Toyota Auris Touring Sports

Toyota Auris Touring Sports: your questions answered

The Toyota Auris range is growing! The Auris Touring Sports, the new wagon version of the popular hatchback, is ready to roll onto UK roads this summer.

We’ve already brought you pricing and equipment details of the car, reports from our UK factory that started building it this month and we’ll be bringing you live coverage of the car’s media launch later this week.

But what we really want is to find out what you want to know about the car.

If you need to know whether the Auris Touring Sports will fit into your garage, exactly how much luggage it can hold or how economical it is, this is the place to ask – no question is too big or small, and we’d love to help you out.

You can leave a question in the comment below. You can also contact us on our Facebook page or via Twitter @ToyotaGB.


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Comments (224)

  1. Hi, i was wondering – were there any technical changes in facelifted (in 2015) version if auris hibryd ? (Engine transmission, etc). Or just changes of interior, exterior, display?

    Alternatively i would like to ask about D4D 1,6 diesel engine? Was it supplied by BMW?
    Does it have timing belt or timing chain ?


    1. Hi Tadas,

      Thanks for getting in touch. There was no change to the engine transmission that year.

      Yes, the engine was supplied by BMW and it had a timing chain.

      1. Thank you so much for the answer! I would like to ask one more question:

        Do Auris Hybrid has same transmission type as automatic pure petrol version ? I find both called CVT, but is it different in hybrids ?

    1. Hi there,
      Thanks for getting in touch. We have no news on this at the moment but keep an eye on our blog and social media channels for the latest updates. Thanks.

  2. Why cant i get a deckboard to level out the back of my brand new Auris tourer sport so i can carry my 4 dogs in crates safely- i bought this car with the express use of taking my dogs out, but it is unsafe with the 2 different levels. The previous versions have deck boards to level out the back, but apparently you cant get one for this version- ridiculous as this was the main reason i even bought the car- i am beyond upset!

  3. I’ve bought a toyota auris touring sports 64 plate but i can’t seem to find the digital speedometer, could anyone help?

    1. Hi Unal,
      Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that your vehicle has a digital speedometer, however, it may have a “DISP” button on the combination meter which will cycle through different displays, such as average fuel consumption etc. The “DISP” button will show all the information that is available to you.
      We’d advise looking in your Owners Manual as that will give you further information.

  4. Your blog states: “Every Toyota passenger vehicle* produced for the UK market since November 2012 has been equipped with a TPMS.” I’ve bought an Auris Touring Sports hybrid (Excel grade) first registered in December 2013, but it doesn’t appear to have tyre pressure monitoring. Why is this?

    1. Hi Duncan,
      Thanks for getting in touch. Your vehicle should have tyre pressure monitoring. Please could you provide a Reg and VIN number so we can look in to this further for you. Many thanks.

      1. Hi Duncan,
        Thank you for providing your car information. Unfortunately, your vehicle does not come with the special valves that include the transmitters for the tire pressure warning system. Therefore, this vehicle does not feature TPMS.
        Hope this helps.

  5. Does anyone know what the highest mileage Auris Touring Sports Hybrid is? I’ve been told they’re really reliable and have seen a few being used as taxis, but a bit worried about buying a high mileage one secondhand.

    1. Hi Duncan,
      Thank you for your comment. There is no real way of knowing the mileage of individual cars, however the hybrid powertrains in all of our vehicles are designed to last the lifetime of that vehicle. We do offer up to 11 years of warranty with unlimited mileage for Hybrid battery components. To apply for this you would have to complete a free Hybrid Health Check which is completed as part of a service. Here is the link more information on our website:
      For piece of mind here is a video of a Toyota Hybrid Prius taxi driver and his high mileage story where he has driven 1 million km:
      Hope this helps.

  6. I’m thinking of getting a hybrid touring sports but the boot’s smaller than my current Octavia Estate and I want to go camping with my wife and two children. Is it safe to load the boot to the roof? I see that the luggage cover can be fixed vertically to roof mounts – is this strong enough to stop luggage coming forward into the passenger compartment? (Obviously I’d put heavy items lower down behind the back seats).

    Can you tell me what volume the boot is in this configuration? (I assume 530 litre figure is with luggage cover in horizontal configuration).

    If I do need to fit a roof box, can I fit any brand of roof bars / roof box?

    Finally do you do a four bike version of your ‘easy click’ mount rear bike rack for the hybrid?

    1. Duncan

      There is a luggage partition net in addition to the luggage cover and it is this net which clips into the roof (see Toyota GB video . From working on the development of the car I can confirm that the partition net is designed and tested to prevent luggage entering the passenger area.

      1. Thanks. And can you confirm the boot volume when loaded to the roof? Also whether a rear mounted 3 or 4 bike carrier is available?

        1. Hi Duncan,
          Thank you for your comment. Please could you provide us with your Reg number so we can help you further.

          1. Hi Duncan,
            We can confirm that a rear bike holder is available and we would advise the hybrid bike holder 13 pin, PZ41B-00502-00, for two bicycles and non towing vehicles support bracket, PW962-02005.
            With regards to a roof bike holder to fit cross the bars, we’d recommend PZ403E562200. For the right side product PZ403-00632-00, and for the left hand side PZ403-00631-00. One bike per side, again two bikes maximum capacity. This applies for the car reg as above and the car reg BT14VEP. Hope this helps.

          2. I checked with my local Toyota dealer. They said: “regarding the fitting of a tow ball on an auris sports touring hybrid. I can confirm a detachable tow is around £746 and a fixed is around £546. The towing capacity is 75KG”. From your previous reply saying you cannot fit a tow ball to the hybrid, does this mean the dealer is wrong?

          3. Hi Duncan,
            Thank you for your comment. Please could you provide us with your reg or VIN number. Many thanks.

          4. Hi – in an earlier reply to ‘David’ (on May 16th) Ella Churchill refers to an “Easy click bike holder (3 bikes)”. Is it possible to get a three bike rear rack? I’ve heard that an adapter to hold a third bike may be available for the two bike rack you mention?

          5. Hi Duncan,
            Thank you for your comment. The easy click bike holder is currently unavailable and we do not have a bike holder for 3 bikes.
            To transport 3 bikes, we would recommend using the bike holder 13 pin – PZ41B-00502-00 and one of the below:
            Roof bike holder – Fits to cross bars (PZ403E562200)
            Right side – PZ403-00632-00
            Left side – PZ403-00631-00
            Hope this helps.

          6. I have contacted a Toyota dealer about the “non towing vehicles support bracket, PW962-02005” and they have told me this is a part for the newer ‘facelifted’ Auris Touring Sports, rather than a 2014 model (such as BG64XNV). I also notice that on your Toyota hybrid towing questions blog you state this part is for November 2016 onwards and warn it may not fit a secondhand car (see There you describe it as “a bike holder bracket with a non-towing tow ball” Can you confirm a) whether this bracket would fit a 2014 hybrid touring sports model and b) whether it includes a tow ball (albeit only suitable for mounting a bike rack to, not towing)?

          7. Hi Duncan,
            We can confirm that this bracket would fit a 2014 Hybrid Touring Sports model. However, it does not include the tow ball itself. As this product was developed for vehicles without towing capacity it means that the vehicle cannot have a tow ball installed. Hence, no tow ball comes with this bike carrier support. Hope this helps.

  7. I am planning to order a Toyota Auris Touring Sports Hybrid and like the features of the Excel grade. I am, however, put off by its standard 17″ wheels with low profile tyres. The official figures show that the Icon grade on 16″ wheels has 11% better fuel consumption than the Excel. Why on earth does Toyota compromise their highest grade of this car with wheels and tyres that penalise fuel consumption? Is it possible to order the Excel grade but specify 16″ wheels? I would also expect the 16″ wheels with slightly deeper tyre profile to have a better comfort factor. Am I wrong?

    1. Hi Chris,
      Thank you for getting in touch with us. The 17″ wheels for the Auris are standard to that model and you can’t order the car with 16” wheels from factory. However, you may be able to get 16” wheels as accessories and get them fitted by your local Toyota dealer. You can find your local dealer here: Replacing the wheels could be relatively expensive so what is saved in fuel consumption, could be spent replacing the wheels. Hope this helps.

      1. I now have a new Excel grade Auris TSS Hybrid and asked my dealer for a price for the 16″ wheels as fitted as standard to most other grades of this car. This is his answer:


        I have also been pointed to an earlier Blog comment when in January 2016 Charlotte Mills replied to a similar question as follows: “Hi Robert,
        Thank you for getting in touch today. Unfortunately 16″ wheels cannot be fitted due to technical reasons – the steering rack does not allow for 16″ wheels to be fitted safely.”

        I am now thoroughly confused. Is the steering on the Excel grade really different to grades such as the Icon that come as standard with 16″ wheels? I would like to fit tyres such as Michelin Cross Climate to make for safer winter driving and would really prefer these to be on 16″ alloys. I don’t wish to compromise the integrity of the car or risk contravening the warranty. Please provide a definitive reasoned answer to this question which I have found asked in other places as well. I consider the 17″ wheel size on the Excel to be a serious disadvantage as the handbook states that snow chains cannot be fitted and the fuel consumption figures show as 11% worse than cars fitted with 16″. I am prepared to pay the cost of new 16″ alloys for my car so why can the dealer not supply them? Can this car have 16″ wheels fitted safely or not?

        1. Hi Chris,
          Thank you for your comment and sorry for the delay. Please could you prove your Reg or VIN number so we can look into this in more detail. Thanks.

  8. Hi ,

    I am hoping for some advice. I have just ordered a hybrid Auris Touring Sports and need to have a 3 bike carrier. Do I need the Easy click bicycle holder – 13 pin and Easy click bicycle bracket? Will the Easy click bracket work with Thule towbar mount bicycle carriers (I already hace one)?

    Thanks and looking forward to your reply.

    1. Hi David,
      You will need three components to hold 3 bikes.
      1. Easy click bracket
      2. Easy click bike holder (3 bikes)
      3. 13 PIN wiring kit
      The tow bar mounted bike carrier won’t fit.

          1. Actually you can fit a carrier on the Auris hybrid. We have the Toyota Thule foldable carrier 500 quid which comes with lighting and wiring. All the parts to mount to the Auris are there and include in effect a detachable towbar. It is just that Toyota do not recommend towing with a hybrid as it can trash the transmission. The carrier fits on the towbar ball just like any other towbar mounted carrier so it is possible. Honestly. I can send pictures but look on the auris hybrid accessories on the Toyota build your car page.

  9. I have been working up to getting a Auris estate Hybrid, but a towbar is a requirement. It looks like this is not possible. Because of eco-driving and aerodynamics is a nonsense reason, especially when there are roof-rails fitted (also an important part of my vehicle needs). Surely I am mis understanding something?

    1. Hi Tim,
      Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately, the towing accessory is not available on any Auris Hybrids. You are able to tow with the standard Auris models. Many thanks.

    2. Tim. The issue is technical. When fitted with a higher spec inverter the Auris hybrid is capable of towing, but this option is only currently offered in certain countries and towing is still limited to 350kg.

      1. I’m looking for a clean green family estate and Auris Touring looks ideal but I need to be able to mount my tow bar mounted four bike carrier to the back and wire up the lighting board – is it really not possible to fit a tow ball for this?

          1. Hi Ella,
            Is there any reason why I cannot get a standard tow ball fitted to the hybrid Auris Touring Sports? I wouldn’t ever use it for towing a trailer, just for mounting my own 4-bike carrier which I already have. I need to be able to carry 4 bikes and the Toyota bike carrier only carries two.

          2. Hi Duncan,
            The Hybrid Auris Touring Sports was not designed to tow and can therefore only have bike holders fitted to the vehicle. However, due to customer feedback towing will now be available on new model Hybrid RAV4 and Prius. We would have to advise contacting your local dealer if you need any more assistance with accessories. They will be able to best advise on this query. Many thanks.

  10. Can you tell me why the tow bar is only available in mainland Europe and not the UK please? Is the reason technical or is it legislative? The answer about eco-driving appears to be nonsense given the availability of a tow bar in the rest of Europe.

    1. Hi Mike,
      Thanks for your post. Towing equipment is available in the UK for the Verso, Avensis, RAV4, Land Cruiser and Land Cruiser V8, with prices for a fully fitted tow bar with 7-pin electrics starting from just £450. Upgrading to 13-pin wiring is an extra £50. Unfortunately, if your vehicle is not one of the above, towing equipment is not available. Your Toyota dealer will be able to help if you further with this enquiry. Hope this clears some things up. If you have any other questions please let us know. Many thanks!

  11. Hi, I have an Auris Touring Sport Hybrid. I know that cannot tow with this vehicle but want to fit a tow bar so I can mount a Thule bike carrier on it. Just wondering if I can do this and if the hybrid has all mounting points for the tow bar underneath the car?

    1. Hi Tony,
      Thank you for your post. We have spoken with our accessories department and they have advised that a tow bar cannot be fitted to the Auris Touring Sports. An easy click bicycle holder bracket can be fitted, however this requires a particular bike rack in order to fit. More information can be found here under accessories: If you require any other assistance with your bike rack please visit your nearest Toyota Dealer: Hope this helps a little further.

      1. Hi, thanks for your reply. Yes, I know that a roof mounted bike carried can be fitted but I already have a roof fox installed which takes most of the roof space. So is there any other alternative to fit a bike carrier at the back? But I don’t want something like the cheap strap mounted carriers as they always chip the paintwork so prefer anything more solid. Pls let me know if there is an option.

  12. Is there a way to properly Align the rearview camera parking lines? When I use these to reverse into a parking spot, I find it’s offset the car by some way. This is facelift Auris TS Excel Hybrid.. Wasn’t an issue on my previous (’13) Auris Hatch Excel Hybrid.

  13. Hi. I just received my new Auris Hybrid Tourer Excel and was dismayed to find it doesn’t have the false hard deck in the boot, just a rubbishy piece of carpet. Does anyone know if it should have come with one?

    1. Hi Mark,
      Thank you for your post. The Auris no longer comes with the dual deck board due to customer feedback where a spare wheel was wanted back in the vehicle rather than a tyre repair kit. Unfortunately to be able to fit the spare wheel in the Auris, there is no longer room for a dual deckboard. Hope this helps clarify and if you have any other questions please let us know.

      1. I am afraid you are wrong Charlotte. I had a Mk I Auris hybrid sports from July 2013. I quickly replaced the enormous piece of expanded polystyrene in the spare wheel well and had the dealer fit a “get you home “spare wheel. That vehicle still had its false floor and various underfloor compartments. As of March 2016 I have replaced the Mk 1 Auris with an almost identical Mk II Auris sports. Toyota has removed the hard floor deck and now relies on a piece of fabric covered cardboard to carry heavy luggage loads. The supplied spare wheel and tool tray are exactly the same dimensions as were fitted in the Mk I. The removal of the false is not an engineering problem it is a Toyota economy measure and very disappointing. You have ruined a ship for the sake of a penny worth of tar.

        1. Jeff is correct, I installed a spare wheel in the 2013 Auris and retained the lower and upper boot shelves.

        2. Hi Jeff,
          Thank you for your post and feedback. We are sorry you feel this way, we will pass you comments on to our product department. Many thanks.

      1. I’ve got a Mk 1 Auris Touring Sports with dual deck AND spare wheel, Paid £500 for a tailor made dog cage which fits nicely on the level floor. Want to upgrade to a MK2 Hybrid Excel but can’t because of your elimination of the top deck. Bearing in mind that in the prevoius MK1 you actually promoted the top deck as a selling point

  14. Hi,

    I am struggling to locate mats for my Auris Touring Sports. Are the mats for the hatchback Auris the same dimensions?

    1. Hi Carl. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble finding some mats! What model Auris Touring Sports do you have? Let us know and we’ll find an answer for you!

          1. Hi Carl. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We can confirm car mats from the hatchback will also fit the Touring Sports. Hope this helps!

  15. Hi I have just purchased a new auras touring sport excel and find that the assisting parting is not configured. The on board is telling me to turn the wheel one way then the other to configure but this is not working. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Hi Bill
      Thanks for your post.
      Not too sure what would be happening here and have spoken to our technical team. They have recommended having this looked at by your local Toyota dealer. It is likely they will need to have sight of the vehicle in order to make a correct diagnosis. Let us know how you get on.

    2. Bill. The park assist system needs to recheck the steering angle sensor each time the battery is disconnected. This should have been done by your dealer but apparently not in this case. With your wheels pointed straight ahead turn on your engine (or ready on if a hybrid). Press the park assist button and as soon as the message appears turn the steering wheel to full lock in one direction, wait one second, turn to full lock in the other direction, wait one second, then turn the steering wheel back to straight ahead. I’m not sure if you need to press the park assist button again to finish, but you can try both with and without. As soon as this is done the system should be ready to use.

  16. Hi. I’m considering ordering an Auris TS to replace my Gen 3 Prius T-Spirit. Does the Auris have a hud? I would miss it if it doesn’t.

    Also could you please advise typical delivery times from order?

    1. Hi Hugh
      Thanks for your post.
      It is good to hear of your interest in the Auris Touring Sports however we do have to confirm that HUD is not available on this model. In terms of delivery times, we will hold a range of vehicles in stock but if it had to be built we we would usually be able to supply within 4 weeks (some colour and specifications might vary). The other point to mention is that this model is built in our UK plant in Derby so does not therefore require shipping from Japan which does of course help speed up this process.
      Hope this helps but let us know if you have any other questions.

      1. Many thanks for your reply David. Pity I can’t get one with a hud. Maybe Toyota could build me a special one with a hud – lol. Perhaps another Prius TSpirit will be the answer. Nice to have options to consider.

        1. Hello Hugh
          Thanks for your reply.
          Out of interest I did check further with our product team. The reason for this is that we see Prius as our most advanced hybrid vehicle so some of the features available will only be specific to this model and HUD is a good example of this. It is the only Toyota vehicle we sell in our range with this feature so a one-off might prove difficult! A solar powered roof is another example of the additional technology that is featured on Prius. Hope this helps with the decision making process but let us know if you have any other questions.

      2. Hi I wonder if you can tell me how to switch the odometer to trip A or trip B. I’ve tried holding the disp button down but this resets the average fuel consumption but not the trips

        1. Hello Karl
          Thanks for your post.
          The Display button on your steering wheel will scroll through each screen but to set the A and B odometer readings you need to push the small button which is located at the bottom right of the speedometer/power dials. You can then scroll through the trips but hold for more than 1 second to reset the readings to zero. Hope this helps explain but let us know if you have any other questions.

    1. Hello Mike
      Have you checked whether you have a button in the roof of your car by interior lights? Looks like a showerhead but if you have one of these then you can disable interior alarm.
      Hope this helps.

  17. The satnav audio alarm set to its lowest setting ie 3 mph would be at 30 mph (3 mph for 10% + the 3 mph over the speed limit = 6 mph. So why does mine not cut in til 40 mph?

    1. Hello Geoff
      Thanks for your reply.
      The reason is because the lowest setting is 5 MPH. So if the device is set for the warning to sound when the speed limit is exceeded by 5 MPH the following would apply:
      The speed limit is 30 mph so this isn’t exceeded until the vehicle has reached 31 MPH
      31 + 5 is 36 so the warning will sound when the actual vehicle speed is 36 mph (exceeds 35 MPH).
      When the vehicle is travelling 36 mph the speedometer will read approximately 10% more so: 36 + 10% is 40 mph.
      Hope this helps.

  18. Why does my sat nav audio not tell me I am over speed limit until I’m 10 mph over when it’s set to the lowest setting?

    1. Hi Geoff
      Thanks for your post.
      We have run this past our technical team who have confirmed the following.
      The speedometer in the car is calibrated to read approximately 10 per cent more than the actual vehicle speed. (This is to ensure that the vehicle never reads less than the actual speed when the rolling radius of the tyre changes with wear). The satellite navigation system will be reading the true speed of the vehicle in MPH (so it will be 5 mph at the lowest setting). This in addition to the 10 per cent increase means that 10 mph can be shown before the warning sounds.

  19. Hi Kerry, spell checker caused the problem, I wanted to move my stored destinations in my touch & go to the new
    touch & go 2. By your comment re phone numbers it looks as though I have to reload them all manually.

    1. Hi Peter, no problem. If you still have your current vehicle (with touch 1) try this … insert a blank USB into the Touch 1 Settings > General > Backup Contacts to USB. Go to the Touch 2 device (new vehicle) > Settings > General > Restore Contacts from USB. If you no longer have access to your Touch 1 device the destinations will need to be put back in manually. Sorry!

  20. Hi Kerry, spellchecker caused the problem, I wanted to move my stored destinations in my touch & go to the new
    touch & go 2. By your commet re phone numbers it looks as though I have had reload them all manually.

  21. Hi, I am about to take delivery of my Auris TS excel hybrid, it has the upgraded touch 2 sat navigation.
    Can I transfer my address from my existing touch & go?
    My existing model has just completed 30,000 trouble free miles of motoring in 8 months.
    It has given me an average over this time of 64.8 mpg. I must confess to having 2 Prius’s (both 3g)and a Prius + over the last 3 years and my driving style has altered over that time to drive for both economy and speed.

    1. Hi Peter,
      Thanks for your message. Not sure if we’ve misread your question, so do let us know. Only telephone numbers can be transferred over from your existing touch & go system to your touch 2. Hope this helps!

  22. Can the Auris sports touring 1.6 petrol Auto (2014) be used for towing ?

    If yes can a detachable tow bar be fitted at what cost ?

    What is the weight limit for caravan towing & possibly best caravan car combo ?

    1. Hi Colin, thanks for getting in touch.
      The Auris Touring Sports 1.6 CVT has a recommended towing capacity of 1,300kgs, and there are a number of towbar and wiring options that may be applicable depending on what you wish to tow. Our recommendation is to see if there are any caravans that you like that
      fit the towing weight limit, and then talk to one of the experts at your local Toyota centre who will be more than happy to talk through your options. Hope this helps.

  23. Taking delivery next week of a 6 month old Auris Tourer Sports Hybrid Excel. When I asked about a space saver spare wheel, the salesman (new to Toyota) said that Toyota don’t do them.
    When I got home, I found that they do supply them for £125.

    I called the salesman and he is ordering one for me (pricing to be discussed!).

    My question is, do these cars come with a jack by default, come with the space saver kit or do I have to purchase one?

    1. Hi Geoff
      Thanks for your post and good to hear about your new Auris Touring Sports.
      We have checked this with our product team and they have confirmed that your car would have been supplied with a jack if registered six months ago. It would certainly be worth double checking to be on the safe side.
      Hope this helps for now and do let us know if you have any other questions.

  24. Hi – is there a maximum recommended length for roof boxes on the sports tourer ? I have one that is 230cm long but it looks like it could overhang too much to me.

    Ps I love the drivers footwell tunnel on my hybrid which enables me to stretch out my left leg straight even though I am 6 ft tall – I don’t recall seeing it mentioned in brochures but it is a real boon on long drives – why the hush hush ?

  25. Hello there.I am buying an Auris Hybrid in two days and it says in the owner’s manual that I mustn’t drive at constant speeds for extended periods of time.Could you PLEASE define extended periods of time?1 minute,2 minutes,3 minutes,4 minutes,5 minutes??????Kind regards and thanks a lot in advance.

    1. Hello Marios
      Thanks for your post.
      Have checked with our tech team and really the advice is more guidance about not driving along a motorway for several hours after picking up the car and they are talking hours rather than mins.
      Hope this helps.

  26. I’ve had a sports tourer hybrid excel for a month – lovely car, nicer in many ways than my t3 prius but I do miss following ;

    Digital speed indicator
    Sunglasses holder (could have had instead of a drivers side grip handle)

    Hope future versions may incorporate these.

    1. Hi Paul
      Thanks for your post.
      We do appreciate your feedback and such information is passed onto the product team. This is used when we have future vehicle reviews regarding our vehicle specifications. We could not do this unless owners such as yourself submit their views about what they like and dislike. Thanks again for taking the time to bring your comments about a digital speed indicator and sunglasses holder to our attention. Any other queries let us know.

      1. I have just ordered my fourth new Excel Hybrid and I do agree a digital speedometer would be more effective and also a sun glasses holder would be helpful.

        1. Hi Peter
          Thank you for your post.
          Good to hear about your new Auris Excel and we do take on board your comments about the speedometer and sun glasses holder. We will pass this back to the product team and thanks again for your post.

  27. When I purchased the New Auris Touring Sport car I had a dog guard installed. My husband took it out to make extra space in boot but now he can’t remember how to put it back again! No instructions in manual and have phoned the garage but they can’t help me! Need to take my dog out tomorrow and don’t want the seats ruined…can anyone help out there?

  28. I purchased a new Toyota Auris in March 2014
    When i set the Speed Warning to activate at 3 MPH over the speed limit the following happens :

    The speed limit icon on the map changes to a red background when the speed reaches 3MPH
    above the speed limit


    The voice warning does not operate until the speed is approx 10 MPH over the speed limit.

    The above applies at speed limits of 30 , 40 , 50 & 60 MPH.

    Is this correct.

    1. Hi Albert,
      Thanks for your post.
      Having passed this by our technical team we can confirm that this is correct and your speed warning system is working as it should.
      Hope this helps.

  29. Hi, are there any weight limitations concerning roof bars/boxes for an Auris Touring Sport fitted with the Panoramic glass roof? Or does modern sunroof design not change the load possibilities? Thanks, Andy

    1. Hi Andy,
      Apologies for the late response.
      The maximum weight for the cross bars on the Auris Touring Sport is 75kg. The panoramic roof doesn’t affect the capacity.
      Hope this helps.

  30. We took delivery of a new Auris Excell Hybrid at the weekened and are very pleased with it having traded in a Prius TSpirit. The Auris feels much much lighter, easier to handle and free-rolling (if there is such a thing) -probably down to less weight and more sensible wheels and tyres- not the ultra low profiles we had on the Prius.
    Anyway my question, is it possible to turn on an audble warning for the fixed speed camera warning on the sat nav, i am hoping its available but cannot find it in the manual and fear it could take forever to read all the vehicle documentation. So far we are very impressed.
    john t

    1. Hi John,
      It’s great to hear you are so pleased with your Auris Hybrid Excel.
      With regards to turning on the audible warning for fixed speed cameras:
      Go to, Options on the main screen > Map Settings > Show Speed Cameras > Switch on (Further details can be found on page 65 of your vehicle handbook).
      Once the setting has been enabled, the volume can be controlled in the same way as you would adjust the usual guidance voice.
      Hope this helps.

    1. Hi Ian,

      I got ONE spacer block with my spare tyre kit. In any case, fitting spacers under the tyre is just working around the root cause of the problem (wrong bolt length). IMO it’s better to have full 360 degree contact between the tyre and boot well rather than just at four points.

      Replacement bolt (Toyota 51931-33060, as recommended by David Crouch, below) is correct length, no spacers or modifications required. Spare tyre fits face down in boot well, and doesn’t move once the bolt is tightened – perfect!

      Toyota, I think customer should be given the choice of repair kit or spare tyre at time of purchase (at no additional cost!)

  31. Hi Graham,

    The spare didn’t arrive until a week after I took delivery of the car. So the gunk bottle is still in wrapper, now in loft. Are you looking for a spare?

    New spare wheel restraining bolt arrived today…will let you know if correct size and Toyota part number. Now getting about 50mpg for cross Glasgow journey….

    1. Thanks Ian.

      I’m due a service in 1000 miles (already) so will mention the gunk bottle to the dealer along with the bolt question. I live in Glasgow so would be interested in what dealer you used. If it is the same, then hopefully something they know about it already.

      I’m getting roughly 48mpg on Glasgow to Edinburgh, although normally higher on the way back. A lot lower than published, but I guess the Hybrid not as effective at high speed driving along the motorway.

      I have a little competition with myself when I leave the motorway by switching to EV mode only and see how far I get!

      1. Hi Graham,

        I bought my car from the East Kilbride dealer. They’ve been very helpful in resolving the niggling problem of spare tyre fit, now resolved! 🙂 (FYI, correct restraining bolt is part number 51931-33060)
        I’m doing Glasgow/East Kilbride round trip (thankfully against the flow!!) so mixture of motorway and round town. Not too sure if my mpg would have been any better in going with my first gut instinct choice of car, Octavia estate (probably 1.6 diesel manual) Hopefully figure will increase as we approach the summer, lol! 🙂

  32. Hi, I have Auris TS excel HDS and have now covered 5000 miles. Is there any way of getting heat to stay at your feet after 40 minuets driving time? After this it just seems to blast cold weather on auto or manual even in the down position. if you turn up the temp to max you do get flow but the car gets uncomfortable after a minuet or two. Did not have this problem on my 09 Avensis or both Prius MK2 or 3. Also my parents do not find this on their new Yasis HSD.

    1. Hello Mike
      Thanks for your post.
      We ran this past our technical team but it was difficult to diagnose why this should be happening in your car. Their recommendation is to speak with your local dealer regarding this issue as they will need to inspect your vehicle.
      Sorry we cannot be more conclusive but do let us know if you have any other questions.

  33. I made a spare wheel kit for my Excel TS Hybrid a condition of purchase. Perfect fit once I realised the rubber blocks ( I had four) fit under the wheel with double sided tape to the boot floor, This is needed as the bolt is too long unless the wheel sits on the blocks. I presume its to stop the tyre wearing as it rubs when the car is in motion. The glue kit and pump where retained by me and moulding is in the loft. It would be better if the wheel could be fitted so the well could be used, but if Toyota are daft enough not to fit the spare as standard you cannot expect them to make sense. I also had a plastic moulding that looked to be for the rear door sill, but did not fit the TS and was not needed. No fitting instructions. Maybe the hatch is not the same.

  34. Hi folks, I made the decision to buy an Auris HSD TS in Excel grade trim. I was really disappointed that a spare tyre wasn’t included, since it is not exactly a cheap car! However, I did notice this at time of purchase and ordered a spare tyre kit which arrived today. My spare tyre kit consisted of a typical space saver steel wheel/skinny high pressure tyre, restraining bolt (to prevent the wheel bouncing up and down in the boot well), moulded foam top cover (with recesses for the jack, towing eye etc) and a small piece of foam block with adhesive tape on one side(?). At the dealership we fitted the tyre into the recess (face down), no problem. Then we noticed that the restraining bolt was far too long to hold the wheel in place. We tried the wheel other way up – now the bolt held the tyre in place but the foam tool box would not fit in correctly and allow the decks to sit flat! The salesman assured me that the correct kit had been ordered. Anyone else experienced this? We couldn’t understand the purpose of the small block of foam?
    This model has the auto-dimming rear view mirror. In my opinion this doesn’t seem to be working (YES, it is enabled, the green light is on!) to reduce glare. Is there a way to test this feature..I just assumed it would be as effective as a manually operated mirror in reducing headlight glare from behind.
    I’ve had the car for just under one week and I am enjoying the experience of driving it – my first automatic and first hybrid! I’m also driving a British built car! 🙂

    1. Hi Ian
      Thanks for your post.
      Sorry to read your comments and we are checking this further with our accessories team. Just for information the spare wheel part numbers for the Touring Sports model are as follows if these match your order?
      With regard to the auto dimming mirror, we can get your dealer to double check this to confirm it is operating as it should. When the system is on (with the green light) it uses a sensor to check the light outside the vehicle and reduces the glare from the mirror accordingly. It is good to hear your feedback particularly as it is your first hybrid car so do let us know how you get on.

    2. Ian,

      I too ordered the spare wheel for my Auris HSD TS, which is just as well given I had a blowout on the motorway last week which left 7 tears in the tyre which the glue can wouldn’t have looked at.

      When I took the tyre out the boot, I had the same parts for you, except for the restraining bolt, so I can only assume, based on what you said, that the dealer couldn’t get it to fit either so never put it in!

      The foam block however is a spacer to stick to the side of the well as an additional restraint, probably because the bolt doesn’t work. I had a similar block in my previous car.

      As an aside Ian, do you still have the glue repair kit as well, or did the dealer remove? My dealer seems to have removed it which I only noticed last week.

      1. I also have had the spare wheel and my dealer fitted the wheel so it was face down, cut the bolt to length and the new foam fits inside the wheel, perfect

  35. Hi
    My Auris Touring sports is coming up to 10,000 so I will need to get it serviced however im currently away on buisness and would like to get serviced at my local garage if possible thus my question is how far over the 10,000 miles can I go before getting serviced without invalidating the warranty?


    1. Hi Ian
      There is no straightforward reply to this as such as it depends how much you go over that limit and whether you have a component failure that can be directly attributed to the service having been undertaken late. In terms of mileage, going over will not invalidate the warranty but can have implications in the future. We would certainly recommend getting it serviced as close as possible to 10,0000 and while a few hundred miles should not make a difference if you think it will be more let us know.
      Hope this helps.

  36. I have an Excel Hybrid TS but in recent cold weather found I can not get any heat to the rear. The manual says there are rear footwell vents but rear passengers complain they are cold. Even full heat to drivers feet only, all face vents off, fan on full to feet the driver only gets a trickle at the front, none at the back . I can not believe the top model, dual zone, can not give heat to the passengers. What am I doing wrong?. In cold weather even in UK this car is not good (no seat warmers do not help). Since the MK 1 Cortina over 40 years agoI have been used to warm feet fresh air to face, this is the first time I have had cause to complain about heat.

  37. Hi, I have been driving my Auris (12 Reg) for about 3 months now and find it suits my purpose to a tee. However I am finding little things as a go along that I cannot work out and the latest of these is the speed limit audible alarm. I have gone through the set up procedure contained within the map settings and the function for the alarm is there, and is “ON”. I have it set for 5kms/hr over the speed limit and the speed limit indicator turns red when the limit is exceeded but no audible alarm is sounding, any suggestions???


    1. Hi Ron,
      I does sound like you’ve set it up properly. One thing to check is the volume button, near the bottom left of the screen. Once you press that you’ll get the option to either raise or lower the volume of the system. If you feel there is a fault with the system, we would recommend seeing your nearest Toyota Dealer as they’ll be able to see this first hand (it’s difficult to diagnose this online, as we’re sure you can appreciate). Please find your nearest Dealer here:
      We hope this helps, many thanks.

    1. Hi Al
      Thanks for your post.
      Roof bars are available for Auris Touring Sports and can be purchased via your local Toyota dealer. If it helps the part number is PZ403-E5622-00.
      Any problems though please let us know.

  38. Do not buy an Excel HSD on 17″ wheels as it crucifies the economy. The Prius HSD was very good in the snow and I suspect the Auris TS HSD will be even better but it does depend on what configuration Toyota let you buy in Norway. Having driven in Scandinavia you need to stick with 15″ wheels and make sure you have a space saver spare. I looked at four other estate cars in uk none gave the space, hidden “cubby holes”, luggage barriers and spec levels as my Auris. I’ve had a SAAB 95 and Volvo 745 and its as practical as both and a lot more economical. The CVT HSD is so smooth in the snow its like driving a SAAB in Freewheel. The seat squabs do not lift bit there is a very good barrier that fits when the rear seats are down,or up, to stop luggage or dogs ending up in the front.

  39. I’m thinking about buying a Toyota Auris Sport Touring station wagon as a family car. I live in Oslo Norway and drive into the forest on snowy roads quite often during the winter. I see that this car gets good safety ratings, but I’m wondering if it will be a suitable family car for the Nordic winter. Any insights?

    1. Hello Jon
      Thanks for your post.
      Good to learn of your interest in the Auris Touring Sports. The specification of our cars can vary across the European market so to be on the safe side we would recommend you having a discussion with Toyota Norway. You can send this post to them via the attached link.
      Hope this helps.

  40. Just fitted the space saver spare wheel kit into my Auris HSD TS (estate). Fits fine loads of room, the kit even comes with tool wrap for the Jack and tow eye. There was a panel with the kit that I did not need but maybe hatchback users would and the pads need to go under the wheel or the “red knob” does not tighten down. Unlike most alternative estates I looked at this car can take a space saver and could even take a full spare. Toyota really should make some sort of spare standard.
    Does anybody know what is needed to access and read the ODB connector? If Toyota cannot come up with a change to the digital driving monitor so I can get speed rather than average speed I will find a way myself. Anybody worked out what use ECO drive MPG is? or what it means?

  41. Good Morning!
    Having had my Auris Icon (1.6 Petrol/Manual) for a month now, am finding it a very pleasant car to drive. The gear change, although still a 6 is very much smoother than on my previous TR Auris. Am also finding out a few other things!. No washer on the rear window ….and no wheel brace/jack either.

    I do miss the electrified wing mirrors that were on the TR. Can the mirrors on the Icon be adapted to be controlled from inside the car !! If so, approximate dealer fit cost ?

    The rearview camera , whilst interesting (!) is still a bit of a mystery to me! I can find nothing in the manual that describes exactly what I am looking at regarding the blue/red lines.. I can see if there is anything behind the car but when backing into a car park bay when do I stop reversing – apart from when (or if) I touch the wall !!!

    all for now. Rgds Robert

    1. Hello Robert
      Thank you for your post and good to hear you are enjoying driving your new Auris.
      Have picked up on your comments regarding rear washer and no wheel jack (this means your vehicle is fitted with a tyre repair kit). Having spoken to product it would not be possible to fit electric mirrors retrospectively as these need to be fitted at manufacture.
      With regard to the rear view camera there is a section explaining what the different lines mean (they are a width extension guide line, a distance guide line and vehicle centre guide lines) under the “rear view monitor system” section in the owners manual.
      If you have any problems locating this or you are still not sure regarding operation then please let us know.
      Hope this helps.

  42. Had my Auris Excel TS HSD for a week and a half now and just about to hit 1000 miles. Love everything about it – the drive, the ride and especially the island Blue colour. If I was to pick on something it would be the fuel tank. It’s a third smaller than my previous cars so although the mpg is far better I’m still having to refuel every 4 days.

    Once I read the manual that came with the car I regretted not upgrading touch to touch and go. Does anyone know if this can be done now per factory and if so, what’s the cost?

    1. Hi Graham
      Thanks for your post. Good to hear about your Auris Touring Sports.
      Glad you like the colour and thanks for your feedback regarding the fuel tank size. With regard to upgrading to Touch & Go you can do this at your local dealer. They will be able to go through this with you and the cost involved.
      Hope this helps.

  43. Hi David
    Your link takes me to use of the standard repair kit, which from experience I know are useless. I have bought a space saver spare wheel kit. Lots of bits but no fitting instructions, I can probably work out what goes where but instructions would be nice. I would not venture more than 20 miles from home with just a repair kit.
    Regarding the digital driving monitor showing speed. This must be a simple firmware fix to implement via the on-board computer. If I loose my licence because I am a couple MPH over a limit then I will not own any car and Toyota will loose a customer. Not having a clear indication of the national 30 mph and 50 mph limits are a serious problem. I am surprised it is even legal.

  44. H
    I have just passed the first 1000 m in my new Auris Excel TS HSD. Great car, having had Gen 3 and Gen 2 Prius I can compare them. I had to accept 17″ wheels as the insurance cost to modify it down to 16″ wheels would have been prohibitive. My Gen 3 Prius averaged 55.8 mpg over the last 4 years use. The Auris is currently showing 50.2 average. This is wholly down to the tyres.
    It feels better to drive than the Prius and for me the space and layout are much better, but I do miss the HUD. Not being able to see when its at 30 mph or 50 with our speed limits is real problem. Can the firmware for the digital driving monitor be upgraded to show speed? I do not need average speed, and have no idea what average fuel consumption after hybrid system on shows, but I would like to know when I am speeding. As there is no 30 or 50 marking on the speedo, this is essential.
    My space saver kit arrived last week are there any fitting instructions on line?
    Best Hybrid yet but if Toyota could incorporate the good bits from other models it would be even better and stop fitting stupid LP tyres.

    1. Hi Ian
      Thanks for your post.
      Appreciate your comments and feedback regarding the Auris Touring Sports hybrid, particularly in view of your previous hybrid ownership. We do have close liaison with our product team about the comments we receive regarding vehicle specification. Some items are fixed specification from manufacture (such as the digital driving monitor/speed unfortunately) but others such as the HUD can be passed back to product for consideration in future product reviews. With regard to the space saver kit, we produced a video regarding how they work and it can be viewed from the attached link.
      Finally we take on board your point regarding the wheel size. We often have to compromise when factoring in emissions, comfort level, economy, grade line-up and aesthetics and appreciate your thoughts on this.
      Thanks again and keep us posted how you get on.
      Best wishes

  45. Good Morning!
    Have just had the sensor pack accessory fitted front and rear to my new Auris Icon 1.6 petrol/manual. 2013 Model.
    The manual schematic refers to and clearly shows 6 sensors at the front – referred to as centre, corner and side. Photographs of the Auris in handbooks, catalogues and other advertising also clearly show 6 sensors at the front.
    My local franchise fitted the, expected, 4 at the rear but only 4 (and not 6) at the front. At well over 500 pounds this accessory is not cheap so is there a lower standard when purchased as an accessory (relative to factory fitting) ? I seem to be 2 sensors light !! Look forward to your comments.


    1. Hi Robert
      Thanks for your post.
      Happy to help resolve this for you.
      The reason is due to the brochures featuring the Auris in Excel specification. In this grade the vehicle features Intelligent Parking Assist as standard, (a type of self park feature) and as a result requires 2 additional sensors on the front. The accessory Toyota Park Assist kits which we offer to owners as a dealer fit item, use 4 sensors each on the front and the rear of the vehicle. Thanks for checking this with us and hope this has helped clarify.

      1. David, Many thanks for your answer re the parking assist sensors. Your reply answered my question perfectly. Thanks again.

        Rgds Robert

  46. My Auris is 1.6 petrol 2013 model
    The open door warning buzzer (for key still in ignition and headlights on) is barely audible. How
    can the volume be turned up ?

    1. Hi Robert
      Thanks for your post.
      The open door warning buzzer volume cannot be adjusted unfortunately. I will however feedback this point to our product team for future consideration though when they review specification and features.

      1. Thanks for your reply David. The warning buzzer on my 2013 1.6 Petrol/Manual Auris works but is so faint it can hardly be heard which seems to defeat the whole purpose of this feature. Do you know precisely where the ,I presume, the loudspeaker is located? I am wondering if a small ,external amplifier could be placed in the vicinity to bring the buzzer up to a useful level artificially! Sounds bizarre idea for a brand new car but on my earlier Auris the buzzer – doing the same job – was at a perfectly suitable sound level. It seems to me that the design of the chip which provides the buzzer warning is not up to the job on this new model!

        1. Hello Robert
          Thanks for your further post.
          I have found out from technical that this is located behind the main instrument panel (speedo etc) and I am sorry to say they would not recommend accessing this or modifying in any way. This specification is built into the car during production. We are sorry that the reply cannot be more positive and I can assure you that our product team do listen to the feedback that we receive from owners. I have passed on your comments regarding the current noise level.

          1. Thank you for your further comments David. Please be assured I have no intention of any ‘home made’ modifications to my Auris !! Guess I will just have to live with the extreme low level audibility of this warning buzzer. This is , I hope, my final comment on this matter!!
            This Blog is extremely useful I should add, when useful and helpful advice can be found. Many thanks and kind regards


          2. Thanks for your post Robert and we do appreciate the comments and feedback we receive from owners.
            We are glad you find the Blog useful and hope to see you on it again soon. Sorry again that we were unable to adjust the buzzer volume but keep us posted on how you get on with your Auris.

          3. Hello David. By way of a brief reply, I am getting along fine with my new Auris Icon – apart from the lack of an audible door buzzer which we have previously exchanged views. I recently sent a blog that you may not have seen mentioning that I had invested 550 pounds in having my local franchise fit front and rear sensors. (I had rear sensors in my other Auris and found them invaluable). Although photographs in catalogues and advertising – also the schematic in the manual – show 6 sensors fitted to the front of an Auris, only 4 were fitted for me purchased as an accessory’ . Is this standard when bought as an extra but 2 extra just for the Excel model ?


  47. Hoping to take delivery of my touring hybrid excel next week. Can’t wait! One question I have that my dealer can’t answer just now is about the dog guard accessory. Do you know if the additional divider is fixed, or can it be moved to say provide 2\3 at one side and 1\3 at the other?

    1. Hi Graham,
      Great news about your Auris Touring Sports! It’s a fantastic car which we wish you many happy miles in.
      The dog divider doesn’t split side by side. However, it is one of the best dog guards we’ve made and there are several functions it can perform, beyond simply keeping a guard from the front two seats and the rear of the car. Your Dealer will happily give you a demonstration of the several ways it works, just ask them when you pick it up! Do hope this helps and may we take this opportunity to thank you for your loyalty to Toyota. Kind regards.

      1. Thanks Oliwer for your reply. Do you have any literature on the dog guard? I have spoken to the dealer and their parts department, but they know very little about the dog guard hence I thought of posting here. At almost £400 for the guard and the divider, I’d like to know more before I purchase it!

        Alternatively, are there any particularly “big” Toyota dealers that might have this type of item instock?

    1. Hi Dave
      Thanks for your post.
      It is not possible to fit a towbar on the hybrid model but is can be fitted on the other petrol and diesel powertrains.
      Hope this helps.

    2. It can be fitted to a Hybrid if the car is purchased in Europe or in fact the ROW, its only the UK that will not fit a towbar to the Hybrid.

  48. Just bought Auris Sports Tourer. I live in Finland, but don’t speak Finnish ( manual is in Finnish)
    Any ideas where I can download a manual in English?
    The Toyota owner’ site doesn’t work for me as it’s US based. Thanks…….

    1. Hello Iain
      Thanks for post and we hope you are enjoying driving your new Auris Touring Sports.
      We do not have a site where vehicle handbooks can be downloaded but you can order a handbook in English via your local Toyota Dealer in Finland. They will need the chassis (or VIN number) to make sure that the correct book is ordered for you. If you have any problems though please let us know and we can try and help identify the part number. We would need to know the exact model (also whether petrol, diesel or hybrid).
      Hope this helps.

  49. Hi Oliver,

    As you are aware, i just bought my Auris and the owner’s manual is missing. Will you be able to tell me what is the recommended tire pressure? I have not contacted my local dealer yet but i am planning to visit them on Monday. But I am travelling to London tonight so I need to make sure that i have the correct tire pressure. The model of my car is Auris TR VVT-I S-A. Thank you

    1. Hi Randy
      Thanks for the post.
      Without knowing the exact model it is difficult to confirm however if you open the drivers door, the tyre pressures would normally be on a sticker near the bottom of the middle pillar. Have you checked there?

  50. Hi have just order new auris touring hybrid just wondering why I could not spec black leather interior I have specced most extras just thought I would mention it
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Stuart
      Leather seats are only available as an option on our Excel grade for Auris Touring Sports at the moment however I will pass on your comments to our product team for you.

  51. i love the looks of the new auris tourer,will it be available soon with a decent sized diesel engine,say 1.6 or 2.0

    1. Hi Jim,
      Thanks for your comments. We’re glad you like the look of the new Auris Touring Sports, it’s really embracing the ‘new look’ for Toyota!
      There are currently no plans to introduce more diesel options in the range however there is a decent offering through petrol, diesel an hybrid. We highly recommend a test drive! Find your nearest Toyota Dealer here: Many thanks.

  52. Hi
    I have found on the Toyota Europe blog that there is a new, optional Towing Pack allows the Auris Hybrid Touring Sports to tow loads of up to 345 kg.
    Can you please advise the cost of this accessory as it does not seem to be in the new brochure or price list that you sent to me last week

    1. Hi Andy,
      Thank you for contacting us.
      The tow pack you refer to is only available in Europe, unfortunately this isn’t available as an option in the UK.
      Many thanks.

      1. Hi Kerry,
        Thanks for your reply. I did phone Toyota customer services yesterday and spoke with a very helpful lady regarding this. I am still struggling to understand why the rest of the world can have a tow bar on the Hybrid TS but in the UK we can’t.

        1. Sorry Kerry forgot to mention, i only want to fit a bike rack to the tow bar as your offering at £850 fitted is far too expensive

    1. Hi Ian,
      Auris Touring Sports is now available in Dealers. However, to be sure there’s one near you, may we suggest you speak with your local Dealer to confirm. Please find their details here:
      Many thanks, have a good weekend.

      1. This comment confirms my thoughts, this is one of the lowest key launches i have ever seen for a car. Normally car manufactures have a high impact launch singing its praises with the car taking pride of place on the home page of their website& blog, with adverts and car magazine test drives etc. With the launch of the Touring Sports, it nearly raised a whimper! You have to dig deep on the website to find it and when you get to the page you are greeted with a page asking you to register to get the latest updates and you can only download the pre sales brochure.

        Come on Toyota make some noise about this class leading product and you never know you may increase your sales!!

  53. Dear Kerry
    Regarding the Auris Hybrid Battery Warranty
    The UK website says the Auris Hybrid hatchback has the following warranty:

    (Direct quote)
    Eight year hybrid battery warranty
    Five year / 100,000 mile mechanical warranty
    Twelve year unlimited mileage anti corrosion perforation warranty

    Are you really saying the Touring Sports only has a 5 year Hybrid battery warranty?

    Many Thanks

    1. Hi Rob,
      Sorry for the confusion.
      We were referring to the Auris Touring Sports. All Hybrids in the Toyota range have (as you rightly point out) an 8 year/ 100,000 miles hybrid battery warranty. We anticipate this will include the Auris Touring Sports Hybrid however, this is yet to be absolutely confirmed. We hope to be in a position to confirm this in the next few days. We will keep you updated as soon as we know.
      Many thanks.

  54. How many years have the batteries guarantee (hybrid version)?
    Today, what is the price for a new ones?


    1. Hi Paulo,
      Thank you for taking the time to contact us. A hybrid battery comes with a 5 year warranty, after this time a full battery replacement costs £800.00.
      Hope this helps,
      Many thanks.

  55. Has the Auris got a spare wheel? If not why not, a £50 tin of glue let find a garage that will clean the wheel after you used it,

    1. Hello Denise,
      The Auris Touring Sports comes with a Tyre Repair Kit which saves weight and space. However, we are working to provide a space saver in the coming months as an option on this model .Unfortunately we can’t give you an accurate time-frame however do keep in touch with your nearest Dealer who can keep you in the loop on this.
      Hope this helps.

  56. What Toyota have to say to this paragraph on this recent review:
    “The continuously variable belt-drive transmission prompts the engine to spin continuously at quite high revs and produce a less-than pleasing tone that’s distressingly reminiscent of a kitchen blender. When the car is laden you’ll be hearing this sound pretty often, which is a shame, because the Auris is otherwise impressively hushed at speed.”

  57. Hi
    Do you have an accessory list or brochure for the Touring Sports that you can forward as my local dealer does not have one

    1. Hi Andy,
      Thank you for getting in touch with us.
      To keep up to date and receive the All New Auris Touring Sports pre-sales brochure, and be the first to find out all the latest news visit
      Hope this helps,
      Toyota UK.

      1. Hi Kerry,
        Not quite the answer I was looking for, I already have the pre sales brochure. Your colleague mentioned when replying to the dog guard question below in this section, that there was an accessory list for the Touring Sports. This is the list I would like to have if possible.
        I have already ordered a Touring Sports which hopefully will be delivered end July and i just wanted to know what accessories are available and pricing so i can get them ordered and fitted before i take delivery.

        1. Hi Andy,
          Thank you for getting back in touch. The accessory list is currently being finalised as we speak and should be available early next week. This is due to the Auris Touring Sports being launched in the UK at the end of next week. If you contact your local dealer mid-week (next week), they should have a finalised list of accessories for you to choose your desired options. Apologies for not being able to provide you with the full list of accessories at the moment.
          Hope this helps.

          1. Hi Kerry,
            Just been down to my local dealer and asked about the accessory list that you advised would be available from mid this week and they do not have it yet. Can you please advise when this will be available so I won’t have another wasted journey
            Thank you.

          2. Hi Andy,
            Thank you for getting back in touch. Apologies for this, could we please ask the name of your local dealer?
            We understand the physical brochure is to be available shortly. The dealer network currently has access to an online system where accessories can be looked up and cross referenced against model. May we suggest you contact your dealer for their estimated delivery times of the brochure, or let us know your dealer and we’ll contact them on your behalf.
            Many thanks.

          3. Hi Kerry,
            Been in touch with the dealer who I am purchasing the car from and they do have access to the on-line accessory system but the Touring sports is not on the list of cars yet, only the hatchback.
            They also have no idea when the accessory brochure will be with them as they have not had this information from Toyota.

          4. Hi Andy,
            Thank you for getting back in touch with us. Could you please provide us with the name of your local dealer, and we’ll contact them personally for you.
            Many thanks.

          5. Hi Kerry,
            I can and have been in contact with my dealer, sorry I can’t see how you contacting them will make any difference, if they don’t have the information they can’t give it to me and I don’t want to sour my good relationship with them

          6. Hi Andy
            Sorry for the delay, a few tweaks are being made to the brochure. As soon as its ready it will be sent to you.
            Many thanks.

    1. Hi,
      Thank you for taking the time to contact us.
      The Auris Touring Sports accessory list features a half height dog guard option, this starts from the rear seats and continues to the roof.
      There is also a divider, so if you have more than one dog, or want to separate the areas you can also halve the boot space instead.
      Hope this helps, if you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask,
      Toyota UK.

    1. Hi Pater,
      We expect the Auris Touring Sports to be available late June in Dealers. We recommend keeping in touch with your nearest Toyota Dealer for the very latest and when they can expect their models in.
      Many thanks.

  58. Hi, it’s March and you indicated that you may have an update on release date. I am looking to change my car late summer.

    1. Hi Rob,
      Thank you for your interest!
      We can confirm the on sale date for the new Auris Touring Sports is 1st July.
      If we can help with anything, please let us know.
      Have a lovely weekend.

      1. Hi Amy,
        Is the 1st July the first date we can order or can we pre order for delivery on the 1st July??

        1. Hi Andy,
          The 1st July is the official on sale date, however orders open in April. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide delivery information at this stage.
          The car will be available in the showroom and available to test drive from July.
          Your local Dealer will be able to help you with more details, you can find their information here:
          We hope this helps.

          1. Hi Rob,
            The preview brochure for the Auris Touring Sports will be available to order or download on our website over the next week. The full brochure will be published in line with the on sale date in July.
            Thanks for your question and we hope this helps.

  59. Will the Auris sports tourer have an automatic diesel engine as i have an avensis diesel manual tourer at the moment and i wish to get something smaller without the clutch.

    1. Hi Ron,
      Unfortunately, there is not an automatic option for the diesel engine on the new Auris Touring Sports. The 1.6 valvematic petrol comes with CVT transmission and the Hybrid powertrain is E-CVT automatic.
      Thank you for your question.

    1. Hi Frank,
      No updates as yet we’re afraid, the expected launch date is in the summer. We will be able to provide further information around March this year so please do keep a check back here on the Toyota blog.
      We’re sorry we cannot help further at this stage but we look forward to providing further updates as soon as they are available.
      Many thanks for your post.

  60. For the last 18 months I’ve been looking for a replacement for my now 5 year old Avensis Tourer. Something a little shorter and definitely no longer than the old Avensis Tourer, ideally between 4600mm and 4700mm long, so that’s why I’ve ruled out the new Avensis, Honda etc. It has to have good, practical, large boot space above all else. Will be looking at the Auris Tourer with interest but suspect it will be too small.

    1. Hello,
      Unfortunately, we do not have this information for the Auris Touring Sports as yet. We expect to have further updates on this new model in March.
      Please do keep a check on the Toyota blog then for the latest news.
      Many thanks.

      1. Just read this on a Dutch car site (
        The luggage space for the tourer is max about 1658 liter, and with the seats up its 530 liter.


  61. Do you have any information on the load space with the rear seats up and down.
    Also will you be offering the adaptive cruise, pre crash safety system & Touch and go Pro on the Tourer. These would be great options to have.
    I see Toyota in Europe offer these on both the Pruis and Prius + but in the UK we can only get these on the Prius.

    1. Hi Andy,
      Unfortunately, we do not have this information yet for the new Auris Touring Sports, this will be available in the first half of next year. We will be providing the latest updates then on this new model here on the Toyota blog.
      If of interest, the load space in the new Auris is 360 litres, 860mm with the rear seats and 1395mm with them down.
      We have also passed on your feedback regarding the options you’ve highlighted for consideration also.
      Many thanks.

        1. Hi Andy,
          We are unable to confirm at this stage, but this is expected mid next year.
          Thanks again for your posts.

  62. Hi
    What specs and engines are going to be available for the sport wagon?Also when will it be available to buy?Its looking very nice,and not as huge as the Avensis Tourer.
    The engine line up needs to be good to compete with the other car makers,not everybody wants to drive economical cars,there are some people like myself who like to have nice looks coupled with some power,most car makers give the buyer a choice between being green or being sporty.


    1. Hi Steve,
      Thanks for your post. You can find out more about the engine range available for the new Auris Touring Sports here: We have yet to announce when the car will go on sale or the vehicle specifications. We are expecting these early next year, and will be sure to update you here on the Toyota blog.
      Thank you for your comments.

      1. Excellent,although i do hope Toyota is planning on something a little bigger/stronger engine wise to the ones listed,seems that Toyota are not moving forward much in the engine department.I’m aware that petrol/diesel and hybrid are available,but none of the units are particularly powerfull,the car itself isnt small.I do know that there is an Avensis 2.0 tsi,which is powered by a 2.0 turbocharged unit producing 200ps,although you cant buy it in this country???
        Maybe this will see the new Auris Sport Tourer?or maybe the 2.2d 175 (manual)that the new Verso will have?This will be a decider for me as the car is very easy on the eye so all it needs is a nice unit to pull it around.

        Thankyou again

        1. Toyata should re release the 1.8 T Sport Compressor for the new Auris,the tsi 200ps and 2.2d 175 should be available for the Auris Sport Tourer and Avensis,and not to forget the 1.6 and 2.0 diesel BMW units that are coming too.These should all be available to the UK market aswell.
          Toyota have changed the specs and “Sport” is in there,so surely a sporty engine/s should be available.These engines put with the others in the range make for a car marquee that caters for all.


          1. Hi Steve,
            Thank you for taking the time to give further feedback, we have passed on your comments to our product development team. The information that has been announced so far on the Auris Touring Sports is on our blog post previously provided. You can also find out more about the Toyota and BMW partnership here:
            Sorry we can’t provide any more information at this stage, but we will continue to provide updates here on the Toyota blog. Please do continue to let us know if you have any further questions.
            Many thanks.

  63. This should be a straightforward question: how much extra will the Touring Sports cost over the normal Auris hatchback?

    1. Hi James,
      The new Auris Touring Sports pricing has yet to be released, we expect to see this information in the first half of next year. You can find the new Auris pricing, here:
      We will be sure to keep you updated with the latest news on these models as they are released.
      Many thanks.

    1. Hi Pontus,
      The new Auris Hybrid, as with our other hybrid vehicles, will not be available with a towbar. This is because it is designed for eco-driving and efficient aerodynamics, therefore it is not possible to tow. There will be other storage accessories announced at a later date.
      Many thanks for your question.

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