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Toyota Touch & Go – How to send and receive a text message

Toyota Touch & Go enables you to send and receive text messages, but you will first have to check to see if your phone is compatible. All the details are on the Toyota website.

You should only create, read or reply to a text message when you are not driving.

To reply to a text message:
Press the PHONE icon
You can see if there are any new messages in your Inbox
To reply to a message press REPLY FREE TEXT
Or press REPLY TEMPLATE to use a message prepared earlier

To write a new text message:
Press the PHONE icon

The system has 10 pre-prepared template messages but can store up to 15.

Toyota Touch and Touch & Go How to videos:
How to pair your phone
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Touch and Go FAQs

By Iain Reid

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  1. I have a 2013 Auris with Touch and Go at version 2.7.4L, I have a Samsung S9+ running 9.0 and an iPhone SE using iOS 12 cannot get text messages to display. Only android 8.0 is listed on the compatibility chart. My previous Sony Xperia Z2 phone running android 8.0 did work. All other functions i.e. phone, music and internet do work. Can I upgrade the T&G to a later version to solve this issue.

    1. Hi Peter,

      Please contact our multimedia support team for assistance. You can do that on 0344 701 6202.


    1. Hi Steve,
      Have you taken your Yaris to a Toyota Centre? We’d recommend getting someone from your local dealer to have a look at this!

  2. I have an Aygo. I used to be able to hear text read out to me when I had a Windows phone but I have changed it to a Samsung J6 and now they are not read to me anymore. I cannot find if this phone is compatible for this function. Hope you can help

      1. I can’t find a compatibility list when I go on to the web page above that you have given. I really need to see the list becasue my phone is due for upgrade

    1. I have recently changed my phone to android (Sony) and although the hands free/bluetooth works perfectly in my Toyota Auris to make calls it says my phone is not compatible when I touch the message button.
      Is there an Ap I can download to my phone to make it compatible so I can read my text messages whilst driving?

  3. My messages have stopped working. They have been working since I set it up in January but over the last week have just stopped. iPhone 6s using Toyota touch and go 2 in a Toyota avensis. I have tried deleting the pairing and repairing but still not working. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Derek,
      Thanks for getting in touch. We have spoken with our technical department and they have advised that if you have updated your iOS system recently the Touch system may not have caught up with this. They have advised deleting the device from the Touch system, re-pairing and if this fails, please contact your local dealer. Many thanks.

    2. Do you have a Tile product on your keychain. I had Tile Mate and through a series of events I finally realized that the Tile App was keeping my stereo from reading my texts and emails to me. I took it off and I no longer have a problem.

  4. I have a 2013 Camry SE. I can hear texts and phone calls. I used to be able to send messages at first, but now it just quit. I have a Verizon Nokia Lumina.

  5. I have my new Auris with Touch 2 and GO. I’ve setup my iPhone 6S, Bluetooth and Internet connection works perfect. But I’m unable to see any messages on my car. I’ve checked compatibility on the Toyota web site and it says iPhone can read but not reply messages. It’s impossible for me. When I go to messages on the Touch menu the messages appear empty and I got no notification when new messages are received on the phone.

    1. Hi there,
      Thanks for your post. As per our compatibility checker, you should be able to read SMS messages but not reply to them. If you have not used our Toyota compatibility checker, have you made sure that you are inputting the correct software version for your vehicle? It could be that the wrong checklist is showing up. Hope this helps and if you have any more issues please let us know!

      1. Thanks for your reply and advice. iPhone and Touch 2 and GO versions were correct. What I did was unpair and pair again both from the car menú and finally messages worked. Only receive. But anyway it’s easier to send using voice and Siri. The Auris is amazing, if it was compatible with Apple CarPlay will be the perfect car for me!

        1. Hi Angel,
          Glad to hear you finally got it working! We love to hear when one of our customers is pleased. Many thanks.

  6. I have a 2014 Yaris Hybrid bluetoothed with my Motorola android smartphone. Text messages worked perfectly, but now coming up with ‘memory full’ when new text arrives, so it’s not displayed. How do I empty its memory?

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for your query. We believe this issue is not related to the vehicle’s Touch & Go system. If your mobile phone has too many SMS messages stored (within the phone), then the vehicle’s Touch & Go system may not be able to cope with this volume. We would advise deleting some of the messages on your mobile phone that you no longer need and see if this will work. Hope this helps! Many thanks.

  7. I have a question.
    I just got a 2014 RAV4 and i have a Iphone 6s it will only read my messages and not let me reply or anything else it also only comes up as unknown until i open it then it says who it is from. Is there away to fix both of these problems?

    1. Hi there,
      Thank you for your post. Unfortunately the phone is not compatible for this function and there is currently no fix, due to Apple not allowing this function with their phones but is available with android. Hope this helps a bit more. If you have any questions please let us know.

  8. I have a Samsung Galaxy mini phone. The car will display only messages that are already read on the phone. The car will not access new unread messages. Please help

    1. Hi Paul,
      Thank you for your post. In order for us to provide any advice we would need to know the exact phone model and also the vehicle details.

  9. Hi. I have a Prius I just bought and I can receive incoming text messages but you can hardly hear them when you play them. Is there a way to increase that volume

    1. Hi Janet,
      Thank you for your post.
      We have had a quick word with our technical team who recommend checking your volume settings. In order to do this click on the settings button (next to the screen) and then select general and from there into volume controls. Hope this helps and let us know how you get on.

    1. Good morning Melinda, thanks for your message. Do you have an iPhone, an android or other type of phone? Our technical team have advised that the iPhone doesn’t have the compatibility necessary to reply. Thank you.

  10. Hi I just got new hybrid Auris and I am not able to see text messages. It shows as unavailable. My phone is paired.

    1. Hello Umang, thank you for your message. You can tick the option to see these messages in your settings menu, since your phone is already paired. Let us know if you require anything else, thank you.

    2. Hello again Umang, just to make this clear, this settings menu described is on your iPhone, is that the system you are using? If you are still having difficulty please let us know.

  11. i can recieve text, but the reply text is not available (not highlighted on screen) is there something I doing wrong. iPhone 5c

    1. Hi Graham. In the bluetooth connection settings, have you turned on ‘Display Notifications’? Hope this helps.

      1. Hi thanks for quick reply.
        I’ve registered on the Internet, show notifications turned on.
        Also I cannot see who the message is from until I look into iPhone messages. No names stored even tho there store in both iPhone and touch and go

        1. Hi Graham. What Toyota car are you trying to set this up on? Could you check the compatibility list here, because it may be that Touch & Go isn’t compatible with the iPhone 5C when showing SMS messages. If it is compatible, then try unpairing and then re-pairing the phone, which could fix the issue. Thanks.

  12. Hello,

    I have the touch and go system in my Prius however when i sync my iPhone to the system none of the internet functionality and text messages work. Is there any troubleshooting I can do? Reset the system and start again.



    1. Hi Thomas
      Thanks for your post.
      We have run your query past our technical team. They have advised that for internet use you will need to have created a portal account, (via You will also will need to have the Hotspot turned on on your phone. For text messaging you will need to turn on “show notifications” under the phone Bluetooth menu. Hope this helps and let us know if you have any other questions.

      1. Ah Thankyou, its always very simple when you know what you are doing. I shall give it a try later.

        Whilst I am here, how do you update the system or at least check if there is a new system update available?

        1. Hello Thomas
          Thanks for your reply and always happy to help.
          We are just in the process of launching a new update for our satnav systems and this can obtained via your local Toyota dealer. There will also be the facility to download this via the My Toyota tab from our website. In terms of identifying which software version you have you can check this by going into the system information screen in your car. Hope this helps but let us know if you have any other queries.

  13. Hi, I have a touch and go system in an Avensis. I have text messages on the unit that I deleted from my phone well over a month ago. How do I get the unit to refresh the messages currently on my phone? I have a Nexus 5 will android 5.01

    1. Hi Mike
      Thanks for your post.
      We have run this query passed our tech team who have advised that the Touch & Go system will hold all messages received whilst the phone is connected, it will over time over write them. To fully remove them you will need to go to the “Settings” menu, and scroll to the bottom, “delete all personal data”. However, please be warned that this will delete all destinations and contacts you have stored but destinations can be backed up to USB prior to this to save time. Hope this helps for now and let us know if you have any other questions.

  14. I have nearly the same problem. When I delete some messages ont the phone, they wil not be deleted on the Toyota touch & go system. Not even when i reconnected the phone. I have also the problem that when i delete the phone on the system, and do a new pair on the Toyota touch & go system it wil not display may messages anymore. If the phone is connected to the system, and i get a messages, it will be apeared on the display, but when i delete that messages again, it will never disappear. I hope you can help me because it is very annoying.

    1. Hi, thanks for getting in touch.
      Unfortunately the text message will stay on the Touch and Go unit for approximately a week and then it will erase itself. You can not delete them one at a time or from a phone. Sorry, it’s not the answer you wanted to hear but hope this helps!

  15. I have one question which is how can you DELETE text messages on the Touch & Go system.
    I have txt messages which have been deleted from my phone but are still showing on my Toyota touch & go system.

    1. Hi Dave
      Thanks for your post.
      We have run this query past the tech team and they have advised if you delete the message on the phone then it will delete the message on the touch unit as well. This will happen once you connect the phone again.
      Hope this helps.

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