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The Toyota FT-1 concept is Toyota’s Calty design studio’s vision of the ultimate sports car, and it is already being hailed as the symbol of Toyota’s design future. Indeed, the alpha designation ‘FT’ stands for Future Toyota.Toyota FT-1 concept rear

The California-based team produced a car that embodies striking modern design. It also makes subtle visual references to Toyota’s sports car history, going back to the legendary 2000GT of 1967.

Toyota FT-1 rear static

The racecar-like exterior expresses powerful performance through its pronounced front wings and sharply contrasting lines as well as the large air intakes and exhaust ports, while the retractable rear wing points to its aerodynamic qualities.

Toyota FT-1 side

The FT-1’s front engine/rear-wheel drive configuration allows the cockpit to be set towards the rear of the car, creating classic sports car proportions while optimising weight distribution. The wraparound windscreen and side glass treatment are a clear nod to the design of the original Toyota 2000GT.


Inside, the ergonomics and cabin layout capitalise on the car’s low centre of gravity, maximising enjoyment for the driver. A delta-shaped display zone reinforces the feeling that the driver is at the heart of the action, fully connected to the car. This quality is enhanced by the Formula 1-style steering wheel and a colour head-up display that projects key information onto the windscreen, just above the wheel. The design pushes the A-pillars as far back as possible, to increase visibility when cornering.

Traditionally, Toyota’s design decisions have been driven by consensus among a large group of people. Yet for the FT-1 this process was streamlined as part of a company-wide movement to give Toyota products more energy and passion. This approach has been fundamental to the development of the FT-1, a concept that captures Toyota’s aim of creating cars that connect more deeply with customers on an emotional level and generate a more satisfying ownership experience.

Graphite Toyota FT-1

Yes, but only in the virtual world. The Toyota FT-1 concept car is a playable car in  Gran Turismo game.

Toyota FT-1 concept in Gran Turismo 6

The Toyota FT-1’s status as a show-stealer at the Detroit motor show in 2014 was confirmed by comments from the UK’s media.
Steve Fowler, editor-in-chief of Auto Express, put the FT-1 at the top of his list of best show cars in Detroit, describing it as the ‘undoubted star of the show’.

Jim Holder, editor of Autocar commented that it ‘embodies a sea change at Toyota’.

What Car? editor John McIlroy described the FT-1 as ‘a fabulous achievement.’

Richard Hammond in the Daily Mirror said the FT-1 is about ‘Toyota making cars that people will fall in love with’, while Top Gear colleague Paul Horrell described the concept car as a ‘serious, high-end sports car; beautiful, too.’

It wasn’t just the motoring press that reacted positively to the FT-1. Electrical product review site Pocket-Lint said the FT-1 was ‘definitely something to get excited about’, and technology site T3 hopes Toyota turns the concept ‘into a real car’.


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  1. Its not just a concept guys. They are coming with the model in 2017. If you think I’m lying, ask any worker in a Toyota dealer. I’ve been keeping my eyes for anything that had to do with the FT-1. The price they are thinking is around $60k but I’m not too sure. They also say they are coming with a v6 and a v8 options but you got to ask them to see if its true. It is also coming out in Lexus but I don’t remember what the model is called in Lexus, I guarantee it loos even better since it has that luxury look into it.

  2. The car looks absolutely incredible!! Ever since I saw the first pictures of the car, I immediately fell in love and am now searching on a regular basis for updates if any as far as when they’re gonna put this thing on the production line. I love the sharp edges and the form-following-function approach that was given to the design! My compliments to Calty on a job well done on this car! The final version needs to stay as close to the concept’s look as possible and be put into production ASAP. Rear-wheel drive for sure, and offer two engines and transmissions: for the engine offer both a twin-turbo V6 and a naturally-aspirated V8. Perhaps Toyota can utilize the same engine blocks that are used in the Lexus IS (V6 and V8 from IS F) and build on that platform. And for the transmission offer both a 6-speed manual and a 7-speed, dual-clutch paddle shift gearbox. Maybe Toyota can even offer launch control for this car too? I mean the Mark IV Supra is still very famous to this day for going really fast down a straight line, why not offer something that will sort of pay homage to that? And lastly, when Toyota enters the development stage for this car, they NEED to set the bar high, build this thing to be competitive with the GT-R and the upcoming NSX, among other cars that would fit in that category. Putting this thing up against the GT-R especially will be incredible as it will pay homage to the Mark IV who to this day has been sort of a rival to the Skyline, and are both arguably the best cars Japan had to offer at the time, along with the FD RX-7. Just by the looks of the car, with the F-1 inspired nose, side scoops and fastback layout it has to have killer aerodynamics, and it would be such a shame if they watered down the design or developed the car to only compete with the Nissan Z, or even the new Corvette. No, I believe the car has much more potential than that. This car has to be built to be a supercar-killer. Toyota has the opportunity right now to take its place again among Japan’s sports car elite, and move from being the company of bland and boring and conservative designs, and with the FT-1 being the talk of the town, they need to step up and do it fast.

    1. Hi Alfredo
      What a great post.
      Thank you for your thoughts and feedback regarding the FT-1. We do still have to confirm that this car is a concept but we have really appreciated the posts we have received regarding the car, its design, and suggested powertrains and transmissions. It certainly helps build a picture of the sort of specification enthusiastic owners would like to see. A key focus for us at the moment is building cars people would love to drive so thanks again for your post.

      1. Yes, unfortunately it’s just a concept.. for now at least! I remain hopeful that Akio Toyoda will eventually give the green light to develop this car for production. Another few things I wanted to add to my expectations is a 50-50 weight distribution, low center of gravity like the GT86, and I would prefer that they don’t include a hybrid powertrain, although with the success of the Porsche 918, I’m open to the idea of a hybrid-assist system. One thing I hope Toyota DOESN’T do is allow this car to be worked on by BMW and going as far as installing one of their Inline-6 engines. The Supra name has been all-Toyota ever since it first premiered, and it would only make sense to keep it that way.. from what I’ve heard, Toyota wants to come out with two new cars in the near future, one being similar to this and another being a roadster like the BMW Z4.. I think this car that will eventually become the Supra (hopefully) should only stay in Toyota’s hands, if anything they can team up with Yamaha to design a sweet set of engines, like when they designed the 4A-GE for the legendary AE86 chassis, or even more currently the 2ZZ that was in the Celica and the 1LR engine off the LF-A.. Yamaha is the only company in my eyes that would ever be qualified to work with Toyota on this car.. Toyota should only team up with BMW in the design of a new roadster, which I think they were planning on doing anyways.. I can’t remember sources right now, but I remember reading somewhere that Toyota wants to build a roadster based on the Z4 chassis from BMW.. with a 2.0L 4-cylinder and a hybrid powertrain.. that would be a tremendous thing for Toyota, and by all means I think they should go for it, but for this car in particular I think BMW should stay on the sideline

        1. Hi Alfredo
          Thanks for your reply and further information.
          We would say not to not rule out hybrid technology completely on a sports car though, we have been using hybrid racing technology for a couple of years now in our Le Mans LMP1 car. Hybrid can be adapted for high performance or low emissions and economy. We unveil the new model (TS040) for this season on 27 March. With regard to BMW, we are undertaking a feasibility study with them to define a joint platform concept for a mid size sports vehicle. No news at the moment but do stay tuned to our Blog for the latest.
          Best wishes

  3. So how can one say enough about being excited for the MKV Supra. I for one have been a NA 5-speed Supra former owner. I sold it for $3000 more than when I initially purchased (2006) and I still think about getting another one. Im that guy who would want the base version, not trying to try to compete with the GTR or new NSX which are both over 100k, why can’t this particular car go against the new Z or Mustang? This is what us regular Supra aficionados want! Sell this base sports car for around 40k-45k…thats more than a 370z. Their engine has 330 horsepower. Give it a tuned Lexus engine similar to the 2hz. There is absolutely nothing that compares to the Supra styling and heritage. Anyway, selfishly this has always been my dream car and would love to see it fulfill the niche out there. Basically, the GT and more refined version of the FRS.

  4. If the ft1 is going to be named supra then it has to perform against the gtr and the nsx. After reviewing the gtr since that is the only car in production so far it definitely has to be forced induction but manual and not tiptronic!! Owning a mkiv supra for 8 years I’m very interested in purchasing the new car but for as long as they keep the supra heritage and performance!!!!
    Keep up the good work Toyota!!!

  5. Luv the concept design. As a mkiv owner I’d like to a manual transmission option with forced induction ( no lag – highly modifiable ) ft-1 / mkv supra make it to production. It has to be beat the c7 stingray performance.

  6. I brought one of the first Supras in the US back in 1993, If you build this Toyota, I will be one of the first in line again. Please use turbos and tone the nose down just a little. Price wise, $60k-$70k USD will be prefect. Light weight is also a must. Seeing that the Lexus RC350 weights 3500lbs; the new Supra will have to lose some of that weight. More carbon fiber and less luxury technology 😉

    I would be happy with just A/C & heater, CD player/Radio, power and leather seats. Please try to keep the weight down as much as possible. I would be very disappointed if it weights 3,900 lbs + like the Lexus RC-F.

    1. Thanks Jonh
      A similar premise behind the GT86, light weight, low centre of gravity and rear wheel drive. Simple.

  7. Toyota, Please build the FT-1, and make a true sports car, keep it light, and give it atleast 450 HP, and I will be first in line to buy it.
    It’s been 16 years since you sold a true sports car in the US, and I actually owned a 1998 Supra twin turbo and still regret the day I sold the car.

  8. I’ve been waiting for a new “Supra” for 13 YEARS, ever since I sold my ’97 TT 6-spd.

    Hoping the new one has:

    – inline 6 with ONE turbo for top end power
    – hybrid assist for low end
    – 6-spd manual or a 7+ speed DUAL CLUTCH, with large paddles on the COLUMN, not the wheel
    – an open roof available (targa, sunroof, T-tops, I don’t care…)
    – 2+2 so that small kids can ride along when needed

    1. Thank for your post Bryan.
      We do appreciate and value all the feedback we receive even though FT-1 is only a concept car. Also noticing quite a number of previous owners of TT Supra commenting here.

  9. Owning a TT Supra I’m proud be part of the heritage!
    Everyone’s telling you to make it, that must count for something?

    I agree with those saying continue the heritage by making something like a 4L I6 Twin Turbo including your hybrid, or why not push the boundaries again by inventing a Tri-Turbo system? 2 small ones like the supra but include a larger one. The 2 small ones will keep lag down while the larger one gives the biggest power gain.
    Heck anything is possible nowadays!

    1. Thanks for the post Callum and glad you enjoy owning your twin turbo Supra. We thought the trend was to ditch the twins and go for just one bigger turbo?
      Love the suggestion about a Tri-Turbo though!

      1. a larger single turbo is the standard for upgrading supras. however the lag that comes with a big single does not make a car that could be sold to the public. What would be really cool is to see Toyota use a variable vane turbo (like the porsche turbo features) on the future supra, errrr, I mean FT-1

  10. Whatever Toyota decides (V6 TT or I6 TT), just don’t make it a hybrid. I repeat NO HYBRID. Also, I would like to see the Supra nameplate return. Give FT-1 (MK5 Supra) a real name, unlike with the Scion FR-S. That was just a bunch of letters…

  11. I am a buyer if it features a toyota (or yamaha) designed inline 6 turbo engine. In my opinion using a V motor would ruin the lineage to the supra and 2000 GT. Ideally using a bottom end that is compariable to the 2jzgte but with an improvded head design would be all it takes. 3jzgte 4 liter twin turbo would sell these cars like hot cakes.

  12. I think Toyota should develop a new inline 6 and do what they did with Mk4. They could have a naturally aspirated I6 for the base version or could put it in sedans like the JZ motor which was used in several costs. This next supra has to live up to the tuning potential that the old one did and as the GTR currently does. A ~400hp I6 turbo would be sufficient if the price is around 45-50k, if pushed to 60-75k I would expect no less than 450 and for it to be closer to 500. The design is flowing, however the front is very controversial. I think it would have a better following with a more FRS/GT86 type front end with the “fangs” and large opening in the middle. Lastly I think making the car with a little less power and a little less money would be a good thing. ~400hp at <1500kg at $45k would be perfect.

  13. I hope it stays as close to the concept as possible. I found it visually stunning and exciting to look at. I would hope that the power plant is up to specs with the competition out today, namely the R35 GTR and Corvette Z06. The car needs to have a powerful motor that can handle alot of horsepower reliably like the Supra it replaces! I have owned 5 Supras in my life. I haven’t bought a brand new car because I cant see myself in anything but a Supra. Toyota if you build this car I will be first in line to purchase it, thats a guarantee.

    1. Thanks Cedric
      We appreciate your post. Not sure if anyone can beat five Supras over the years! Thank you for your commitment over the years.

  14. The FT-1 is a great concept and showcase of what Toyota can do. We emplore you, Toyota, to build this vehicle. An upgraded version of the 2GR V6, Twin Turbocharged of course, making at least 500hp. The alternative could be the BMW Sourced 3.0 I6 Turbo (though I know many will call this blasphemy). If the team can manage to keep the weight low, centered around 2900lbs, that would really be competitive and nimble, with great driver feedback. I will buy this car. Keep it as close to the concept as possible. Much like the GT86.

  15. On GT6 FT-1 has 518hp. I hope that will be true in real life as well. Use a V6 TT like others have said. And please please have a manual transmission. Price it no higher than $70k. Release it soon Toyota!!! Honda and Nissan are coming out with the new NSX and R36 GT-R. But I guess better late than never.

  16. Please keep it as close to the concept design as possible… Very unique and eye catching design.. TT V6 much like the 2JZGTE… something priced competitively along side the IS-F and new RC coming out…

    1. the 2jzgte is an inline 6 not a V6. Inline motors have many advantages to V engines. An inline 6 cylinder features 7 main bearings as opposed to 4 main bearings that would be found on a V6. The ease of working on an inline motor and adapting turbo systems are my biggest reasons for I6 love. V engines with turbos get to be difficult and expensive to work on very quickly.

  17. I would like Toyota to bring production version of FT-1 to the market. I will in the line for the 2nd production year of FT-1.

  18. High Revving I6, V6 or V8 with turbo but no lag, eventually some type of hybrid, but it must be very light, under 1300 kg and have more than 400 PS.

  19. Please make this car.

    4L inline 6, sequential turbos, and a real manual transmission and don’t drastically change the body, we all love the concept for a reason.

    I own 3 mk4 Supra tt’s, I want one of these as well, but it needs to be competitive with the GTR.

  20. Put this car into production Toyota!!! Use the RC platform and put in a V6 TT and price it at $60k and undercut both the GT-R and NSX!

  21. This looks amazing, really. The fact that it is a concept car is a bit disappointing though, since I can’t think of any incredible looking concepts that actually look anything like the final product.

    Just make it, we will buy it. Don’t fix what isn’t broken – it looks amazing.

    Also keep the HUD that would also be amazing.

  22. Wow, I just absolutely love this design!! It’s so beautifull

    Please please Toyota make this!

    I hope the engine will match the looks, hopefully over 400hp, or close to 500hp to match the GTR. Inline 6, V6 or V8 Turbo / twin turbo!!

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