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Toyota Auris owners – 12 volt flat batteries

As part of Toyota’s rigorous quality control programme, we have investigated the cause of a 12 volt flat battery issue that has left some Toyota Auris drivers unable to start their cars after only a short period without use, usually a couple of days.

We would like to apologise for any disappointment and inconvenience that may have occurred as a result of this issue. But we can now confirm that the cause has been identified and a permanent solution developed.

The following information only applies to any Toyota Auris (including Hybrid) produced between December 2012 and February 2014. If you have an Auris produced after February 2014 your vehicle is not affected by this issue. No other models are involved.

What causes the issue?

The issue is caused when the hazard switch is partially depressed for a very short period of time, incorrectly activating the car’s CAN-bus electrical communications system. This draws a constant flow of current that can discharge the 12 volt battery if the car is left unused for several days.

How can I prevent this from occurring?

Toyota has published a Technical Service Bulletin to its dealer network advising them of a permanent solution to this issue. The bulletin contains information and software files that will enable technicians to modify the software of the car’s combination meter. This update will prevent the incorrect activation of the CAN-bus system and prevent any potential flat battery concerns arising from this area of the vehicle.

If you still have concerns regarding the 12 volt battery of your current generation Toyota Auris then we recommend you get in touch with your nearest Toyota dealer for further assistance.

Comments (205)

  1. My 2013 Auris has this problem, with the battery draining when left for more than a few days. I took it to the local dealer who investigated and said it’s not caused by this and I needed a bigger battery which they got for me. The problem still happens and the dealership deny it is a problem.

    1. Hi Diane,

      Thanks for your message. We’re sorry to hear about what you’re experiencing with your Auris and have emailed you to gain additional information. This will allow us to open a customer relations case on your behalf in order to investigate this further.


  2. I also have the same problem with my 11 ref Auris Hybrid, where the car won’t start sometimes. I have to switch it off again, and switch anything else off (lights, fan, radio) before trying again. This seems to work, but there may be a time where it won’t work.

    I appreciate that a 12v battery won’t last forever, but this does seem to be a fault wider than the published models. Out of interest, with the advent of start/stop batteries available, would it be better to replace the 12v battery with one of those?

    Please advise, as one day I’ll be stuck whilst trying to pick up my children or going to work!

  3. My wife has a 64 reg Auris and the battery went flat while we were in Australia last year although my brother-in-law was driving it every couple of weeks. We are back in Australia and the same has happened again. What if we wanted to leave the car at an airport while we stayed away for about 3 weeks? Not good enough Toyota!

  4. Just spoke with the my local dealer who said that this is not correct about the battery going flat.

  5. I have an Toyota auris 63 plate and have the same problem with a flat battery when I finished work yesterday. AA came out and said get a new battery. If Toyota knew about this fault since 2014 while have I not been told. Now got to wait as No one appears to hold these battery in stock. Now I have to pay £125 for a new battery as a nurse I need my car. Can you please tell me why we were not informed about this fault.

    1. Hi Gilly,

      Thanks for getting in touch and we are sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue. We would advise for you to contact our Customer Relations team, as they are in the best position to help you. They can open a case and investigate the situation further. You can find their contact details via the following link:


  6. Hi All,

    Wow this is a common area for problems. I have 2011 auris hybrid, 50k miles. Has been good generally but developed a problem recently which is that when I press the on button all the warning lights come on but the green ‘ready’ light does not.

    Garage have informed me the startup battery needs replacing, which is fine, and expected every now and then, but wanted to ask anyway:

    1) As an alternative approach, whenever I pressed and held down the on button for several seconds, with foot on brake, the green ready button always did eventually come on. I did it like this a couple of times and it always worked. Ie. holding down *until* it comes on. Does anyone know whether this is a valid way to make the car start up, or indeed whether it is a bad idea for some reason? I know the standard approach is to press it once and release.

    2) I think it might also be useful to depress the brake and wait a few seconds before pressing the on button. Anyone know about this?

    2) Does anyone know whether solar-powered trickle chargers are ok for my car, and which one to get if so? I do quite a few short journies which I would certainly expect to make this problem worse, perhaps also because they are so short that much of them is done via electric power.

    Thank you!!!!

    1. Hi Noel,

      Thanks for getting in touch and we are sorry to hear that you are experiencing these issues. If you could please provide a VIN number, we will be able to assist you further.


        1. Thank you, Noel. A VIN number will allow our Technical Team to assist you in more depth, however if you can’t provide it, we will of course get back to you with what we can.


          1. Hi Noel,

            Once your startup battery has been replaced as advised by your local Centre, your vehicle should start up as expected without the need for an alternative approach as you have mentioned. Generally trickle chargers ensure the battery is topped up during an extended period of inactivity, therefore should only be used if you are leaving your vehicle for prolonged periods of time (i.e. a number of weeks or months). Thanks.

  7. Hi,

    I have 2016 Auris Hybrid . I am unable too stay my car .I can see a message “12v battery low check manual” on my dash board. After looking at comments I understand this is a common problem . Does the 12 v battery charge up from hybrid battery. I do daily short trips . Travel around 6 miles a day , uses heating due to winter which might dry the battery but I can’t expect the fact that I am not able to start the car having spent so much on hybrid battery car. what do u suggest ?

    1. Hi Jagadeesh,

      Thanks for getting in touch. We would recommend contacting your local Toyota Centre who will be best equipped to advise you further and arrange a possible inspection of the vehicle.


  8. My dad bought a 2016 Auris around ten months ago and has had recurring problems with it running flat since. Happened again yesterday, just days after previous use, and just over a week since it was left running for the specific purpose of charging the battery (on the advice of the AA callout guy who makes frequent visits). Is this due to a fault? The dealer ran a diagnostic and concluded the car was fine. My dad is therefore exceptionally frustrated and disappointed with the car, and unless the issue can be resolved, will look to returning the vehicle and going with a different manufacturer. This would be such a shame as it’s otherwise a lovely vehicle.

    1. Hi Rachel,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      If there is an underlying fault which is causing the battery to go flat, then this needs to be diagnosed by your Toyota Centre. The battery should be tested with a suitable tester, such as the Midtronics model, which Toyota Centres will be using. This will determine if the battery is defective or if it requires a recharge before testing again.

      Another test that can be carried out is a battery drain test. This will assess how much current is being drawn when the vehicle has been locked, allowing for electronic consumers to shut down. If the current drain on the battery is excessive, this will cause it to discharge and become flat quicker than normal.

      The biggest cause of flat batteries is often attributed to driving profile and the ambient temperature. This will affect all manufacturers, since it is a natural phenomenon. When the ambient temperature lowers, the rate of discharge increases. This is often why many people report flat battery issues in winter and colder temperatures. Also, if a driver carries out a lot of short journeys, starting and stopping the engine frequently without completing an adequate driving cycle, this will have a negative effect on the battery’s state of charge, since it will not allow the battery to charge fully whilst the engine is running and the highest amount of current is consumed during starting.

      We suggest you have the battery and charging circuits checked by your nearest Toyota Centre to ensure they are not defective. If the vehicle is being left unused for long periods of time or is carrying out frequent short journeys then a trickle battery charger is worth a consideration.

      We hope this helps.

      1. Thanks for this. The AA came again last week and got it started and confirmed that there was no excessive drain on the battery and that the charging system was working. We then ran the engine for about 90 minutes and took the car for a 15 min drive. Car Genie now says the battery is healthy. So no technical fault; just not driving enough. And yes, short journeys (as in the week before) take more out of the battery than gets put back.

        We got the same comments when phoning Toyota but am awaiting a response from their technical support team about using a battery charger to trickle charge the battery. The AA man suggested that this would be OK, though Toyota (Kingston) said don’t do it. Interesting that you positively suggest using a battery charger.

        If nothing actually wrong with the car, then just an unacceptable design fault that requires more driving than we need to do (negating its environmental credentials), with no means of charging a flat battery other than an AA call out. The claim by Toyota that this is the same for any car is disingenuous. The rate of discharge is much higher, plus not being able to use a battery charger (apparently).

        1. We apologise for the inconsistencies in the information that you have been given. If you could please provide a reg or VIN number then our technical team can investigate this further and liaise with Toyota Kingston. Following on from that, we would suggest for you to take your vehicle back to them for further examination.


  9. I have a toyota Auris 1.33VVTI TR 59 Plate , Start/ Stop. For some reaosn- the Fan comes on after the car is swirtched off. Battery is drained and the car will not start. Delers have had a look at it and they said the ECU is faulty , this has been replaced and agian after a cuple of week, same problems had occured.

    Dealers have said that they have replaced 2 ECU – One main and teh otjher for Start/ stop.

    There is a TOYOTA BUlletin about Hazards lights casuing a fault and darining the abttery./ Not sure taht Dealers are checking ?


    1. Hi Vic,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      There is a known concern about the Hazard Lights draining the 12V battery. However, this issue is experienced on current Gen Auris (produced from 2012 onwards). Therefore, this vehicle is not affected by this issue.
      There is also a Service Bulletin relating to the Stop & Start ECU; however, this Bulletin includes a flow chart and diagnostic process the technician needs to follow and may not necessarily imply that there is a defect with the vehicle.
      Finally, the issue needs to be further investigated. One thing which is for sure is the fact that vehicles with Stop & Start systems require the use of a special (heavy duty type) 12V battery. Maybe this could be the starting point of the investigation. However, we would not be able to carry out diagnosis over the blog. Therefore, we’d advise taking the vehicle to your local dealer for further investigation.
      Hope this helps.

  10. My mother has a 2011 Auris Hybrid, bought after my father died as a reliable town car. It has this problem of failing to start, the AA came out, they jumped it no problem, checked the 12v battery it was found to be good and charging well with little or no drain when everything shut down and key moved away from car. a month later it reoccurred after not driving car for 2 days and was taken to Toyota who tested the battery and could find no fault. After Christmas this year it has started doing it again. Once again the AA came out and started the car, tested it and could not find a fault. Yesterday I took it to Toyota who phoned me today to tell me they cannot find a fault. I have told them keep the car for 2 days and try again. No problem but if we need to run diagnostics it is £117/hour plus vat.
    This is on a 7 year old car with less that 32,000 miles bought from Toyota!

      1. I got a call from Snows Toyota at 18:10 to late to talk to the customer relations team.
        They have told me they can find no fault with the car, they have had it since Monday but claim everything is OK. So why have we had to have the AA out twice for the same fault.

        1. Hi John,
          We’d advice contacting Customer Relations on this number: 0344 701 6202. Similarly, if it is more convenient, we could get them to contact you. If you’d like us to contact them please could you provide us with your full name and car registration and will pass that over along with your email address. Thanks.

  11. I just had a flat battery issue with my 2013 Toyota Auris after it was not driven for a week. Charge it up, then can’t start engine. I kept trying, and finally got it fired up after more than 10 attempts. I bought Toyota only for its claimed reliability. Now, I have experienced brake problem, flat battery and engine difficult to start within a short period of time, plus painful experiences with Toyota dealer in trying to repair the fault, I would rate Toyota no better than average car in terms of reliability. Having said that, Toyota is very keen to chase you up to service your car with premium charge. With 10k miles service interval, any car on the market can do better than Toyota.

  12. I have a 2014 Auris Hybrid Estate, which other than a few niggles, I am generally very pleased with.
    I experienced my first flat 12 volt battery experience last Sept 16, outside a B&Q branch late on a Sunday.
    The Toyota help line if I had to rate it I would award 3 out of 5 stars, and in frustration I called the AA who arrived within a 1/2 hour.
    The car was running within 5 minutes, and the technician then removed the rear floor and did a number of tests on the battery, charging rate and confirmed it was OK but low so keep it running.
    He also told me that this was a well known problem, not only to Toyota but also the AA.
    He said his personal opinion was that the battery was too small particularly when doing local commutes. He advised that to help matters, the luggage space bulb should be removed and that the interior lights should be kept permanently off.
    Early next morning I went to the local Toyota dealer and the electrician checked the car and said everything looked OK. However he swapped the battery for a service battery and said to come back in about 5 hours.
    On return he replaced my battery, now fully charged, and told me that to avoid this problem when waiting in the car, unless the engine is running, turn off the radio, heating fan and auto lights.
    He also said there was a larger battery available on the aftermarket, 65A/h which he had fitted successfully to customers cars. He said that as a dealer he knows this works but Toyota don’t want to know. He added that in his opinion the 5 amp charging rate was too low for a commuting car.
    With all this in mind I have been very careful to follow the advice, but after a short run this morning to the shops, on return I left the car in the drive and at 4pm, again planning to go out, the car is dead.
    Toyota are collecting in the morning!!
    Also I will be fitting the big battery, but why this widely known problem cannot be acknowledged and fixed by Toyota is a mystery to me !!
    Sorry Toyota, but the new Prius is now out of the question !

    1. Hi George,
      We’re so sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing issues with your battery. Have you spoken to our customer relations team about this? They may be able to help.

    2. Hi, I was wondering if you are still experiencing problems with your battery going flat.

      I am in the process of buying either a used Toyota Auris 2014 Hybrid Estate or a Skoda 1.2 petrol Octavia.

      As I understand it the battery problem is on Toyota Auris’ registered between December 2012 and February 2014.

      The Toyota I am looking at is registered March 2014 so hopefully would not have those battery problems.

      However, I am a little concerned that a problem with the battery might develop some time in the future.

    3. Hi – I own an Auris (2010\2011)
      I constantly get the flat battery issue even though I am extra careful not to leave anything on.
      Can you please confirm that this issue and associated software fix is NOT related to my model.

      Toyota Auris 2010
      Hybrid / 1.8L petrol (136hp)
      continuously variable transmission (2WD)

      1. Hi Chris,
        Thank you for getting in touch. We’d recommend going to your local dealer, as they would be in the best position to review the car and advise you. Many thanks.

    4. I have had this issue flagged up as i previously left a comment about the battery going flat issue, a year ago.
      This issue is definitely not confined to pre-2014 Auris. My Hybrid, from 2015 has now left me with a flat battery after two extended holidays, in one case after three weeks not driving, and this summer, after 5 weeks.
      Each time, the emergency service which came to get me going again expressed the opinion that the battery is too small for the car.
      My dealer who, in every other respect are marvellous just blithely say that if I go away for more than 2 weeks, I need to disconnect the battery.
      I think that is totally unacceptable for a two year old car. What is the point of a new car which is unreliable?
      Toyota need to sort this out more satisfactorily.
      Janet Ollier

      1. Hi Janet,
        Thank you for your comment and sorry for the delay. It should be noted that any vehicle, if left unused for a period of time, will suffer a flat 12 V Battery. We agree with your dealers comments, regarding disconnecting the battery if the vehicle remains unused for a period over 2 weeks. To add to this, if the vehicle is garaged whilst the you are on holiday, you can use a trickle charger in order to keep the vehicle’s 12V battery full charged.
        In order to provide peace of mind your dealer can also carry out a test to the battery.
        Hope this helps.

  13. I brought Mine back in May 2013 when the model came out, by August i had experienced 2 flat batteries after not using the car for 1 day, each time i got it jump started and took it to Toyota garage who couldn’t find a problem with it. I ended up contacting customer services after it happened the 2nd time. After the 2nd time I was phoned up by the garage and told they couldnt find a problem with it and wanted to give me my car back, i emailed back customer services to inform them that it was not acceptable that i owned a £24,000 car which was less reliable than my brothers £400 banger… i then got a phone call an hour later from the garage saying they putting a new battery in the car.

    Since then i never had an issue, i had the car sent in to sort out the issue this article mentioned so i can contest that its not been an ongoing issue… Except this morning when my girlfriend kindly started my car up thinking it would defrost it

    I came out 30 minutes later and all the lights were blinking and i couldn’t get it to start, its now dead again and am waiting for a jump start.

    Sadly she had just pushed the power button to start the electrics but not the engine, so the car had drained the battery with the lights and AC heaters on.

  14. I found out that the battery on my Toyota Auris Hybrid that battery was flat yesterday. When I pushed the start button, the dash lights and radio went into a flashing on/off mode., but the headlights wouldn’t come on. I had a new battery fitted, and although all the lights now came on, the engine did not start. I am now stuck with a 6 year old car that wont go anywere.
    I had a Toyota Corolla before this one and I didn’t have any trouble with it in the 7 years I had it

      1. No I didn’t as the car was not driveable, and had to ask a local mechanic to get it for me. The car is now at the local Toyota garage, as I had to organise a recovery vehicle to transport it for me.
        My wife is now very dubious about keeping the car now.

        1. Hi Rob,
          Thanks for getting back to us. We would have to advise you to keep in close contact with your Toyota Centre. They will be able to advise you and reassure you on your situation. Many thanks 🙂

    1. I have noticed a similar issue – flashing radio lights etc. My Auris is 5.5 year old. I could not start the car, but did manage to do it after 2-3minutes. Another time, after 4 days the car did not have this problem, so was not sure what is wrong. a week later, again could not start the car…
      I am not sure what is wrong, as I thought there should be a message on the dashboard if the battery is gone. has anyone know the answer to this problem?

  15. I am the owner of a 2013 Oct Auris HSD which has suffered from a flat 12 v battery on a number of times (3 or 4). Yesterday (02/07/2016) evening was the latest. I had been cleaning the interior of the car which was a bit dirty the car having been used to transport rubbish to the nearby recycling centre. Afterwards I had gone to pick up my 3 year old grandson from his aunt’s house which is on a main road. Left the car for a couple of minutes before which I put the hazard lights on. Returned home and left the car on the entrance to my drive way as we were about to go out. Came out to start it up only to find the car dead. I couldn’t switch it on, get into the boot or operate the remote locking (had to use the manual key). The car was blocking my wife’s car in so we couldn’t use that and also made it difficult for the neighbour to get in/out of his drive.

    Seriously considering geting rid of this rather expensive piece of hardware/software. After the experiences I have had and after reading the experiences of others I am not sure I would go for a Toyota HSD again.

    1. Hi Peter,
      Thanks for your post. We’re really sorry to hear you are having problems and we want to help resolve them for you. We would advise contacting our customer relations team. They can help advise and assist further. Many thanks.

      1. I contacted Vantage Toyota where they arranged for a test on the battery and found it to be 70% charged. I found this surprising being that the battery had been on charge all night and I had a 56mile run in the car mainly on motorways. They arranged for the 12v battery to be replaced for which I am grateful. It is too early to say whether it has cured the problem. Just let’s hope so.

    2. I have been considering the purchase of a new Auris Hybrid Business Edition but have been very put off by the battery problems as typically I leave my car unattended for two months in the summer and a week or two at other time. As a result It seems this car is not for me.

      Or have the problems been solved in the latest version.

      Incidentally what is an HSD?

      Christopher Singer

      1. Hi Christopher. HSD stands for Hybrid Synergy Drive, the technical term for our hybrid cars. The Auris has since undergone a facelift and we have had no reports of this incident happening again. Have you taken a test drive yet?

        1. And I should have added and yes taken on a test drive and impressed – and go back to the show room in a few minutes!

          1. That’s great news Christopher! We hope you get on well, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any further questions :).

      2. Personally I wouldn’t leave the Auris HSD for 2 months. I have no experience of leaving mine for that length of time but I would be a bit concerned about doing so.

    3. I too have just experienced a flat battery on a 2015 Toyota Auris Hybrid, after being away and not driving it for 3 weeks. It does not seem to be recharging very well now and I feel vulnerable with the dark nights.
      The comment about using the hazard lights throws some light asI had used them briefly just before Zi went away.
      After having to get Green Flag out to get me going, I went Tony local Toyotagarage. They assured me all was well and did not mention this problem. Looks like another trip is required.

      1. After my Toyota garage replaced my 12v battery I have had no problem. But I don’t leave it with the doors open, i.e. with interior lights on.

    1. i am in the same boat flat battery after leaving for more than a couple of days – this car is obviously not fit for purpose – i have to jump start the car regularly – toyota appear uninterested and offer no solutions denying that this is a problem – hazards also have a tendency to go off setting off alarm – the 12v battery is obviously not up to the job and requires a higher amperage – a solution that tells me me to drive the car more is not a solution and a modern car should be able to be left for more than a couple of weeks without draining the battery to such an extent that mechanical locks have to be used to enter car

      1. Hi John. Thanks for getting in touch, and sorry to hear you’re having issues with your vehicle. Have you spoken to your dealer about the issues you are experiencing?

      2. I see the main problem as Toyota leaving dealerships either totally in the dark or else giving bad or incorrect advice, as per several instances here. My dealership had never experienced the weird set of faults exhibited by a faulty battery and took two weeks to realize what the problem was. For most of that time they thought I was making it up.

        I looked at the tiny battery in mine. It looks like there is room for a larger battery, though no doubt the clamp won’t fit one. I suppose having a small battery to charge means an improvement in fuel figures, either that or someone got their calculations wildly wrong.

        1. Thanks for the feedback Michael. Any issue may or may not be caused by the same things. We try to ensure our dealers are as informed as possible when it comes to car issues, hence the thorough training our centre staff are given. However, we have resources such as the blog and our customer service channels to ensure that, if an answer isn’t satisfactory, we can investigate further.

  16. We recently had the Auris hybrid recall software update. We had problems starting the car, after pushing the big button the warning lights all came on and sometimes we had to repeat the procedure ten times before the car would go to ready mode. It would then drive fine except that dab would cut out after a few minutes and the tailgate would be locked on stopping the car.

    After the recall fix, the car was fine for two days but then exhibited the same problems again. As it was due for a service, Burrows Sheffield said they would investigate, but after ten days of starting the car have had no problems until yesterday, when they said it would not start because the battery was flat.

    My question is, could my symptoms have been consistent with a flat battery? What exactly happens when you try to start a hybrid with a flat battery? The car is still with Burrows but until yesterday they have denied there being any problem, and insultingly implied I didn’t know how to start the car I had driven for a year!

    1. Hi Michael,
      Thank you for your post. We have spoken with our technical team and they have advised that the issues you are experiencing are not to do with the Hybrid recall software update. This is due to the recall relating to the high voltage hybrid battery not the 12 volt auxiliary battery. We would advise speaking with your dealer further and if you have any more questions please let us know. Many thanks.

      1. The garage have replaced the 12v battery as they said it failed their tests. We got the car back last night. This morning, it started fine but dab was silent. The tailgate was not locked. I stopped the car, locked it, unlocked it and started again, and dab was back.

        How do you explain those problems? Would ecu damage cause this?

        1. Hi Michael,
          Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately we cannot explain these issues without a visual inspection. However, we have spoken with our technical team and they have advised it can take a little time for the DAB to power up properly once a battery is replaced. They believe from what has been described that this is the case and the DAB should function from now on. Please let us know if you experience any issues with this further. Many thanks.

  17. My dealer WKB at Waterloville Hants. suggests an “optimiser trickle charger” to solve the problem of my Sept. 2011 Auris Hybrid starting problems, they advise my daily town driving is not enough to keep the battery charged and start the vehicle. I have been driving this car for 4 years and this problem has only just happened, they have tested the battery and say it is fine but needs charging, is a trickle charger the only answer??

    1. Hi Bob,
      Thank your or your post. We have checked this with our technical team for you. Without knowing the exact amount of use of the car we can advise that a trickle charger will always help keep the battery to the optimal level.

      If the vehicle is driven for only short periods of time, particularly at this time of year where the heater, lights etc are all used, then the battery can deplete more than it is charged. Therefore over a period of time engine starting could be difficult. It sounds like you have had your vehicle check by your dealer to make sure everything is working correctly with your battery, so we would therefore advise that if the vehicle is left for long periods of time without being used then a trickle charger may help in these circumstances.

      Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know.

    1. Hi Cliff, the battery issue mentioned only applies to the latest generation Toyota Auris (including Hybrid) from December 2012 onwards. No other models were involved. Hope this helps.

        1. Hi Cliff – How did you solve the problem? I’ve got the same issue with my 2011 Toyota Auris Hybrid. Many thanks

    1. Hi Peter. Thanks for getting in touch and we’re glad to hear of your interest. Below are some details about the Auris Excel that you requested. We suggest visiting for more information. Thanks.

      Economy & BIK
      -CO2 emissions (g/km): 107*
      -Fuel economy (mpg): 68.9*
      -Company car tax: 15%
      -Power (DIN hp): 90
      -0-62mph (secs.): 12.5

      Key Features:
      -17″ alloy wheels
      -Rain sensing wipers
      -Dusk sensing headlamps
      -Privacy glass
      -Retractable wing mirrors
      -Front fog lamps
      -Rear-view parking camera
      -Rear chrome detailing (1.6 Petrol Only)

      Key Features:
      -Cloth seat trim with leather bolsters
      -Toyota Touch 2 multimedia with Go Navigation
      -Dual zone automatic air conditioning
      -Smart entry and start
      -Intelligent park assist
      -Automatic rear-view mirror
      -Cruise Control (Excludes 1.4 Diesel)
      -Leather instrument panel inlay
      -6 speaker DAB radio/CD with USB/AUX/MP3 connectivity

  18. Is this software upgrade a permanent fix to this problem? I have ordered a used (albeit 2 month old) Auris HSD Excel Tourer and despite calm assurances by the dealership, I am tempted to cancel my order.

    Does this affect all Excels or a certain batch of them? WIll my vehicle be affected as its pretty new?

    I spoke to an owner of a hatchback Excel and said there’s no issues.

    1. Hello Abir
      Thanks for your post.
      Just to reassure you, this software upgrade does cure this problem. Not all vehicles will be affected with this issue but should a dealer check a car and confirm this is the case then it can be quickly resolved with this upgrade and will not recur.
      Hope this helps but do let us know if you have any other questions.

  19. I’m yet to have my car checked but getting it into my local garage is proving difficult. They seem to be over booked (I wonder why) and not overly helpful. Think I’ll try a different garage and see if they are more pleasant.

    If this is so much of a problem for all current Auris cars why isn’t there a recall to sort the problem out?

    1. Hi Robert

      Sorry to hear about this. Let us know who your local Toyota dealer is and we’ll see if we can help. Otherwise and if you’d like to speak to someone about your experience, our Customer Relations team is there to help. They can be contacted on either 0344 701 6202 or 01737 367600.

      Thanks for the post.

  20. I have an Auris Excel which exhibited this problem 8 weeks after I bought it in January 2013. As others have found, I was treated by the garage as a fool who was unable to shut his car down properly and Toyota customer help was no help at all.
    In the mean time I have managed by doing frequent unnecessary trips, but today I had to again crawl into the boot to charge the battery. Finding this page online I was a little surprised that I hadn’t already been contacted by the dealer(they were quick enough, and persistent a month ago when trying to sell me another model).
    Can you clarify whether the Toyota dealer will call me when ready to do a fix or do I have to chase them or inform them that a fix is available?

    1. Hi Alun,
      Thank you for taking the time to contact us, we’re sorry to hear this.
      We have investigated the cause of a 12 volt flat battery and there is a permanent solution to this issue.
      We recommend contacting your local Toyota dealer: the fix is a 10 minute software upgrade that will be able to rectify this for the future. If you’ve already spoken to them, we recommend contacting our customer relations team at head office, they can be reached via this link:

      It should just be a matter of booking you in for the software upgrade!

      Hope this helps!

  21. I have had my Auris Hybrid for about 18 months now and have been really pleased with it until last weekend when it would not start after being left for 2 days, although I had been on holiday earlier in the year for 2 weeks and not had a problem. I contacted the local dealership who I must say were not very helpful saying I must have left something on and would have to get a recovery company to get it to the garage. Green Flag came out and charged the battery and all was well until this weekend and the car was left for 1 day and again wouldn’t start. This time I can’t even open the doors and the manual keys is vey stiff and I am frightened this will break in the lock. My husband went to the local dealership Hill of Stortford and again they were very unhelpful so we are left with a car we cant access on our driveway with my sons car trapped behind it. At least I would have expected the Dealership to have advised me last week to bring the car in to check if it has the fault outlined on your website and not left it until the fault happened again. They were really not interested. Very disgruntled customer.

    1. Hi Lynn
      Thanks for your post.
      We are very sorry to hear about the problem you have experienced with your Auris.
      You are correct, your dealer does need to see and check your car because if this was the issue you experienced, then a 10 minute software upgrade will be able to rectify this for the future. If you do want to discuss this matter further with us then we do have a customer relations team based here and they can be reached via this link.
      Thank you again for your post and if you need any further help please let us know.

  22. I live in Israel and I have this problem. I bought my Auris Hybrid car 16 months ago!! I’m still waiting for my garage to call me to come in to fix it!!! Every time I turn off my car I was told to turn the hazard light on and then off. This does work but it was supposed to be a temporary fix. Why isn’t Toyota Israel fixing this problem???

    1. Hello Marsha
      Thanks for your post and sorry to read that you have experienced this problem with your Auris.
      We would recommend that you speak to Toyota Israel directly about this issue so they can advise what the current situation is regarding regarding the software upgrade. We do know that the fix will apply across Europe but we will not be aware of the timings involved for other countries. Here is a link for Toyota Israel if this helps.

  23. Could you please pass me the contact details of your customer relations team, car is booked in again for 11.00am on 7th, before 10am would be good.
    Many thanks

  24. Auris Excel flat battery still happening after going into the dealership for the “fix”.
    Wednesday 2nd July returned from the dealership with the “fix” installed and place. Put the battery on charge overnight and the following morning, total 15 hours. Car ok all day on 3rd but on 4th battery discharged – conclusion, the “fix” does not work.

    Come on Toyota get your act together, you are supposed to be a world class player but this is definitely minor league.

    1. Hi David
      Thanks for your post.
      Very concerning to read the detail as we know the software upgrade does address the issue with the hazard warning light switch. We would recommend that your dealer checks your car again in view of the circumstances. If you need any further help or advice or would like to talk to our customer relations team please let us know.

  25. Have booked my Auris Excel in for investigation into the battery going flat. The Stop – Start function kicked in while at a level crossing and car only just started as battery nearly flat. I am aware of the software issue but surely the S/S should not have kicked in. Is this yet another problem or all part of the same one?

    1. Hello David
      Thanks for your post.
      Sorry to hear that you have experienced this issue and good to learn that your car is going to the dealer for investigation. The stop start function does work automatically if you have this feature switched on.

      1. Thank you David but my main point was that the Stop – Start function operated when there was insufficient charge in the battery to properly restart the car. Previously the S/S has not stopped the engine when lights, air con etc have been used.

  26. Yes, the flat battery has just happened to me. Very frustrating!
    Why have the dealers not been contacting us to have the fix applied?
    I had even had my first annual service a couple of weeks ago when the re calibration could have been applied. My dealer has supposedly only just found out about the fix. I am suspicious that the dealers are just leaving it up to the customer to shout when the problem happens instead of being proactive with a recall.
    I am surprised as well that the AA are not up to speed with this and not just logging it as a faulty battery.

    1. Hi Vic
      Thanks for your post.
      We are sorry that you experienced this problem and we can assure you our network are aware of this issue and have the necessary software upgrade to prevent this from happening again. Thanks also for your comments regarding the AA, while they will just try and get the vehicle mobile we will pass on these details.

  27. My friends of UK,
    many thanks for this information, I need a little more help.

    Im trying to update my car, my local dealer in Spain say that there is no software update for any Auris 2013 version, but we all know that is not true.

    Could you please give me any clue (internal document ID, software version code) to try to, with all the information, talk again with my local dealer and update my car. Not everybody have the luck to live in UK where customer care is a must.

    Many thanks.

    1. Hello Eduardo
      Thanks for your post and hope all is well in sunny Spain.
      We know that the fix was developed to update all European cars. Have you spoken to the customer service team at Toyota Spain about this? They will be able to advise about how this is being communicated to their network as we are not sure about the timings across each European country.
      Please let us know how you get on but here is link for Toyota Spain if this helps.

      1. Hello my friends,

        I contact with Toyota Spain, a customer care assistant phone me to tell me that there is no update related to Auris cars in Spain. After asking them that why in UK blog talks about it, the answer was that “UK cars are different”.

        1. Hello Eduardo
          Thank you for your reply.
          The issue which affects the Auris with the battery going flat after the hazard warning switch has been touched does affect Auris models across Europe. To rectify this issue a software upgrade is available which takes about 10 minutes or so and prevents this problem from happening again. If you have experienced this problem we would recommend that you talk again to Toyota Spain about this.
          Hope this helps and let us know how you get on.

          1. Finally Toyota Spain will fix the Issue, the start to send postal mail to all Auris hybrid owners and to petrol and gas ones will apply the update when they make the regular manteinance.

  28. Mr Toyota,
    Can you please confirm if this issue just relates to the Hybrid version or all variants of the Auris?

    I ask, because I have the Excel (non hybrid, 2014) and have had a flat battery.

    Many thanks

  29. I am the owner of a Toyota Auris (2013 model) and have recently experienced the frustration of a flat battery. We paid £75 to have the vehicle towed to the local dealership in Wolverhampton where they duly recharged the battery. I was less than happy with this response and reluctantly brought the car home – although the fault has been rectified, in as far as the battery is now charged, the cause of the problem does not appear to have been addressed and I expect to be paying a repeat visit to the garage when the problem inevitably recurs.

    1. Hi Christine
      Thanks for your post.
      Sorry to read about the problem you have had with your Auris. If the cause of this is the issue mentioned on this post regarding the hazard warning light switch then your local dealer will be able to resolve this issue with a quick software download. It will prevent this from happening again. If you are concerned about this issue and would like to speak to our customer relations team then they can be contacted via the attached link if this helps.

  30. I took my Auris Hybrid Excel to my local Toyota dealer yesterday to have the update done. After connecting their equipment they informed me that I do not need the update. My car was purchased mid March so Toyota must have installed the new software on the production line. Toyota must have the vin number that they started installing the updates from, could they just publish this so that customers can check without booking their car into a Toyota dealer?

    1. Hi Gerry
      Thanks for your post.
      Vehicles that were held in stock were rectified from mid February however because we know this issue has caused concern among owners, some have requested their vehicle be checked as a precaution. The moment the computer is connected it will tell the dealer which software version is in the car and whether the later version is required. We notice you purchased yours mid March which is why the upgrade had already taken place. Our first priority was to introduce an effective repair and we will now work with the network to ensure that all cars receive this upgrade as soon as possible. We do take on board the point you make about being able to check this online as we do offer this function on our website if an owner is concerned regarding a recall.
      Thanks for your feedback.

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