Toyota DPF: understanding your diesel particulate filter

Although Toyota’s passenger car range is predominantly focused around petrol-electric hybrid powertrains, the Land Cruiser, Hilux and Proace models are fitted with diesel engines. A diesel particulate filter (DPF) is a feature of these models.

What does a diesel particulate filter do?

The DPF is fitted within the exhaust system and is designed to catch soot particles and nitrous oxide (NOx) from the combustion process that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere. The DPF is highly effective and traps around 80% of these harmful particulates.

Why do modern diesel engines need a particulate filter?

European legislation places strict exhaust emissions targets on all vehicle manufacturers. From September 2009, the Euro 5 legislative standard came into effect, part of which required all diesel cars registered from that point on to be equipped with a diesel particulate filter, or DPF.

These filters are used throughout the industry in all diesel-powered passenger vehicles, and their efficiency is vital now that increasingly stringent Euro 6 emissions standards are in force.

Do I need to replace a diesel particulate filter during normal servicing?

Diesel particulate filters do have a capacity limit and can become full. But unlike traditional air, oil or pollen filters that need to be exchanged manually at regular intervals, the DPF has a much longer service life and is designed to regenerate to restore its performance.

The car’s electronic control unit (ECU) is programmed to do this automatically, neutralising the soot by burning it off at high temperature within the exhaust system while the vehicle is running. All modern cars with diesel engines follow this procedure.

How does this regeneration occur?

The regeneration occurs automatically, usually without the driver being aware that it is taking place. In the majority of cases, the process is carried out when the engine and exhaust system has reached normal operating temperature and the vehicle is travelling at over 40mph.

However, if your driving is limited to urban areas, the low speeds and frequent stops mean the conditions for normal regeneration do not exist. In these instances, the ECU monitors the accumulation of soot and instructs an alternative regeneration programme to begin well before the filter becomes saturated.

This programme injects small quantities of fuel into the engine after combustion, which increases the temperature within the exhaust system and creates an environment where it is possible to safely burn off the soot.

This method is very successful within the small percentage of vehicles where normal regeneration is not possible. However, due to the nature of city traffic, the regeneration process can be interrupted when the vehicle completes its short journey and is turned off. If this occurs, the ECU is programmed to recommence the process when the engine is restarted and back up to temperature again.

How can I ensure that the DPF regeneration process completes successfully?

By creating frequent opportunities for the ECU to complete its normal regeneration programme. Quite simply, this means regularly driving the car at speeds above 40mph for a period of at least ten minutes.

Will I be warned if all DPF regeneration processes have been unsuccessful?

Very occasionally, use of the vehicle might be such that it will have been impossible for the ECU to complete the administration of any regeneration procedure. At this point, the DPF will have become overloaded and stopped functioning, so the vehicle will illuminate a warning light in the dashboard. It will then be necessary for the soot to be neutralised and the filter regenerated manually at a main dealer.

It is extremely unwise to ignore this visual warning as the DPF can become irreparably damaged. What’s more, it is illegal to remove the filter entirely.

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  1. Bought new 2014 Corolla d-4d in Bosnia. Engine and transmission has been solid with zero issues. Basically, I did the typical maintenance (oil, trans, tires, brakes, filters, etc.) and it is such a reliable car for last 46,000 km.
    Every time it starts DPF regeneration, I’ve never stopped the engine. Just keep on driving next 20 minutes to complete the process. No problems with DPF at all so far. City drive 90%, open road 10%.

        1. Hi Jay,
          Thanks for getting in touch. If you’re based in the UK and your Hilux is for the British market it’ll have a DPF. Thanks.

  2. My 2013 has had trips to Stevenegel Toyota Luton for four times now for DPF regeneration. I have had to pay for this except the last occasion. They programmed it so a dash board light comes on when regeneration is required so I don’t turn the engine off. I have followed all the advice and drive style Recomended. It now has an engine management light on as DPF fault. This is is the fourth occasion. I asked Steveneagel Toyota to raise the issue with Toyota UK. They have said Toyota UK will not be doing anything about it even though car is still within the 5 year warranty. I’ve been given the option for a regeneration fir a fourth time and clean up of EGR valve at my own cost. The fault code is for the DPF not the EGR. This is totally ludicrous. Four regressions and problem still not solved tells me there is a problem with this particular DPF. I drive an average of 95 to 100 miles a day on motorways at 70+ I drive it hard knowing the DPF issues. I don’t believe by regenerating again will solve the issue. Toyota UK not being fair here. My next options is to raise a log complaint procedure which I liked avoid.

      1. Subject:
        Toyota DPF is obfuscation legal ?

        Please have Toyota marketing contact me.

        I urgently want to discuss Toyota DPF obfuscation, and the need to investigate misrepresentation concerning vehicle type data lodged with UK and EU department of transport. The issue relates to testing figures included in sales literature and declared to EU Governments – known to be misleading.

        In my case a Top of the range Toyota 2014 Landcruiser Invinciple 3.0, upgraded from 2005 LC 5 LC.

        Toyota client for over a decade..
        Is being fobbed off.

        A question perhaps for Ombudsman.

        Has sale of goods act been breached ?

        1. Hi there,
          Thanks for your comment. We’d advise contacting our Customer Relations team directly. You will be able to contact them using this number: 0344 701 6202. Thanks.

    1. The dpf issue is a joke and a bad one at that noone ever provides you with info about yhis at pre sales stage, or that this is not coveted under a warranty- disgraceful and now they eant us to pay nrarly £700 to have it fully cleaned and removed.?????? Shame o n you Toyota!!!!!!our first and last Toyota.

      1. I have Toyota verso and erg valve failed which made the dpf fail Toyota won’t stand over the dpf because it’s over 60000 miles I and the Toyota garage that I am dealing with believe the dpf should be covered as it did not fail on its own the egr valve caused it I phoned Toyota and the won’t budge on the mater its costing £1500 to replace it was 2000 to start with but Toyota offered 500 of I talked with my solicitor and he reckons with Toyota offering 500 off they are admitting liability so in turn are liable for replacing part under warranty

    2. My Wife had same issue with her Yaris at Steven Eagle Letchworth. Mixed driving yet told she wasn’t driving it right… My RAV4 looks like it might be about to give me similar problems yet I do 15000 miles annual almost all motorway??

  3. hi Glen, did you got any DTC code? I think i have similar problem. I have replaced with toyota DPF and after 450 km got increased diesel consumption. I see increased value of 5. injector on diagnostic (Exhaust fuel adition FB=1,29).

    1. Hello from Poland, I was being a happy owner of Toyota Auris 2.0 D4D 2007 until two days ago when I saw an illuminate warning check engine in my dashboard and after a few kilometers a safe mode started. It found out that it was P2002 mistake it means my DPF stopped working.I didn’t know what to do so I went to the local mechanic who used a computer program and drove my car for few minutes at high speed and the car started work at the normal way. In fact the last three weeks the car was used only in the city in a very shot distance. My question is what I should I do now to avoid similar situation in the near futere if it is all in all posiible???

      1. Hi Irek,
        Thanks for getting in touch with us. Our Technical team would advise driving the car normally and if the system cannot re-gen with that drive style, it will give a warning indicator. If this warning indicator comes on, it has tried to re-gen but cannot and you need to drive it normally, but hold the revs slightly higher or select a lower gear than normal for a short time, 5-15mins.
        It is also very important to use good quality Diesel and not super market fuel. Also the correct oil should be used, specs for each car can be found in the owner’s manual.
        For any further information please contact Toyota in your region.
        Many thanks.

  4. This DPF is driving me mad. Every time I call about about my concern, I get told it’s fine without anyone even wanting to see my Hilux.
    I literally have 2 days out of the week were the car isnt blowing these fumes/ smoke out and the other 5 days it just blows all the time. I’m sick of it. I’ve been pulled over twice by police, had people follow me on the rod and pull me up to complain about the smoke bellowing out of the back. It concerns me some much, and yet as I said, I keep being told by Toyota it’s normal. How can a be 2 year old car blow smoke for 5 days a week regularly? From what I’ve read, it’s meant to go for around 10min… doesn’t obviously add up when I can’t drive normally for days and hours with this happening all the time!

    Pretty fed up!

    1. I have a similar issue and response from Toyota. My DPF burn off operates every 400km now since the last service and ECU check. Fuel consumption has risen, not to mention is bloody annoying with the car revving higher most of the time…

    2. Hi i have 15 plate avensis i have exactly same problem if you find anything to clear your problem let us know please

    1. Hi Martin,
      Thank you for your comment. We wouldn’t recommend removing the DPF filter as the reason for fitting a DPF is to meet emission targets set by the EU. Many thanks.

      1. Thank you for your reply, i understand that there are EU regulations my question is if it is possible i.e in non EU countries my car is an import from UK thank you

        1. Hi Martin,
          It is possible to remove the DPF, however, removing it would be changing the homologation of the vehicle, so not something we would recommend. Hope this helps.

      2. Hi I have 15 plate Rav4 I have exactly same problem if you find anything to clear your problem let us know please. I bought Farmer & Carlisle Toyota Leicester I have within month had DPF problem, and salesman said to it very good car and they do not advised diesel car not good for city and sort journey when I gat to back Toyota and they said me diesel car not good for sort journey you have to run all the time long journey and I have purchase hire so I cant give them back I am stuck 41 month. when we are bay car they sale quickly car after don’t care ones had a money.

  5. My Yaris has been with a Toyota linked garage for a week now. We took it in as the engine management light came on. The garage are telling me that they are 30% of the way through the checks to find out what is wrong with the car. Every time they get an error code they have to email it to Toyota to get a response and then move on to the next code. I just don’t understand how this process can take so long. We’ve had problems with the dpf before and the dpf light was on just before the engine management light came on. The garage say that there is no way they can speed up this process as Toyota reply ‘when they feel like it’.
    It’s such poor customer service.

    1. Hi Susan,
      Thank you for contacting us. We’re sorry to hear about your experience, please could you direct message us on either Facebook or Twitter with your name, email address and let us know the issues you are facing. This will enable us to set up a case for you in order to speed up this process. You can find our social media pages here:,
      Hope this helps.

    1. Hi Marlon,
      We’re looking into this for you. All comments go through an approval process and we’re waiting to hear back from our technical help team. Once we hear back from them, we will reply to your previous comment. Many thanks.

  6. I have a 2010 Toyota Yaris 1.4 D4D. A couple of months ago DPF was blocked and engine management light came on. I bought a Toyota DPF filter (£400+) and installed onto car garage ( further £250). Engine management light still came on and was told to take to Toyota dealer. I took the car to Toyota dealer who said DPF was blocked and they did a forced regeneration to clear the DPF. I asked how the DPF could be blocked when it is brand new and had only done 50 miles between the installation and going to the dealer. Couldn’t give me an answer. Anyway, had had had enough by this stage and thought well it is working now, hopefully no more issues with it. How wrong was I. Approximately 4 weeks later the engine management light has come on again so I will have to book into dealer again! and get some truth about this matter. How can a brand new DPF become blocked again after 4 weeks? I at the very least will be seeking a refund from Toyota for shelling out on a new DPF that suddenly becomes blocked almost immediately. I feel Toyota are not dealing at all effectively with the issue of blocked DPF filters. I know the answer I will get…. contact your local Toyota dealer for help! Well so far they have been utterly hopeless.

    1. I had the same problem last year. Got 40k miles from original filter with no problem then needed many regenerations until it was every 100 miles. Put a new one in and thought, should get 40k trouble free. Within a few thousand mikes it was doing it again. Why Toyota? We never get an answer, it must be sensor related faulty readings but they won’t admit to it because it will cost them money. I bet we don’t get an answer. I had to change to a petrol engine to cure mine.

    2. Following on from my comment above I took Yaris to the dealer today and they have no clue as to why DPF comes up on diagnostic as full. They have asked me to bring the car in again on Thursday so they can have more time to find what is at fault. Well my request to you Toyota GB is to contact this Toyota dealer (Corrie Motors, Inverness 01463 226000) and diagnose this problem asap. Will you??????

      1. Hi Lee,
        Thank you for your comments. We recommend you follow the advise provided by your Toyota Centre to resolve the issue. Many thanks.

  7. Hi – DPF clogged up – apparently 95% full – this led to various problems – high oil level, spanner light kept coming on, was juddering etc when idle. The Toyota garage said I was using the vehicle incorrectly. During the week I do short journeys then at the weekend it normally gets 3-4 decent 40 minute journeys doing 50-60mph. Once a month it gets a decent motorway run.
    Apparently to stop it happening again I need to do 50mph in 4th gear keeping the revs over 3000 for 30 – 40 minutes with no stops or slowing – at least once per week? Does this seem right?
    How am I meant to do this? There are not many roads in the UK where you can do it and apparently motorway driving is not suitable as the revs are not high enough. Also if you stop at any point you lose the benefit and have to start over again – that means not traffic lights etc.
    Can someone please explain how I am meant to do this.
    Also why did they call it an ‘Urban Cruiser’ when it is not designed for urban driving??

    1. Hi Marlon,
      Thank you for your comment. After speaking to our Technical team, they say that the 30 – 40 minute drive with no stops is not correct. However, in order to give you a more detailed answer, please could you provide your reg or VIN number. Many thanks.

      1. Hi – my Reg is MV10 SZP. I think it would be very helpful for me and the rest of the people reading this if we had the exact official details on how we avoid the DPF clogging up when you tend to do short journeys and urban driving.

          1. There is currently nothing wrong with the DPF. I just need to know what is the general guidance for stopping it clogging up and making sure it does the regen – on this model. There seems to be different advice from different people. Toyota must have some centralised information and advice on how you are meant to drive the car to avoid it?

          2. Hi Marlon,
            Our Technical team would advise driving the car normally and if the system cannot re-gen with that drive style, it will give a warning indicator. If this warning indicator comes on, it has tried to re-gen but cannot and you need to drive it normally, but hold the revs slightly higher or select a lower gear than normal for a short time, 5-15mins.
            It is also very important to use good quality Diesel and not super market fuel. Also the correct oil should be used, specs for each car can be found in the owner’s manual.
            If you have any questions regarding engine oil, check out our blog post:
            Hope this helps.

          3. I was take my car 100 time and all the time said there is nothing rungs to the car and dpf is not on warranty we can not do any thing also I spent over 2000£ to sort out the problem but still bad and smoke all the time

  8. Does the fuel level affect dpf regeneration? I read somewhere that it doesn’t work if less a 1/4 full. I’ m having problem of diesel raising the oil level. Why/how does this happen?

    1. Hi Eamonn,
      Thank you for getting in touch. We’d have to recommend speaking with your local Toyota Centre to get a diagnosis and explanation. The technicians will be able to explain in depth and answer any questions you may have. We hope this helps and your questions get resolved soon. Many thanks.

  9. My 2006 RAV4 D-CAT has become sluggish in the past 3 weeks. it’s unable to pick up speed quick enough as before. The OBDII scan tool says P0200 (Injector Circuit Open) but the technician says it’s a DPF issue. I’m tempted to believe him because a check last year gave the code P2002 (Diesel Particulate Filter Efficiency below Threshold). But this has since cleared and never came again. In fact, I do not often use this car but once in about 2 months, I do give it a blast on the highway for about an hour and half doing about 120kmph. So, what is the cause of the current sluggishness and the often regeneration?

    1. Hi,

      Unfortunately it is impossible to diagnose this without inspecting the vehicle. Please contact your local Toyota dealer for assistance. If they are unable to help, we can only recommend contacting customer services in your region. Thanks.

  10. I have a Toyota Auris I had the Dog cleaned last May today engine light warning triangle came on and the car lost power anything I can do

    1. I own an Auris 1.4D-90 and had the same problem, workshops, generally reccomends manual cleaning but in my opinion they miss the point and the problems will recurr in less than 10 days.
      Workshops should initiate a manual regeneration and the owner must run the car approx. 30 min. at a speed greater than 70 km/hr., the DPF will clean and the consumption will drop significantly, i.e. in my car the consumption drop from 6 lt. to 5.5 lt/100 km.
      The cost of initiating a manual regeneration is nothing, only connect the engine scanner and activate it, probably, this is the reason why they prefer a manual cleaning and charge 250 euro for the operation.

      1. I was devastated the other day to have the engine warning light come on on my 2010 Yaris D4D.
        I had just driven it from Annecy in France to Oxford in the UK, and then back again. These are two journeys of 1100km each way. I used motorways for the whole journey (120kmph in the UK and 130kmph in France) so there was plenty of opportunity for the DPF to clean itself several times over. I am therefore very suspicious of the glib suggestions we get from the Toyota garages and even from Toyota Europe that these DPFs clog up because of too much city driving or journeys of too short a distance. My Yaris has never been driven like that, so I’ll need a more understanding reply from the powers that be.

        1. Hi Roger,
          Thank you for contacting us. The DPF is a filter and eventually, will get clogged up so much that it is beyond cleaning and will need to be replaced. With regards to the motorway driving it is the engine speed that is important not necessarily road speed. Please could you send us your reg and/or vin details so we can look in to your case further. Many thanks.

          1. Hi
            Thanks for offering to look into this for me.
            The vehicle has been driven less than 25,000 km in total, and only ever on medium or long distance rural journeys, mostly on motorways.
            The VIN is VNKKC96320A228363.

          2. Hi Roger,
            We’ve looked into your vehicles history and it appears that all the servicing and the warranty has been done in France, so Toyota UK don’t have access to all the information. From what you have told us, your car has done less than 25000 km and is 8 years old, that’s only 3,000 km a year which is not a normal drive pattern for a DPF vehicle. We’d recommend replacing your DPF filter at your local Toyota dealer. You can find you local dealer here: Hope this helps.

          3. 25000 km in 8 years is indeed around 3000 km per year. However, all of that driving has been on open roads or motorways, and almost no journeys have been shorter than 10 km. Typically they are 100 km or more (sometimes 1100 km, as mentioned in my earlier post).

            Toyota’s DPFs are not smart enough to know anything about annual mileage, so what aspect of a 3000 km per year, open road, 10 km minimum journey driving pattern is the DPF struggling with? Surely it’s a simple as “I need a clean, I am up to temperature, I’m driving more than 40mph, so I can clean myself”.

            Is Toyota going to replace my DPF as one of the many recalls I’ve had for this car to date (turbo, airbags, brakes, various switches, etc.), because it is clearly not up to the job. Hopefully the replacement DPF will be a whole lot better than the original one, because I don’t plan on increasing my annual mileage just so I don’t have to replace a DPF every 8 years … especially one that is clearly not designed for infrequent open road driving.

            Toyota has been fantastic with all of the other product recalls. I’m struggling to understand why these sub-optimal DPFs are not being treated like the rest of the product recalls. Maybe they don’t need a blanket recall, but they should at least be replaced free of charge when they fail due to no fault of the driver.

  11. Hello.
    I have Toyota yaris 2010 1.4 d4d with reg: GV60EWY .
    My engine error light is on with code P2463 and I couldn’t find any reason of that(There is not any description of this code)? Is it possible that on because of DPF or is something else? Would you please let me know what is that error code and what should I do? There is not any black smoke in my car just I am feeling a bit reduction in my car acceleration .
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Arash,
      Thanks for getting in touch. The diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) ‘P2463’ means that the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is restricted due to soot accumulation.
      Modern diesel vehicles fitted with a DPF, need the exhaust to get up to temperature in order to burn away/clear the soot that accumulates. It is therefore recommended that the vehicle is driven at motorway speeds for a time that allows the exhaust to get hot and then burn away the soot that has accumulated.
      If the vehicle rarely covers long journeys, not allowing the exhaust to get up to temperature, soot will inevitably accumulate in the DPF and giving the symptoms that you are experiencing.
      We would therefore recommend that you take the vehicle on a motorway journey allowing the exhaust to get hot (20 mins or more for example), then see if the warning message clears. If the message still fails to clear, your local Toyota Centre may be able to carry out a forced regeneration or investigate further if the DPF remains blocked. Hope this helps.

      1. I had this issue continually. With contaminated engine oil as the diezel couldn’t burn of in the dpf. My issue was a faulry air/fuel sensor causing the system to run rich and soot up the filter all the time

      2. Thanks for your response.
        I bought DPF cleanear which spray inside car DPF system from temperature sensor.
        I wish that job can help to clear my DPF.😔
        Unfortunately if I request to dealer for this job , it should be cost me too much.

  12. Is it possible , that during the dpf working or just finishing its regeneration , for fumes to enter cabin of car ? Trying to sort out an on going problem with Toyota. They are just not interested at all .

    1. Hi Steve,
      Exhaust fumes should not be entering the cabin of the vehicle, this needs to be investigated by a dealer, unless you have the window open and simply smell the fumes stronger when a DPF regeneration is happening. We hope this helps.

    2. Hi We are having the same problem with a Corolla T180 2008 No windows open, but can smell diesel fumes in the car, surely this is a Health and safety issue too, ironic DPF’s are supposed to be more healthy for us !
      Did you resolve the problem with yours ?

      1. Hi Alan,

        Thanks for contacting us. The settings of the Heating and Air Conditioning system may have an impact on this. For example, selecting Outside Air or Recirculated Air mode.

        However, if you are concerned, we would advise for you to contact your local Toyota Centre.


        1. Doesn’t make any difference and the recirc is working correctly and the diesel smell should not enter the cabin either way. But it does and it comes from my car, it doesn’t have any leaks. I believe that the problem emanates from the DPF system / operation. Time to get an engineer to look at it and possibly pass info onto watchdog as Toyota are very quick to pass the blame away from their shortcomings on the the design, engineering and operation of the DPF system which is now compulsory to pas the MOT if fitted from new but is now where near fit for purpose.

          1. We are sorry to hear that you feel this way. If you believe that there is a technical fault with your vehicle, we would always recommend for you to contact your local Toyota Centre so that they can perform an inspection. If you have any further issues, please feel free to contact our Customer Relations Team. You can find their contact details via the following link:



  13. I have a 2007 2.2 diesel Corolla Verso. When I last had my car serviced by a Toyota main dealer i asked if my car had a DPF catalytic converter. The service manager told me that they had no practical sure way of finding out. I did not go to that dealership again and probably never will. I don`t think it has a DPF but I would like to know for sure so that I use the correct engine oil. Can you help. The VIN no. is NMTEA16R80R115195, and the engine no. is 2AD5273459. Also is there any way that a non-mechanic could check just by observation?

    1. Hi Mick,
      Our technical department have advised that your vehicle does not have a DPF catalytic converter. For more information on DPF, we would advise contacting customer relations or another Toyota Centre. Have you logged your initial complaint with our customer relations team?

  14. Since we bought our Yaris we’ve had nothing but trouble with the DPF filter. The Toyota Dealership refused to replace the DPF even though the car is only 2 years old and well within warranty. They said that the DPF is a well known problem and they have daily conversations with customers advising them to sell the car when the DPF becomes problematic. Hmm, they didn’t mention this when they sold us the car and I’m pretty sure they’ll fail to mention is to the poor customer that buys our car. One very angry Toyota car owner.

    1. Hi Sarah,
      We’re very sorry to hear this. Have you logged your complaint with our Toyota customer relations team? Many thanks.

    2. I had same issue but was insistent the issue was an underlying one. I demanded a resolution and they found a faulty air fuel sensor. Replaced about a year ago under warranty and no issues since

  15. I was sold Diesel car without giving relevant information about DPF issues.

    Thanks to sales guys at RRG macclesfield, who failed to exercise a reasonable duty of care at a pre-sales level, in order to ascertain whether a Toyota Rav 4 diesel car was suitable for me and my lifestyle, and that they also failed to give me crucial information in relation to the expected use and operation of the vehicle in order to allow me to make an informed choice as to the suitability of a diesel car for my lifestyle / use.

    Toyota Diesel car should be avoided .

    1. Hi Monu,
      We’re very sorry to hear that you’re unhappy with the service you’ve received. Have you reported this issue to customer relations?

  16. I have to say reading these comments I am very disappointed. I too have problems with the dpf on my vehicle, I have returned to my dealer who has said as the problem has continued I will have to replace the filter – my car is still under warranty and as the filter is not a serviceable part I would like an explanation as to why it is not covered. The person at the dealership was unhelpful and down right rude and customer services have not responded. It looks like on here the only answer you can give is ‘go to the main dealer’ or ‘contact customer services’ both of which have failed.
    Such ineffienciency and avoidance is not what I expect of a large organisation.
    Very disappointed

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for getting in touch. As it says above, diesel particulate filters do have a capacity limit and can become full. But unlike traditional air, oil or pollen filters that need to be exchanged manually at regular intervals, the DPF has a much longer service life and is designed to be regenerated to restore its performance. The car’s electronic control unit (ECU) is programmed to do this automatically, neutralising the soot by burning it off at high temperature within the exhaust system while the vehicle is running. All modern cars with diesel engines follow this procedure and have a DPF. Occasionally, use of the vehicle might be such that it will have been impossible for the ECU to complete the administration of any regeneration procedure. At this point, the DPF will have become overloaded and stopped functioning, so the vehicle will illuminate a warning light in the dashboard. It will then be necessary for the soot to be neutralised and the filter regenerated manually at a main dealer.

      we do understand your frustration, and if you have a complaint, we’d always recommend contacting our customer relations team. You mentioned that you had already contacted our customer relations team though. Can you provide your case reference number? We can ask that the customer relations team contact you again to clarify our position. Thanks.

  17. Hi
    I’m just wondering, should Toyota dealers be advising buyers on whether a diesel car with a dpf is suitable for them if they are told of a customers driving habits? Thanks

    1. Hi Mathew,
      Regardless of DPF, the dealers should be advising a vehicle which best suits a customer’s driving needs/habits. We would assume that they will be recommending the correct model for you.

  18. Hi
    I am trying to buy some top-up oil in preparation for a long journey. The oil vendors want to know if my 2010 D4D Yaris has a DPF or not, because this dictates the oil I should buy. Is there a way I can find out whether my vehicle has a DPF or not, e.g. by entering a VIN somewhere that would respond with yes/no for DPF fitted?

    1. Hi Roger,
      We should be able to check this for you. In order to attempt this, would you be able to provide us with your VIN/registration number? Many thanks in advance.

        1. Hi Roger,
          No problem at all. We’ve dropped your VIN with our technical team and they will let us know. Many thanks for your patience.

    1. Hi John,
      Unfortunately, we are unable to comment on Warranty regarding DPF. You would have to speak with your local Toyota Centre or our customer service team for more information and insight. Many thanks.

  19. Hi I have a 2006 Rav4 2.2D and all the warning lights have come on and code 1386 shows when I took it to my local garage, something to do with the exhaust fuel addition injector? I can’t see any reference to this code on this site, any ideas? It seems to run fine but does occasionally go into safe mode so not great!

    1. Hi Roger,
      We’re in talks with our technical team and we’ll advise you when we hear back. Many thanks for your patience.

  20. Good afternoon,
    Have gone through all above correspondence regarding Diesel Particulate Filters fitted on Toyota vehicles. I am one who (up to now), have blind faith in Toyota vehicles , but reading all comments regarding DPF, and most of all, as I am experiencing the same problem regarding the DPF fitted on my RAV 4, 2013 model, with a 2 ltr diesel engine, I hope that a solution is found so that Toyota vehicles remain in my good books.

    My RAV 4 has 52k on the clock, and has been regularly serviced at Toyota.

    My queries are :
    1. What is the solution when DPF FULL see Owner’s Manual , is displayed on dashboard ?
    I live in Malta which, as you probably know is only 122 sq miles, so it is very hard (not to say impossible), to drive for 30 minutes at 40 mph to clear the DPF as recommended in the owner’s manual.

    2. Is there another method of cleaning my vehicle’s
    DPF ?

    3. Is the Malta Toyota Agent supposed to change the DPF if this cannot be regenerated/cleaned ?

    Hope to get a reasonable answer to my queries.


    1. Hi Roger,
      If you DPF FULL shows on your vehicle you need to take this to your local dealer. However, this can be quite expensive to replace. We cannot recommend another method of cleaning your DPF filter, unfortunately. Toyota Malta should be able to assist with this and help regenerate your DPF filter. We do have to recommend checking your owners manual for any information and follow the instructions in there. Many thanks.

      1. Hi again Ella,

        Referring back to my query, :

        As there is no further information regards the DPF I would like possitive clear answers to the following:

        1. How can I be sure that my RAV 4 DPF is being regenerated if I drive it for 30 min at 40 mph?

        2. Can regeneration process be split into smaller time intervals or does it have to be a continuous 30 minute process. Audi and VW manufacturers
        give both as solutions?

        3. As the RAV 4 has only 52k on the clock and is still under guarantee ( as it is of year 2013 ), I guess the Toyota agent in Malta should replace it free of charge.

        4.For how long Is it safe to continue using the vehicle without regeneration?

        Hope to get a reply ASAP


        1. Hi Roger,
          Thanks for coming back to us. We have to advise contacting your local Toyota Centre. They will be able to advise further as we are unable to give any more information regarding DPF. All of our Toyota technicians have years of experience with DPF issues. Many thanks.

  21. Amazed today that i was told to use premium diesel and to ensure we drive the car hard for minimum of 40 miles if the light comes back on. So now we have a car that is ruling OUR life – what happens if i have to catch a train by a certain time and cant just go off joyriding round the country for 40 miles!!! Also please tell me where i am supposed to buy this premium diesel and at what cost? There are no garages near to me to buy it?!
    Toyota should be responsible for providing a better solution and not just wash their hands of it – shame on you toyota!

    1. Hi Sarah,
      Thanks for getting in touch! We have spoken to our customer relations team and someone will be in touch to discuss this issue with you. Hope this helps.

    2. Sadly, this is the case with all DPF equipped cars, since Euro 5 was introduced, it always creates a big reliability problem when treehuggers take over the design of cars, rather than engineers and the whole DPF fiasco is clear longstanding proof of this. May I kindly suggest that if you want to use a car as and when you please, do as many short journeys as you like and don’t have to go to the expense of wasting all of that expensive fuel to go on long needless drives (for no other purpose than because a dashboard light tells you to), that you buy an old school (pre 2006) diesel or a newer petrol engine car. Older diesels may be less refined and less exciting, but they are capable of taxi-like mileages on the majority of their original factory parts, and don’t pitch a big expensive non warranty covered fit because some anti-emissions part isn’t happy with YOUR lifestyle!.

      1. Yes, sadly agree chris, I cant believe toyota who we have had total faith in have built such poor cars. I understand it is industry wide but surely there has to be a better solution?! It looks like we are being forced into purchasing either a petrol or electric car which being diesel users all our life will be very difficult to change now or as you say, go back to an older diesel which sort of defeats the object of buying a newer car..!

        1. Sarah, what will probably annoy you even more, is that is you were an American Consumer then all of the major emissions components fitted to your car would be covered under the Federal Emissions Warranty – Government based legislation introduced back in 1996 which forces all of the car manufacturers to cover the major emissions components on their vehicles for a period of 8 years / 80k miles, if a covered part goes wrong within this period, even if the original new car warranty has expired, it still gets replaced free of charge, with no quibble and non of this nonsense about driving style. After all, on one hand, we are told to minimise the use of our cars, and then in the next breath, we are told to drive on long needless journeys every few hundred miles, burning up those dwindling oil resources we keep being lectured about, for no other purpose than to allow the ‘green’ parts on our cars to effectively service themselves, in short you have to become anti-green in order for your car to be green! – ludicrous.

          Currently the only manufacturer who seem to play a fair game in the UK in relation to DPF warranty cover seems to be Skoda, at least if the feedback on the various owners’ forums are anything to go by. Personally, I think that if we are going to have more and more anti-emissions components such as DPF and SCR systems ruining the reliability of the diesel engine, then the manufacturers should back those components with a similar emissions based component warranty to that given to American Consumers, after all if the manufacturers don’t have enough confidence in their own build quality to offer a decent warranty on the parts they are fitting, then maybe, just maybe they shouldn’t be fitting them to cars until a time when they do. No smoke and mirrors – no pack drill.

          Non of the responses given by Toyota on this blog in relation to the problems their customers are having with their DPF systems have endeared me towards buying a new diesel car from them, quite the opposite but its not just Toyota, the fact that very few manufacturers seem to honour any warranty in relation to the diesel particulate filter, should perhaps speak volumes about the technology behind it, hence i’ll be avoiding buying any new diesel car until the problems with these DPF systems are sorted out and the reliability improved or at least some kind of warranty given in order to convey trust to the consumer in relation to its longevity, and if everybody maintained the same stance, you watch how quick something would be done or introduced in order to improve the situation.

          1. Totally agree chris. The whole dpf issue is madness and what makes it worse is that toyota doesnt act on complaints and i am still months on from purchase driving a car that was faulty from purchase and getting nowhere. We will definatly not buy another diesel until as you say this nonsense is sorted out. I am not a fan of petrol cars but can see us having to get rid of this car and buying a petrol. After the treatment by toyota we will be looking at other manufacturers too!

    3. I run a large fleet and every Toyota I have is now having DPF problems. The Toyota “warranty” up to 100,000 miles is a scam. Been told that the DPF isn’t covered as it is a serviceable item yet its not on any service schedule when to change…. at a cost of £2000 pounds I might add !. Been told that we are not driving them properly !!!!
      Next time don’t buy Toyota. We won’t.

      1. Yes totally agree! Toyota and other brands have lost it where diesels are concerned. We wont buy another toyota and wont recommend until this gets sorted out. Following our complaint toyota still hasnt come back to us many weeks later, disgraceful!

        1. GLYNREDGRAVE how old are these vehicles?, you *may* have a case under the Consumer Rights Act (Previously the Sale of Goods Act) if the car is less than six years old. Obviously if the car is still under its original warranty then the more likely you are of them working with you and eventually getting the problem fixed. The only onus is that you can prove that during your ownership you have used the vehicle ‘properly’ – generally proof that its been serviced on time and genuine Toyota parts used – ideally by a dealer, is more than enough to satisfy bringing your complaint.

          Another important factor (assuming you bought the vehicle(s) from a Toyota Dealer), is whether you were advised at the time you were considering purchasing a DIESEL car, that you were expected to cover a certain annual mileage, or have a driving style which was suitable for the car, did the dealer also expressly point out that the DPF would be excluded from the vehicle warranty prior to, or during the actual sale?.

          Whether its pointed out in the manual is irrelevant, as you wouldn’t be expected to have access to an owners’ manual (the clue is in the name) until after the purchase of the vehicle, the whole basis of your complaint should be that these factors should have been stated to you and ascertained by the dealer prior to purchase.

          Be truthful in your claim, but If the dealer genuinely didn’t do any of this, then make sure that you empathise that you believe that the dealer failed to exercise a reasonable duty of care at a pre-sales level, in order to ascertain whether a modern diesel car was suitable for your fleet and any daily usage, and they failed to give you crucial information in relation to the expected use and operation of the vehicle in order to allow you to make an informed choice as to the suitability of a diesel car for your lifestyle / use.

          Print out all of the similar complaints here, and on the owners forums, the more you can find the better, so you can also support your complaint on the basis that the number of complaints are so numerous and widespread that you believe that the DPF issue is not isolated to your vehicle or down to your driving style.

          Also file a complaint with consumer-ombudsman.(google it), and themotorombudsman (dot) org – national media can be very helpful too, as many Sunday newspapers have motoring and consumer columns.

          Finally, Do you have any finance on the car?, if so the finance company are jointly liable with the dealer / manufacturer in resolving this for you, contact them if its applicable.

          Non of this is a ‘magic’ solution and it takes effort to see it through, and obviously the closer the age of the car to the magic 6 years old, the lower the contribution expected from the manufacturer / dealer, if at all but its the principle here, and i’d be firing off letters on that principle alone, especially if the car(s) is / are still under warranty and the dealer didn’t tell you in the showroom that a diesel car needed to be treated any differently to a petrol or point out the DPF requirements prior to purchase (very important to highlight this aspect – assuming it applies).

      1. I do drive and do not do short journeys. The train trip was a one off and was for a special birthday celebration steam train ride so when it happened to start playing up it made me wonder what happens in other circumstances, hospital appts, other impt appointments, do we simply have to keep driving and either be late or not show up at all because our car says so???

        1. Ok I’ve found when you can dive in 4th gear at 60 mph you don’t need to do it all the time once a month for 30 mins should do the trick forget premium fuels I’ve had previously had problems and since doing this it’s been ok your first indication will be a drop in mpg so reset every month .

  22. Very interesting reading about DPF etc
    Also interesting that my previous post was removed
    Sad that Toyota cannot be honest enough to leave a post containing a real life story about a real car purchased from a real Toyota dealership
    Sad also that Toyota refuse to repair a PDF issue under warranty
    Probably best to go now to the motoring press

    1. Hi Richard,
      As no-one operates our blog over the weekend we are just getting round to answering all the queries. Please bear with us, whilst we filter through the comments. All comments go through an approval process before going live. Many thanks 🙂

  23. Very interesting!
    We purchased a new Yaris Icon in 2014 and the DPF has given trouble and continues to give trouble. If you are considering purchasing one of these cars DONT! (DPF is only one issue)
    Toyota absolutely refuse to help under warranty.
    Feel free to publish my email address and I will tell my story HONESTLY to any one who cares to listen.
    My FIRST AND LAST Toyota
    Richard McNabb N Ireland

    1. Hi Richard,
      We’re so sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your car! Did you speak to customer relations about your bad experience?

      1. Thank you Ella for posting my two comments! We have received a number of telephone questionnaires during our 2 years of Toyota ownership. In all of these we have given honest responses but didn’t receive any solid answers to our queries.
        I can only assume these calls came from Toyota “customer relations” dept? Perhaps not!

        1. Hi Richard,
          That’s no problem. Was it a dealer or customer relations you spoke to regarding your DPF? Do you have a case number from customer relations?

          1. Hi Richard,
            Thanks for getting back to us. We would have to advise logging this problem with out customer relations team! They will be able to escalate this further- you can get in touch with them via telephone: 0344 701 6202 OR via our email form:! Please let us know if you have any more questions 🙂

  24. Hi I have an Avensis 2009 2.2 d tr (the newer shape) chassis sb1ba76l70e004005, 81000 miles and have noticed a rattle from the steering column at low speeds which is very annoying and have been told that the steering shaft splines may be worn and should have been fixed as part of a recall but cant seem to find any confirmation on this. Also I have noticed clouds of smoke occasionally being emitted from the exhaust, any advice please.

  25. Hi i have a 2010 T4 AVENSIS it shoots big massive puff of smokes time to time, like smokes come and disappear. i took the car to local garage and mechanic said its a dpf causing this trouble. Any help please specially some1 with similar situation many thanks

        1. Hi Syed,
          Thanks for getting back to us. We would say this is the best option, your local dealer with give the best support and advice!

    1. Hi Omkar,
      Thanks for your post. Unfortunately, due to this model not being in the UK range we are unable to check whether this car has DPF. We would advise contacting Toyota from the country you are based in. Hope this helps!

  26. Hello,
    i smell a burn/rubber/exhaust smell in the cabin, starting today.
    I donk know what it is, and the smell is pretty strong.

  27. My Yaris diesel is 4 years old. I had to take it to Toyota last week as it lost power and the engine light came on whilst I was driving on the motorway. I got told the DPF was blocked and that it needed a clean. The service team told me this happens due to the low mileage I do- however when I explained I drive 40 miles to work daily on a dual carriageway at 70mph and twice a month I drive 180 miles round trip to see family they were shocked. I went away happy as I thought my car was fixed.. Well until 6 days later it happened again and again when I was driving home at 70mph when the engine light flashed on. I have been told the filter was blocked again?? and it now needs replacing at a cost of +£800! I don’t know much about cars but after doing some research and speaking to experienced drivers this isn’t an issue that should arise at this stage and taking into consideration the mileage I do? I don’t trust what Toyota are telling me and I truly think there is some sort of fault.
    It does seem like a common complaint and big fault with Toyota diesel cars and I certainly think that it should have been highlighted when I bought the car from Toyota.

    1. Hi Rita,
      Thanks for your post and we’re sorry to hear you’re having problems. I will take a note of your email address and someone from customer relations will be in touch regarding this problem. Hope this helps!

      1. Hi Susan. Have you been in touch with our customer relations team regarding this issue? They will be happy to help: Thank you.

      2. Hi Susan, unfortunately not! I’m still going back and forth between my local Toyota and customer relations- there are still a lot of unanswered questions!

    2. Well Rita, it wont make either of us feel better but I have the exact same issue with my 2010 Avensis D4D. Driving to work yesterday morning, power loss, dashboard lights on brought it to a garage who tell me it is a DPF problem. Minimum cost €500, possibly up to €1,500 depending on parts required! I also travel 60km a day to and from work on motorway so no excuse for DPF not clearing normally. Talking to other car owners and mechanics I believe the system is inherently faulty. Toyota can no longer lay claim to the “best built cars…” rubbish.

  28. My 2013 Yaris D4D broke down yesterday. The AA recovery man said that the sump had been flooded with diesel and the oil level had risen very high because of DPF regeneration. Thing is, I do 80 miles of dual carriageway driving at 70 mph twice per week so why was it trying to regenerate anyway, and having tried why did it fail and flood the sump instead?

    My service indicator light has been on since 7500 miles after the previous service. The dealer said it’s normal. But yesterday the AA man said it was the car telling me that the oil was contaminated. So I’ve been driving round with diesel in my oil, and damaging my engine, for 6 weeks.

    1. Hi Dominic,
      We’re so sorry to hear that you’re having trouble. Can we confirm that you’ve been to your local dealer about this issue? They should be able to assist you further with your query. Many thanks!

  29. I’ve owned a GDJ150R Landcruiser for 6 months now and have clocked just over 11000 klms. Almost every day that I start driving, the engine revs at 900 rpm for about 20 mins, then drops back to about 700 rpm. Is it do-ing a DPF burn so often and is this normal for this model. I’ve never experienced this on previous Toyota diesels that I’ve owned. I have been told that a DPF burn should raise the rpm to about 1200rpm. (I dont know if that’s correct or not.)

    1. Hi Kevin,
      Thanks for your post. Someone from the customer relations team should be in touch with you! Many thanks.

  30. I have a 2007 Toyota Quantum 2.5 D4D with 350000kms on the clock. I have a big problem, on my intake pipe the plug thats there has 3wires, I noticed that 1 of the 3 wires broke so the vehicle started making white smoke & i was limited to only drive 80km/h & it wouldnt drive any faster…I’ve fixed that connection & i reset the computer by disconnecting the battery. The white smoke disappeared & i could drive over 80 km/h but then the next day…my vehicle would only drive 80km/h again but this time round its making black smoke & i noticed that i dont hear my turbo spooling up while driving. I resetted my computer a few times but it still drives the same. Please help me because im clueless now.

    1. Hi Winslow,
      Thanks for your post! We’re so sorry to hear you’re having these troubles with your car. We would suggest a trip to your local dealers. They will be able to help resolve all the issues you’re experiencing. You can find you local dealer here: Hope this helps!

  31. Hi there
    when I bought my 2013 Toyota yaris diesel, I was told there was a full service done on the car , does the dpf filter not come under a full service if it is a consumable product like oil filters air filters etc ?
    and also I was not told about dpf when I purchased the car as I live on a small island where staying at 40 mph for a period of 20 min is hard

    thank you

    1. Hi Paul.
      Thanks for your post. The DPF filter is a legal requirement for all diesel cars. The DPF filter has a much longer service life than air and oil filters because it is designed to clean itself. Therefore, it is not included in a full service. Hope this helps. Many thanks.

  32. I recently purchased a new Toyota Avensis 2.0 143ps D4D, Toyota’s reputation for reliability was the deciding factor. My driving pattern is a 5 mile each way commute to work, shorter local journeys on the weekends, approximately 10 longer journeys of over 300 miles annually, and a summer holiday involving approximately 2,000 miles on French roads. Total 8,000 miles per year just about every year. The vehicle is serviced by Toyota at the recommended intervals and fuelled with Shell diesel. In view of what I have read about DPF problems I am concerned that I may have purchased the incorrect car. My previous vehicle, an Audi petrol covered 120,000 miles over 12 years of ownership without any special maintenance other than regular servicing, I expect the same from my new Avensis, an unreliable or troublesome car is not acceptable in year 2016.
    Some questions:
    1. What is the likelihood of DPF problems, and how frequent is blockage expected to occur?
    2. What steps can I take to mitigate any filter blockage?
    3. Is use of a fuel additive which lowers the temperature at which soot is combusted in the DPF recommended by Toyota?
    4. If so, how often is the additive to be added, to each tank, or less frequently?
    5. Do more frequent oil changes, perhaps every 5,000 miles help reduce the possibility of DPF issues?
    6. Assuming a careful driving style and the above describes mileage what is the anticipated minimum mileage at which the DPF will need to be replaced?
    7. What is the current cost of replacing the DPF on a 2015 Avensis 2.0 143ps D4D at aToyota dealer?
    Please provide honest and open answers to all my questions, I can live with swooping this car for a petrol or hybrid vehicle, however as I live in the country and full time availability of my vehicle is essential, a car which needs ongoing additional maintenance and may leave me stranded due to a blocked DPF is unacceptable.
    Best regards,

    1. Hi Ross,
      Thanks for your post.
      1. DPF problems are more likely to occur when carrying out shorter and more frequent journeys.
      2. It has been advised that getting your car to 2000rpm for 20 minutes at a time can help reduce blockages. Getting your vehicle to 70mph for a good run can also help.
      3. We do not have any fuel additives in our product range and therefore would not recommend the usage of any.
      4. N/A
      5. We would advise that changing your oil more regularly isn’t too important. However, making sure the oil is of the correct specification for your vehicle is essential.
      6. It is hard to comment on the minimum mileage and we would be unable to say. It is completely dependent on driving styles and conditions.
      7. If you were able to provide us with your VIN or registration number we would be able to provide a more accurate price. However, from our system we can see that it could cost around £584.13 Excl. VAT with labour cost on top of this.

      Hope this helps. Many thanks.

    1. Hi Ibra,
      Thanks for you post. I have spoken with our technical team and our system is showing that your vehicle does not have DPF. Hope this helps. Many thanks.

        1. Hi there,
          Thanks for your post. The answer to your query is, Yes. Your Avensis does have a DPF fitted. Many thanks!

  33. I’ve been driving a Yaris diesel bought new 3 years ago and have been told the DPF filter needs replacing for over £1,000 and isn’t covered under warranty. The dealer told me it used to be covered but was withdrawn as there was so many faults coming in. They also told me that I was the fourth person with the issue that week, so it’s endemic.

    This seems like a big fault with Toyota Diesels that should have been highlighted to buyers from Toyota , so what would be the best trade or legislative body to raise this to in the UK? I’m at the stage where I don’t trust Toyota’s or the warranties any more.

    FYI: I drive on a dual carriageway at 70 mph twice a day, so the regen should be working- but isn’t clearly.

    1. Hi Tim,
      Thank you for your post. We are sorry to hear about the issues you are experiencing. We would advise contacting our customer relations team here: Many thanks.

  34. In my car meter showing dpf full and p244c dtc showing in trouble code. but we cant solve the problem any procedur available for this dtc.

  35. Hi, im Ardy.. I have trouble with my land cruiser VDJ200. The display in meter combination is “DPF FULL SEE OWNERS MANUAL”. I have been removed it with the new one but the trouble was not clear. So what i have to do next? Thank you very much

    1. Hi Sunardi. We recommend you visit your local Toyota dealer to inspect the vehicle. Thank you.

  36. I have a 2014 Yaris diesel with 79k miles which I use for driving tuition.

    The car ran perfectly for 40k then the EML came on and I took it to the dealer who did a software update and a regen on the DPF.

    It ran great for another 20k as far as I can remember, with the DPF warning light coming on a few times and as recommended taking it up the motorway for a good 30 minute run at 70 in 4th gear cleared it.

    From then and especially from 70k this has been happening more frequently and recently the DPF light has not been coming on just going straight to limp home mode with the EPL light on.

    the dealer has been doing regens but the last one only lasted 150 miles.

    I’m at my wits end as i have tests coming up and cannot rely on the car.

    The dealer says the filter is fine because it is regenning ok but i need some advice as to when you know when a filter has reached the end of its life and a new one should be fitted?

    1. Having exactly the same issue now 2013 model at 64k, it’s at the the dealer now getting fixed hopefully but not a reliable car for driving instructors.

  37. Hi, my 2014 yaris icon 1.4L has suddenly dropped in mpg over the past 3 months – after a good ~2 years of 450-500 miles per tank, I am now struggling to get 400 miles per full tank. I commute to work and regularly drive 50+ miles per day with at least 40 minutes above 40 mph (including a couple of stretches at 70mph). Can you advise why my mpg has dropped? Could this be a problem with the dpf/ECU? Thanks.

    1. Hi Tanja,
      Thank you for your post. Due to many factors which may contribute towards this, we will find this hard to advise online. Therefore we would advise visiting your local Toyota dealer who will be able to take a visual check of your can and be able to advise accordingly. Your local Toyota dealer can be found here: Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know.

  38. Hi, How long I need to drive (a range will be fine) before the DPF needs regeneration. For example, If I am doing short trips of 4-5 miles twice a day within city for four weeks (250-300miles) and then do a long trip where I can drive over 40mph for more than 10 min. Will this result in clogging?

    1. Hi Ramana,
      Thank you for your post. We have spoken with our technical department and they have advised that this type of driving style will result in clogging. Hope this helps and if you have any further questions please let us know.

    1. Hi Tammy,
      Thank you for your post. The cost of a DPF filter differs from model to model. We would advise contacting your local Toyota dealer with your chassis number and vehicle details. From this they will be able to offer you a price specific to your model car. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know.

    1. Hi Alan,
      Thank you for your post. The DPF is not covered under warranty due to this being a serviceable part. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know.

  39. This is an astonishingly frustrating process. I have been told a number of times that I need to run my car for longer distances so this doesn’t happen. It seems I am expected to create the right conditions for my car to be both efficient and safe rather than a car working efficiently and safely for me! I find this totally unacceptable. I have an additional problem of too much oil presenting on the dipstick after this “regen”. This definitely makes my car unsafe to drive! This has happened to me twice in as many months. Am losing faith and confidence in the car and its issues.

    1. Hi Shena,
      Thank you for your post. Sorry to hear of your disappointment. We can confirm that the regeneration will not cause excess oil to appear on the dipstick as the amount of oil in your engine will be governed by the amount of oil put in. If you are concerned about this we advise that you contact your local Toyota dealer, who can check this further. You can find your local Toyota dealer here:
      Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know.

      1. No. The oil on the dipstick in excess is a separate problem. I am repeatedly being advised that I need to run my car more often/for longer drives/at faster speeds to minimise regeneration. This is not a realistic expectation, nor economical. It does not solve anything for myself as driver. So, it seems still need to create the right conditions for the car and be responsible for that. Do petrol cars have these issues?

        1. Hi Shena,
          Thank you for your quick reply. Sorry for any misunderstanding. Hopefully the dealership is addressing the issue with the excess oil on the dipstick. We can confirm that petrol cars do not have these issues of a DPF. If we can help in any other way please let us know.

      2. Hi, I’m having trouble with the DPF on my avensis this car is 13 months old ,can you clarify the warranty period on this please .

        1. Hi Stewart,
          Thank you for your post. We would advise if you are having issues with your car to visit your local Toyota Dealer: Toyota warranty is design to cover any manufacturing defect. Your local Toyota Dealer will be able to investigate the issue further for you. Hope this helps clarify and if you have any more questions please let us know.

  40. Why have you removed the post i made about DPF’s instead of answering it?

    What is your problem? What are you trying to cover up?

    I will be taking this matter to FOS and other authorities!

    1. Hello Steven
      We have not removed your post. All comments received on our Blog need to be approved before they are published and can be seen. Your post was received at 14.39 today and will be published as soon as we have received a reply from our technical team.

  41. What is the capacity limit of a DPF, and at what point can you, or should you expect to start having problems with it?

    You state above that the DPF has a much longer service life and is designed to be regenerated to restore its performance, but what happens if/when the filter is regenerated manually at a main dealer and the ECU warning light remains lit up on the dashboard?

    What is the life span of a DPF and at what mileage should you expect to have issues with it before any suggestion of a new DPF has to be installed?

  42. Does this same procedure apply to older diesels (2010). Do they also have the fuel injection process that allows regeneration for city driving?

    1. Hi Stu
      Thanks for your post.
      When Euro 5 came into effect in September 2009, part of it required all diesel cars registered from that point on to be equipped with a diesel particulate filter, or DPF. However we need more vehicle details in order to confirm a specific model. Hope this helps.

  43. a light on the dash would be handy when is regen is on or a % symbol how full it is , this could be done as software update may be? ? iv tried 2 talk two toyota thay don’t seam two want two know or listen

    1. Hi Ken
      Thanks for your post and feedback.
      We will pass this information back to the product team who look after our product specification. While we do not have current plans to introduce this feature, it would require new parts to be incorporated rather than a software update, we can review this for the future.
      Thanks again for your post.

      1. Please, where can i get a brand new dpf to buy? I have removed my existing dpf because it has clogged to the extent that the filter elements are burnt. The car now emits white smoke when engine gets hot especially when idle in traffic.

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