Toyota C-HR advert music – we reveal all the details

Toyota C-HR advert music

Have you seen our bold new television advert yet? Starring the all-new Toyota C-HR, the vivid ad captures the spirit of the new compact crossover’s cutting-edge design and mould-breaking dynamic performance.

As the C-HR is driven through city streets, its head-turning looks are reflected in the sunglasses of admiring young and style-conscious passers-by.

The soundtrack is entitled Toes and is taken from Zaba, the 2014 debut album by Oxford-based band Glass Animals. Since the release of that album, lead singer Dave Bayley, guitarist Drew MacFarlane, bassist Edmund Irwin-Singer and drummer Joe Seaward have toured internationally and released their second album How To Be A Human Being in 2016.

With its casually cool and laid-back attitude, Toes is the perfect accompaniment to the ad’s bright visuals, and the C-HR’s assertive claim to help you find your perfect flow on the road.

The C-HR advert is just one part of the biggest advertising campaign Toyota has ever commissioned. Cinema, social media and billboard adverts will support the TV ad, while a full 60-second version of the advert will be revealed during the debut of The Voice on ITV on 7 January.

Movie-goers settling in to watch T2:Trainspotting, the highly-anticipated follow-up to director Danny Boyle’s 1996 hit Trainspotting, will also be treated to the full edit.

Andrew Culllis, Toyota GB Marketing Director, said: “C-HR is an important vehicle, not just in taking Toyota into the crucial compact crossover market, but also in attracting new customers to the brand.

“We are making a major investment in a multi-channel campaign that echoes C-HR’s contemporary style and intriguing qualities that will resonate with younger, discerning customers.”

The Toyota C-HR is available to order now. For more information, visit

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  1. Unfortunately, being a advocate of *real* electric vehicles, I find the use of the phrase ‘self-charging’ so misleading that I am in the process of making a complaint to the advertising standards Agency about it.

    It is also incredibly cynical giving the current sate of the global environment, let alone the direction it is heading and fossil-fuelled vehicles are one of the primary causes. Toyota can continue to bury their automotive heads in the sand and try to cover this up with silly advertising like this and other utterly futile attempts at bamboozling the public with stunts like the hydrogen fuel-cell-powered Mirai but anyone with half a brain can see straight through it.

    Your poor engineers must be pulling their hair out chomping at the EV bit whilst watching all their peers in more forward-thinking companies have full rein over designing really disruptive electric vehicles that are selling extremely well and give hope to a cleaner and healthier future for the global environment and everything that lives and breathes in it.

    Toyota’s corporate leaders should be utterly ashamed of themselves. Mark my words, if you do not pull your collective thumbs out and get on with designing a compelling EV *now*, the name Toyota will be gone within 10 years.

    1. Hi Peter,

      Thanks for getting in touch. This advert in particular doesn’t feature a bridge. However, if you are referring to the newest advert, we can tell you that the bridge is in Budapest. It is called ‘Szabadság híd’ which is known as ‘Liberty Bridge’.

      Hope this helps

    1. Hi Darren,
      Thanks for getting in touch. The music that was featured in our CHR advert was Beggin’ by Madcon. Thanks.

    1. Hi Chik,
      Thanks for getting in touch. Sophie Ellis Bextor isn’t featured in the Toyota C-HR advert. Hope this helps.

    1. Hi William,
      Thanks for getting in touch. We’re not too sure what you’re referring to? Please could you give us some more information. Many thanks.

  2. Are the sunglasses worn by the girl from 20-22sec into the commercial from Hook LDN, or they are another brand?
    Thanx for the reply 🙂

  3. I cant find the “cinderella”C-hr, commercial anywhere. Loved it, but cant find it . 🙁

  4. Apart from Hook LDN (which I’ve bought) who are the rest of the glasses by? Mainly the blue pair worn by the blond guy. I’ve searched and just can’t find them anywhere. Thanks.

  5. Love the choice for this song , it fits likes glove in this advertisement . Love the car, brilliant design !

    1. Hi Shannon,
      Thanks for your patience. The man driving the Toyota C-HR in the advert is, Guillaume Mace. We hope this helps!

    1. Hi Jacks,
      A number of the sunglasses that are features on the C-HR advert are Hook LDN.

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