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By now, many of you will have seen some of the extensive media coverage the media have given our recent accelerator pedal and Prius brakes recalls. We’ve also had some very positive and supportive comments on the blog, for which we’re very grateful. It’s great to hear from some of you that, although you are affected by the recalls, you still love your Prius.

If anyone has been affected by the Prius recall, it’s Jonny Goldstone and his team. Jonny is director of Green Tomato Cars, a taxi company based in London whose fleet is comprised solely of Prius. We spoke to him about the braking recall, the media’s coverage and why he’s sticking with the Prius.

Interview by Melissa Coulton

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    1. Hi Amanda,
      Thanks for your post.
      Official figures state overall vehicle width minus wing mirrors, they are as follows:
      Auris: 1,760mm
      Prius: 1,745mm
      Using these official figures and by measuring the vehicles on site, we have produced some unofficial estimates. Please use with caution:
      Auris: 2,300mm
      Prius: 2,265mm
      Hope this helps and please do let us know if you have any further questions.

  1. How wide is the Auris, including wing mirrors please? We are researching for our next cart, but it must fit the garage easier than our existing Honda Civic.

  2. Could anyone please notify me of the contact email for Toyota UK with regards to issues (older models circa 2001) please?


      1. Thanks Melissa. Without wanting to sound like im having a good rant, here goes: Purchased a used Avensis 2001 plate from a dealership who assured me the car was fine and any concerns i had prior purchase would be dealt with. To name what i found: charging/alternator failed after 1 week. leak occuring in the boot area (design flaw?), strange grinding (somewhat worrying!) noise when reversing, excessive oil consumption…numerous emails to sales person, service manager and branch manager proved fruitless! eventually sold the car and very disappointed with service. Look forward to your reply. thanks

        1. I’m sorry to hear about your disappointment, Jose.

          The Customer Relations team are definitely the best people to talk to here, so please get in touch with them using the email address I provided earlier, or give them a ring on 01737 367 600.


  3. I run a M Reg. Previa GL Auto and a MR2 T-Bar. Previa is 14 years and MR2 is 16 years… With 30 years combined motoring, totally delighted with both cars… Waiting for an electric Previa to be sold in UK… Come on Toyota UK!

  4. i would like to say i have been a ford man all my driving life,and every one has been recalled the press as usual take thinks all out of proportion.
    i was looking for a new car so decided to look at toyota to see what all the fuss was all about on the news !!
    i was so impressed i bought new prius and have to say best car,i’ve driven and top quality and so impressed with toyota i also bought urban cruiser for my wife ,
    keep the good work up toyota im sure your loyal customers will keep bying.

      1. thank you Toyota possibly the best car i have had and definitely the best service
        will be a ruturning customer

  5. I am now driving my second Prius Toyota and am thoroughly satisfied with its performance. Cannot wait to get into the new shape soon.
    All this media hype has been very cleverly blown up by vested interests and other car manufacturers who can never match Toyota’s quality and reliability.
    I have driven Ford’s, VW’s, Mercedes’, and none of them match the reliability of a Toyota.
    Silly comments from non toyota drivers are simply a case of “Sour Grapes” may I add!

  6. Toyota owners should be aware that the manner in which Toyota have handled this problem has been exemplary.
    I have been a Volkswagen owner for 30 years, we currently have three VW Passats in the family, and I have NEVER known Volkswagen EVER own up to faults in the Passat ranges. Water pours into the passenger footwells causing disgusting smells, rotting the carpets and disabling expensive electronic components etc and STILL VW will not issue a recall to modify the cars,
    Some cars that have suffered this water damage over a long period are now suffering rusting of the brake servo with possibly catastrophic results.
    Maybe it will need a few deaths to galvanise VW UK into taking action. Their Customer Service Centre is regularly voted as being pretty useless. It is merely a call centre with all that implies!

    Toyota must be applauded for its action.

  7. This is my 6th new Toyota. I have owned Corolla’s RAV4’s and now have an Avensis. All quality,reliable vehicles.
    I would definately purchase another one and will continue to recommend Toyota cars.

  8. I have tried different cars, all i can say Toyota has the best quality. We will still buy Toyota in the future.

  9. This is purely my own personal opinion, but I have to say that I’m convinced that if it were not for the Quality of Toyota combined with the impact that this recession has had on other motor manufacturers, that the recent recall(s) wouldn’t have been elevated to the humiliating levels that they have, especially in the US. It saddens me to think that the other motor manufacturers might stoop to stirring up the media to breathe life back into their flagging brands because they aren’t able to come close to the Quality (in all aspects) of Toyota. Anyone remember the recall in the US with the faulty tyres?

    I’ve been a Toyota owner for many years and I’ve had a few recalls myself. Problems occur and responsible brands recall vehicles. Just because a brand recalls vehicles doesn’t imply poor quality. In fact I believe the opposite is true. All of my recalls have been handled with the professionalism that we have come to expect from a world leading brand. This current recall is no different and my opinions remain the same. Toyota is the leading brand that others should look to in order to improve and I have no intention of changing to another brand.

    1. i couldnt agree with you more, my partner works in the motor industry and has worked for different car manufactures and all cars have recalls it is not unusuall in the motor industry the media have blown this all out of proportion

    2. Pleased to note that Jonny Goldstone is staying with the Prius MK3 for his fleet. I have to frequently drive into London in my MK3 Prius and cannot think of a better car. In particular, the seamless, slick CVT is a boon in heavy traffic. Despite the recent winter road conditions, I have not had any worrying problems with the brakes and appreciate the regenerative energy recovery under light braking. I hope this energy recovery is not lost in the proposed braking software revision. It would be a shame to degrade the outstanding emissions performance of the car in order to correct a non existent problem (with my car anyway!).


  11. won’t accept my comment saying it is a duplicate comment – as its the first time I’ve tried to submit a comment here I find that hard to believe!

  12. Has anyone else had problems with the iQ shift indicator advising them to shift down when travelling at consistent high speed?

    1. It’s not a problem. I assume that when you say at constant high speed, you mean on the Motorway? If this is the case, then when you hit an incline or encounter a head wind, even a small one, you will naturally depress the gas pedal a little harder in order to compensate & maintain a steady speed. The more the gas pedal is depressed, the more fuel you are using, hence the system will suggest that you shift down a gear. Also, bear in mind that (a) It’s only a 1 litre & (b) it’s only a suggestion to shift gear, it’s not compulsory!

  13. Our family first car was a used Toyota corolla 80’s model bought in 1998. Have fallen in love with Toyota since 1998 and will always love Toyota. Toyota for life.

  14. Thinking of buying an Auris but need to know the width including wing mirrors. Toyota’s illustration of the car are misleading – the rear view shows the car body extending beyond the mirrors but the front view shows the opposite. Nowhere can I find a figure for the maximum width of the car including mirrors. Puzzled.

  15. We have a Toyota Yaris which we have had for three years. We have found nothing wrong with the car, but we put it in for the recall process. We have faith in Toyota and this Hype will not change our minds about the reliability of the company and it’s cars. We think that this has been blown out of context and the media are trying to discredit Toyota.We will back Toyota all the way and still buy their cars. Margaret Howdill Leeds.. West Yorkshire

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