Toyota and the power of suggestion

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Toyota’s desire to put the customer first and achieve the highest levels of quality in vehicle production has been a company-wide philosophy from day one. A programme called Statistical Quality Control was introduced as early as 1949, and in May 1951 was expanded to include a new concept called the Toyota Creative Idea and Suggestion System (TCISS).

The purpose of the TCISS was to empower every employee to participate in improving product quality by inviting them to make informed suggestions on ways to improve the production process. Previously it had only been the privilege of upper management to make suggestions in that respect, but was now opened up to include employees at the sharp end of production; arguably the ones most likely to highlight potential issues.

Extra motivation was incorporated into the system with the establishment of an Individual Annual Award to honour excellent suggestions, today split up into gold, silver and bronze medals like a form of internal Olympics. However, the real value of the system was that it provided motivation to employees by focusing on their skills and creativity.

Indeed, the slogan Good Thinking, Good Products was solicited by an in-house TCISS contest in 1953 and still appears as a highly visible sign in every Toyota factory across the globe.

As the years have passed, the system has become steadily more productive. By 1974, the number of creative idea submissions had exceeded one million; 10 million by 1984 and 20 million by 1988. The incredible milestone of 40 million ideas was reached in 2011 and continues to rise.

With so many individuals providing informed input and a human touch (see video below) into the build quality of every vehicle, is it any wonder that Toyota’s products are world-renowned for their quality, reliability and durability?

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  1. I would love to have a car fitted with retractable covers on the roof: Front, back and sides.
    Imagine just pulling the covers down, hooking them place and not having to think about storing them or struggling to get them on or off.
    Covers made out of something that can withstand all weathers and be wiped clean.
    With smart hoods that blend into the bodywork of the car, of course.

    1. Further thought: they could be embedded into the roof, flat and blended in and pop up with the use of a button inside the car that only works when the car is parked.

      1. Hi Amanda,
        Thanks for getting in touch. That’s certainly an interesting idea!
        We’ll make sure to pass your innovative idea on to the relevant team.

  2. Can you consider developing a pick up based on the toyota landcruiser prado and brand it as probably hilux xd. Im sure it would sell well since its a very popular base, bridging the benefits of the landcruiser prado and a pick up

    1. Hi Tawanda,

      Thanks for getting in touch and for sharing your idea with us. We’ll be sure to pass your thoughts on to our team.


  3. I have a C-HR and it would be great to see something like a Toyota RAV4 Prime Coupe. Competition for the Mercedes GLC, GLE and BMW X4, X6 would show that you can make better cars.

  4. I have a suggestion to help attack fires explosion more efficiently in vehicles. How do I make this and secure the credit if taken? I am Idowu Adeoye from Nigeria. I have witnessed cases of fire explosion in vehicles in my country and thought of a solution.

  5. India looking for Sunroof in Fortuner. Reason why Ford endeavour increasing sales. With BS6 new engine sun roof should be launched in India.

  6. I would like to see double decker Toyota car. I have few ideas that could make Toyota the first of its kind to implement the same

  7. Hello Toyota
    India is going towards hybrid and electric cars. Please bring your RAV4 in India. I’m sure you’ll get a good response.

  8. Hello Toyota

    I’ve been a Lexus owner now for over 18 years and the only other car I would ever consider purchasing would be the Prius – still part of your corporation.

    I have a suggested design improvement for the Lexus. Given that in winter car windows become frosted over with ice or snow which then necessitates cleaning before being able to drive the car, I think an electrically controlled shutter for all windows, front, rear and sides would be a marvellous selling point. The ultimate in luxury for a car owner.

    1. Hello Ayshe,

      Thank you for getting in touch. It’s fantastic to hear that you’ve been a Lexus owner for such a long time. We always welcome customer feedback, so thank you for these comments, we will pass them on to the relevant team.

  9. I have just purchased a Prius plug in and love It. I just thought Toyota would steal a march on all competitors if the used the rear view camera and also put one on the front of the car to use as a dash cam the vehicle is traveling forward.

  10. Hai this is venu. i took innova 2 years back.everything is fine till now.
    now i am facing problem with wiring that dont have any proper dressing. the wiring can be easily attacked by rodents. so kindly provide proper dressing atleast to the next models.

  11. Hello,
    This is more a question than a suggestion. I like Toyota a lot, I have been going to the latest fairs here in Costa Rica to check the new models.
    One thing that I have been expecting in the new cars is a cell phone holder built in the car. I haven’t seen one yet and I was wondering why? How come a device that it is certainly part of most people in this planet specially those that can afford a Toyota don’t have a place to put it in their car? I know there are USB adapters and all that, and that the models for cell phones can vary greatly but that doesn’t mean adapter cases can be customize depending on the owners taste. Remember customization is great part of what makes us different and certainly something that appeals to everyone, the fact that you consider that I have a particular cell phone and you built a place for me to put it is something that makes everyone feel special.
    And let’s face it no matter how much you try on some things, you are not going to succeed. For navigation, Waze or google maps are ten time more reliable on traffic than your built in GPS, not only that but friendlier. What about calls? Here the bluetooth connection works perfect, but what about messaging? No having a place to put your phone means somebody is going to look for it even if they are not supposed to, when it can be right in front of your eyes, and I know you may come back to me about safety and all that but I still think it is safer to have it a glance than being laying around somewhere.
    And what is to me the coolest part is that it gives a place to your cell phone in your car, a place where it belongs and it is integrated with the rest of your vehicle.
    Just my thoughts here. Let me know.


    1. Hi Oscar,

      Thank you for getting in touch and for your feedback. We will pass this on to our product team.


  12. Hello, we had a highlander for eight years until it was totaled in an accident. A red lite runner. Now we have the sinnia van and love it. She is loaded with all the bells and whistles. Toyota builds a strong vechile and made to last.we were fortunate to have had an eye whiteness and photo to prove the at fault. But if the car had a black box like the air lines have there would be no question. Photo eyes front and back would help a lot in hit and runs, lite runners, weather conditions, speed, direction of travel,time of day or nite and many other ares that are asked by the police after the accident. Of course we are shook up and memory is questionable. The little black box would show it all. Right or wrong. See it come to life, Toyota next great idea.
    Tom Linder

    1. Hi Tom, thanks for getting in touch, and apologies for the delay in responding. We’re glad to hear you’re okay, and hope you’re enjoying your new Toyota. We think your idea is excellent. Some of our cars now come with telemetry boxes which track various statistics of the vehicle, but maybe one day we will see this taken further. Thanks again for contacting us, and we wish you many happy miles in your Sinnia.

  13. Hi, We have a landcrusier invincible 2015 model. Visiting friends this past weekend a number of them had the landrover discovery and we got talking about reasons why they went for the discovery and not the landcrusier and the main reason was the way the boot opened. Not only takes less space but can be used as shelter when out on a rainy day. They have a point we live in London and opening the boot is a real pain sometimes – being able to open the window part is not convenient enough. I do love the land cruiser – will the design of the rear boot door be changed at some point ? you may even get discovery clients swapping over to landcrusier. Thanks James.

    1. Hi James,
      Thank you for your post. We are very glad you love your Land Cruiser. Unfortunately we have no news at present of boot changes on the Land Cruiser. However, we have fed your comments back to our product department for consideration. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know.

  14. Hi ,

    This is very good video for people can understand very simply. I would like to suggest to bring for with NANO technology to develop car for avoid raining. with that KAIZEN we have reduce wiper and other cleaning activity’s. we can reduce the cost as well materials. I really love to the TOYOTA bring this opportunity to ur organization. long time a go i was trying to give this to TOYOTA but today only i found this web. This is only one suggestion i have lot i will give you one by one.

    Thanks & best regards to TOYOTA,
    From Sri lanks

    1. Hello Prasad
      Thanks for your post and for your suggestions.
      We would recommend that you can pass these back via Toyota Sri Lanka and they can be reached via this link.
      They will be responsible for the contacts they receive from their market. Just so you know we did have to edit your post slightly so that your telephone number was nut included as this would then be in the public domain.
      Hope this helps.

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