing bleep, plied me with coffee and gave me a voucher that made everything worthwhile.

  88. Both our Yaris and Auris were recalled, they were checked at the Octagon Bracknell and as per normal the people on reception explained all that was required and both cars were nicely valeted upon reurn. We had not experienced any problems prior to the check.
    Had a letter asking for feedback on a online questionnaire but could only find this for comments.

  89. The recall for my Yaris went very smoothly. After registering on-line about the recall, I had an e-mail confirming my car was included in the recall and this was followed up by a letter. I then had a telephone call to book a date for the work to be carried out. The staff at Motorline Canterbury could not have been better. Polite, friendly and explained all about the recall. My car was returned having been washed and valeted plus a certificate for the work carried out. My husband and myself have had Toyota cars since 1975 and have dealt with Motorline since moving to Canterbury in 1976 We have always had good service from them and Toyota and I certainly will not change. I think the media hype went over the top. What about all the other car manufacturers and their recalls? There are plenty going on but they keep very quiet about them. Thank you for the M & S vouchers that arrived today.

  90. Recall carried out on the 27th feb by RMB Toyota Northallerton, excellent service.The Yaris was nice and clean when I collected it.Good work Toyota the M&S vouchers were a nice touch.

  91. 11-03-2010
    i had my modification work to my auris T3 accelerator pedal done by my local deler Beadles Medway Ltd on 8th march where i purchased the car from.
    The work was done very efficiently and the staff were very helpful and courteous.

  92. These things happen, I was not concerned about the safety of my Yaris, despite the media frenzy that tried to make a big thing of the issue.
    I sat in a comfortable waiting area with a cup of coffee and a newspaper while the modification was fitted and my car was washed and vacuumed.
    The M&S vouchers that arrived this morning were the unexpected icing on the cake.
    Well done Toyota, I bever lost faith in my Yaris and will certainly be buying another one.

  93. Thanks Toyota for the vouchers received this morning. Last year a Toyota Corolla Verso saved mine and my husband’s
    lives when we were in a head-on collision with a drunk
    driver so we replaced it with the current Verso. It also inspired our daughter to replace her car with a Toyota.We
    both have a confidence in Toyota that will not waver and
    would also like to comment on the outstanding service we receive from out local Toyota Swansea dealer.

  94. Recieved my M+S vouchers this morning,thanks toyota nice gesture.Hold on you guys who have not got them yet they are on the way.

  95. I would just like to say Toyota have always been fantastic! Ive owned 3 Toyotas! Always great staff, great service&very helpful! I took my car in for the pedal recall, it was ready for me in an hour&it was cleaned inside&out&they did a visual check on it too! Thanks for the vouchers, what a fab company! I was reassured when I first went into Toyota and I was contacted very quickly to get this recall fixed! &all at no cost, unlike other companies who do not except blame sometimes for things like this! Thanks!

  96. My Auris was due its first service on 10/2/10. I mentioned the accelerator recall since I had experienced the difficulty on starting up the vehicle on one occassion.
    Toyota World (Tamworth)serviced the vehicle, carried out the modification (this was the first date it was available)and cleaned my car.
    I could not fault the customer service, the coffee was drinkable too! But no vouchers, perhaps I was one of the first to have the modification done?

    1. Hi Anthony,

      Yes, from the date you give you must have been one of the very first. Toyota began mailing out £20 M&S vouchers last week, which explains why you haven’t received them yet, but rest assured, you will receive them.

      Thanks for getting in touch.

  97. 10th Mar.2010
    Delighted this morning with receiving vouchers by post;but the service I received from Alexander Wallace re:- prompt service;cleaned the car and service check; which to me was more than adequate to maintain my faith in toyota and my confidence in an excellent company and its associates
    Thankyou in your desire by showing such concern for your costomers by maintaining such high priorities

  98. Many thanks Toyota for the M & S vouchers. The pedal work was done quickly and efficiently at Marsh, Torbay. Despite all the alarmist stuff in the media, I for one, never lost faith in Toyota.

  99. I bought my Yaris, my first experience of Toyota, in March 2009 and initially was told that it did not need the accelerator pedal modification.However,this was changed when almost immediately after my enquiry and by post I was told that it did. I booked it in at John Roe of Scunthorpe and the work was done at my convenience on 9th March 2010. As usual the staff were as polite as ever, the work was done quickly and the car was returned to me having also been cleaned. I never had any problems in the first place but it is very satisfying to know that Toyota made this tremendous effort to reassure everyone that they really care about their customers and their safety.
    Thank you Toyota and John Roe.

  100. Returned my Yaris to Sims Toyota at Northampton for
    accelerator modification. Job done,car valeted on agreed
    time.I have always received excellent service from Sims

  101. Whats this about M+S vouchers had my yaris fixed on 23rd of Feb and as yet i have not recieved any.

    1. It would be useful for Toyota GB to clarify to their customers what the situation is as regards these M&S vouchers.
      I think Toyota have behaved impeccably to date. I have had the work done on my Auris and had a £ 25 service voucher from Inchcape at Burton – who have said I can use the voucher against a second set of car mats instead. Brilliant.
      The issue of M&S vouchers seems to be causing some customers a degree of angst, and it would be a shame if this clouds the issue for some.
      Would Melissa or the Customer Relations Team be able to provide a comment?

      1. I agree. We need some consistancy here. Either we ALL get the £25 m&s vouchers or we don’t!

        Personally I’m just happy the car has been updated, but £25 of m&s vouchers would buy me a few bottles of nice m&s wine and that we make me even happier 🙂

        1. I agree with you about the £25 M & S voucher. I got a book of Lister vouchers and none of them will be of any use to me. There should be consistency throughout all the dealers and giving all customers that had the recall done will keep them with Toyota. Soper BMW put a big bouquet of flowers in the car when my parents bought a car from them.

          1. Hi Wing,

            The £20 M&S vouchers are being sent by recorded delivery to all those who have had the accelerator pedal recall work carried out. The mailings started last week, so you may experience a delay, but rest assured, you will receive the vouchers.

        2. Hi Grumpy,

          Apologies for the delayed reply. Third-generation Prius owners who may have been inconvenienced by the recall should receive a complimentary car care kit, while those affected by the pedal recall will receive M&S vouchers. Sorry for the confusion.

      2. Hi Mike,

        Apologies for the delay, but I’m happy to say that I’m now in a position to clarify this.

        Toyota GB has taken the decision to make a gesture of apology and goodwill to our customers who are inconvenienced by the accelerator pedal recall with a £20 M&S voucher. Customers should expect to receive their M&S vouchers in the post three to four days following the recall work on their car; however, please note that Toyota only began issuing vouchers last week, so those customers who had the recall work done earliest may experience a delay. Rest assured, you will still receive your vouchers in the post.

        The only potential exception to the above is when the affected car belongs to a company fleet of vehicles. In this instance we have liaised with the companies concerned and the voucher is issued at the individual company’s discretion.

        1. Hi Melissa

          Thanks very much for providing the clarification. I’m sure this will be helpful to owners who have had the recall work done.
          Best wishes.

        2. Do you know if there is a TAX implication if your company pass these M&S vouchers on to you.

  102. Had accelerator modification done at Pinkstones, Stoke-on-Trent this morning, it was dealt with very efficiently.

  103. I had my accelerator pedal fixed at Curry Motors in Barnet, great service as always. However was dismayed to get one of their customer surveys saying I went to Isleworth.

    My daughter also has a Yaris bought a couple of months before me. She also had hers fixed by Curry Motors in Barnet. On Saturday she received from Toyota UK a letter of apology enclosing £20 M&S vouchers. So far I have not – has anyone else received these? If not – what is the selection Toyota are using – I think we all need to know.

    1. Further to previous blog have now received M&S vouchers – thanks Toyota! Would definitely buy another Toyota – they are now probably the safest cars around.

      1. Hi Linda,

        That’s great to hear – thanks for letting us know!

        To clarify, every customer who has had the accelerator pedal recall work done on their car will receive the £20 M&S vouchers. Toyota began mailing these last week, so those who had the work done prior to then will experience a delay, while those who have had the work done more recently should receive the vouchers three or four days after the work is carried out. I expect this is why you and your daughter received vouchers at different times.

        I hope that’s cleared everything up, but if you’ve any more questions, don’t hesitate to let us know. Thanks.

  104. Replaced my 2006 Prius last September with the latest model. Drove in the snow and ice this winter without any problems. Had the software upgrade 9th March when recalled. Eden Bridge Toyota carried out the “fix” promtly and also valeted the car. No diffence noticed in the braking. An excellent car which I am delighted to own. Exceptional service by Eden Bridge Toyota at Letchworth.

  105. Toyota required prompting to fix the non-problem brakes on my Prius.
    Fixed by Pentagon Sheffield at the time stated and within the time.
    Clean car picked up. Not noticed any difference.

    1. Hi Eric,

      Thanks for your email. Toyota is making a gesture of apology and goodwill to customers affected by the voluntary Prius braking recall with a car care kit, and not M&S vouchers. You should have received this at the time the work was carried out.

      1. Hi Melissa
        Had my brake recall on my Gen3 T4 Prius 3 weeks ago at Marsh Toyota Plymouth, but didnt receive a car care kit or anything else! Service was great, no complaints, as I’ve already posted on here, but can this be sorted out, do you think?

          1. Hi Melissa
            Just wondered if you had any news? Could you email me please?

          2. Hi Ian,

            Yes, I’ve just had some news on this: we’re getting in touch with Marsh Toyota Plymouth, who will contact you directly and as soon as possible. I will email you now too. Thanks for your patience.

  106. Mar 8 2010 at 1900 The recall work on my Yaris Sr was carried out by Parklands Toyota Truro today and i must say on all counts the Customer Service and work carried out was excellent.Well done

  107. I have nothing but praise for the way in which Toyota have handled the recall. I can only contrast it with other manufacturers who in my experience wouldn’t have published the failure and would have charged to have a new unit fitted (plus fitting costs) as part of a routine service. My 57 Auris was updated today by Westlands Toyota in Bromsgrove who provided a courtesy car and did a full Valet on my car along with a safety check. Superb service -Thankyou Westlands and thank-you Toyota.

  108. I have now completed the online form to have the pedal fixed on my Avensis for the second time.
    The first form I filled in over 4 weeks ago, didnt even get a reply so I have just filled out a second online form.

    A colleague at work with the same car has had his fixed and he filled out the form after me?

  109. Further to my previous comment, we did not get our car serviced for free nor did we receive a voucher off our next service and we certainly did not receive any M&S vouchers! Nor have we had any comment from Toyota head office.

    We are not as you might think a pair of moaning old codgers and it sounds as though most people have had a much better experience than us.
    Still very disappointed.

    1. Jan,

      Join the club!!!!
      Some get the vouchers, service items, cleaning kits etc, whilst others such as you and I get nothing.
      Melissa states that she is looking into this problem, but I will not hold my breath on this, and other issues I have with my Auris.
      Some dealers are obviously more customer focused than others?

      1. Hi Mr Wagstaff,

        I’m happy to say that I’m now in a position to clarify this.

        Toyota GB has taken the decision to make a gesture of apology and goodwill to our customers who are inconvenienced by the accelerator pedal recall with a £20 M&S voucher. Customers should expect to receive their M&S vouchers in the post three to four days following the recall work on their car; however, please note that Toyota began issuing vouchers last week, so you may experience a delay. Rest assured, you will still receive your vouchers in the post.

        The only potential exception to the above is when the affected car belongs to a company fleet of vehicles. In this instance we have liaised with the companies concerned and the voucher is issued at the individual company’s discretion.

    2. Hi Jan,

      As you can see from my reply to Mr Wagstaff above, your £20 M&S vouchers should be on their way to you. Toyota began posting the vouchers last week so there may be some delay. Any other goodwill gesture is entirely at the Toyota Centre’s discretion.

      I’m sorry to hear that you feel disappointed, but if you have any other questions or concerns regarding the recall on your Auris, please call the Customer Relations team (based at Toyota’s head office) on 0800 1388 744. They are open until 6pm today.

  110. My Prius was “fixed” Fri 5 Mar by Shields, Kennishead Rd Glasgow. The whole thing took one hour from arrival to departure, when I picked up my valeted car at the door. A good job efficiently done. I had experienced the glitch 3 times (on slushy/icy downhill roads): it felt as though the anti-lock had cut in briefly at first. Probably be next winter now before those conditions occur again. It’s a great car and I’m happy with it.

  111. Since my service/recall repair, my Auris is now bleeping about 5 times whilst driving, every 3 to 4 minutes. Nothing unusual displayed on the dashboard – any guesses what this is ? A cold morning warning – but surely I’d see something on the dash then ?

    1. Hi Mat,

      The first thing I’d suggest is to ask the dealer that carried out your recall work. If they are unable to identify the source of the bleeping, let us know and we’ll look into it.

      1. thanks for that Melissa. Basically it could be to do with putting my bag on the passenger seat whilst driving to work ! However, just a beeping sound, no dashboard warning.I’ll see how I get on tonight



        1. if ya had your bag on the seat, chances are it was just the passenger seat belt warning,

          simple test,
          put a bag on the seat and do a 5 min drive, if bleep still there, fasten seatbelt, odds are sound will vanish,and ya have ya answer

  112. Very happy with the service from the Cheltenham Toyota team and Toyota UK with how quickly they have done the re-call. Dispite what the press say, I would be more likely to buy another one – at least if something goes wrong they are keen to put it right! On top of that we got £20 M&S vouchers in the post today as a sorry! This is my partners car which we bought last year but when my non toyota finally wears out I know where I will start looking for my next car!

  113. I have recently picked up my new toyota auris 2010 model and the accelerator pedal has been fixed, but now my headlights seem to have condensation in them on the side of the headlights. It happens during the night then disappears in the day. What can i do to fix this problem?

  114. I received my (unexpected) M&S vouchers yesterday. Thank you Toyota UK.

    My Auris TR was ‘fixed’ painlessly at Lookers Chelmsford who handled the recall with their usual courtesy and good humour.

    Timetable was:-
    9th Feb – confirmed recall required via VIN number entry into Toyota website. Booked direct with dealer by phone.
    12th Feb – work completed in 45 mins. Good coffee and biscuits provided. Valeting offered but declined by me as I needed vehicle urgently. No document offered to confirm work completed, just the safety check sheet. My car was fixed early in the recall process and I was told the the Toyota logging system was not yet up and running.
    6th Mar – vouchers received and covering letter proves work carried out. Job done.

    I feel that the media have been very harsh on Toyota concerning the potential accelerator problems & Prius ABS reprogramming. Look at the VOSA website and see just how many recalls are made across all manufacturers. I remember the days when throttle cables frayed and jammed. Brake seals failed and systems needed frequent bleeding. We survived! Perhaps a little more education & mechanical awareness would stop minor hassles being blown out of all proportion.

    1. I hardly think nearly crashing into the back of somebody else is a trivial matter and I have been driving old bangers on and off for forty five years.

  115. My 07 Auris has been recalled and repaired, but I had to take it to the garage (I was not offered the pick up service I pay for in my service contract), Wayside Watford. It took me two hours in travelling and 40 minutes whilst it was done. No service wash unless I wanted to take it to another garage in St Albans and wait around again – very dissatified. This is the second recall I have had with this car the first being for the steering column, which afterwards developed a horrible chirp, sounds like I have a load of chicks in the car. I took it back and they cured it for a short time but it is back again. Do not think I will buy Toyota again.

  116. Have a 2009 Avensis CVT T4 and had no problems. Checked up on the website and left a message. Two days later Lookers at Rayleigh phoned me and booked the car in for 3 days later. Work completed on time whilst I waited and car nice and clean. (Due to circumstances it went in filthy outside!)
    Well treated and good explanation although anyone could have read all the info available and be satisfied that action was being taken.
    May be imagination but the pedal now seems much more positive. What about an organ type pedal next time around? Overall well done and a good experience with my first Toyota.

  117. Thank you to Pentagon Doncaster for you fantastic service today. My Yaris was recalled and my service was also due. Both were done in record time together and my car cleaned inside and out. While there I also decided to look at the 2010 yaris and yes I have now bought a new one and got a great trade in price on my current Yaris. I can not fault Toyota, their service and treatment have always been 100%. I can not recommend Toyota and their cars enough to people.

  118. I understand that owners who have had work carried out to fix the problems following a recall are receiving M&S vouchers. Do owners whose cars were recalled and inspected but found not to be in need of rectification also receive vouchers ?

    1. Hello S. Fletcher,

      Yes, that’s correct – those who have had the accelerator pedal recall work carried out will receive £20 M&S vouchers in the post. I will ask about your case and get back to you.

  119. To all those who think this will not happen,
    Two weeks ago whilst driving home from work I was being tailgaited by some idiot. I slowed to let him past, with no joy. So in my wisdom, I decided to pull away from him and took my Yaris up to around 60mph, as I went to put it into fifth gear releasing the accellerator and pressing the clutch, the accelerator did not come back.
    The noise was bad and I got a shock, but otherwise a couple of good stamps saw the accelerator release.
    I am a frevent admirer of toyota and have owned nothing elese, I am not complaining about the incident as I take the veiw that we all make mistakes. What I do take umbrage with is the fact that I was told by toyota on phoning them about the incident that I should “hook the accelerator up wit the toe of my shoe if it happened again”. That is not what I expect from Toyota. To their credit they have a week later repaired the fault to the usual excellent standard. Just be careful!

      1. Hi Melissa,
        That was not my comment, there must be another Alan who raised that memo.

        1. Yes, it was a different Alan, and I have replied directly to him here. You have commented on the same post previously and have subscribed to blog comment notifications, which explains why you will have received an email apparently addressing you!

          I hope that’s cleared up any confusion.

  120. Just wish to thank Vantage Toyota in Preston for dealing so efficiently with the accelerator pedal recall on my iQ. All done including report and valet within an hour. I may have been one of the first as they did it on 10th February at 8.30am. How come the other car companies(Peugeot, Citroen etc) affected by the recall never made the news??

  121. i have been asked by toyota to complete the questionnaire. the trouble is i cannot find it on the page so sorry but i won’t be filling it in.

  122. had my accelerator pedal done today. i think this has been blown out of all proportion by the media. took mine into westlands bromsgrove. work done really quick, vaccumed my car inside, they would have valeted it to but told me car was spotless so they blacked all my tyres for me. if that isnt 1st class service i dont know what is. would i buy another toyota definately

  123. I have never been anything less than delighted by my Yaris. It is indeed the best little car I have ever owned. Personally I have never experienced any problems with the accelerator pedal and I don’t know of anyone else who has. I would just like to say that my dealership were fantastic with their handling of the recall and I will be buying Toyota for many years to come. This whole episode has been, in my humble opinion, manufactured by the American motor industry. Thanks again to Alexander Wallace of Elgin, they even valeted my car.

  124. I had my car recall work completed on the 26th February, at the same time a crack in my stereo system was investigated. I arrived at about 8:15 and at about 9:30 a sales assistant chased up the progress of my car and I was soon able to collect it. I received my club toyota magazine yesterday that states that if you leave the car with them for an hour it will be valeted. My car was there for longer than this and not valeted. It also says you will receive documentation of the work, I didn’t receive this either. Having read the comments from other people it seems customers are to receive M&S vouchers, is this all recall customers or selected ones? Thanks

    1. Hi Debbie,

      Thanks for your questions.

      In this context, a valet constitutes a wash and vac – further gestures of goodwill are entirely at the Toyota Centre’s discretion.

      The documentation you mention is available on request from the Centre that repaired your vehicle. It consists of a stamped certificate which states that the recall work has been carried out.

      As for the vouchers, Toyota GB has taken the decision, as an apology, to make a gesture of goodwill to customers who may have been inconvenienced by the recalls. If you own a third-generation Prius, you receive a complimentary car care kit; if you own a car affected by the accelerator pedal recall, you will receive a £20 M&S voucher in the post. Due to the number of vouchers to send, you may experience a delay, but there is no selection or discrimination process – all customers affected by the recalls are included.

      I hope that answers your questions, but if not, do get back to us.

  125. On the very day that the throttle recall was announced My husband was driving our 08 Auris when the throttle jammed at 2000 revs. However, as my husband has been driving for forty five years (and a few old bangers at that) he had enough experience to pull up by turning off the ignition, pressing on the foot brake and yanking on the hand brake. He very nearly hit the car in front of him! On the way home that night it happened a second time and he had another very close call. I am only glad that he was driving and not me as I have only been driving for a few years and I am sure I would have panicked. We saw on the news that night that there would be a recall so we waited and waited after two weeks we had no recall letter but just a help line letter so I rang the help line and a very pleasant young man told me to ring the Toyota main dealer in North Bristol immediately. I rang the dealer and they booked us in the next day. This is the second time our Auris has been recalled. The first time was for the headrest problem. We are very disappointed as we bought the Auris because of Toyota’s reputation for quality and we wanted a reliable car to last us well into retirement. It will probably be the last new car we will be able to afford to buy.

  126. What can I say Pentagon Toyota Rotherham are the tops. Had the recall done when I took my car for 2 year service, given a courtsey car whilst mine was being done, treated like one of the family by the staff as nothing seems too much for this dealership. This is my 5th Toyota Yaris and as usual it is of Toyotas exceptionally high standards and I can’t understand what the fuss was all about. I will certainly keep buying Toyotas as they are the best on the market.

  127. Am I pleased with how the recall has been conducted as far as I am concerned. YOU BET I’M NOT. After 4 weeks from the original problem being in the press I had heard nothing from my local dealer. I am on my fourth Toyota and originally purchased because of the safety record. Eventually I contacted the dealer and booked my car in. The work was done on schedule but probably because my dealer could see I was not happy with the service I had received. At the time the Service Manger volunterred the information that Toyota were sending all affected customers a Marks & Spencer voucher. Has it arrived … NO. Was the dealership blowing smoke at me … I suspect so. I’m having very serious thoughts about where I purchase my next car. Not a happy customer.

    1. Dear A Lewis,

      Thanks for getting in touch, and I’m sorry to hear about your experiences.

      Toyota began sending out the vouchers two weeks ago, so customers whose cars were modified before this date will experience some delay. Rest assured that you, along with all customers affected by the accelerator pedal recall, will definitely receive a £20 M&S voucher in the post.

      If you would like to discuss your experience, please call Toyota GB Customer Relations on 01737 367 600. Thanks.

  128. To other 3rd generation Prius owners:
    Did anyone notice any changes to your brake feel since the recall work on the ABS software? I felt the brake on mine has become a little more sensitive with a higher biting point. Also the sudden jerk just before the car comes to a complete stop has disappeared altogehter. My dearly cherished T4 is 5 months old with average mileage so has well passed the running-in period. Just want to find out it’s not my imagination! To date I am still nervous about the full effectiveness of it but at least I am concentrating harder and driving more carefully. Thanks again for the swift work by wonderful Sims. PS I did not get any good-will voucher towards any valet, service nor M&S from the dealer, just a report & a plain car-wash.

    1. Hi
      Already posted on here, but my experience is the same as Albert. Definately different feel, for the better. And no jolt on stopping. Only had my Gen3 T4 for 6 weeks, so wondered if it was in my mind. Glad others have noticed the same.
      Still delighted, saving £90 a month in fuel alone over my last vehicle!

      1. Many thanks for your comments Ian, or we are both loosing our minds together! I agree with you 100%, the upgrade is for the better and I am happy Toyota had taken a small step in the right direction as far as improvement goes, the cost though.. Let’s just hope in time they’ll show us ways to reward their loyal customers. I am extremely pleased with my Prius from day 1 but this has left a permenant scar in my mind about it’s dependability (not reliability); especially in an emergency stop situation.

    2. Hi Albert,

      Sorry about the time it’s taken for me to get back to you.

      Firstly, I’m not sure why your reverse parking sensor would be switched off, but if you’d like to talk to someone about this, I’d advise you to ring Customer Relations on 01737 367 600.

      Secondly, the M&S vouchers are sent to customers affected by the accelerator pedal recall a few days after the work has been carried out on their cars. Prius owners should instead receive a car care kit. Any other voucher or goodwill gesture is given entirely at the Toyota Centre’s discretion.

      I hope that’s clarified things for you, but if not, please do get back in touch.

      1. Dear Melissa,
        Thanks very much indeed for your reply to clarify the situation of the goodwill offers from Toyota GB. The cleaning kit was very well received which my wife has collected on my behalf from Sims today, having contacted the forever-friendly service staffs only yesterday. As I have read many other similar posts here since I first discovered this forum, although Toyota has no obiligations to give us any ‘freebies’ at all, nevertheless I am still happy and proud to be a Toyota owner and I’ll definitely recommend to anyone I know. However my cynical side tells me I’ll probably be paying through the nose for this saga – with concerns over heavy servicing costs & possible sharp insurance premiums in particular! May I suggest Toyota GB be sensible about the rise in future servicing costs & please let your insurance division make me an offer I cannot refuse at renewal (they know the date when my car was registered).

  129. I had just paid a deposit to Hodgson Toyota, Gasteshead for my Aygo when the news emerged about the recall. The work was done before I even paid the balance and picked up the car and I was more than happy with the service I received.

  130. The recall work on my Yaris was carried out at W.R.Davies Toyota Ltd,Stafford,ST17 4LF.We arrived at 12:30hrs on 04/03/2010.
    The modification was carried to the accelerator pedal in a very efficient manner.The part was fitted and the test drive was completed by 14:00hrs.All the staff had a very pleasant and professional attitude during our visit. May I ask that you thank the team at Davies, they are credit to your brand.
    Regards Pete Dobson (YARIS TR)

  131. My recall took place today, tied in with the service on my Auris.

    Initial feelings weren’t great as when I booked it, I asked to be dropped off at work, if I bought the car in.

    On arriving at the garage I was told the driver would be back in 10 mins. 40 minutes later I was still there and had to ask reception again, even though there was an office of Toyota staff sitting round and having a chat & coffee.

    Got a call at 4:30pm to say the car was ready, but again I had asked for it to be dropped back to me at work, which they were surprised at. Do Toyota employees take notes when speaking to customers ?

    Car is now back, cleaned and serviced, although there is no sign of any certificate saying the recall has been actioned and as others have said, will wait for the promised M&S vouchers.

    1. Hi Mat,

      Sorry it’s taken a bit of time for me to get back to you on this.

      Toyota began sending out the £20 M&S vouchers to customers last week, so anyone who had the recall work done before this date, like you, will experience some delay. As for the certificate, this must be requested from the Centre that carried out the work.

      If you’d like to discuss any other aspects of your recall experience as detailed above, please ring the dedicated Customer Relations recall team on 0800 1388 744.

      Thanks for getting in touch.

  132. Thanks to Melissa for trying to sort me out with my preferred Toyota Service Centre so quickly last week. Tried calling several time on Monday but after a few rings it revert to answer phone. Not too please but decided to ring another Centre on Monday afternoon and a date was agreed. Got my Prius software updated,car cleaned,received a £25 discount voucher for next service and a bag of cleaning kits for my car yesterday. Thanks to Currie Motor at Isleworth for a taking care of us. Great bunch of helpful and friendly people. I know where to bring my car for the next service now.

  133. My Auris accelerator pedal was ‘fixed’ yesterday by Marshalls of Peterborough. Every aspect of the recall has been handled well. Staff are always courteous and yesterday was no exception, even though several customers were in for the same thing at the same time. I just had time to order a new Auris before mine was returned freshly valeted. Thanks in advance, too, for the £20 M&S voucher I have been promised – another sign of Toyota’s respect for its customers.

  134. I have the certificate to say my car( Avensis Auto ) has been fixed under the recall notice for a couple of weeks now.
    Why then, is the car accelerating on it’s own with no pedal pressure by me?
    This has happened on two occasions at low speeds(30-40mph).
    I am too scared to go any faster now!
    Toyota has not fixed the problem!

    1. Hello again Alan,

      We are pleased to have spoken with you this morning and clarified that your throttle pedal is not sticking following the recall repair. We look forward to meeting with you on Tuesday when we will inspect your vehicle and give you the opportunity to demonstrate to us any other problems you have with your vehicle. Thanks.

  135. Steven Eagell in Aylesbury did the Prius software update as a result of a phone call and gave me back a nice clean car. I do a lot of miles and this is a really relaxing car to drive. No fuss good service. Their MK dealership where I got it from has been very helpful too. Service managers are both accessible. Thoroughly recommended.
    I do feel Toyota has been picked on hard as they were slow to acknowledge a couple of quality problems. I suppose having been number one in Quality terms for years it was easy to get complacent. However it looks like they have taken this issue to heart and deserve our support as customers.

  136. My recall time was at 4 o’clock today(03/03/10)arrived at at “Alexander Wallace”at 3.45 and I was back with my car at 4.50 washed and acc.pedal done; delighted with the service I received from A.W’s staff even I have had no problems with my car(Yaris)
    I am disgusted with the media hype concerning toyota cars no need for this excessive coverage especiallywhen “toyota”
    went to great lenghts being apologetic.

  137. My Avensis T4 (2009) went in to Westland Toyota, Bromsgrove, Worcs,on 22 February 2010, and the work of correcting the accelerator was completed in 80 minutes, while I waited in the showroom,was offered coffee and read my newspaper. I had not experienced any problems with the accelerator, and love my car, with its pleasing lines and modern technology.

    On completion the car was delivered to the entrance and had been washed as well. The Service Teamleader, Jamie Wynall came out to explain what had been done, thanked me for my loyalty and said a Marks & Spencer voucher would be sent as a form of compensation – which I have not received to date! I am very happy with the service provided by Westland, and the courtesy of the staff.

  138. This is not about a recall experience but it is about the tough time that Toyota are going through with the recall. Next time anyone is on facebook type in “We still love you Toyota” join the group and show your support:)

  139. Was treated very well by Helensburgh Toyota. I feel that Toyota was slow in notifying this fault but feel they are now doing their best, however I do not think they realise how far some rural area customers have to travel.

  140. Finally picked up the new toyota auris tr 2010 model on Monday after a month wait. When i arrived to pick up the car the cars accelerator pedal was being fixed and valeted 1 mile down the road. A full demo of the cars functions was done which made me feel more comfortable with the car. I am impressed with the new model looks much better then the previous model and retracting door mirrors is one of the many features i like. Took if for abit of a spin on the M4 to slough and back. I must say it does the job. Im happy with the auris, just need to get used to driving power steering and a much larger car after driving a small and manuel steering for 2years. I have already had people comment on car saying it looks nice and very spacious inside the cabin which is great as i sometimes have a full car. Another satisfied customer.

  141. Just taken delivery of my prius T Spirit – What a car. I do 45000 miles per year so will be interesting to see how it does – Got the car for 2 years. Impressed with the smooth ride, sat nav, telephone. Still trying all the toys on it. Car delivered without the driver mat – told it was on back order!!!. Got a slight brake squeak when braking – take it is stil new and will see how it goes. Otherwise – i like it. Don’t know yet if it came with the recalls done or not, will have to check.

  142. I am pleased that Ian was capable of phoning the dealer i managed to do that as well,but Toyota recall says a formal letter will be sent inviting you to book the car in all i ask is what happend to it.

  143. Didn’t receive confirmation by post re. my Aygo MMT but the VIN checker on the website only took a sec and just a few mins later after a call to my local dealer i was booked in. Job was done yesterday, well within the hour, returned beautifully clean, all round top service from Toyota World Tamworth. There was mention of £25 M&S vouchers for every customer effected, lovely touch, so hopefully they won’t get lost in the post too. Not at all put off by the brand, got my eye on the IQ next.

  144. For around two months I was experiencing a sticking accelerator pedal in my Auris. I overcame this by ‘flicking’ the pedal, which usually released it. However, the problem persisted so when the car was due for service I mentioned this and was initially told that they could find nothing wrong but it was probably the car mat that was causing the problem. I explained that the mat had been in the car from new with no sign of any problem. Needless to say it was not fixed. Within two days, the pedal stuck and would not release but the engine just revved higher and higher. At the finish I had to pull in at the side of the road and switch the ignition off. When I re-started, things were normal again. When I returned it to my dealer they still insisted they could find nothing wrong but merely oiled the pedal. Admittedly, I never experienced the problem afterwards but am thankful my wife was not driving when the pedal stuck fast. It would have been quite a scary experience for her and if she had been in heavy traffic, could have resulted in an accident. Having said all this I have to say that we love our Auris and would gladly get another. Not so sure though about going back to the same dealer. The fault was not theirs but their attitude left much to be desired.

  145. Marsh Toyota Plymouth
    This is my 1st Toyota, a T4 Prius, and took delivery in mid Jan.
    No letter received regarding the recall, but, hey, I think I am quite capable of phoning the dealer myself!
    Excellent service from the dealer, booked in late in the evening to suit me (5:30pm), works done in 45mins including a wash and vac, a fluid check and disabling the reversing “klaxon”, which had been up to then my only gripe on the car.
    Great service!

  146. My experience is the same as T Child waiting for a letter about my Prius,not happy with Listers Stratford but at least the car is now booked in next week.It had better be cleaned and valeted on its return or i will not be a happy

  147. I had my 3rd generation Prius sorted at the Octagon
    dealership in Reading. It was quick, easy, and they even gave
    it a clean! The guys and girls there are friendly, fast and
    easy to deal with (unlike other branded dealerships like
    Vauxhall or Ford). I’d like to thank them for making it easy
    and wish them all the best for the future. This is a mess,
    but they’ve handled it professionally, taken it on the chin and
    dealt with it better than most companies would have. I think
    there’s a bit of bias against Toyota and the Prius. The amount of grief I’ve had from people about it is
    alarming and depressing. But I’ll stick with it, it’s a good, safe car and will save me money on fuel/tax for years to come.
    Best wishes to Toyota for the future.

  148. On 9th Feb 2009, I received a preliminary letter from Toyota UK to say that the Prius Gen 3 was affected and that they have requested details of owners from DVLA; hence I should be receiving a letter by Registered Mail, inviting me to contact Toyota.
    It’s now 1st March and have I received a letter? NO !
    I have also input my details on the online REgistration Check and requested the dealer to contact me, Did I get contacted? NO!
    Eventually, I had to call the dealer and nbook myself in for the Software upgrade and have been told that this would take 1 hr 30 mins, not the 40 mins as touted by Toyota. I have owned many Toyotas over the years but am increasingly frustrated by their handling of this recall issue.

      1. What I’d like to know is, why the reverse parking sensor was switched off when they were updating the ABS software of my T4 Prius? More importantly why it wasn’t switched back on afterwards. Prior to the recall I was still getting the usual warning ‘bleep’ but when I questioned ‘Sims’ the dealer at Northampton, they tried to blame me for knocking the switch off by accident, when I know I have not touched a single thing in the boot since they’ve worked on the car. It’s so nearly caught me out & could have costed me a new bumper if I hadn’t be lucky! If this is a standard practice then other owners with reverse sensors might be at serious risks too. Apart from this mishap the ‘while-I-wait’ recall was very efficient & professionally done.

  149. I obtained confirmation via the web site on 7 Feb 10 that my Yaris TR 1.4D registered in Oct 09 was not affected. However, it would have been more reassuring if had received a confirming letter from Toyota.

  150. As far as I was concerened there was nothing wrong with my Auris ( 2007 plate )- however, it went in to my local dealer yesterday 27th February – I was given a courtesy car for the morning and when I picked it up it looked ‘ as new ‘ – a wonderful full Valet. My local dealer “Sims” here in Northampton alwasy provide an exceptional service.

  151. I have had my Toyota Yaris for three years This is my first Toyota car and I will stay with the company now I think they are a fantastic company and am very happy with The Toyota Company at Sighthill in Edinburgh were as always fantastic at dealing with the problem of the Pedal They are efficient and courteous always Toyota are getting a lot of flack at the moment but its still a great company they are fixing the problem so lets all support them

  152. Had my Prius brakes recall work done on 16/2/10 at the same time I had my 10k mile service.

    The service I received at the dealers (Vantage Toyota Knareborough) was excellent – as always.

    I am still a happy Toyota customer and my girlfriend is looking at replacing her Civic with a Toyota this year too.

  153. i own a 2008 auris the accelerater pedal has stuck twice.
    they said carbon build up was to blame ,then it was the accelerator cable, and finally a new accelerater pedal .toyota gb say this car is not affected by the recall as the faulty part is not fitted to this model no more toyotas for me a honda civic next

  154. Accelerator problem and seat belt problem fixed promptly on 26th Feb at Beadles Gillingham Kent.Was disappointed that they did not clean the car as many other owners have commented that their cars had been valeted inside and out.
    Would have made all the difference.Makes me think some Toyota dealerships are more customer focused than others.

    1. Hello Mr Tierney,

      Sincere apologies for the delayed response to this.

      All customers are entitled to a complimentary Wash & Vac, but any further goodwill gesture is entirely at the Toyota Centre’s discretion.

      If you’d like to discuss your experience with anyone at Toyota, please call Customer Relations on 01737 367 600. Thanks.

  155. After 5 Toyotas with only 3 minor warranty problems between them all, I wasn’t as concerned as the Press would make us believe. Once they notified me the mod was official, no problems booking Yaris into Listers Coventry, did it while I waited, FULL INFORMATION on the mod they were doing was in print on the tables for all to see. Couldn’t have done more.
    Have been in the Motor Trade all my life and I can never remember the Press making such a specific detailed attack on a manufacturer.
    Other manufacturers have had cracked chassis members, defective brakes featured that caused fires in a crash etc. etc.-hardly a mention in the Press

  156. My Yaris was recalled last week . The work on the accelerator was quickly done and the car was cleaned for me.Superb service as always from Abbey Toyota, Redhill.

  157. After reading in CNN that “the Prius made before Jan/2010 were afected” I got quite worried. I couln’d call my dealer as I live in CZ and don’t speak Czech that well, so checked timesonline, BBC and the Toyota UK, ES and SE sites to found out that my car is not included. My wife (she’s Czech)eventualy rang the dealer and confirmed it too. Even if I do feel something funny that matches with the description of the actual problem in the 2010 ones, but in my case no other car I’ve ever had would do any better in the situation in which I experienced the “funny feeling”.

    So far, it’s been a great car that in fact, I believe has saved my soul 3 times (like if it was alive) in situations that could’ve had a different ending if I had been driving something else. The active safety in it is just impresive and the build quality great. I’m very happy with it.

  158. Why are Toyota being ‘picked-on’ in such a heavy way?
    If people looked on the VOSA website ( – they would quickly realise that it’s NOT JUST Toyota that have problems. I was surprised by just how many manufacturers have had recalls – for everything from Brakes failing on BMW’s to Ford Focus cars ‘at risk of Fire’.
    I have yet to have my recall done (booked in for a couple of weeks) and feel for people who have been affected by these problems. But please remember, Toyota are NOT alone – they are simply being shown-up by the media, who most of the time have little better to do. I for one am more than happy with my Avensis bought in September and can’t see why any other owners would feel strongly enough to leave the brand. Perhaps if people can’t control a car (whether with ‘minor faults or not) they shouldn’t be driving in the first place!

    As for the media, Grow Up and stop scare-mongering. You shuould know better.

    1. Mark, I fully agree with you in most of your comment. To me it seems like USA wanna improve the sales of American based companies (with a lot of goverment money in them) and made a huge deal out of this (and every time someone f**ts there, we smell it here), which is serious, but still not worse at all from other car makers; in fact it’s not as bad as many recalls from most of other brands.

      It reminds me the mass destruction weapons in Iraq. Where are they now? Were they ever there? Now USA will say that Toyota’s got them?

    2. quite right Mark i think you hit the nail on the head, media hype and we all know the american just love blowing things all out of proportion

  159. One other point…if they turn there back on Toyota because of this problem I think they will be turning there back on not only Toyota, but other car companies even if they have the slightest problem with them.

  160. I have recently purchased a Auris 2010 model TR 1.6 and I am due to pick up the Auris on the 1st March 2010 with the new 10 plates on. The only car that I have ever driven is a Toyota Starlet 1.3 1998 and that has been in my family for just over 12years. I think after 12 years driving this car the quality is still there and still in good nick for that matter (I know its not only my car, but its an example to prove a point) so I don’t see why the media is making it such a big hype over the quality of Toyota cars. If the cars are not that good of a quality I don’t think Toyota would be selling or even producing such cars for consumers now. The majority of people who have owned a Toyota time and time again, but suddenly turn there back on Toyota what’s the problem? Nothing stopped them buying a Toyota time and time again before until now. On the whole I still have trust and great respect in Toyota keep up the good work.

    P.S Staff at Twickenham Toyota high quality customer service keep it up.

  161. Feb. 22.2010 at 0930.

    The recall work on my Avensis to replace the accelerator
    was compleated quickly and to my compleat satisfaction

    Well done Eden Bridge Toyota.

  162. I bought my Auris tr 2.0 d4d on the strength of previous toyotas over 15 years I have had but find that the built quility is not very good. more rattles and poorly fitting trim than I have ever had
    Also the 2.0 d4d is now discontinued does this mean there is a problem with them when I come to sell will it affect the part ex
    I will certainly look elsewhere for my next car and not rely on the strength of toyota quality anymore
    My dealer carried out the recall very efficiently and have no complaints

      1. think you will find when you look around that toyota is still the biggets car company in the world for very good reason the auris is an excellent car and will only get better

  163. I bought a brand new Yaris in 2003 which had an accelerator problem, but Toyota told me it was a normal characteristic for the car and wouldn`t fix it. What`s changed now? Are Toyota going to recall earlier models?
    At the time I complained to Toyota on the phone and in writing ,pointing out that it was potentially dangerous but they just dismissed my comments.Any comments for me now Toyota?

  164. i went on web site put my yaris reg in and mine was a recall, put what dealer wanted to go with at johnsons toyota wallasey had a phone call within two days took it in that week car was washed and valeted i have always been pleased with toyota cars i have just bought a new yaris this week from same dealer they are exceptionally helpful and efficient.
    well done all staff at johnsons toyota wirral.

  165. I own two Toyota cars an Aurus and a Yaris and I am awaiting the call to have both cars modified. My gripe with Toyota is the fact that when I bought my Aurus at the end of November 2009 I should have been told there might be a safety issue which Toyota knew about then, and I should have been given this information before I paid almost £15,000 for my now unwanted Aurus.
    I am also livid with Toyota for not informing me that an almost new model Aurus was being launched a model I would have waited to buy.
    Toyota kept vital information from me which would have influenced my dealing with them so not only unsafe cars but less than honest dealing as well
    I own two Toyotas at the moment and have bought five new Toyotas in the last seven tears but I will change them as soon as possible and no more toyotas for me.
    Brendan Hand

    1. Hi Brendan, in November they didn’t know there might’ve been a safety issue. At the time the only sure thing was the floor mat in American cars. Also, nobody in no shop of any kind of goods on earth will tell you there’s a new model coming and you should wait…. if that new model is not more expensive. lol.

      1. I dont believe they did’nt know about this problem on november 30th and they have lost a very good customer by letting me buy an old model only weeks before the launch of a new one.

      2. I am quite sure Totota knew about this problem by the end of november 2009 and kept it from me and they knowingly let me buy my auris when they should have let me know a new model was iminent. Dont forget I am a Toyota customer for many years.

        1. they most certainly did not know this information at the end of novemeber and you obviously did not ask if a new model was on the horizon. Shame your dealer did not inform you but you cant blaim toyota for a salesmans mistake

    2. Had my recall work done yesterday at RRG Denton Manchester and I was dissappointed with the service. no wash or valet in fact nothing at all a very cool reception all round.
      I had to take more than two hours alltogether from my business which obviously costs money but that is not reconised by RRG Denton. I know the same time in their workshop would have cost hundreds of pounds but my time to them is free.
      No more toyota’s for me.

  166. Toyota engineers have found an effective solution . The part they have made is a “precision-cut steel reinforcement bar”.I believe that actualy it is only a wedge that simply lifts the smoothing part off the pedal mechanism. Simple or what ? I wish the Toyota marketing people would keep the real truth simple.

  167. On receiving my recall letter, I contacted the nearest dealer and was given an appointment within two days. They offered an evening time as I was working and were very accomodating when I changed it at the last minute. In and out in about 40 minutes. I only noticed how clean the car was this morning. Many thanks to Sheilds Toyota in Glasgow.

  168. I’ve recently taken delivery of a new Prius; first time Toyota driver. Am very pleased with it, but haven’t been too chuffed with Toyota’s communications with me. I took delivery of the car as the news about the braking system was breaking. I rang the national Toyota helpline to enquire if my car would be affected, to be told that the problem only related to Japanese and US built Prius’s, if it was European built then it would be unaffected. I then rang my Toyota dealer, who expressed surprise at this advice, as “all Prius’s are built in Japan”. Still not sure about my car’s status, I decided to let the recall process take it’s course and await contact. On Monday this week, driving down a steep, icy hill, I experienced sudden, complete loss of braking, which was very brief but nevertheless very disconcerting. I now knew my car needed this upgrade! A subsequent call later that day to the supplying dealer confirmed this, when they got me to check the chassis label for a green dot with a tick – not present on my car. It would have been helpful to have been given this advice right at the start. I then booked my car in, with my local Toyota dealer, to have the upgrade done today, but when I arrived this afternoon I was told that the software is not yet available, and they weren’t able to tell me when it will be. Everyone I’ve been dealing with has been friendly and helpful, but there does seem to have been a bit of a breakdown in right hand / left hand communications.

    1. Clive your car may be waiting for the recall, but driving down a steep ICY hill will most probably be the cause of your brakes not working correctly….. Icy being slippy!!!!

      1. Thanks for the helpful comment. I will avoid taking the car out altogether until the summer and will stick to level roads.

        1. With reference to Clive’s experience with his Prius, a visit to the Prius recall page will unearth the following description of the software fault:
          “Customers have reported that under certain braking conditions, such as when hitting a bump, pothole or driving on a low-grip surface, they notice a change in the brake feel (the sensation transmitted to the driver during a braking action).
          This change in brake feel is due to the specific set-up of the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS). Prius braking ability is not compromised.”
          It is highly probable that the loss of braking was due to the icy conditions and not the software fault. I know from previous experience that the loss of braking together with the actuation of the ABS can, at the time, be very disconcerting.

        2. all i was trying to say was that an icy surface could be the cause and not the software being at fault as any car can have problems on an untreated icy surface, in the recent bad weather we have all had there were many cars sliding about the roads with drivers unable to stop them and not just toyotas.

    2. Do you yhave winter tires? I live in CZ now and everybody here change the tires in winter for the winter ones, which no1 does in UK. Considering that this year the UK winter was not too different from the Czech one, I think it’s actualy a good thing to avoid icy hill when running on summer tires.

  169. Took car into Bentleys Warrington – very quick fix – while I waited and on time but was a bit dissapointed that the car was only washed and not fully valeted like at other centres.

    Also on a previous safety recall I received a gift of a Toyota Car Kit – no mention of anything this time round.

    1. Hi Caroline,

      Can you tell me what car you drive? If it’s a Prius, you should have received a car kit, but if your car’s accelerator pedal was modified, you can expect to receive a £20 Marks & Spencer voucher in the post. Toyota began sending vouchers two weeks ago, so those whose cars were fixed prior to then will experience some delay. In addition, all customers are entitled to a complimentary wash and vac, but any further goodwill gesture is entirely at the Toyota Centre’s discretion.

  170. Hi,entered my Avensis reg. number on Toyota’s Recall web site and less than 48hrs later, received a phone call from sales manager of Johnson’s Toyota, Wirral,to book my car in on 12th Feb. 2010. Superb, professional service from a group of people who will, I am sure, have been under some considerable pressure. A one hour stay with refreshments provided, produced a fixed and fully valeted car. What more could Johnson’s Toyota and Toyota U.K. have done? With reference to the car itself, an Avensis 2.2 Diesel TR tourer, we have now covered 4,100 miles and have had no problems whatsoever and seriously question if there would have been any problems anyway. I agree with many of your other comments that this is the usual media hype. Under normal circumstances, millions of cars are re-called every year. The reason for such hype with regard to the Toyota re-call is that Toyota has become the largest auto manufacturer in the world, with a quality and reliability reputation to match. It is always the job of the media to, by whatever means possible,attack the most successful, even though, for the most part, their comments are inaccurate and full of innuendo. Going by a large number of newspaper and T.V. news reports about these lethal Toyotas,I am yet to see any of them stuck up lamposts, trees or into walls! I do hope that after Toyota have addressed the immediate problem, that they do not forget to ensure that the inaccurate and over-hyped reporting of these recalls is corrected with the facts! Would I buy a new Toyota today? YES! Will I replace my existing Toyota with another? Count on it, because they will be a better and stronger company after all this debacle!

  171. My Yaris was recalled and the work was carried out within an hour, GREAT !!! on the 15th of Feb. I had no problems before, But !! now experiencing problem’s, the car now is kangarooing badly, when applying the gas pedal in 1st & 2nd gear, been back to the toyota dealers !! all’s they have said is just keep an eye on it.
    This Yaris is used for my job !!

    1. Hi Penny,

      Apologies for our delayed response to this.

      We’d like to look into this for you, and so have sent you an email so that you may send us some personal details.

      Thanks for contacting us.

    2. Hi again Penny,

      I’ve just spoken to someone in the Technical department who has confirmed that the recall work should not in any way affect any other mechanical parts. If you are concerned, please request an accompanied test drive at a Toyota Centre. If you have any trouble arranging this, or if you have any other related concerns you would like to discuss, please call Customer Relations on 01737 367 600. Thanks.

  172. Contacted Corrie Motors, Inverness, before letter arrived from Toyota. Prompt attention and car booked in without delay. Repair done within the hour and car washed.
    Only concern is that no written evidence of repair given. Hopefully garage would supply that if required.
    Otherwise, satisfactory.

    1. H there M Gillies,

      They certainly would. If you contact the Toyota Centre that carried out the recall work, they should provide you with a stamped certificate that can serve as proof of work undertaken.

  173. I notified via the web on the Monday, was called by the dealer Tuesday and it was done on the Thursday. Excellent service. Can reccommend WR Davies , Stafford.

  174. 24/02/2210
    the throttle pedal recall was carried out @ farmer & carlyle,loughbrough,on the 22nd feb while i waited & on time.
    having worked in the auto trade.over 42+ years,@ one dealership what is all the hype?(i could fill a book),i believe it’s let’s have go @ the best.(toyota)
    i have experienced steering fault’s,starter fires,cooling fan fires,abs brake unit corrosion,i could go on.KEEP MAKEING GOOD MOTOR’S

  175. I was received by friendly and courteous staff and made comfortable while the modifiction work was carried out. The car was returned to me in immaculate condition.FirstClass service from Oakmere Toyota Northwich

  176. Can I please ask why some dealers offer compensation via cleaning packs and vouchers for service etc, whilst others just do the job and off you go?????

    If its a customer good will gesture, then “ALL” loyal Toyota customers should get it?

  177. My name is Chalkie White, and I claim the prize for finding the deliberate mistake in your full-page Press advertisement, “We’re pulling together to put things right.”

    Your ‘rigourously (sic) tested’ solutions should be more rigorously tested.

    I can only aspire to the ownership of a Toyota, but hope that this message is accepted in the good humour with which it is sent, and look forward to my prize of a week-long test drive of a Toyota vehicle of my choice!

  178. From the above coments, it would seem that a “TOYOTA FIXED IT FOR ME” sticker is required as evidence that the mods have been carried out.
    I am still waiting for my Prius to be fixed. I have received a from Toyota to inform me that as soon as they know my details they will recall the vehicle. How did the letter reach me??
    I contacted the local agent and was informed that Toyota would be in touch. O.K. but WHEN???

  179. My 2008 Auris is leased thru my employers. I checked Toyota website this morning with my reg number and the response was that my vehicle was not affected, yet it falls within the production period for recall. I have now recieved a letter from the lease company stating the vehicle needs attention.
    I shall be doing this asap but remain concerned that there is conflicting information on the website.

    1. Hi Carole,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Not every individual vehicle in the production date range will be affected by the recall, which is why we introduced the registration look-up facility. If you used this and it told you that your Auris is not affected, then that is the case. We are surprised, therefore, to hear about the letter you’ve received.

      We’re going to check this out for you, but I need some of your personal details. I’ll email you shortly. Hopefully we’ll get this sorted out soon.

  180. Toyota is always excellent. I will always prefer Toyota over GM and Ford.To err is human and to solve it is human.

  181. I have a Yaris and had the accelerator pedal recall fix

    on 13/02/10 at Listers Toyota in Lincoln. I left the car for them and went back after an hour and the job was done and car was washed and hoovered. To keep myself updated with the recall matter, I went on to the website and checked if my Yaris VIN was affected. I chose the dealer I wanted the work to be carried out and the dealer called me to book it in the first day the recall started. On collection of the car, I got given a book of vouchers and a letter from the Manager. They also topped up my screen washer as I had ran out on the journey there. They also did a visual safety check and informed me what I will soon need to replace. I would recommend Lincoln Listers all the time.

  182. What about the poor Nochy grinding Gears on the RAV 4. Is this going to be addressed or just another pushed to one side as “It is typical for a RAV” everytime.

  183. I would like to thank all the staff at Inchcape Toyota Burton On Trent.I took my yaris in for its third service and m.o.t. and at the same time they fixed the recall on the accelerator pedal.No fuss or hassle just great service can reccomend this dealer a cracking team.

    1. Hi Paul, I,ve been to the Burton centre a few times with my Yaris and they’ve always give excellent customer care. It really does make a difference and makes you feel like a valued customer.

  184. I had the accelerator pedal recall work done by Pentagon Rotherham on my Auris in under a hour and returned to me having had a valet done both inside and out.Plus a voucher for a full valet anytime in the next year.On arrival my wife and I received the usual warm welcome from Bob and his son Ryan.
    Refreshments were on hand and we were treated with the the usual courtesy at this centre.Toyota still remains in the top rank in their field.

  185. Please, i would like to know if the new Auris 2010 is
    affected by any recall issue, and if it has the accelerator pedal involved in the recall, or it has a completely new one

    1. Hi,

      I replied to you earlier but I’m not sure if you’ve seen it, so I will send you an email now to make sure. The new Auris will have already been upgraded and so will not be affected by this recall.

  186. Toyota Avensis TR 2.0 Estate, First service and recall done 22/2/10, Toyata World Shirley, Solihull. A big thanks to all the staff who processed my appointment and carried out the work, very profesional and helpfull. This was just a precaution as no problems at all with the car. Came back valeted and washed, brilliant service, probably the best I have had in 30years!

  187. Have just had my Yaris recall work done at Broad Oak Toyota, Canterbury and had the bonus of a lift into town for an unexpected shopping trip, plus when I returned they had valeted the car!
    I had an additional bonus when the manager confirmed that they had previously given drivers of recalled Toyotas a compensatory gift and handed me one of their branded cleaning collection pack: much appreciated!
    Many thanks for a speedy and friendly response from the staff there, which was especially challenging for me as the Yaris is a KCC leasecar and staff booked me in very quickly.

  188. Hi

    I own a Auris 08 model and have been advised that this is not affected by the accelerator recall.

    Funny enough my vehicle went into the Toyota dealer a few days before this recall came to press, for this very problem. I was told that my vehicle was completley safe and no fault could be found.Despite it happening on numerous occasions.

    I am still awaiting a follow up call regarding this issue.
    I am unhappy this issue has not been resolved.


    1. Hello there,

      The quickest way to find out if your Prius is affected by the recall is by entering your VIN at . You will receive instant notification of whether or not you are affected and, if you are, you will be able to choose a Toyota Centre at which to receive the upgrade. If you are affected, rest assured that Toyota will definitely contact you. In the meantime, I’d like to reassure you that your Prius is safe to drive.

      All official information on the recall affecting the Prius can be found at the dedicated recall page linked to above.

    2. Does your daughter think Toytota is the only brand of car that had a recall. If you look on the VOSA website, you will see that Smart had recalls too. Tell your daughter that every brand of car has had recalls. Every brand has its recalls on the VOSA site. I have every confidence in my Toyota and my next car will definately be one. I have a Yaris now and had one another time too. I think the Yaris or IQ or Auris look nice for the next time.Not for a few years yet as my car is too young.

  190. I am buying a new Auris 2010 …. could you please confim me if this model is affected by the accelerator pedal recall ? .. or by any other recall?? in case you cannot help me .. do you know where i can inform about this issue? Thanks.

    1. Hi Rachel,

      I can confirm that all new Toyotas will have been upgraded and will not be affected by the recall. For more official information on the accelerator pedal recall, please visit .

  191. I had my modification work to my Auris accelerator pedal done by my local dealer RRG Altrincham.

    The work was done very efficiently and the staff were fantastic, it is also where I purchased the car from.
    Thank you

  192. Hello, had my Auris fixed by L & S Copcutt & Son of Worksop and have to say they were fantastic. I have been a customer of theirs and Toyota for 12 years now and the service I have recieved during that time has been second to none.I was welcomed to the garage and had coffee, I felt like a kiddie iba sweetshop with all the latest cars on display and have to say I am very temped with the new Auris SR in Island Blue.

  193. I am very impressed with the way in which Toyota have addressed this problem. From my first website enquiry I was speedily contacted by my local dealer and the adjustment made very quickly to my Auris accelerator, with an unexpected wash and vacuum. My only comment would be that I would have liked written confirmation that the adjustment had been made. I did ask at the Toyota garage but was told to return with the recall letter for stamping. I would have liked something there and then to put with my paperwork.
    However, this is my third Toyota and this will not put me off having a fourth! Well done Toyota.

    1. Hi Jane,

      The dealer that carried out your recall work should be able to provide you with a certificate that proves the work has been carried out. It sounds like your work was carried out quite early on, so it is possible that your dealer did not have certificates at that time. If you request a certificate from your dealer now, you should receive one. Rest assured that a record of the work undertaken is always held centrally also.

      I’m glad you had a great experience otherwise. Thanks for getting in touch!

  194. I have a auris due to have recall work carried out 25 feb.
    must say I am surprised Toyota have not produced some form of work sheet where they can certify that this work has been carried out. The usual saftey report used for routine service is unacceptable in my view.

    1. “I have a auris due to have recall work carried out 25 feb.
      must say I am surprised Toyota have not produced some form of work sheet where they can certify that this work has been carried out. The usual saftey report used for routine service is unacceptable in my view.”

      Hi Richard,

      I work for a Toyota Centre and can confirm that Toyota have produced some certificates which can be stamped by your local dealer to say the work has been carried out, although these weren’t available in the initial stages of the recall.

      If you’d like one of these to keep with your service documentation please do contact your Toyota Centre.

  195. I have just had the accelerator pedal on my Auris dealt with at Toyota Broad Oak canterbury. They were all very helpful, efficient and calm. Answering the same question from many customers. I had taken the car in for a service on the day the news broke about the pedal problem and many people were calling in with concerns and all being dealt with very calmly and with understanding.
    I phoned as soon as I received the recall letter and was fitted in on the same day. However, I would say staff at this Toyota Branch are always helpful.
    I have had s problem with the accelerator pedal – as described by the gentleman above – accelerating of it’s own accord, but this was intermittent and I took the car in to be checked, nothing was apparent. But staff did their utmost to resolve my concerns (these started last May (2009). But this problem has been dealt with by Toyota quickly and efficiently and wout being patronising to clients I think.

    Thanks Broad Oak!

  196. See Had the accelerator recall work done today (20th Feb). Inchcape Burton (the supplying dealer) carried out the work efficiently and quickly, and they washed the car as well. Also received a voucher for £ 25 off next service, but unsure whether I can use this as I have signed up to a service plan. Very pleased with my Auris 1.33. Although the fuel consumption is no better than my previous Corolla, the car has only done 1150 miles – so must still be fairly tight.

  197. What a fuss about nothing!!! Just been into my local dealer – Pentagon Doncaster. As normal – fantastic service, delivered with a smile. Did my recall in under an hour whilst I had a cuppa, a buscuit and I have to say some sweets that I’ve not had for years!! Brillaint service. British press – start reporting soemthing that is real news not a song and dance about nothing.

  198. I had the recall work done on my Yaris at Inchcape Guildford this morning and was very satisfied with how efficiently and professionaly the whole operation was done. The car cleaning and wash was a nice touch and the safety check spotted I should be changing my front tyres soon. I think in dealing with challenging times like this Team Toyota really shines and I believe in the end your performance will further enhance the Toyota brand and customer loyalty. Keep up the good work.

  199. My Toyota Yaris has been in Gordon Lamb, Sheffield for the recall accelerator pedal work this afternoon. I feel I must comment on the excellent friendly and pleasant staff, who answered all my questions in a detailed manner.It also took a lot less time than I was expecting and I was pleasantly surprised by having it washed and mini valeted , it smelt lovely. Congratulations to the Gordon Lamb service team, they deserve a rise!
    Maggie Booth – Sheffield

  200. Accelerator pedal corrected. No proof it was done! What kind of service is this? No Paperwork? No dealership in the coutry will take my word that it has been done! Yes, it was Arnold Clark in Ayr. Poor Service yet again.

      1. I received the paperwork regarding the recall from Arnold Clark in Ayr, but, only after I raised the issue on this blog.
        What happened to my other comments with regard to the brakes?

    1. Hi Alan
      I have heard that they keep a record of the work on some kind of database thing as well as people getting a certificate. This is done because people might lose the certificate.

  201. Very efficient service from the local garage in Rochdale, and included an unexpected wash and hoover! I can’t fault Toyota for the way they have dealt with an unfortunate situation. Thank you.

  202. Just taken my car into Charles Clark Toyota Wolverhampton to have accelerator pedal done absolutely 1st class staff also plenty coffee and sausage rolls. Also great valeting job inside and out once again brilliant.

  203. Very unhappy experience of recall at Inchcape Toyota Guildford yesterday. Asked if I would like to wait one hour for work to be done or two hours to have valet and selected to go away for two hours. On return had to wait further 20 minutes to be told they had been too busy to valet it and too busy to give me documentation to prove recall work had been carried out and would have to post this on.

    I asked for the manager to call me and received no call and had to call back myself. Was offered free wash and vouchers but would not wish to have either as it was my precious time that was wasted and would prefer them to be honest with customers. Very unhappy with level of service received particularly in light of reason I had to go back there in the first place. I have been a Toyota customer for over 20 years and am extremely disappointed.

    1. Hello Mrs Taylor,

      Apologies for the time it has taken to get back to you, and I’m sorry to hear of your disappointment.

      We’d like to look into this for you, but to do so we require a few personal details. I will email you shortly.

  204. Hi, I have followed the recall feature closely and have finally been told my Avensis is not required for recall.
    What bothers me is that since owning the veicle, since it was 6months old, i have consistantly reported the
    exasperating bad features of the accelerator pedal. Having reported this to my local dealer only to be told nothing is wrong with the pedal. My car is an automatic version registered in 2006 and the kick down feature mostly does not work correctly. It seems like a damp squid when requiring the kick down feature and more importantly this is dangerous when overtaking is required and the kick down feature fails and i then have to use manual control to select a suitable gear for acceleration.On may occasions this delay enhances the danger requiring a different driving approach.
    Now i have become used to this and use the manual feature only for acceleration/de-acceleration.
    There is also a continual problem when the car is cold. The automatic box will not select 4th gear for aconsiderable time lapse and as the engine is cold and reaching some 4000 revs,i personally find this not acceptable.Again this `fault` was reported to the local dealer to be told that this is a `natural occurance
    providing the automatic box some protection when cold`. Very strange!!. Nonetheless when the new Avensis became
    available i visited my local dealer for a trade-in and purchase a new model. Upon speaking to the salesman he
    informed me then that the problems with the automatic box had now been fixed with this model as it was well knownthere were many problems with my version car.
    All of these problems were reported during the warranty of the car. Now, although i class this Avensis as one of
    the beter cars i have owned i am really wary about purchasing another toyota car. As i am an Advanced Driver i now have to alter the way i drive this car, just to accomodate how i drive, because of these defects.
    This is not probably the best way to have a rant about Toyota cars but i would have expected a proffesional
    approach from Toyota and have these `defects properly attended to.

    1. Hi Andrew. Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Please contact our Customer Relations team on 01737 367 600 – they will do all they can to help.

  205. My Auris was in for service at RRG Rochdale on Tuesday the 16th of February and it was said it would be a little longer as the service would include the accelerator pedal fixed and it was, promptly and ifficiently in record time, including the wash and vac. I have always had excellent service at my RRG Toyota branch, happy helpful staff. I have had four different models of Toyota over the last 12 years, all excellent cars, this recall will not put me off Toyota.

    PS. I couldn’t get past the pin number either on the request for feedback web page.

  206. I have just had my car repaired at Pentagon Toyota in Barnsley, they were absolutley fantastic. My car was fixed in just under an hour, they explained why the recall was needed and I have to say, as I expected, it has all been a fuss about nothing. My faith is still with Toyota and Pentagon. And thank you to Pentagon for cleaning my car, it was an unexpected and nice touch!

  207. Please, i would like to know if the new Auris 2010 is
    affected by any recall issue, and if it has the accelerator pedal involved in the recall, or it has a completely new one.

  208. my auris has been fixed already, and they washed and hoovered the car. i thought that was a nice touch.

    the only problem i have is with the after service sheet asking me to give feedback, which i can’t access the website i’ve been told to use.
    i can access
    but that asks me for a pin number which i don’t have.

    apart from that i think toyota have been very good over the problems

    1. Hi Keith,

      Apologies for the delayed response to this. We’ve tried to replicate this problem but are unable to. Could you please try again and let us know if you still have a problem? Thanks.

  209. With regards to recall, far too much media hype, hardly an issue at all from what Ive read, Sorted in under an hour by Pentagon toyota in Sheffield. Excellent work, they even valeted my car! Cant ask for more.

  210. I looked my chassis no. up on the Toyota web site & filled in the form (Auris),within 15-20 mins the local dealer Pentagon Rotherham contacted me & booked it in for less than a weeks time which I found fantastic service they did the work with no problems at all,a great service as I have always found with Pentagon Rotherham & Toyota,no problem at all & very helpful!!

  211. I’m due to have the recall work done in a couple of weeks time when my car is booked in for a service. Yesterday I received my insurance renewal and it is over £100 pounds more than it was last year! I have 14 years of accident free driving. I understand there are other factors that contribute to the cost of premiums, but it looks like the insurance companies are beginning to cash in on the risks of owning a Toyota. I wonder how many other customers are affected?

    1. You’ll be glad to know this isn’t to do with the make of your car. Its a common trick in the insurance industry to offer lower prices to new customers while making a higher profit margin from those who renew their policies – it’s profiting from apathy – and an easy way for the insurers to boost their balance sheets especially in the current climate. The solution… ditch and switch!

  212. I must first start by saying that the Toyota Prius is by far the best car I have owned. However, I am beginning to wonder about Toyota’s approach to its customers safety. I had the Prius in November and within days experienced my first braking problem (a sort of brake release, only for a second, whilst on a step downhill section of road). After the third experience I spoke to my local dealer, who tried to tell me that if I engaged B on the gearbox when travelling downhill, the problem wouldn’t occur. The problem has continued and over the last week, I have gone close to hitting the back of a van and close to overshooting lights at a major junction – it certainly wakes you up in a morning when it happens! – I now believe the problem is getting worse and worry that although Toyota state the braking is not comprimised, that in fact it has become significantly dangerous to drive – I have registered my car on this web-site to try and speed up the re-call, but feel at this stage I really should take the car off the road!

    1. Hi Richard,

      Sorry for the delay in replying to you. Have you entered your VIN at ? This will tell you for certain if your Prius is affected. If it is, Toyota will definitely contact you soon. In the meantime, if you have any concerns at all, please call our Customer Relations team on 0800 1388 744 – they are open until 6pm today.

      1. Hi Melissa,

        Have checked VIN and the car is affected, although I could have told anyone that without checking, given the brakes have failed numerous times now. I have contacted the dealership who have simple told me to wait for the letter, so there’s not much more I can do. I am driving it extremely carefully now as the two most recent incidents were very close to being recent accidents (almost hit the back of a lorry on the Motorway on the last but one occassion). Do you think Toyota would stand a compensatory claim should an accident happen when they know the car is affected and they have been informed of the failure rate on this particular car? Still I hope it doesn’t come to that!!!

        1. seems odd that you are the only person in the uk experiencing a brake problem beyond bad feeling in the pedal

  213. Motorline Toyota in Canterbury notified me and booked my car in for the accelerator recall before I received the notification from Toyota GB. I always find Motorline most professional and would certainly buy another Toyota. My car was “fixed” today (Thursday 18th Feb) and as usual washed and cleaned inside and out free of charge.

  214. Hi,

    I just wanted to email Toyota and pass on my thanks for your excellent customer service.

    I recently rang your Pentagon Doncaster branch with concerns about my car. Having been worried by the negative media coverage about the safety of Toyotas, they arranged a day for me to bring it in.

    As soon as I arrived at the Doncaster branch, I was treated brilliantly. Obviously I was concerned about my safety whilst driving my car and your team took this into account. Alex Pickup and his team were excellent, a real credit to your company. Not once was I lost in jargon or made to feel silly for my concerns.

    Unfortunately, these days we tend to focus on negatives and rarely do we celebrate the positives, so please pass on the sincerest of thanks to the Doncaster team.

    Keep up the excellent work,

    Mrs Jane Palmer

  215. i would like to see once toyota have sorted these recalls out that they could concentrate on sorting gearbox issues out on the 6 speed corolla tsports eg crunching into gear but instead of toyota customer services telling me that if the car isn,t likely to break down then the unit is still doing what it intended to do.i work for volkswagon who had a similar issue with gears crunching but they actually sorted the problem and not fobbed people off.still cars out of warranty now so i suppose its my problem now. ps apparently its a characteristic to that particular gearbox didn,t tell me that when i bought it!!!!

      1. It says on VOSA (I think it was there as I have been reading lots of places) that 7 other brands had recalls for acelleration problems, so it is not just Toyota It can happen any car.

  216. I used the website to identify that my Prius had to be upgraded and found it to be very efficient site. The dealer I nominated contacted me within 48 hours and arranged an appointment for the the work was carried out. I took the car along and the work was carried within 1 hour whilst I waited in a comfortable lounge with a good supply of coffee.
    My only minor concern is that I was not given any written confirmation that the work had been carried out, just handed the usual Safety Report that you get after any routine service. Sadly there was no comment on this report that the upgrade had be carried out.

    1. Hi Graham
      I had my car done at Border Toyota Carlisle and asked them to make a note in my service book as a record of the work. This they did and put their stamp on it.

      Trevor Irwin

  217. Just wanted to compliment pentagon toyota Doncaster. They opened up early for me as I am a driving instructor, they showed me the pedal and the new part fitted. I also had my car washed and returned within the hour.
    Excellent print service and my confidence in the centre and toyota fully restored. Well done .

  218. I have been driving Toyota’s for many years and was worried about the recall when I first heard about it. I contacted my supplying dealer, Toll House Gatwick, who checked the pedal for me & informed me it did need the recall done. They did it while I waited, I hadn’t booked in, & the car cme back to me fully valeted inside & out.
    All faith in Toyota and Toll House now well & truly restored. Well done Toyota!

  219. The accelerator recall work was done on my new Avensis tourer on Monday by Toyota Vantage, Knaresborough.
    I am extremely satisfied with this dealer.
    They were obviously very busy but found time to locate an engineer to explain personally why the brakes were slightly squeaky after 1000 miles (bedding in)but would replace under warranty if I had any concerns at all.

    I didn’t give any notice but I requested and was lent a courtesy car whilst they carried out the work.

    I really don’t think anyone could ask for more than that.

  220. Just wanted to go on record to say that this ‘blip’ has not and will not bring the esteem in which we regard Toyota into disrepute! Having had 4 Toyota over the last 10 years I cannot fault the cars or the garage franchises.
    Excellent in all respects and despite what the media hint, Im sure this wont affect the company too much…we certainly will be buying Toyota again in the future!

  221. had my car fixed at Ipswich Toyota. I have to say fast efficient and I waited only 60 minutes,which was a pity it did not take longer! In the waiting area coffee biscuits bowls of fruit and every magazine you could think of.The staff were excellent as always. Wonderful experiance.

  222. Our (my wife and mine) Toyota Auris was fixed within two weeks of registering online at our local Toyota Dealer, Curtis Cars, Coleraine, within 1 hour and with the usual courtesy and efficiency which is so typical of Toyota Dealers. It was just a wonderful experience. The car was even washed and vacuumed and returned like new!!! Being a toyota customer for 25 years testifies our loyalty to Toyota. Just Superb

  223. We have a Yaris SR and a Yaris TR, both have had to be recalled for the accelerator fix. I contacted our dealer, Jim Walton in Penrith Cumbria a few days ago and an appointment was made for 2.30 today for both cars. The staff there were fantastic as always, they took us down into town so that we could get some lunch and said the cars would be ready in an hour or so. On our arrival back, there they were gleaming on the forecourt both ready, even had full safety checks the engine oil topped up and been valeted and washed. TOP MARKS to JIM WALTON

  224. February 17th

    Accelerator recall work was completed in just over an hour on my Auris by Pentagon Toyota in Rotherham. Superb service no hassle. They cleaned my car inside and out – and even gave me a discount voucher for my intermediate service due at the end of March.
    As they say around these parts – ” Job’s a good ‘un !”

  225. Absolutely furious!!!!! Our daughter’s Aygo, a manual, is not subject to the recall, but she was TURNED AWAY from her driving test, wrongly! Not sure if this is the centre’s fault or the DSA in general. Can’t get through to the DSA right now – not answering their phone – but I will vent my wrath when I do get through! Someone needs to sort out their rear-end from their elbow here. Maybe Toyota haven’t given them all the information they need!
    Learners beware.
    Mrs Angry

    1. Hi Heather,

      I assure you that Toyota has been keeping the DSA continuously up-to-date with all the correct information regarding driving tests. In addition, information is clearly posted on our dedicated recall page (scroll down to the ‘Do you have a driving test booked?’ drop-down menu).

      I would encourage you to keep on trying to contact the DSA.

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      1. That isn’t totally correct, nor is it good enough. The DSA maintain that they have just been informed that the recall covers ALL Aygos for the relevant years, and that they are not aware of this just affecting the automatic, or VST versions. Also, the small faint box concerning driving tests appears at the very bottom of a page which I only chanced to come accross, when it should be writ large in red letters on your website. I appreciate this is only an admin issue for you, but you should be aware that this had a devastating effect on my daughter who was fired up and confident for her test. This issue is costing me a great deal of time and hassle, phone calls to various bodies, extra expense, including extra driving lessons that we will now have to continue with. Toyota should have, as a matter of course, sent documentation to owners whose cars are not affected, not only to cover incidents such as we have suffered, but also if said owners which to sell their cars on later. You are also assuming that your customers have permanent access to the internet, and the time to spend all day checking various issues concerning products they have bought. This is very wrong. We are still hugely upset, and, for myself, furious concerning this issue and Toyota’s lack of incentive to redress this.

        1. Hi again Heather,

          I have just spoken with someone in Customer Relations who again confirmed to me that we have done all we can to update the DSA since the change of information on Aygo manual (published on our website and blog on 3 February).

          I’d like to refer you to our Customer Relations team, who will help you with your complaint from this point forward. Please call them on 01737 367 600. They will do all they can to help.

        2. Toyota would be there forever sending documentation to owners whose cars are not affected. If anyone does not have the internet to check their car, tehy could ring the garage. There is free internet in the library so you do not need ‘permanent access to the internet’ as you said. Also it does not take ‘all day’as you said to check their car on the website.

  226. We have had our accelerator pedal recall work done quickly and efficiently on 16/2/10 by the supplying dealer,Lindops Brothers Toyota in Queensferry , North Wales. The work took one hour. Unfortunately they identified a leaking water pump which needs replacing at an estimated cost of £170 to us, as despite only having done 27,700 miles the car is 9 months out of warranty. They also advised that they can now fix a gear change selector problem we have had since owning the car, but that will cost us a further £135, as the fix was ‘not available during the warranty period’! The dealer was sympathetic and has asked Toyota Customer relations to contribute to the cost, and they have offerred to reduce the cost to £266 in total. This is not acceptable as this work should have been done under warranty for the gear selector, and the water pump should not have failed at only 27,700 miles. IS THIS ANOTHER SET OF TOYOTA DEFECTS WHICH WILL NEED A FURTHER RECALL? This is not good enough for a company which trades on reliability over image!

    1. Steve, I think it is quite good of Toyota to reduce the price of the extra work you needed done on your car. Lots of other brands would not give you a penny off the price of the work. A friend of mine had a Matiz one time and it was in the Chevrolet garage lots of times and they never got it fixed.

  227. Yaris accelerator problem fixed promptly,as always with Alexander Wallace in Elgin quick, efficient, and even washed and valetd as well!

  228. This is not a pedal or floormat issue. You are deliberately misleading the public on this serious safety issue. My vehicle experienced five instances of sudden unintended acceleration and the pedals were not impeded in any way by floormat or restriction in travel – in fact it accelerated ot max without and depression on the pedal.

    1. Thanks for getting in touch, and sorry to hear about your experiences. If your vehicle is affected by the accelerator pedal recall, you will have been contacted by Toyota already, but if you have any other concerns that have not been addressed I would urge you to call our Customer Relations team on 0800 1388 744.

      Here is an extract from a press release issued today, which concerns, amongst other things, the safety of Toyota’s electronic throttle control technology:

      “Toyota’s electronic throttle control system incorporates overlapping failsafe features that are linked to a number of sensors. If a problem occurs, the system shifts the engine to idling, or shuts it down completely. Toyota has conducted rigorous testing under extremes of electromagnetic interference, vibration and other adverse conditions, and that testing has conclusively verified that the system cannot accidentally induce acceleration.

      Toyota has also commissioned an independent, third-party research organisation to test its electronic throttle control system and it will release the findings of that testing as they become available.”

    2. Hi Graham
      Re sudden acceleration
      If you were driving along and got sudden acceleration, did you bend down to see if the mat had curled up? If you did you must have taken your eyes off the road.

  229. Feb 17th, 2010

    The recall work was completed on Sat. 13th Feb.. Lister’s Toyota Lincoln. I wish I had had the journalist from “The Time” (London”)with me. He might have had a different view from what he had reported only days earlier in his newspaper. As always Lister’s Toyota was helpful, no-nonsense and very efficient.I always look forward to going there. They “sort things out”, if I might use colloquial directness and do not make a fuss. Wonderful!

    1. The journalist would have ran out of the door if he had seen the great work and excellent service you got at your Toyota centre. The journalists only want bad news. I got great service at the Campsie Toyota garage too (as usual).Never had any problem with any of my Toyotas.

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