Toyota Proace – new images

It’s not long until the practical and versatile new Toyota Proace van arrives in the UK, and these new images have just been released.

Proace is due on sale later this year, and has been developed in a new collaboration with PSA Peugeot Citroën as a replacement for the Toyota Hiace. Production starts at the Sevelnord factory in northern France in April with UK sales scheduled to follow shortly afterwards.

Proace will be one of our most versatile models yet, and will be available in two lengths and heights, with load capacities of 5m3, 6m3 or 7m3. In addition to its standard form, Proace can also be specified as a panel van, or six-seat crew cab.

A wide range of dedicated accessories will allow customers to tailor their vehicle to suit a broad range of business and operational requirements. Payloads will range from one to 1.2 tonnes and Proace will be able to tow up to two tonnes. Euro 5 diesel engines with outputs from 89 to 161bhp will be offered.

Further details and provisional technical data can be found in this post. UK market specifications and prices will be announced later.

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  1. Do not be fooled by this citroen van with a toyota badge

    We all know they are the most un reliable vehicles on the road

    Look at the second hand van sale adds and see how many are selling cheap with things wrong with them,

    Buy a Transit
    That is a proper van and very reliable

    Do not buy the proach if it is not what you want

    I will never buy that van for my business

    Who ever thought of this collaboration is a FOOL

    Wait and see how your failure goes

  2. Hi, Please confirm whose engine is in the new Proace.

    Is it a Toyota

    Is it a Citroen

    Is it a Peugeot.

    If you’re going to come back and say it’s a collaboration then what is the engine in the new Proace van

    Hoping to hear a simple answer

    1. Hi there,
      The diesel engines in the new Proace are developed by PSA. The new Proace Van is available with 1.6 and 2.0-litre diesel engines with a range of power outputs and choice of different transmissions. Hope this helps! Many thanks.

  3. I have a renault trafic,every other vehicle in my house and family is Japanese,only the renault goes wrong.i didn’t realise they had stopped making the Hiace,I would buy one! However I will not buy the new one as it is French mechanically etc.Are there any Japanese vans the Hiace size and quality anymore?

    1. Hi Trev
      Thanks for your post.
      We do appreciate your feedback regarding the Hiace however the Proace is the only panel van we sell in Europe. We do have a successful relationship with PSA with the production of our Aygo model though.

  4. I have an 07 Hiace 5 door swb van, the miles are adding up, what do i do? no Toyota replacement yet! the proace, yeh right Peugeot! too small!!
    i have now started to look at exporting one of the new hiace’s in, look at the web they are there, so why not in europe, or we are all going to be driving ford’s and the French revolutions, VW would not make a mistake like this, so come on Toyota get your act together!!

  5. Hi there everyone .

    what a load of rubbish. people buy a toyota hiace because it is a toyota hiace ask any body who as owned one and they all say the same thing bullet proof the only reason they get rid of them is because they have retired need a bigger van or died.
    Get yer act together toyota build bigger vans like a hiace and you have crack it .
    Don’t reply with all the rubbish you have partnered up with whoever any body who as owned a hiace wont buy a proace accept the odd dog walker .

  6. when you say it is better then your mistaken. i have Peugeot taxi in this shape, believe me we taxi drivers know how bad these vehicle are at breaking heavy sliding doors ,window cable breaking wiper arm malfunction all the rest to go with it. this shape from different company’s what a bad move

    1. Hi M Khan
      Thanks for your post.
      We do appreciate your feedback and will pass this onto the product team. We have always enjoyed a successful relationship with Peugeot Citroen (with the Toyota Aygo) and will be looking to develop further vans in the future.

  7. Since 1999 I have owned a Hiace T reg and previously an L reg. these vans are brilliant and now the Proace has come in which is a waste of time. Toyata need to bring back the Hiace as till this day i can see the Proace being a complete flop as I have seen none on the roads. All my taxi driver friends have 12 seaters and when they find out it has been discontinued they will not be very happy. Toyata needs to listen to us BRING BACK THE HIACE.

  8. Wow, looks like the Hiace has gone then. I’m in the market to upgrade my current 2003 french manufactured van and was hoping to go back to Toyota as I previously owned a Hiace. Best van ever. My mate has it now and I’m worried it will outlast the new van. What a big shame Toyota. You should be listening to your customers a little more. Without them you don’t exist!

  9. I have the fiat scudo version of this van. I have owned it for six years now and have had no problems whatsoever and it has proved to be the most reliable and comfortable van i have owned. however i think Toyota have dropped an enormous clanger as there will be now four different manufacturers to chose from.

  10. How to kill Toyota’s reputation…. Build them In France and use old French vans…. Bang goes reliability… Well done Toyota Just dug yourself a big hole.. You could have at the least tied up with VW…. All the vans I see that have broken down on the roadside are…. Yes French!!!!
    Well done, give yourself’s a big pat on the back…

    1. Hello Gary
      Thanks for your post.
      We wanted to get back into the panel van market and this was a process which enabled us to do this. We have worked with PSA in the past with the Toyota Aygo so we have had many years experience working together as brands which helped influence this decision.
      Thanks for your feedback and hope this helps explain why.

  11. It seams that Toyota will not be listening to the most important people of all.

    You would still make good profits from the Hiace. It has become the modern ford transit!
    By all means don’t listen to us THE CUSTOMER. What do we know any way?

  12. I agree why on earth can we not have the proper HiAce van that you see all over the Middle East they are vantastic and are very very popular in medium and long wheel base format. What is the problem Toyota? Please listen to your customers and not think you always know best.
    The same also applies to your amazing Land Cruiser pick up again all over the Middle East even though I have seen a few imports here. Lastly please split off your 4×4 sales and LCV sales from the car sales not everybody wants to buy an Argo you want to talk to a specialist not a CAR SALESMAN.

  13. I like this van but I feel it is overpriced and I feel in todays requirements hands free and sat nav should have been pre installed

  14. I have imported a proper hiace never seen another in uk absolutely love it would not be interested in anything other the only annoying thing I have to put up with is people keep asking me where I got it

  15. It’s a shame!
    If i will buy a Peugeot, then i buy a Peugeot. Not a Toyota!

    Why not selling the normal Hiace in Europe???

    Or make a van version of the Alphard. Almost better then the PSA van!

    My next vans and cars will not being Toyotas!

    I think it will be a Hyundai H1 (RWD!).

  16. As the proud owner of the old Peugeot Expert. 170000 miles and still going strong,the old saying They make dont them like they use to applies. The Hiace was without doubt the best van ever built on the reliability stakes. Dare I say it but to rebadge, Peugeot,Citroen and Fiat is an unbelievably bad move. A van should be built like a van not like a car,which is basically what these P.S.A vehicles are. It seems that Toyota has joined in with everyone else in the World as the accepted norm. More Money for Less Product.

  17. Hi Toyota Uk
    Please listen to the people who have been buying the hiace vans in the past like myself…
    Don.t treat us like fools…you have dropped a Big Clanger here…We want a Toyota van not a Peugeot with a Toyota badge stuck on it etc.. You keep harping on about Dealer support and Warranty but we did,nt need any of those when we brought your vans cause they were bullit proof… Is there any chance we can import a proper Toyota Hiace from outside Europe and have a proper Toyota built van and not some French van in Drag…Someone who decided this project should be fired!!!!!

  18. Why is it that I can buy a new Peugoet van for a lot less than the new Proace. The new Proace van is the same as the Peugoet. How can you justify the extra cost? Its a no brainer in my eyes where I will buy from, and it will not be Toyota!!!!

    1. Hi John,
      One of the main benefits of buying the New Proace in the UK is the support from the national Toyota Dealer network. You’ll also be supported with a Toyota warranty and have a rich mix of specs to choose from. You can see more details on the website:

  19. On my 4 th Toyota hiace still going strong been waiting for new generation . Very disappointed I for one will not be buying French rubbish why destroy such a fantastic van that has built a reputation of reliability and strength .

    1. Hi Tim,
      We’ve partnered with PSA Peugeot Citroën with the Proace to introduce the new generation of this van. You should expect the same reliability as you would with any other Toyota, which is why we’re proud to have our badge on the vehicle. You will be fully supported in the UK through our Dealer network too which should further your sense of support and strength this van has to offer. If you do have any questions about the new model, please do ask otherwise your nearest Dealer will happily help.
      Best wishes.

  20. Toyota have lost it. What are you thinking off? Why get into bed with PSA. Your product will be a unworthy shadow of the mighty Hiace. I owned a Hiace with out a dubt the very best vehicle I ever owned. It broke my heart to let it go. But I saved jobs in sorting out overheads

    Now we are in a postion to re perchace bigger vans. So I went looking to a company I know will be quality. What do I find? Disappointment. Shame! A real shame!

    I am glad Toyota have a good dealer network you are going to need it! If you had kept a Toyota power train you would have and a chance.

    1. Simon,
      Rest assured that our partnership with PSA goes in hand with the reliability you’d expect from any Toyota. We’re proud to have the Toyota badge on the Proace and, as you say, you’re completely supported by Dealers in the UK.
      You’re in good hands with the Toyota Proace and we’ll support you and your business as well as we can through the support and strength of our UK network.
      Kind regards.

  21. Hi
    Do you sell the PROACE only in Europe only?
    Will you have to sell a right-hand drive vehicle? Not be allowed to drive a car with the steering wheel on the right side only in my country (Malaysia).

    1. Hi Hiro,
      Yes the Proace will be available in the European Market.
      You can ask Toyota in your country to understand the equivalent model available. You can contact Toyota Malaysia here:
      Many thanks.

  22. I have had Hiace vans in my company since 1980. All vans over the years were good and reliable. I will not consider the new Proace as I want Toyota engine and reliability. Not Peugeot. No where as reliable as Toyota brand.

  23. Hi Amy,

    With HIACE’s selling all over the other parts of the world, is it possible CEO Akio may bring back Legendary Hiace to the UK, It’s really SAD to see it discontinued, I’ve had 5 up to now and still driving one with over 280000 miles there’s no better or reliable work horse than the HIACE!

    1. Hi Billy,
      We’re so pleased to hear your kind feedback on the Hiace and of your loyalty to the brand.
      There are no plans currently to bring back this model to the UK market. As you can see from this post, we are very excited about our collaboration with PSA to offer the new Proace van. We believe this will be a good solution for our loyal customers following the recent discontinuation of the Hiace.
      Thanks again for taking the time to share your comments and if there’s anything we can help with, please let us know.

  24. Amy,

    Why should I buy this Toyota van when it is not built by Toyota nor has a Toyota powertrain. What can Toyota offer me that Peugeot can’t?



    1. Hi Dave,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      As you are no doubt are aware, the new Proace has been developed as part of a joint venture with PSA, widely seen as a leader in the European Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) market. With this in mind you’re right to point out that at this stage, in terms of the vehicle itself, there are small differences between the Proace and PSA offering, these include some styling, specification and trim differences.
      Where we believe we have a significant advantage sits with our dealer network and our proven track record for industry leading customer satisfaction. Independent surveys repeatedly reveal Toyota service to be held in high esteem, supporting our investment in training and facilities. It’s also worth bearing in mind that while we can’t provide details just now, it is safe to say that the price of the Proace will be competitive and will no doubt come with appealing finance offers, exclusive to Toyota.
      Thanks again for contacting us.

      1. Thank you for getting back to me. I look forward to seeing the specification and price list of the new vehicle. I see the new Hyundai iLoad as the van that most resembles the previous Hiace that we have for price and specification. Out of curiosity I specified a similar vehicle based on the PSA vehicle and the cost was much higher I hope the Proace pricing is closer to the iLoad.

      2. Hi. I also have an 02 hiace. D4D Great van. Looks good big engine turn key it goes ….every single time for the 8 years I’ve had it. Never want to change from hiace. Please sort this out you are Toyota not Peugeot. I will go somewhere else if the proace is the only option. We hiace drivers are loyal to Toyota you do the maths. You have also stated that there is no difference between your proace apart from some plastic trim and maybe a CD player Ryan.

  25. Will this Proace have a Toyota engine? I hope so because that’s what makes a Toyota and with no offense to the French their engines are no way as brilliant as Toyota’s.


    1. Hi Az,
      The new Proace will come with a Peugeot engine as part of our partnership with PSA. You can read more on this here: The venture was formed to offer customers with a solution since the discontinuation of our Hiace model, the company are a leader in the European light commercial vehicle market, with a solid reputation for quality and versatility.
      Thank you for your comment.

      1. I recently traded in my 6 year old Aygo,which i had owned from brand new,for a real Toyota.The Aygo as you know was a partnership car with PSA and it showed!Not a quality that Toyota should associate with.

  26. Hi,
    Is the new Proace going to have a window van option for the motability and taxi conversion market. Or will the coach builder have to supply the Windows ?

    1. Hi Richard,
      The Proace will be a panel van, unfortunately there is no window van option.
      Your local Dealer will be able to help you further, you can find their details here:
      Many thanks for your question.
      Kind regards.

        1. Hi Nathan,
          Thank you for raising this with us and a good spot.
          The Proace is available as a panel van and crew cab, but does not have the glass van option.
          We are currently updating this post. Our apologies for the misinformation here and thanks again for letting us know.
          Kind regards.

    1. Hi Scott,
      Unfortunately, we cannot advise on vehicle availability in other markets. We suggest getting in touch with Toyota in the U.S., who’ll be able to help. Their details are here:
      Thanks for your post and have a great weekend.

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