Toyota Touch & Go: how to play music via Bluetooth or a USB device

With Toyota Touch and Touch & Go it’s straightforward to play music via your Bluetooth device. You need first to pair your phone to the system.

The system will automatically recognise the device and start playing.

Toyota Touch and Toyota Touch & Go can connect to USB sticks, as long as they are 2.0 and above, and MP3 players.

Simply plug in the USB stick or MP3 player and the system will automatically recognise the device and will start to play the music on the device.

Regardless of whether you are connected via Bluetooth or through the USB port, if there is something specific you want to listen to:
You can search by Artist, or Album much like you would on an MP3 device.

Toyota Touch and Touch & Go How to videos:
How to pair your phone
How to make a call and access your phone book
How to register your Touch & Go system
How to send and receive a text message
How to use sat-nav features
How to carry out an online search
How to send directions to your car

Touch and Go FAQs

By Iain Reid

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  1. Hi I have a Toyota Auris Hybrid 16 plate hatchback and when I try selecting iPod it’s not recognising or letting me play music off my phone as it once used to and Bluetooth audio says loading but never loads

    1. Hi Hamza,

      We’re sorry to hear that you are experiencing an issue with your multimedia system.

      Please contact our multimedia support team for assistance on 0344 701 6202.


  2. Hi
    I’ve got a Tayota verso , when I connect usb , it’s not recognised on the car , can’t play music , on the manual says press usb/aux button, but can’t find the button

    1. Hi Praveen,

      Please contact our dedicated multimedia support team for assistance with this.

      You can reach them on 0344 701 6202.


  3. hi, i have a 65 plate landcruiser with touch and go updated to 6.9.owh. i have a usb stick which plays music fine, i can browse, see album art etc, but when i add new mp3s to it it will not see them. i can only see the original tracks i first put on. how do i force the system to re-index the usb stick to see the new tracks? thanks

    1. Hi Martin,

      Thanks for getting in touch. If you could please provide a VIN number we will be able to assist you further through our Multimedia Team. Alternatively, if you’d like to contact our Multimedia Team, you can do so via this email address:


        1. Hi Martin,

          Thank you for your patience. You won’t need to re-index your USB in any way, however we’d advise for you to check that the files are tagged correctly. The Touch and Go system picks up ID Tags rather than folders and file names. You can find more information on this in the owner’s manual and if you have any further issues you can contact our multimedia team via this number: 0344 701 6202

          Hope this helps.

          1. unfortunately it doesnt help, as the new tracks are tagged correctly. there needs to be a way to force indexing as i wiped the usb, formated it , added a small no of the original tracks back on and when i put it back in the car, the system was still looking for the old tracks that were no longer there, ie they were listed but greyed out, so its not recognised that the contents of the usb have changed. if i put a different usb in it sees that its different and creates a new index, but when i put the original one back it still sees it as it originally was

          2. Hi Martin,

            Sorry that you’re still experiencing these issues. We will open a case with our customer relations team who can investigate this further. We will now email you and if you could please respond with some contact details such as full name, phone number and email address the team will be in touch.


  4. Hi Toyota, I have Toyota Auris Hybrid 2016, how do I pause music using buttons on the steering wheel. I hear music in Bluetooth mode. Thanks at advance

  5. Hiya, my Toyota Aygo 2017 will let me charge my phone through the USB port in my car, but where it used to let me play music through it, it no longer does. Do you know what I can do so it will let me?

    1. Hi Molly,

      Thanks for getting in touch and we are sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue. We would advise for you to contact our Multimedia Team, as they will be able to assist you further. You can find their contact details via the following link:


  6. I have toyota avensis tt2 2018. How can I do fast forward music. Forwarding music witch is longer then 10 min is really annoying

  7. Hi,

    I am trying to fingerprint the system information from my touch and go to a usb pen drive but the option is still showing grey after plugging into usb port on my yaris

    1. Hi Billy,

      Thanks for getting in touch. If you could please provide a VIN number, we can try to assist you further.


  8. Hello, I’m completely lost here. Bought a 2012 Land Cruiser, it came without any manual. I managed to find the owner’s manual on the website but can’t find anything related to the Navigation/Media system. Also can’t find which one is. I tried to find any system info but there’s none, If I click on SETUP, GENERAL and scroll down the last option is “delete personal data”, cannot even find the system info. This is the one it’s in my car ( Can you help me? Also I have no idea how to access the HDD or DAB radio. Thank you very much.

        1. After speaking to our Multimedia Team, we can confirm that your vehicle does not have a Toyota Touch and Go system, but rather an HDD navigation system.

          If you are interested in updating the multimedia system of your vehicle, you will need to contact your local Toyota Centre to have this update implemented. This is because a specific toolkit is required to update the system.

          In regards to the radio, the grade of your vehicle is not fitted with DAB.

          We hope this helps, thanks.

        1. Hi Che,

          Thanks for getting in touch. If you could please provide a VIN number, we will be able to assist you further.


  9. Hello my Yaris does not see my music on usb, it is greyed out, why is that? My phone is Huawei p10, thanks

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      Please could you provide us with your reg number so we can look into this for you?
      In the mean time:
      The play via USB function is intended to let you connect a USB stick with music files loaded on it and play those files.
      If the music files are on your phone: transfer them to a USB stick instead; the Touch and Go and Touch 2 and Go manuals list the specifications required, how to use, etc.
      If music is playing via Spotify: connect via Bluetooth.
      We will look into this further when we have your vehicle details.

      1. Hello, it’s a UK 2016 hybrid with TSS, ive noticed the same with usb greyed out on a 2017 aygo I’ve driven recently. thanks.

        1. Hi John,
          Thanks for that, we can only go into further investigation if you supply a reg number or VIN number of the Aygo you were experiencing these issues with.

          1. Hi John,
            Our multimedia team cannot recreate the problems you are having with your phone.
            Please could you visit your local Toyota Centre as they should be able to help you with this matter.
            You can find your local Toyota Centre here:
            Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

          2. YM66FCU hybrid, also how does a dash can wired in to the fuse box on live with a 11.8v cutoff sound to you as Toyota people?

          3. Hi John,

            Thanks for getting in touch. We do not advise modification against manufacturer specifications.


      2. I have a similar issue, in my case its a 2016 Prius, and a 2nd generation iPod Nano. The handbook says that it should work, but when I press the source button, USB and AUX are greyed out

        1. Hi Bryan,
          Thanks for getting in touch.
          Unfortunately, our multimedia system does not support the 2nd Generation iPod.
          We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.

          1. Thanks, I had misread the handbook, which lists every other iPod except mine. I have now tried a newer iPod which worked straight away.

          1. Hi John,
            We are still waiting for a response from technical on this matter.
            We will update you when we have an answer.
            Sorry for any inconvenience this matter is causing.

        2. Hello, what does that mean exactly? All it is reputable brand of dash cam and I know Toyota USA offer their own cameras.
          My Toyota dealer offered to hardwire the dash cam for me for £100-160 today, please elaborate for me if you don’t mind as your answer was a little short with no link for reply.

          1. Hi Jon,

            Our policy at Toyota GB is to not advise modification against manufacturer specifications. Any kind of modification against manufacturer specifications mean that warranty, if still valid, becomes invalid.

            We hope this helps.

          2. I don’t quite understand, do you mean that if the Toyota dealer installs a dash cam in my car then this will void the warranty?

          3. If modifications are made to your vehicle which are not in line with the manufacturer’s specification and any part fails as a consequence to this, the manufacturer’s warranty will not cover the cost of repair. Therefore, if a dash cam is hard wired into your vehicle and there is then an issue with the electrics, the warranty will not cover the cost of the repair.

            Hope this helps.

    2. I had the same problem with my Avensis media player. The only way it would recognise my 32GB USB stick was to format it as FAT32- then all ok.
      Windows of course wont format large volumes as FAT32 so you need a standalone utility like ‘mini tool partition wizard’- hope this helps as Toyota don’t seem to even mention what format to use.

      1. Wow – first answer with any real info – thanks – exactly what I’d worked out for myself, but wanted ratification.
        Don’t know why the hardware specs for the USB connection are so hard to find? Seems like an obvious requirement to publish?

  10. Hi there,

    This is random, I have a Toyota Verso 2013. I noticed sometimes when I make a turn with my steering without touching ANY buttons the song tracks will jump or pause or sometimes it skipped from playing CD to FM. At first I thought, might be my thumb accidentally hit on those buttons, but I can confirm thatI did not as I’m more alert now when it happens.
    Any idea what caused this? Or is there a way to “hard reset” the touch & go?

    1. Hi Nicholas,
      Thanks for getting in touch and we are sorry you are experiencing this.
      We would advise contacting the multimedia team directly as they are best placed to help you. You can contact them using this email address:

  11. Hey there! I have a problem with my Yaris touchscreen controls and the physical seek up/down buttons not working on the steering wheel all of a sudden. The volume buttons work fine and music still plays through bluetooth, but my touchscreen no longer displays song info or the next/previous track buttons anymore. Just play and pause. Is there a way to fix this or reset the display?

  12. Hi I found this while searching for an answer to a small problem with my Auris hybrid.
    I have recorded some albums onto a USB stick which the touch 2 is playing. But when I try use the hands free to try to choose an album or song it says that the USB is syncing please wait. How long should it do this for because it has been doing it for a couple of days now?

    1. Hi Malcolm,
      Thanks for getting in touch. The syncing process is dependent on the amount of audio files stored in the USB, it may take time for the device to read the data stored in the flash drive. We’d advise trying another USB or contact us via Many thanks.

  13. can i play videos on toyota touch and go?
    if yes then how exactly and which video formats are supported
    i have yaris 2013

    1. Hi there,
      Thanks for getting in touch. We can confirm that it isn’t possible to play videos on the Touch and Go systems. Many thanks.

  14. I have a 2016 Yaris and had no problems with the touch system when I had a galaxy phone. However since changing phones he browse function on the system does not work. This is annoying as I listen to the music on my phone quite a lot

  15. The USB icon has disappeared from my 2017 Yaris Hybrid audio screen, how can I restore it please. It is top of range model, no sat/nav. It was working fine until a few days ago, icon has been replaced with one showing Bluetooth which I do not need.

    1. If you’ve paired the same device you are plugging into the USB via bluetooth, it will default to Bluetooth even if the device is plugged into the USB. Delete the device from bluetooth and then plug it into the USB. It will show the USB connection.

  16. Hi
    I have an Auris Business 2016. It replaced my Auris 2013 Icon. The Icon sound system worked fine. I paid extra for the Touch and go in the new model and it is useless. I have taken it back to the dealer and have been told that it works as it should. Here is what is wrong with this piece of crap:

    Blue tooth takes 45 seconds to pair and sometimes doesn’t connect. This means I get in the car, start it, then wait 45 seconds to see if the blue tooth has connected. If it doesn’t connect I sometimes have to switch the car off and start again. Its not the 1940s.

    When it does connect, sometimes the browse button isn’t highlighted so I have no control over what I am listening to. I find myself having to pull over to operate my phone because that is the only way I can control my music choice, as using your phone while driving is illegal.

    The sat nav is about 20 seconds behind real time. It says take the exit about 20 seconds after passing the exit.

    I am informed that text message function is not enabled, although I did once receive a text message. How can it work once?

    I have an Iphone SE.

    What are you thinking? What has happened to Toyota quality?

    1. Hi Mark,
      Thanks for getting in touch. Please could you provide your reg or VIN number so we can looking in to this further. Many thanks.

        1. Thanks Mark, we’ve passed this on to our Multimedia Team and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks.

    1. Hi Pat,
      Thanks for getting in touch. We can confirm that Toyota Touch and Go doesn’t have a CD playing function. Many thanks.

  17. Hi all, have just bought a 2015 yaris vvt-i and have tried to connect ipod via USB (older ipod with no bluetooth)

    USB option remains greyed out and no music plays. Is this because my ipod is a 32gb? I’ll be disappointed to find out this is the case.

  18. I am so incredibly frustrated and angry! Why has Toyota chosen not to recognize FOLDERS and playlists as you have organized them on your computer on a USB MP3 format? I have read the stream about this problem and it would seem the only way to do it is laborious and stupid with this “.m3u” process? I for the life of me can not see why they would have done this??? It’s like they let a work experience older person design the Touch and Go media system who had never played a MP3 in their life??? My car is a 2016 Avensis for your FYI. WHY WHY WHY Toyota???

    1. Hi John,
      Thank you for your comments and feedback, we’re very sorry you’re unhappy. We’ll feed this back to our technical team and advise them of your comments. Many thanks.

      1. I fully agree with John. And I have a 2015 AURIS, but the situation is the same. It is a really good car, with a relly good sound equipment but you cannot find your folders.

      1. Toyota really do need to catch up with the times. If no CD player is provided the alternative needs to work efficiently.

        1. I agree completely. I bought a 2015 Yaris and wasn’t aware there was no CD player….I thought ALL modern vehicles were CD equipt. Wrong – obviously. I am a technophobe and have no idea what all the bluetooth and flash drive and memory stick insanity is all about. I am absolutely LOST without a CD player.

          1. I was upset for not having a CD player too, and not only that – out of the 330 songs on my USB stick only about half of them show. I have albums which have 14 songs or more on them, however only about 8 songs from each album show, I don’t know why and this is very frustrating!

    2. I have a 2015 Auris. I gave up with trying to play MP3s from my ipod via Bluetooth. Instead I have copied all my albums on to a USB blade and everything plays fine. I can browse and change tracks using the steering column switch and I can even make up my own collections, give the album a name and include album art using MP3Tag and everything still seems OK. It’s just the Bluetooth which is a problem.

    3. John, I am frustrated by the same problem as you, with MP3s on USB devices, in my Auris Hybrid. In your July 14 post you mention reading a stream about this problem. Please can you you tell us where that is, because I’d like to read it too. Thanks…

      1. John, you can disregard my earlier question, because I found the reply elsewhere in this ‘stream’ – I obviously misunderstood you at first. I now understand how the playlist system works, and I’ve just written a program which looks at album folders that contain MP3 tracks, in a USB device, and creates a .m3u file which lists all those albums and tracks, thus making a playlist. Shouldn’t be necessary though!

        1. Here I go again (post number three)! I’ve discovered that my 2015 Auris doesn’t seem to recognize the .m3u playlist after all. Just seems to play music files as it finds them, not in the order given in the playlist I’d created. This is the only annoyance in what is otherwise a superb car.

          1. Hi Andy,
            Thank you for your comments. We’ve spoken to our multimedia team and we’d advise choosing the playlist from the browse music option as the car defaults to playing all tracks. Hope this helps.

          2. Thank you ‘Toyota UK person’ for your reply and helpful advice. However, although what you suggest does give a partial solution (that is, Browse does eventually find the playlist name I’ve given to the file on the USB), but when the playlist is selected, all it does is list all the tracks, with no mention of which album they’re on (i.e. which folder they’re in), and it’s a real hassle having to scroll down to find the track/album I want. It’s only when you select a track and it starts playing, that the album name is shown beneath the track name. I think Toyota really need to invest some time and effort into designing a truly browsable (and I mean browsable by album or folder) and more informative USB music system, because it’s clear that many people have their USB music organised in this way. And hopefully it will be possible to upgrade existing systems on customers’ cars…
            Thanks again.

          3. Hi Andy,
            We’ll pass your comments on to the Multimedia Team. Keep an eye on our blog and social media pages to look out for further updates. Many thanks.

          1. Sorry Geoff, but for a number of reasons – not least the fact that it still doesn’t work properly – I cannot make the program available to others. The time I spent on it, with limited success, does however justify Josie Wales’s comment 🙂

    4. Dear John, you are lucky that your system can play music from usb because mine touch 2 system cannot even worse because by bluetooth also cannot stream music and nobody doesn’t care (my car is Prius plus 2016)

  19. I have a 2014 Toyota Auris with Touch 2. How do I prevent auto play when I connect my phone via USB. Mainly I want to charge my phone and do not want it to automatically takeover what I am listening too, whether it be radio, CD or using SatNav. Surely there must be a disable function or it should ask if you want to play the USB rather than playing by default as soon as you connect.

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately, there is no option to disable this particular feature on the Toyota Touch 2 with Go system. The audio/music automatically plays due to the information on the smartphone being sent to the car when connected via USB.
      Depending on your smartphone:
      It shows these options once you have connected a USB Lead to your vehicle from your smartphone –
      1. Charge this Device
      2. Supply Power to another Device
      3. Transfer Files
      4. Use Device as MIDI
      Hope this helps.

      1. Hi Ella, when you say depending on your smartphone, what phone do you mean ? – I have an iPhone 6s and get none of these options when i connect it via USB ?? – Also while i’m here, I have only just found out that you can’t charge your iPhone via the USB and have Bluetooth on at the same time ?? its either one or the other.. I don’t keep music on my phone i use prime music so i use the Bluetooth option, but on long journeys i have to charge my phone but it turns off the Bluetooth as soon as you plug in the usb 🙁 – is this a bug or part of the Touch system ??? (I have a 2017 Yaris) thanks.

        1. Hi Melanie,
          Our technical team have advised the following:
          “The car will automatically auto change to iPod when you connect the phone via USB – this is because regardless of what is on the phone, when the phone gets connected the phone tells the car – “hello I am an iPod listen to me” – this is how the car also knows to display the iPod screen instead of the standard USB screen. Unfortunately, this is an Apple feature and not handled by Toyota.
          You should be able to use Bluetooth and charge at the same time, however the problem may be that you will have to manually operate the phone and then select Prime music as the phone will change over to iPod as the thing to play. Nothing to do with the vehicle, sadly the car is receiving information the iPhone which is causing the problem you’re facing.”
          Our technical team did try this in a vehicle to see the issue you’re facing. The iPhone/iPod never automatically prompted music to play and there could possibly be an issue with the iPhone itself.
          They paired an iPhone 7 to the vehicle and music was able to play via Bluetooth. They then connected the USB cable to the vehicle, but had to manually operate the phone and select Prime so it can play music via USB connection: this automatically stops the Bluetooth. The phone charged every time they connected via USB.
          Hope this provides some clarity.

  20. I have just bought a 2014 Yaris Hybrid and had hoped to listen to my Audible Books App through the car speakers. I’ve had no luck via bluetooth and when connecting via IBSM socket, the IBSM option on the menu is greyed out and I can’t use it

    1. Hi there,
      Have you taken your car to a Toyota Centre so they can have a look at this issue? Many thanks.

      1. Hi. I have just taken delivery of a CHR, I have absolutely no experience of the audio system and have yet to attempt operation as there seem to be so many negative comments about playing music from a different number of sources.
        The manual for the vehicle has so many “if fitted /avalilable” provisos it becomes confusing, the online manual is over 700 pages long in total with the same “if fitted” cadvisors, both manuals are a catch all countries effort which I understand to some extent but it is not conducive to easy reading to be fair.
        I want to keep it really simple and that seems to be through plugging in a USB with music files on it.
        Can you please advise.
        What apple products can I also use with the system and is ordinary android ok in addition to Apple phones or is there a conflict with any model.
        What size GB or specific make of USB do you advise.
        Under what particular format, whatever that is, do I put the music on the USB.
        How do I use the USB once loaded with music under your advice as above.
        ANY other information would be a great help.
        I appreciate that there is a presumption of knowledge regarding computers, processes, USB etc., but PLEASE answer as if explaining to a child.
        Although of a certain age, I gave up trying to keep up with electronics progress other than basics, a mistake, maybe, but there you are.
        While I am on the site, after 3 days CHR ownership and a top of the range model, opening the rear hatch is a real weak point and I am amazed that it is not powered, it is very poor and disappointing.
        I know Toyota were appealing to the younger market with the CHR but it would have been beneficial that they had considered us oldies who still appreciate modern design when they were incorporating things such as audio and door operation, I am afraid that the mind and body go downhill after 21 so, let us older owners get just a little bit of consideration.
        Age is just a number but…
        Regards and hope to hear back with something positive soon and, when Toyota do actually power the rear hatch door, can I get a freeze retro fit for bringing this point to their attention!

        1. Hi Ian,
          Thanks for getting in touch with us. We’re happy to assist with your queries.

          1. You can use a number of Apple and Android products with the Touch systems. To see which phones are compatible to connect and what they can be used for, follow this link (you will have to enter your vehicle, the operating system, which version of the software you have, phone model and the model type):
          2. Toyota vehicles don’t like USB sticks over 16GB. We would advise using 16GB or less memory stick.
          3. Please make sure the music files are MP3. This is the best format.
          4. Once you’ve loaded the music files to your USB, plug this into your vehicle. You should be able to access the music straight from the USB. If you have SAT NAV then it should automatically loads up all the files from the memory stick. There should also be a USB option to select on the system.

          Thanks for your feedback on the C-HR. We will pass this on to our product team.
          We hope this information helps and if you need further assistance don’t hesitate to contact us.

          1. I have a Yaris 2015 model and am using a 16G USB drive with mp3’s on it, however the car only seems to be able to recognize 255 tracks which is annoying as there is over 800 tracks on the stick. Any suggestions to solving this?

          2. Hi Rebecca,
            Thanks for getting in touch.
            We’d advise contacting our Multimedia team directly as they’re in the best position to assist you further. You can contact them using this email address:

  21. I have a Toyota CHR Excel and the Book does not detail any information about the USB connectivity – Does this play MP3 or does this have to be a certain spec to play?

    1. Hi Adele,
      This should play MP3. If you’re having issues, we’d have to recommend taking your C-HR to your local Toyota Centre to get it checked out. Many thanks.

  22. I have a 62 plate Yaris and I’m having problems using my iPod via USB. It was working fine until December, but now it keeps crashing. I’ve swapped iPods (both of which work fine on their own) and cables. Same result. It plays for a few minutes – or sometimes just a few seconds – and then shuts down.

    Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Gary,

      Thanks for getting in touch with us. We’re sorry to hear you’re having issues with your iPod connection. We are under the impression there will be a software update to fix this issue. Please contact your local dealer for more information.



  23. I just purchased Rav4 Hybrid and get a problem with playing music via USB:

    The music stacks after let say 20-30 seconds after you start to use USB and than only car power off will reset the multimedia.

    Files on USB are arranged as per all requirements (means MPEG1, no more than 255 files in one folder, etc)

    What could be the problem?

      1. Hi Vlad,
        Thanks for getting in touch. We are under the impression there will be a software update to fix this issue. Please contact your local dealer for more information.

        1. Hi Ella,

          Thanks for your prompt replay.

          I just contacted and visited local dealer in Riga, Latvia (WESS Motors)

          Here is the outcome.

          My USB`s (different kinds) are not playing on Rav4 (premium class) or in other words on Rav4 which is equipment with Navigation.
          Same problem – USB stacks within 20-80 seconds. We have tried different Rav4 which are already in use (demo cars) and which are still brand new in stock.
          At the same time, my USB`s are perfectly readable and playing without problems on Auris and even Rav4 which are NOT equipped with navigation. Multimedia performs very promptly and no any hanging of multimedia.

          So, problem looks as fol: with installation of navigation on Touch & Go 2 system gets very slow….. and reading of USB with high capacity is problematic, or better to say impossible. Looks like operational memory (RAM) of multimedia system is very low.
          FYI: My USB – Kingston (16 Mb) – (FAT 32, consist of only 10 folders, files in each folder vary from 20 up to 170) totally 1270 files, capacity – 8.07 Gb and according to audio system manual it is within all requirements.
          Local dealer replied that they will contact Toyota for above issue. Dealer checked all USB drives and has taken video of the problem as well. They are very surprised with such a problem on New Rav4 Hybrid.
          By the way, same USB was perfectly running on Honda C-RV, Mercedes GLK, Skoda Oktavia.
          Very disappointed 

          1. We’re sorry to hear this, Vlad. We would advise staying in contact with your local dealer to make sure they help resolve your issues.

  24. Hi
    Since the new apple update (10.1.1) I have been unable to play music via USB. I have a 2014 Yaris with the basic touch system and an iPhone 6s.

    The music still plays through Bluetooth without the browsing option. But now when I plug my device in I can see all the songs it lets me select but doesn’t play or starts to play the first song in my track list! The only way I can play songs is if I touch the device, can this be fixed it’s extremely annoying as it was working perfectly

    Please help

        1. Hi Jo,
          One of our technical team is investigating this. Once we hear back from them we will let you know! 🙂

    1. Hi Jo,
      One of our technical team members tested this function on his own car (he also has the latest software and Apple update). He found that he could get lists of albums but could not however get a full list. We imagine the Apple software update has restricted this function. It may be something that comes with future bug fixes, however we have no information regarding future updates.

    1. Hi Michael,
      Sorry for the delay in response. We have spoken to our technical department and they have informed us that an 8GB memory stick is recommended for the systems. However, they can also advise talking to your local Toyota Centre as they will be able to help advise further. Hope this helps 🙂

  25. Hi, I would like to add my name to the list of people who have this problem. I have a GT86 with Touch and Go. I didn’t ever manage to get the browse for music function working with my old iPhone 4, which I put down to it being a bit old. I now have an iPhone 7 which doesn’t work either. The browse button is just greyed out. No amount of adding/removing and re-booting of phone/car helps.

    I don’t buy the argument that this is Apple doing something funny or new, Bluetooth specifies a series of standards. As mentioned earler, there is a specific spec for music browsing. My home blueray player can browse music on my phone (both of them) just fine, why can’t my fancy new bluetooth car stereo?

    The car has been into the dealer recently and I asked about this. They checked for bluetooth software updates and didn’t find anything available, so there still does not seem to be a solution to this. Is there any info coming out from Japan regarding when this might get fixed?

    Re-posted as a new reply so this doesn’t get lost in quite a long thread – moderator, please feel free to remove the original (in reply to Ella Churchill, July 13, 15:37).

    1. Hi Ian,
      Thanks for all your feedback. We do pass this on to our technical team! Unfortunately, we have no access to information regarding what will be coming in future updates and the technical department does not have access to this. All we can suggest is downloading the latest updates when they are released. We accept there can be issues on the systems and our teams do attempt to resolve the problems. Be assured that if we had such information we would be providing the customers with it! Hope this helps clear up some of the concerns you’ve been having. Many thanks 🙂

      1. I too have no browse music facility on my 2016 Auris touch n go 2 system. Have tried my old iPhone 6s, my new iPhone 7 and an android phone too. It’s all the same, no browse facility. My wife’s 2017 BMW 1 series has Bluetooth with browse facility so it’s obviously not down to apple or indeed android systems. Apparently touch n go 1 systems had the browse function available? It’s obviously down to Toyota’s new system not working fully.

  26. I have just bought a 66 plate Avensis and i can’t believe it will not recognise music on different folders. I paid 20K for this car. My 40 pound kenwood stereo was able to do that. How hard could it be. I am amazed.

    1. Hi there,
      We’re sorry to hear you’re having problems. Have you taken it back to the dealer for an inspection of the system?

      1. it plays music but i want to able to have different folders. not just all songs in one folder. i have old songs, new songs, different language songs. this should be basic in any stereo to have different folders.

        1. Hi there,
          Thanks for getting back to us. We have spoken with our technical team and you can created playlists by following the instructions below.

          Below is the windows process, the playlist needs to be a M3U format.
          1. Store your files on your USB stick in your usual manner.
          2. Open Notepad in windows. (Press Windows+R to open RUN, type NOTEPAD, click OK)
          3. In the Notepad window, type one song per line in the order you want the playlist to play them.You need to put the full name of the file and the extension (e.g.:- .mp3 or .m4a).If you have a file in a subfolder, put the name of the subfolder first, then a backslash (\) then the song name. Continue like this if you have
          subfolders within subfolders.
          4. In Notepad, click File then Save.
          5. Select your USB stick from the Save In list.
          6. Note:- Select “All Files” from Save As Type!.
          7. Enter the name for your playlist in the File Name box, and put “.m3u” after it.
          8. Press Save and close notepad.
          Note: To edit your playlist in future, simply right click the playlist in Windows Explorer and select “Open With” -Notepad.

          We understand these are instructions based on a Windows operating system, however in theory; if on a Mac you can save a note document in M3U format, or a iTunes playlist in M3U format then this should work.

          Hope this helps!

  27. My LG G3 phone works for voice calls but not for music. The Bluetooth media music page is blank once I select it and If I play music on the phone nothing happens. Does anyone know why?

    1. Hi Matthew,
      After speaking to our technical team, we would advise unpairing the phone from the car and trying again. If this doesn’t solve the issue, contacting your nearest Toyota Centre would be the best option. Hope this helps!

  28. I know this seems to be a recurring theme above for iPhoners, but I have an android phone (running Marshmallow). I have connected my phone via bluetooth, but the “Browse for Music” option is greyed out. I can play music by over bluetooth, but I have to select the track etc on the phone itself which seems a bit pointless.

    I have an Auris Touring Sports hybrid, 63 reg, with the “touch and go” system.

    I have tried this with both a Moto G (3rd gen) and an HTC One M9; both running android Marshmallow.

    1. Hi Phil,
      Thanks for your post. After speaking with our technical team we can advise it isn’t an option for the Android operating system. Hope this helps!

      1. I think this is very unsatisfactory. Android can support file browsing over Bluetooth, So why have your engineers not implemented it?

        1. Hi Mark. Unfortunately due to the ever-shifting landscape of mobile phone software it can be difficult to ensure full compatibility for every feature. We would recommend ensuring your Touch & Go system is up-to-date (you can do this via MyToyota). We’re sorry we cannot be of more assistance.

        1. I absolutely agree – Marshmallow has been released >1 year and still my toyota won’t let me chose trackes from the “generic” google music player on all our phones.

          Options for Toyota
          [1] write your own toyota music player app for android
          [2] fix the car software

          and while Toyota considers this – please fix the automatic start of playing from the USB stick – it cuts in just as you are pulling off – about 40 seconds from car ignition. You cant stop this before it starts. Toyota even rubs this fauult in by advertising this fault as a “feature”. This madness alone is a reason I won’t buy another Toyota until I am sure this is fixed (Our family have happily bought 6 Toyotas up untill now)

          Warning Toyota – Compatability with mobile tech and sensible control over the electronics will be a key decider for my next car purchase! You wouldn’t release a new model with such faults in the mechanics of the car.

          1. Toyota used the iOS upgrade two years ago as an excuse for compatibility issues and blamed Apple. It’s time that Toyota sorted this out as its obvious that iOS & Android are not the problem.

          2. Hi Steve,
            Continuous updates from operating systems such as iOS and Android make it difficult for the Touch systems to stay compatible with the phones. We do try to solve the issues as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, we do not have access to systems telling us what will be in the next update, and can only advise once we have been informed or the update has been released. Thanks for all your feedback and we will pass it on to our team. Many thanks!

          3. If that is the case why don’t you rid us of this rubbish system and revert back to the tried and tested CD player. My wife has a Yaris and all she can play is the radio. I have a VW Golf and have both a CD player/audio system and have an iPhone connection. Not only does this connection remain faithful at every Apple upgrade with no fuss whatsoever but it does not mind which iPhone is connected i.e. 3Gs, 5 or 6s. please stop blaming Apple and change the whole system, PLEASE!!!!! No system change, no Toyota car purchases!!!!!!

          4. Hi Vic,
            Unfortunately, here at Toyota UK we cannot choose what system is put in the vehicles. Comments are passed on to our technical/product team and are duly noted! We will pass this on to our team this morning. Many thanks.

        2. It doesn’t work for apple phones either. I have both apple and android and neither have browse music facility. It remains greyed out like others report on here.

    2. I’m sorry Ella but I don’t understand your answer to my question. You say that you don’t have access to new features (which I understand) and try and provide a fix as soon as possible. However, Apple changed iOS two years ago and you still haven’t fixed the problem. It seems to me that no one is interested in resolving this problem.

      1. Hi Steve,
        We can assure you, our team do attempt to resolve issues with our Touch systems. All comments are passed on to our team and they are considered! Unfortunately, we are unable to comment on why certain issues haven’t been resolved or fixed; we don’t have access to this information. We would advise contacting our customer relations team with your concerns, this may be the best route to take for a more structured response. Many thanks!

        1. Ella as this i presume is a bona fide Toyota website i cannot understand why these comments don’t make it to your customer relations team. Surely the point of having such a forum is to help Toyota improve issues that are highlighted by the customers. Is this a waste of time?

          1. Hi there,
            Comments are read by our customer relations team and sometimes we advise contacting customer relations as a direct route rather than doing so through the blog. Contacting customer relations directly can also mean speaking to someone over the phone! Many thanks 🙂

  29. I have a new Fortuner and I have my IPhone 6 linked via Bluetooth, however every time I get into the car, it automatically plays any sound files (voice memos, music…anything) and I don’t seem to be able to stop this from happening. I have disconnected my phone as an audio device but as soon as I turn the car off and turn it on again, it starts playing again.
    I have tried turning the volume down but it still does it and simply chews through my phone battery.
    I have closed all background apps – no music apps open. I have deleted almost all of my music and voice memos – its getting SOOOOO irritating. If I have my phone off and one of my kids is nearby in their car – it starts playing their music and turns on and off depending on weather we are close enough to be in range. I have to turn it off over and over, while I’m driving.
    I have taken the car back to the dealer and neither the sales rep nor anyone in the workshop could solve the issue permanently.
    It takes too long to navigate to removing my device as an audio player every time I get into the car and for safety reasons, I don’t want to turn the Bluetooth off permanently.
    I’d be grateful for any help.

    1. Hi Hayley,
      Thanks for your post. We can see from your details that you are based in Australia. We would have to advise contacting Toyota Australia for further information. Hope they can help! Many thanks.

  30. 2012 prius v. Our bluetooth intermittently skips and loses sync with no recourse while driving. I tried plugging my Galax s5 into the usb, but the stereo will only play items stored directly on the phone’s tiny internal storage. It can’t seem to find the 64gb sd card and files stored there… pls help.

  31. Hi I am just about to get an Auris 2016 model and have never used bluetooth for music. Please help/advise? I don’t particularly want an ipod. so really will be doing this as MP3 files. But question is how does this work? Do you just copy the MP3s onto a USB3 – or are you better with an MP3 player? also I note some people have said it won’t look in folders? so I take it I just create a really long list? could almost say bring me back my multi -CD player. thanks

    1. Hi Yvonne,
      Thank you for your post. We would recommend visiting your local Toyota Dealer who will be able to provide you with a visual demonstration on how to do this. Your local Toyota Dealer will also be able to advise on which method to play your music will suit your needs more. Your local Toyota Dealer can be found here: Hope this helps a little further, many thanks.

  32. Hello,

    Have you ever heard any bluetooth interference problem when phone is attached to the dashboard in a cradle? If I place my iPhone 5 in a cradle and fix it on the dashboard in the middle, phone call quality becomes bad and voice gets crackling. If I place it to the side or farther from dashboard quality becomes absolutely ok. Phone is paired through bluetooth without any problem.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

    1. Hi Isogulaleb, thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately, this isn’t something we can diagnose online. However, we do remind you that any wireless connection can be subject to interference from outside elements.

  33. I used to be able to Bluetooth my work iphone5 to my 2014 Yaris to use the phone. I just got a personal iPhone6 and added this as a device. Now neither device will connect anymore. Can you advise?

    1. Hi Lyn,
      Thank you for your post. We have spoken with our technical department and they have advised you unpair / delete all phone pairings within the touch unit and then reset your phone back to manufacturer’s settings, and then pair your phone and restore phone via cloud. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know.

  34. I have a 2013 Yaris with Touch and Go system and currently unable to browse music over bluetooth with my current phone.
    I am about to purchase a Samsung Galaxy S6 but would like to know if the browse music function (and the other basic functions such as phone etc) will be available with this model. If not, can you advise which phones are compatible as it is pointless having this functionality if I’m unable to use it!
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Karen,
      Thank you for your post. We have spoken with our technical department and unfortunately we are in the stages of testing this functionality on the Yaris, so at present cannot comment on this function. We will update you as soon as we know otherwise, please accept our apologies. Many thanks.

      1. This isn’t a new issue. My wife has a RAV 4 and cannot browse her music. I have just brought a new verso last week i cannot use the browse function. Both cars browse function are greyed out.
        We are both unable to change from one folder to the next unless we disconnect the phone from bluetooth first.
        When i first connected my S6 via bluetooth i was able to see all folders but as soon as i chose a folder that is the only folder that will play.

        1. Hi Paul,
          We’re really sorry to hear you’re having problems. Have you taken your car to a Toyota dealer to see if they can help? Many thanks.

  35. Hi
    I have been playing my ipod classic via USB port in yards for 5 months. I parked for 5 minutes turned engine off to get something and when I returned and turned on the engine I got the message ‘ipod authorisation failed’. The ipod plays perfectly with headphones and on my home stereo. I have tried turning off and on the audio, plugging in the USB and taking it out. How do I reset the yaris audio system?

    1. Hi Bonnie,
      Thank you for your post. We have spoken with our technical department and they have advised carrying out an iPod reset and trying another USB lead. If this does not work then we recommend visiting your local Toyota dealer who will be able to carry out a rest on the system. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know.

  36. I have compiled a Lexar USB stick with song tracks from various artists for my partner to listen on her 2014 Yaris Icon. I done this on a MacBookPro via drag and drop in the artist folder from her cd’s. The problem is it only recognises the first folder but not the other 15 or so folders. When using the search option on the touch and go it only looks into the first folder too and not see the other folders. Any ideas of what is wrong and is it better to use and iPod?? Thanks for your feedback, regards.

    1. Hi there,
      Thank you for your post. We have passed this to our technical department and they have advised not formatting your USB in folders but inputting all the correct track information for each track. This will then automatically sort by artist for you. Hope this helps clarify and if you have any questions please let us know.

      1. Thanks Charlotte, somehow i half expected your answer. Unfortunately I dragged and dropped the files in the USB directly and a lot of them did not give the song title, just the track no. only which appeared identically on a few folders. Looks like I have to download them in iTunes into an iPod instead.

        Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

        Regards Vic

        1. Hi Vic,
          Thank you for your quick reply. Just to double check once the files are dropped onto the USB have you then made sure all the track information is inputted correctly on the USB? Many thanks.

          1. Hi Charlotte

            After booting the cd, I highlighted and dragged the Album in a folder with the same album name. Some tracks gave the full details such as track name, artist etc. whilst others appeared as Tracks 1. 2. 3. and so on with no other info at all except the artist. When the media was selected only the tracks from the first folder appeared on the screen, no other artist or folder could be seen. The media cannot see the other artists as they are hidden in separate folders.

            Thanks and regards

          2. Hi Vic,
            Thank you for your reply. We have spoken with our technical team again and they have advised inputting the track information on the USB, therefore directly editing and filling the information in on the USB. Hope this helps a little more. Many thanks.

          3. Hi Charlotte

            Thanks your reply, will try that but as its coming to Xmas I am getting a mini iPod as this is much easier to load music from iTunes. Thank you for all your help.

            Regards Vic

          4. Hi Vic,
            Thank you very much and we hope you have better luck with your new iPod. Many thanks.

  37. Hi, I posted here over a year ago about not being able to browse music over Bluetooth. At the time the fault was blamed on Apple (can’t remember the version). I have now moved on to iOS 9.1 on an iPhone 6s and stil have the problem. My car is a RAV4 2014 with Touch and Go with s/w 4.3.0L. Can you please advise what is causing the problem and when it will be fixed. I don’t want to have to keep plugging in the USB cable

    1. Hello Stephen,
      Thank you for your post. We have sent this over to our technical department and we will get back to you as soon as we have an answer. Many thanks.

    2. Hi Stephen,
      We have spoken with our technical department and unfortunately this is down to Apple. Apple has not allowed access for this function via the Bluetooth profile. iOS7 worked, since however it has not worked. Hope this helps clarify and if you have any other questions please let us know.

      1. I have just bought an Auris HV 2014 with touch and go which is also unable to browse music. Both the phone and the car have the latest software.

        The Yaris I owned before this had no problems browsing or playing music with exactly the same phone so I cannot accept that this is an “Apple” problem no matter what the technical department say.

        According to the official Apple documentation on their website iOS 9 fully supports A2DP and AVRCP 1.4 (including browsing).

        1. I quite agree with Mark its not an Apple problem. My other half’s old Yaris had no problem plus it had a CD player, her new one does not. I have been toying with the idea to replace my VW Golf for an Auris but after reading all the posts regarding this problem you have lost a sale. Both my Focus and Golf can play an iPhone with no problems at all in fact any Apple device can be played on both cars. Its about time Toyota listened to its customers and revert back to the old systems like other manufacturers. Lots of people including myself consider a good audio system is essential when buying a car.

          1. Hi Vic,
            Thanks for your feedback. Like we have said previously, we do try to offer the highest of quality systems in our cars. We will take your feedback into consideration and pass it on to our team. Many thanks.

          2. Hi Ella,

            I was not questioning the quality of the system, I’m sure that “if” you can get it working it will be fine. It’s the way to start it up and get it working that I question, the fact that you have to register it, is another tedious way of working when you just get in the car. It should be; hook an iPod/mobile phone or insert a CD and off you go. Its more important to check you manual to do the serious stuff like safely using the car than fiddling with an audio system which should be straight forward. If Toyota wanted this system to be easy for the client, then this business of getting it to work should have been done at the factory so it would work with any mobile music player, be it a fob or any phone and not left to the owner to be exasperated trying to get it to work. It’s not part of the pleasure of owning a Toyota!

            Regards Vic

          3. Hi Vic,
            We have no doubt that you weren’t trying to question the quality of the system. If you would like to speak to our Customer Relations team they would happily chat with you about issues you’re having. Hope this helps! Many thanks.

      2. My 2013 Yaris with touch was able to browse music on my iPhone 6 but now I’ve replaced the car with a 2014 Auris with Touch and Go browsing does not work with exactly the same phone.

        If it was an Apple problem neither would work so your technical department cannot be correct. (Also, your compatibility page says it should work)

        Can you tell me what is being done to resolve the problem? Simply saying Bluetooth audio is virtually unusable for users of many of the most popular phone types on the planet isn’t really acceptable.

  38. i have a yaris icon with Touch 2, is there anyway of connecting HTC one M8 via USB as over Bluetooth there can be long delays between switching tracks starting and stopping songs and the lack of a browse function? of is there going to be an update to facilitate a browse functionas this is a major drawback?

    1. Hi Nick.
      Thank you for your post. We have passed this by our technical team and they have advised that the phone is not guaranteed to operate via USB as the system is designed to be used with an iPod and/or USB stick, however music browsing is possible with a compatible phone. We would suggest deleting the Bluetooth pairing from the phone and the car and carry out a reset on your phone, then re-pair to the car as this may help with the slow functionality. Hope this helps further and if you have any other questions please let us know.

    1. Hi Gemma,
      Thank you for your post. We have passed this by our technical team and they have advised to ensure the stick is formatted to FAT 32 and that the files are saved in the formats and bit rates listed in the owners manual. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know.

    1. Hi Andrew,
      Thank you for your post. We have checked this with our technical team and they have advised that album artwork is unable to be displayed from a USB. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know.

      1. Sorry to contradict the technical team but using the USB stick with my Yaris Touch & Go shows the album art for each folder. You need to make sure the hidden system files are copied with the music: AlbumArtSmall.jpg and Folder.jpg

        1. Hi Trevor,
          Thank you for your post, our technical team have looked into this for you in depth and have found that this is correct and the USB must be formatted to FAT32 in order for this to work. Thank you for your help.

          1. Well this information unfortunately didn’t help at all. I’ve got both the files AlbumArtSmall.jpg and Folder.jpg (to show this files, type in the command line: attrib -s -h Folder.jpg /s.
            I formatted USB to FAT32 but still no cover art!
            To be honest Toyota: there seems to be a functionality but how to uncover this?

  39. Can I play music via my Android phone LG latest model? I want to pleay through USB not Bluetooth and nothing comes up when I plug it in but it used to work with my iphone (it showed up as an ipod)
    Its driving me INSANE!
    Please help! 🙂

    1. Hi Sylvia,
      Thank you for your post. We have ran your query past our technical team. They have confirmed that the unit is iPod/iPhone ready so is intended to be used with these devices, unfortunately it isn’t compatible with all MP3 players/phones. Hope this helps clarify, let us know if you have any other questions.

  40. Hi there, I’ve been reading some of the comments above and none of them seem to specifically answer my challenge, which is as follows. I have a good, working, hi-speed memory stick (Lexar 16GB) which loads all songs onto the Touch 2 system I have in my 2014 Hilux. In previous cars I have played these songs out of named folders (e.g. Jazz, Rock, so on) using Windows conventions. However, Touch2 does not recognise Folders and all of my music has now been broken out. Is the answer to create Playlists? And my question is – what format do I have to create these Playlists in for Touch2 to recognise them? Can I do this in Windows Media Player, for example? Or do I have to do something special to the file tag information in each MP3/WMA file instead? Your advice would be welcome – this is driving me slightly nuts . . .

    1. Afternoon Ben, we have passed on your query to our Touch2 specialists and will reply to your question as soon as we hear back. Thanks for your patience.

    2. Hi again Ben. The Touch2 system recognises file information and if this is unavailable it won’t link tracks. You can add file information using a PC media player. Let us know if this doesn’t work for your Hilux.

      1. Hi. I am in the same situation than Ben. My new Auris 2015 with Touch2, when I put the USB, it doesn’t recognizes the tree organization from windows as the rest of USB devices. It is more than unconfortable, it is unsafe. You need to put your eyes on the screen to localice an album, or a song. Is there any update to make easier and safely this operation?

        1. Hi Enrique,
          Thank you for your post. We have checked with our technical team and the system does not recognise the file/folder structure that is seen on your PC. However if media information is added to the files using a PC based media player the tracks can be selected by artist and title. Hope this helps clarify but if you have any other questions please let us know.

          1. Sorry but this does not answer the question of how to create the “playlist”, if possible please provide step by step guidance including which software to use

          2. Hi there,
            Thank you for your post. In order for us to advise on how to create a playlist we would need to know the model of device you are planning to use. Many thanks.

          3. Dear Charlotte (regarding my message below)

            I have an AURIS 2015 with Touch&Go 2 and I am using a FAT32 usb drive. I used the same usb drive in the 2012 Yaris and it worked like magic as it picked up the folder structure for the songs, but now it is all jumbled up and I have to listen to incy wincy spider right after Queen’s “I want to break free” 🙂

          4. Hi there,
            Thank you for your post. We have spoken with our technical department and they have advised that the 2015 Auris uses a different operating system to the 2012 Yaris therefore this may alter how a USB is read. They have recommended that all the media information should be inputted for each song in order for the operating system to read the USB. This includes track name, artist, album and track number. Hope this helps clarify and if you have any other questions please let us know.

          5. Hi,

            I have a 2016 Yaris Hybrid with Touch2 and would like to know HOW TO CREATE A PLAYLIST on my USB so that it is recognised by the Touch2 system.

            Please note that all media information is stored within the files (track name, artist, album, track number), so I don’t need to be advised on this… I just need to know how to create a playlist for the USB? i.e. what sort of playlist will the system recognise and what can I need to use to create it on my Mac?


          6. Hi Helen,
            Thanks for your post! After speaking with our technical team, they have advised as below.

            Below is the windows process, the playlist needs to be a M3U format.
            1. Store your files on your USB stick in your usual manner.
            2. Open Notepad in windows. (Press Windows+R to open RUN, type NOTEPAD, click OK)
            3. In the Notepad window, type one song per line in the order you want the playlist to play them.You need to put the full name of the file and the extension (e.g.:- .mp3 or .m4a).If you have a file in a subfolder, put the name of the subfolder first, then a backslash (\) then the song name. Continue like this if you have
            subfolders within subfolders.
            4. In Notepad, click File then Save.
            5. Select your USB stick from the Save In list.
            6. Note:- Select “All Files” from Save As Type!.
            7. Enter the name for your playlist in the File Name box, and put “.m3u” after it.
            8. Press Save and close notepad.
            Note: To edit your playlist in future, simply right click the playlist in Windows Explorer and select “Open With” -Notepad.

            We understand these are instructions based on a Windows operating system, however in theory; if on a Mac you can save a note document in M3U format, or a iTunes playlist in M3U format then this should work.

            Hope this helps!

  41. Hello
    I have recently replaced my 2014 Yaris with a 2015 Yaris icon.
    When I try and play music via the USB drive the system does not remember the last song played in terms of its location on the USB, i.e. 53/525.
    The system shows 5/8 – it looks as though the system is linking the current song with other songs from the same artist or album.
    I want the system to continue playing from where it was before I switched off the engine, i.e. 53/525.
    The songs are mp3 filetype.
    My previous 2014 Yaris played the songs in order and continued from where left off.

    1. Hello Pete, thanks for your message, we are just contacting our technical team to ask why this might be and then will get back to you as soon as we can.

      1. Pete, it looks like the Touch2 system in your Yaris Icon reads the USB stick differently to the previous Touch system and therefore no fault is occurring here. I would suggest that you try formatting the songs and albums differently on the stick itself, which should change the way it is read by the car.

        1. I have a Yaris 2015 Excel and have the same issue whereby I choose to play all songs random. After restarting the engine the software chooses to forget I wanted all songs random and defaults to only play the album of the track that was playing at the time the engine was turned off. To work around this non fault I must change the album of 1000 songs. I’m then unable to play songs by their actual album if I choose to. If this isn’t a bug then I would suggest its poor software development not fit for purpose in the real world.

          1. Hi James,
            Thank you for your post. We have run this past our technical department for you and they have advised resetting your phone to see if this helps the issue. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know.

          2. Thanks Charlotte, this isnt a phone its a Sandisk 8gb Usb drive. Files are mp3, & less than 320bit rate as per the above spec.

          3. Hi James,
            Thank you for your quick reply. We have passed this by our technical department again for you and unfortunately this cannot be done using a memory stick. If you have any other questions please let us know. Many thanks.

    2. I have the same issue, it is quite dangerous as it takes your eye off the road.

      If you pay for the sat nav the issue isn’t there.

      1. Hi there,
        Thank you for your post. From the information provided we find it hard to diagnose. Please could you provide us with more information and we will be happy to see if we can help you further.

  42. Ho acquistato la nuova Yaris active e ho provato ad inserire nella porta usb due chiavette. La prima con formato FAT 32 funziona la seconda invece con formato NTFS non funziona. Quali chiavette o pen drive si possono usare? Grazie MARIO AJO’

    1. Hi Mario. Unfortunately we’re unable to help. We recommend you contact your country’s Toyota centre for more information. Thank you.

  43. Hi. I have just purchased a 2015 Yaris 1.0l with the Touch and Go multimedia system but it does not seem to recognise my mp3 player is plugged in at all. I have checked it is powered up but the USB option on the touch screen remains greyed out. Any ideas? I am running off a Creative Zen 8gb with mp3 files of varying bit rates. Thanks.

    1. Hi Rosemary
      Thanks for your post.
      We did check this with our technical team, the reason for this problem is because the Touch & Go system is not designed to work off a hard drive. You would need to load the songs onto a USB stick (as a precaution check the handbook for which files they recommend and BIT rates). The reason is because the system does not have the sufficient capacity to power up the hard drive. Sorry for the disappointment here and hope this has helped clarify.

      1. Hi. Thanks for your message. I do feel this could be made clearer in the manual as it states the following which implies mp3 players would work. “Connect an iPod, USB memory device or portable audio player
        to the USB port as indicated below.” I

        1. Thanks for your feedback Rosemary and we will pass this on. If you do need any further assistance or have any other questions please let us know.

  44. I have purchased a 2015 yaris and have loaded a usb with 200 songs however when I start it only loads 150 of them. When I go into the songs and find them in there it then recognises all 200 can you tell me why all 200 don’t get recognised straight away

    1. Hi Chris
      Thanks for your post and we are running this past our technical team. In the meantime it may be worth checking the format you have used to download and save the songs against the recommendations in the owner handbook regarding playing music from a USB if this helps.

    2. Hi Chris, thank you for being so patient with us while we check this out with our technical department. We suspect this is due to the speed of the USB stick.

  45. How can I play music from a created playlist that I have created on a USB Pen? I know i can play music from a playlist from an Ipod, but cant seem to play playiists from an USB Pen Drive.

    I Have an Aygo, 64 REG

    1. Hi Tommy
      Thanks for your post.
      We have run this query past our technical team. They have recommended that you check the format of the songs to make sure they comply with the recommendations in the vehicle handbook (MP3, WMA, AAC) along with Bit Rates and Sampling frequencies. They suspect though that you would need to change the album information on the stick to link the songs or perhaps create an album to enable you to do this. Let us know how you get on.

  46. Hi

    I have tried to connect my HTC One M8 ,but it is not discovered nor is the car discovered on phone.
    Is M8 compatible to connect with this or not? Also when connected with USB it is not availible to play any song or anything similar.
    I have Yaris Hybrid 2014 with Touch 2 screen (w/o CD player)

    1. Hi Ivan
      Thanks for your post.
      We have run your query past our technical team who have confirmed that we have tested one M8 and it is compatible on version 4.4.2.
      If it is not connecting at all they have recommended that you might need to stop by your local Toyota dealer so they can go through the procedure with you and check this further. Hope this helps.

  47. Hi. When i browse by artist or song everything is fine, however when i find the song i want and select it it doesnt play the song i select it just takes me back to the main screen as if nothing has happend

    1. Hi Lewis
      Thanks for your comments.
      We have run this past our technical team but unfortunately they do not have enough information to provide an answer. Can you let us know what system you have in your car (and if you know the software versions this would be even better) and also is the music connected via phone and Bluetooth?

    1. Hi Emo
      Thanks for your post.
      I will depend on the format you are using as to whether artwork will be displayed, (it will not work via a USB for example), if you let us know then we can look at this further for you.

  48. No browse facility on Bluetooth. Everything was ok until I updated to 4.3.0L maps. I have a RAV4 with Touch & Go and an iPhone 5s with ios 8.2. I can play the music ok directly from the iPhone but all the screen says is track 1 of 1.


    1. Hi Steve, the latest iPhone update (8.2) removed the facility to do this via Bluetooth. The Browse function still works via USB, but unfortunately it’s down to Apple to create a fix on software 8.2 to allow this connection again. Sorry we couldn’t provide a more positive answer.

  49. We have a 2015 Yaris, it doesn’t have the touch and go option but there is a USB port. I have tried plugging a 4gb usb stick loaded with mp3 files in but the head unit just searches it for ages then doesn’t do anything. Is there a particular setting, format type or usb stick type that I should be using?

    1. Hi Lee
      Thanks for your post.
      We have run this query past our technical team. You will need to check the format of the music you have downloaded on the stick, it needs to be WMA or MP3 files. It also needs to meet BIT rates and sampling frequencies which can be found in the owners handbook. Let us know how you get on but if you have any other questions please let us know.

      1. Thanks for the reply. I will try converting MP3 to WMA and check the bit/smaple rates and let you know if I’m successful.

      2. So where in my handbook does it tell me this? I have looked through it and no sign. It takes ages to read with many files on. Aygo Xcite Jan 2015

        1. Hi Wesley
          Thanks for your post.
          The post you are looking at here is a different system (Toyota Touch & Go is different to the x-nav in your Aygo). Can we just confirm, are you able to play music in your Aygo via a USB? Let us know the problem and we will see what we can do to help.

          1. Yeah it reads the USB but only if 2 albums are on there. If I put too many on it doesn’t read them, plays the tracks but no info on screen?

          2. Hi Wesley
            Sorry for the delay in replying, we have checked with technical and no track information will be displayed on screen from a USB. The next step is to check what format you have used to download the music and details regarding compatible formats can be found on page 74 of the Aygo Multimedia handbook. Have you been able to download this from the customer portal?

          3. Track info including album name and artist how I loaded onto stick worked fine with a few albums. When more than 4 were loaded it just keeps reading the stick, it’s as if too many files slows it down. Where is page 74 of the Aygo Multimedia handbook.

          4. Hi Wesley
            Have you registered your Aygo on the My Toyota tab at (Top right of screen). You can then access the handbook for using the multimedia system. On speaking further with technical about this, the quality of stick used along with the format used to save the music can impact this. This was why we mentioned the handbook as it may help for the future when you are saving music. If you need help navigating the site please let us know.

          5. Already done this – clicking on the my apps and maps icon and last 2 days it’s been saying this
            There has been an error in completing your request. Please try again later.
            I had a 64gb san disk stick, what format is the best way to have the tracks on their? Already tried mp3

          6. Hi Weseley
            Thanks for letting us know and we will see what we can do to help. Just to clarify, you have registered your car on the portal (click on the e-manual box to view your handbook) but when you are trying to access the maps and icon box inside your car you receive this error message? The USB needs to be formatted to FAT 16/32. The formats you can use are MP3 WMA or ACC and the handbook lists the sampling frequencies and BIT rates.

          7. Yes to both – still not opening can u list the sampling frequencies and BIT rates.

          8. Hello Wesley
            Info is as follows,
            MP3 files: MPEG 1 LAYER 3 32/44.1/48
            MP3 files: MPEG 2 LSF LAYER 3 16/22.05/24
            WMA files: Ver. 7, 8, 9 (9.1/9.2) 32/44.1/48
            AAC files: MPEG4/AAC-LC 11.025/16/ 22.05/24/32/ 44.1/48
            BIT RATES
            MP3 files: MPEG 1 LAYER 3 32 – 320
            MP3 files: MPEG 2 LSF LAYER 3 8 – 160
            WMA files: Ver. 7, 8 CBR 48 – 192
            WMA files: Ver. 9 (9.1/9.2) CBR 48 – 320
            AAC files: MPEG4/AAC-LC 16 – 320
            Compatible file format
            Folders in the device Maximum 3000
            Files in the device Maximum 9999
            Files per folder Maximum 255

  50. I have just purchased a new Auris Excel with Touch and Go. My mobile works fine via the bluetooth facility and I have also paired up my ipod nano 7th gen. Music plays but the track keeps skipping and then playing fast to catch up. I have seen online that others have the same problem and I have followed online advice and cancelled the Bluetooth pairing with my ipod and re-paired but the problem still occurs. The ipod plays fine on its own so I don’t think there is a problem with the ipod. I have tried placing the ipod in different positions but never more than 0.5m away from the dashboard. Help please.

    1. Hello Malcolm
      Thanks for your post.
      We had to run this past our technical team who have advised that there is different software on the some nano’s and early iPod Video’s which causes this issue to occur. (If you have access to another iPod you could try this and confirm that it works ok). Their recommendation is to
      try updating to the latest software version on both the iPod and car. If you are unsure as to the latest version then your dealer would be happy to check this further for you but perhaps try another iPod first and let us know how you get on.

    1. Hi, thanks for getting in touch. Could we please have a few extra details so we can pass this onto our technical department in the New Year? Name of Toyota Model and the Multimedia system along with year of vehicle manufacturer. We’re not too sure what you mean by MP3 tag metadata info? Are you trying to download songs onto a USB? Many thanks.

  51. Hi
    I’ve just bought a 2012 Avensis and the only problem i have with it is it wont recognise a USB when i connect it be it a USB stick or an Ipod. Now, when i plug the Ipod in it will show as charging but no information will come up on the screen or give the option to press USB button.
    Thanks for your time

    1. Hi Mick. Thanks for getting in touch and sorry to that your having problems with your Avensis. We’re always very reluctant to offer any kind of online diagnosis or technical opinion without inspecting the car first hand. Our advice is, and always will be, to take it to the experts who are trained to offer the very best care, advice and repair. Having said that the most likely cause for the described symptoms is that the USB lead is connected into the wrong socket on the rear of the unit. This can happen if navigation is fitted. We suggest contacting your local Toyota dealer and arranging a time to get this fixed.

  52. Hello, sorry for newbie question but I really dont know how….

    I have USB disk (16GB, FAT32 formated) and there are 20 folders with mp3 music in them.
    The problem is, that I dont know how to browse between those folders, I can only go through every mp3, like its all mp2 in one folder….sortin by artist, album doesnt work for me because id3 tags are not sorted.
    I just want to be able to choose folder and than play its content.


    1. Hello Jurij
      Thanks for your post and we have run this past our technical team.
      There is detailed information in the handbook about this process but in order for us to provide this we would need to know which Toyota model you have and which unit you have in your car. Let us know and we will see what we can do to help you further.

      1. It is Auris TS Hybrid, 2013 with Touch & Go.
        I went trough whole manual and coul not find the information.
        Thank you for help.

          1. Hello Jurij
            Sorry for the delay but we did run this past our technical team again.
            They have advised that although folders can be placed on the USB stick the Touch & Go will not show the files in folders. If you wish to form albums or play lists etc you will need to apply data in the Media information (they are presuming this is what you mean by id3 tags), this is normally applied when the music is converted to a compressed format but can also be done manually using a media player on your computer. Hope this helps further and let us know how you get on.

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