Toyota 2000GT for sale

Don’t just take our opinion for it, enthusiasts the world over are in agreement that the Toyota 2000GT is unrivalled in terms of beauty and exclusivity. Acclaimed as Japan’s first supercar, examples rarely change hands.

Yet we know where one of the finest is coming up for sale at auction.

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Presented in immaculate, restored condition and with a fully documented history, this Solar Red Toyota 2000GT wears chassis number 10128. Which means it was the 128th car of a grand total 351 units made during the model’s short three-year production run.

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After its build date of 19 October 1967, the car was shipped from Japan and sold brand new in Mozambique. Then in the late 1970s it was bought by a South African collector who already owned three 2000GTs, including the only other 2000GT delivered new to Mozambique.

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Acquired by exotic car specialists in Maine, USA, in 1986, the coupe was sold again in the same year to Javier Quiros, the Toyota importer for Costa Rica, where it remained in regular use for over a quarter of a century.

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To reverse its graceful decline, the 2000GT was given a painstaking 4,000-hour frame-off restoration during 2013-2014, assisted by Quiros’s strong connections to Toyota and access to factory records. This documented rebuild ensured the 2000GT was restored as accurately as possible, right down to the smallest details demanded by purists.

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Soon afterwards, the car changed hands again, crossing back over the Atlantic Ocean to a new home in the hands of a well-known and distinguished European collector. The Toyota subsequently received some minor fettling by specialist Martin Greaves before being presented for auction as one of the very best examples of its kind.

Toyota 2000GT for sale 01

Renowned auction house Gooding & Company has given the car a guide price of $750,000 to $950,000 and it will appear as Lot 027 in the Scottsdale Auctions being held on 29-30 January 2016.

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NB: The featured image at the top of this post is not of the 2000GT for sale


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