Toyota Mirai qualifies for OLEV grant support

The new Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell saloon has been confirmed as eligible for Government grant support, in recognition of its zero emissions performance. Thanks to the fact Mirai produces no gases that can damage the environment or air quality – water is the only by-product created when the car is driven – customers can enjoy a £3,500 reduction on the car’s purchase price.

The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) has added Mirai to the list of cars and vans that qualify for the grant. It’s the first hydrogen-fuelled model to be featured in the approved list.

The availability of the grant means that customers choosing to purchase a new Mirai outright will see the price tag reduced to £62,500.

Transport Minister Andrew Jones said: “The first hydrogen-fuelled electric car eligible for the plug-in car grant is a milestone as industry develops low emission technology at pace.

“The Government stands with them all the way, investing £500 million in electric vehicles over the next five years to position the UK as a world leader. I look forward to seeing this exciting car on our roads, adding to the wide choice of green vehicles available to British drivers.”

Paul Van der Burgh, President and Managing Director Toyota (GB) PLC, said: “We believe that with Mirai and our fuel cell technology we are taking important first steps in helping create a future low emissions, hydrogen society.

“Toyota selected the UK as one of the first European markets for Mirai, thanks to the support of Government, agencies and businesses to promote the development of a national hydrogen infrastructure.

“We value and appreciate the decision to support Mirai through the OLEV grant system, not just because it creates a financial incentive for customers, but because it also stands as independent acknowledgement of Mirai’s status as a genuine low-emissions vehicle. This reflects not only its clean performance when driven, but also the potential for hydrogen to be produced sustainably from low-carbon, renewable sources.”

Mirai, the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell saloon, is also available to lease at a monthly cost of £750 over a four-year period. The package includes the vehicle’s hydrogen fuel and routine servicing costs, together with access to a dedicated concierge service to deal with customer requirements, including the organisation of servicing and maintenance.

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