Toyota service: Have you joined the Toyota 5+ Club?

why service your car at toyota dealer

Is your Toyota more than five years old? If so, you automatically qualify to join the new Toyota 5+ Club. This helpful new scheme rewards owners of such vehicles with exclusive savings every time they book a Toyota service or MoT test at a participating centre.

Entry to the Toyota 5+ Club is free and can be organised in just a few minutes using this online form. A welcome letter and membership card will then arrive in the post, after which owners will be able to show it to secure a significant 20% saving on the price of a scheduled Toyota service and 20% off the standard cost of the annual MoT test.

Toyota 5+ Club

There are a number of benefits in having your Toyota service conducted by Toyota itself. These include the knowledge that it will be cared for by Toyota-trained technicians, that only original equipment parts will be fitted, and that these quality components come with a one-year warranty. And while you wait in the comfortable service lounge, you will also be offered a complimentary hot drink, access to the centre’s WiFi, a free vehicle health check and, subject to availability, a free car wash.

Toyota 5+ Club

Toyota 5+ Club service prices

The following table displays Toyota’s recommended servicing prices for vehicles produced since 2003 (or 2006 for Camry). Prices are correct at the time of publishing. Specific information about the content of each service can be obtained by speaking to a Toyota service advisor at an official Toyota centre.

Model range Intermediate service Toyota 5+ Club price Full service Toyota 5+ Club price
Aygo £145 £116 £260 £208
iQ, Urban Cruiser, Verso S, Yaris (not GRMN) £165 £132 £295 £236
Auris, Avensis, C-HR, Camry, Celica, Corolla, Dyna, Hiace, MR2, Previa, Prius, RAV4, Verso £190 £152 £340 £272
GT86, Hilux, Land Cruiser £250 £200 £395 £316
Proace £335 £268 £750 £600

why service car toyota dealership

Toyota 5+ Club terms and conditions

We’ve made entry into the Toyota 5+ Club as straightforward and attainable as possible. However, there are a couple of conditions to be aware of.

The offer discounts genuine Toyota services charged at recommended prices (see table above) and standard-price MoT tests (UK mainland only) carried out at participating retailers.

It is available to UK-registered vehicles more than five years old and it is not valid in conjunction with any other offer. Owners with vehicles registered before 2003 should refer to their local centre for full and discounted servicing prices.

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Comments (14)

  1. I would like to join the Toyota 5+ club. I live in the Glasgow area and there are 5 Toyota Dealerships in the City and surrounding areas. ALL of these are owned by Arnold Clark – who are excluded from the 5+ club. There are a total of 12 Garages on your exclusion list, of which Arnold Clark makes up 8:

    Arnold Clark has a clear monopoly in my area and I have to consider travelling 36 miles to SDM Toyota in Falkirk to get my car serviced, if I am to avail the discount.

    This is grossly unfair and it forces me to pay full price for a service at the Arnold Clark – a monopoly car dealership with a Toyota Badge on the front, yet offering the bare minimum in service.

    I would like to know what can be done about this? I would like a solution, not just an apology.

    1. Hi Kashif,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Unfortunately, as Arnold Clark have chosen not to participate in the scheme, this benefit cannot be redeemed at the excluded centres.
      These centres are franchises owned by Arnold Clark, and we cannot force them to take part in this scheme as it is their decision.
      We would therefore recommend raising this matter with the Arnold Clark centre principal.

  2. Hello,
    I have recently signed up for the 5+ membership and also for the service payment plan scheme.
    question is, do I still get the discount off my payments through the service payment plan scheme?

    Many thanks,


  3. Are all the prices as standard across all branches? SLM just quoted £380 For a full service before the 5 year discount?

    1. Hi Alex,

      Thanks for getting in touch. All Toyota centres should offer the same standard pricing for services, however if anything additional is carried out, the price may be subject to change.

      If you just had a standard full service carried out with nothing additional done, we would recommend contacting our customer relations team directly to discuss your situation further. You can contact our team here:

      Or, via their phone number which can be found here:


  4. Well, this is a brilliant benefit, but I wish it had been advertised better – including how to sign up. I thought it might be a dealer-based thing like I had with my old Corolla, but instead I found out today when my 5-year-old Auris had a service that customers must register in advance for the scheme via the Toyota website. So I ended up paying nearly £70 more than I should have for my full service – NOT HAPPY!!

    1. Hi Charles,

      Thanks for getting in touch with us. We’re really sorry to hear you’re unhappy about this. We will be sure to pass your feedback on to our team. If you would like to discuss your situation further, we would recommend contacting our customer relations team directly. You can find their contact number and email, here:


  5. Hi,can someone provide me with a guidance please. 7 months ago i joined Toyota 5+ Club and recently changed the adress, and now when i try to enter in my account an change the adress i can’t login and my email adress is not recognize to recover the password or try to enter( despite i have all the emails from when i set up the account first time). Thank you

    1. Hi Dumitru,

      Thanks for getting in touch. The 5+ club does not have the facility for customers to change their address online. If you would like to change the record, we would recommend contacting our customer relations team in order to do so. You can find their contact details here:

      You will still be eligible for the 5+ discounts as long as you own the original vehicle which was eligible when you registered.

      Alternatively, you could choose to register for the club again and a new card will be sent out.


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