Toyota Prius price and specification

The Toyota Prius is a pioneer in hybrid motoring, and comes with a range of grades and options.

Prius is available in three grades – the T3, T4 and T-Spirit – and with four different option packs, as detailed below. Scroll down for the full equipment list of all three grades.

Prius prices
Prius T3 £21,995.00
Prius T4 £23,745.00
Prius T Spirit £25,295.00
Options Price
Solar Roof £1,550
Protection Pack £360
Style Pack £300
Leather £1,500
SAFETY T3 T4 T Spirit
Driver and passenger front airbags y y y
Front side airbags y y y
Driver’s knee airbag y y y
Front and rear curtain airbags y y y
ABS with EBD and Brake Assist y y y
Traction Control (TRC) y y y
Steering-assist Vehicle Stability Control (VSC+) y y y
Front seatbelt pretensioners y y y
Three three-point rear seatbelts y y y
Driver and front passenger seatbelt warning light and buzzer y y y
Rear seatbelt indicator light y y y
Active front headrests y y y
Anti theft system (immobiliser and alarm) y y y
Passenger airbag cut-off switch y y y
ISOFIX child seat restraint system y y y
Child-proof rear door locks y y y
Emergency braking signal y y y
7in Electronic Multi-Vision (EMV) Display y y y
Touch Tracer switches y y y
Head-up display y y y
EV, ECO and POWER drive modes y y y
Multi-function trip computer and Eco Drive Monitor y y y
Push button start y y y
Foot release parking brake y y y
Cloth upholstery y y y
Leather upholstery Opt Opt Opt
60:40 split folding rear seats y y y
Height adjustable front seats y y y
Electric front seat lumbar adjustment y y y
Adjustable front headrests y y y
Three adjustable rear integrated headrests y y y
Front and rear electric windows y y y
Driver’s window with ‘one-touch down’ and anti-trap functions y y y
Electrically adjustable heated door mirrors y y y
Electric power steering y y y
Tilt and telescopic-adjustable steering wheel y y y
Manual headlight levelling y y n
Automatic headlight levelling n n y
Remote fuel filler release y y y
Cruise control n y y
Intelligent Park Assist (IPA) and rear parking monitor (included in Navigation Pack) n n y
Smart Entry & Start (driver’s door) y n n
Smart Entry & Start (all doors) n y y
Rain sensing front wipers n y y
12V power sockets (front and rear) y y y
Six-speaker audio with single CD player y n n
Eight-speaker audio with single CD player and Bluetooth n y n
Navigation Pack, including HDD-based navigation, HDD music library, Bluetooth, rear parking monitor and Intelligent Park Assist n n y
Automatic air conditioning y y y
Solar pack (solar powered ventilation, with 15in wheels and tyre repair kit) n n Opt
Remote air conditioning system n n Opt
Immobiliser with alarm system y y y
Remote central door locking y y y
15in alloy wheels with full wheelcaps y n n
17in alloy wheels with full wheelcaps n y y
Space saver spare wheel y y y
Colour keyed door mirrors y y y
Colour keyed door handles y y y
Colour keyed bumpers y y y
Integrated tailgate spoiler y y y
Front fog lamps y y y
Metallic paint Opt Opt Opt

Comments (65)

  1. I would advise not purchasing the T Spirit for the additional satellite navigation system. Mine is only working intermittently (full Toyota service etc etc). You are better to buy a stand alone system for £200 as there are very few other additional options on the T Spirit than the T4 to justify the money.

    1. I disagree with this advice and suggest that you get yours repaired or replaced.

      I have had a T Spirit for two years and never had a problem with the satnav.

      The 10GB audio disk storage is excellent, as is the DAB option.

      1. I won’t be when I have been quoted £2,900 Edwin!!! I hope you get many more years out of yours than I have mine.

    2. Soubds like your unit is faulty. My T-Spirit with sat nav is great also has cd and hdd which records any cds you put in so you build up a library. Eas able to add DAB unit and Usb connection. T-Spirit has rear parking camera and Park Assist self parking.

  2. I have had my new T3 for just over a month and 1200 miles. If you liked the old Prius you will love this one. It really goes, looks good, and I am getting over 60 mpg in normal driving. A bit more road noise and the seats are harder than my old one but the heating and minor controls are more logical. I got my reversing semsors fitted by the dealer. Not 100% successful but ok. With beam adjusters you do not need to stick convertors on the headlamps. They would damage any plastic covers on any new car anyway.

  3. I am on the point of ordering a T Spirit with the LED Technology Pack. Can anyone confirm that the LED headlights can be adapted for driving on the continent using a stick-on lens converter like ordinary headlights?

  4. Who at Toyota makes the decision on the options that can be fitted? I am still fighting my dealer to get Parking sensors fitted on a T3. Looking at the installation instructions it should not take an hour to fit, so why can they not fit them for less than £350???

    1. Fit them yourself. £20 kit from ebay remove rear bumper drill 4 holes with the drill bit provided, Toyota have already marked the positions on inside of the bumper! Connect wires and connect to reversing lamp. 2 hours max.

  5. It looks like (from the eBrochure available for download) that if you want to connect a USB device (mp3 player, phone or memory stick), you have to order an accessory which fits in the bottom of the centre armrest, which replaces the 3.5mm jack socket, with a USB + 3.5mm jack socket. Take a look at the eBrochure.

  6. So to be totally clear, the t spirit does not come with rear parking sensors as standard, but has a couple on the front? How does the park assist work without rear sensors then?

  7. Simon
    Will the rear parking sensors be available as a dealer fitted option on the T3, even though the Protection Pack is not available for it?
    Is there a full list of what dealer fitted options will be available (& prices)?

  8. Hi Simon,
    Were you able to determine if IPA includes parking sensors as stated by Autocar?

    1. Hi, the Autocar article is a little misleading. Parking sensors on the front wings of the car, and a parking camera are included with the Intelligent Park Assist (IPA). This allows the driver to detect space for the purpose of reverse parking.
      This does not include rear parking sensors. These can be fitted as part of the Protection Pack, or as a fitted option at your dealer.

      Hope this helps.


  9. Am I right in thinking that the much talked about “adaptive” cruise control is not going to be offered as an option in the UK?

    1. Hi Peter, I can confirm that adaptive cruise control will not be available in the UK. Toyota have taken the view that this will not be a priority for drivers on the crowded motorways of the UK.
      Obviously this does not apply to everyone; indeed several customers have told us that they would consider Adaptive Cruise Control, and we’ve fed this back to HQ.



      1. What a silly decision on ACC! Anyone who has driven a car with ACC will recognize that it’s a much better option on the crowded motorways in the UK where a constant speed cruise control (which IS fitted) is pretty useless.

  10. Folding mirrors aren’t an option anywhere as far as I can see, which is a pitty, but hey, just reach out of the window like people have done for the last 100 years. As far as I can tell, Toyota have done a pretty good job of creating three trim levels. Give the dealers a couple of months and all the dealer-fit stuff will be available as it has been in the past.

    I’m answer to your point about throwing your toys out over it and cancelling your order if there were any alternatives, for goodness sake, any other car is an alternative. If you want. a Prius buy one, if this options business is all too much, get something else. Sounds like you just need to take a deep breath and realise there’s more to life than stressing over option packs.

  11. Rear sensors are a safety essential in my opinion. I would have hit a small child who ran behind my car if sensors had not been fitted. In Supermarket car parks people just cut behind you without thought. They are not just to protect my bumper.

  12. Simon
    I am a customer I have a Prius with dealer fitted reversing sensors (at time of order). The dealer made made such a hash of fitting the options I have gone to a different dealer for this one. I am quite happy to fit the sensors myself, but why should I need to? The new T4 has options I do not want. All I want on the new one is folding mirrors so I could get it in the garage (None of them have that) and reversing sensors. The boot lip protection would be nice but nobody in UK knows anything about that. Sombody at Toyota needs to ask the customers what options they want and make them available now. If anybody else made an alternative to the Prius I would cancel my order and buy it, but the Honda is not an option. Its this sort of inflexibilty that caused me to buy a Lexus, in 2000, from Belgium and not UK. If I still lived in the South I would have gone to Belgium for this one, The service was excellent, nothing was too much trouble.

  13. Simon,
    I have ordered a T-Spirit with protection pack as we wanted parking sensors, but wondered if that model comes standard with the sensors as stated by Autocar in this week’s road test of the Prius (which they rated highly by the way). Autocar, say sensors are part of the IPA/Navigation which is standard on the T-Spirit. Where do I get a definitive answer?
    Thanks – Wasp.

  14. Simon
    Thanks for the clarification. It seems a bit short sighted that there are no options for the T3, especially as the T4 has something that many people actively don’t want – the 17″ wheels – and the European configurator includes every possibility bar the kitchen sink! C’est la vie – at least we now know.

  15. Apologies – I haven’t replied to this thread since the content of the Style and Protection packs was confirmed. They’re as follows:
    Protection – (£340, T4 and T Spirit only) boot liner and rear parking sensors
    Style – (£350, T4 and T Spirit only) chrome surround on fog lamps, chrome side strips and chrome strip on rear tailgate
    @Brian you can now configure the Prius on the UK web site
    @Julian – there was a DAB button on our radio, but the radio didn’t have DAB. I assume it’s there for compatibility with the upgrade.
    @John – looking into the Firewire port and will report back to you. I don’t remember noticing it on the car we drove, but we hardly used the stereo in the end!
    @Victor and Brian – sorry to hear of your frustration. I have passed on your feedback within Toyota and have had the following response: “Toyota Motor Europe provides a large menu of specifications for each country to pick from to formulate their grade strategy. Many of these spec items are linked to other specs which seriously compromises the range of options realistically available. Having said that, we will always look to add in specification options where we think customer demand suggests it.”

    I hope that helps – Simon

  16. I saw the new Prius at B’ham Bullring. There is a firewire port behind the display. Is this used to transfer mp3 files to the HDD and if so how? Is there a lead or gizmo which converts the firewire to USB, so that a USB stick or external HDD can be used for the transfer?
    Thanks – John.

  17. Thanks for all your help I found the reversing sensors installation manual on the EU website. I just hope my dealer will supply them for me to fit. Interesting my Prius has mud flaps as standard the dealer said the new one does to but they are an option on the EU site and not mentioned on ours.

  18. Victor: Front and rear parking sensors are options/accessories on the Toyote Europe Prius configurator.
    Regarding DAB, a dealer that I spoke to yesterday has suggested that this will be an upgrade a few months after launch.

  19. Victor: No idea if it’s any use but I found what appears to be the rear parking sensor install manual on the Toyota Service Information site (

    Edwin: Nicely spotted, the car the blog team drove is supposed to be UK spec and it has the same button, so methinks at least the T-Spirit should have it, though of course the Toyota website doesn’t list it as of yet.

  20. No mention of a DAB option?

    On the preview brochure, there is a photo of the radio controls that shows an “AM DAB” button (above the “FM” button), so it seems like there’s something in the pipeline.

  21. The European site was didn’t have any installation details, it was just a menu system that included prices but I don’t think part numbers.

  22. How do you get into the European web site to find the part number and installation details of the parking sensors? Are they wireless or do they need to be connected all the way through? My dealer says he can not fit sensors for anywhere like the price of the protection pack because of the labour time?? This sounds like an attempt to up the price and I am tempted just to cancel my order and look elswehere. I fitted Valeo sensors to my motorhome including an extra long harness and sensors of different metallic colours in under two hours and at a cost of less than £100, so why cant the dealers do it for £350?

  23. I’m with Victor – the accessories position needs clarifying ASAP. The info my dealer gave me a couple of weeks ago suggested that there were no additional options for the T3. At the opposite end of the spectrum the Toyota Europe website has a full configurator, which includes not just the protection pack for the T3 but reversing sensors as a standalone fitting.

    Until we know the position how can we decide what we want to order?

  24. @ Andy. I’ve driven the official UK car for about 2 hours and there’s deffo no LED front lights. There are only 2 lights, one a reflector and one a projector. I’m very dissappointed by the lack of LEDs on the front as the three smaller lenses would improve the look of the front end (not that it’s bad)and presumably the LEDs would give improved lighting. It’s not helpful either that the Toyota GB site still shows the car as an LED specced motor and still lists the music box as an optional extra whilst it is now part of the Nav pack. I wish Toyota GB would sort out these confusions.

  25. Simon
    I want a T3 however want reversing sensors. The dealer phoned Toyota and was told they were part of the protection pack at £350 so I placed an order. Now I have been told I cannot have them on the T3 only the T4. This makes no sense and me very angry. Why cannot the T3 have the protection pack??

  26. Andy
    I have seen the car at the Trafford Centre and have been assured that it is the UK spec (RHD etc). It has 3 round lights. Note that the new Prius Equipment page on the website states under ‘Lights’; Halogen headlamps and LED rear lights. Yet more confusion.

    I also note that the price of the T4 has increased to reflect the ‘better spec’ compared with Gen 2 but the CD is now a single, whereas Gen 2 had a 6 CD multi-changer (increased spec???).

  27. The features list that has recently appeared on the Toyota UK website shows the leather seats as an option only for the T4 and TSpirit, whereas the above also says the T3.

    Meanwhile over on the Toyota Europe website they now have a full configurator listing all accessories – how long before we get the UK one?

    On the subject of accessories, a very specific question – will the Toyota roof bars for the current prius fit the new one? The rubber feet are shaped to the roof profile, which I know is changing slightly.

  28. I too have found dealer information next to useless!!
    If I could find out (1)what colour leather was available, (2)what was in both the Style & Protection packs I’d have my new Prius T Spirit on order today!!
    Any chance of this info Toyota??

  29. Are the protection pack & style pack going to be available as options with the T3? The information that my dealer has from Toyota suggests that they will only be available for the T4 and TSpirit.

  30. can you please tell me in detail what the sun roof will be like? Is it a tilt and slide electric operation plus a ‘moonscape’ view rear part? Or is it simply a ‘moonscape’ throughout – ie no opening operation. i realsie it is designed to have solar panels I believe too.



  31. Thanks Simon, the sat-nav sounds the same as Prius 2. You will get the split screen when going down a motorway, but the magic word is “map”!

  32. Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of responses this week but we’ve been flat out covering the press launch and preparing for the marathon test drive on which I’m about to set off (very excited!).

    I’m asking our contacts about the questions I can’t yet answer, and now that we have our car I may be able to answer some of the others in the next day or two. Meanwhile:

    @Oli – I’ve only driven cars with 17″ wheels, and I’m trying to drive as economically as possible over the next week so I haven’t tried to drive this car hard, but my impression is that it’s a firmer setup than the current generation car, and that the car’s stance and body control is a big improvement. On our sneak test drive and on the road, the Prius feels easier to place and the steering is reasonably meaty. In the default ECO mode, you really do notice that the throttle response is softened. It’s very easy to drive smoothly and economically.
    I managed to shock myself last night when briefly switching into Power mode to join a dual-carriageway – when you’ve been driving very gently for 80 miles, it feels like a rocket when you allow yourself to accelerate hard! More thoughts over the next few days.

    @Roger – The sat nav is very similar (possibly identical, I’m not sure) to the one fitted to iQ. There’s a British female voice and a large colour Navi display in the centre console. Ahead of key junctions, this switches to a split screen view showing both the map, and a schematic of the junction showing the route you should follow. When you’re using it and the head-up display is on, the HUD also shows where you should be going as a junction comes up. I’ve mostly just used it on motorways so far, but I liked it.

  33. Simon

    Thanks for the updates. But I can’t help feeling disappointed that Toyota GB has again insisted on limiting customer choice by offering only 3 packages. Prius gen 3 buyers are likely to be a relatively knowledgeable group – many trading up from gen 2 – who’d like to be able to design their own specs when ordering. For example, many T-spirit customers might prefer the better ride and economy of the 15-inch wheels. Since Toyota wrote the book on flexible manufacturing, surely the factory could cope with that. And if we’re paying extra for leather, can we have some choice of colour?
    Suspect though, however good gen 3 is at launch, for many gen 2 owners the chequebook is likely to stay shut until the most important option – Li-ion batteries and plug-in – becomes available.

  34. In Prius 2, the sat-nav has a moving-map display, accompanied by a very pleasant female (English) voice. This same sat-nav is on the wife’s Auris. But in a Prius 3 brochure picture, the sat-nav appears to show the “swooping arrow” display. Please tell me the sat-nav will not be changing.

  35. I’m taken by all the technology – both environmental and cabin toys – but I really want to know what it is like to drive. Nothing on any of the forums in the US or anywhere else really seems to give any insight(!) as to whether it is going to offer any driving enjoyment. Does no-one else have the dilema of wanting to drive something environmentally responsible and tax efficient, whilst also getting some enjoyment from actually driving a car rather than just getting off on the gadgets? From the comment I’ve read so far; here and elsewhere, it wouldn’t appear that Toyota actually need to give it any handling finesse, because driving the car is secondary to playing with the toys. I hope I’m wrong, but would like some reassurance.

  36. @Andy
    I noticed that the display car had LED lights too. It looks FANTASTIC and white is the colour I am going for. I am not sure it that is the flat white or pearl white though.

  37. I’m still not giving up on the LED lights totally. The white car (which looks gorgeous BTW) in the photo for the sunroof – which is dated 06/09, is RHD with a UK registration – is clearly a T-Spirit and has the LED lights. Also – in the US only the LED lights come with self levelling which apparently the T-Spirit does as well. Here’s hoping its a bit of confusion!

    Perhaps its worth pointing out that the LED lights have 3 round lights in the headlight cluster as oppossed to the standard lights that have 2 larger ones.

  38. While I’m also hoping what you’re describing will be possible James, the little I do know (via a photo from Prius-PT) about the HDD system is that it appears to have a mini FireWire port behind the display, though how/whether we’ll be able to use it is a mystery to me. Certainly the Prius does appear to be cheaper here than in the rest of Europe, so that is nice, though I’m unsure the degree to which it might be down to the relative pricing of other vehicles in those countries/tax differences/exchange rates etc.

    In terms of USB/iPod/iPhone stuff, turns out there is actually an installation manual for a RHD USB/aux-in part for the new Prius on the European Toyota service information site, and seeing as I don’t know of too many other EU countries with RHD cars as standard, hopefully it’ll be available for UK Prius models, though obviously Simon is the authority here.

    I also found what appears to be the user manual for it, but although its publication details page lists the RHD USB’s part number as a “SUB PartNumber”, the manual itself seems to be about as Prius-specific as a banana.

  39. I feel your pain Julian, I’m hoping we can plug a USB pen drive in somewhere and copy across mp3s?

    With the LED lights, it’s worth remembering the car is cheaper than its European counterparts. Overall it’s a win/lose situation,
    win: HDD, HUD, price
    lose: Radar CC, LKA, LED lights

    I think it still has great features for the price, but it’s not the perfect low price package we were hoping for (the term too good to be true springs to mind).

  40. To be honest, I’m somewhat disappointed with the final specs, especially on the T-Spirit, as most of the advanced features the top models in other countries have (LKA/Pre-crash/radar-based cruise control, LED lights etc.), aren’t even available as options here.

    Simon: Is aux-in all we’re going to get in terms of iPod/iPhone connectivity? I was sort of hoping to be able to control my music without strapping a remote control onto the steering wheel with Velcro. I know the Americans can get a cable from Toyota that integrates it with the audio system, will we be getting something like that as well?

    If not, can you tell us if we’ll at least be able to copy music we’ve already got in digital formats onto the HDD-based music system on the T-Spirit, and if so, how? If it requires you to rip everything from CD instead, well, the idea of having to re-rip 350 CDs in one go, burn a bunch more for music I’ve bought online, and then to have to continue to do so for any new music, actually makes the Velcro solution sound a little more appealing.

  41. Hi Simon,

    I’ve read somewhere that cars with 17in wheels have a sportier handling set up. Is that the case? I’d really like to order a new Prius, but am nervous it’ll handle like the old one. A bit too much of a compromise for an ex-petrolhead. Anything you can say to reasure me would be good! Also, it looks like you have to have 15in wheels with the solar roof. Any reason?



  42. Hi Simon,

    MY dealer said metallic paint is £400. Apparently only black leather is on the system. Can you confirm whether there are different leather colours and in addition that in the HDD that there is no 6-CD changer?


  43. When will the new Prius be available in the showrooms? 1
    There are various dated being banded about.

    1. Hi Robin, cars will arrive in showrooms during July. We can’t give you an exact date yet but will post more info when we have it.



  44. Is there an option to fit a 6 CD multi-changer?
    Is there an option to reversing sensors (other than the full intelligent parking assist)?

    1. Hi Chris

      I can confirm that there is no option to fit a 6 CD multi-changer. There is an aux input to connect an ipod.
      Reversing Sensors are available as an independent option or as part of the protection pack (full details to be announced shortly) should you wish to fit them.



  45. Simon, as usual you’ve come up with the goods so well done and thanks. Can you please though expand on what the Style Pack and Protection Pack consist of.


    Pete / Habu / Truly55 🙂

  46. No problem Simon, and thanks for telling us. You guys have still given us 2 options the US guys are jealous about – the HUD and the HDD Navi.

    I just wish you’d stop publishing pictures of cars with the LED lights tho!

    I’m about to order my car once your system will allow my dealer to select leather interior….

    1. Hi, Scott in our Press Office has confirmed that UK spec photography will be ready very shortly. Until then, we only have images of non-UK spec, LED cars, hence why you are seeing those being used.

  47. Thats great but I still have some questions:

    Is the remote air con was only available with the solor roof (as in the US?)

    The pricing suggest metallic paint is free – I’m sure this isnt so!

    No mention of LED lights – I assume we aren’t getting them in the UK. Shame.

    No mention of turn indicators on the mirrors (as seen on the Euro and Jap cars but not the US).

    1. Hi Andy, I can tell you that the remote air con is only available with the solar roof option.

      Metallic paint is not free, it’s an option on any of the grades.

      Finally LED lights wont be available on the UK specification cars. However, body coloured mirrors come with integrated turning signal as standard on all grades (end on a high note).


      Simon R

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