Toyota’s 2009 range on show – and a first look at new Prius

UPDATE 19/4/13: This post was first published ahead of the launch of the current-generation Toyota Prius, which has since been updated. To find out more about the Prius, read our other posts here or go the the website.

We’ve been concentrating on the Next Prius in our recent posts, but it’s not the only new and exciting Toyota model to be released this year. 2009 has seen the launch of iQ and the Urban Cruiser, along with new models of the Verso, Yaris, Avensis, Auris and Aygo
– meaning that almost all of Toyota’s car range is new or updated.

And, from Monday 18 May, Toyota will be showcasing its renewed range in shopping centres across England – and giving the public a first chance to experience the next Prius.

Toyota will be visiting three of the country’s biggest and busiest shopping destinations; The Trafford Centre in Manchester, Birmingham’s Bullring and Bluewater in Kent. At each, you’ll be able to see the Urban Cruiser, iQ, Yaris, Verso, Avensis and Auris.

All-new Prius

And, though the Prius isn’t due on British roads until 1 August, it will be making its first public appearance in the UK as the centre point of Bullring’s Green Week. New Prius has a best-in-market petrol CO2 figure of 89g/km with a combined fuel consumption of 74.2 mpg, 136 bhp and a 0-60 time of 10.4 seconds. The new car also falls into the £0 road tax bracket, and will be exempt from the London Congestion Charge.

Prius Moving

You’ll be able to experience the third generation of Toyota’s full-hybrid vehicle at Bullring from Monday 8 June to Sunday 14 June, after which it moves on to the Trafford Centre (15-28 June) and Bluewater (29 June-12 July).

Full schedule

The Trafford Centre
18-31 May – Urban Cruiser, iQ and Yaris
1-14 June – Verso, Avensis and Auris
15-28 June – New Prius, iQ and Yaris

1-14 June – Urban Cruiser, iQ and Yaris
15-28 June – Verso, Avensis and Auris
29 June-12 July – New Prius, iQ and Yaris

8-14 June – New Prius
15-28 June – Urban Cruiser, iQ and Yaris
29 June-12 July – Verso, Avensis and Auris
13-26 July – New Prius, iQ and Yaris

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  1. I have just checked by LED Headlamps and realised that the Full Beam and Side Lights are horrid yellow halogen types. I would like to change them to LEDs. Anyone know exactly what bulb types are needed for both and whether they will cause an issue if replaced?

  2. Wow this blog is very cool!

    You have showcased the minds of the blog reader. I like the organization of this posting. You have stirred up their ideas and knowledge.

    But until now I haven’t seen this edition here in the Philippines are you not planning to launch it here?…

  3. My old 08 Prius had an eight year warranty on the hybrid system so I was shocked to find out that the new model only had five years! Whats more annoying is that I have only got a three year warranty and a few months later they have a five year warranty and this is the latest model, I will find it hard to get a fair price when I sell it as the warranty is far less than one a few months newer. I think Toyota should give all third gen Prius a five year warranty as we have been very loyal updating our prius’s to the latest model. I am not a happy about this and would like Toyota to extend our warranty to five years. Who should I speak to about this?

  4. The latest Today Tomorrow magazine has an introduction to the new Auris Hybrid. Inter Alia it says on p 30
    “As with all new Toyota cars, the Auris Hybrid comes with ….an 8 year warranty on the Hybrid battery. When I bought my Prius in October 2009 the warranty seemd to have been reduced from 8 to 5 years. Was that just for a short period and ahve I been short changed?

  5. I just tried to grab an RSS Feed to this blog site and for some reason it ain’t displaying in Google Chrome. Any ideas???

  6. Well I have to disagree with you guys about hills, I live in sw Wales where there are plenty of hills and I live on top of one. My last Prius 08 did 36000 miles avg 54mpg and the latest one without brake update (next week) is avg over 60 mpg. All vehicles will use more fuel with hills, we’ve had a few new cars over the years Land Cruiser, Verso T180, Previa, Corolla and vans and I can tell you the Prius does well, yes it does rev high if you put your foot down (the older model was worse) but it does go up steep hills well. Being from London we visit family there and find mpg goes down compared to our normal driving. The battery just doesn’t last long enough but saying that it does charge up much quicker than the old Prius.

    1. My prius is averaging 65.3mpg over the last 12224 miles/4 months and I have achieved 78.9mpg over an entire tank. not sure what you lot are doing to only get 50mpg.

      It should be driven smoothly and plan ahead for best mpg, cold weather and brake mods dont make as great a difference as a goo driving style.

      Imagine the throttle pedal is a spike

  7. Getting between 60-61 mpg avg in West Wales with hills etc Nearly 10000 miles on clock now not sure if its the warmer weather or running in that has helped as we were geting only 50 odd mpg. Not had brakes update yet but going in next week as I had a brake failure the other day.

    1. I have owned a Prius T Spirit since September. I was averaging 60 mpg all through the winter period. After travelling over 300 miles yesterday all on non motorway roads my return was 67.8mpg.
      The car has now covered 10,000 miles.
      I now don’t use any of the driving modes except for the occasion use of the power mode for overtaking etc. I have had the modification to the software carried out and whether my increased mileage is down to this or to the fact that there may be a better return in the Summer, I don’t know. All I can say is that I am more than pleased with the mileage per gallon that I am getting.

      1. I was only getting 50/51 mpg with mixed driving although mainly town. Since the brake mod my mpg has gone up to 61. I had the mod done in the cold weather and immediatley noticed an improvement – made a post at the time. The warmer weather (!) means it warms up more quickly with the resultant, for me, slight improvement. I find when the battery stays charged she perfoms better – the only thing I haven’t decided is what conditions are best for this as it is so variable. I would be interested if anybody else has noticed an improvement after the mod as I am in touch with a techie over the poor consumption (as broadcast in all Toyotas literature – 70 mpg for me is a joke. Bob, I have been thinking about driving without any modes – I’ll now give it a try. I wouldn’t recommend the car to anybody who lives in a hilly area e.g. the Yorkshire Moors/Dales. It is painful going up a steep hill and with the CVT there is little one can do to help.

    2. Ray P and others – with refernce to mpg I have stated earlier that I am only getting 55/56mpg which is slight improvement on previous prior to upgrade. I also stated that there was an improvement when the upgrade had been done. The car seemed to run faster more acceleration as if it was in power mode. I don’t drive in any modes as I find this more economical around town. I use the power mode when going up a steep hill, this takes the strain off the engine and drop the power mode when up.
      I too would agree that this is not suitable for people in hilly regions. I go to Yorkshire (Dales) and Wales (South) in the Brecons and find these areas drink the fuel.

  8. All you prius3 owners please tell me what the true MPG is on this car I am getting mixed messages I am about to by and I need 60 to the gallon please help

  9. A bit off topic perhaps, but I’m curious – which theme are you using? I really adore the sidebar style.

  10. Hi Ray, not had the update yet so will be interesting to see what I can get after. Not got any problems with my braking unlike my previous Prius (08) which gave me a few ‘surprises’.

  11. Quick MPG update, I managed 72.5 mpg from Cheltenham to Pembrokeshire which is about 160 miles. Outside temperature was 9c and was daytime, I was averaging 56 mph in normal driving mode with 2 adults onboard. On my way from Pembrokeshire to cheltenham driving like a ‘bat out of Hell’ with speeds over 100mph (MRI appointment) consumption was 45mpg which is amazing as I have been only avg. 50 odd mpg with my normal driving?.
    Again yesterday did good mpg, 20 mile journey avg, 62mpg again about 56mph, nearly fell asleep though 😉
    If the speedo is showing 10% over is the mileage 10% over because manual calculations will be out unless you deduct 10% from mileage which brings mpg down even more!, must get my Garmin out to compare. I will continue to check litres used against onboard computer!
    Heres a quick calculation mpg website 🙂

    1. Have you had the break mod update? My Spirit has improved quite a lot since it was done. On the return journey from the garage it was noticeably more economical. I suspect that there was more of general software update and not just the brakes. I am keeping an eye on things and will report back when I am more certain. Did 150 odd miles yesterday of mixed driving and returned 60.4 mpg – previously returning between 51 and 52.
      Has anyone else had the software brake update and noticed any differences? Apart from the improved mpg (uses the battery a lot more in eco mode)I immediately noticed that the steering was heavier. Keep smiling

  12. I have now had my T-Spirit for 4 months. I don’t do a lot of miles – just 2,300 so far but some of my experience with the car is not encouraging. I should say that I am driving the car with a very light right foot in ECO mode. Fuel consumption according to the on-board computer has averaged 50.1mpg (on a properly calculated basis) but the average worked out from the fuel put into the car and the recorded miles is only 47.0 so the trip computer is about 6% optimistic. I have brimmed at each fill and the individual fills all show differences ranging from 4% optimism to 10% optimism. My real consumption figures are based on the odometer readings and I don’t know whether I can even trust those as, according to my Garmin SatNav, the speedometer is seriously optimistic –over 10% so! That is, of course, within the tolerance allowed by the Construction and Use Regulations. Is the odometer accurate? I did, however, on one occasion record 80mpg (computer readout) for the four miles home from the filling station with a warm engine in a 40mph limit on an almost level road. Perhaps that is how the claimed figure of 72.4mpg is attained. That claim does not reflect reality for most owners and it is dispiriting that those who have owned previous models are getting worse consumption out of the current car. I agree with others that the battery has too low a capacity. Several hundred yards in EV will see the battery level fall from nearly full to a couple of bars and five minutes of running out of EV mode sees it nearly full again. That probably explains why the warranty has been reduced from 8 years to 5 years! Electric mode is totally unpredictable but, thankfully, seamless. You can be running at 40mph on battery only, even slightly uphill, yet the vehicle will not hold EV mode at 22mph.
    The omission of a frost warning indicator is SERIOUS – the outside temperature indicator is way too far down and out of sight to show the driver when the road is potentially icy and even then it does not flash at low temperatures – I have not met a car in the last ten years which does not flag up a low temperature warning in the line of sight until this Prius.
    I have already noted on this blog that the radio presets do not work unless the display is on the audio screen but this has not been responded to by Toyota. It is clearly a software issue and makes the steering wheel radio controls pretty useless. Not having used the radio much I haven’t yet noticed the poor quality of the rear speakers but intend to check them out.
    The SatNav maps are APPALLING. The car was new in October 2009 and the maps were the same as those issued for my Garmin in spring 2008. The updated Garmin maps issued in spring 2009 were far more up-to date than the Toyota maps and I have given Customer Relations several instances of this with screen shots showing wrong motorway junctions. Both Garmin and Toyota maps are NAVTEQ based. There have already been two Garmin updates since spring 2009.
    I will be taking my car in for its brake software update soon and will be pressing for these problems and one or two others to be sorted at the same time.
    Having been very critical, the car is generally good, comfortable and easy to drive. It is not excellent because it makes what appear to be exaggerated claims on its economy and it has software which has not been fully considered or properly checked and tested.

  13. Our car has done just under 7000 miles and we get about 440 miles for 40 litres of fuel which is 50mpg, our old Prius did 500 miles for about 42 litres of fuel which is 54mpg. Both cars have done the same journeys, we did not drive the old Prius carefully to get 54mpg but we have to drive the new Prius carefully to get less mpg! I have told our dealer and he also agrees it is not good. I will wait and see when the weather gets warmer what happens to the mpg because we have had a long cold spell. He also agreed the rear speakers sound rubbish and asked if I wanted JBL’s put in – on Toyota!
    I have been loyal to Toyota for many years but after this I dont know if I would buy another 🙁

  14. Thank you for all the detail… Still an additional remarkable thread, this is certainly why we come to the blog time and again!!


  15. Bonjour, Nice website! I really like the design. The one problem that I have is that the RSS feed arnt working properly in my reader.

  16. I found your web site when I was searching for something unrelated, but this post came up as a top result, your blog must be incredibly popular! Continue the good work!

  17. A seriou somission from driver information in this very cold weather is a VISIBLE outside temperature prompt.
    The outside temperature readout is too low beside the driver to be in reasonable line of sight and there is no warning on the display when the temperature approaches zero.
    I believe that the old model had a snowflake on the display. Can the techies please make one of the dash lights flash or at least give us a bong or two to encourage us to look down at the temperature when it gets to say 2 degrees?

  18. I managed 80 mpg for 40 minutes on the M4 Swindon to London at 58 mph with 2 adults and 2 children. So yes it can do it. A journey from West Wales to London and back averaged 62 mpg with VERY carefull driving but compared to my 08 version in normal driving it does less mpg. I can manage battery only quite easily by keeping the ‘rev’ bar below halfway, you can easily tell because the instant mpg bar reads 100 mpg. The most enoying thing about this new Prius is the rattles from the dash! Hopefully when the weather warms up we will be averaging over 60 mpg which is what I was expecting and not 52mpg that its getting now.
    One more thing my rear speakers aren’t broken they just sound rubbish, try it you will see what I mean 🙁

    1. I traced the rattle from the dash. It’s caused by the trim bezel round the hole where the head-up display beam comes through. I fixed mine “temporarily” by putting some draught-proofing foam strip round the bezel and then refitting it. I was sort of hoping that they may have a fix for this by the time of my first service…

    2. Yes I agree, it can do the mpg AT TIMES. I do not think that this should be the case and have complained to Toyota. If one is driving the same roads and obtain different results then there is something wrong ( I have deliberately checked this). If this was a fly by wire aeroplane instead of a car we would be in serious difficulties. As to the problem, intermittent component failure &/or poor software? I would have thought that the car would be in its element in town driving but like most people, I have found that it is at its most economical at a constant 55mph (still well down from the quoted figure) but who wants to drive at 55mph all the time. My overall mpg is around 51mph which is 30% down on the published figure.I agree the speakers are rubbish.

      Incidentally, I have been told by Toyota that if more people made their comments known (complain) to Toyota then the more likely they would look into it. The balls in your court………..

    3. I too have been able to achieve 74.3mpg. This was over a distance of 10 miles and the majority of the journey was on a downward drive. I was in the Eco mode. This has been the only occasion to get this sort of result. I also have tried this in various modes over the same route – resetting the trip each time and getting a different reading on each drive. My whole journey was at a speed 30mph. Most of my journies arce e on urban roads and the average I get is 52.4mpg. I the servilike others would have thought that driving around town (which is why I bought this car) would give me a far better return on the fuel used – mpg. There does appear to be something wrong somewhere. I will check this out with the service dept when I take it in for it’s recall.

      1. Also lodge your concerns with Toyota Public Relations – 01737 367600 – the more who complain the more likely they will listen. Don’t be fobbed off with the old “the engine will get better when it has done more miles”. Point out it is the lack of using the batteries and not the engine that is a cause of concern and the inconsistancy in the fuel consumption. You do right to keep records – show them to your garage. I managed to convince my Service Manager and he is on my side against Toyota. Good luck

  19. Following on from the meeting with Simon I have been studying the fuel economy of mt T-Spirit with alarming results.
    I have managed to get a maximum of 59.1mpg on a long journey but as most of my driving is short journeys 5 – 10 miles a day have only managed to get on average 49 3mpg. I thought this new version was supposed to be more user friendly at the lower milage. Previously stated to get 60-65mpg would be great.
    It would appear following on from previous comments, that to drive in battery mode you need to be completely out of fuel so that the engine doesn’t or cannot, cut back in. The only time I managed it was driving down hill and foot off the accelerator.
    I was getting a far better return from my previous ’09 reg T-Spirit and would at present very much change back at no extra cost. I have tried to see if changing the driving mode would make a difference, in some instantces it has, but no significant difference. I now think that this drive for fuel economy was tested on a bench that went down hill with no exceleration.
    I am sorry but think that we have been totally mislead on the capabilities of this car.
    Hopefuuly there maybe someone who feels completely the opposite.

    1. Lionel,
      Until last weekend I would have agreed with you. I have done less than 2000 miles on my T Spirit and have been getting high 40’s low 50’s to the gallon. Last weekend I drove to theother side of London and back, about 125 miles round trip including some 5 mile trips. Out on Friday the traffic was awful and journey was mix of very slow and up to 70mph once I reached M1. I got around 60mpg in traffic and this dropped to about 55 after 70mph bursts. Return was via A405, M25 and A3 with local roads at each end. I refilld tank at St Albans and achieved 72mpg on journey to Carshalton at steady 60mph on cruise control. Overall consumptio for weekend was 62mpg. Very short trips in cold weather are bad. Today I did a couple of 10 mile trips and, once warm, was getting close to 60mpg judging by how the average dropped initially while cold and then maintained around 60.
      I reckon that good economy needs a light right foot, a trip of at least 5 miles, no aircon or other unnecessary electrics – headlight will use more fuel. EV mode does not seem to lock on but you are on battery only every time the monitor shows 100mpg and you are not going downhill.

  20. I am looking at getting a new Verso as my family has grown & 7 seats would be great.

    I was looking for a petrol engine with a manual transmission as we don’t do enough miles to warrant the extra outlay on a diesel. I am very disappointed that you can’t get a manual transmission with the 1.8 engine and TR spec as I really don’t want a semi-automatic or an upgrade to the T-Spirit spec.

    Why is that you can get a Verso 1.8 TR with manual transmission in Germany but not in the UK?

  21. Howdy just thought that I let you know that i’m discovering difficulty reading this blog via my blackerry so you may want to check on that. thanks!

  22. Lionel I am also disapointed with the mpg of my new T-Spirit my ‘old’ 08 T-Spirit did 480-500 per tank for the 33000 miles we had it the 2010 one has now done 3000 miles and the best we have had is 430 miles and the car is being used for the same journeys. Also the rear speakers have blown or its the amp as it has gone very quite and distorted, I new the first time I heard the sound system the speakers were struggling the first time I turned it up, HDD tunes are very bottom heavy and the speakers just cant cope turned up – bottoms out! Been buying new Toyota’s for 10 years now and will look at other options when the time comes as I feel I have been mislead with the fuel figures as this new one does less than the old one and this is a fact!

  23. Ron,
    I mentioned some while back now that the door required a double lock to activate the alarm. By doing the double lock is similar to locking the front door it activates extra pins for security. I too as yet have not been able to set the alarm off. The locking I was informed by the sales person at time of purchase to double lock.
    I am very concerned that at present I am not able to get anywhere near the mileage performance as stated of 72mpg. As yet I have, on long journeys, only managed 59.7mpg and this is by using all the modes of power and eco, also try switching all of these off at times you can get a better return for your money.
    Would like to hear how others are getting on with the fuel economy – a little disappointing as I got a better return on the previous model 2nd Series.

    1. Re the mileage – I think the weather has a lot to do with what can be achieved, i.e. when its cold performance is not so good. I am currently getting anywhere between 52 and 56 MPG on my T-Spirit. This compares with 42 – 46 MPG at this time of year on my old T4 (daily short (10 mile) journeys to work with lots of stops and starts). I assumed poorer performance was because the battery was starting off from a much colder position and used up additional energy ‘to heat it up’ – or maybe that’s just too girly an explanation. Would be interested to hear from the techies if this is a possible explanation. We may need to wait until the warmer months to see if we can achieve increased mileage. If I manage to get into the 60-65 MPG range I would be quite happy.


  24. Melissa,
    I think that I have discovered an awkward software bug in the T Spirit radio. At present it is still being investigated by my dealer.
    Page 207 of the manual indicates that the steering wheel radio up/down buttons cycle through the presets with a short press and do a seek (ie cycle through the “Station List”) with a long press. If presets are showing on the display then up/down does cycle through the presets. However, if the display is showing the Map then up/down (or the “Tune/Track” knob) cycles through the full station list – not just the presets – while the bar at the top of the Map screen confirms “FM presets”.
    So to change radio station to one that I want while driving I must first press the Audio button to the left of the screen, tap the preset I want (or up/down on steering) and then revert to the Map screen using the button to the left of the display. OUCH – no way can that be intended – how long have my eyes been off the road in total? The way it is operating totally negates the purpose of the steering wheel control.
    My dealer has checked the problem with another new car that came in today with the same result and is waiting to check it out on his Sales Manager’s T-Spirit. It may be that there is a default setting that needs changing but there is nothing obvious.
    Can you check any cars that you have available, please?

  25. Thanks Melissa, was at my dealership today booking my daughters Yaris in and the service manager mentioned that he thought the beep could be turned off.
    Thanks again.

  26. Ron, whats the point of an alarm for a seat belt if nobody is sitting in the seat? I agree we need to know if a child undoes their seat belt but an alarm going off for an empty seat is just not on especially if you cannot stop to turn it off easily. I guess we will have to keep the centre seat buckled up with nobody in it just incase the kids want to play with the red button and wind mummy and daddy up 🙂

  27. Hi, if the centre rear seat belt red button is pushed in a beeping sound comes on continuesly even though nobody is sitting in the centre, the only way to stop it is to put the seat belt in or turn the car off and back on again. This is annoying and kids will be kids (and are rear seat passengers) and now they know what it does like to push the button! Is there anyway this beeping can be turned off from the front while driving as it is annoying especially if they do it on the motorway. I really want to solve this one LOL. Thanks.

    1. Thanks David. we’ve had our Prius since August and it has been fine until Saturday when we had the rear seatbelt warning sound appear from nowhere. We did stop it by getting our daughter to plug in the seatbelt but couldn’t work out at the time (on dual carriageway) what was causing it. Will test this later and see it she could have accidentally just pressed the red button and triggered the alarm. She was sitting in the nearside rear seat.

      1. Hi all,

        I can now confirm that the rear seat belt warning beep can be turned off by your dealer. The same goes for your driver and front passenger seats too. Of course, there is no obligation to turn it off if you do not wish to!

      1. No way do you want to turn that off! At least, that is my opinion.
        We transport our grandchildren and if they fiddle with the seat belts (which they don’t) I want to know immediately!
        The belt latch cannot be expected to distinguish between being pressed with no belt buckled in it and being pressed while fastened. Please put up with the occasional false alarm and teach the kids not to annoy you with it – for the sake of their safety.
        The same type of thing occurs if you open a rear door to put shopping in the footwell. When you start the car it reminds you that rear seat belts are not fastened – but without beeps. I found that annoying till I saw the reason for it. I am not sure that all seats have pressure sensors for seat belts. Maybe the rears just have buckle fastener sensors.

  28. Two points:
    1: To what speed is the EV mode available?
    The old model ran in EV mode to about 28mph. The manual of the new model does not give a maximum speed other than by saying the range in EV mode is 1km at up to 40kph (25mph) on page 178. I cannot get to 25mph. On my T-Spirit, downhill with the wind behind me, there is a beep at 20mph and the message appears “Excessive speed”! If the accelerator is very gently depressed or there is the slightest incline up EV is “not available”. I’d like to hear the experience of others. Is this common?
    2 – and related to 1 above: 20mph indicated is about 18mph actual – the indicated speed on my car is generally about 10% more than the actual speed. The Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986, as amended, state that the indicated speed must not be more than 110 per cent of the true speed plus 4 km/h and NEVER LESS than the true speed. That allows over 13% error at speeds up to 70mph so 10% fast is legal but why is a 10% error felt necessary with a digital display?

    1. Hi Ron,

      EV mode is available at speeds of up to 31mph. However, as you have found, sometimes 31mph cannot be reached, which is more to do with driving style than speed. The point you make about the accelerator being depressed is key: as I wrote here, any significant acceleration whilst in EV mode is enough to switch it out of EV mode, even if you have not reached 31mph. This is because the car interprets your driving behaviour as indicating that you want more of a response – a response it’s able to provide when not in EV mode. Think of it as a manual override.

      I’ll investigate into the indicated/actual speed issue and get back to you soon.

      1. I’m confused! The screen gives out several different messages depending on conditions – EV “not available” (presumably battery too low?), “Excessive acceleration” (fits your scenario), “excessive speed” (but slightly downhill, not noticeably accelerating at 20mph?). I had noticed the 20mph excessive speed because I get that very close to home – I was switching to EV for the last 500m. Since your response I have tried it at other times and have succeeded in breaking the 20mph barrier, but the system does not seem consistent.

        1. Excuse me, Ron, but unless you are trying to get down your road quietly at 3:00 am, what does it matter what mode you are in? It won’t affect fuel economy as I understand it. In EV mode, you are using energy from the battery. That energy has to be replaced, either from braking or coasting, maybe downhill, or by running the engine to drive the generator. I don’t bother to look at the mode display, I look at the 5-minute economy display and try to get high MPG and lots of recovered energy (the little car displays) – driving style does affect this…

        2. Thanks for the comment, Roger. I take your point and, in fact, on the same bit of road in eco I am showing 100mpg – ie effectively in EV. But I would like to understand when EV is available and how to maintain it for the possible time when I may need to limp along in stealth mode because there is a problem with the ICE.

    2. Hi Ron,

      I’ve heard back from technical about the speedometer. Essentially, Toyota engineers the speedo output of all its vehicles to sit right between the actual speed and the maximum deviation allowed (10% above, as you correctly state). This is so as to account for inevitable variables that effect speed, like tyre wear. Third-party measurement, via sat nav for instance, will never take that into account, so your indicated speed will rarely, if ever, correspond with your actual speed.

      I hope that answers your question but as always, do get in touch if I can help further.

      1. Thanks, Melissa – your answer is what I expected. However, if the engineers have left a safety margin in to allow for tyre wear I think they may have it wrong. A worn tyre will take you less far for each revolution of the road wheel (which is what the speedo counts) thus making the speedometer read even faster! My experience, with a new car, is that Toyota have engineered it at the top end of the 10% part of the allowed tolerance.

  29. Thanks Mellisa, I have read they will be compulsory in the UK for all new cars and light vans from January 2011. I think Toyota UK should know about this, so is this true?

  30. Why doesn’t the 2010 Prius not have DRL (daylight running lamps) which will be law for all EU vehicles from January 2011. I believe these are the white LED lamps that stay on all the time at the front like on Audi’s and the new Land Rover. If this is the case how can I update my new Prius.

  31. Melissa hi,
    I mentioned on the 2nd November that by pressing the lock twice activated the alarm system. Ron I think it was disagreed that this was the case. I haven’t read it but was informed by my dealer that this was how to activate the alarm. Never tested it out to see if this works.
    Simon thanks for a very nice chat and interview the other day.
    I will ask again if there is a way to increase the volumn on the indicators – very quiet!!
    Reference to the spoiler bar across the rear window I find this useful to stop the headlights of the cars behind creating a problem by shining directly onto the rear view mirror.
    Did ask my dealer if I could have an update of the Sat Nav disc as part of my deal of purchase. I think he laughed after getting up off the floor.
    So I would appreciate any possibility of being able to get an upgrade on the Sat Nav system.
    Will look out the e-mail address for Customer /services which I believe there is a link that has been posted.

    1. Only tonight I checked out the deadlock situation, having noticed a slightly different noise when I unlocked the car after having double locked it. I sat in the car while my wife locked it using either the fob or smart system. In either case with a single lock operation I could undo the driver’s door. With a double lock I was stuck and could not get out as the inside door handle was disconnected. In neither case did the alarm activate but I guess that the alarm takes about 20 seconds to arm itself and I did not try that. So with a single locking I have not been properly securing the car. I can find nothing about this in the manual!

  32. Thanks Marion, Seems it can read a disk copied with Nero but as soon as it transfers to HDD it will not copy file names, tried Timberland’s Shock Value cd and it transfered it all correctly 🙂 But it will not even read the new Will Young cd (wifes) shame LOL I will have to try a few different cd writer programmes but my Pioneer stereo with Gracenote reads and copys my Nero copied disks fine?

  33. Hi Melissa, hope you are well. You haven’t responded to my comment about the MP3 file number limitation posted on the 15th Nov.. Are you avoiding me LOL.

    Also, have the fleet team found out anything about my 7 month delivery yet?


    1. Hi again John,

      No, I’m definitely not avoiding you! We really do try to answer every question – it’s just that some take longer to get answered than others.

      I haven’t heard anything from the fleet team yet but I’ve followed it up for you. Hopefully we’ll know what’s going on soon!

    2. Speak of the devil – an update for you:

      My contact in Fleet has passed your info onto the relevant Field Manager, who will contact your company’s Fleet Manager directly. If you get an update before I do, let me know!

  34. Glad to see it DOES have full postcode search after my dealer told me it doesn’t, gives you a list after you have entered most of the code. I too am not happy with the 2008-2009 satnav map. I also find it quite strange how the cd player can read the text on a cd but cant transfer that to the HDD, my Pioneer stereo in my van can do this and it too has Gracenote. I really hope there is a software fix because it just isn’t good enough.
    A free satnav 2010 upgrade would also make me feel better as an out of date map is not on!

    1. David
      if you changethe record settings to automatically record a cd when being played the system automatically adds the artist and track names. If you manually select record it seems to remove this info. Hope this helps

  35. For those of you unhappy with the sat nav systems (not just the Prius?) I suggest the following:

    I have registered a complaint with Toyota Customer Services/Tech dept. My reference number is 532988.

    Ring them on 01737 367600 and add your complaints/oservations/recommendations to my reference number and together we may see some action.

    It is probably worth quoting your map data info; e.g. mine is Date: 2008-2009 Ver 1. Gracenote (CDDB): Ver 01029.

    If you wish, you can copy me your info ( and anything else related to the Prius) and Toyota’s response. my e-mail is

    I am asking for at least one free update after purchase. Regards

    1. I, too, have raised this with customer services having found out at the weekend that the UK map dates from 2006 – see copyright notice. Mainland Eurpe has copyright 1999 to 2007.
      Heathrow T5 isn’t there, as I discovered when collecting somebody on Saturday morning, which is what alerted me. It IS on my Garmin maps from April 09.

    2. Dear Ray and Ron,

      I’m happy to say that there has been some recent progress as far as sat nav updates are concerned. For the full details, please see here.

      Many thanks for your patience.

      1. Thanks very much, Melissa. I had a call from Customer Services today telling me that the update was available and that it will be done for me asap.
        While speaking, I mentioned the radio control point that I raised well before Christmas. They had not heard of it before so I do wonder whether there was a batch of radios with wrong software. Did you ever get any response from your techies on that or on my various points about locking and unlocking? The car is going to my dealer on Wednesday to deal with the brake software change (I have noticed it several times recently and it semms to be getting worse!) so I will be raising a number of issues then.
        Thanks again – Ron

  36. Any chance when Toyota design the fourth generation Prius that they look at the design of the rear door. When its raining and the car is wet the water drips into the rear passenger seats when the rear door is opened. This happened on my previous Prius and I had hoped it would be designed out but maybe they don’t get much rain in Japan to make it an issue.

    Still finding my way around the car but agree with some of the comments about the sat-nav. My local filling station is showing up as a Gulf…its been Shell for about 10 years and when entering a post code the system doesn’t seem to allow you to complete the last two letters of the post-code. I have still to scrutinise the manual in full but would be interested to know if this is the experience of other owners.

  37. Hi all, I have just used the first tank of fuel of 39 litres and my new T spirit g3 has only done 390 miles which is avg. of 45mpg, my 2008 T spirit which has 33000 miles on the clock has always returned 480-500 miles per tank (41 litres avg 55mpg) I am worried because I bought the new Prius because it has better fuel economy than my 08 one or so Toyota and my dealer say. From experience running in does not make a big difference to fuel ecomomy, my dealer has told me their one was avg 48mpg but after putting mileage on it was doing over 60 mpg. I have told them about this and will get back after the next tank has been emptied. Can the new Prius really be worse then the older one? I want 60+ mpg as the old one can do 57mpg avg but has done 72mpg on the M4 j11 to j19 with cruise control set to 58mph.
    Much better car now but its all about fuel economy isn’t it?

  38. Re: Ron’s rear-view mirror problem.
    I am about 5′ 8″ tall, so average, I guess. In the Prius, I don’t have a problem with the mirror position. But I had a Toyota Celica in 1978, and that was low. I came up to a T-junction and crashed into a car coming along from left to right on the road across the top of the T. As I approached, the car I hit was hidden behind the mirror right up until impact, because we were at about the same speed I presume. I think I must have had the mirror raised afterwards – I seem to remember cutting a piece out of the support arm. So Ron is right to take this seriously.
    Changing the seat position is not the right way to go, get the mirror moved. But make sure you don’t move it so high that you can’t see under the top of the rear windscreen! 🙂

    Two Supra Turbos and 3 Priuses later, I am still a devoted Toyota fan, but I do check the mirror position before I order. It’s not something I’m likely to forget.

    1. Thanks for the support Roger. Your experience confirms my view, denied understandably by Toyota, that the mirror position can be a hazard. Height of driver is not terribly relevant since that is why the seat height is adjustable. I prefer a higher driving position to see as much close to the car as possible and that fits with my wife’s preferred position – she is a bit shorter than me.
      As usual on modern cars, the centre portion of the top of the screen behind the mirror is coated with a dotted anti-dazzle area to prevent sun glare obscuring mirror vision due to excessive contrast. The crazy thing is that the mirror is mounted half on and half off this anti-dazzle coating so that it hangs well below it and there is about an inch of clear glass ABOVE the mirror rim which partially negates the objective of the anti-dazzle. That strip of clear glass above the mirror is pretty independent of seat height. I need to check vision from a higher mirror on the road – not easy as a suction mirror will not stick to the coated screen!

      I would love to have a good explanation from Toyota as to why they feel that they have got it right on both the mirror and the rear wiper.

      1. Hi again Ron,

        I’m sorry you feel like Toyota hasn’t taken your question seriously, or responded adequately.

        I’d like to put you in touch with the Customer Relations department. Please email your registration number and any other relevant information (bearing in mind they have read your comments) to

        Thanks again for your feedback.

        1. Thanks for that, Melissa. I will contact customer relations as you suggest and send a copy to my dealer so that he is in the picture.

        2. Melissa,
          I HAVE A VERY RED FACE! Today I went to a nearby junction with a camera to illustrate my concern graphically. In the process I noticed that the mirror mounting has TWO BALL JOINTS, one between the mirror and its arm (which I had been adjusting) and another where the mirror arm joins the windscreen pad. The latter was almost at the bottom of its travel leading to a very low mirror mounting. By moving the arm to the very top of its travel the problem has been considerably alleviated. Now I can see under the mirror merely by dropping my eye level slightly rather than having to peer around the mirror. It has also raised the top edge of the mirror just into the anti-dazzle area. Having said that, there is still scope for further improvement while still allowing downward adjustment by mounting the pad fully on the anti-dazzle rather than half on it. Then I would be able to see under the mirror without having to duck slightly.
          I withdraw my “needless hazard” comment, downgrading it to “it would be better if … ”
          My apologies to Toyota and to all who may have read my comments.
          By the way, this adjustment is not obvious and is not mentioned in the manual.

      2. Hi Ron,

        Thanks for letting us know! And don’t be red-faced – we love to know what our customers think, be it good, bad or ugly. That said, I’m very glad you managed to rectify the problem. Thanks also for the detailed description of the ball joint configuration – we’ll pop out and look at this now.

        I’ve made a note of your further comments regarding the anti-dazzle mounting and the manual, and will be passing these on.

  39. In reply to Gordons comments…
    my experience has been ( in just 2 weeks) that post code recognition is poor ( maybe just out of date) I could not identify my sailing club or a restaraunt during the week. TMC traffic is at best very patchy and delays are not clearly displayed on the map. Yes, the screen itself, GPS position, map detail and the split screen at junctions etc. is good.
    TomTom is up to date within 3-6 months ( at an extra cost of only £27pa) – I have never not found a post code and the traffic (GPRS data link) while not perfect is 90% reliable and usually no more than 10 mins behind. I drove 40 miles up the A12 sunday ( after all the weather issues) and did not get a single TMC update from the Toyota …but there were issues which fortunately I got via RDS and radio essex!

    Pulling out question ..yes is moves promptly but actual acceleration varies depending on the engine state as you press the throttle… would be interesting to see 0-60 times when engine is running and when engine has to start up …yes the extra 90 bhp only takes 1 or 2 secs to cut in but in that extra 2 secs the oncomming traffic gets rather close. Of course I need to adjust …but its not the fact of it happening that is the issue …the issue is you do not know – the engine is so quiet (this is in gerneral good) that you do not notice it has stopped…an extra symbol over “ready” to show “engine on” is all it would need so you can anticipate how much power is there and judge the timing better….or maybe a rev counter??

  40. Hi all,
    I agree that the Sat Nav is very good and several coleagues have remarked how much better it is compared to the Tom Tom so often mentioned. I have found the POI to be very good once you have mastered tohe system to get at the extra info/places.
    The lack of sound on the indicators is I agree not what one would expect – too quiet for my liking, volume needs to turned up somehow.
    Unlocking of the car by hand on the handle when raining is of putting. When it is wet I use the remote saves getting wet hands.
    Also agree the area on rear screen that is not cleared from the wiper.
    I have never had any trouble when pulling out from traffic and pulling away from the traffic lights I usually leave others behind without any effort.
    A very nice car but agree some refinements are required.

  41. Melissa,
    Any news yet on the smart entry driver door only unlock; the user adapted auto-locking on starting to drive away (you say in one of the comments on the blog that all Prius’ autolock as you drive off – my T-Spirit certainly does NOT!) and the rear wiper leaving a blind area above the spoiler. You were going to speak to th etechies a week ago as I recall.
    PS What is all this about Australian models keeping their 8 year warranty on the Hybrid components – Did they just shout louder? Or is it because they closer to Japan? That is NOT the way to breed custmer loyalty. This Prius is my first Toyota.

    1. Hi again Ron,

      Just to let you know that if you haven’t seen my response, it’s in the original thread. Apologies if the comments appear to give incorrect information on autolock – we’ll check this out and amend it if necessary.

      As for the warranty, this has been discussed at length on this blog, and across a number of threads. Try this one and also this one for information.

  42. Melissa
    at last my T-spirit with Sunroof arrived ( ordered early June after seeing Prius at Bluewater).
    First I have to say Toyota seem to have the basics right – good seats ( Leather) smooth ride, hands free is good, hybrid drive modes work.
    and I like the car…But ( yes a list): …please do not view as a rant but as a sometime designer I feel there are some odd choices in play.
    Sunroof – control switch has no auto (like the windows).
    – the smart locking technology does not shut or alert the sunroof is open.. black glass at night is easy to miss yes I got wet seats. Can either of these issues be configured?

    Also after all the rain I thought it would be good to run my sunroof fan today as it was very sunny – does not want to play at all – presumeably not hot enough, what is the trigger temperature?…can this be changed – it would be great to “air ” a car after a damp few days.

    Sat Nav – others have said it all – waste of cash – reverting to my Tom Tom for Nav and MP3 HDD. Aux works well.

    Parking – please please please can the front sensors be made active somehow…and beeps would be good also is ok but since the sensors are there why can’t they be active in self park?

    Engine running alert – the Hybrid tech is good but after getting “caught out” pulling out in traffic with no engine is there an option to always have an engine running indicator on some part of the display( a two stage “ready would be great”). I know its an option but not cear enough + you loose the Trip info on the car dispaly.

    Rear wiper – not wiping the section you really want wiped – …already described fully by others …

    Proximity locking – not 100% happy when raining / water on the handle…which is when it would be most welcome?

    Audio levels for bluetooth, voice response, indicators…etc can these be adjusted.

    Sidelights …a single front bulb on a £24000 car do I activate the LEDs…tempted to add some boy racer LED lights from Halfords…but why should I need to?

    Lastly are there any options to vary some of the Hybid threshold settings ..

    Do not think all is negative but if some of the above can be reconfigured it would be great!!


    1. Richard, I cannot understand your remarks re Spirit navigation which in my view is quite excellent and far superior (e.g. faster and more responsive with better graphics and traffic info)to the navigation system on my previous car, a current BMW 6 series. Driving in France it was able to locate some tracks not even visible on a Michelin map and its French pronunciation was faultless. (I have used a Tom Tom in a rental car but found it unremarkable).
      What precisely do you find wrong with it?

      How did you get caught out pulling into traffic? The electric motor throttle response is effectively instantaneous in my experience.

      1. I agree that the overall operation of the sat nav is good. Where it falls down is the outdated data on roads etc, I have found several discrepencies, one more than ten yrs out of date, and quite a few three or more. Even our local Toyota dealer is shown as at their old location and they moved 2 yrs ago! POI’s leave a lot to be desired and I can see why a previous blogger wanted to be able to input his own POIs (15000 odd?)which, of course, he can’t with this system. It is a failing but I don’t think that the Sat Nav is worse than other in-built systems and they ALL have to up their game to be able to compete against Tom Tom/ Garmin etc. I do think that there should be one free update with every system, again as per Tom Tom. One of the things I have learnt about Sat Nav is that it does need to be upto date. As for the drive in France – I found a Tennis Club in Spain I wanted to go to but not able to do so in my region – the NE. Is this because it was commissioned by Brussels!!!! If enough of us complain they might listen and do something about it.

        1. I, too have my concerns about the satnav and how up-to-date the maps are but I have not yet been able to assess this objectively. The map description says 2008/9 which is not encouraging! My Garmin has maps which were updated around March 2009, also NavTech. If Toyota’s maps are not that up-to-date I will be seeking an update FOC and will be prepared to push this very hard. I have already made noises about the lack of custom POI’s which, in the context of the hard disk, is disgraceful. Having been negative so far I have to temper that with the very pleasant voice, clarity of instructions and fast response of the navigation to recalculation when I make up my own mind and deviate from the suggested route. And the reversing camera is SUPERB. However, what is the function of the switch to the left of the steering column? In the manual it says it changes the parking assistance mode but mine does nothing. Its function seems to have been superceded by the screen icons, bottom left and right.

  43. Can I add to Mike’s comment. The company I work for ordered a T-Spirit with solar roof at the END OF JUNE for me. We were also told 24th November 2009, this has now gone back to end of Jan 2010. Seven months to deliver a car, this is appalling service don’t you agree?

  44. Apollogies if this has been asked before but will there be any update to the 255 file limit for MP3 and WMA playback on CDs? I can easily get 400 WMA files on one CD but the player can only see the first 255 files. Surely this is not fit for purpose and does not meet the description of an audio player which plays MP3 and WMA on CDs.

    1. Hi again,

      The product team would like to know how the files are compressed. Are these 4MB, four-minute songs typically? It sounds like it’s more likely to be an issue of memory than one of track numbers.

      If you can provide us with this information, the product guys should be able to delve a little deeper for you. Thanks.

    2. Hi John,

      Thanks for your email. So people can keep up with the thread, I’ve pasted it below:


      “Hi Melissa,

      Thanks for the prompt response again.

      Yes the tracks are compressed as .wma files (variable bit rate). A 4 minute track is anything from 1.25MB to 1.8MB (depending on the complexity of the track). This level of compression easily provides sufficient quality for the car.

      Using 1.5MB as an average, you can see that 466 tracks will fit on a 700MB CD. The limitation is definitely with the player, which can only read the first 255 files. Even if the files were 2.5MB that would allow 280 tracks on a 700MB CD.

      I hope that a firmware update to the player (or nav system) can cure this one. We already have 6 of the T-Spirit cars at [my company] and another 2 on order (one of them mine). We would all like a fix for this.



      I’ll report back to the product team and see what Technical think too.

      1. Hi John,

        Sorry I didn’t get back to you on the same day. The reason for the delay is that we can’t actually find an answer to your question, so we’re going to try and replicate the issue ourselves.

        In the meantime, have you tried this CD in another CD player for comparison? Also, is it just WMA files or a mix of WMA and MP3? If so, it’s possible that the system is only recognising one of the formats. Let us know – we’ll continue to try to work this out!

        1. Hi again,

          Thanks for this link. When we first looked we could not find any written mention of the file playback limit, but having seen a comment on this thread we checked again and have found that on page 209 of the navigation system manual it does state that only 255 files can be played.

          I’ll continue to look into this and will let you know what I can find out in terms of firmware.

  45. Hi All,
    I wonder if someone can tell why I have to wait until January for delivery of my Prius! I ordered a Tspirit with Solar roof in July, I was told it would be November, now its January!!
    Is this reasonable???
    Look forward to a response.

    1. Hi there Mike,

      Sorry to hear about the delay. The solar roof has proven very popular, and I know that there were supply problems as a result of this (for more, please see here). I’m not sure if that’s still the case but I can ask. However, Toyota GB is not involved in this process and so cannot influence lead times I’m afraid – it’s all down to supply from Japan.

      Keep in touch with your dealer – they’ll have the most up-to-date information. Sorry not to be of more help.

  46. Hi all, thanks for your patience. It’s been a busy one here but I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks.

  47. Don’t be fooled by the button. DAB is an optional extra and, unless you have paid £400 to 500 to have it as an option, you haven’t got iy!

    1. Ray, if you check previous blogs it is known that DAB in this country is not available. This is available and not an option in Europe. With digital radio only just around the corner it was thought this should have been basic in this country as well.

    2. Yes I have the DAB option and it works very well. When first developed in the early 80’s it was intended for mobile use rather than a domestic terrestrial system and all the early BBC demo’s were in buses. It is more resilient to the transmission problems that beset FM at least until the signal drops below threshold.

      However, my problem is that I cannot access the presets screen mentioned in the DAB manual and I would be grateful if someone from Toyota would tell me how.

      1. I have solved the problem myself. There is an unlabelled reverse arrow on the main DAB/channel info screen that selects the presets screen. The presets are themselves selected by pressing the screen button for more than 5 seconds when the required channel is broadcasting.

  48. Can anyone tell me how to get the station presets screen up in DAB mode please on the Spirit – i.e. via the navigation screen. No problem with the FM presets. Incidentally there are no illustrations of any of the DAB modes in any of the manuals – Navigation; Vehicle or DAB.

  49. With reference to the locking of the doors. I to lookat the wing mirror when locking, I also check the rear door as I pass it. But you can hear it lock and by pressing the handle again double locks and sets the alarm system. Whilst on the locking has anyone else found out that you can lock and unlock the car from the hatch. Where you open the hatch will also open the car when touched (in the same way as the front doors) and to the right of this is a small pimple which if pressed will lock the car in the normal manner.
    I have found on my T-Spirit the indicator when applied is difficult to hear in the car especially if you have the radio on. The relays are very quiet. Can the volume be turned up for on several occasions I have managed to leave it on and not noticed it blinking on the dash, especially in bright weather.
    Reference to the rear view mirror and poor visibility. This might be improved if the Toyota sticker is removed as this makes vision more difficult being just above the bar. (Can’t think what it is called at present – late!!)
    Fuel economy I found it gave a better return when I switched the eco mode off and drove without any mode on.
    Going to Wales from Essex full loaded I averaged 57.4 mpg. I then as said turned the modes off and got 59.8mpg. Driving locally around town I am getting 57.5mpg. I get 55.2mpg with eco mode on around town. Without the modes on the car is more responsive to acceleration. Any thoughts and experiences welcomed.

    1. Locking the T-Spirit. I am puzled at your reference to double locking and alarm setting. I thought that a single locking did both those. As far as I have discovered you can “lock” the car multiple times and it clicks and flashes the indicator once (one syllable in lock) each time. Then a touch on th epad inside the front door handles will similarly unlock (2 syllables – 2 flashes) multiple times. The boot lid unlocking pad and locking button are documented in the manual. What IS irritating about the smart unlocking is that it unlocks the whole car. Using the remote button unlocks the driver door only with first press and all doors with second. But unless you throw the key away the whole car unlocks as soon as you touch the driver’s door handle. I would prefer a double touch on the driver’s door to smart open all doors to avoid a thug being able to get into a passenger door while my wife is getting in the driver’s door when she is alone. Posts on Prius Chat from the USA seem to show that smart unlock on the driver’s door opens just that door while touching the front passenger door (or the boot?) will open all the car locks. That has to be a more secure and safer system. Again, in the US it seems that the owner can opt to change the driver’s door smart open from just driver’s door to all doors and vice versa. I have tried to do this on my T Spirit but have not been able to change it. However, found this post today and will try tomorrow.
      I don’t have a Toyota sticker on the back window, just a transparent hybrid sticker on the bit below the spoiler. Moving the wiper arm on the spindle has certainly improved matters but a straight arm would be so much better. Any comment on this, Simon?
      By the way, Graham – Did you buy a Prius despite the lack of a tow bar? 😀

      1. Hi Ron,

        Sorry Simon and I haven’t had a chance to get back to you yet. I’m due to have a chat with a couple of technical and accessory specialists tomorrow, so will bring up both the wiper blind spot and smart entry then, and hopefully I’ll have some answers for you tomorrow afternoon.

        1. Thanks, Melissa, that’s great.
          Out of interest I tried a couple of times to follow the instructions in the link that I posted to change the smart entry, still without any success. I also tried the adjustment “lock doors at 12mph” by the sequence: Power on with foot on brake, move gear lever to N, hold door lock button on lock for exactly 5 seconds – which is documented on pages 69 & 70 of the US owner’s manual, available as a download from one of the posts on Prius Chat. However, th eprocedure did not work and the 12mph lock was not activated. Can you ask your guru whether those user adjustments have been crippled for the UK and if so why.
          I would be just as happy to have the alternative of Lock and unlock when moving out of and into Park, the other documented setting – very useful with the grandchildren in the back.
          Awaiting your feedback with interest.

        2. Just another point re smart entry – the changing procedure is documented on p48 of US manual. Can’t check UK manual at present as my wife has the car! UK keys, of course, don’t have the panic button.

      2. Hi again Ron,

        My apologies for the delay in answering this question, and for not being able to provide a full answer as yet.

        I just wanted to let you know that I can now confirm that there is no way to customise the smart entry system so that one touch will open the driver’s door and two touches, the rest of the car. I’m not sure why this is different to the American model, but I’m looking into it. Answers on auto-lock and the 12mph adjustment are to come too.

        Also, I don’t seem to be able to identify the original comment in this thread on smart entry/locks, which is strange – Lionel, was it you or were you replying to someone else? If so, do you remember who it was? Thanks!

        1. Melissa,
          Thanks for the comment but you may be asking the techies the wrong question. It is NOT one touch for driver’s door and two for all doors that I seek. The Americans have it so that Touch DRIVER’s door means open ONLY driver’s door – touch DRONT PASSENGER door means open ALL doors. I suspect that touch boot will also open all doors but am not sure on that. But we are talking about a single touch in all cases.
          And just to confirm – two touches on lock does not sound the alarm. The second lock does not seem to do anything extra, just another clunk and flash.

  50. On the question of the smart key, I also find it a little disconcerting on locking the car – one is never quite certain it is locked. I look for the flash in the wing mirror indicators. However, despite Toyota’s sales literature, it is NOT active on ALL doors – I have the Spirit and I now check the rear doors where there is no smart key. Hope this helps.

  51. I have had my T Spirit for nearly 2 weeks and am very pleased with it, even though I only have 46mpg at present – it has done only short journeys and has just over 100 miles on the clock, having been delivered at 2.8 miles.
    HOWEVER – there is one important SAFETY ISSUE which Toyota MUST address. The rear wiper leaves several inches unwiped at the bottom of the rear window. The spoiler already gives a small though unimportant blind area in rear vision. The addition of the unwiped part of the window increases this to a level which, in my view creates an UNNECESSARY HAZARD. The problem can be alleviated slightly, but not eliminated, by adjusting the position of the wiper arm on its spindle, which I have done.
    The problem is caused by the fact that the wiper arm is slightly cranked. Its replacement by an uncranked arm, or, better still, an arm with a lesser crank in the reverse direction would allow the blade to wipe an extra 2 inches and eliminate this safety issue. Please, Toyota, address this!
    On a similar note, the rear view mirror is mounted lower than necessary on the front windscreen. It may be that this has been done to minimise the intrusion of the spoiler into the rear view but it does create, for tall drivers, a forward blind spot. I frequently find myself needing to peer around the mirror. I note that the adhesive mount is half on clear windscreen and half on the dotted area. It could be moved much higher up the screen while still permitting easy hand access around it for adjustment.
    I will be interested in comments from other owners as well as Toyota.

    1. Sorry Ron but I would suggest you get a sense of perspective on the level of safety in modern cars. Yes, I’m sure the design isn’t perfect but back in the eighties I used to drive a Passat that hadn’t had the front wipers adjusted from left to right hand drive. I would consider this to be far more dangerous but I got used to it and never had an accident. To class this as an IMPORTANT issue the MUST BE ADDRESSED is, I would consider, a little over the top.

      1. I understand your view, Graham. However, things have moved on since the eighties and there are far more vehicles on the road.
        A few evenings ago with mist on the window I was not aware that a vehicle was approaching from behind until it was nearly upon me. And I do use my mirror a lot, having learned to drive in the 60’s when mirrors were regarded as important. It is an easy issue for Toyota to address during assembly and therefore an unnecessary potential hazard oin what is otherwise a very safety conscious vehicle – that is my point!

    2. Hi Ron,

      Apologies for the delayed reply (to this and to your other posts!). All feedback is welcomed and this is useful to know, so thanks.

      While we appreciate that there may not be 100% clear visibility and respect your concern completely, Toyota does not consider this a hazard or safety issue: there is, after all, no requirement to have a rear wiper, and many cars do not have rear wipers at all and yet are not considered unsafe.

      As for the rear view mirror, its position is ergonomically designed to ensure that it caters for people of all heights. If you haven’t done so already, I’d try adjusting the height of the driver’s seat. If this doesn’t help, I’d suggest you take your Prius to a Toyota Centre – they will be able to check the height of your mirror against that of another Prius.

      1. Thank you for the response about rear wiper and mirror, Melissa. I have to say that I regard the response on the wiper as disappointingly dismissive. I do agree that there is no legal requirement for a rear wiper but please point me to the many(?) 2009 model hatchbacks or estate cars that do not have a rear wiper. Surely you do not compare the new Prius with cars that were built before rear wipers were considered desirable? I was pointing out a needless hazard – and I use the word hazard advisedly. If Toyota don’t care about unnecessary hazards then I have made a sad mistake about their commitment to safety. I hope that I can buy a suitable uncranked wiper arm from a motor factor. I presume that I will not invalidate my warranty!
        The mirror issue also seems unecessary when it could have been avoided by mounting it higher on the screen – and, yes, I have compared it with another Prius. Was there a reason for the low mounting? Lowering the seat would improve it but lose sight of the half of the bonnet that I can see – I would rather peer round the mirror at junctions, or pay to get the mirror moved higher.
        Oh dear, What a disappointing response to what I thought was constructive criticism. Not what I regard as good PR.

  52. What if I don;t want to tow but do want a towbar fitting. This would be to allow the fitting of a towbar mounted bike rack which has been languishing in my garage since I first went Prius in ’06. All I need to use it is a standard 2 bolt towbar attachment and the ability to do the electrical hookup for my lighting board.

    1. Hi Graham,

      So sorry for the delayed response; we’ve had a few questions on towing, so we wanted to spend some time getting a definitive answer from Toyota before replying.

      Because Prius cannot tow, a towbar-mounted cycle rack has not been made for Prius, as I expect you were told in 2006. However, a cycle rack that fits onto the Prius roof rack is available for the third-generation Prius, which is what I assume you have now. I’ve had some trouble tracking down the part numbers but you should be able to order both roof rack and cycle rack through a Toyota Centre easily. Please note that, due to the changes to the roof dimensions, these accessories are compatible with third-generation Prius only.

      I hope that helps. If I find the part numbers I’ll let you know.

      1. Apologies that this question is out of context but I do not know how else to contact you. I need some help on locating the channel presets screen on my new (3 days old) Spirit with the DAB option. The presets are referred to in the DAB manual but not how to access them via the screen.
        the Nav manual is equally blank on this point – indeed on any DAB points.
        I have no problem access presets on the FM mode and the DAB mode is otherwise operating correctly. Please reply direct to my e-mail if you prefer.

        Gordon Edge

        1. Melissa, I have now solved this problem myself. See my post at the top of the current posts. In my view, the DAB manual needs a thorough re-write with illustrations.

          1. Hi Gordon,

            This is good news! Sorry I wasn’t quite quick off the mark enough to find out for you myself. And don’t worry at all about posts being out of context.

            Your feedback on the manual has been noted – thanks.

  53. Mike, Regards if you are the IBM Hursley Mike, from the fellow organ enthusiast! There seems to be a thriving market here too – try here for starters:
    Hope you get a Prius; I’m on my third, and this Prius 3 is just sublime. The only drawback is that, with sat-nav, there are 960 pages of instruction books, and I have realised that I will never remember all of it!

    1. Hi Roger, thanks for the pointer. Unfortunately it sounds as though the (lack of) towing capability is going to be a showstopper. Mike

  54. Any answer/outlook on the towing/towbar question? I need to be able to tow an <300 kg trailer on accasion, and also want to change to a Prius.

    Thanks …

    1. Hi Mike,

      Are you referring to Richard’s question on 21 August? Ron very kindly replied here, and the topic has come up a few times on the blog. Essentially, the Prius cannot tow and cannot be fitted with a tow bar on account of its lightweight drivetrain. It is also true that towing affects weight and aerodynamics, which in turn affect fuel efficiency and emissions.

      1. Hi Melissa, thanks for the reply. Yes, I was referring to Richard’s question. I did see Ron’s reply (“I suspect that it has something to do with CO2 emissions.”) but that seemed purely speculative, so was not really answering the question.

        In your reply, you say “the Prius cannot tow and cannot be fitted with a tow bar on account of its lightweight drivetrain” …

        Can you clarify? The weight of a towbar is surely negligible compared to the weight one might put in the boot, and similarly, how would 300 kg of trailer put more strain on the drivetrain than (say) four 75 kg passengers?

        Looking at the specifications on the Toyota UK site, the maximum load (gross less kerb weight) for the car is (close to) 400kg. That is surprisingly light, but with a driver of 60kg (me) and no passengers, a 300 kg trailer should surely be OK?

        (I appreciate that towing a trailer will increase drag and therefore fuel consumption, but as this would be perhaps for 4 or 5 journeys a year, that is a relatively minor concern.)

        Thnaks — Mike

        1. Hi Mike,

          It’s not just an issue of adding weight; if it were, then Toyota would not allow a roof rack (and associated accessories) to be manufactured. I’m not sure of the technical detail, but I can ask someone from the Technical team about it. I’m afraid the outcome remains the same: it is just not possible to tow with a Prius, unfortunately.

        2. Hi Melissa, thanks for the quick reply …

          > I’m not sure of the technical detail, but I can ask someone from the Technical team about it.

          Please do!

          >I’m afraid the outcome remains the same: it is just not possible to tow with a Prius, unfortunately.

          Well, clearly it is possible (there seems to be a vigorous aftermarket in the US of companies selling towbars for the Prius). So the question really is .. what is reasonable and within the capabilities of the car?

          If Toyota really is saying ‘no, it is not allowed’, then I’ll look elsewhere. But I really would like my next car to be a Prius (I’m getting a bit bored with BMWs).


        3. Hello again Mike,

          Sorry that there’s been such a delay in getting back to you. I spoke to a technical specialist and Prius brand specialists from both Toyota GB and Toyota Motor Europe, and so am now in a position to give what I hope will be a full and definitive answer to the towing question.

          Page 277 of the Prius owners’ manual states that the car is “not designed” to tow. As this statement appears in official Toyota documentation, then, I can state that Toyota does not recommend that you tow with a Prius.

          The technical specialist I spoke to told me that a capacity to tow was not part of the first generation’s design specification, and each generation since then has been based upon the one before it. Each redesign was approached in the characteristic Toyota way of refining each element, making components lighter and more efficient. That is to say, the capacity to tow has never been ‘built in’. In order to make the Prius suitable for towing, the chassis would need to be specially reinforced and the transmission completely redesigned to prevent overheating (what I meant when I said that the Prius has a ‘lightweight drivetrain’ previously) – i.e. it would become a completely different car. Thus, it does not matter what weight your trailer is: the Prius is simply not designed to tow and in doing so you would risk damaging your car.

          Of course, Toyota cannot comment on and certainly cannot endorse any independent aftermarket accessories. What I can say is that if you were to damage your car as a direct result of fitting an unauthorised accessory, you would potentially void your warranty.

          I hope that clarifies things. If you have any other questions, please do get in touch again.

          1. Hi,

            In regards to towing, I’m not looking to tow, but to use a towbar to put a bike rack on the car (rather than on the roof).

            I’ve seen towbars in the US, but nothing here.

            Therefore as I’m not looking to Tow, but only use the Tow bar for a bike rack, can you contact the technical specialists, or give me their details to see if I can do this?

          2. I understand from others who have done it that it is possible, but the bar fitting has to be sourced from outside the UK.

    2. Melissa, very many thanks. That is the definitive statement I was looking for, even if not the answer I was hoping for.


  55. I response to the recent question on no Key ingition I can put you mind at rest. Next Monday 28th Sept I pick up my third Prius T spirit. For the last 6+ years I have never had a key problem. In fact I have never had any problem with my Prius cars. On petrol economy I have just got back from a weeks holiday in Salop driving 195 miles at 64.7 MPG. I rate that as good.
    Best Wishes from Albert

  56. Hello,

    Great to see site for prius blog.
    I got new prius 2009 T3 model this week and observed that the rear lights on either side are not identical i.e. On the left middle it is WHITE whereas on the right middle rear it is RED. Checked with the dealer who says that it is not a problem and one is for RE REVERSING whilst other is used as FOG light.
    Checked few older prius models but they all seems to have identical rear lights. yet to check another new prius 09.
    Any thoughts on this?
    Also i am wondering if anyone has any feedback/thoughts about the safety of not using keys at all as it is only one touch POWER button now. Is it safe enough??
    Any thoughts/feedback welcome.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi there,

      I must say, I’d never noticed this myself, but I’ve just checked our image database and sure enough, the rear lights are different colours. As it’s displayed clearly in official photos, I’m sure every third-generation Prius has these different coloured lights.

      I’m just wondering if you could refine your question about safety slightly, so I can address your precise concern. (Please be assured that each car goes through rigorous safety checks and that Toyota would never be able, let alone want, to sell a car that was not safe.)

  57. To all,

    I have just been onto my insurers to register for the 1st Sept and yes there is a problem in getting insurance.
    The T Spirit does not show up on the details as a hatchback only as 4 door saloon. I have been told by the dealers to register it as this and inform the insurance company that this show up as a hatchback after the 1st.
    Then the DVLA will have updated all of their records accordingly. But why it should show up as a saloon 4 door when the prius has always been a hatchback!!!

    I am waiting now to see what is on the registration document.

  58. A word of warning re insurance. Both the Toyota insurance and my existing company described the car as as 1.5 when in fact it is a 1.8. My insurance company started off by saying that my insurance was invalidated and to stay off the road whilst they investigated. They did declare that it was ok but I still have not had it in writing!!!

    I think Toyota’s marketing dept has made a right mess of the Prius launch. No firm specs until the demo cars were delivered and then, on the 1st August, they announce the LED headlight pack………..I ask you?! No mention is made of the moon roof or headlight washers that are offered in other countries. Incidentally both the moon roof and the photovoltiac roof incur extra permiums if you can find a company to insure them.
    I am rather dissatisfied with the sat nav…….more on this shortly but be warned it’s well out of date.

  59. @Richard
    I suspect that it has something to do with CO2 emissions. The new car has VED of zero. If roof rails or towbar are fitted then that would immediately increase CO2 above 100g/km and this might have implications on the VED status. Now that same argument would apply to any car where the same fitments would raise the VED band at least one and possibly more bands – but is the zero rating special? I don’t know.

  60. Simon

    you commented that roof bar are not possible with sunroof…and earlier we identified there is no tow bar option…ouch.
    Can I enquire what the long term staus of tow bar or rrof bars will be so I might have some option for extended luggage capacity?
    Is there a technical reason for these limitations?

  61. I was wrong in two respects in my post of 8/7/09. The foot operated parking brake IS there. When I was at Bluewater it must have been pushed right down to the floor so I was groping for it with my left foot but thought that its position atth ebottom was the foot rest. Mark’s information of £100 for DAB radio was very wide of the mark. The whole radio is swapped and the cost is obscene – well over £400. Although this includes USB it is an absolutely absurd amount. What do Toyota think they are doing? That puts the DAB radio price at around £650-£700 when you allow for the fact that the standrad radio is not supplied!
    Despite this I have ordered a T-Spirit with a very fair deal from my local dealer and will take delivery mid October.

  62. It’s nice to hear that some people have got their new Prius before the 1st of Aug. I wonder if anyone has taken delivery of a 15 inch wheel photo electric
    T spirit yet?. I ordered in mid June and last week was told mine is due on 12th Oct.. Sorry to hear about the low mpg reported above. Best Wishes from Albert

  63. Does the DAB option purely allow you to lock into radio stations via a digital input? Or are there additional benfits from this system, eg timer, storage, playback, pause, etc?

  64. Ray,
    Glad to hear you now have your new Prius. I am having mine delivered for the 1st Sept., so that I have the 59 plate.
    With regard to the MP3 player via Bluetooth you may experience a problem. I tried to put two phones via this means and it would only accept one appliance. Let me know how you get on with this?
    Also would the MP3 fit where the iPod is intended to go, under the arm rest – just a thought.
    Looking forward to getting mine.
    Mats I got with the previous Prius, although I had to ask for them and was told to keep them for the new car. Will see what I can get out of them this time, I have some thoughts of what I intend to go for!! Watch this space.

  65. Beat me to it, Ray. I should be picking up my car today. So what was all this “launch 01.08.09” business?

  66. I have had my new Prius for 24hrs now and here are my first impressions.

    It easy to drive and is comfortable. No long distances yet but no complaints so far.
    I didn’t find the sat nav as intuitive as Tom Tom but, after a few trial runs around town, I think that I have mastered the basics. It seems that there is a facility to save destinations (POI) but is limited to 106.
    It was easy to connect my mobile via bluetooth and also to transfer the contacts. Within a couple or so minutes was I was using the mobile hands free.
    I like the rear view camera but have not tried intelligent assist parking yet
    The mpg wasn’t impressive from the dealer to home along mainly dual carriageways. I wasn’t particularly trying to keep my mpg down but neither was I pushing it. Around town today it has crept up to around 55mpg. It hasn’t managed to stay in EV mode for long as it reckons the battery isn’t fully charged – will keep an eye on this.
    As previously mentioned no DAB. The VHF has six presets and were quickly set up. Not used the HDD for storing of music yet but it seems labour intensive and I will probably use bluetooth MP3 player instead.
    All in all quite pleased with the car but still some niggles.
    Considering that the car industry is supposidly in some difficulty I found it surprising that there were no deals going if you were a cash customer. I managed to squeeze about £120 of extras out of my dealer but nothing from Toyota. I still find it extraordinary that one has to pay extra for mats in a top of the model car.

  67. Further to the last comments on spare wheel I agree getting only 15″ wheels with the top of the range is enough…no spare would be a worry for long journeys. so I too hope its an option – and:
    Simon – this is the frustration – we still have no “proper” list of Prius accessories , options and prices. Where / when can we find this?
    Is a space saver at least an option and, I understand in UK DAB is a USB add on ..(necessary when Am &FM start to die off in just 5 years)…what will these cost and what else is actually available as “dealer options”.
    Snag for me is I have placed the order on what I knew at the any factory choices are now lost….but I would like to get any deler options placed before delivery.
    P.S. any further info on Nav / console system update options..or is what we get on delivery, it??

  68. Albert, It has certainly not been easy to find answers. Even the e-brochure seems to mention things you can’t order. As for the tyre repair kit, I had visions of sitting cross-legged using tyre levers! Could it be an injection system?

    Lionel, I am pretty sure my car has reached the entry port, and it is silver. Incidentally, I think all the Longcross and MIRA cars were metallic white, but the “solid” paint Pure White cars are £400 cheaper. I have a cherished plate, so I don’t need to wait until September.

  69. Albert,
    If you go into the Toyota home page and look at the New Prius and go to features then look at the wheels sections it states that the alloy wheels are fitted and a spare wheel if no Solar Panel is fitted. A repair tyre kit is supplied if the Solar Panel is fitted and no spare wheel supplied.
    This is the way I read it

    Re the delivery date – I was informed by my dealer when I placed my order that the first consignment to arrive will all be White. This apparently is the new in colour this year. So my delvery is put at sometime during August. If this is the case I shall ask to wait until 1st September for the 59 plate, otherwise it will be 6 months old when I receive it on a 09 plate. Will ask for a discount!!!

  70. Thanks Roger. I learn something new every day about the new Prius range. When I placed my order the sales man said the wheels on the photo electric model were an inch smaller to keep the car inside a weight limit. No mention was made about the lack of a spare wheel. I hope the spare well is still there so that I can buy a wheel after delivery. I had a Prius tyre failure on holiday and would have been in a fix without the spare
    I will contact the Warrington agent on Monday morning
    Best Wishes Albert Heyes

  71. Simon, Please ignore previous posts about sat nav. The reason why the new Prius sat-nav looks so different in the brochures, etc. is that the new sat-nav is shown in 3D mode, where everything looks as it would do from a helicopter hovering at 100 feet, and in this mode, the orientation is fixed to the car’s heading. But it can be switched to 2D mode, which looks like a normal map display, and in this mode, you can select North orientation. This now operates like the Prius 2 sat-nav. The only difference is then a loss of resolution in the display, compared to Prius 2, but that’s not too bad.
    I found out about this by test driving a New Avensis, which has the same system, complete with 10GB HDD and rear camera. It also had a motorised parking brake as described by Ron Goldby. Real shame we didn’t get this on the Prius. As with LED headlamps, etc., I think Toyota UK has capped the price to the old Prius 2 level, and chopped everything that couldn’t be included at that price. Personally, I would have expected a rise in price, and would have paid more for the extras that we have been denied. They did the same thing when Prius 2 was introduced, and I don’t think they ever offered more features later.
    Re: Albert Heyes’ delivery time, I have a very early date for my T-Spirit. I suspect his delay may be because the initial shipment are probably all cars without the solar roof. Incidentally, from the brochure, it can be seen that the presence of the solar roof actually improves fuel economy and emissions (the 92 CO2 figure goes down to 89), but the replacement of the saver spare wheel by a tyre repair kit (!) put me off ordering it.

  72. I have had a look on Toyota’s Spanish and French web sites and the’re prices are considerable higher BUT they do have more equipment as standard which, as far as I can see, are not even offered as extras here e.g. headlamp washers, auto-dipping interior mirror, LED headlights etc. Worth a look if anybody is interested as they offer three versions as here not like in the US.

  73. Simon, Thanks for the PDF e-brochure. In the T-Spirit, standard feature is the “Premium Navigation System”. But as an accessory, you can have Satellite Navigation System TNS 510.

    I have found the installation and user’s manuals for TNS 510, and this is the same system as found on the Prius 2, which is what I would like.

    Can you please confirm that this not the same as the standard T-Spirit system?

    If I wanted TNS 510, I presume I would need to have it fitted into a T4?

  74. Having read all the above comment and thinking about the reason for my suggested Aug delivery which has now become a suggested Sept delivery for my T spirit with photo electric roof. I guess the major sales of the new Prius are in left hand drive locations, USA,Europe etc. The Right hand drive locations must be very small volume by comparison. Perhaps we will have to be patient and sit a the back of the que. I could say more but I hope Toyota pull their finger out.
    Best Wishes Albert

  75. We are getting very near to the August 1st launch date. I have asked my local dealer for a full brochure when it arrives. If Toyota has planned for brochures to be available by August 1st in paper form, they must have placed orders with a printing firm by now ( they will have distribution delays getting from printer to showroom). Please can we have a link to a PDF file brochure which the printer will surely need to print the brochure himself.

    1. Hi Ian, the PDF e-brochure is now available for download at The printed brochure will be available in Toyota Centres next week (delivery day is TBC!).



  76. @Simon
    Thanks for the feedback on my post. I think that your car and the one at Bluewater must be different. THERE WAS NO LEFT FOOT PARKING BRAKE. I may have been mistaken about the button but I don’t think so – it was marked Park brake which made me grope with my left foot for the non existent pedal. I spoke to Mark and he confirmed that it had gone and then showed me the hard brake pedal function that I described. Mark did not talk about the button so it might have been reversing camera/park assist which I do not recall seeing at all. As far as DAB is concerned I think that it is the “Audio” button which brings up the radio control panel which has tabbed areas for the various functions including AM, FM, CD, AUX and a suspicious space for an extra tab which is probably DAB once it has been activated. It does seem very parsimonious that the rest of Europe gets the DAB as standard while UK has to pay extra. Why are we the poor relation?

  77. Thanks for the feedback Simon. I am about to order so I need clarification on the roofbars pretty quickly. Can they be used with the solar roof (sorry “moonroof” as our American cousins insist on calling it!). I don;t necessarily expect to be able to operate the roof with the bars on but does the sunroof/solar roof totally rule the use of roofbars out?

    1. Graham asked on July 2nd about compatibility of roofbars and the solar roof.

      The answer is a ‘No’. You cannot use the roof-loading system if you have the solar roof option. Incidentally, the solar part of the roof and the sliding moonroof are separate parts of the roof.

  78. @Graham – it’s an electric tilt & slide model with solar panels that power the cabin ventilation on a hot day. Julian’s comment on an earlier post linked to a couple of videos showing more detail about how it works. I’ll look into the roof bar question and let you know.

    @Ron – thanks very much for such a long and detailed write up of your experience at Bluewater!

    Just a couple of comments: The foot-operated brake is still there – the button you’re referring to is for the Integrated Parking Assist. I tried one album in the CD Player on the car we drove, which did pick up the CD text correctly. I was also able to get heat from the car vents with ambient air to the face vents, but as it was warm during the time we drove it I didn’t spend long on this.
    I think you’re right about the brake lock. This is what Mark in Glasgow discovered on his test drive, but at the time we wrongly concluded that the notification light was a warning about standing water.

    The DAB button was there on our T Spirit car, but there was definitely no DAB function. I believe the button is there ready for customers who want to upgrade.

    Thanks again!

  79. I ordered a new spec t spirit in June and was told delivery would be in August on Fri 3rd July they phoned to say delivery would be in September. I hope Toyota are not sitting on pre ordered cars and our deposits with the sure knowledge they have sold a car while they put cars into showrooms for sale. If i find T Spirit cars for sale that have not been allocated to pre order buyers then it will be goodbye to Toyota. I have been in this trap before and hope Toyota do the right thing by there customers. Best Wishes Albert

  80. We saw the new Prius at Bluewater on Friday and spent an hour crawling over it with a good deal of help from Mark, one of the marketing people from HO at Burgh Heath. There was just one Prius there, a T-Spirit in Pearl White. My wife fell in love with the car straight away and we very much liked the colour. Unfortunately we were unable to check out all the features because, as the engine could not be run indoors, the car was powered by a transformer which could not supply power to all the car’s features, including particularly the head-up display.
    The new centre console puts everything you need in easy reach but it does form a real physical barrier between driver and passenger. The driver certainly can’t get out of the passenger door or vice versa. The driving position is very good and the oddment tray under the console is accessible and contains a 12V outlet, supplementing the one inside the armrest which also houses the aux input, a jack socket and not a USB port. The armrest is just usable when driving and slides back for access to one of the cup holders and the main storage box. The instrument display is clear and uncluttered and the synergy drive display is now far more discreet. The display of which button is touched on the multi-function steering wheel is very clear and avoids the need to look down at your thumbs. HUD could not be checked out as noted above. Seats are very comfortable and there is huge legroom in the back. The steering wheel is adjustable for reach but not rake as there are no dials for the rim to obscure because of the high central digital display. I did not notice whether the front seats adjust for height – presumably they do. The foot operated parking brake is gone and replaced by a button to the left of the steering column. For hill starts you don’t need the parking brake. A firm foot on the brake while stationary locks them on (with a warning dashboard icon) and they release automatically as the car starts to move. Boot space appears unchanged from the previous model and the rear seats fold down easily to increase it with seat belts held in clips so that they are not snagged by the seat back retainers when the seat back is put back up. There are no belts at all on the engine – power steering, aircon and engine fan are all separate electric motors. The camshaft is chain driven so there is no expensive cambelt to renew every 5 or 6 years. There are two separate water cooling systems, one for the petrol engine and one for the hybrid drive, each with its easily accessible top-up vessel under the bonnet. There is an air vent just by the offside rear door which, presumably, supplies air to the fan for cooling the traction battery.

    Despite the DAB button not even the T Spirit has DAB radio as standard. Mark rang his guru at Burgh Heath who confirmed that DAB is missing from the UK cars, though it is standard for the rest of Europe. Apparently, most of what is needed is in the radio but it needs activation which will cost around £100. UK marketing are complaining about this anomaly and hope to see it as a standard feature soon. The hard disk has a measly 10Gb for music and cannot be used to store extra POI’s for the SatNav. It does not recognise CD titles which have to be input manually, a laborious process.
    The hybrid train warranty has inexplicably been reduced from 8 years to just 5 years. Apparently a lot of people have asked, as I did, why Toyota has lost confidence in the technology. The stock answer from marketing, which I had from Mark as well as my dealer, in almost identical words, is that the 8 year warranty was necessary at Mk 1 launch to achieve market acceptance of the hybrid principle but is now not necessary as the technology has proved itself TOTALLY reliable with no problems at all even from 10 year old vehicles. So if the warranty is not costing anything why restrict it? Come on, Toyota, your story does not stand up to informed scrutiny! The good news is that the drive battery is 28 separate cells so if one dies it does not need all 28 to be replaced. A single cell costs around £100. So what other drawbacks are there? The main one for me is the single zone climate control. It may be that you can get ambient air at face level with heat to your feet if you direct the aircon/heater output to feet only – I wait for my test drive to be convinced.─
    Our verdict on the car? We looked at the Prius out of “environmental duty” expecting to eliminate it from our short list. The old model moved to the top of the list and the new model seems to be even better – however, only a test drive will show.─
    But PLEASE Toyota – give us the facility to add our own POI’s to the Satnav. I have around 14,000 personal ones which I have added to my Garmin and which I regularly update from the web. Don’t force me to run my Garmin alongside the Toyota navigation. Also, I can buy lifetime quarterly map updates from Garmin for £100. What will Toyota charge for an updated DVD?

    Finally, sincere thanks to Mark – we were very quickly on the same wavelength and he answered all our queries and criticisms courteously and well. Where he did not know the answer he admitted it and then checked it out with his guru. It was well worth the special trip to Bluewater! All the above results from my observations, coupled with Mark’s responses to my questions. Please do not rely on any of the above information but do your own checks as I cannot be responsible for any inaccuracy. Perhaps Simon can comment on anything thati have got wrong?

  81. I have seen an image somewhere that appears as though a sunroof is available. Is this the case and if so is it the solar panel roof that also acts as a sunroof?

    Also, Simon can you confirm if the solar roof is compatible with the use of roofbars?

  82. Ray
    My dealer had a poduct information sheet which gave the specs, By the way did you know the leather interior is fitted in the uk !! You live and learn

  83. I have just returned from my local dealer and i asked about the dab button .You can buy a module from Toyota which will convert your radio to dab Its about £300!!!! This will save having to buy a new radio

  84. I agree with you Ron – in the literature I’ve seen the few photos of the intruments show the DAB/AM button. In the dealers’ showrooms there is the latest sales blurb on computer and again this shows the DAB/AM button AND the DAB menu on the main display screen. Never any mention of this being an option or even if it is available. Even the salesmen don’t seem to know for certain. This is quite important as FM has a finite life – although I understand that switch off is now postponed to 2015 but who knows when politiciana are in charge and their need for more revenue by selling off of the frequencies made available with the switch off of FM.
    I am still thinking of placing an order for a Spirit but I am concerned that there doesn’t seem to be any confirmation of the specs or availabilty until mid-July when the dealers receive their demo cars.

  85. Hi,

    I would like to test drive the new Prius and I live in London. I could get to Bluewater next weekend – can I test drive it there? If so, do I have to book the test drive, or just turn up (with my driving licence, presumably)?

    Many thanks

  86. Ray says no DAB radio yet the brochure I received shows very clearly a button marked AM-DAB immediately above the FM button. Please clarify!

  87. It seems peculiar that a company so well recognised for it’s technical know how seems to have flopped so badly re the sat nave/hdd for the prius.

    No way to input POIs in the sat nav

    All that disc space and no way to use it except by recording existing CDs/DVDs!!!!!!!!

    Surely it wouldn’t have been too much of a problem to suppy a ISB port? How are we going to transfer our music files when we buy a new car next time let alone this time?

    Still no firm details from the dealers and the website seems to contradict itself every time you visit!

  88. Hi Malcolm – we just drove the car around the country and dropped in on people who’d left comments – everyone was friendly! We would have loved to see you but I didn’t get your email. Which address did you use?

  89. I emailed them 06/06/09
    Inviting them to come firther North, advising them that the natives and the climate are fair and friendly, No roply todate
    I am on my third model latest 2007, T4 Sprit

  90. @Mike – the leather is dark grey (see link to photo in my comment above). Lionel’s right about the content of the packs, which are:
    Protection – (£340, T4 and T Spirit only) boot liner and rear parking sensors
    Style – (£350, T4 and T Spirit only) chrome surround on fog lamps, chrome side strips and chrome strip on rear tailgate
    Sorry it’s taken so long to find the answer

  91. Hi Lionel, there was a blanking plate next to the 12v supply in the lower bin which (if memory serves) is where the switch that controls the heated front seats lives on models that have them.
    @Richard – you’re welcome. We’ve been delighted by the number of comments we’re receiving, and we’re still trying to answer all the questions. In connection with that, the leather colour is Tiega Dark Grey. We drove a car finished in leather at the Stockholm press launch.

  92. Simon

    thanks for all the comments – this Blog was a great idea.

    A white ( my choice for years) Prius T-Spirit + Sunroof + Leather on order!

    pity the protection is not colour keyed….on my order the Leather was Grey not Black …I take it this will be a dark Grey from you previous notes??

  93. Simon,
    Correct if I am wrong – which is possible, that next to the power point in the lower bin was another connector which I thought was a USB connection. If not what is the other connection here.

  94. @Paul – the rear view mirror doesn’t dim and the headlights don’t have auto on. The wipers do have an auto mode that worked very well during our testing.
    The mirrors do fold manually, but electric folding mirrors aren’t available. All models have heated mirrors.
    You can’t connect a home computer to the T Spirit’s HDD to upload music
    @Mike – very sorry for the wait. We’re still trying to answer both questions.
    @Lionel – it’s great to hear that you decided to order! I believe that we had the grey velour trim in the T Spirit you drove – I liked it quite a lot. There’s a power socket in the lower storage bin and in the arm rest next to the Aux input, but I don’t believe there is a USB port unless we missed it.

  95. Simon,
    I have now placed my order for the new Prius. Because they are pushing for the car in white, which will be available in August, it will take until Sept/Oct for delivery – because I want it in Tyrol silver. The protection strips come as an extra. Black plastic moulding half way up the door and corners on the bumpers at an extra cost of course. £180.00 for the doors and extra £80.00 for the bumpers. there is a chrome styling strip which goes on the bottom of the doors, around the bottom of the hatch door and around the front fog lights.
    The chrome styling looks effective.
    They are not doing leather except as an extra at a cost of £1400.00, this is in black. They stopped doing leather in the present Prius late last year, it is now a grey material (velor).
    The HDD it may be possible to download from your USB stick, the port for this is under the centre console.
    Under the arm rest is a position to plug an ipod into.
    The dealer when I asked about the wing mirror and did this turn in thought this would be the same as the present Prius – so yes is the answer from the dealer.

  96. Any chance of a reply to my questions of 16th.
    (1)What colour leather is available?
    (2)what is in both the Style & Protection packs?
    I want to order my new Prius T Spirit now!!
    Any chance of this info Toyota?? How difficult can it be?? Surely if availability is August, you should know what the options are?!!

  97. Simon
    Do you know if the following are on the t spirit. Does the rear view mirror dim?
    Are the headlights auto switch on?
    Can you input the hdd straight from my computer to download my music?
    Can you order folding mirrors?

  98. Hi all, apologies for the break in replies but we’ve been out of the office for our drive around the country. Many thanks to all of you that we met – it was a genuine pleasure.

    @D Simons – one thing we were able to verify is that the car can acheive that mileage in real life, but you do have to drive for economy. The real-time economy meter helps here – read more here about what we were able to manage.

    @Bruce Chanter, we bore your remaining questions in mind when we were test driving the car. The central console is very pronounced on the new Prius, and it would make it hard to climb across the car in everyday driving. The only thing I’d say about this is that it certainly wouldn’t stop me in an emergency! The horn button is in the steering wheel centre so you can reach it easily whatever the steering angle. The pillars aren’t particularly thick by modern standards, and they’re quite far ahead of the driver which minimises the obstruction they cause. We found them easy to see past during our driving.

    @Richard – we’re still hoping to confirm the content of the Protection pack, which may address your concern. I’m afraid there’s no tow bar option at all – we did ask why this is at the Stockholm press launch and hope to bring you video of the replies soon.

    @Lionel – many thanks for your kind comments. It was great to meet you! I don’t believe there is a third power point in the boot, but we didn’t specifically look for one. Pleased to hear you’d like to order the new car. Lookers should be able to take your order, but please let us know if you have any problems.

    @Ray – it was a pleasure meeting you, too! Thanks for an entertaining and interesting tour of Hartlepool – not at all boring. We were both glad to see parts of the UK we didn’t know at all. I believe that the new car’s dimensions are slightly bigger than the current Prius. There’s definitely more headroom, particularly in the back, and I believe the boot is a little larger, too – the engineers have done a lot of work to make the battery pack more compact.

    Regarding the seats, I found them extremely comfortable (after sitting on them for a total of 1,960 miles!). I love the fabric on them, too. They don’t have the kind of side-support you’d get in more overtly sporty cars, but we certainly weren’t sliding about in corners.

    The new car’s dimensions, colours and other details are now listed on the website’s Prius page – click here. It’s in insurance group 7E. I think you might be right about the £15 – sorry!

    @Janet – thank you. It was a pleasure to meet with you and Vian. Charlie and I loved our time in Wales and are each making plans to return and see more of the country in the coming months.

    @Ian & Lionel – I think the rear view is better in the car, but the only way to be sure would be to sit in the second & third generation cars one after the other. I did find that the third-generation’s spoiler bar also blocks the headlights of cars behind you. It does cut the glare at night.

  99. Just a moot point. The Prius Spirit OTR was£21,210.00 which included £15 road tax. As the new Prius is £0 road tax the T3 and Spirit have gone up by £15!!

  100. Hi

    As I was driving the new Prius I actually commented to Simon that I reckoned that the rear view was better – in the current model I’ve always found it a bit restricted. He was not able to confirm that there had been a change – but you now have. Great!

    Janet Roberts

  101. Ian,
    I was the first to test drive the new Prius and cannot realy remember the the rear view. But recollect that it did appear to have a better and clearer vision. Although it was not until night time that I fully realised the position of the bar and thickness on Prius 2 for it blocked the headlights of those behind you, thus cutting the glare. Until this new version is driven at night time will we be able to assess this effectiveness. Simon/Alex your comments please.
    We haven’t heard anything from you for some time now.
    Lets hear how things went and your overall comments about the car please.

  102. Please will those who have had a recent test drive comment on the rear view visability. I have been told by my local dealer that the bar across the back window is slimmer that Prius 2. Is it slimmer? Does it make much difference?

  103. Simon

    Great to see the new Prius today (and you).

    Really enjoyed the drive – easy to adapt to the new model. I thought that the consumption I got was very respectable and the ECO drive mode seemed to work extremely efficiently. The screen display was excellent and certainly safer – no need to look down!

    Thank you for making it happen.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip.

    Janet and Vian

  104. I too have found dealer information next to useless!!
    If I could find out (1)what colour leather was available, (2)what was in both the Style & Protection packs I’d have my new Prius T Spirit on order today!!
    Any chance of this info Toyota??

  105. I’m a little suprised to read some of your comments about how poor the information you have recieved from your dealers. In my experience of working in a dealership I have found toyota keep us well informed ahead of a launch..and all sales staff have been invited to drive the new prius in early July.For A1 customer service look for a family run business in Derbyshire!!

  106. Simon,
    Thank you for the opportunity to test drive the new Prius. Although it was a very short stint we had with the car I found it a very easy car to drive and will be placing my order when able to. Can this be done through our dealer in Rayleigh?
    I am looking forward to being able to take another car out to give it a better trial.
    There are one or two points that may be considered for future models that were mentioned to you.
    I found the new central console looked more like an aircraft cockpit. I thought the moving of the visual screen to make way for the CD access diferent. The info display on the screen seemed very good and saved you having to look down especially for the sat nav system, not having to take your eyes off the road must be a plus what ever the general thoughts on the display are.
    Trust you had a good journey to Norwich.
    Can’t wait for the car to become available and hope that if any of these comments are acted upon will not delay the production of these Prius’s. Certainly the opportunity to have side protection on the doors would be good.
    Also as spoken to about the swich button at present on the steering column for returning to MAP is not on the wheel centre and has been moved to the opposite side of the screen – requires some thought unless it will automatically revert back to map. On the presnt Prius 2 you have the facility to select which screen as your home screen.

    Posted by Lionel Pryor | 13/06/09 at 21:17

  107. Hi all………..please ignore my comments re dimensions. The link I used was supposed to be for the new Prius but on checking this morning I find that it is the current model!
    Simon told me that the specs for the new one are on the site but I can’t find them – link please Simon.
    Simon or colleague – can you please tell me what insurance group the new Prius is in? What colours are going to be available? I can only find conflicting info.
    From this I guess you can tell I am serious about buying a new Prius!!!

  108. I was one of the lucky ones who were visited by Simon and Alex to test drive the new Prius during their extended test tour of the UK. I said I would write a blog for them of my impressions. Well, here goes.

    On first seeing the new Prius from the outside it seems to be bigger and sleeker than the current model. However, the dimensions are the same.

    The boot space again, seems bigger. I have been unable to check if this is actually the case. Certainly, there seem to more height available as I don’t think that the rake of the roof is as severe as on the current model. Comment Simon please

    This feeling of being larger extends to the interior which has a comfortable large car feel about it. There is a new centre console which houses the select drive with over and under storage. This is a bit high and I am not sure that I like it – it sort of isolates you from the front passenger. Like many things about this car, it will probably grow on you with usage. The rest of the dashboard is good to excellent.

    I liked the now info display especially the head-up part of it which is projected onto the windscreen. This is vertically adjustable so all seat positions are catered for. The display has various options e.g. speedo and it also displays sat nav info e.g. a left facing arrow when you have to turn left. I actually drove the car in bright sunlight and the display was perfectly legible – it is brightness adjustable e.g. dimming when driving at night.

    The car was easy to start with the usual precautions of a modern automatic. At first the quietness of the car was a little unnerving but a quick glance at the info display soon assured me that all was working ok. It didn’t take long to accept this quietness as the norm. We tried the car in EV mode but mostly ran it in ECO. I managed to have a couple of quick bursts at acceleration and it was at least as good as my 2.0 Laguna. As part of the test drive I gave the lads a little town tour with commentary (hope it wasn’t too boring) and we experienced a mixture of heavy (for Hartlepool) traffic as well as light. The car coped well, was easy and relaxing to drive. I think I managed 59.6mpg without trying and which included a couple of ‘parking assist’ parkings. No doubt Simon will report back on his findings on mpg.

    Parking assist is still an undecided option for me although it will probably be useful as one grows older and less flexible. With use it will probably be easy to use. If it was offered as a separate option I would probably elect not to have it. The rear view camera was useful and clear although I didn’t use it as much as I could have as I tend to use my mirrors to assist in reversing. If this was offered as a separate option then I would have it as I think that I would use it a lot once I had got used to it. The sat nav system also gives me mixed feelings. It seems to be good but with no cheap updating facility available it may not be as good value as Tom Tom/Carmin etc. One thing I have learned from using Tom Tom is that you need to update it at least every two years. It doesn’t seem to cater for individual POIs which I think it should as it is not a cheap system. I am somewhat undecided as to whether or not the Spirit is worth the extra £1220. Whilst on the subject of cost, the T4 has gone up by £845 but I can’t see the justification for this – Toyota says it is to reflect an enhanced spec but I can’t see it – a marketing ploy to reduce the difference between the T4 and the Spirit!? Comment Simon?

    The Sprit doesn’t have some of the refinements of other cars (including Toyota) for a top of the range model e.g. no dual climate control, no DAB radio (switch off of analogue transmissions in the next few years), no leather seats as standard, no bodywork protection, no retractable wing mirrors, no electrochromatic rear view mirror. The seats are not special, not ‘huggy’ and don’t feel as though they fit you. Comment Simon as you will by now have now driven several hundred miles on these seats.

    Comments: Perhaps you can respond, Simon
    The specs on the website makes no mention of a CD/DVD player for the T4/Spirit
    Updating system needed for the sat nav without the need to buy a new disc. Can destinations be stored, is more than one home possible? What individual settings can be saved?
    I have seen an 8years warranty for the hybrid and battery components on the web but my dealer says 5 or 6. – which is it?

    The new Prius is my favourite for a new car but I need to convince myself that the extras in the Spirit are worth the extra money and not just expensive toys. If I do buy the Spirit it will be an indulgence and not a necessity.

    Many thanks Simon and Alex – it was a pleasure meeting you.

  109. Simon,
    Had another thought re the Jack plug connections, there being two in the front of the car, but have they now put a jack plug power point in the rear/boot of the car.
    Therefore being able to have a car cool box plugged in for picnics etc…
    How is the travelling going trust you are having good weather

  110. Towing and parking.
    Will a tow bar be an option – even at a low rating (e.g. 750 unbraked / 1200kg braked) that would allow small trailers which is what I want to use.
    As well as the advanced self park if wanted – is there an option for just parking sensors at the rear on the T2 or T4 ..for just that “get out of a parking bay moment”?
    PS – Agree with other contributers comments about side protection – dont’t car makers use car parks!?! …are these available as an accsessory?

  111. Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of replies this week but we’ve been flat out covering the press launch and preparing for a marathon test drive on which I’m about to set off. I’m passing all your questions on and will report back when I can.
    @Bruce – I’ll report back with answers to some of your other questions, but I can confirm the stalks are as you’d expect in a UK car – indicators and lights on left, wipers on right. I did reply to your earlier question – the standard Prius can’t be charged from the mains, but Toyota is researching plug-in versions (a more detailed answer here)
    I hope that helps – more soon.

  112. Sorry to spoil the fun but, although the new Prius will almost certainly be a great and desirable car, here are some issues I would like to see addressed please – in order of importance, for me at least:

    1) It is vital for the driver, or the front seat passenger, to be able to get across the car from the driver’s seat to the passenger side or vice-versa, without the need to be a contortionist or damaging the furniture with size 9’s. This facility could be most important in the event of an accident (especially if fire is starting – where else would blocking an emergency exit route with immovable furniture be permitted?). Also helpful to get to the driver’s seat, if another car is parked up against the driver’s door, or just for certain tight garaging situations. Does the new model of Prius follow fashion, or does it take all this into account?

    2) Are the windscreen pillars as slender as they can be? My 1980 Saab 99 had pillars of immensely strong but slender girder construction and therefore had great visibility in this department.

    3) Is the horn button (or WHY?) easily accessible and visible, even when the steering wheel is turning?

    4) Are the steering wheel stalks of the normal British configuration, ie. lights on the left and wipers on the right? For safety reasons, standardisation in this area should be a basic requirement for type approval of all cars, in the UK., anyway.

    5) Is an estate version in the pipeline?

    6) Further to my question above (31.05.09), will it be possible to charge the batteries from the household mains electricity, say overnight? This could mean that for a daily commute of up to 30 or 40 miles return, one would not need to use any petrol.

    Many thanks.

  113. I am very surprised that the new Prius does not have body protection to the front&rear bumpers or to each door. These areas are particularl vulnerable and in my view should have some protection. I think this will deter some buyers

  114. Thanks everyone for your continued comments – please bear with us as we try to reply to you all. We also have a lot of exciting news and activities that we hope to tell you about very soon!

    @David Allen – very sorry to hear of your frustration. I am trying to pass all comments on to the relevant teams within Toyota and let readers know the response I get. Regarding comments, we reserve the right to moderate for bad language/spam/libel etc, but otherwise we hope to publish all genuine comments.

  115. Ray Hi,
    In answer to your comments.
    1. I have never used the Park Assist as you need to have had plenty of time to familiarise yourself with it. Agree otherwise you lose your space.
    2. Sat Nav the same as Nissan runs on a DVD no way to upgrade except at cost. There should be away/system of allowing individuals to upgrade. Nowadays with technology as it is, but is this because Toyota own the licence.
    3. Battery warranty doesn’t surprise me at all if this is true 5/6 years instead of 8years.

  116. My dealer has no clue of new priusIII and even thought that it was a model for a foreign market and not a UK model. We have to realise that for most employees of Toyota dealerships that they are not bothered in genuine enquiries/interest as this is only their job. Lets hope the car is better than the dealership/ Toyota UK experience. I would be surprised if they displayed this message on the site.

  117. Found out a little more and somewhat disappointed. Does anyone have experience of:
    1) Parking assist – not as easy as the US web site suggests – “by the time you have set it up you have lost the parking space!”
    2) Sat Nav – runs via a DVD. This costs £170. No other way to get updates and no guarantee that there will be updates on the disc. Better to go Tom Tom?
    3) The hybrid/battery warranty is going down from 8 years to 5 or 6.
    4) No cars available for a test drive until August
    5) The launch day may be beyond August.

    Interested in peoples comments re 1 & 2 as now thinking of T4 rather than Spitit. Many thanks

  118. The new Prius looks fantastic! I have a 58 T-Spirit model but very tempted to have a new model later in the year since it is the same price with many more extras. Im ashamed of myself….thanks Toyota!!!

  119. I phoned my local Toyota dealer on a number of occasions concerning the new Prius, price, availablity etc and to date I have never had a call back, not a good way to encourage sales. I want to buy a new Prius T spirit, and I want to place an order now.

  120. When the new Prius will be available in Scotland, I asked for a brochure and the dealer just give the old prius one

  121. What is Toyota planning to offer in exchange of 2004 Prius T-Spirit to upgrade to new one? Seriously interested.

  122. Hi,

    I’m seriously considering the new Prius T Spirit.

    My local dealership, however, can not advise what the content of the Protection or Style Pack will be for this trim level.

    Similarly the are equally unable to advise when orders may be placed with a leather interior.

    Does anyone have this information they could share with me?


  123. I am a Saab driver, my 6th, I buy them for comfort – seats/ride on long drives, good economy/performance. BUT I am tempted by the Prius. Will you have a light coloured interior – cream/beige/light grey? Not black. Seats, dash, door trim, carpets, mats? I am also waiting for What Car magazine’s review of it. Are they doing one soon do you know? I’m interested in the ride. Will the UK version have heated seats (I presume front)? Will there also be leather seats as an option? When will the dealers have ones for us to test drive?

  124. I’m getting 70 mpg on a run with care from the current Prius in the summer. Heating/lights in winter drop it just under 60mpg. Best bit is thae it is not affected in any way by hitting a traffic jam.

  125. @D Simons – great to hear you love the car. 72.4mpg is the official combined cycle figure for the new Prius. As soon as we can get hold of one we hope to see if we can match or beat that in real life driving, but if our experience with iQ is anything to go by it should be possible!
    The prices have been announced – please see our earlier post. Also, the new one is appearing at Birmingham’s Bullring from Monday 8 June, and in two other major shopping centres soon (see above).
    @Peter Ward – I’m trying to find out details of the brochure and how people register to receive it. I hope to be able to update you next week. Sorry you haven’t received the information you need so far, but I hope I can help keep you and everybody else informed – we do care!

  126. I just received an email from Toyota, the first since I signed up for Prius updates weeks ago. I then notice this “be the first to see…” link, only to find there’s much more information that I could have been alerted to. A hint to Toyota: if I sign up for information, I’m not going to complain when I receive emails!

    I also read here in some comments that a brochure is already available. I’ve not seen one to download or been sent one. I wonder if Toyota will be reconsidering its choice of advertising agency as a result of all this.

    Perhaps Toyota is so confident it can sell all the Priuses it makes that it doesn’t see the need to advertise effectively. Maybe that’s true, but it doesn’t half leave a nasty taste….

  127. had had prius since 2002 (2 cars)
    delighted. can the new one really get 72 mpg?
    and when will we get the prices?
    can I get more than £4k for my 2003 mark II?
    Toyota are streets ahead technically…
    please let me know when the new one is around to see

  128. Hi, some more responses from Toyota:

    @David Crowther – Some Toyota Centres will have opted to show the 2009 Hilux. It should be visible at those dealers now. Please check with your local centre(s) to see if they have the Hilux in the showroom or as a demonstrator.
    The FJ Cruiser will not be available in RHD with a diesel engine
    @Lionel – Great to hear that you’re planning to switch to the new Prius. The order book has now opened for the car. Prices were announced last week – please click here to see our post on it.
    I hope that helps!

  129. I am disgusted that Toyota have seen fit to preview the new Prius in only three locations in England. Are they not aware that in recent years devolved government has been granted to Scotland and Wales and to ignore these countries in regard to previewing the Prius could be taken as highly insulting. How would the Japanese feel if they were told that in order to preview a new car model they had to go to Peking?

    After being a loyal user of a Prius since 2004 I need to test drive the new model before 1st August in order that I could take delivery in the first week of August. This now seem practically impossible. I am reluctantly now considering the Honda alternative.

    I am amazed that you show so little concern for your loyal customer base.

  130. I too am dissappointed that my dealer was not able to tell me what the price range would be nor did he ask if he could let me know of when they would receive a car for test driving even though I prompted him.
    I asked for price of the new Prius – he had no idea what the price would be but thought it would be higher than the present price for the top on the range.
    I have had the prius since June last year and will change to the new model when it arrives.
    I received the small pre amble broucher last week but would appreciate a price. Are they waiting to see the demand and if good price it accordingly. I too would appreciate somewhere more local in the South-east than Bluewater.

  131. I found this too by accident and wished that the prius brochure had mentioned this site and the twitter feed. Just wish you were coming to Scotland with it.

  132. I can’t agree more with the sentiments expressed above – don’t Toyota want to sell to us?

    My car needs road taxing and MoT in August – I don’t want to have to do this COME ON TOYOTA HELP US TO BUY WHAT WE WOULD LIKE

    At lease a little more information on pricing altho my dealer doesn’t know this yet.

  133. Thanks everyone for your comments – I’m trying to find answers to all the questions, and will add more as I hear it.
    @Bruce – We’ll be releasing full details of the solar panels in the next couple of weeks. The Prius’ batteries are charged by the Hybrid Synergy Drive during normal motoring and they don’t need charging from the mains. Toyota is trialling plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHV) technology, where a bigger battery capacity increases the electric-only range for users who plug-in overnight. I’m afraid I don’t yet know if this will become available.
    @Richard – The Prius is due to arrive in all Toyota Centres by August. Some centres are likely to have cars a little earlier, but I’m afraid I don’t have details. Please keep checking back as we’ll do our best to let you know where and when the car will be appearing.

  134. Your recent postcard refers to solar panels on the car roof. Can I assume from this that they will be able to charge the batteries whilst parked and that one can presumably also charge from the household mains?

  135. Two questions:
    When is the 2009 Hilux coming to a showroom near me?


    when is the FJ Cruiser coming out in RHD with a diesel engine?

  136. I to am very disappointed in the response from my local dealership. When I took my car in for servicing earlier this month i told them how pleased I was with the prius ,I have had BMW’s Mercedes and much prefer my prius. i told them I was interested in updting my Prius for a newer model and enquired when the new Prius will be available – to be told it will be July. I then expected a salesman to ask me if i would like further details and to be possibly place an order – the dealer never even asked if I wanted any futur information prior to the launch, When car sales are so poor how do dealers expect to sell if they don’t respond to a warm lead. My local dealership has now lost an opportunity for a potential sale.

  137. I too have delayed buying a new car in anticipation of the new Prius T Spirit.
    Is it possible to place an order for the car before the 1st of August?

  138. I am not worried about glossy paper brochures. Please can we have the PDF file for the UK specs. My wife will be swayed by the colours available. While I have to see all the other details. We have been told by different people launch dates of May, June ,July and now August. At least we have the mini brochure. Pleae give us the full picture.

  139. I am changing my car this summer and still have no idea when I can place an order or expect delivery of a PriusIII – but many thanks for the price comments- yes I did reg for the email updates …just giving out dates would be good!!
    Are the Mall events to only way to see a Prius before August ?? ….does Toyota only have the one car?…any car shows / dealer events planned, I wonder??

  140. Hi everyone and thanks again for your comments. I’m delighted to say that Toyota has announced the UK pricing and headline specifications – T3 and T Spirit grades cost the same as for the current car, and there’s a small increase to the T4. We hope to be able to bring you more detail on the specification soon.

    I’ve been trying to answer the other questions you’ve raised and have been able to get the following responses from Toyota.

    1) Prius tour – We’d love to bring the range to more locations around the country, but in the current economic climate we have to be mindful of our responsibilities as a UK employer. We’ve chosen to preview the new Prius in June at three of the country’s biggest shopping centres, but you’ll be able to see the car and book a test drive in Toyota Centres no later than the beginning of August.

    2) Why didn’t I hear about the events from my update subscription? – We’re trying to combine Prius news into fewer updates to avoid clogging up people’s inboxes. The car debuts in Bullring on 8 June – we’re hoping to alert subscribers at the same time as an imminent e-brochure becomes available.

    I hope that helps. Remember you can keep up with the latest by subscribing to the blog, following us on Twitter or checking out our Flickr photostream.


  141. I would love to see a new Prius before 1st August – unfortunately I live in West Wales and therefor don’t appear on Toyota’s radar.

  142. Take a look at Nissan’s 8 year scrappage incentive Toyota, follow it then I may be tempted to go for the new prius,

  143. OK folks – we seem to have made our point and Simon is taking our general concern up.
    However, given the fact thatthe car is already on sale in the US and in Japan can we ask Toyota to be more forthcoming on detailed specifications. Prices will be the last thing to be announced but they must already be building the cars so they CAN tell us the specs rather than just letting us look at the pictures of the T-Spirit in the mini brochure and try to work it out for ourselves. I don’t need glossy expensive brochures (which are probably already with the printers) – just FACTS.

  144. I too had signed up for updates and agree completely with all the comments so far. My dealer told me it will be available in July and would contact me in June, so not sure what to believe anymore.

  145. I couldn’t agree more the comments above. I enquired about the new Prius in March with my dealer (in Glasgow) and to say that they had no knowledge of the third generation car (and to be honest totally disinterested in my enquiry (no wonder there are slow car sales)) is an understatement. I love my Prius and can’t wait for the new model but if my local dealership is anything to go by I’m going to have to find out about it on the web!!!! So please……….bring the new car further north! There must be considerable interest in the 3rd gen Prius so why not use this valuable marketing material and take the car to where the interest is.

  146. Can you give an idea of the price range for the 3rd. generation Prius. Would there be any incentive for me to trade my 2008 Prius T.spirit?

  147. I too had signed up for updates about Prius 2010 and only stumbled across this posting/event notification by accident …. really poor show Toyota – get your act together please.

  148. Thank you all for your comments. We are looking into both questions and we hope to be able to answer soon.

  149. I completely agree with Ron Goldby. I have registered for updates about Prius 2010. I have delayed buying my next car (I was due to buy it in March gone) just for 3rd Gen Prius & I am disappointed that Toyota didnt seem fit to simply send email to all those interested about this.
    Its only because I keep on checking the website regularly to know what Toyota will price the Prius at, that I stumbled upon this.

    Well I will be at Bullring hopefully on June 8 even though I am from deep dark Northwest.

  150. I have to agree with Peter H. Why have Toyota GB decided not to come further north than Manchester? Metro Centre is larger than those shopping centres Toyota GB has decided to show the Prius 3 to and what about Wales, Scotland, the south west, etc?

    I too, like Ron, feel let down that I still haven’t heard anything from Toyota GB despite signing up for information some time ago.

  151. What a shame that, despite having signed up for updates on the New Prius, Toyota marketing did not feel it appropriate to update me on the fact that the cars will be exhibited around the UK in June!

  152. Shopping centres across England? The Metro Centre in Gateshead is bigger than any of the shopping centres listed, so how come the new cars aren’t being shown there? Perhaps Toyota thinks that the folks up north aren’t wealthy enough, or green enough (new Prius) to be worthy of a visit? No room for the whippet or racing pigeons in the boot perhaps? Get a grip Toyota and do the decent thing. Come up north, we don’t bite!

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