Toyota offers ‘Your Choice. Our Promise.’ to UK customers from April


Did you see the latest offer that Toyota announced in the national press over the weekend? While everyone lost an hour’s precious sleep, all new car customers gained something much more valuable – in the long term, at least!

‘Your Choice. Our Promise.‘ offers the option of either a 5-year warranty or the first 3 services for free. Worried that your new Toyota might not qualify? Don’t be. This option applies to every new passenger car, from the innovative iQ to the iconic Land Cruiser V8.

Announcing the offer, Toyota Managing Director Miguel Fonseca said: “This great new programme not only represents superb value for our customers, it also gives them complete peace of mind around their choice of vehicle. It also underpins the principle of trouble free motoring characteristic of Toyota’s products. And with the choice of a longer warranty or free servicing for their new car, they can make a choice based on their personal priorities.”

Of course, if you choose the free 3-year service plan, you’ll still receive Toyota’s standard 3-year warranty. And if you decide you would like the extended 5-year warranty instead, you’ll still be able to purchase a great value Toyota Service Plan from your Toyota Centre.  The choice really is yours… So which one will you go for?

To find out more about this special offer and other great deals currently available across the range, click here.

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  1. Hi,

    I purchased a new Toyota Yaris in August 2009 from a main dealer and paid for the 3-year service plan, which works out at 31 direct debit payments of about £17 a month. I have just received a letter from Toyota which talks about ‘realigning’ the prices, with services now being available from £99. I contacted my main dealer and understand that the first service would cost £119, the second £179 and the third £119. If you do the arithmitic, it seems that, on taking on the service plan, I am about £100 out-of-pocket!

    1. Hi John,
      Thank you for your question. Your 3 year service plan may have included
      services that are not necessarily part of the new ‘Fixed Price Service”
      scheme, such as maintenance items (e.g. brake fluid or a pollen filter) or
      potentially an MoT. As we can not view individual service plan details, we
      recommend that you contact your Toyota Centre as they will be able to
      confirm what additional items have been included. Thank you.

  2. I bought my Gen III T-Spirit in September, with a basic 3yr 60,000 mile warranty on everything, including the hybrid drive chain, rather than the 5yr, 100,000 hybrid warranty I had with my previous Gen II.

    To find out that, a few months later, Toyota has returned to a proper warranty leaves a nasty taste in the mouth of those of us who will now have to pay for those two years of warranty.

    It also means less incentive to part exchange next time through the dealer chain, as only the original warranty is likely to have any value to a dealer. An extended warranty is only of value if the car is sold privately.

    Combined with stories of ridiculous charges for upgrading the original out-of-date satnav data, my opinion of Toyota has almost sunk without trace.

  3. I purchased a new Prius on 10 March and was told by the Dealer that I would be eligible for the “Your Choice, Our Promise Offer”, and even selected which part of the offer I would have. I followed up today and was told that purchases that were made with the Scrappage offer are now excluded – my purchase was a scrappage deal. Is this correct? If so it is most unsatisfactory, I thought the Offer was to reward your loyal customers that stuck with Toyota during the tough media times of late Jan/Feb/March?

    1. Hi Robert,

      I’m afraid that cars purchased through the Scrappage Scheme don’t qualify for any other offer. This condition is specified in the terms of the Scrappage offer: “The Scrappage Incentive Allowance offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers”. This has been included in the terms and conditions since Scrappage began and pre-dates ‘Your Choice. Our Promise.’ by some months.

      The Toyota Centre you purchased your Prius through is best placed to discuss this with you further. However, if you have further concerns, please contact Toyota GB Customer Relations on 01737 367 600. Many thanks for getting in touch.

  4. I took delivery of my new Prius on 31st March. A week or so earlier I had a ‘phone call from the dealer, asking me if I’d prefer an extra two years on the warranty or the first three services free of charge. I opted for the free servicing.

    When I picked the car up I was told that I was one day too early for the offer……..

    Coupled with the issues over the very poor FM radio reception in the new Prius (it’s virtually unusable in my local area, unlike the radio in every other car I’ve owned, including my previous 2005 Prius) and I’m seriously considering never, ever buying Toyota again.

    How can you make an offer to a customer, then withdraw it on the day the car is collected?

    Jeremy Harris

      1. Many thanks, Melissa, I received the free service vouchers in the post today!

        I just need to get the poor FM radio reception fixed and I will revert to being a happy Toyota owner once more.


  5. I wish Toyota’s national coverage was correct. On this very website they are offering cars at prices dealers will not let you buy for. Take the Landcruiser offer advert, you can buy an LC4 from £30775. I have tried, and failed to purchase that car for that price at 2 different franchise dealers. I am a big Toyota fan myself but wish they would get their act together. If that car was on ebay i would have bought it by now and they would have no comeback at all. As for the warranty or service package, i think i would have the service package and hope nothing goes wrong in year 4/5, so i’d be quids in.

  6. I purchased an excellent Aygo on 31 March 2010 and was told that I could check my eligibility for the 3 year free servicing offer after the start of April. I had not signed an agreement to purchase that car before 31 March…

    Checking with the salesman after the start of April I was told that I did not qualify “as you have purchased the car under the government scrappage scheme”.

    I can not find any such condition mentioned in the descriptions of the offer.

    That transaction saw me disposing of my old Peugeot to complete our full set of 4 Toyotas for the family. I had no intention of moving away from Toyota in future.

    But this does not feel at all good…

    Can Toyota help?

    1. Hi Jon,

      Thanks for your email; I hope you’ve received my reply.

      Your Centre is best placed to discuss this with you. However, if you wish to make a complaint, please contact Toyota GB Customer Relations on 01737 367 600. Many thanks.

  7. Hi,
    I ordered a new XTR Automatic RAV4 with SAT nav in feburary. I paid the initial order payment but I was told it might not possible to give me a true waiting time for delivery of this model in the UK while if I wanted the same model without sat nav it was delivered in three weeks. Does any one know how long an XTR RAV4 with sat nav then takes to arrive in the UK.
    Thank you.

        1. Apologies for the delay – it’s not a straightforward question to answer. I’ll see how they’re getting on with your question and hopefully I’ll be able to get back to you on Monday. Thanks for your patience.

        2. Hello again,

          Thanks again for your patience. We’ve spoken to your Toyota Centre, who will be in touch with you soon. They will handle your query from this point on.

          Thanks for getting in touch, and we hope you enjoy your RAV4 when you receive it!

  8. It is a very good offer. I would probably take the 3 years free servicing rather than the five year warranty. I would need the service more than the warranty, as I would not expect the car to be developing faults but I would rather save money on the price of services.

  9. What on earth are Toyota playing at offering a time and condition sensitive 5 year warranty. You are raising awareness of the value of 5 year warranties and then you are going to pull out on 30th June. Hyundai and Kia must be rubbing their hands.

    I consider myself a loyal Toyota man and I want to see a standard 5 year Toyota backed warranty, not one backed by a third party insurance policy.

    Toyota is about confidence, style and quality. Take a leap of faith.

  10. I have driven Toyota since 1976, starting with a Carina which I drove for three years in Oman. Over the tears my wife and i have had several Corollas, one Yaris and on 2 Dec 09 we bought a new Aygo.For over 30 years we had no problems whatsoever, but the Aygo has been back four times. First,the air control would not operate, being restricted by incorrectly routed radio cables.Then three attempts were made to rectify water ingress through the driver’s door after heavy rain.I was told this was a known Aygo fault and it has now been put right.During the rectification I was surprised to learn that the Aygo is manufactured in the Czech Republic as a joint venture with Peugeot and Citroen.I was not aware of ths when we bought the car. However the good news is that car is now waterproof,it is a joy to drive,big enough for what we want and we will certainly stay with Toyota

  11. P.S. to my first comment I adore my Prius, and my son loves his which he bought at the same time as me. I tell people the car “does what it says on the box” and how often can you say that these days.

    1. Hi Marion

      Thanks for getting in touch. It’s great to hear that your Prius is living up to expectation. The new ‘Your Choice. Our Promise.’ special offer was announced to Toyota Centres on 25 March 2010, with the promotion beginning just two days later. Unfortunately, as with all offers, there is inevitably a start date that some customers will have missed. Your Toyota Centre will be happy to discuss the service plan offer with you and we suggest you contact them directly.

  12. I would love to know when the dealers were informed of these offers as I picked up my new Prius on the 11/3/10 at the height of the recall and joked that I would not be best pleased if they made some type of offer after this to gain customer confidence after I had paid the full price and received in effect the standard package. Now I find that they are offering £500 towards finance and 3 years free servicing, I was offered a service package at a cost of £520 for three years which I have not decided to take up yet. Come on Toyota offer this free servicing to loyal customers who did not desert you at your time of crisis.

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