Toyota RAV4 advert

Toyota RAV4 TV advert – exclusive preview!

It’s alive! Here’s an exclusive preview of the new Toyota RAV4 TV advert, which is arriving on UK screens this weekend.

Titled Keep the Spirit Alive, the clip showcases the new exterior styling of the RAV4 while demonstrating that it maintains the spirit of the original compact SUV with a more grown-up attitude.

The commercial will get its first showing during the Dancing on Ice final, which is on ITV1 on Sunday (March 10th) from 7pm.

The song is I’m Alive by Johnny Thunder, a 1969 soul-funk cover version of the Tommy James and the Shondells original.

The voice over artist is British actor Jim Sturgess, who has starred in films including 21, The Other Boleyn Girl, Across the Universe, One Day and Cloud Atlas.

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Toyota RAV4 advert

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  1. I would like to know which RAV4s from 2009 onwards have a spacespacer wheel included. Thank you.

    1. Hi Lynda
      Thanks for your post and we do apologise for the delay in replying.
      All RAV4 from model year 2014 (launched December 2013) have space saver spare wheel as standard. Prior to this (since 2009) tyre replacement kits were provided. However some vehicles in 2013 did receive space saver spare wheels but these were in very limited numbers due to supply issues.
      Hope this helps.

  2. I purchased a Rav4 Invincible automatic in December which was my 3rd Rav4 in 5 years. I understood from my dealer that they were now being sold with a space saver wheel only to be told half way through the purchase that the wheel was not being supplied after all. I went ahead reluctantly as I did like the new model especially the boot opening.
    I have subsequently ordered a space saver wheel which, including the fixing kit and Jack, is costing an extra £581 which I think is ridiculous considering some vehicles have been supplied with the wheel. I didn’t go with the original dealer who had informed me incorrectly anout the spare situation but the second dealer offered to obtain and fit a spare for me.

    1. Hello Jean
      Thank you for your post and we were sorry to read your comments. We did have a transition from vehicles supplied with tyre repair kits and those supplied with space saver wheels late last year because the specification did change. Just to let you know as well, the reason that the spare has to be located in the boot space is because the necessary fixings are not in place to secure the wheel within the wheel well. We do understand that some owners prefer the peace of mind of a spare wheel in their vehicle.
      We hope this helps explain but if you do have any other questions please let us know.

      1. Did you actually read what I wrote. I have ordered the space saver wheel and the kit which fixes it into the well intended for it. The garage are fixing the kit in place to hold the wheel safely as in the factory fitted one which has been supplied to some vehicles. My gripe is that I have to pay for the privilege of having the space saver when some vehicles have it fitted free as part of the specification.
        An update to this is that my Rav 4 was booked in to have this done at the garage yesterday. The car was collected by the garage at 9am to do the procedure. I received a phone call at 3.30pm saying that the job had not been done as they had not received the tyre, which had been due in that day. The car was returned to me without the work done at 4.30pm. I telephoned today to check when the work was to be rescheduled only to be told there was a 5 week wait for the tyre from Mitchelin. What a load of rubbish from a company I have dealt with for my lay 3 Rav4 vehicles. This will probably be the last one.

        1. Hi Jean
          Thanks for your post.
          Sorry if your post was misunderstood about space saver wheels, but these are chargeable for those owners who decide to purchase them. We were also sorry to read about your car while it was at the dealer and the delay with the tyre. We would recommend contacting our customer relations team via the attached link who will be able to investigate this further.

  3. I purchased a new/pre-reg. Rav4 back in October, 2013 for my wife and she insisted that she would only have it with a spare wheel included; the car only had a TRK but the sales people promised that a spare wheel & jack kit would be provided as soon as they were available from Toyota, estimated date by end of Jan., 2014.

    As promised, I got an email a few days ago to say the spare wheel & kit were available for fitting; I went over yesterday to get it fitted and when I got home, I discovered the spare wheel simply sitting loose in the carpeted well with the jack underneath it; there is no foam and no securing at all.

    In an accident, I could imagine that this could be dangerous and wondered what other peoples experiences had been; should I go back and insist it is secured ?

    1. Hi Tony
      Thanks for the post.
      We are just checking this with our tech team now for you and should have a reply regarding the fitting very shortly.

      1. Hi,
        It’s now Feb. 19th, and I still haven’t had a response to my post which you promised on the 3rd; Toyota really aren’t coming out of this Rav4 spare wheel debacle with much merit at all. Why can’t Toyota simply offer Rav4 customers with the TRK the option of visiting their local Dealership to get a spare wheel fitted correctly with the jack kit etc, at Toyota’s expense. After all, some customers have been given this after all, as their Rav’s were already delivered with the spare fitted, but still paid the same price.

        You nearly lost our custom to Honda already because of the spare wheel issue, but as I was promised the wheel FOC when it was available, I ordered the Rav. I now have the spare wheel, but it sits loose in the boot well with no fixing at all; surely this could present a safety risk, which would all fall at the door of Toyota.

        1. Hi Tony
          Thanks for your message and sorry you did not receive a reply to your previous post.
          The spare wheel which is offered by our accessory team for the RAV4 is a full size spare which fits in the boot of the car. It does not fit within the spare wheel well as the fixings are not in place to safely secure the wheel in place. In view of your comments we will be referring your posts to our customer relations team to investigate this matter further for you. We will ask them to contact you directly via your email.

  4. I have to say our spare wheel dilemma was resolved by our dealer, they supplied us with a spare (space saver) and the polystyrene base to fit it into. We did have to apply more than a small amount of persuasion though. Cannot comment on safety issues with regards to loose fitting but ours sits in the space under the boot floor very well with no problems at all. Overall we are pleased with our Toyota although all the modern technology that comes with can at times by a little daunting.

  5. Well no reply to my last comment, but here’s another one. If you use the foam and obviously then have to replace it. IT COSTS £45 !!!! for the foam (+vat ?). And no it’s not a stock item either. Obvious how the sums add up here isn’t it. And you still have the puncture to pay for.

  6. It seems to me that this is down to Toyota UK, not the rest of TOYOTA Worldwide as they all get a spare, yes only here in the UK are they unsuppliable. Only here in the uk !! Try it in USA and they would be slated or possibly more by enforcement
    It is such a shame because I have never had a problem with a Toyota, they are great cars, and the RAV4 is no change to that. My last Corolla was still doing 65-75 mpg after 125.000 miles. This RAV is giving 58mpg, great. BUT, my perception now is one of being deceived, perhaps even ripped off. In the scale of things there is not even a huge price involved, just that perception that Toyota no longer meets the high ethical and customer standards it had. And it will not go away. Two weeks ago I was on an outdoors trip and the RAV was going great, 2 people on that trip had notions to buy one, but I advised that regards Toyota now…… READ THE SMALL PRINT and even perhaps look to that other brand starting with H—-.
    Its annoying that even some RAVs they have in the showrooms still have the spares.
    another thing I fully observe is that it is probably down to TOYOTA money counters (exploiters ?) doing this to save a few quid and not the folks at the customer end, i.e. the showroom people do still retain their high qualities. The sales people I have spoken to across several dealers seem to have the same thoughts as their customers.

    1. Hi Alan
      Thanks for your post.
      Different markets will very across the globe with regard to their specification of vehicle however I suppose the bottom line here is that we got it wrong by supplying the RAV4 with a TRK. This is why we have changed this and now all RAV4’s supplied to the UK will have a space saver tyre fitted from production from the end of this year. At the moment because of the differences in spec between those vehicles which have a TRK, a space saver wheel will not fit properly in place, nor is the necessary fixing there to hold it securely in place. Our accessories divison are currently looking at this issue and we do hope to have some news soon.
      Hope this helps to clarify.

  7. Currently a £4000 discount is available on pre reg Rav 4s (brand new) this being so who cares about buying a spare for £150.But then the specs and colours are limited until the anticipated face lift model is introduced in 2014.

    As far as I know the spare will fit under the floor therefore not needing a securing bolt.Please answer this one Toyota.Since the Rav was introduced to the UK it has been a multitude of excuses regarding the spare issue.That you couldn’t supply a spare which would have been in violation of the Gov test taken in Jan 2013,boasting low emmisions and the Joky MPG figures.But in Jan 2014 the model can be represented at the test.with engine upgrades to satisfy that test.You haven’t told people Toyota intend to revamp most of the current range of vehicles in 2014.Time for some straight answers not the patronising rubbish on the blog.which says absolutely nothing of value.

    1. Hi Paul
      Thanks for your post.
      There are differences in the fixings for those vehicles supplied with a TRK and those that have the space saver wheel. In the case of the latter we have to ensure that there are mountings in place to safely secure the wheel in the event of an accident for example. This mounting will not be there for those vehicles fitted with a TRK and the spare wheel will not completely fit under the floor.
      With regard to changes in vehicle specification, this is an ongoing process we have throughout the life of every model we sell and we will always announce these changes to the media at the appropriate time.

  8. I have now been informed by Toyota customer support that they will not now supply a spacesaver for my RAV4 as it does not have the necessary fitting for the wheel to be fixed to and this could be safety issue! It is a pity that the BBC’s Watchdog programme is off the air at the moment as they could highlight what a shambles this problem has become foe RAV4 owners.

  9. – so David Crouch states again that from the end of this year (2013) or early next year 2014 all new RAV4s WILL have a spare wheel but alas I’ve seen this statement change before.
    My Rav4 was delivered end Sept and thought mine was coming with a spacesaver, but no, just a TRK.
    The big question therefore is – will space saver spares be backdated for all those UK customers who have already been deceived by what I consider constant blog responses changing?

    1. Hello Alan
      Thanks for your post.
      It is the case that RAV4’s produced from the end of this year will all have space savers fitted. This information has now been confirmed to us by our product team. To answer your question though we will not be back dating the supply of spare wheels. This is because the fittings required from manufacture to hold the spare wheel securely in place, are not in those vehicles which are fitted with TRK’s. Our accessory division are looking further into this and we will post any further news as soon as we know this.

  10. I apologise in advance for chewing away at this point but we are not talking about across the globe issues. Let me put it in simple form. Here in the UK it would appear from what has been posted here and elsewhere, that some apparently random models of Rav4 are supplied with a spacesaver and some are not. What I would like to know, is it pure chance that the vehicle comes with a spare, does the vin no have to end with an odd number, or maybe all green ones are the lucky ones or possibly all wheel drive models only? Why do some come with and others without. Finally without physically asking for a spare, what ensures that you get one. Many thanks.

    1. Hello J peb
      Thanks for post. No problem with chewing away, we set up the Blog to help provide answers so we do appreciate the questions.
      You are quite right that at present a RAV4 could come with either a TRK or a space saver and this has been due to the supply problems we have experienced, being unable to guarantee a space saver in every vehicle. This is why individual orders would need to have been checked. However I can confirm that from the end of this year all RAV4’s produced will be supplied with a space saver tyre.
      Thanks again.

  11. Still no explanation as to why Australia can have spares but not UK. My dealer even told me in writing that I would have a spare in September when car was delivered but nothing just a useless can of foam that ruins your tyre if used. Guess I Shouldn’t have accepted car with just a promise that there would be a spare in a month or two. Third and last Toyota/Lexus for me, they are a truely shocking company that won’t be getting any more business from me, back to BMW next time.

    1. Hi Mark
      Thanks for post.
      Sorry if I did not clarify this point but different markets around the world receive different specifications and variations will be seen across the globe. Each country basically has to decide what specification will best suit their market. However, as you may know though we are working to change the specification here in the UK so that all RAV4 models will come equipped with space saver wheels in the future.

  12. I have to be honest we have resolved our spare wheel problem, however our Rav4 would have been supplied without a spare if we had not intervened. I am also sorry that it is a fact that to enquire about the presence of a spare wheel is not a priority when ordering a new car. Toyota do to their credit point out in their literature that the vehicle is supplied with a tyre repair kit. this is no excuse, the small print for an issue like this should be VERY LARGE print. getting back to my point in an earlier post I would like to know what is the criteria for getting a spare wheel with your new rav4, surely it cannot be down to pure luck. Apart from actually asking for one are certain models given a spare and others not. Many thanks for your continued attention.

  13. Once again lies from Toyota, Australia have spares as standard, do Toyota expect their customers to believe that they can’t get hold of spare wheels when they can get 4 to start with.

    1. Hi Mark
      Thanks for your post. I am sorry to have to say this is the case. Our ultimate aim is to supply space savers as standard in the RAV4 but at this stage and due to supply issues we are unable to provide these. We are working to rectify this and understand the disappointment we have caused our customers and apologise for this.

  14. I took delivery of my new Rav4 Invincible in September, not only did it not come with a spacesaver spare but no jack either. So even if I have a puncture at home I would need to call out a recovery service just to get he wheel off!
    Will Toyota be retrospectivly supplying all Rav4’s with a spacesaver sparewheel and jack where they have been delivered without these essential items?

    1. Hello Michael
      Thank you for your post.
      We are sorry for the lack of clarity over the availability of space saver wheels with the new RAV4. Over the last 6 months we’ve worked extremely hard to try and resolve the issue of providing an alternative solution to the Tyre Repair Kit for the new RAV4. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, we have been unable to resolve it to our satisfaction. The root of the problem is that there is not enough supply of space saver tyres to reliably meet our requirements. We are working hard to resolve this situation and should have more news early in the new year. We are sorry for the time this is taking. In the meantime our Customer Relations team will be acting as main point of contact for those customers who have further questions or concerns. They can be contacted via the attached link

  15. Thank you for your speedy reply. Again you seem not to have got the point of my enquiry, what I would like to know is which models of new Rav4 come with a spare wheel. I ask this because I can foresee all sorts of domestic grievance up and down the country when mere men are found to have bought a nice new car without a solution to the most common motoring breakdown. Thanking you in anticipation.

    1. Hi J peb
      Thanks for post.
      We are looking into supplying all grades of RAV4 with a spare tyre, this process is ongoing at present but this is our ultimate aim. Supply issues have delayed us reaching this goal sooner but we are working hard to rectify this. This is why we are recommending at present that individual orders are checked.
      Hope this helps clarify.

  16. Would someone be kind enough to clarify the “spare wheel” situation, I have just ordered a new Rav4 invincible and to be honest will consider cancelling my order if it has no spare. The reason for this is if we do go offroad and get a puncture, the chances are the tyre repair kit is going to be useless and I cannot see an AA man tramping into a muddy field to change my tyre for one that is not supplied.

    1. Hi there
      Please contact your supplying dealer to clarify the fitting of a space saver as they need to check your order. They will be able to confirm this for you.

    2. That wasn’t really the answer I was looking for, you seem to imply that the responsibility for supply of a spare is that of the dealer? What I really wanted to know for myself and it appears lots of others on here is, does the all new Rav4 come from Toyota with a spare wheel or not, if the answer is some do then what is the criteria for having one? Maybe some are supplied with run flat tyres, that would be about the only situation where a no spare condition would at least for me be partly acceptable, even then not an ideal situation. Many thanks for your time.

      1. Hi J Peb
        Thanks for post and apologies you are right that was not what we meant.
        The supplying dealer will need to check your specific order to confirm the specification of your car being delivered because of the variation between vehicle grades.
        Any problems though please let us know.

  17. In the past ten years I have had just two punctures, Neither could be ‘addressed’ by a tyre inflation kit. Knowing on the uncertainty of the spare wheel situation I have purchased a Honda CRV as a replacement for my third Rav4.
    This practise of leaving out a spare wheel to save costs/increase the sales of replacement tyres and wheels/improve fuel consumption figures is not in consumer interests and I for one will simply not buy a car with a spare.

    1. Hi John,
      I did point this out to you on Sept 30.The new Rav 4 is one of the better models in the current Toyota range with a super gearbox and the 2.2 engine gives ample power.Hope you never have to use the spare wheel.


  18. I’m absolutely not worried – more interested in the overall ambiguity. For example my dealer says they don’t know until the car arrives if it will have a space saver or a repair kit. I’m certain however that if I really want a full size spare I will be able to find one.

  19. Crack an alloy, get a bus. I repeat how an earth can a company their size not get any wheels which on their Australian site are included in the car. Mind boggling at the pathetic excuses we are all getting given.

  20. So your response to my rav space saver query is that Toyota can only get 4 wheels for each car, they can’t get the fifth. This is staggering, that Toyota can’t source a spare wheel and show huge levels of ineptitude. However you can get them included in Australia, or is Australia more important than UK/Europe.

      1. It is interesting to note that 90% of all Rav 4s ever made are still on the road.Stop the worrrying John,you will have the benefit of the Toyota get you home service.See my post on Sept 17.

    1. Mark,
      May we reiterate you have two options, currently, with regards to a space saver / spare wheel for the RAV4. Either liaise with your nearest Toyota Dealer ( and discuss your requirements with them, it may be that they can source a wheel for you. Alternatively, our Customer Relations team ( are ready to take your call and discuss sourcing a wheel. We highly recommend, if you’d like to work closer to a resolution, that you go through either one of these channels.

  21. Earlier comments seem to ebb and flow regards a repair kit, spare or space saver. Expecting my new RAV4 in the next week or so – so what exactly will I get? For preference I would like a full size spare.

    1. Hello John
      Thanks for post and good to hear you are waiting delivery of a new RAV4.
      It is likely that your RAV4 will be delivered withn a tyre repair kit but we do recommend speaking with your supplying dealer to confirm the details of your order. The RAV4 does not come equipped with a full size spare wheel.
      Hope this has helped.

  22. Paul, Thanks for your advice I will contact Honda tomorrow.

    Oliwer, I don’t think that you have been working hard to resolve the situation. According to the information below and in particular to your reply March 20 all Rav 4 will be supplied with a space saver. In that case where is mine? If you had been working hard, the situation would have been solved by now. I can’t tell you how pleased I am that the dealer can get a rim but not a tyre and when you say it is “out of our control” ,go to the tyre manufactures and tell them , the one who can sort the spare tyre situation out gets our business. I have spoken to your Customer Relations team and they can offer no more advice than you have.

    1. Hi Al,

      For now the situation remains as previously advised in that we are unable to provide a space saver for the RAV4, this is however, being reviewed.
      It’s not clear to us exactly what Honda are advising regards the supply of a spare wheel and tyre so we are unable to comment further. While we are not in a position to recommend parts supplied by another manufacturer, if you choose to go down this route and would like our opinion on the items supplied, our technical / product experts may be able to offer some opinion regards suitability. This may provide some peace of mind. If you’re after a full size spare wheel and tyre this is something your Toyota Dealer can supply as an accessory option.

      Thanks for getting in touch and we apologise for any inconvenience. We appreciate your situation and will duly pass your comments on to the relevant department.

      Many thanks.

  23. My son was delayed for 3 hours due to a puncture, that the kit didn’t seal. He had to buy a new tyre at the nearest garage who ripped him off. If he had a spare he could have changed it and got a new tyre at his lesure and at a decent price

  24. Can any one help me. I have bought a brand new Rav 4 and didn’t realise that it did not come with a spare wheel which I would like to buy. The dealer can source the rim but no tyre If I had known all this before I wouldn’t have bought the car. Toyota GB says it doesn’t come with one and aren’t really prepared to do much more. Has anyone got any ideas?

    1. Hello Al,
      Firstly, we’d like to thank you for your loyalty to Toyota.
      As you know, we’ve been working hard to help customers with regards to alternatives to the TRK with the new RAV4. Unfortunately, due to circumstances out of our control, we haven’t been able to offer an alternative from factory. It’s great to hear that your Dealer can source a rim for you, we presume you’ve already discussed getting a tyre from them too? This sounds like it could be the solution. Regarding spares, this would be down to the Dealer and our recommendation would be to discuss your options with them. Otherwise, you’ll be most welcome to speak with the Customer Relations team who are here to help you on the matter also. Please find their contact details here:
      Many thanks and kind regards.

  25. Oliwer

    Thank you for this information, and will contact the customer relation team in the future

  26. I have read the comments about the space saver tyre for the New Rav 4, I have just ordered a new one for delivery the end of May beginning of June as the dealer told me that Toyota had no intention of providing a space saver tyre, now there is indication that one will be provided for ones order in July. Is Toyota going to offer existing customers the space saver tyre to customers who have purchased the new Model Rav4 since its release in the UK in March. I am interested in hearing your comments

    1. Hello Gordon,
      Many thanks for your comments and we’re delighted to hear that you’ve a New RAV4 on the way!
      With regards to the alternative option to the TRK (tyre repair kit), originally there were to be no options available than the TRK with all New RAV4s. However, as some customers were interested in having an alternative, Toyota has been sourcing options to be made available. The Customer Relations team are looking after all RAV4 customers who would like a space saver, you may contact them here for further details with your vehicle:
      We do hope this helps and would like to thank you for your loyalty to Toyota.

  27. Toyota have not been honest with there intentions regrds the temp spare.I am now told that vehicles which were ordered since March have had the option of a spare wheel and tools.Further that they made a statement to supply vehicles bought after July onwards with the temp spare.This date has now beent set at Dec 2013.It is sure that Toyota have their own reasons for this continued change of mind and is a matter for them.

    Looking at the situation carefully a Tyre repair kit is exactly the same as a Temp spare being that both are only a temporary fix until a new tyre can be fitted.It would not be advised to use either of these options for more than 50 mls or at a speed in excess of 50MPH. A repaired tyre is never suitable as a road wheel under any circumstances and a new tyre would be needed.The only exception is when a full size spare is fitted then the damaged tyre can be used as a spare. The cost of a premium tyre for the New Rav 4 is around the £200 mark.Finally I am told that to clean the tyre of the gunge on a repair kit would take a further 1 hr adding more cost to a repair.

    The fact remains that Toyota have failed in making the situation clear to intended users to the point where other vehicles have been chosen in place of the Rav.Not well pleased but as always will stick by the brand.

    1. Dear Paul,

      We are really sorry for the lack of clarity over the availability of space saver wheels with the new RAV4 and would like to thank you for your loyalty to us.

      Over the last 6 months we’ve worked extremely hard to resolve the issue of providing an alternative solution to the Tyre Repair Kit for the new RAV4. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, we have been unable to resolve it to our satisfaction.

      The root of the problem is that there is not enough supply of space saver tyres to reliably meet our requirements. As a result, we are going to be unable to continue to offer the temporary tyres, as previously announced.

      We will review this situation again at the end of the year.

      Although the new RAV4 does not have a space saver, it is equipped with a Tyre Repair Kit, the operation of which is explained in this video:

      Our Customer Relations team will be acting as main point of contact for those customers who have further questions or concerns about this subject. They can be contacted on 01737 36 7600.

      As always, if there are any other questions you have, we’ll be happy to help.

      Kind regards.

  28. It has been widely reported that Toyota will supply as a no cost extra a temp spare as from July 2013 on the Rav 4,no mention of tools.You must come clean on this issue as this omission was initially done to satisfy emissions and MPG figures.I ask whether owners purchasing a RAV prior to July will also get a temp spare and tools FOC.

    I am in the process this week of purchasing a top of the range RAV 4 at a cost of £32600,Should you not be able to satisfy my enquiry at a satisfactory level,I will without doubt buy the CRV and save £1000.Please do not patronise me tell it as it is as I am one of the best Buyers of Toyota over the years and understand the brand.

    Many Thanks


  29. Hi we’ll what an interesting comment my wife and I have just put in an order for a Rav4 invincible I asked about Spair wheel or space saver ? To be told there not supplied just a can of glue to pump up a flat should you get one. Reading these comments I contacted Toyota to be told there still looking in to the problem and that they were awere of customers concerns. I did say we had asked for some factory fitted options and as the car was a end of June early July delivery was there any other up grades to be included as standard ( ie Go Navigation ) on the invincible surely this should be standard not £750 extra. I got no answer apart from contact your dealer !!! Good customer service Toyota well done .

    1. Hi Dennis,

      As you will have no doubt already seen and read, customer feedback to us on this matter has not been a ‘one off’. As such, these comments have been passed to our Product Development team and we are anticipating advice regarding an alternative solution very shortly. Although it does not address every aspect of the ‘spare tyre / inflator kit’ debate, the video found in the following link does provide some answers which we hope will be of interest. In the meantime, thanks for posting and we hope to have move news on the subject very shortly.

      Thanks again

  30. Re-spare wheel issue Rav4 – have emailed Toyota who have told me that a space saver spare wheel is available FOC. Have passed this information onto the dealer who had no knowlkedge of this. Watch this space

  31. Interesting to read about the spacesaver addition. I understand that from July onwards a range of changes will be made to the RAV 4 as a result of social media feedback, etc. When will you be able to let us know what these will be? Clealry for those of us flirting with the idea of getting a new RAV 4 it might be sensible to defer making a decision until we have the complete picture!


    1. Hello David,
      Thank you for your comment. You’re quite right, as of July all new RAV4s will come with a space saver as standard. Don’t let this put you off placing an order before this time, should you require a space saver before this date, your Dealer will be able to help you source one for your car!
      Do let us know if there is anything we can help out with in the meantime.
      Best wishes.

      1. further to your reply regarding a spare wheel fro the rav. i have been trying to get answers for some time about when this is going to be available. the information you say about contacting the dealer is not correct they have no idea about the spare wheel. you seem to be saying that a spare wheel accessory is now available if you speak to the dealer and they cant help. is a wheel accesory available now or do i have to wait until july to be factory fitted. is the factory fitted one exactly the same as the accesory or will it have a secure bolt through it and the carpet removed. i would appreciate a correct answer as the callcentre at toyota have no idea what is going on.

        1. Hi Joanne,
          As you say, all New RAV4s post-July will come with a fitted space saver wheel which will be supplied with the necessary accessories.
          Those customers who have purchased a RAV4 before July and would like to have a space saver, their Dealer should be able to source them a wheel. This may not be available before July. Our Customer Relations team are dealing with these queries and will be able to help you further, please contact them here: Many thanks.

          1. Thank you for your reply just would like to say the area you have directed me to have no information at all about the wheel situation, and this morning directed me to yourself. they actually contacted a dealer who told them they knew nothing about the spare. I am wanting to place an order but at this point i am running out of patience fast. It seems no one at toyota communicate. i have also been told it was never going to be a standard feature it was always going to have to be an option fitted by the factory

          2. Hi Joanne,
            We’re sorry for any mis-information you may have received from us.
            To be clear, as of July production, all New RAV4s will come with a space saver (temporary wheel) as standard, which will be fitted at the factory.
            The link we sent you is to a page where you can submit an enquiry to our Customer Relations team, for your reference, here’s the link again: They are briefed with regards to the roll-out of the space saver wheels with New RAV4 and will deal with your enquiry along with your Dealer to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase. If you fill out the form and send them your contact details they will contact you directly to discuss and help.
            Do let us know if we can help further otherwise you’re in good hands with our Customer Relations team.
            Many thanks.

          3. Joanne,
            A member of our Customer Relations team will contact you this afternoon.
            Many thanks.

          4. Just an update a member of your team contacted me, and have been to the dealer today to place an order for a Rav with a space saver. Have been told that delivery will be sometime in May. Thanks for helping me to sort this out.

          5. Hi Joanne,
            We’re delighted to hear that it’s all sorted. If you ever need any help we’re always here otherwise you’re in good hands with your Dealer.
            Not too long to wait now for your New RAV4! Happy Easter from us here at Toyota HQ.

          6. Following my enquiry dated May 19 and your replys dated March 2013.When you stated that a temp spare would be available on post July orders,going on to say that vehicle owners prior to July would look to the dealer to source a Temp spare and relevant accessories.But in spite of numerous equiries you still will not confirm or deny the spare will be supplied FOC.To move on from this contencious issue I believe that Toyota should now make a general statement to owners and dealers alike to at least satisfy the good name of the brand.

            I do remind you in todays highly competitive markets their are alternatives to a Toyota.I now look forward to a straight and honest answer to the questios put.

  32. Hi, I was just wonderdering if you can clear this issue for me as I have been recieving conflicting information. I am interested in purchasing a new Rav 4 with a spacesaver wheel and tyre, I would like to know the dates for order and delivery. Thanks

    1. Hi Sam,
      Thank you for your interest in the new RAV4.
      A space saver will be standard on this new model as of July this year.
      Orders can be placed with your Dealer now, they will be able to provide more specific delivery dates for you. Their details can be found here:
      We hope this helps. If there’s anything further we can help you with, please let us know.

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