Toyota Corolla enters an exciting new era

Toyota’s new generation of C-segment hatchbacks, saloons and wagons will bear the Corolla name worldwide, building on the model’s credentials as the best-selling car nameplate in automotive history.

The new moniker, which will see the Corolla name return to UK roads after ten years, coincides with the model adopting a common Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform, replacing the three different vehicle platforms currently used in the range.

The Auris nameplate will be retired with the introduction of the new generation Corolla in early 2019.

Explaining the decision, Dr Johan van Zyl, President and CEO of Toyota Motor Europe said: “The TNGA engineering and design philosophy brings a whole new dimension to our next generation C-segment models. Adding to Corolla’s renowned quality, desirability and reliability, it delivers the more emotional values that our customers aspire to, such as a distinctive design, interior refinement, rewarding driving dynamics and powerful yet efficient hybrid electric powertrains.

“There is no better moment than the launch of the upcoming new generation model to reintroduce the Corolla name to our C-segment hatchback and wagon.”

The new Corolla Touring Sports wagon was revealed at the Paris motor show on 2 October 2018, appearing alongside the new hatchback.

Corolla is the world’s best-selling model nameplate, with more than 45 million vehicles sold worldwide since its introduction in 1966.

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    1. Hi Simon,

      Thanks for contacting us and it’s great to see your interest. However, there are no current plans for this vehicle to be sold in the UK. Please keep an eye on our blog and social channels for updates on our vehicles.

      Hope this helps.

  1. Hi great looking car. It’s a real shame that Toyota aren’t embracing Apple CarPlay for the new Corolla and I’m afraid this is probably a deal breaker for me and other millennials – a demographic that Toyota should be looking at embracing further. Hope that this is rectified soon – I believe CarPlay is being offered on Corollas in the US so the technology is there. Mazda UK have seen the light so hoping Toyota will to!

  2. Hello my wife and I have had three Toyota Verso cars, the current model is two years old and is used for transporting grandchildren and for holidays in France. please tell me that there will be a Toyota Corolla 7 seat Verso.

    1. Hi John,

      Thanks for getting in touch. It’s great to hear of your holidays with the Toyota Verso! Currently, there are no plans to release a Toyota Corolla 7 seat Verso in the near future.

      Hope this helps.

  3. Absolutely delighted that Toyota will be bringing the “C names” back. Two questions (which I expect that you won’t be able to immediately answer!): When is Toyota catching up with other manufacturers re CarPlay and Android Auto? Secondly, will Toyota consider bringing the Alphard / Vellfire to the UK? The Prius+ is dated now, and it would be great to see a decent 7-seater in the lineup.

    1. Hi Paul,

      Thank you for your positive feedback on Corolla! Apply CarPlay is now available in the Aygo, however has not yet been rolled out for any other models. We are constantly evaluating our models available to the UK market, so thank you for your feedback. If you are looking for a vehicle with 7 seats or more, we would recommend the Proace Verso.


    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for getting in touch, it’s great to see your enthusiasm for the Corolla. The new Corolla Touring Sports wagon will be given a world premiere at the Paris motor show on 2 October, appearing alongside the new hatchback.

    2. Corolla ex Aurus will be built at Burniston.Can assume total satisfaction will only be sought when buying the top model which think will have full leather and softer plastics.At a guess on cost shall we say around 26 or 27K.Even this is not the criteria as the Corolla will be using the capable platform and transmission seen on the Prius.Which in operation stands alongside the best out there.

  4. Looking forwards to seeing the tech specs on a 180hp hybrid Corolla. Could 0-60 sub 8 seconds be possible?

    1. Hi Peter,

      Thanks for contacting us. The tech specs for the Corolla will be released closer to the launch date.

      1. Hardly a tech question in the wordIt was an Important question for buyers,but appears you are not able to commit.

    2. Would imagine the 180bhp was inserted for a bit more grunt on motorways.As to your question no doubt it will and will sit alongside the VW polo with auto.

  5. last corolla i had died with 165k on the clock. Present Auris has 119k on the clock …. still one can dream

    1. Many yrs ago took my wifes Corolla for service at 10000 mls was offered a courtesy Corolla with 200000 on the clock.Refused it but egg on my chin it drove as well as our own car.

  6. Assume then the Corolla will be built at Burniston.Will the Corolla have the same transmission as Prius with ECVT operation.As Auris hybrid has,confusion arises as to why Toyota use the bulky stick operation and call it hybrid on most models except that mentioned.

    1. Thanks for reply but you have still not covered the last sentence of my post.In spite of clicking on the enclosures supplied.

      1. We couldn’t understand the question that you were asking. Please could you rephrase and we will be able to assist you further.


        1. Can hardly put my question more plainly than did but will try again.Prius and the current Auris have a short stick coming out of the facia to operate the transmission functions.This is classed as ECVT operation.which is simple and highly effective.Whereas every other model across the range have the ordinary thick stick with paddle shifts.Therefore is manual operation,as seen in a Automatic vehicle.A true hybrid is not capable or designed to move up or down gear for gear.Therefore the description of Automatic is wrongly stated
          Prius is the best car ever driven on the tech side but is let down by build quality in example,glove box fastener with door fasteners made from cheap hard plastics making operation difficult. .This is a car costing close to 30K,not acceptable and tried everything known to rectify the problem without sucess.So much for japanese quality opposed to its British counterparts and Auris.

          1. Thanks for clarifying. The interior, the touring sports model, price and specification will be revealed at a later date.

  7. Typical… just when I learn to actually pronounce “Auris” you take it off sale!

    In all seriousness, will the 2.0 litre hybrid be available in the C-HR at any point? There was a concept model a little while ago but it’s all gone quiet….

    1. Hi Bryan,

      Thanks for contacting us. We have no information on whether the 2.0 litre hybrid will be available in any other models at this point in time.

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