Toyota Touch 2: Introduction

Toyota Touch 2 FAQ

You’ll never need to reach for a paper map again. Toyota’s Touch 2 with Go is a satellite navigation system that won’t disappoint.

Together with our new MyToyota customer portal – personalised for you and your Toyota – your car can become an information hub, just like your smartphone or tablet computer.

By registering your Touch 2 device with your MyToyota profile you can activate and manage a range of useful applications for your Touch 2 system, helping you to stay up-to-date with the latest weather reports, research fuel costs and investigate parking space availability, all in the comfort of your car.

For more on the Toyota Touch 2, Toyota Touch 2 with Go and Toyota Touch 2 with Go Plus, please see our guides to the individual systems below. If you have a specific question about your device, please don’t hesitate to leave us a comment, below.

Toyota Touch 2

The Toyota Touch 2 system is the latest generation of our basic multimedia system and features some important upgrades.

At the core of improvements are redesigned screens with a deeper, 3D effect for graphics. Image resolution has been improved too, meaning the screen is brighter and images are sharper.

On-screen menus have been redesigned to incorporate key vehicle information including fuel economy and DAB radio function (where available). What’s more, the screen now supports ‘drag and flick’ control for easy, intuitive operation.

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Toyota Touch 2 with Go

The Toyota Touch 2 with Go system takes all of the basic function of the Touch 2 device and adds a versatile and detailed satellite navigation system.

As well as offering simple-to-use navigation functions, the system also allows users to tailor the information on offer, to include customisable speed limits, speed camera warnings, automatic zoom, motorway signposting and motorway junction views. The map zoom function is controlled by a simple rotary button at the side of the device.

Advanced traffic coverage, now located on the map itself, takes the form of a ‘traffic bar’ showing the driver any congestion ahead, and how long a delay to expect.

Via the Toyota Online function, the system offers on-board connectivity to an expanded range of services including Toyota Real-Time Traffic powered by TomTom, Google Street View and Panoramio, and Google Local Search –the largest and most up-to-date search database in the world.

The MyToyota customer portal also allows users to plan their journeys online. Destinations can be input remotely from home or office via Google Maps, and Points of Interest (POI) may be downloaded for entry as destinations.

Toyota Online content includes a Touch 2 with Go Apps function which offers several applications, including fuel prices, weather and parking space information.

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Toyota Touch 2 with Go Plus

When upgraded to Touch 2 with Go Plus, the touch-screen multimedia system comes equipped with 3D city models, landmark graphics and a ‘text-to-speech’ message readout facility.

The system will display emails and calendars depending on Bluetooth mobile phone compatibility. It also features a ‘Play More like This’ function. This smart music recognition system can automatically provide playlist recommendations to suit your mood; a safe and easy way to manage music on the move.

Touch 2 with Go Plus supports Wi-Fi connectivity. Users set up their smartphones as a Wi-Fi hotspot for connection to the system’s online functions.

Comments (541)

  1. Toyota has always kept things simple which I personally like , I think it can be said that over complicated systems can cause more problem areas than they remedy , Simple and straightforward should be the motto always

  2. I too think its ridiculous that my 2017 touch and go 2 will not mirrorlink with my galaxy note 8 even though the phone is listed on mirrorlink.

    Poor showing not updating the software to v1.1

  3. I bought Toyota Auris, 2013. Few months later before the warranty was up the Sat Nav and Blue Tooth would only work after the car had warmed up in the winter. Toyota Dealer during the service told me the SW needed an update at a cost. I skipped the update and now it is worse. I can see that the Blue Tooth enabled button on the display but the option seems not available and sat nav too. After the system has warmed up the BlueTooth and Sat Nav started to work fine. Is this really a Software upgarde and will it fix my problem? Jimmy

    1. Hi Jimmy,

      Thanks for getting in touch. In order for us to look into this further, could you please provide us with your registration number/VIN?


  4. My husband and I have both out purchased two new Toyotas, my third and his second believing we could mirror our mobile phones. As these numerous comments and complaints were made two years ago Toyota must have now improved the touch system. My touch and go was always useless though the car was great. Please please tell me that touch 2 is better and without all the problems of it’s predecessor as I collect my car this week and would rather know now o I can cancel it

    1. Hi Lynne,

      Thanks for getting in touch and we are sorry to hear that you have these concerns about Touch 2. The system includes full colour 3D mapping, voice recognition and text-to-speech, touchscreen technology, real-time updates, speed limit and camera warnings. For all information on the multimedia system, including a downloadable quick reference guide, please feel free to use the following link:


    2. I’m not sure which exact comments or complains do you have in mind, but MirrorLink issues aren’t solved. What basically means that you can’t mirror your phone window to car’s screen.
      Also, when you connect your phone to USB, most likely you’ll see black screen and will not be able to use it until it’s connected to car’s USB.

    3. If your phone is new or your planning on upgardig anytime soon then it will not work, the only dissapointing thing I have found is the clunky retrograde Touch 2 with GO system, it uses an old for of Mirror Link which is not compatible with the newer phones, I would go to the dealer and try your phone to be sure or ask for a loan of a car before you decide as you may also find, as I did, that the DAB reception for the radio is also terrible (this is the for the UK I am not sure where you are from)
      I hope this helps.

    4. Hi, the system is still the same, the only thing they have changed is that some of the new Aygos have apple car play but the new Yaris doesn’t or the Hybrid C-HR the whole audio /map system needs updating, it’s still really slow, and still has useless apps like twitter .. that still cracks me up ..

  5. Hi,
    this is some info for those who was looking for a solution how to connect new phone like Samsung Galaxy S8 via MirrorLink and found this blog via google. I’ve registered a case (CASE1001193) via Toyota support in order to find out official position and maybe solution. There is no way to connect newer phones because they are using protocol MirrorLink v1.1, but Toyota Touch 2 (released on 2013) is supporting only v1.0. Versions of MirrorLink are not backwards-compatible, what basically means that MirrorLink v1.1 does not support connection to device which has MirrorLink v.1.0 integrated.
    What is strange and sad the same time, that Toyota does not develop their products (Toyota Touch 2 in this case) after they are released. Even cars build on 2016 has the same internal software on Toyota Touch 2 build on 2013. It would be enough to build some patches for Toyota Touch 2 in order to upgrade MirrorLink version from v1.0 to v.1.1, but Toyota doesn’t speed up with technological progress. Unluckily for us – customers.

  6. I have a Toyota Auris Hybrid. When I connect my phone by USB, in the phone is written: connected by mirror link, but in the Touch 2 (without go) does not appear anything. I have tried with a Samsung Galaxy A5 and with a Galaxy S7 edge (both working with mirrorlink). By the way, the version of my software is 01015C, and I bought my car two months ago.

    1. Hi Miguel,

      Thanks for getting in touch and we are sorry to hear that you are experiencing these issues. We would advise you to contact our Multimedia Team as they will be able to assist you further. You can find their contact address via the following link:

      Hope this helps.

    2. 2019 years…
      It is a shame for toyota that this error has not been solved to this day!
      The USB cable cannot be used for the Samsung phone because the phone freezes. (samsung s6; s7; s8)

  7. I have a 2018 CHR with Touch 2 with Go Pro and and brand new phone Huawei P20 Pro which has mirror link capability, when I connect the USB cable I get a message “oops power consumption of your USB device is too high. USB device will therefore be turned off”
    There is no track information displayed when using ITunes on my phone snd steaming via bluetooth, Unknown Artist, Unknown Track etc etc.
    Why Toyota decided to go half baked on the multi media system in a brand new car is dumbfounding me, No Android auto, No Apple Car Play, if you like your music to integrate seamlessly with your car look elsewhere, I wish I had checked before I got the car, I would have chosen differently.

    1. Hi Phillip,
      Thanks for getting in touch and we’re sorry you feel this way.
      It appears the smartphone wants a higher power USB battery charging port than the car provides. A solution is too clear all the windows being used on the phone, possibly reduce the features in the phone which may require a lot of charge to be used such as applications, phone brightness, location services.
      You will also be able to have your unit checked by your local Toyota centre to see if there is an issue with the port entry. We’d also advise considering trying another USB cable.
      Hope this helps.

    2. Touch 2 Journey Planner is not syncing with previously entered journeys, and when a journey is entered, it always insists on the complete journey to and from, which means that unless the car synchronises before leaving the starting point, it tries to route you back to the start before commencing the journey. This is really bad. Toyota need to get this sorted out, and it letting down what is otherwise a good vehicle.

      1. Hi there,

        Thanks for getting in touch and we are sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your Touch 2 Journey Planner. Please use the following address to contact our Multimedia Team as they will be able to assist you further:


  8. I have a new Toyota CHR hybrid with touch and go. I understand only certain mobile phones are able to connect through “Mirrorlink” Can you tell me which phones will work….for instance does the Samsung Galaxy Note 5?

      1. Well the Galaxy Note 5 seems to connect via the USB port the phone screen goes black and tells me it has connected but nothing happens on the Touch and Go screen?

  9. Hi,

    Any update about Mirrorlink? I am still waiting for that feature to become useful. While I was ordering Corolla in 2015 I was ensured that it will work. Can not belive that this is Toyota standard of customer care and advertising.


  10. The Toyota Touch 2 system is the latest generation of our basic multimedia system and features some important upgrades.

      1. From personal experience I think you will find a free-standing Tomtom satnav is a far better cheaper option than the plumbed-in version.

  11. Hello, I have not been impressed with Touch 2 Go. Unresponsive, unintuitive and does not support half the things it’s meant to, like calendar and email. Volume adjustments mean that navigation is either too loud or too soft. Prius I owned used to duck the audio, and worked perfectly. Google send to (mapping) does not work. Why have you not used Android Auto – this is what I want?

    1. Hi Stephen
      Couldn’t agree anymore…its an overpriced item. And anyway Toyota now is aiming at 60+ generation. I bought new auris and regretting it.

      1. I really like the car, but the multimedia/nav is poor compared with others. Toyota needs to update and allow Android Auto as well, which may go some way to improve the situation.

    2. Hi Stephen , which one do you have ie the newest interface MM16 or the older one ie MM13 cheers

  12. Hello i need some halp,I have Corolla 2016 but I have problem connecting to multimedia sistem becouse my Device ID is not correct can someone please halp me ?
    PS I tried typing everything with and widouth spaces

    Softwere version is 0101AF
    Device ID is 13TFDAEU-DA07

      1. No,I’m on trip outside my country so I looked some forums and I saw this one in UK.
        I will contact my dealer when I come back,but I hoped that u could answer me I was thinking that is same multimedia for all countries

        1. Hi Tarik,
          Unfortunately, we’re unable to advise on a non UK specific vehicle. We would have to advise contacting your nearest dealer for that information/advise. Many thanks.

        1. Ella, there seems to be work going on within the ‘ website currently, I was registered with my 2 vehicles listed – but now it will not recognise me and ‘doesn’t know’ me.

          1. Hi John,
            We’re so sorry to hear that. Have you tried re-registering to the My Toyota site?

  13. Hi, Just bought a brand new Yaris Orange edition with the new Touch 2 Go and according to the advert in the paper and I quote ” FREE sat Nav INCLUDING live Traffic & on-line search”… ermmm that’s not true Toyota ! unless I’m missing something.. you have to pay the minimum of £27.00 … that’s not free ! Can you please explain ??



  14. I am trying to upgrade a Touch 2 Go nav system for a recently purchased Verso.
    I have registered my vehicle on the customer portal and try to BUY the map via the on-line shop but that window tells me I have to add a vehicle (no vehicles currently added). I try add my vehicle with the same details as linked to my account and it refuses to let me do it saying the vehicle is already added !!

    I have submitted a question via the portal. I will wait to see what the solution is. If in the meantime anyone else has experienced the same problem I would really appreciate the feedback / solution.

    1. Hi Ken,
      Thanks for getting in touch and we’re so sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issues. We would advise waiting for a response from our team who are back in the office today and should get round to your query very soon. Please do not hesitate to contact us again if you do not get a response. Many thanks.

  15. Ive already been in touch with them, for all the good it has done… To be honest they rubbed me up the wrong way, didn’t care, did not listen, and may have told me where to go and spat in my face. Safe to say the damage is done, after having 7/8 Toyotas in the past, the service and help I have gotten this time around is diabolical. Really don’t know whats happened to the company, but safe to say the damage is done. Seems they are more touchy about this whole touch 2 issue as its my belief they don’t know what the problem is, or it can not be fixed so bury their heads in the ground. They need to retire the Touch 2 system, open their closed minds, and get a decent quality system, that does what it is supposed to, and as a bonus supports AppLink / CarPlay or something.

    Toyota, you really aren’t software people, leave it to the professionals… Stick to what your good at…

    1. Hi Phillip,
      We’re sorry that you had such a bad experience. I believe customer relations team will still get in touch to see if there is anything further they can do. If they don’t please let us know! We value all your feedback and this will be passed on. We would really like to hear from you in the future if you have any more issues. Many thanks.

    2. Ella,
      Hi, just joined this forum, as I am looking to purchase a Toyota Hilux with the Touch 2 go plus system.
      It sounds to me as if the system is too complicated for us laymen and doesn’t seem to suit many mobile phones.
      Would it be an idea for Toyota dealerships who want to sell your products to have a training day for people who want to use the Touch systems.
      Would love to hear your comments

    3. I agree ! the whole system is so slow, and whats the point of having twitter on the system !! take that off ! and make google maps send to car work instead !

  16. I have now been using my Prius PHEV for 6 months (and covered 15,000 miles in that time all over the country).

    I have found that if you take the time to learn how to programme the SatNav by voice, it is better than trying to type in data (but still not good!). Be patient and determined – it will pay off.

    First, get to know how to ‘tether’ your phone or link it as a hotspot so that the SatNav uses the internet link to get up-to-date traffic – be sure to link the phone first when you get in. (The minimal cost – pennies – is far outweighed by the benefits)

    Then press the talk switch, and when it beeps, speak clearly, precisely and say ‘Destination 123 High Street, Anytown’ (using your own address of course) then WAIT! And keep waiting….

    ‘That Woman’ inside the dashboard will make a coffee and eat her biscuits; then just as you are thinking ‘waste of time, that didn’t work’ she will eventually read back the address and ask for any clarifications, then start to find the address.

    IT WILL TAKE FAR too long to respond to you – but is more successful for me than manual programming. You can also say ‘Enter Postcode’ and then when prompted say the postcode (it often seeks clarification for poor pronunciation or noises that mask what you say).

    Any background noise is likely to spoil your input, and clear precise speech is the key (windows closed, radio off for this)

    AS a customer I really hate to have to write this but the handbook is not clear and encouraging for drivers, and needs to be written in a more user-friendly way – this should be a job for Toyota, not for me as a customer to do. But at least if I can alleviate some of your pain….

    The very slow response to my mind suggests that the computer is under-powered and would work better with more memory – but at least it is a slightly better system when it is used as above. (That memory issue might also account for why, with the internet tethering linked up, my display now pauses when I’m on a roundabout so that I cannot rely on the Nav display showing me which exit I need on a large roundabout – glad I can navigate quite well personally).

    Similarly using voice recognition to make phone calls is better than manually dialling with the cumbersome touch screen.

    Finally, Ella, please don’t even bother advising us to get a response from dealer staff for guidance as above or telling me to ask for their help – every time I visit I’m more and more convinced that I know more than they do, so no point in asking for their help. They simply do not have the required level of product knowledge to help, which is why I am doing this. As they are often local residents they really don’t use the system frequently as a high-mileage driver would, so they cannot develop the expertise to advise others.

    As I have said before, the car is just great, the Toyota Touch & Go SatNav is just not up to Toyota standards. ‘Always a Better Way’ got lost on this one.

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for all your feedback. We really appreciate hearing from our customers! We’re sorry that the dealerships do not have information that you require, we will pass this on to our team here at Toyota UK to make sure that they are aware. Many thanks 🙂

      1. Thanks Ella. Somebody has to help the learning process – I just wish I’d known before I ordered the car.

    2. So it’s not just us then. Love our Auris sport tourer but we have given up using the Navigation, it is useless/dangerous sending us down all kinds of minor roads. It actually directed us off a motorway, through a town and back onto the same motorway two junctions later!!!???

      1. Yes, I get that too. Frequently I used to be directed off a motorway, go straight over the roundabout to join the same motorway a few hundred yards further on – though now I’m wise to it and look carefully at the screen before leaving the motorway.

        My previous Prius (10th Anniversary Limited Edition) with the slightly larger 7″ screen and music hard-drive never did that – far superior, as were the other 2 Prius models.

        My TomTom Go 6000 never seems to have this problem, even when we drove down to Lake Constance on holiday – without a glitch.

      2. Agree Mr Lost. I nearly lost my family, 3 Children and wife as going to London from Sheffield it took me off at Junction 14 made me go round and roundabout and made me make a illegal move which was life threatening. We nearly got git by a lorry which had to emergency monuvour away.

        I sent message via twitter of my disappointment and received the rubbish email us , contact us when I replied and pointed them to this post and you tube videos.


        Do not trust this Sat nav and multimedia system.

        It’s terrible and I’ve detailed the issues below.

        I aim to buy a new SatNav and send an invoice to Toyota Touch go for compensation. And a tablet to STICK over the main screen. Absolutely rubbish.

        Look at alternative cars. Avoid This.

        1. Hi there,
          Thank you for getting in touch and we’re sorry to hear you’ve had trouble. Have you logged your complaint with the Toyota customer service team?

          1. Ella,
            this is getting ridiculous.
            Would it be too much to ask for someone at Toyota to participate in this blog who a) is technically savvy, b) can actually answer some of the questions and c) can take ownership of their own answers, without continuously directing the customers to someone else?

          2. Hi Carmine,
            Thank you for getting in touch. We have access to the Toyota GB technical department and therefore try to provide the best answer we can without physically seeing systems and vehicles. Your local Toyota Centre should be able to answer any query that you have regarding your vehicle and the technicians in the Centres have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge.
            We recommend logging complaints with the Toyota customer service department as they will have a formal log of complaints and can make sure a customer’s problem is resolved, and dealt with efficiently. We hope this clears up a few questions. Many thanks 🙂

          3. Toyota Technical refuse to acknowledge the problem despite video evidence, as do my dealership, because it did not occur in the 10 minutes they tested the vehicle for. Complaints aren’t taken seriously, and Toyota Customer have advised me they don’t believe this issue would make the vehicle of not satisfactory quality. Not being funny, the fact I’m dis-satisfied is enough, let alone everyone else on this forum who is annoyed. My issues are getting worse and worse. Imp starting the process of rejecting the vehicle, and would advise anyone else who can to do so.

          4. Hi Phil,
            Thanks for getting in contact. Are we right in saying that you have been in touch with Toyota customer services?

          5. Hi Phil,
            Can you please provide us with your case number? We can look into the state of your case.

          6. Hi Phill,
            We have contacted customer relations and someone should be in touch with you within the next 48 hours. Please do let us know if you have any more queries. The customer relations team should be able to talk this issue through with you in more depth and via telephone or email. Many thanks 🙂

  17. hey bought a new Toyota Auris 2016 Toyota tuoch but have a problem here in Sweden does not seem to be someone who knows how to fix mirorlink has a Samsung 2016 know others who say it does not work on the Swedish market, has written to Toyota here in Sweden me get no real answer

      1. Ella,
        why do you guys still go on with that “Check the Mirrorlink web site for compatibility of your phone” answer, every time? You know perfectly well – as well as anyone who’s been following this blog entry – that NO PHONE manufactured in the last 4 years is compatible with the version of MirrorLink supported by the Touch 2 with Go. This is so frustrating: not only Toyota ships an outdated feature with their newest and greatest cars, but it makes it appear that it’s our fault for having the wrong expectations. I am on my second Toyota, and because of this Mirrorlink issue and the way you’ve been handling it, it will be the last.

        1. Hi Carmine,
          We’re sorry to hear you feel so strongly about this. Our technical department recommend checking the Mirrorlink website as there are some features that are not compatible and others that are. We will pass your feedback on to our team and if you continue to have issues it may be worth contacting your local dealer to see if there is a fault in the system. Many thanks!

          1. I am not the OP but I just bought a Yaris Hybrid and have a compatible phone according to the Mirrorlink website (Sony Xperia™ Z3 Compact). The Mirrorlink feature on the Touch 2 simply does not work (as you can easily find out by a quick google search).
            Telling people that you are sorry that they “feel so strongly about this” and that they should contact their local dealer is almost insulting.
            Just like Carmine, I wish Toyota would just aknowledge and fix the problem instead of making it seem it’s the customer’s fault.

  18. Had the car for 7 months now and from Day 1 I’ve hated the WHOLE multimedia system. I’m now ready for this review having been on holiday with the family in the car recently and hated the whole experience.

    So disappointed with the touch Go whole sat Nav in my 2016 Toyota Avensis Business+ Edition. model, I’m gutted and 100% regret getting this vehicle and I’m stuck with it.

    The car mechanically is great…

    but the whole multimedia system is NOT. The list is endless.
    1. Its SLOW making the sat nav barely usable,
    2. Don’t rely on this sat nav to get you out of sticky situation.
    3. No Free traffic alerts, ( You have to PAY Plus have it linked to your phone constantly )
    4. Speeds cams Bleep from the opposite side of the roads,
    5. The apps are pointless and un usable-and only work if connected to your phone tethering data. More expense more battery drain.
    6. The whole system is NONE- intuitive – music files for example. folders are added to a USB with individual albums, there is now way of navigating to those folders. You can only view ALL your albums on one screen. 1 big list of songs.
    7. Touch screen is horrid and never works when pressed, needs calibrating –
    8. Search is Clunky and SLOW – 10 Clicks to change treble and bass setting,
    9. A Set up button which is POINTLESS and gives you no information but just two icons taking up a whole screen.
    10. Its feels likes its running on Windows 95 with 0.50megs of RAM , is Badly SLOW>
    11. You change the volume when Music is on , Down comes the MEDIA volume covers to top part of the screen when in Sat nav mode
    12. Change sat nav Voice volume and Media volumes are a mess.
    13. Heating on the car , The screen also shows you have changed the heating controls, which covers the whole screen for 5 secs coving the sat nav and media. – I know its changed i changed it – Also there is a separate screen above heating controls.
    14. Zooming in and out of the maps to view next junction – Don’t bother it lags the whole system.

    Soo disappointing and needs to be fixed urgently.

    I’m tempted to GLUE a tablet to the screen as a replacement.
    I’m tempted to have it ripped out and replaced with another but nothing available and is another cost.
    I found this product , A Module which you add to the current system and turns the whole system in to what it should look like. having seen the video I’m tempted to buy one but again £600+, not something I should be paying for having spent £29,500… The link is

    Please advise

    1. Hi there,
      Thanks for your feedback. We will pass your comment on to our team so they can see the issues you’re facing! Unfortunately, due to the fact the module you’re looking at is not a certified Toyota aftermarket accessory, we are unable to comment or advise on it. Your dealer should be able to help solve some of the issues you’re facing. If you need help finding your local dealer, please let us know! Many thanks.

      1. i can echo all of the above comments,our T & G 2 sat nav was old version it took 2 visits to load new version & its no better beep for speed cameras is beep.slow beep continious countdown or most of the time nothing !
        The sat nav is useless it tries to send us down all sorts of minor roads to join the main road further down,because its 20yds less but 10 mins more down narrow dangerous lanes.
        No instruction manual,one on line is useless But you can buy one from Toyota salesman tells us !!
        So you supply goods & charge extra for ops manual thats called a CON !!
        Car manual is usual Toyota crap
        Still dont know how the Hybrid system works or how to read it _ neither do any of the salesmen theyre rubbish just on commission to sell cars no technical knowledge & the service dept arent much better.
        Even on top model its all about the extras

    2. Hi BD You echo exactly my comments in my earlier post. Touch 2 n Go is not up to Toyota quality standards.

      My earlier 2 x Toyota Prius and my older Avensis had the version of Nav with the music hard-drive and i’d happily pay to get that older but much slicker equipment installed onto my current car – but I’m told it will not fit.

      I now use a TomTom Go 6000 – far better. I will look at your reccommendation.

      Toyota Techie guys, if you are listening to this, what are you planning to do about this problem please?

      1. Hi there,
        Unfortunately, we are unable to say what will come from passing these comments on to our teams. We would advise keeping an eye out for the latest updates for the Touch systems. Many thanks!

        1. Thanks for the reply , I hope it actually goes to your tech team.

          I don’t see the point in contacting the dealership as its clearly a hardware / major software issue. Unless you have a amazing new update to solve this – Or a complete replacement of the media system, Or 1GIG of RAM. I don’t see the point.

          Clearly there is a wider issue here as you have other companies building THIRD party products to better the systems you provide. That alone is saying something.

          The current system is unusable, and looking at Mr DAVIDGE’s post and others, they are having to use alternative Sat Navs and media systems.

          And John I agree , I had the 2011 version of the Avensis and that had a brilliant system , All working , and FREE to USE. No micro transaction payments like the Tough Go range. Sat nav worked.

          Many people are expressing their issues with the systems and are voicing their concerns. A video on you tube highlights Exactly the pain I’m going though. Search terms “Toyota Avensis 2016, Touch Go 2 Review, Sat nav, Toyota Media centre” It’s such a displeasure to use.

          Thank you and please advise your tech teams updates ?

          1. Hi there,
            Sometimes a dealer is able to solve issues that may not be clear via the blog. They will be able to have a look at the vehicle and solve issues someone is having!

            We do pass on these comments and we will continue to do so. Unfortunately, we cannot say what is to come in future updates as this information isn’t available to us.

            Many thanks!

      2. I’ve now been using my Prius PHEV for 6 months (and covered 15,000 miles).

        I have found that if you take the time to learn how to programme the SatNav by voice, it is better than trying to type in data (but still not good!). Be patient and determined.

        First, get to know how to ‘tether’ your phone or link it as a hotspot so that the SatNav uses the internet link to get up-to-date traffic – link the phone first when you get in. (The minimal cost is far outweighed by the benefits)

        Then press the talk switch, and when it beeps, speak clearly, precisely and say ‘Destination 123 High Street, Anytown’ (using your own address of course) then WAIT! And keep waiting….

        ‘That Woman’ inside the dashboard will make a coffee and eat her biscuits; then just as you are thinking ‘waste of time, that didn’t work’ she will eventually read back the address and ask for any clarifications, then start to find the address.

        IT WILL TAKE FAR too long to respond to you – but is more successful for me than manual programming. You can also say ‘Enter Postcode’ and then when prompted say the postcode (it often seeks clarification for poor pronunciation or noises that mask what you say).

        Any background noise is likely to spoil your input, and precise talking is the key (windows closed, radio off for this)

        AS a customer I really hate to have to write this but the handbook is not clear and encouraging for drivers, and needs to be written in a more user-friendly way – this should be a job for Toyota, not for me as a customer to do. But at least if I can alleviate some of your pain….

        The very slow response to my mind suggests that the computer is under-powered and would work better with more memory – but at least it is a slightly better system when it is used as above. (That memory issue might also account for why, with the internet tethering linked up, my display now pauses when I’m on a roundabout so that I cannot rely on the Nav display showing me which exit I need on a large roundabout – glad I can navigate quite well personally).

        Similarly using voice recognition to make phone calls is better than manually dialling with the cumbersome touch screen.

        Finally, Ella, please don’t even bother advising us to get a response from dealer staff for guidance as above or telling me to ask for their help – every time I visit I’m more and more convinced that I know more than they do, so no point in asking for their help. They simply do not have the required level of product knowledge to help, which is why I am doing this. As they really don’t use the system as a high-mileage driver would they cannot get the expertise to advise others.

        As I have said before, the car is just great, the Toyota Touch & Go SatNav is just not up to Toyota standards. ‘Always a Better Way’ got lost on this one.

    3. Hi BD
      Many months ago when my wife took delivery of our Auris Excel (out first ever Toyota) we discovered just how bad this system is. Unfortunately we made the mistake of assuming it would be up to the standards of aftermarket SatNav systems and were persuaded to upgrade to the highest spec because of the 3 years free updates and promised (by the salesman) free live traffic. The latter turned out to be untrue – you have to pair a smartphone and incur data costs.
      Everything you say is true, but after writing to cusomer services and then the Toyota MD to express our frustration at how bad this system was we were told amongst all the corporate speak that they had no plans to modify it (they did send us a nice hamper however).
      If you specify this system as an upgrade on lower spec models it’ll cost you a hefty £950, and in my view it isn’t fit for purpose. We just bought a TomTom 5100 live in the end (£160) – free maps and live traffic for life ….
      The dealer promised to arrange a meeting with Harmon, the manufacturer of the unit – needless to say that never happened.
      We could technically have rejected the car as missold under consumer legislation, but it’s otherwise a nice car and we didn’t have the stomach for a fight.
      The upshot for Toyota is that they lost a potetial brand convert – I’ve just replaced our other car with a Mazda when an Avensis was a possibility.
      Don’t expect any joy from the Toyota responders on this forum – you get the same old bland fob off “we’ll pass your comments on” whatever the issue – just look at the number who complain about the mirrorlink function – years out of date ….

      1. Hi Terry,
        Thanks for your comments. We do try to give the best answer possible when responding to comments on our blog! Unfortunately, there are things we are unable to comment on and in some instances it is most effective to pass comments on to our team, or head to your local Toyota dealer for the best outcome to problems you’re facing. Hope this helps! Many thanks.

        1. Hi Tezzer, thanks for the feedback and pain to read as so many have an issue.

          I notice a new issue everyday and i accept that i will have to purchase a SAT Nav, but even the multi media is bad, what do i do here though a separate Hi fi system in the boot of the car.

          Also whats with the climate control advising twice ( Screen Below and Main Sat Nav Screen) that you have changed the heating. It switches the screen off and takes an age to to go go back to where it was.

          This is alarming – Third party companies selling add ons for this multi media system to make it faster, work, function. The link is in my first post above.

          I wouldn’t recommend this t anyone at all as the GUI is wrong, the UI it self is bad , and needs loads of Ram to make a simple phone call. Pointless of a Business Edition + of a car. system..

          Toyota should be giving Free TOMTOM sat navs or a voucher as compensation.

          Please keep the feedback coming, as i want to know your experiences.

          1. BD, you may have a faulty unit if it turns off and back on. My 2016 (old-shape) Prius PHEV had a faulty head unit when delivered, in that when ambient temperatures were around freezing or below the unit would not work at all in any way until the car had warmed through – when i eventually got it to ‘fail’ at the dealers it was changed under warranty – i’m pleased to say that the new unit does perform consistently but is still full of the poor design characteristics already reported above. I would never buy another Toyota with Touch2 & Go. Don’t Touch it, Go elsewhere. It is not of merchantable quality, and certainly not up to Toyota’s otherwise impeccable standards.

      2. Hi Terry, do you have the email address for the Toyota UK MD? Im going to send my complaint in as soon as I have the email, after my vehicle has been in today to look at the same issues everyones having to be told its fast and theres no issue, despite having video evidence.

        Kind Regards

        1. Hi Phil,
          Due to our blog rules, if Terry posts an email address or an external link we will be unable to publish it. Therefore you will not be able to get hold of his email via this platform. If you have a serious issue we advise contacting Toyota customer services. Many thanks.

        2. PW
          Toyota won’t allow any e-mail or web addresses to be post. But if you google “CEO e-mail addresses” it takes you to a website where loads are listed, including the Toyota UK CEO if you type Toyota in the search field. That’s how I got it.
          I just got a new Mazda 6 – although not without its shortcomings the system in that is much superior to the “top spec” system in the Auris.

    4. Agree 100% with points above.

      This is my first Toyota (2016 avensis) and unless the media side is updated my last.

      The current system is also dangerous, with the dreadful lag and poor user interface for phone connectivity drivers could be tempted to open phone to find next album / podcast as the touch go 2 is useless in that respect.

      Really simple fix here, update the system so it accepts mirror link v1.1.

      Appreciate you are responding here with limited knowledge of the system but you really need your tech team to respond or provide a update via the comments as passing the common on with no response or telling people to visit the dealership makes Toyota appear not to care and is damaging you brand with prospective buyers reading this.

      Good job enabling open discussion but this thread needs a official response.

      1. Hi Andy. Thanks for the feedback. We are in close contact with our technical team regarding issues such as these, and feedback does go to our product team to improve functionality in the future. Are you using the latest version of the software? More info here: It is often safer and more efficient for us to recommend a customer goes to their dealer so their system can be physically looked at. There are no plans to introduce Mirrorlink 1.1 at this time.

      2. Don’t expect any joy, Andy, and beware praising them too much for this forum – I have had at least two postings never appear – with no explanation.
        We’re making it clear to everyone we know that we will never buy a Toyota again due to their indifference over this unfit major expensive component. Mind you I expect they’ll “moderate” this posting out as well – maybe a dedicated Facebook page would be better.

        1. Hi Tezzer,
          Your posts may not have been approved due to links being used within the blog- if they link out to other sites we are not able to publish them. Many thanks.

          1. Ella. If external links are such a problem then just edit them out or have the courtesy to contact the poster and ask them to resubmit – would that be so difficult?
            Basically the advice in my last post was
            1) Write directly to the MD – the more people at the top know customers are being lost then the more they will be inclined to act – they are often insulated from this stuff by underlings who tell them what they want to hear and all is fine (I used to work with industry and have many first hand examples). An online search will soon reveal the name of the UK MD (Mr Paul Van der Burgh) and contact links
            2) Write to the motoring press. I’m currently compiling a letter to Autoexpress. Few potential customers will be aware of this forum, and like us would assume the system was fit for purpose – a 15 minute test drive will not focus on the system. Even so we were lied to by the salesman about it having live traffic built in and not requiring phone connection for the data link. We ended up buying a TomTom 5100 Live for my wife’s Auris.
            3) The reality is that it’s probably too much trouble to rewrite the code for the unit, as it integrates with the car’s systems and they would need to carry out extensive testing on every variant of the unit on every variant of the cars to which they are fitted across the range.
            I have totally lost confidence in Toyota and their dealers and have switched back to Mazda when an Avensis was a possibility to replace my old Mazda 6.

    5. Hi guys
      Totally agree that the Go and Go Plus are unusable, there are few alternatives, however not cheap and require head unit change/ add-on.
      Toyota needs to bring Android based head unit with SIM card built in, as they did in Russia
      Have TomTom preinstalled (15£ per year from Google Play and equivalent of 5100, payable by customer after 1st year) and have data for TomTom across Europe free of charge (this is done at the network provider level).
      Offer the option to change the SIM card, to allow access to data network for all other apps and use alternative nav applications.
      Make sure that head unit is WiFi enabled and can be connected to home network to perform updates and apps installations.


    6. Totally agree, as for saying it’s easy I suppose if you are a computer programmer that’s true.
      The car is my 7th new Toyota over 30 years and it is great but the touch and go is not either easy to set up or use.

  19. Hi,
    i just bought a Yaris HSD mirrorlink ready car and i was surprised that a connection with the Samsung A3(2016) mobile phone was not possible. Then they told me that the only device that could connect via mirrorlink is the old samsung galaxy s3. A brand new car with advanced technology does not have the ability to connect to all mirrorlink mobile phones? Is this innovative? because personally i see this as a drawback for the illustrious Toyota motors.

    1. Hi there,
      Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, updates with mobile phones and mobile devices come sooner than our multimedia updates and therefore there can be a delay on which phones are able to connect. We will pass this feedback on to our technical team! Many thanks.

    2. Hi there,
      Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, updates with mobile phones and mobile devices come sooner than our multimedia updates and therefore there can be a delay on which phones are able to connect. We will pass this feedback on to our technical team! Many thanks.

      1. Once again someone is complaining that Toyota claims to support mirror link when in fact you only support a couple of old phones. When are you going to remove the claim from your web site?

        I am confused about your reply Ella. It implies that Toyota are working on support for the Mirrorlink V1.1 standard when time and time again we are being told that we cannot be trusted to use it safely so we cannot have it. Is really being worked on?.

        1. Hi Andy,
          Thanks for your post. We are not saying that there is an update coming, simply that not all new phones are added to our software when they are released. We are unable to advise what phones will be made compatible or if there is an update on the way. Many thanks!

        2. Hi Andy, I bought a brand new TMC Yaris HSD in april 2016. I have been working in the consumer electronics industry for 30 years…and let me tell you, this has been an uphill struggle to find simple information from Toyota anywhere in the world!! Mirrorlink is hopeless – and like you say, Toyota why even talk/write about Mirrorlink?
          The biggest problem here, is that Toyota dealers don’t know ANYTHING about digital consumer technology, internet, Android, iOS, apps, bluetooth etc. so they just give out of the blue false information. Likewise I was told there was a AUX mini-jack input in the car above the useless low voltage USB (for a MP3 stick or iPod haha – so last year) but that was only “the hole” for the plastic cap. Say what?

          I bought the Touch 2 WITHOUT GO, which gives a lot of confusing for the Toyota dealers – apps no apps (I think they know GO means Navi by now, or not?) But again I was told..just log in and get the apps. Well, bummer no GO – or wait it is only for the GO! – GO away Toyota dealer….. Well anyway I don’t care about the water in the glass, but find my 7″ display useless for showing something that could be shown next to the speedometer.

          So I installed a TAB S 8.4″ in front of the Toyota screen(display off), used an old android phone to display a Head up display, put in a OBD2 and now I have “hacked” my Yaris :-)…well I made it more exciting and “Ok google/Google voice” works perfect – people are more amazed with my own android install than my new car. Funny and somehow sad.
          Luckily for me (and especially my useless Toyota dealer) – the bluetooth works as it’s suppose to.

          Finally, I just want to say I AM a Toyota fan boy ! I would not buy anything else – YET. When the vehicles in 5-10 years, are 100% digital with AI, internet, screens and well a lot of software, well a smartphone on wheels, Toyota will have a huge problem with all the old “greasy oil engine” dealers – Welcome to the digital world TMC.

    3. Hi,

      My friend bought a new Toyota Corolla. We wanted to test the mirrorlink functionality with my Samsung A3 (2016) mobile. It did not work. The phone started to establish the link with no success. Nothing happens on the Touch display 🙁
      Unfortunately I could not find a list of compatible phones on any official Toyota site. Finally found this forum where I can see the same problem was reported one year ago, and an update of mirrorlink was also promised.

      Am I wrong if I assume that nothing happened and Toyota Touch still supoorts only legacy phones?

      1. Hi Akos,
        Thank you for your comment. Please could you provide your VIN number as well as the type and software version of the Touch system. Many thanks.

        1. Hi,

          It is a Toyota Touch® 2 with Go. Software version: 6.9.0WL. The device ID starts like this: CgWYk _7__ 05UT ….

          I do not want to share neither the VIN number nor the complete device ID here in the forum. The information above must be enough to answer which version of screen mirroring is supported and if there is an update available now or the near future.

          1. Hi Akos,
            Sorry for the delay. In order to connect a new smart phone to the MirrorLink System, a USB cable is required. After a connection is established, the screen of the smartphone is displayed on the multi-display screen. The compatible devices are Nokia: 701, N8 or N9 and Samsung Galaxy S3. Hope this helps.

        2. Hi,

          Is it serious? Touch 2 mirrorlink can be used with 5-6 year old phones only? Will it be compatible with newer phones ever?

          1. Hi Akos,
            On the Mirrorlink website, they lists a number of newer mobile phones that operate on Mirrorlink 1.1 version. You can find them here:
            However, you should know that Mirrorlink has been designed to work with Mirrorlink apps only and in order to connect mobile phones, they’ll need to be connected to the vehicle via a USB cable. Also, as Mirrorlink is an independent organisation, we cannot guarantee 100% compatibility with the vehicle’s system.
            Hope this helps.

  20. I have Touch 2 with Go Plus on a Prius PHEV – the car is great, the navigation isn’t. It is slow to operate, counter-intuitive to use and very clumsy to programme. Touch 2 with Go Plus is not in any way worthy of the Toyota Brand.

    When I want directions quickly I revert to my Tomtom Go 6000 which is older – but superior. I should not have to say that about a £35,000 car – sorry Toyota, “there must be a better way”.

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for your post. We’re sorry to hear your issues- we’ll pass your feedback on to our team. In the mean time, please keep an eye on the My Toyota e-store for updates! Many thanks.

  21. is there any update for the touch2 device without the navigation of my auris 2016 ?
    If yes where can I found it ?
    the device shows these information.
    software version 0101AD
    Device 13TFDAEU-DA07

      1. Hi,

        unfortunately, I cannot register my Touch 2 device (without nav Auris TS 2016) with the e-Store of the My Toyota Portal (device Id not valid).

        device ID: 13TFDAEU-DA07
        software version: 0101A5

        The problem is, that my Toyota Touch 2 is continuously rebooting once I paired with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Android 6).

        So where can I check for the latest software version? And where can I download the latest software because I cannot register my Toyota Touch 2 devices in the My Toyota portal?

        Thank you

        1. Hi Thomas,
          We have had a look in the Bluetooth compatibility list and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is compatible for use in a Touch 2 (without Go) system (with the exception of e-mail notification, read e-mail & browse functions).
          Therefore, the fact that the Touch 2 unit is continuously re-booting once the phone is paired, is something that needs to be investigated by a Toyota Centre.

  22. This website says “Toyota Touch 2 is ‘MirrorLink’-ready”… Really?
    The Mirror link website list 138 smartphones as supporting Mirror Link V1.0 and 362 as supporting V1.1. So Touch 2 supports Mirror Link with 38% of smart phones by those figures.

    Of course when you look a bit deeper V1.0 is supported on older handsets which by now have either been replaced or at least had is software updated since it was manufactured, so 38% would in fact be a huge overstatement of the number of phones still in circulation.

    I am awaiting delivery of a shiny new Prius and was expecting that it was going to support MirrorLink after the dealership showed me this web page when I placed the order – Yes, would have gone for a different car from another manufacturer had I known this.

    While I agree that it is Toyota’s prerogative to decide that its costumers can’t be trusted not to use the V1.1 features on the move, I believe that the statement “Toyota Touch 2 is ‘MirrorLink’-ready” is now misleading.

    Should this not be removed from the website as I feel my new Prius will be “Not as described”.

    1. Hi Andy,
      Thanks for your post. Sorry about the disappointment, the new Prius is Mirrorlink ready but only with compatible devices. You can check the compatible devices here: Hope this helps, please let us know if you have any more queries. Many thanks!

    2. Hi Andy, I had exactly the same issue when I bought a RAV4 2 years ago. I didn’t get the sat nav option on the Touch 2 system as the literature and the sales guy said the unit was MirrorLink compatible. I even went out and got a Sony Xperia to go with the car as this was listed on the MirrorLink web site. When the phone and car arrived I put them together but could not get the system to work – eventually I was told here on this forum that only the Samsung S3 with specific firmware would work.

      You are right, in my opinion, this is mis-selling and Toyota should correct their marketing or face consequences.

  23. Hello,

    I have an Auris Touring Sport HSD 2016 with Touch 2 without navigation, version:0101AD
    My phone is HTC M9 with mirror link option on the USB connectivity.
    I downloaded the app Sygic but nothing happen on the screen.
    The connectivity option doesn’t appears on the setup menu of the Touch 2

    Thanks in advance


    1. Hi Jesus,
      Thanks for your post. Unfortunately Auris is not compatible with Mirrorlink version 1.1, which your phone will be running. Auris is partially compatible with Mirrorlink 1.0, so it is unlikely that it will work unfortunately. Full details of compatible cars and handsets are viewable on the Mirrorlink website, the Aygo is the only UK vehicle that is listed and runs Mirrorlink 1.1. Hope this helps! Many thanks.

  24. Hi,

    Have anyone ever seen working Mirror Link on Toyota Touch 2?
    I have Toyota Touch 2 Go, checked a lot of samrtphones listed on “” (two Samsung, 3 Sony and HTC) It never worked. Toyota sells the technology that is to old for each phone after 2013 (Toyota Touch 2 was relesed in 2014???). Is there any chance that you correct this with update for users or this will be the feature that never really worked?


    1. Hi Eve,
      Thanks for your post. Unfortunately, we are unable to advise as to what is going to be included in the next update. If you have any further queries regarding this issue, we would suggest contacting customer relations who will be able to advise further. Many thanks.

      1. Would you mind letting everyone know what Customer Relations said about this? MirrorLink is basically all people talk about in this forum, and nobody ever got a satisfactory answer, other than “your brand new Toyota only works with 5 year old phones” or “contact your dealer”.

        1. Hi Carmine,
          Thanks for your post. Unfortunately, with regards to technical help we are unable to give detailed advice. Your dealer should be a first point of call when experiencing issues like this. We pass all the feedback to our technical team and it is being looked into. We are not able to discuss customer complaints, and responses from Customer Relations on this forum. We would greatly advise contacting them if you would like some further clarity. Many thanks!

  25. Hi, can you please confirm if the 2015 Rav4 touch and go sat nav already has the French speed cameras detectors removed, as we need to comply with French law for our imminent trip. thanks

    1. Hi Sarah,
      Thanks for your post. Our sat-nav does not have French speed camera detectors installed, there will be no notifications. Enjoy your trip!

  26. just bought a 2016 yaris hybrid with touch and go and the manual given by the dealership does not correspond with the unit installed ie the pictures shown and instructions are not the same, am told the unit is the latest and they don’t have an up to date manual is there one? also speed camera warning doesn’t work

    1. Hi David,
      Thanks for your post. We would advise contacting your dealer and finding out if they have an up to date manual. If your dealer does not have the specified manual you require they can contact us and order one. With regards to the speed camera warning, again we would suggest contacting your local dealer as they will be able to assist you in making sure this issue is resolved. Hope this helps and please let us know if you have any further questions. Many thanks.

      1. Hi sorry, I was just reading this and I thought maybe someone could answer my query. I have a 2014 Toyota Prius Plus. The car is amazing but I am having issues with its blue tooth connectivity. Receiving and .
        Making calls is ok but when it comes to playing music it just would not connect. Ive done everything in my capacity, I’ve also taken the car to Currie Motors twickenham, they kept the car overnight., upgraded the software, but after a week or so the music stops playing in the middle OR would not connect, I close the engine , put blue tooth on and off but nooooooo, it doesn’t work. I do long drives and I need some anyone. Lubna

        1. Hi Lubna,
          Thanks for your query. We would suggest trying a different phone to see if the system connection is sound. If this is the case it could be an issue with your phone. If this is not a viable option, we would advise returning to your dealer and explaining the situation as it could be a fault within the system. Hope this helps.

  27. hi toyota, I bought new 2016 Auris TS with touch 2 but my phone (samsung galaxy A5 2016) is not able to connect mirrorlink. my phone displaying that device is connected but on touch 2 screen nothing happens. sorry for my english i am from czech rep

    1. Hi .. i have a aurys hybrid 2016 with touch 2 but my samsung s7 edge isn’t able to mirror link..? Why not??

      1. Hi Paolo,
        Thanks for your post. We are sorry to hear of your issues, a list of compatible phones with Mirrorlink is available here: Hope this helps and if you have any further questions please let us know. Many thanks.

  28. Hi, the manual of the touch 2 with go system in my new Corolla tells that, when starting the car, the sound system will automatically play the last used device (fm, cd, usb, …). Mine doesn’t do that: it always starts the usb. Is there something I can do to let it play the last used mode ?

  29. I have an Auris Hybrid and with Touch 2 with Go.

    I am having problems accessing music via USB. Have checked the formatting, bit rates, directories etc, and all conform to what is stated in the manual, but the memory stick is not recognised.

    On first contacting my dealer, a mechanic tried to access music on his iPhone, my USB memory stick and my Samsung phone via USB but it did not recognise any of them. Car left with dealer for investigation and after 24 hours I was advised that it seemed to be working with other USB memory sticks and they were at a loss as to how to solve the problem.

    I have 2 questions.

    1. Does Touch 2 with Go recognise USB 3. (In the video on Toyota site its says it must be USB 2 or above.)
    2. Is there a limit on the size of the memory stick the system will recognise. ie will it recognise a 64 GB or 128 GB.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    1. Hi Joto. Apologies for the delayed response, and thanks for getting in touch. We’ve spoken to our technical team who have advised that connectivity with USB 3.0 should not be a problem. Toyota advises using a 16GB memory stick. We hope this helps.

      1. Hi Michael
        Thanks for your reply.

        With the ability to rip with higher bit rate etc these days, 16GB seems a bit limiting. Oh well I`ll just have to live with it.

        Thanks again.

      2. My touch 2 with go+ also crashes with USB sticks larger then 8 gbyte or containing a lot of files. Sometimes just plays the first 20 seconds after which usb is unusable untill a full power off which is impossible whilst driving 🙂
        My 128 gbyte fat 32 stick is basically useless

      3. I have just bought a verso with a Touch 2 Go system and when I plug in my Samsung S6 via the USB it manages to access the music 1 time out of 10. I have an auris with touch and go and that works pretty well with the same phone and usb connection. seems like the touch 2 go has a problem. I am trying to upgrade the software / maps but am struggling to get to the end of that procedure (even when try to buy the upgrade from the Toyota portal.
        All very hard work to be honest.

        1. Hi Ken, thanks for the feedback. We’ve noticed your other comment and advise you to wait for a response back from the team, as they are back in the office today. Please let us know if you don’t hear back from them. Thanks.

  30. I have an Avensis 2015 model with Touch 2 Go. I am looking for a screen protector, but can’t find an existing one. I contacted a company that creates screen protectors and they asked for exact dimensions of the device and of the display in order to create a custom sized protector. Where can I find this information? I would like to avoid measuring it itself, as even small errors could make the protector not fit or completely cover the display.

    1. Hi John,
      Thank you for your post. We have the figure listed in our technical specs as 6.1 inch in the 2011-2015 Avensis. However this figure may not be as precise as you need and with have no further detail. Hope this helps a little further and if you have any other questions please let us know.

  31. I have 14 reg Yaris that does not have a sat nav but my Nokia Lumia 1320 Windows phone does.
    I can get the voice in other cars but not in the Yaris only the directions on screen. Is the cars system
    blocking the voice?

    1. Hi Keith. Thanks for your message and sorry to hear about the issue you are experiencing. Can you confirm that you’ve connected the phone via bluetooth? Thanks.

        1. Hi Keith,
          Thank you for your post. We have passed this to our technical department and will update you once we have an answer. Many thanks.

  32. Hi there, my new 16reg auris touring sports with touch 2 with go is not receiving any TMC traffic messages at all. This is the case while set up to receive by radio as well as live updates via Internet. There are many recent forum posts highlighting this issue. Is there a fix or not?

  33. I tried to post to this forum in January after taking delivery of our new Auris Excel with the Touch 2 Go Plus, but it never appeared – (why not?)
    Basically we find the operability of the SatNav pants – when trying to input a destination on the screen there is no pinch to zoom function and no drag function requiring zooming out, touching the map approximately near to the destination then constantly having to zoom in again to refine the destination point. And during this the zoom controls quickly disappear so that you often touch the map itself require a retry. It’s awful and have had to buy a tomtom to use instead – These units add £950 to the cost of the car and are not fit for purpose in my view

    1. Hi Terry,
      Thank you for your post. We are sorry to hear you are not getting on with your sat nav. We would suggest visiting your local Toyota dealer who will be able to check over your sat nav settings to see if these are set correctly to allow a zoom function. Hope this helps.

      1. I’ve already been through this with the dealer on collection (and indeed Toyota Customer Services) – this simple “pinch and zoom” functionality does not exist nor does moving the map by “dragging” it – as you can on even the cheapest satnavs and smartphones. I would strongly advise anyone considering paying to upgrade to the inbuilt satnav to not waste their money and buy a tomtom instead, as we have now done. Reading all the comments on this forum about lack of functionality on various issues indicates to me it’s a waste of time. I’m writing to Auto Express to warn people off specifying it.

        1. Hi Terry,
          Thank you for your reply. We are sorry you feel this way and we will pass your comments to our product department about the functionality. Many thanks.

  34. I purchased a 2016 Rav4 Hybrid in January, with which I am very pleased. The version of Touch 2 with Go that was supplied is 4.4.1.WL 2014v3. I notice from the e-store that there is a version 4.50L. Is this the latest, and is this I should have been supplied with?

    1. Hi Philip. If you purchased the car new, then it should have come with the latest version installed. Please speak to your Toyota dealer about rectifying this. Thank you.

  35. I have a 14 plate Avensis that I am taking across to France later in the year. As it is illegal to have any speed camera warning devices, including as part of inbuilt navigation regardless of whether or not it has been disabled, will the maps already have speed camera locations for France removed or is there and update I can get?

    1. Hi Adrian. Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. we can reassure you that your sat-nav has no information about speed cameras for France, and therefore complies with French driving laws. Have a great trip!

  36. I use a USB to listen to music on my Yaris with Touch 2. If I select “Album” it plays the tracks in order .But if I stop somewhere, turn the engine off and later restart, it will not continue the album but goes to “Songs” and I have lost the album, i.e the menu has changed.

    1. Hi David,
      Thank you for your post. We have spoken with our technical department and they have advised that this is not yet a feature, the USB will start from the beginning of your playlist once your vehicle is turned on and off. Many thanks.

      1. Thank you for your reply. I find it incredible that that there is no “resume” feature when playing an album. The touch 1 system on my previous Yaris was perfectly capable of doing this! The touch 2 is so complex. I wish I had my old one back!

  37. I bought a Prado in June which has the MirrorLink option. When I connect my Samsung S6 device to the USB port, the phone says that it connected with the MirrorLink however I don’t see anything on car screen.
    If I connect an old Samsung S3, it works fine.
    Is there a way I can update the software on my car to make it compatible?

      1. Hi Charlotte,
        What can we do if the mirrorlink website list the phone as compatible but the car does not recognize it ?
        (htc one m8)

        1. Hello Stephane,
          Thank you for your post. Many phones require app downloads in order to link with Mirrorlink. We would recommend double checking this with your network provider. Many thanks.

          1. Hello Charlotte,

            Actually I do have the required software on my phone.
            But my phone is mirrorlink 1.1 compatible and it looks like the touch 2 with go is only compatible with the old 1.0 version (very old)
            Are you planning an upgrade ?

          2. Hi Stephane,
            Thank you for your reply. We have no news at present but stay tuned to our blog for all the latest news and information. Many thanks.

          3. Hi Charlotte, I own an Auris Hybrid with touch and go 2 and a S6 Samsung smartphone. Not able to use mirrorlink, All needed apps downloaded, but no success yet.
            I read a post about upgrading the system from 1.0 to 1.1 mirrorlink, which is the status?

          4. Hi Giuseppe,
            Thank you for your post. We have run this past our technical department and they have advised unfortunately the Mirrorlink on Touch 2 isn’t compatible with your phone. Touch 2 has Mirrorlink 1.0 and the phone has 1.1, at present there are no plans to update our system as 1.1 allows functionality outside of Toyota standards when the vehicle is moving. Hope this helps and if you have any more questions please let us know.

          5. Hello Charlotte.

            I read this thread about Mirrorlink versions.
            I have Sony Xperia Z which supports Mirrorlink 1.0 standard but still I’m not being able to connect it to my Touch2 system.
            This model is also listed as Mirrorlink compatible device.

            thanks, Adam

          6. Hi Adam,
            Thank you for your post. We have spoken with our technical department and they have advised to check in the Bluetooth compatibility list, which is available on TechDoc in order to see if your mobile phone is compatible with your vehicle: and the Bluetooth compatibility list can be accessed if you hover the cursor over “OWNER” and then click on “BLUETOOTH”. Hope this helps a little further and if you have any more questions please let us know.

  38. Hi. We just bought a new Auris Hybrid TS. Is there any way to have my phone’s (Moto G) screen appear on the car’s touch screen? If not, is there any chance this will be an option in the future?

    1. Hi there,
      Thank you for your post. Please could you provide us with your phone make and model and we can look into this further for you. Many thanks.

    1. Hi Gabriel,
      Thank you for your post. We have spoken with our technical department who have advised that your Nokia 625 is compatible with Toyota Touch 2, however it is unable to use Mirror-link to mirror the screen. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know.

        1. Hi Gabriel,
          Thank you for your reply. We have passed this to our technical department and they have advised that the Nokia Lumia 800 is not compatible with Mirrorlink. More information can be found on the Mirrorlink website to see which phone models are compatible: Hope this helps clarify and if you have any other questions please let us know.

  39. I have Auris TS 2015 and the owners guide states the Mirrorlink is supported. I tried to connect several phones that support Mirrorlink but this feature does not seem to work.
    What is the reason for this problem?

    1. Hi there,
      Thank you for your post. Only a few phones are supported by Mirrorlink and each phone requires an application to be downloaded. For us to be more specific could you let us know what phones you are trying to use. If this continues to be a problem we would advise visiting your local Toyota dealer. Hope this helps.

      1. Hello,

        I tried Sony Z2, Samsung S6 and LG G3.
        The S6 actually displayed a message on the phone that it is now connected via Mirrorlink but nothing happened on the car side.

        1. Hi Dani,
          Thank you for your reply. We would suggest visiting your local Toyota dealer so they can take a look at this issue for you. If you have any other questions please let us know. Many thanks.

  40. My dad has a Auris touring sport hybrid with the Touch and go 2 plus and I’ve encountered a issue while trying to listen to music on my LG G2. When I connect it as a media device it plays music fine using the default music app on my phone however as soon as I listen to music via spotify or Amazon music it stops and fails to play the music through the car’s speakers and even trying to play music through the default music app on the phone won’t work and I need to disconnect and switch to another media source to listen to music from the phone again. Any idea why this isn’t working? Everything else seems to work just not the only thing I will use my phone for in my dads car.

    1. Hi Mike
      Thanks for your post.
      We need to investigate this further with our technical team but it will be Monday before we can reply. We will post as soon as we have received their reply.

    2. Hi Mike
      Thanks for your patience and we have received a reply from our technical team.
      They have confirmed that the system is designed to play music that is stored on the phone and streamed music playing is not supported.
      They suspect that by trying to use the app this is causing the required reset to resolve the issue. Hope this helps clarify but let us know if you have any other questions.

    1. Hi there,
      Thank you for your post. We hope you are enjoying your Land Cruiser. To enable us to help further please could you provide us with the model of phone you will be using as only certain phones are compatible. Many thanks.

  41. Hi – I purchased a Prius Plus (excel +) on September 1st 2015 and have been unable to use the following features:

    1. My HUD will allow me to select traffic directions (shows on display choice) but just returns to speed indicator?
    2. Although I have a voice recognition button on my steering wheel it shows as ‘not available’ on the display.
    3. My I Phone 6 has paired successfully but doesn’t show messages

    Can you help please?

    1. Hi John,
      Thank you for your post. Great to hear about your new Prius Plus, we hope you like it. We have asked our technical team to look into this for you and they have recommended that you visit your local Toyota Dealer regarding your voice recognition. You can find your local dealership here
      In order for your phone to pair successfully showing messages this can be found under your phones settings. This can be done by firstly select settings on your iPhone, then Bluetooth, click on your car device and this will allow you to turn on ‘show notifications’.
      Regarding the heads up display, the Prius Plus does not have this available as an option. Please see page 258 in your owners manual. Hope this helps clarify and please let us know if you have any other questions.

    2. I am sooo glad I read your message John. I thought I was losing the plot. My company gave me an Avensis as a company car and I was amazed that having paired my S7 to the car I cannot ‘talk’ to the car to make phone calls while driving. For something that is so basic these days not to work frankly amazes me. I sold my old Honda Accord (I don’t need to cars like John Prescott) which I have had for 5 years and that allowed me to make calls while I drove without having to look at a (not very good) screen and poke about to find the relevant contact to call. If I had spent good money buying this car I would be disappointed in the extreme and running it back to the dealer for a refund. At least I am lucky enough to be in the position where I haven’t paid anything for the car and now know not to bother spending money on a Toyota in the future.

  42. Hi,
    I have bought a 2012 Yaris T Spirit 5dr 1.33 VVT-i. When I tried to register my navigation unit, I’m getting the error “The Device ID you have entered is already registered to another vehicle.”. I’m confident that I entered the correct device identification code. Do you have any idea why this happens? Any help will be much apprecidated.

    1. Good morning Paul, thank you for your message. We have talked to our technical team and they would like you to talk to our customer relations team about this in order to resolve the device ID issue. Please get in contact with them using one of the following methods: Thank you again.

      1. I have a Auris TS Jan 2015 how do I upgrade the mirrorlink for the 1.1 version? 1.0 is kinda useless on those days… 🙁
        I would even pay for it cause it make all sense to have it

    1. Morning Dan. Which country is it in particular which you feel is lacking speed camera warnings? We are always trying to updated our systems to keep them as accurate as possible.

        1. Hi Dan, yes sometimes rules and regulations in certain EU countries mean that our systems do not cover the speed cameras in that area. Do you already have a Toyota or looking at buying one?

          1. I have a Auris Touring Sports Hybrid and Touch&GO 2. Great car.
            But what about Estonian speed cam warnings database? Please add it because it is allowed.

          2. Hi Dan, thank you for your message and we’re really chuffed that you’ve been enjoying your Auris Touring Sports Hybrid. We have taken this feedback on board and of course if there is enough interest or a consumer group need for this to be included we could later add it. Thank you for the feedback.

  43. My Prius is 3+ years old. I registered Touch and Go (NOT T&G 1) soon after purchase and updated the software, but, aftre trying and failing to update the stanav, I’ve not plaid with the software since. I now find that it is all T&G2. Does my system automatically update to this or what?



    1. Hello David. It sounds like your system has indeed updated to Touch and Go 2. Are you finding the operating style a problem over the old version? Please let us know if we can help further.

      1. Re my apparent Touch and Go automatic upgrade to T&G2. Thanks for your info. You ask if the new operating system is giving me problems. Yes and no. Firstly some 3 years ago I found the process so complicated/poorly explained that I gave up trying to update my Satnav and only returned to it a few days ago. The latest atempt was unsuccessful, (see below) but the process was much clearer.

        However, here is a follow-up question I sent yesterday to someone in your company. I opened Toolbox and it told me to update Toolbox; this seems OK. Toolbox required me to take a fingerprint of the car, which I did and then it allowed me to log-in. I downloaded the free map update; it went OK except one file (Turkey based) did not load properly, but the rest was all OK and I am not bothered about Turkey road info. I took the USB stick to the Prius which first showed on screen the message “Update detected – Reading update”; after a few seconds, the message changed telling me that the update was not found and to take a new fingerprint.

        Do I really have to delete the contents (4GB) of the USB stick and start again? If I do, is it likely to work this time?


        David Fuller

        1. Evening David. We have spoken to our technical team and they are now looking into this for you. Due to the time of day we may have to get back to you with an answer tomorrow. We will let you know as soon as we receive a reply from the Touch&Go specialists.

          1. Good afternoon David, thank you for your message. Apologies that you have not heard back yet. To clarify, Touch and Go and Touch and Go 2 are separate systems and one would not update into the other. We have spoken to our technical team and they have read through your messages. They have advised that your USB stick may be too small to hold the whole file and you will need at least 8GB of space formatted to FAT32. We hope this helps but if not please get in contact. Thank you.

          2. I have checked. The USB stick I used is 8GB AND FAT32. Where do I go from here please?

          3. Afternoon David. Thank you for your message and for checking this information. We will talk with the technical team and see what they suggest. Thank you.

          4. Hi David, we have spoken to our technical team and they suggest contacting your local dealership who will be able to diagnose and sort this problem for you. It is sometimes difficult to diagnose the exact issue online and to save you from more trial and error this would be the best route. If you’d like we can speak to your local dealership for you?

    1. Hi Jerry, sorry for the delay in replying. The steps below should help:
      1. Press the ‘set up’ hard button.
      2. Touch ‘General’.
      3. Scroll down and touch ‘System Information’.

      This will display the software version. If the version ends in an ‘L’, you have Touch2 with Go. If it ends with an H, you have Touch 2 with Go+.

      Hope this helps!

  44. Hi!
    How come the Auris 2015 Excel has Touch 2 with Go Plus, whereas people who bought the Auris 2014 Excel are stuck with Touch 2 with Go – with no voice recognition?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Carmine, thanks for your question. This will be down to models being revised for facelifts as parts and technology become more available or cheaper to manufacture. Unfortunately, the 2014 Auris Excel missed out on Touch 2 with Go Plus. Sorry about that.

  45. I have a 15 plate Yaris and an iPhone 6 when I pair my phone not all my contacts sync even though all are saved to my phone, can you advise on what to do

    1. Hi Donna
      Thanks for your post.
      We did check this further and our technical team have recommended that you the delete the pairing and then re-pair the phone to see if the other numbers come through. Let us know how you get on.

  46. Hi I have a Yaris sport 2015 with touch. The issue i am having is the range after filling thentank has not changed and this as been the same since filling the tank 2 times any ideas?

    1. Hi Shaun
      Thanks for your post and sorry for the delay in replying to you.
      We did check this further with our technical team, you would expect fluctuations in vehicle range as it learns to adapt to your driving style. They did make the point that the tank does need to get low and to be filled up for the range to change however it does sound like you are doing this. Keep us posted on how you get on for the next couple of fills.

    2. Refilled car today range said 70 miles before filling after filling it still said 70 miles.

      1. Hi Shaun
        The fuel tank range should update after you fill your car with fuel. (This will not work if only a small amount of fuel is used or if the tank has not dropped below a certain level). Let us know how you get on.

  47. Have tried to purchase a new map on estore for 2 days. Every time I put in payment details it throws me out of my account to and won’t let me log back in unless I close explorer and restart. The payment is not taken as I don’t get to the final summary page.

    Also, is google search no longer an available app as it has expired.

    1. Hello Peter
      Thanks for your post.
      We have passed this query to our team involved with the estore and we are investigating this further. We will be replying again to your query as soon as we can.

    2. Hi Peter
      Sorry again for the delay on this and we have received a response from our Aftersales team.
      They have just tested the purchasing of an app and this does now work ok so you will be able to try again. There was a problem so thank you for bringing this to our attention. They have recommended that you clear the history on your browser before trying again. Regarding the Google Apps, do you mean the ones that are listed below e.g. Google Street View etc? These are provided for free for a limited period and can be purchased as part of the mobility pack on the e-Store. Keep us posted on how you get on and let us know if you have any other questions.

      1. Ok, have now paid for map but now need to go to My Dashboard to download onto a USB stick. Now I can’t find My Dashboard on the new web site and I don’t want to try and download over air as it will be too big and I need to configure which countries I want. Rather frustrating!

        1. Hello Peter
          Thanks for your reply and sorry that you are still experiencing problems.
          We have checked further and if you click on the e-Store at the top of the page there is a banner which has a Purchases button. Once on the Purchases page it shows the downloads on the account, from here you can select the map update and once clicked it will have a button on the right saying “Download To USB”. With regards to configuring the map, this is all done on the device itself and not on the portal.
          Hope this helps and please let us know how you get on.

          1. Hi, I have had no success in trying to download the map update. There are no contact details on the estore or the invoice for any issues related to purchases. As the software has not been downloaded or activated I tried the refund button but that doesn’t work either. I would like a refund and will re-try at another date when the system works better.

          2. Hi Peter, thanks for getting in touch. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble accessing the map download. We recommend speaking directly with our customer relations department so they can investigate this further for you. Please fill in the online form via: Do let us know how you get on!

  48. Hi, maybe a silly question but when I connect my touch and go to my phone for street view or any other online service, I won’t be charged anything if I have free data on my phone right?

    1. Hi Zia, thanks for getting in touch – no question is a silly question :). If you have free data via your mobile phone contract then yes this data will come out of your remaining ‘free’ data. Once your data allowance has been used/if you go over your allowance a cost will occur. We hope this helps answer your question.

  49. Can anyone please tell me how to enter Geo co-ordinates into my 2013 Yaris Hybrid Touch and Go 2 Sat Nav ? Post codes can cover a fairly large area and you don’t always have an address. Geo co-ordinates are far more accurate. Urgent

    1. Hi Peter, thanks for getting in touch. To search via coordinates please follow these steps: 1) Display the “Navigation” menu screen and select “Enter destination”. 2) Select the “Advanced” tab. 3) Select “Enter geo-coordinates”. 4) Select “N” or “S”. 5) Enter the latitude. 6) Select “W” or “E”. 7) Enter the longitude. 8) Select “OK”. These instructions can also be found on page 165 in your navigation manual. We hope this helps!

  50. Hi I have a brand new Auris hybrid excel with touch and go plus, when I press the voice button on the steering wheel I get not available? Can you assist

    1. Hi Jim
      Thanks for your post.
      Voice activation does work with Touch & Go Plus so if you have paid the extra premium for the Plus feature then it would be worth checking this with your local Toyota dealer. Voice activation does not work if you only have Touch & Go.
      Hope this helps clarify but do let us know if you have any other questions.

      1. David I have the plus with nav, street view, wi-if hotspot, apps etc but the button does not work?

        1. David it looks like I have touch 2 with go not plus so I don’t get the 3D or voice

          Could you tell me what are the latest map version? Mine is brand new and says 2014v3


          1. Hi Jim
            Sent my last message before I saw this reply.
            If you do want to upgrade to Plus then your local dealer can organise this for you. The latest version is 2104 V3 4.4.1. which was only very recenlty launched so you do have the latest system in your car. Hope this helps but let us know if you have any other questions.

        2. Hi Jim
          Thanks for your reply.
          I did quickly check this with our technical team and as you have paid the extra for the Plus and the voice activation is not working then it does sound like your local dealer may need to have a look at this for you. Keep us posted on how you get on or if you have any other questions.

          1. Hi, could you tell me the latest version for the Touch and Go 2 Plus. I have a Prius Plus with Touch and Go 2 Plus, however the customer portal says I have a map update but my installed map is 4.3.0H and according to the Help doc I’m not able to update unles I buy the new version, My car was brand new 3 months ago…

          2. Hi Colin
            Thanks for your post.
            Just so you are aware we generally work on two map upgrades per year and the latest version 4.4.1 was only released in the last couple of weeks. If you have purchased Toyota Touch 2 with Go Plus then this does entitle you to three years of map upgrades. We would recommend speaking with your local Toyota dealer who can help arrange this for you.

  51. Hi. Is there any news regarding supporting MirrorLink 1.1? All newer phone models use it.
    Are you planning on releasing an update?

    1. Hi Liam
      Thanks for your post.
      We have checked this with the product team but unfortunately we do not have any news at present regarding an update to support 1.1. We have made them aware of your comments and will be sure to publish any news on our Blog.

  52. Hi!
    Will Touch 2 with Go support Mirrorlink 1.1 with a software update?
    All the latest phones support it (Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S5 with Lollipop, HTC M8), but at the moment we can’t use them with the Touch 2 with Go, as it only supports MirrorLink 1.0.

    1. Hello Carmine
      Thank you for your post and sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this one.
      We did run this past our technical team and it may be difficult to provide a conclusive answer as we will not be aware of what changes that will be made to the later software. Touch 2 supports Mirrorlink but the implications of downloading the update and what effect this will have, is not so easy for us to comment on. It may be worth checking on the Mirrorlink website for any updates. Thank you for raising this with us and we will be sure to post any updates on our Blog.

      1. Hi, I just bought a Rav 4 2014, thought it had sat nav as I seen this on the main display unit. But when I press button it confirms my Rav 4 icon don’t have sat nav installed. How much does it cost to upgrade?

        1. Hi Pat
          Thanks for your post. Hope you are enjoying your new RAV4.
          To upgrade your unit (which will be our Touch & Go system) your local Toyota dealer will be able to help with a quote and can also help advise with a quick demonstration if you wanted to check this our beforehand. If you need a guide as an example then to upgrade a RAV4 today with Touch 2 with Go (different system) then the cost would be £750.
          Hope this helps clarify but let us know if you have any other questions.

          1. We have just returned home very happy with the purchase of a 2012 Yaris. We believed the car had sat nav fitted , what with the touch screen and the sat nav button on it which when i pressed it said device need registering, Gutted though to find out that the now we are home the sat nav button says system not installed. I know i only have myself to blame for allowing myself to be mislead without getting it confirmed it was fitted. My wife is very upset as this was one reason for choosing this car. How much will it cost me to add this to the setup?

          2. Hello Dave
            Thanks for your post.
            Sorry to read of your disappointment with collecting your new Yaris. You can add the “Go” (satnav element) to your vehicle and your local Toyota dealer will be able to do this for you. You will however need to contact them for a quote directly as your system is call Toyota Touch. When you add Satnav it becomes Toyota Touch & Go. Your local dealer will also be able to help show you system as well as giving you a quick demonstration if this helps. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

      2. I have just got new aurus was trying to mirror link but it wont let me ? It works with old s3 but nit with s5 can you help me please thanks.

  53. Hi
    Do you have a detailed guide on how to connect the Galaxa S3 to Yaris Mirrorlink. I have triied to connect the phone with the Drive Link app throug the standard USB cable But I cannot get any connection from the phone to the screen. I must do something wrong. It is a new Yaris bought in the start of feb. 2015 with Touch 2. Does it only Work with Touch 2 GO?

    Hope you can find time to answer me?

    1. Hello Frank
      Thanks for your post and we did have a quick chat with our technical team.
      From what you have described this should be working for you and they have suggested to try using another USB lead if you have access to one. The other option would be to contact your local Toyota dealer to demonstrate this. To answer your other questions though, Mirrorlink does work both with Touch 2 and Touch 2 with Go. Let us know how you get on.

  54. Hello,

    I had a look at Touch 2 system in Verso, mainly at it’s multimedia functionality.

    I wasn’t able to find a way to fast forward in long podcast (approx. 1 hour long) in reasonable way, neither to move to a specific time (e.g. to start listening at some point, e.g. at about minute 30).

    I was also “trying” to find an easy way to change the folder with music (there are approx. 30 albums on my usb stick). But I found only browse button, nothing like long press of “^” on steering wheel worked. It seems too complicated to operate it this way while driving.

    Any ideas how to accomplish fast forward and album change in reasonable way?


    1. Hi Pablo
      Thanks for your post and we have run this past our technical team. They have recommended checking this with your local Toyota dealer so you can demonstrate this issue to them. They can help make sure that the vehicle is working to specification and go through the vehicle controls with you.

      1. Hello,

        I went to a local dealer, but my questions were too technical for them, so no real answer to my questions. According to them other people stream music from phones and don’t use USB sticks.

        Still I don’t understand why basic audio system has better “usability” from driving safety point of view than the advanced touch system (basic system enables to change folder from steering wheel, advanced one has this feature hidden in touch menus).

        Please forward this to your technical team, maybe they can come up with a solution to this.

        Regards, Pavel

        1. Thank you for your post Pavel and we apologise for the delay in contacting you.
          This query is with our technical team for their comments and we will reply further as soon as we have these.

          1. Hello Pablo
            Sorry for the delay we did speak again with our technical team.
            They do take on board your concerns but at the moment this is the way the system operates and we are not aware of any updates to address this. If you do want to take this matter further then you can contact our customer relations team who can be reached via the attached link.
            They are set up to help manage and investigate on-going customer concerns. We are sorry that we cannot send a more positive reply at the moment about this issue.

  55. Hi just bought a new Yaris Hybrid last week
    I have the touch 2 with go and would like to know being a new car how come it doesn’t support Mirrorlink version 1.1 from what I can see it only supports Mirrorlink 1.0 being a new car and new model I would have expected to be compatible with the latest phones that are out at the time of release any reason for this
    will there be any type of update/download to support Mirrorlink 1.1 as a new car why does it only support 3 year old tec Mirrorlink 1.0 supported phones are at least 3 year old phones

    1. Hi
      Thanks for your post.
      The Toyota Touch 2 system does support Mirrorlink however compatibility will depend on the handset being used phone being used as not all will support the system. We would recommend that you check this with your phone provider as additional software may also require downloading as well as additional leads in some cases. You can check out phone compatibility here. or the Mirrorlink website.
      Hope this helps.

  56. I have this exact same problem. I am loving the Yaris (i got a new one back in October), but i keep getting issues with the DAB radio. At first it kept loosing all of the stations in the station list (i.e. there was only 1 station i could choose to listen to) but then after about a week it would fix itself to show all available stations and then later the problem would start again. I rencently got the ‘nav’ option installed, and since then ive been geting the scrollign text display issue just as Steve described. Not sure if this is considence or just another glitch in the DAB radio that noone seems to know how to fix?

    Please let me know if there is a fix for either of these issues this is geting EXTREEMLY frustraiting.

    1. Hi Pomplemoose
      Thanks for your post.
      Sorry to hear of your problem with the DAB and we have had a quick chat with our technical team. They have asked whether this occurs when you change the DAB channel (button in the screen on the top right). If not try changing the channel and let us know how you get on.

      1. I’ve done that and it stays the same. At the moment (as of yesterday) all of the stations are back but the text isn’t showing in full to say which song is on even though it was working a day or so ago. I don’t understand how it keeps glitching even though nothing is changing….

        1. Hi Pomplemoose
          Thanks for your post.
          Our technical team have been looking at intermittent scrolling of text but at this stage they are having to check whether it is the car or whether it is due the DAB signal being affected to the car. Can we ask which radio station you listen to? We are assuming you will see scrolling some days and not on others.

          1. I listen to planet rock mostly (which is a strong national station) but it affects them all. Its not just that it doesn’t scroll but it only displays part of the text I.e when listening to something on DAB it displays ‘ now playing Jim’ but on FM it shows ‘now playing Jimmy hendrix’ even when text scrolling is turned off.

          2. Hi Pomplemoose
            Thanks for your further feedback.
            We will pass this to the technical team for further investigation.

          3. Hi Pomplemoose
            No update at the moment unfortunately but we can refer your case to our customer relations team who can create a case and monitor this for you?
            Just let us know and we can contact you directly.

  57. Hi there, I have an Auris from 11-2013. Is it possible to upgrade my touch and go pro system to touch 2 and go?

    1. Hi Tom
      Thanks for your post.
      Unfortunately it is not possible to upgrade from Touch & Go to Touch 2 as the two systems are not compatible. Hope this helps clarify but let us know if you have any further questions.

  58. Hi!
    My new Auris Hybrid Excel 2014 was just delivered, and I discovered that the Voice Recognition system does not work.
    Reading throught this forum, I realised that I need “Touch 2 with Go Plus” in order for that to work, whereas I only have “Touch 2 with Go”.
    How can I upgrade from “Touch 2 with Go” to “Touch 2 with Go Plus”, and at what cost?
    Thank you!


    1. Hello Carmine
      Thanks for your post.
      Great to hear about your new Auris and you are correct about the voice activation button on the wheel. Our accessories team are currently working on an upgrade regarding the Touch 2 with Go system to incorporate the Plus feature. We hope to have news fairly soon regarding this but once completed your local dealer will be able to upgrade your Auris for you.

        1. Hi Carmine
          Thanks for your post. Just waiting for our product team to confirm and will reply again as soon as we know.

        2. Hello Carmine
          Further to our reply we can confirm that Touch 2 with Go Plus is now available at your local Toyota dealer and features include full map navigation (with free upgrades for three years), advanced Bluetooth connectivity and facility to use voice recognition button on the steering wheel. Cost is £1,299 including VAT and fitting. If you need any further help please let us know.

      1. Dear David,
        Is this upgrade already possible by now?
        and how can i see if my software is Touch 2 with go or Touch 2 with go plus?

        sofware version says 4.3.1 L
        Nav: 01011F

        If this upgrade is working will it make the button for voice recognition available ?

        Thank you,

        1. Hi Sijn
          Thanks for your post.
          It is possible however I am not too sure for markets outside the UK. We have only in the last month or two introduced this to our market so if your car is older than this, then it is likely you will just have Touch 2 with Go. Touch 2 with Go Plus does mean that you can use the voice activation button on the steering wheel and there is an extra cost for this of £1,299 (in the UK). The voice activation button will not work if only Touch 2 is fitted to your car.

          1. Hello Stijn
            In the UK if you have Touch 2 with Go and want to upgrade to Touch 2 with Go Plus then the cost is £950. Hope this helps but it may be worth checking this with your local Toyota dealer if you are based outside the UK.

  59. I have a new Verso with Touch 2 and a Nexus 5 phone. I do not want the Touch system to display my SMS messages. Can I turn off just this feature? If so how.

    1. Hi TimS
      Thanks for your post.
      We have run this past our technical team who have provided the following advice
      1. Open your device’s Settings menu
      2. Under “Device”, touch Sound & notification
      3. Under “Notification”, touch When device is locked. You can choose from the following settings:
      Show all notification content: You’ll get all notifications on the lock screen, except for apps that you designate as having sensitive notifications in the “App notifications” setting menu. When you have this setting turned on, keep in mind that all content (including contents of incoming emails and chats) will be visible on your lock screen.
      Hide sensitive notification content: You’ll get notifications on the lock screen but the content won’t be available or it will say “Contents hidden” for notifications that you designate as sensitive. For example, you’ll get a notification for an incoming email or chat, but the contents won’t be visible on your lock screen.
      Don’t show notifications at all: You won’t get any notifications on the lock screen.

  60. Hi
    I bought new corolla and I would like to use mirrorlink. On your list of compatible phones is missing NOKIA N9 but on nokia you can download Nokia Car Mode with Mirrorlink only for NOKIA N9. Can you help me with this? I am from Czech republic.

    1. Hi Miro, thank you for taking the time to contact us. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your MirrorLink system. It may depend on what software version your MirrorLink has. In the UK we have MirrorLink version 1.0, which means it’s not compatible with Nokia N9. The list of compatible phones for your Corolla can be found here: We recommend contacting your local Toyota dealer as they’ll be able to advise further: We hope this helps.

  61. Hi Guys
    I have an intermittent problem with my Touch and go system fitted to my 2014 Hilux, occasionally I get a loud click through the speakers – like a loose switch being turned off/on, the same thing was happening to one of my colleagues Hilux.
    Is this a known fault?
    Can Toyota access any diagnostics on the touch and go?


    1. Hi Alain, sorry to hear you’re having problems with your Touch and Go system. We’re unable to access diagnostics on your Touch and Go unit however, we recommend visiting your local Toyota dealer as they’ll be able to help diagnose this first hand. To find your local Toyota dealers contact details visit: Do let us know how you get on.

  62. I just bought a “Toyota Yaris Lounge” with “Touch and Go 2”.
    I have an iPhone 5C.
    Can I get my SMS and emails on the “Touch and Go 2” screen ?
    If yes, how ?
    Thank you for answering me …
    Have a good day !

    1. Hi there, thank you for taking the time to contact us. We’ve spoken to our technical department, they recommend trying these few steps: Go to the settings section on your iPhone, click on bluetooth, then Touch and Go and change the show notifications from off to on. Any messages received whilst in the vehicle should now be visible. Do let us know how you get on. We hope this helps!

  63. Hi there, I finally got Touch 2 with Go + for my 2014 Rav 4. Hurrah! But I’m confused by a couple of things.

    1. The “play more like this” feature doesn’t work
    2. When I want to play music via voice command, it tells me to “be patient” – that the device is “syncing.” I’m using an iPhone 5S via USB. I thought this might last a few minutes, but it was still refusing me 40 minutes into a drive.

    Any ideas?


    1. Hi Derek. Thanks for getting in touch. We’re sorry to hear of the issues regarding your system. What is happening when you select the ‘play more like this’ feature?

      The issue with the ‘play music by voice command’ feature is that if you are connecting an iPhone it will generally have a lot of music on it. In order for the system to to be able to search using this feature it needs to look at each file and assign a ‘tag’ so it knows that if you say a title of a track it can go to that track. This would explain the ‘be patient’ notification you are getting. Large storage devices take a very long time to compile and therefore it is better to manual search when using those.

      1. Hi Matt

        Thanks for coming back so quickly.

        The music symbol for the “play more like this” function is “greyed-out”, so it has no response to a press. I wondered was there something in settings that I needed to do to fix this, but I can’t see anything.

        Could you tell me if the tagging will take place each time I start the car, or is it a once off event?

        Many thanks

    1. Hello Matthew
      Thanks for your post.
      Do you mean iPhone 5? We have run this past technical but not so easy to answer this, the reason is that would be down to the individual settings of the phone and the phone provider as the car system will not have changed. Check the settings on the phone though to allow for visibility of texts.

    1. Hello Fred
      Thanks for your post.
      We have checked and none of the new Yaris have a CD player fitted. They have MP3/iPod capability instead.
      Hope this helps.

      1. Thank you for answer but I don’t know how to find RELEVANT APPLICATION. I tried for android (Lenovo) and also for windows (Nokia Lumia) but no success 🙁

        1. Hi VK
          Thanks for your post.
          If you are using Mirrorlink with Touch 2 then only the Samsung Galaxy Note II and S3 and a number of Nokia Symbian Belle handsets are compatible with this. It may be worth checking this further with your phone provider about this feature.
          Hope this helps but let us know if you have any other questions.

      2. Hi
        I have tried to connect a Samsung Galaxy S3 to mirrorlink in my Yaris. But absolutely nothing happened. I did use the Drive link app in Samsung. Do you have any detailed way how to make the Mirrorlink work. I plugged the phone through the standard USB cable. Can you help. I did not turn the phones hot spot on – is that neccesary for it to work?

        1. Hello Frank
          Sorry for the delay in responding to this and we have just replied to your other post. To answer your question you do not need to turn on the phone hotspot for this to work.
          Keep us posted on how you get on.

  64. Hello,
    Re my Touch 2 with Go, I am unable to set the audio volume (voice directions) on the sat. nav., independently from the audio volume of the radio.
    I am able to turn the radio off and have only the sat. nav., voice instructions but when both are switched on one is always very much louder than the other?
    I have searched the online documentation/videos/FQAs etc. but I can’t find any reference to these controls.
    Could someone please help?
    Peter Lee

    1. Hello Peter
      Thanks for your post.
      If you click on the Settings Button and then go to General you should then see a volume control setting which allows you to set these levels independently including incoming and outgoing phone calls.
      Let us know how you get on and whether you have any other questions.

  65. Hello,
    I’m using an iPhone 6 via appradio. I’ve tried both bluetooth and AUX.
    The system recognized the app but only audio was played.

    1. Hi Jessi
      Thanks for your post and sorry for the delay in replying.
      We did run this past our technical team. Without knowing your expectations they have advised that all the system will do is recognise the app and plays the audio. The vehicle will be play what the app is playing and say where it is coming from – this is displayed as the album / artist, or if the app doesn’t support these will be unknown and the track title will show the app name. As the app takes it’s control via the inbuilt controls of the app and not from the controls standard on the device – these will not work with the vehicle controls. For example – playing audio from BBC News App – the system will show BBC news and what is playing but you cannot navigate to the next track on BBC news.
      Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any other questions

  66. I’m trying to upgrade my 4.2.2l s/w to 4.3.0l. I’ve downloaded the zip file and expanded it onto a 32gb FAT32 pendrive but when I insert the pendrive into my car’s USB nothing happens. Any clues?

    1. Hi Rich
      Thanks for your post.
      We have checked this with our technical team and there could be a few issues causing this. Are you using a blank USB? They recommend trying another but remember is has to be 8 GB minimum and you are correctly formatting to FAT32. Also, is it from the website?
      Let us know how you get on and keep us posted.

      1. I repeated the whole process again from start with the same result. However, not overly trusting Windows 8, I repeated it on an old netbook running XP. Bingo! Worked perfectly, don’t ask me why. New map and software now installed successfully.


  67. Hello everyone!
    MirrorLink Technology does not work on Sony Xperia Z1C and 2 TOYOTA TOUCH WITH GO (Highlander 2014).
    ICS has FW 4.3.1L
    Xperia Z1C Android 4.4.4
    Very sad, I hope that Toyota implements the full functionality of its multimedia system, states on the website and in the instructions.

    1. Hi Anton
      Thanks for your post.
      Harder for us to comment regarding a Highlander as this is not a model we sell in the UK market. However we do try to be as clear as possible regarding phone compatibility which is why we make sure this information is on our website.
      Hope this helps.

      1. Hi!
        And how long it takes a team of developers multimedia system to release a patch to support MirrorLink 1.1 / 1.2?

        1. Hi Anton
          Sorry about this. We do not have any news yet regarding updates unfortunately but we will be sure to post them on our Blog when we do.

    2. +1 for phonebook sync is not working on an S3 LTE (SGH-I9305) with official android 4.4.4…
      So IMO the Toyota Touch 2 is not compatible with Kitkat… On an older JellyBean 4.3. it works flawlessly.

      I only have touch without the go, but it would be nice to have the phonebook…

      1. Hi. Thanks for getting in contact with us. Can you confirm with us that the system worked before you upgraded your phone software? The Toyota Touch system in your car has not changed so it would appear that the update for your phone may have affected the compatibility.

        1. Hi,

          I did not upgade my phone. It was already with 4.4.4 android. Its a brand new car. We have tested it with another phone with android 3.4 it works flawlessly.

          I think the same, it may be an issue with compatibility of Touch 2 with android 4.4.4.

          Is it possible to update the software in my Touch 2?

          1. Hi Galus
            Thanks for your reply.
            We would recommend that you pop by your local Toyota dealer who could check this for you about which version you have and whether a newer version is available. As a general guide there are two upgrades per year.
            Hope this helps.

          2. Already did that 2 weeks ago, no answer so far .

            But hey, after rooting my phone everything works flawlessly.

  68. Hello,

    Just like Mr. Miguel G. Sanguino, I’m trying to connect an iPhone usin app radio.
    can you please send some further instructions? Do we use the USB or is it any other connector?

    1. Hello Jessi
      Thanks for your post.
      We ran this past our technical team who have suggested that Bluetooth would be the expected method but we would need more details about which phone you have and your car and satnav details to be able to confirm this for you.
      Let us know.

      1. Hello,

        I’m using an iPhone 6. I’ve tried both bluetooth and AUX.
        The system recognized the app but only audio was played.

  69. Can a multi-play CD changer or a single CD changer be connected to the Touch Two in a 2014 Yaris? If this is possible do Toyota make a suitable CD or is there an after market unit suitable?

    1. Hi Frank, thank you for taking the time to contact us. Unfortunately we don’t sell a CD player in the Yaris as an approved Toyota accessory. As you mention it may be worth seeking an independent audio specialist for advice. Hope this helps!

    2. Hi, Did you find a supplier for this?

      Has anyone any information on and aftermarket CD unit comatible with the Touch2GO system?

  70. Just changed from a 60reg Prius T Spirit to 64reg same. I am hard of hearing and the new voice on SatNav is not clear enough – is it possible to change voices? Also, with the old Prius when there was an instruction it came up as an outline on the HUD, on this Prius it doesn’t. This feature was so useful to me, can it be put back on please. Not really happy at all with SatNav system, seems to have gone back 10 years, is still inaccurate and smaller screen size inexplicable.

    1. Hello Christine
      Thanks for your post.
      Sorry to read your comments regarding your recent change into a new Prius. Taking the points you have raised, the voice is not interchangeable unfortunately but it is possible to adjust the voice volume if this helps. The Heads-up display will only feature satellite navigation prompts within the screen if Touch & Go Pro is fitted to the car. This forms part of the technology pack which is a factory fitted option. If you need any help in terms of clarifying the above then your local Toyota dealer would be happy to help advise further regarding the above. Finally, turning to the specification change in terms of screen size and features, this will be passed back to the product team who look after the Toyota Prius. This will be taken into account during future product reviews.
      We hope this helps clarify but please let us know if you have any other questions.

      1. I have tried the volume at various settings, but if the voice is unclear on one setting it will be unclear on all of them. This is a ‘deaf awareness’ issue I’m afraid. Perhaps the team could bear in mind that 1 in 6 of the population does have some hearing loss and concentrate their efforts on clarity rather than ‘features’. The brochure also needs clarification as it does not make it clear that the HUD is no longer connected to SatNav, rendering it pretty useless.

        If anyone out there has any ideas to help me make use of the SatNav I would be most grateful.

  71. I have a Samsung galaxy s5 and an Aygo Xclusiv. The phone has paired ok but my phone book has not transferred over. Is the problem the phone,car or is it something I’m doing wrong?

    1. Hi G Green
      Thanks for your post.
      We had to run this past our technical team who have advised that you would need to confirm where the contacts are stored, whether these are on the phone or the Sim card? According to their information it should be a bulk transfer. If the contacts are stored on the Sim then transfer them over to the phone to see if this makes a difference.
      Hope this helps.

  72. hi

    I’ve just bought the new yaris with touch 2 however i’m having issue getting the text to work im getting the message phone not supported? However it says on toyota website that iphone 6 should be compatible?

    Can you help?

    1. Hi Matthew. Sorry to hear you’re having issue connecting your phone. Have you updated to the latest version of iOS?

      1. yes im on ios8. i can connect phone and make calls from the touch 2 but cant make text or receive them

        kind regards


        1. Hi Matt
          I’ve got the same issue as Matthew: the Touch Go+ on the Auris I bought 3 days ago greys out all things text with my iPhone 6 (iOS 8.1.3). The phone part works well but I do need texting (send AND receive).
          Could you please help?
          Thanks in advance,

  73. Hi,

    MirrorLink web page shows a full list of devices in where you can see all Sony devices compatible with mirrorlink.

    As commented on this thread I can read that Toyota touch2 si compatible with a subset of those Mirrorlink ready smartphone devices (as Sony devices are ruled out on purpose).

    Is there any way to check witch are the actual compatible devices with toyota touch2 to be able to connect them via mirrorlink?

    I have just bought a Toyota Auris 2014 and I want to renew my phone to a compatible one.


    1. Hello Hades
      Thanks for your post and great to hear about your new Auris.
      We did run this past our technical team. The list of current compatible phones we have are as follows:
      Samsung Galaxy S3 & Note 2 with the Drive Link app downloaded.
      Nokia 700, 701, 604, 808, N9, N8, E7 C7 X7 C6-01 with the Car Mode app downloaded.
      However it is always worth double checking this with the phone manufacturer and Mirrorlink directly because any phone software changes are beyond our control.
      Hope this helps but let us know if you have any other questions.

      1. Thanks for your fast reply,

        It helps a lot, now I have a clear picture of the compatible devices. Although it is quiet poor and old on Android smartphones.

        Is there any plan to include more Android devices?, maybe new Samsung Galaxy S4 mini? That is listed at mirrolink webpage as compatible with Mirrorlink 1.1.

        Also, which version of Mirrorlink implements touch2 (1.0 or 1.1)?


        1. Hello Hades
          Thanks for your reply.
          Take on board the point you raise about the phones, from our perspective it would be good to include as many phones as possible in terms of compatibility. Sometimes this decision rests with the manufacturer of the phone in terms of specification and sometimes this rests with ourselves so not always that straightforward. To answer your question though, Touch 2 is Mirrorlink 1.0 only.
          Hope this helps but let us know if you have any further questions.

    2. Hello, ihave also same issue, i have both Lg g3 and iphone 5s and want to share screen using mirrorlink. but there is no connectivity between phones and touch 2 device. how can i use my smart phone screen using touch 2 screen

      1. Hi Emre
        Thanks for your post.
        We have run this past our technical team, they have advised that the iPhone is not compatible with MirrorLink and they recommend that you double check your LG phone on the phone compatibility list with Mirrorlink.
        Hope this helps for now.

        1. Thank you for your reply, how can i check whether my multimedia system is touch2 or not?.device id is not 16 digit?, is it possible to upgrade the device (firmware or software) to use internet?
          Any integration over bluetooth connectivity or usb cable to access internet? .Since touch2 compatible with smart phones and can access internet via using smart phone’s connection sharing ability(bluetooth, miracast, hotspot etc)

          1. Hi Emre
            Thanks for your reply.
            Probably the easiest way to see if you have Touch & Go or Touch 2 is to see if you can move the screen with your finger. You will be able to slide the map from side to side. If you can then this would mean you have Touch 2. The systems are not compatible unfortunately so it would not be possible to upgrade Touch & Go to Touch 2. Have you registered your system on ? You can set up an account online and also check out map updates. We are not sure if you are in the UK or another European country but just click on the the flag of your country of origin.
            Hope this helps and any problems give us a shout.

          2. İ will test the screen but as you may know touch2 systems have map/navigation button but no support for navigation.
            my question is: is it possible to upgrade touch2 system using firmware or software to support ne features.
            Since i have registered my car usin portal but can not register touch2 system since having an “device id is wrong” error while registering.

          3. Hi Emre
            If you are having problems checking the device ID do check carefully between 0 and O (numerals and letters). Also a device id consists of 26 characters. If you do have Touch 2 and can tether your mobile phone to the internet then it would be possible to send the device is from the car to your customer portal from the car. As a rule map updates are released twice a year and these can sometimes include software updates. If you have a local dealer nearby they could help identify whether there are later upgrades for you.
            Let us know.

          4. Hello,
            on my device screen software is 010177 and device id is :13TFDAEU-DA00.
            how can i be sure the device is touch2 or not?. The seller said that this is the touch2 device. but i can not register on customer portal.

          5. Hi Emre
            Thanks for your further post.
            We have run this information past our technical team but unfortunately they do not recognise the device id you have quoted. It should be 26 digits. Which model Toyota do you have and how old is the car?

  74. Hi Toyota

    I’m trying to connect my sony xperia z3 via mirrorlink but don’t work at the moment. My phone recognized it’s connected but don’t view anything on my touch and go 2 yaris 2014? Do you need special applications for this or do I something wrong? On the website of mirrorlink they said is compatible with this version of phone.

    1. Hi Stefan
      Thanks for your post.
      Not good news unfortunately, Sony phones are not compatible using Mirrorlink through our Touch 2 system. The reason for this is the amount of features on the phone, we feel, could present a distraction to the driver which is why we have taken this decision.

      1. What version is then compatible because this is disappointing that sony is not compatible. And hundrend 100% is with mirrorlink ;-(

          1. I’m 🙁 This because for molecurity that I buy this phone Sony z3 for manage Spotify without taking my phone in my hand when driving

        1. Hi Stefan
          Thanks for your reply and we have checked this further with our technical team.
          We are sorry to have to confirm that Sony phones and Mirrorlink are not compatible on Touch 2 due to the features on the phone. Mirrorlink will only work with certain Samsung, iPhone and Nokia phones.
          We are sorry that our reply cannot be more positive.

          1. I’m so so sad that Sony Z3 is not compatible (I’ve buy that phone just for mirrorlink). Is there a way to let the me choose to enable the use of mirrorlink on the car also if it’s “distracting”? Sorry, I don’t get the point of distraction when I can choose to use the phone itself :S

          2. Hi Sandro
            Thanks for your post and sorry to hear about your phone compatibility issue.
            This issue is to prevent certain features being accessed if we believe it will be distracting to the driver. We can understand your disappointment but the reason is down to one of safety. Sorry that we cannot provide a more positive response to your query.

  75. I am struggling to upload estore onto my touch 2 go system on a 64 reg Hilux. I have downloaded to my computer then extracted to a blank 32 gig Fat 32 usb (so it just shows the folder on the usb). I have plugged into the usb in the Hilux and nothing happens even after 30mins. I have then removed the folder from the USB so it is just the 2 files on their own but still nothing happens. Just to test the usb I have uploaded an mp3 and when I plug this in it plays immediatley.
    I only took receipt of the Hilux last week 6th Oct so the software should be okay. On another note when I click to send my settings to my toyota portal it wipes all my settings and removes my phones linked and then on the portal it just says I have yet to send my settings still?

    Please help

    1. Hello Mike
      Thanks for your post.
      This information is with our technical team and they will let us know once they have had the opportunity to investigate. We will keep you posted.

    2. Hi Mike
      Sorry again for delay but have been discussing with out tech team.
      Taking your first point, uploading estore, is it a specific app that you are trying to download? Can you let us know which one? With regard to the settings, our tech team will need to double check whether there are any that are applicable to save on your My Toyota account. Not all vehicles have the customise features which can be amended. We will keep you posted but let us know more about what you are trying to do with estore.

      1. I am trying to download the estore app so I can download over the internet direct. I also had a software update to do to the latest but I notice that it is no longer available on the portal store. I have tried loads of different ways but it just won’t recognise there is an update on usb there.

        1. Hi Mike
          We are checking this with technical but we suspect that estore is already loaded into cars with Touch 2 in the UK market and you should therefore be able to scroll through the available Apps. We are working to replicate this though. With regard to the latest map update, you can check which version you have in your car but the very latest is 4.3.0 (or 4.3.1 they are the same) 2014 V2.

          1. Estore is not preloaded on mine. It comes with weather, water cup, panaranama. My portal say I should be able to download estore to get Twitter and other etc. I will download an update to 4.3 and see if that works.

          2. It doesn’t seem to be downloaded. I have the weather, parking, glass of water which were preloaded. I have no mention of estore or ones that I could possibly download.

          3. Hi Mike
            Are you able to scroll through 3 or 4 pages here? Our tech team have also asked which version satnav you have so we can try and pin this down a bit further for you.

          4. I have 3 pages to scroll through. The software version is 4.2.2L and the map 2014v1.

    3. Was this ever resolved?

      I have exactly the same problem on my Auris Hybrid. I have had it for nearly a year and would like to renew the subscription for some of the apps. Unfortunately it appears that this has to be done through eStore in the car. EStore did not appear to be working so I removed it thinking that I could reinstall. I downloaded and extracted the two files within it to a USB stick. When I plugged this into the car nothing happened. The red light on the stick illuminated (so power was getting through) but no installation process started. I tested the usb in the same way as Mike Cowburn with the same result. I have also tried the process with two other USB sticks – but the installation will not start.

      Please advise.

      1. Hi Edward, sorry to hear you’re having problems with your Auris. We’ve spoken to our tech team who have advised that the files may not be on the stick correctly. They need to be the only files on the stick and, prior to loading, the stick needs to be formatted to FAT32. If, in the ZIP file, they are in a folder then they need to be in the folder – the contents of the ZIP folder should mirror exactly what is on the stick. If this doesn’t work, also try re-downloading the file because the file may be corrupt. Hope this helps.

        1. Hi,
          Thank you for your suggestions. I confirm that the sticks I have used have all been formatted to FAT32. I have also tried the zipped files in their containing folder and out of it. I have now downloaded the file four times now. They all show eStore.jar with a compressed size of 2,880 KB and uncompressed as 3,052 KB. The filehash.txt file is 1 KB.
          I suspect there is something faulty with the system and have now arranged to call in to the dealers from whom I bought the car for them to have a look.

          1. Hi Edward. Thanks for getting back to us. Let us know how you get on at your local dealer, and if there’s anything else we can do for you. Thank you again.

  76. Hi
    Does Mirrorlink work on the Toyota “Touch 2”?
    Or only on the “Touch 2 GO” and “Touch 2 GO PRO”?
    talking about the new 2014 RAV4

    1. Hi Frank, MirrorLink is a standard feature on all Toyota Touch 2 systems. Allowing selected mobile device applications to be shown, controlled and operated via the Toyota Touch 2 displays. Satellite Navigation phone apps can be mirrored onto the display, as well as music apps. To make sure your phone is compatible with MirrorLink visit: Hope this helps!

      1. Hi Kerry,

        Sorry my english, I’m from Spain.

        I have the new hybrid yaris since last month.

        I see you mention which phones are compatible with MirrorLink . My sony Xperia is one of them, however, I can’t get it to work . The Samsung S3 of a friend connects, but not the Xperia .

        I email to Toyota Spain, but they tell me it only works with the s3 and some old nokia phone .

        Can you help me to make it work? What can I do? Is there any update to the touch 2? How can I do this?

        Thank you very much in advance

        Miguel G. Sanguino

          1. Hello David,

            Thanks for your answer. I’ve tried with my Sony Xperia Z and a friend’s Sony Xperia SP, both are in the link mentioned by Kerry, but I can not get the MirrorLink working with the touch 2.

            So, what can i do?

            Thank you very much!

            Miguel G. Sanguino

          2. Hi Miguel
            Thanks for your reply and we have checked this further with our technical team.
            We are sorry to have to confirm that Sony phones and Mirrorlink are not compatible on Touch 2 due to the features on the phone. Mirrorlink will only work with certain Samsung, iPhone and Nokia phones.
            We are sorry that our reply cannot be more positive.

          3. Hi David,

            I tried to connect an iPhone but I can’t.

            How can I do that? Do I require any app installed?

            Thanks in advance,

            Miguel G. Sanguino

          4. Hello Miguel
            An App is required called “Appincar”. Available from the App store. It works as a gateway app and allows basic functions.
            Hope this helps

          5. Hello again,

            Thanks for the reply. I tried the Appincar, I follow the instructions, but it doesn’t works.

            Can you send me a video or something that can help to make it works?


    1. Hi James, that’s great to hear. We’d love to see a picture of your new Yaris Hybrid! Do you follow us on Twitter (@ToyotaGB) or Facebook (Toyota UK)? Post a picture on our Twitter or Facebook page :).

  77. I bought my Rav4 in January and run touch 2 with go.

    I have to say for a basic use the satnav system is ok. That unfortunately is where it ends for the system is wrong so many times with the location of POI’s and it appears to find every single track (some public and some private) making a journey into a farce trying to get down roads that sometimes don’t even have a tarmac surface and are so narrow it is ridiculous.
    I have a caravan and the satnav is almost dangerous with the roads it takes one down.

    Please let me have my 2006 version back which was without fault for the seven years I used it.

    I’m afraid you do not have the usual Toyota quality product you are famous for.

    1. Hi Geoff, thanks for the message and sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your navigation system. It all depends on the route type selected: select Short – in a straight line, the shortest distance between two points (as much as possible) this often includes narrow roads. Choose fast – it looks at road speeds / traffic data, normally national speed limit as much as possible. Choose Eco – chooses a route with the least stop start, least hills, least braking and as direct as possible – this normally will take you motorways and A-roads. Thanks again for getting in touch, we’ll pass your comments onto our technical department. Hope this helps!

      1. Thanks for your reply Kerry.

        I have tried all the options and often there is not a choice between the Fast, Short and Eco but no matter what I select the system always finds roads that are not good for travel (private and bridleways).
        It looks as though I will have to live with the faults and buy a stand alone system that does give me the option of missing very minor roads and is able to have a greater accuracy on POI’s

        1. Hello Geoff
          Thank you for your reply.
          We are very sorry to hear of the difficulties you are experiencing and it would be very useful for us to see a screen grab image or route list showing from point A to point B. We can then run this past our technical team to investigate this further and try to get to the bottom of this for you. I will send you a direct email to help enable you to do this.
          Sorry again about all the problems you have had and we will try and help to provide some further answers.

  78. hi like a previous post I have a New Yaris with touch2 and go , when on DAB the text does not display the full song info just the first characters, I have checked the settings and all are correct are you working on a fix?
    thanks chris

    1. Hi Chris
      Thanks for your post.
      We have picked up on this and brought this to the attention of our technical team. We will reply as soon as we receive some further information from them.

        1. Hi Chris
          Thanks for your post and sorry for the delay in getting back in touch.
          Our technical team have been looking at this but at this stage they are having to check whether it is the car or whether it is due to an intermittent DAB signal to the car. Can we ask which radio station you listen to? We are assuming you will see scrolling some days and not on others. We are doing what we can and our tech team are in consultation with our European HQ about this.

          1. Hi Dave , the scrolling does not work on any DAB station either bbc or independent, however FM scrolling works, also on two occasions the scrolling on DAB has kicked in but on changing channel has stopped again, on the last occasion the media system seemed to freeze and black screen and when it resumed scrolling worked! I can only assume this is a firmware issue not a resection problem. Thanks for your time

          2. Thank you for the reply Chris.
            I will pass this back to our technical team. They will undertake some further testing.

  79. Hi.
    I have purchased a new yaris my15 model and want to utilise the mirrorlink option. Which smart phones are compatable with the touch2 system? As I have tried htc one m8 and can’t get that to work.

  80. Hi

    I am looking at buying a new toyota prius plug-in. Do you know if it will be fitted with Touch 2 with Go Plus, or will it be the original Touch and Go plus system?


    1. Hello Chris
      Thanks for your post and for your interest in the Prius Plug-in hybrid.
      We can confirm this car will come with the Touch & Go Plus Navigation system fitted as standard.
      Hope this helps but let us know if you have any other questions.

  81. I have just bought a Toyota Yaris Sport (Sep 2014).

    Although I can pair my mobile – Samsung SIII okay and the contact list displays, I cannot get the texts to display.

    I understood this function was supported.

    Any idea where I am going wrong?

    1. Hello Sue
      Thanks for your post and sorry for the delay in replying on this.
      We have had a quick word with our tech team who have confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy SIII should support this function. They have recommended that you try deleting the pairing from the phone and the car and then repair this. It may also be worth checking the phone settings.
      Let us know how you get on and if you need any further help.

  82. Hi

    I have just bought a Yaris Hybrid with Touch 2 and Go.

    It’s great to have a D.A.B. radio but it doesn’t seem to display the full title of the song that is playing. Often it is just the first 2 letters of the song. Have I missed a setting?

    1. Hi Steve
      Thanks for your post and hope you are enjoying your new Yaris.
      We have run this query past our tech team who have advised that on the Yaris it is possible to switch the Radiotext function on and off in the DAB settings screen. Check this further and let us know how you get on.
      Hope this helps.

      1. Hi

        I do have all the settings ticked including radio text. However, I do not get the FULL text.

        On FM for Heart Radio I have the following radio text: “Heart Radio – More Music Variety”
        On DAB I have “Heart Radio – M”

        When a song is playing I have the following scrolling text on FM “Now on Heart: Bruno Mars with When I Was Your Man …”

        On DAB I have “Now on Heart: B”

        Why is the text limited on DAB? Why doesn’t it scroll like it does on FM?


        1. Hi Dave and Steve I have the same issue as this and have checked all the settings to rectify ie making sure text scrolling is ticked. is there a fix for this ? apart from this loving the Yaris.

          1. Hi Chris

            Dave must still me checking this out for me 🙂 … I have seen scrolling text (only once) on the day that I paired my mobile with the Touch & Go 2 for internet usage so that I could get the apps to work e.g. petrol prices. It was great !!! I could switch from DAB station to DAB station seeing which song was playing 🙂 However, this did not last as the next time I started the car all was lost and it hasn’t worked since. I wish I’d taken a photo to prove that it works. I haven’t tried unpairing my phone and trying this again. Maybe I should? However, what has internet connection got to do with the DAB signal?


  83. I am the owner of a 2013 Corolla with Touch multimedia system
    sometimes system would freeze up for no apparent reason , after a while it restarts itself and works properly .

    i contacted the local dealer who sent me home without answers.

    Are you aware of that problem?
    I am really disappointed .

    Hope to your urgent help/

    1. Hi Zvi. Sorry to hear about the problems you are having with your Toyota Corolla multimedia system. We are not aware of any problems with the multimedia system on our equivalent for the UK market (Toyota Auris). We do know that the specs can be very different so we strongly suggest that you get in touch with the Toyota distributor in your country about the issues you are having with the car as we do not want to give you inaccurate information. Thanks

  84. Hi,

    my phone is included in this list but still I am not able to connect it via MirrorLink.
    Furthermore the feedback I got allready is that Toyota Touch2 supports MirrorLink connection only for some old Nokia Symbian devices and Samsung Galaxy S3 running DriveLink App.
    Can you please elaborate how to connect my smartphone (SONY XPERIA Z) with Touch-2 via MirrorLink?

    Thanks in advance for your assist

    1. Hi George
      Thanks for your post and we have checked this with our technical team.
      Not good news unfortunately as Sony phones are not compatible with MirrorLink on Touch-2.
      Hope this helps clarify though.

  85. Hello,

    From post below it seems that Mirrorlink compatibility with Sony Xperia is fixedDo I have to upgrade the firmware on my multimedia device? I own a 2014 Toyota Corolla with Touch 2(without satnav)

    Kind regards

    1. Hi George
      Thanks for your post.
      It may be worthwhile double checking with the Sony website regarding Mirrorlink compatibility and whether this software is on your specific model. There is no firmware update on the multimedia device that would enable this.
      Hope this helps clarify.

  86. just bought a MY14 Yaris Hybrid, my Nokia mobile phone model 6310i pairs with the touch & go
    but fails to connect.
    Although old it worked very well when paired in my mini countryman.
    Can this be sorted out

    1. Hello Ralph
      Thanks for your post.
      We checked this with our technical team however they will need some further information from you to help advise you further. You mention that you are able to pair your phone but do not clarify regarding where it fails to connect? Do you mean phone, bluetooth music, internet, email or text messages?
      Let us know and we will see how we can help advise you further.

      1. The telephone is recognised by the touch with go via Bluetooth and is listed on the display screen. It shows as a paired connection but fails to connect as a telephone ..

        1. Hi Ralph
          Thanks for your reply on this and we have run this past the technical team.
          They have advised that the phone you are using is not on the compatibility list which may mean it does not support the same Bluetooth profiles, or that it needs manual connection. In the settings menu where you can see the paired devices you can press “connect for telephone” to force the connection, if it still does not go through then can you test another phone that works on other systems? If that works then it is your phone Bluetooth profile that is causing it, if it does not then we recommend taking your car to your nearest Toyota dealer.
          Hope this helps and let us know how you get on.

          1. Nokia 6310i, Regardless of any connection attempt I was unable to establish a telephone connection.
            I took your advice and asked the main dealer who I purchased the Yaris from to see if they could connect, No change there, I suggested and not the dealer to try the phone on a year old car with Touch connectivity, my 6310i worked perfectly as a phone.. The dealer showed no more interest and said the Touch 2 with Go is the latest revision and my phone is not compatible with it.
            I disagree with this decision as all new revisions are normally backward compatible and should support telephones which worked on previous Touch systems.
            Your comments please

          2. Ref Nokia 6310i
            I note you have not yet responded to my reply to you on the 26th September

          3. Hello Ralph
            We apologise for the delay in contacting you and have run this via our technical team.
            They suspect this is a phone compatibility issue because the 6310i has not been tested on the Touch 2 system. It is not listed under the compatible phones.
            While it may have worked on Touch & Go it the software may have changed which explains why it does not connect. If it is possible, they have recommended to try and pair another compatible phone to the car just to make sure that there is no fault with the unit itself.
            Hope this helps and let us know how you get on.

  87. A few days ago I bought an second hand Toyota Camry Hybrid 2011 imported from USA

    Is there a way to connect the mulimedia system to mirror link ?

    Many thnaks

    1. Hi Zeev, unfortunately we don’t have access to specification manuals or wire diagrams for american spec vehicles. We’re unable to guide you further with connecting mirror link to your 2011 Camry multimedia system. Sorry we couldn’t provide a more positive answer!

  88. Any update on the Sony Xperia compatibility with Toyota Touch 2?
    I don’t understand how Toyota sells a product in 2014 MirrorLink STANDARD compatible and supports only a shortlist smartphone with an age of 4 years ago.

    Please give customers a solution, or at least not selling a supposedly compatible product with MirrorLink.


    PD:Sorry for my English, I’m Spanish.

      1. Hi Kerry:

        A few months ago you answered this to another user:

        Kerry Sainsbury says:
        May 30, 2014 at 11:54
        Hi Serge,
        Thank you for taking the time to contact us.
        Toyota Touch 2 uses a system which is compatible with Samsung and Nokia for mirror link. Unfortunately this system is different to the Sony system making the Xperia incompatible. Toyota Europe are looking in to this so we’ll keep you updated, but for the moment there isn’t a fix.
        Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

        But now you tell me that Toyota Touch2 is compatible with the Sony Xperia smartphone. Today I tried a Sony Xperia Sony Xperia Z1 and Z2 (with latest updates) and I could not run MirrorLink.

        Could you tell me the steps to get it working? Would I have to upgrade Toyota Touch2?

        Thanks for all and best regards.

    1. Hi Daniel,

      Did you have an xperia working with the touch 2 using mirror link?

      Could you tell how to upgrade? Which app are you using?


  89. Hi,

    I’ve just bought a new Yaris Hybrid with Touch 2 with Go. I’ve found a small but annoying issue with it, so whilst I’m waiting for the dealer to contact Head Office about it, I thought I’d ask here!

    I don’t want the system to announce incoming text messages while I’m driving as it would be a distraction (I get a lot of them from Twitter!). I’ve gone into Settings – Phone and unticked the option to ‘announce incoming messages’. However when I leave my car and then reconnect my phone to it later (e.g. after work), the option is TICKED again! So then I have to untick it again – and this cycle just repeats, as the option won’t stay unticked.

    Why does this particular setting not remember my preferred choice? None of the other options reset themselves.

    I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S5.

    Hope you can help!


    1. Hi Steven,

      Sorry to hear you’re having problems with this. We’ve checked with the technical team and this isn’t something we’ve encountered before on a Yaris Hybrid. The best course of action would be to book your car in at your Toyota dealer where a technician will be able to examine it and try to fix the issue.

      Hope that helps,


  90. Hi and thankyou again David.
    Here is really my problem I like all the advanced things on my(Toyota) car( that Toyota makes and sells think I am on my number 15 or 16th Toyota at the mo. with touch and go…….

    I feel the UK gets a very very poor choice when selecting grade options on a new car.

    I just visited the main Toyota Europe site and was very surprised at what can be had in the euro market.

    I would buy right now a New Auris hsd excel model if…. only I could have the chance to select all the options that are just a click away on the Europe site.

    yes I want the far better headlights the better satnav and all those sexy options they can have just over the channel..
    built for Europe right here in the UK.

    should I better buy a lefthand drive model to enjoy the very best of British production.(and Toyota)
    could not marketing see that more choice equals more delight.
    the Uk market is always treated as if we have no taste for such wild delights.

    I do understand costs ,target markets and such but number one maker in the world
    would do far better in the uk with the above options to select.

    my only thinking now is do I order a left hand drive model?

  91. I upgraded from Touch 2 to Touch 2 and Go Plus and to my horror have discovered that the text to speech, email and calendar integration features are not compatible with the iPhone 5S. This is not made clear on the website. Neither is the fact that Apple do not support Mirrorlink. Your website needs to make this information clear. (Also I note the website link to the list of compatible mobile phones is broken.)

    1. Hi Derek
      Thanks for your post.
      Have run this past our tech team. We suspect you mean upgrading from Touch 2 to Touch 2 & Go? (Touch 2 with Go Plus is launched in October). We are sorry that these features are not available. We try to ensure that our website is as clear as possible about what features are available with each phone. We have checked the link and all seems to be working however we were unsure as to which software version you have (we notice you have sent information in the past which was the map ID rather than software version). We would gladly check this again for you. With regard to Mirrorlink we do know that Apple are working on an App to support this and it will be worthwhile keeping an eye on the App store.
      Let us know if you have any other questions.

      1. Thanks David

        I had Touch 2 and the dealer has sold me an upgrade listed as Touch 2 with Go Plus… so I’m not sure what’s going on. I’m in Dublin but I can’t imagine that Plus would be available for the RAV4 in Ireland several months before the UK.

        Whatever system I have, I note that since “upgrading”, the speed of loading bluetooth and the handsfree sound quality have both diminished significantly.

        I have software version 4.2.2L. I see there is a higher version 4.3.0L available for Touch 2 with Go. Is this something I can upgrade myself? Is it likely to address the above bluetooth shortcomings?

        In the meantime I found your compatibility chart which notes the lack of email/SMS/calendar for iPhone. The link I was looking at is still busted though. If you go to
        1. Click on FAQs
        2. Mobile phone information
        3. Click any of the three links e.g. in “Which mobile phones are compatible” or “is my mobile phone compatible” and they are broken

  92. Thankyou to David for the reply, what I was trying to point out was IF we had Go Plus unit as the base line for UK Toyota owners “It Would (always) Be a Better Way” to go as this has your 3 year free map update promise.
    I think many owners would really welcome a high quality Toyota satnav system with this 3 year free Map update promise .

    Also many of us in the UK also tend to be using the more modern smart phones that welcome the more advanced Wi Fi connections that (touch2)and go Plus offer.

    The GO satnav units internet functions (and Text !) tends to work fully with my old nokia 6310 I saved from the dustbin.
    the go system is old hat.

    Please we in the UK would love a better map update pricing plan and to see th eGo Plus unit fitted
    to higher grade models so our sexy flash phones show off how high tech our cars are and can be.


    1. Hi A Toyota Buyer
      Thank you for your reply and for this further information.
      We do take on board your comments regarding Touch & Go Plus and agree with the customer satisfaction that could be generated by the option of the three year free upgrade package supplied as a base system. With our specification and pricing, we try to ensure that we provide a broad base for owners to choose a product at a price that suits their needs and we were unfortunately unable to offer this specification at the same cost as the base unit. This is however an area that does need constant monitoring if we are to ensure we remain competitive in the market so the time you have take to provide us with your feedback is valued by us. We have passed your comments regarding the availability of a high quality satnav system to our product team for consideration for future product reviews. You will have seen that we have introduced Toyota Touch 2 which will now replace Toyota Touch in all our models as this is an improved system. When sat nav systems were introduced a few years ago, this was often an expensive option costing over £1,000, the cost has of course come down reflecting greater supply and consumer demand. We do therefore acknowledge your comments regarding the cost of the map upgrades and will take this into account in the future.
      Hope this helps explain a bit more but do let us know if you have any other questions.

  93. We have a Prius 2013 T Spirit and until recently everything has been fine, however in the last two or three days the touch screen seems to be randomly jumping to different radio stations and then becomes unresponsive. the only way we can use the unit is to use the controls on the steering wheel which are very limited.

    Is this a software glitch that the guys at our dealership could fix or could it be a fault with the touch screen itself? The cars only a year old so I’d be most unimpressed if it was, if it is a fault with the touchscreen is it covered by the warranty and if not what do these units cost to replace?

    1. Hi Carl
      Thanks for your post.
      Very sorry to hear about the problem with your Touch Screen and your local Toyota dealer will be able to help advise on the best course of action here. Just to reassure you the warranty covers your Prius for a period of 5 years or 100,000 miles (whichever comes sooner) from the date of registration against any manufacturing defect. (Hybrid components are extra on top of this). So if there is a problem your dealer will be able to sort this out for you under the warranty terms.
      Hope this helps clarify but do let us know if you have any other questions.

  94. I have an April 2013 hybrid Auris with touch and go running the 2.1.0L firmware and 16 Aug 2012 maps. The system is not as accurate or clear as my old Garmin 1410 but it works well enough except for the bluetooth which simply will not connect to my Android 4.4 ( KitKat) phone.

    It will pair with the phone no problem. It lists my phone in the paired list but it WILL NOT connect for phone or media. My phone works fine on Nissan and Skoda systems, it will also connect fine to both my Plantronics headset and my Garmin Sat Nav which leads me to believe it’s the firmware of the Touch and Go which is at fault.

    After a lot of web browsing I believe that the latest firmware is 2.9.0L if this is true how do I get this update? I have tried Touch and Go toolbox but that says there is no firmware update available.

    1. Hi Quark
      Thanks for your post.
      We have run this past our tech team who have recommended that you contact your local Toyota dealer who will be able to help in respect of the software upgrade for you. (You can also do this if you have registered on the and websites).
      Hope this helps but let us know if you have any other questions.

  95. pity go plus is so rare to find in a Toyota as standard. the go unit is primitive in its sole use of redundant Bluetooth connections for internet use between modern mobile phones.

    and five years of warranty cover but 100 pounds plus for map updates that are made twice a year.
    lets see 5 (years use) times two updates equals 10 so 10 updates at £110 each whats that then??
    £1100 quid for sat nav. dam tom tom is a great deal

    1. Thanks for your post.
      We provide Satnav as an option for those customers who would prefer the system to be built into the car. We are committed to providing two map updates a year but when, and how often an owner decides to update their system is at their discretion.

  96. Hello,
    could confirm if the module TOYOTA 86100-YY050 EXTENSION BOX if it supports by Touch 2 Media System?
    Best Regards

    1. Hello Chema
      Thanks for your post and sorry for the delay in replying.
      The checked out the part number your provided (86100-YY050) however they could not link this to a valid number. The reasons are that this could be a supplier part number as most extension boxes start with a PZ. We would need a vehicle chassis number to confirm completely.
      Hope this helps.

  97. Hi!
    I have venza 2013. It has touch and go plus. Will it be avalable to update to touch 2 with go in a future?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Pavel,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately we can only accurately comment on products in the UK market. Touch and Go (Plus) is a completely different system to Touch 2 therefore you would not be able to update here in the UK. To clarify this for the US market you should speak to Toyota in your area. I hope this helps.

  98. Hi, I have just purchased an Avensis BE and I can only get 24 characters on the screen for vehicle ID, can you help. Also there are no indicator lines on the reversing camera screen.

    1. Hi Mark
      Sorry for the delay in replying on this. We have had a quick word with our technical dept and they have requested that you will need to book your car into your local Toyota dealer. Can you let us know which is the nearest Toyota dealer to you?

    2. Hi David,
      Thanks for your reply. I have the 26 characters now, but still no lines on reversing camera. I am also unable to connect to Toyota from the car. I have been to Lindops Queensferry (my dealer) to validate car on ‘My Toyota’ and have accessed the Portal, still no access.

    3. Hi Mark. Thanks for your question and apologies for the delay on getting an answer to you. Your 2013 Auris should have a Touch and Go unit that has full postcode ability. Try pressing the ‘space’ button after the first group of characters and this should allow you to complete the postcode. Please let us know if this works. Thanks

  99. Hi, I have a 2014 GT86 with Touch & Go fitted and very disappointed the radio is still only FM/AM in this day an age.
    Can somebody please confirm if there is an available DAB upgrade for the T&G, without resorting to what’s out there on the internet.

    1. Hi Bill
      Thanks for your post.
      We appreciate your feedback about the audio system in the GT86 and the lack of DAB. It is fair to say that we are increasing this option across the range of vehicles we sell but do accept it is not currently on all. We do not have a DAB upgrade for Touch & Go on the GT86 unfortunately. As we progress with the new Touch 2 system it will be possible to upgrade to DAB and we are increasing the introduction of this system on our vehicles throughout the year. Apologies that we cannot provide a more positive response at this time.

      1. Hi David,
        Many thanks for your honest reply regarding any future DAB upgrade on the GT86 T&G audio system. However wouldn’t it be good customer relations for all owners like myself who would consider a reasonable cost upgrade, for Toyota to contacts us via our dealer ships to register an interest etc thus Toyota having a ready made potential sales projection for all T&G upgrade.
        Even consider an update article on your news letters etc.

        1. Hi Bill
          Thanks for reply and appreciate your feedback.
          A good point and your comments have been passed to the team who develop our vehicle accessories. You are right that an idea of numbers and potential sales is key to developing new accessories but we will keep you posted if this does change or I receive further feedback from the team.

        2. Bill
          We own you an apology however I am the bearer of good news. We do have DAB accessory which fits GT86! (We are looking at reviewing our marketing so this appears on our website). It is a similar accessory that we provide on other Toyota models and it connects to the Toyota Touch system in the car and allows you to operate the DAB using the steering wheel controls. If you pop along to your local dealer they can provide more information and the part number you need is PZ473-T0210-A0. Fitment time takes about an hour.
          Hope this helps and sorry again for error on this.

  100. I have a 2014 Rav4 with Touch2&go.
    I’ve seen some pictures from user manuals where in the CAR menú you can see the tires presure but I can’t see it on my car. How can I see this option?
    Can I upgrade from touch2&go to plus when available?
    How can I install e-store app? It’s not on muy account options

    1. Hi Alybe
      Thanks for your post and query regarding your RAV4.
      Some vehicle manuals will show features that are not applicable to the UK market. For our market specification we have a tyre pressure monitoring system – it monitors a change in pressure rather than actively measuring the pressure. Apologies for any confusion caused but hope this has helped clarify.

  101. Hello,

    I have a Toyota Auris TS hybrid from March 2014, will the new Toyota touch 2 system be updated on the first Toyota`s revision models?

    1. Hi Elias,

      Thanks for for getting in touch with us. If you own a model year 2014 Auris Hybrid then it will have Toyota Touch 2 as standard. Hope this helps. If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Thanks

      1. Hi Matt,

        Well this model was built at the end of Jan 2014 and i got it on March 2014, but it has toyota touch 1, so it might be an early 2014 model but without the new touch 2 system.

        Will it be possible to upgrade it with no cost, or will I have to pay for the upgrade?
        By the way, I am from Spain, just in case this is different between EU regions.

        Many thanks,

        1. Hi Elias,

          Every country will have different options and pricing plans for accessories. The best thing to do is to speak with your local dealer in Spain. We do not want to give you information that is incorrect!

  102. Hi.

    I´m from Spain and I have a RAV4 120D with Touch 2 System without GO. I have a problem wiyh my Iphone and I can´t find anybody with the problem. I ´ll try to explain, my English is very bad.

    When I connect my Iphone with ligthning cable to play music, sometimes, the screen shows this message “A communication problem has ocurred” with a button “Accept” but the music still playing. If I touch the accept button music stops.

    Trying to know what was the problem I realize that when the Iphone lose network coberture the messasge display. If you want to simulate you can active the fly mode in the Iphone while the music is playing.

    Has anybody this problem????.

    Here in Spain my Toyota partner can´t help me and they have no idea of what is happening.


      1. I have the same problem. My dealer in Dublin says that it is a problem with iPhones 4 and 5 and that Toyota will be issuing a software patch to deal with it. However that is slow to appear – I’ve been talking to them about this since I got the car in January!

  103. Hello i have toyota avensis 2014 with toyota touch 2 no navigation. I conect s3 with drive link and i dont have mirror on radio i have usb conection. How to conect phone with radio?

    1. Hi Mark
      Thanks for your post.
      We currently do not offer Touch 2 on the Toyota Avensis in the UK market and we would recommend that you contact the Toyota distributor in your country. They will be able to help advise you further.

      1. Your website and brochures in the UK all show the Toyota Avensis Icon as having the Touch 2 & Go installed as standard. I cannot find anywhere where this says it is not an option in the UK.

        1. Hi Stuart
          Thanks for your post and for pointing this out. There was an error in our previous response as Touch 2 is available in the UK on Avensis and is standard on vehicle grades from Icon and above. We apologise for any confusion caused and hopes this helps clarify.

  104. I have a 2013 yaris tr with touch&go, and on Friday I am trading it in for a icon plus 2014. Will the touch&go from the tr be compatible with the icon plus if I wanted to swap them over. Thanks, STUART

    1. Hi Stuart
      Thanks for your post.
      Just to let you know that Touch & Go and Touch 2 are different systems and cannot be transferred from one to the other. Hope this helps clarify but do let us know if you have any other questions.

  105. Hi, I have a Rav4 2014 Icon model with Touch 2 (no Nav).

    I am trying to utilise the Mirror link function with a Samsung Galaxy S3 (identified in an earlier post as a compatible phone).
    On the phone I have downloaded the Samsung DriveLink App, and whilst audio from this is ported to the vehicle, nothing from the phone appears on the display, and there are no menu options on the Touch 2 to start the mirror link function. Can you please advise how to resolve this?

    Many thanks


    1. Hello Adam
      Thanks for your post and sorry to read about your problem using mirror link.
      We have run this past our technical team and not too sure why this should not be working. They have asked whether you are using a USB cable to connect your phone to the Touch 2 system? It sounds like you have completed all the correct instructions, downloading the mirror link software and Touch 2 is able to work with this. They have mentioned that it is the phone software which drives the system but let us know more details and we will see what we can do.
      Hope this helps.

      1. Dear David

        Many thanks for your reply. I had wrongly assumed that mirror link used a Bluetooth connection. Having tried the usb method as suggested, I can confirm that all is working well. It’s quite impressive!

        Thanks again


  106. Hi I am thinking about purchasing a Rav 4 with Toyota Touch installed. Is it possible to have the Satnav (as in the go bit of Touch and Go) retro fitted to this model in the future?


    1. Hi Adam,
      Thanks for your message.
      You’ll be pleased to know you can have the ‘Go’ element to Toyota Touch installed at a later date. We recommend contacting your local Toyota dealer, who’ll be happy to advise options and prices. To find your local Toyota dealer please visit:
      Many thanks.

  107. Hi
    I buy new auris hybrid and it’s got old touch and go system , and the dealer never till about new one and that’s in 10 may 2014 so I like to complain and how to get undated my system

    Please wait your help her

    1. Hi Hamdi,

      Sorry to hear you’re not happy. Unfortunately it is not possible to update the Touch and Go system to Touch 2. We understand this may be frustrating but we do update our cars periodically and your agreement to buy should have been based on the specification Auris Hybrid you have.

      If you wish to speak to our Customer Relations team then you can call them on 01737 367600.

      Kind regards,

  108. Hi, I have just got my new Prius 2014 T Spirit with the Toyota Touch & Go Plus, I have paired my Nokia mobile ok , the contacts in the Nokia have been transferred in the Touch & Go Plus but some of the contacts seems to be double entries ( same number showing twice in the T & G + contact) I am unable to delete any of the contacts, How do u delete them?

    When I touch the icon next to the contact number there is no option to delete.


    1. Hi Franco,

      Thanks for getting in touch.
      We suspect the Touch & Go system could be reading both the phone and the SIM card memory. We suggest setting your phone to use just one of the memories (either phone or SIM). Then update the phone book or delete the phone pairing from the Touch & Go and then re-pair the device.
      Hope this helps!

  109. Hello,
    I am the owner of a 2014 Corolla with Touch-2 (multimedia without sat navigation) and even though I own a mirrorlink supported phone(Sony xperia Z) I cannot mirror my phone’s screen to. Touch-2 display.Phone’s mirrorlink services and applications are starting automatically upon connecting the phone via USB but still no mirrorlink option to Touch-2.
    Is mirrorlink supported by all Touch-2 multimedia versions or only by Touch-2 with Go/Go plus?

    Thank you in advance for your feedback

    Best regards

    1. Hi George,
      Thanks for your post.
      Having passed this by our technical team, we can confirm that unfortunately Touch 2 is not compatible with Sony MirrorLink phones.
      Hope this helps.

      1. Hello Toby,

        first of all I would like to thank you for the prompt reply and your excellent support.
        In order to take advantage of the Mirrorlink feature, can you please provide a compatible list with Mirrorlink capable phones that are currently supported by Touch-2? I am realy interested for mirrorlink feature and willing to purchase a smartphone able to connect with Toyota Touch-2.
        In any case, it is quite strange the fact that even though Sony is a charter member of Car Connectivity Consortium ( as Toyota and Panasonic (manufacturer of Touch-2), and even though my phone is supporting Mirrorlink protocol ( I cannot take advantage of this innovative feature.

        Again thanks for the support!

        Best regards

        1. Hi George,
          Having passed your query by our technical team, we can confirm the following phones are compatible with MirrorLink:
          – Samsung Galaxy S3
          – Samsung Galaxy Note 2
          – Nokia 700
          – Nokia 701
          – Nokia 603
          – Nokia 808

          The following phones are compatible after being updated to Nokia Belle OS (Symbian OS 10.1 or later)
          – Nokia N8
          – Nokia E7
          – Nokia C7
          – Nokia X7
          – Nokia C6-01
          Hope this helps.

          1. Dear Tobi,

            I am the owner of Land Cruiser Prado with Toyota Touch 2, and Sony Xperia Z phone.
            It is very disappointing that Toyota firmware apparently has a flaw, which does not allow it to be paired with Xperia phone, which supports Mirrorlink technology.
            Would you please advice, if you plan to issue any fix for the firmware soon, which will enable the announced Mirrorlink functionality?

            Thank you.

          2. Hi Serge,
            Thank you for taking the time to contact us.
            Toyota Touch 2 uses a system which is compatible with Samsung and Nokia for mirror link. Unfortunately this system is different to the Sony system making the Xperia incompatible. Toyota Europe are looking in to this so we’ll keep you updated, but for the moment there isn’t a fix.
            Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

      2. Hello Tobi,

        thanks for the prompt response and the excellent support.
        I am very interested on Mirrorlink feature so my question is whether you may provide a list of Mirrorlink supported phones compatible with Toyota Touch-2.

        Thanks in advance

        Best regards

  110. The problem thati have in the Rav4 is that the screen is very difficult to read when the sun shines in through the passenger window. I have also had occasional problems with the sun reflecting onto the screen and into my eyes. Is this a problem that other people have seen and is there an anti-reflection coating / film which can be applied?


    1. Hi Steve,
      Thanks for your post and for pointing this out to us.
      Unfortunately we do not currently sell such an anti-glare accessory, although we will be sure to pass your comments on to the relevant product team for future consideration.
      Sorry we couldn’t be of further assistance.

  111. I recently changed my 2006 Rav 4 for a new 2014 Rav 4 and I must say the new Toyota touch 2 with go sat nav is possibly one of the most confusing and inaccurate guidance systems I have ever come across. There is often not a good choice of routes and it does try to take one down some very silly roads, especially if you have a caravan with you. Please please give my back my old system which was reliable and really never took me along silly road. Not impressed ! And when will Touch 2 with go plus be available?

    1. Hi Geoff,
      Thanks for your post and sorry to hear you are having trouble with your Touch 2 with Go.
      Have you tried changing the navigational settings? Such as: shortest route, quickest route etc. this may help resolve your issue.
      We have no news as to when Touch 2 with Plus is expected, we’ll be sure to announce this through our blog as soon as we can.
      Hope this helps and do let us know if your problem persists.

      1. Tobi
        Thanks for your reply.
        Confusion I can get over with practice but I really do have an issue with accuracy.
        I will have to keep trying ;(

  112. Hi
    I have a 5 day old Toyota Rav 4 and have brought it on holiday to France but having big problems with the sat Nav – basically – it knows the destination with a flag but routes most destinations to east of Poitiers (always the same place )
    We took it into Toyota in La Chataigneraie who said the software needed updating but when we referred back to Ron Brooks in Ilkeston they said the software was up to date –

    4.2.1L / 2014 v1

    If you have a solution we would be really helpful for advice as we are heading south to the Pyrenees in 2 days and don’t know the area….

    1. Hi Natalie,
      Thanks for your post.
      We have passed this by our technical team and it appears your software does require an update to version 4.2.2. Sorry for the confusion caused.
      Your local Dealer will be happy to carry this out, although you may wish to update this yourself through the Customer Portal, this link will help you get there:
      Do let us know if you have any further questions. Have a great holiday.

        1. Hi Steve,
          We have rechecked this with our technical team and apologies for any inconvenience caused but the latest update was in fact version 4.2.1. If you are facing issues with your Touch 2, we recommend visiting your local Dealer who will be happy to assist. You can find your nearest Dealer here:
          Hope this helps.

    2. Hi Natalie,
      We have had some further feedback from our technical team on this. As an alternative option you could first plan your journey using Google maps on the Touch Portal and then send this route to the RAV4 via your mobile phone.
      In order to do so you will need to:
      – Register an account with MyToyota here: (Video:
      – Pair your phone with Touch 2 (Video:
      – Map out your journey online and then sync it with Touch 2 via your mobile (Video:
      We hope this helps and that you’re having a fantastic holiday.

    1. Hi Geoff
      Thanks for your post.
      The latest from our product team is that this should be available from our dealer network in approximately 2 months time.
      Hope this helps.

  113. Hello,

    We recently (March 2014) took the delivery of a brand new Prius in France (even though it was reserved in November 2013). We had opted for the Touch & Go Plus option.

    I would like to know if we could upgrade to Touch 2 in France? And how much could it cost?


    1. Hi Puneet
      Thanks for your post.
      It is not possible to upgrade from Touch & Go to Touch 2 as these are different systems. Touch 2 is being introduced on new models or when there are significant specification changes. It is not yet available for the Prius.

  114. I have ordered a brand new auris hybrid excel . could you tell me if this will come with touch 2? Thanks

  115. Hi, I have just taken delivery of a 2014 Rav4 with touch 2 & go. I can connect ok to the internet but cannot get any traffic information from the TomTom service. Is this service active yet?


    1. Hi Steve
      Thanks for your post and we have run this query past our technical team.
      They have double checked this on another vehicle and were able to connect ok. They have suggested checking whether the traffic system has been turned off in the settings menu? Another point was to check whether you are logged into your Tom Tom account and make sure that this service has been activated.
      Hope this helps for now but let us know how you get on.

      1. Hi, excuse my ignorance here but I was under the impression that the first years live service was provided free of charge. Am I wrong in assuming this, or do I need a code of some sort to activate. The manual is for the 2013 version so no details

        Thanks, Steve

  116. Is it possible to fit the Touch 2 in non-Toyota vehicles? I realize that some functions won’t be supported in other cars, but I’m looking for a radio with excellent FM reception, RDS, alternate frequency tuning, AUX & USB inputs, Bluetooth connectivity, convenient scrolling through MP3 files, and two real knobs (way more convenient than buttons IMHO). I can’t find any aftermarket models that fit my needs, but the Touch 2 looks like it does. Now I just need to figure out if it’s possible to mount it in my car without doing major surgery, and how to get one.


    1. Hi YossiD
      Thanks for your post.
      Have run this past our technical team but we would not recommend this. The screens are all factory fitted so we would not be able to provide any advice on fitting this to vehicles outside the Toyota range. We would suggest purchasing an after market system in these circumstances.
      Sorry that we are unable to help further but thanks for your enquiry.

    1. Hi Kappen
      Thanks for your post and greetings from the UK.
      We have run this query past our technical team. Mirror link is available with Toyota Touch 2 but you will need a compatible phone which may require an App downloaded. You will need to check further regarding this as we are not aware of the compatible phone list. Instructions on connection to Toyota Touch 2 and how to “start up” the function are available in the owners manual.
      Hope this helps.

      1. Hello,
        Thank you for your answer. I did some research on the internet and unfortunately, my LG Nexus 5 does not support MirrorLink 🙁


      2. Hi David,

        We have just taken delivery of a new RAV4 Invincible and love it. We decided not to get the nav system as the Touch2 has MirrorLink even on the base unit. I have a Sony Xperia Z, listed on the Compatible List as being suitable. A connection cannot be made though; the phone says it is connecting to the head unit but there is no head unit response. Any ideas where I can get support?

        1. Hi Andy
          Thanks for your post.
          Good to hear about the delivery of your new RAV4.
          The Sony phone is compatible for Bluetooth, but not for Mirrorlink unfortunately. The reason is because Sony have not limited what is accessible via Mirrorlink, (for example it would be possible to play a game on your satnav head unit via Mirrorlink whilst driving). Because of this we have had to block all Sony devices for the time being.
          Currently the only phones compatible (for Mirrorlink) are:
          Samsung – Galaxy S3 and (Note 2 are some issues on this)
          Nokia – 700, 701, 603, 808, N9.
          Nokia – N8, E7, C7, X7, C6-01 once on Symbian OS 10.1 or later
          Sorry that the reply cannot be more positive but hope it helps clarify.

          1. What’s the point to make a brand new car with great touch system compatible only with old phones and not new ones? Really I cannot understand, I’m so disappointed.

          2. Hello Sandro
            Thanks for your post.
            Sorry for your disappointment here and we do our utmost to make our in car systems compatible with as many different applications as possible, it is in our interest to do so. We do have the facility to find out more about what features can be used with different phones and this information is on our website. Click on the link and go to Bluetooth compatibility.
            Hope this helps clarify a bit further but if you have any other questions regarding this or need further assistance please let us know.

          3. What does Bluetooth have to do with anything? We’re talking about MirrorLink here…

          4. Hi Carmine
            Is your query still about when Touch 2 gets the Mirrorlink 1.1 upgrade? If so no news about this at present but we are chasing. If anything else please let me know.

  117. Good evening David

    Thank you very much for the advice on the Hilux Satnav, I will have a word with my local dealer.

    Thank you again

    Kind regards

    John Heard

  118. If I purchase a 2011 / 2012 current shape yaris (which I am looking to do) can I have DAB functionality enable on the existing Touch 1 system?
    Also, it does not currently have touch & go, can I have the ‘go’ part also enabled?
    Finally, if it DOES have the go functionality, can I get map updates for it?
    Thank you

    1. Hello Alan
      Thank you for your post.
      DAB is available for the Yaris and more details can be found here via this link.
      However just to be on the safe side we would recommend just double checking this with your local dealer that this does apply to the model you are looking at. You will need to let them know either the registration or VIN number. You can also upgrade the system from Toyota Touch to Touch & Go (which effectively adds satnav). This link will help with more information.
      Finally, depending on what system you decide purchase, (free map upgrades for three years are available on Touch & Go Plus) you can purchase map upgrades via (using the link to
      Hope this helps for now but please let us know if you have any other questions.

  119. I have a recently purchased a March 2013 UK spec Toyota Hilux Invincible 3.0 D4D DCB with rear reverse camera that does not have a Sat Nav system fitted. The unit fitted has a button for Sat Nav which displays item not fitted or similar when pressed.

    Could you advise please if the unit can be upgraded / replaced to include a Sat Nav system such as the Touch 2 go system you describe here.

    1. Hi John
      Thanks for your post.
      The system fitted to your Toyota Hilux is called Toyota Touch, you can upgrade to include satnav and this is called Toyota Touch & Go. I am attaching a link to our website which will explain more about the differences between the two systems.
      Your local Toyota dealer will be able to explain more about the upgrade and the cost involved. Just to clarify one point though, Toyota Touch & Go cannot be upgraded to Toyota Touch 2 as they are different systems with different screens.
      Hope this helps.

  120. Ok David. Thank you for the info regarding touch 2

    If I purchase a 2011 / 2012 current shape yaris (which I am looking to do) can I have DAB functionality enable on the existing Touch 1 system?

    Also, it does not currently have touch & go, can I have the ‘go’ part also enabled?

    Finally, if it DOES have the go functionality, can I get map updates for it?

    Thank you


    1. Hi Alan
      Thanks for your post.
      We are looking to introduce Touch 2 to the Yaris range but it will be later this year, timing is still to be confirmed but likely around autumn time.
      Hope this helps.

  121. I have a 2014 Rav4 with touch 2 with Go – when is touch 2 with 2 Go Plus going to be available for my car – I am told it is not available at the moment!

    1. Hi Geoff
      Thanks for your post.
      Have just checked with our product team and Touch 2 with Go Plus is on the way and will be available for your RAV4 from April onwards.
      Hope this helps.

  122. Is it possible to browse my Iphones music library through bluetooth? Or just the usual Pause/Play/Next/Previous controls?

    And will it show Albumcovers over Bluetooth?

    1. Hi Nozuka
      Thanks for your post.
      We have checked this with our technical team and it is not possible to browse libraries or view album artwork via bluetooth, only via the USB cable.
      Hope this helps

      1. Thank you for your reply, but i see updates only for the maps of the touchNgo.
        For the simple version of touch2 without the navigation, there is no update ?

        1. Hi George,
          Thanks for your post. There may be an update available for Touch 2 if there is an issue with your current Touch 2 system. In order to solve your issue, we would suggest contacting your local dealer, they will be able to assist further! Many thanks.

          1. My Toyota Yaris Icon Hybrid is a 2015 model fitted with touch 2, It doesnt show the DAB Screen, should it? Also the multimedia system in the car is currently under investigation by my local Toyota dealer as the steering wheel mode button is not working correctly with the multimedia system. They are currently waiting for an answer of how to proceed from Toyota and have been since January. Could you chase this please?

          2. Hi David,

            Thanks for getting in touch and we are sorry to hear that you are experiencing these issues. We would advise for you to contact our Customer Relations Team, as they will be able to investigate this further for you. You can find their contact details via the following link:



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