Toyota GT86: What Car? readers’ verdict

The acclaimed Toyota GT86 is a firm favourite with both motoring journalists and the car buying public, despite the fact that it’s yet to arrive in Toyota showrooms.

This latest readers’ review from What Car?, filmed in France with four lucky readers, helps explain why.

The Toyota sports coupé receives lavish praise for its performance and looks, not to mention value for money.

You can read the full review on the What Car? website.

To read the latest independent, expert opinion on the GT86, read our reviews round-up.






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  1. I ordered a GT86 on 2nd of december and I have just been told my ETA is 20th-26th September. A number of people on the GT86owners club and FT86 club forums are getting their cars before me even thoguh they didnt order their cars until april/may. Complete let down by Toyota.

    I am considering cancling my order. its disgrace.

    1. Hi Adrian

      We’re sorry to hear about your concerns regarding the delivery date of your GT86. We’d recommend that you contact our Customer Relations team who will be able to help you. For details on how to contact them, click here.


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