Auris Hybrid Feel Sing TV Advert

Toyota Auris Hybrid Feel! TV advert

Our new Toyota Auris Hybrid Feel! TV campaign takes you to the craziest traffic in the world – Mumbai. If you can drive here with a smile you will truly fall in love with driving again.

Take a look at the video below.

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What is the music in the Toyota Auris TV advert?

You been anywhere with crazy traffic? Let us know in the comments section below.

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By Iain Reid

Comments (105)

  1. After three days..mmhmhhnnaa hmm…my skin..hhmmhm nanana. I’ve been through the desert…mmnmnm lala…

    I can’t actually drive. And frankly, if driving makes you behave like the guy in the advert, I never want to. And why Mumbai? ‘My car is so comfy and air conditioned that I can happily ignore the third world poverty around me whilst I sing a song (badly) about going mental in the desert and my skin peeling off’?

  2. I hate the the bloke and the situation who are the people who made this add its one of the most annoying ever sack them now.

    My freinds family have 3 Auris so I do know these cars but if I thought I would look like that plonker in the advert I would never go near one

  3. I see this god awful advert is back!,at least the silly wrong words bit has been cut, The alternative newer ad is so much better with drivers and passengers singing another song. Still I suppose having shot the original and spent a lot of money on it,then it has to be used, but the guy “singing” still makes me change channels!
    (I await the lovely Jane’s comments having a pop at me again….but I still don’t come from anywhere near Essex lol)

  4. I’ve been to Bombay and I would never driver there.
    The street you show is pretty clear relative to most of the streets.
    Where was this shot.
    I would defy you to shoot the advert in Delhi which is even worse than Bombay.

    1. Hi Tony. Thanks for getting in touch. The ad was shot in Mumbai and these days it’s well known for being one of the worst places to drive in the whole of India! This is mostly due to poor city planning, ongoing developments, the huge increase in private vehicles and the lack of self-discipline of Mumbaikars when in their cars. We’re sure it’s bad in Bombay and Delhi too though.

  5. I’ve rarely seen an actor look more uncomfortable or self-conscious. What on earth was in the mind of the person who commissioned and paid for it? They should lose their job.

  6. The fact you are encouraging feedback suggests to me that you realise the advert and actor are irritating beyond belief but irritating marketing is enough to create a reaction and therefore the boring product becomes noticed.

  7. Whoever is responsible for this advert from the tone deaf tosser singing, to the camera crew and the retards that come up with this garbage, I would pay to see you all fed into a meat grinding machine and then what remains poured down the sewer. David Crouch you need to be beaten shot and hung!

  8. Whilst scrambling for the remote to mute this god-awful advert, I knocked over my coffee and ruined my phone. This has to be one of the most irritating adverts yet, the ‘song’ was aimed at kids with no musical taste and using it to show how irresponsible you can be in a car is disgraceful. If I was a lawyer I would be fighting hard to get these noise polluting adverts that encourage poor driving to be banned. Oh, the car is great by the way.

  9. It’s blatantly not true, the actions behind the car don’t match the rear window. If it’s so bad you can’t even film an advert with it why bother!

  10. This is by far the worst advert on tv at the moment. I have never left feedback before but had to this time so that I can do my bit to try ensure something like this never happens again. I actually have to change the channel when it comes on, before he starts singing.

    The guys mannerisms, his brucie chin, his smug look. It pains me, I cannot bear it.

    Who cast him, who signed off on this abomination? Someone’s job was to make this advert. Crazy.

  11. Currently the most irritating advert on television. We detest the song, dislike the acting and can’t bear the singing. We have to change channels every time the advert comes on.

  12. I really like the ad – the guy cracks me up! I own a Toyota hybrid, and I really enjoy driving it so I get the strap line.

  13. The MOST irritating advert in a long time. Time to rethink your marketing strategies – maybe your terrible cars too!

  14. I’m only here because Julian singing the incorrect lyrics was driving me mad. Spotted the fact that the pictures didn’t match but that doesn’t really matter it’s a concept. The lyrics though are Un forgivable. Kudos to David Crouch though for replying to so many posts.

  15. I’m so surprised at the number of people who have lamented the ad for the guy not knowing the words or being a bad singer or words to that effect… That’s the whole point – he’s in his world he doesnt care that he doesn’t know the words, same as he doesn’t care whats going on outside of the car.

    Its funny because all drivers should be able to relate to that moment when “their song” comes on and they are one with their car – In many cases the driver knows they are butchering the song but its there world. I’d love to see a series of ads with different drivers singing classic tracks in equally ridiculous driving conditions.

  16. I have to say i loathe tv adverts generally, i find them irritating and pointless. Not this one though i absolutely love it! Like someone said earlier its just not long enough but other than that well done Toyota.

  17. But isn’t it about losing yourself Into your music. There must be loads out there that lose themselves and always always end up singing their own lyrics. You’ll sing what you thought you heard first!
    It makes me laugh and I’d love to know what he is actually singing in his last verse.

  18. Concerned that no one has picked up on the blatant dangerous driving being exibited in this advertisement. A very busy almost crazy street scene is created meanwhile the driver is totally distracted and engrossed in his music. Not even a mirror check is shown whilst trying to perform the right turn. A very poor example of driving being set here.

  19. Absolutely fantastic advert………..America……the best possible soundtrack makes it a winner and the bloke singing in the car makes it so brilliant.

  20. Clever how they’ve used a braking bad scene. It bugged me so much thinking where have I heardseen this before- I had to google it. Good marketing technique!

  21. I am sorry but i totally dislike this advert. The Toyota is in the midst of people who are so poor they cant afford it, the toyota is the best car in the entire frame, in fact the rest of the scene has buses ferrying people about and almost no personal cars and the guy driving the toyota is overjoyed. If i were him i will be too. I am not in as much hardship as people around me. Saying imagine it on a slightly better road is very ignorant and demeaning to the other people who are in that advert.

    The advert may supposedly be about the joy of driving toyota but i tell you, in making this advert, the people at toyota have not put into consideration the poor people who are marginalised to the extent that they have no say in how the state of the road is talk more of being able to afford a toyota auris to drive on it.

  22. advert, can’t get it out of my head.. (so good job Satchi & Satchi) what is annoying me is what the heck he is singing! Please give me the (wrong) lyrics!

    1. Hello Jane
      Thanks for your post and we are glad you like the ad. He is making the lyrics up as he goes along to go with the tune!

  23. After watching the advert the first time my partner pointed out that he isn’t actually driving in Mumbai, yes it does look difficult to drive in them conditions but in the small top box if you look closely towards the end it doesn’t match up with the bigger picture with what you can see out of the back window of the car, surely the experts would hav seen this? Good singing tho

    1. Thanks for your post Bob but we could not help but notice your email address. Sounds like you might have been a fan in the past.

  24. Neil Young never covered Horse with No Name. It is by America who were heavily influenced by Young. Horse with No Name kicked Heart of Gold from the number 1 spot in charts. Look it up people! Also this ad is horrible, the man sings the most random gibberish in place of lyrics and the footage shown in mini screen does not match the action depicted.

    1. Thank you for your post Loz and you are correct. We hold our hands up having made a mistake. Neil Young did not record this song.
      Sorry you don’t like the ad and we have let the ad team know about the inset screen.
      Best wishes

  25. I am so irritated by the guy singing as if he is doing a Bruce Forsyth impression. Please for love of god dub his voice!

  26. A truly fabulous happy silly ad – love how you got it spot on with actor, music and venue! But like someone else asked – where do i know him from!?

  27. This advert absolutely drives me round the bend because the guy singing doesn’t sing the right words.

  28. Probably the most irritating advert I have seen in a long long time.It actually does the opposite and makes me not want to buy the car.I think your advertising and marketing departments have been infiltrated by your competitors.

  29. Neither Neil young or neil Diamond recorded A Horse with no name . This version is by Horace Andy, hope you are sending royalties to the right person.

    1. Hello Steve H
      You are absolutely correct and we hold our hands up having made a mistake. This song was not sung by Neil Young and we apologise to all for the incorrect information. We have been assured the royalties are going to the correct place!
      Thanks for your post and for pointing this out.

  30. I hate this advert horse with no name is one of my favourite songs, that man sounds like a moron what’s wrong with him?

    1. Hello Kath
      Thanks for your post and sorry for the delay in replying on this. The actor’s name is Julian Teurlais.
      Hope this helps.

  31. Hi
    Great ad , give it a bit of time the original will be in the charts love music ads
    like they say sometimes the ads are better than the programs and this is one

  32. Brilliant fantastic advert it has meaning. One of the best. I love the nearby elephant trying to get his bearings

  33. Hi, Can you tell me the name of the man singing please – I know him but can’t put a name to the face. Thanks very much. BRRRRillliant advert by the way – very clever!!

    1. Hi Alison
      Thanks for your post and your feedback.
      This is the Neil Young version. Hope this helps put your mind at rest!

  34. I LOVE this ad! Normally go downstairs to the kitchen when ads come on but I stay and sing along with this one! Great scene, great song, cute guy!! Kudos to the ad team!

    1. Many thanks Annemaire and we know that they will certainly appreciate your comments and feedback.
      Glad you like the ad!

  35. Sorry but I absolutely hate this advert, all to do with the irritating little bloke “singing” in a silly high pitched voice, and not knowing the words. My first reaction is to switch channels!
    Seems to be an advertising trend these days to feature people “singing” … that actually can’t! (Vanarama etc).
    If you are going to do this then why not find a singer that can, knows the words and looks the part?

    1. Hi Kelvin
      Thanks for your post and sorry you do not like the ad. Will pass on your comments to the team.

      1. Kelvin ? you are clearly a div from essex. the advert was awesome, it was REAL -genuine, not scripted. it is what we NEED so go watch joey and quit your whining -the rest of us loved it.

        1. Sorry again but completely agree with Kelvin on this. Kate- you are right that unscripted, improvised ad’s can be great, but this just doesn’t quite work. The guy singing looks on edge, and isn’t particularly comfortable to watch. His singing style is absolutely bizarre as well- neither good nor comical.

          Also probably no need to get as petty as you did over Kelvin’s comments- everyone is entitled there opinion and we have to sit through these adverts so opinion’s matter. For what it’s worth, plenty of people I have spoken to find the man in this advert (more so than the advert itself) highly uncomfortable to watch so Kelvin is certainly not alone.

        2. Div from Essex??? you could not be further from the truth.Miles and miles from there, Actually I’ve been in the entertainment business for a long time, from the right era that the song was first released, know when somebody CAN sing… oh yeah, and I do know the right words

          1. Hm so I may have gone a tad far with the Joey from Essex assumption, however-while we are definitely entitled to opinions, I guess my point was simply trying to understand WHY and what the point is in making a fuss about disliking it?
            -Surely one would -not bother- to write extensive posts about disliking it unless they liked it on some level? I am sure Freud would have a field day!

            Personally I wouldn’t put the effort in if I didn’t like it or have an interest. Seems to me some people just would rather whine for the sake of it; but no matter. It’s nice to know people have so much time on their hands to be passionate about things they DON’T like. Meanwhile the world goes on.

            There are so many things I liked about the advert. I was just happy that the advert was natural and not airbrushed scripted crap like other adverts seem to be. I don’t care about the car, I don’t care about whether the “two screens match up” -it is irrelevant information. The point is about a CAR. Has everyone gone mad with whining and bitching! The car should sell itself. Not the minor details of a bloody advert. Adverts are DESIGNED to catch the eye, and whether or not you LIKED it, it did its job, and that my dears, is all that ACTUALLY matters. So while people post disagreement or adoration for such, they will still be making money, still be selling the car, and the artist of the song and the actor involved STILL googled.

            The world goes on 🙂 *Goes back to work*

          2. PS-

            “Actually I’ve been in the entertainment business for a long time, ”

            *chuckles* Yes, EVERYONES an expert.

          3. I think your missing the point Kate. No one who is saying they dislike it (I think you will see in the most recent comments they form the slight majority) is saying those who like it are incorrect, its opinion- only you are challenging it. In fact (based on the long, vocal post you just wrote) I would say you seem more annoyed about people having opinions different to yours than those complaining about the ad, so a little hypocritical there. Believe it or not negative feedback is just as useful for the advertisers.

          4. P.S- this has to be one of the funniest lines I’ve read on so many levels: “I don’t care about the car, I don’t care about whether the “two screens match up” -it is irrelevant information. The point is about a CAR.”

            Spot the contradiction.


  36. I absolutely love this advert but it’s not long enough – just a tage more of the guy singing would be fab. He’s just beginning to really go for it and you cut him off. It makes me laugh so much that I want to see more. Well done – best advert for ages, good music choice too (showing my age). I can’t take my eyes off him as I don’t want to miss his enjoyment. Brilliant-give us more please!!!

    1. Hi Kim
      Thanks for your post and we are delighted that you like the ad.
      We have received some great feedback about this and will be sure to pass your post on to our marketing team. I know they will find your comments very encouraging and we appreciate the time you have taken to let us know.
      We will see what we can do with ads for the future!
      Best wishes

    1. Hi Rae
      Thanks for your post.
      Glad you like the song but we decided to go for the Neil Young version. Hope you like that version too?

  37. A brilliant and memorable ad – calm within chaos. The reason to believe is high as real people can identify with the situation. He is thrown into what should be a frantic, palm sweating situation but he takes it all in his stride because the car is his ‘bubble’. The use of the picture in picture is really clever too – not just because you can watch 2 situations at the same time but also connects with the world of media as it is today. The tune is really evocative also.

    1. Lucy,

      Thank you very much for your excellent feedback regarding the advert. We could not have put it better ourselves!

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      The song is ‘A Horse With No Name’ by America although this version is performed by Neil Young. We hope you enjoyed the advert!

  38. Been to Mumbai 3 times in recent years, and the choice of transport provided to us on each occasion was an air conditioned Toyota Innova complete with driver, who coped far better than we ever could in the crazy traffic, not only there but throughout our India tour. Also a very luxurious vehicle there, relatively speaking. A fabulous country, full of rich history and can’t wait to get back.

    1. Hi Peter,

      Thanks for your post. It sounds like you had a fantastic time in India! We are glad that one of our cars facilitated some relaxing transportation around such a busy city. Hope you enjoy your next trip!

    1. Hi Ali,

      Thanks for your post. The song is ‘A Horse With No Name’ by America. This version was sung by Neil Diamond. We hope this helps and that you enjoyed the advert!

    1. Hi Jimmy,

      The song is ‘A Horse With No Name’ by America. This version is performed by Neil Diamond. We hope this helps and that you enjoyed the advert!

      1. As far as I know Neil wrote the song however never performed it. How on earth did you get it based on what you say!? I have searched everything and is not even on Neil Diamond’s discography!?

        1. Hi James
          We are very sorry about this and do have to admit to making a mistake and previously providing the wrong surname. We should have said Neil Young and not Neil Diamond. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

          1. Its not a problem! its just someone in my family used to be his manager and we could not work it out at all!

            Thanks for the clarification!

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for your feedback regarding our advert. We are so glad that you like it! If you would like more information regarding our vehicle range please visit

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