Toyota Touch 2

Toyota Touch2 with Go receives major software upgrade

Toyota Touch 2, our range of innovative, highly-affordable touch-screen multimedia systems, has been refreshed for 2016 and has been launched at the Geneva motor show.

The simplified range now comprises a choice of either the standard Toyota Touch 2 system, or Toyota Touch 2 with Go, which incorporates a full-map navigation function.

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Toyota Touch 2 with Go

Toyota Touch 2 with Go receives a major software upgrade which includes an improved, clearer, more user-friendly menu screen design, 10 brand new features, the improved functionality of over 30 items, and simplified connection to the Toyota customer portal for easier downloading of apps.

The system also benefits from three years free map care and connected services. These include map updates and free registration to TomTom real-time traffic information, mobile speed camera notification*, fuel price information, parking locations and availability, weather updates, Google Search, Google Street View, Aupeo!, Aha and Twitter. The three year package may be extended by two years** to match Toyota’s five year extended vehicle warranty**. Moreover, this 2016 software update is also available to all current system owners.

All Touch 2 with Go system top menus now feature a tile-based icon design for greater clarity and improved touch operability. It also improves functionality by reducing the number of steps required for each operation. The navigation menu and sub-menus have been simplified, and a redesigned map screen features new shortcut tile icons for improved clarity and operability. A new split-screen view allows users to see more functions at a glance, combining the navigation map with media and app information.

Navigation services have also been enhanced within the system. For instance, when entering a destination, the driver can simultaneously check Street View images and the weather at the destination, as well as look for parking in the area. As the vehicle approaches the destination, the system will also inform the driver of available parking spaces nearby. TomTom real-time traffic is now automatically adopted as a default traffic information source as soon as the driver establishes a data connection with his mobile phone.

A new auto navigation function allows the driver to programme the system with up to four destinations, and a departure time window, for each day of the week. When the vehicle is switched on within that departure time window, the navigation system automatically activates, plotting a route to the chosen destination. The system incorporates TomTom real-time traffic information, and will propose alternative routes to the driver in order to avoid congestion on, for instance, a daily commute.

Point of Interest (POI) search functionality has also been improved through better map and listing information integration, and a POI search-word history function for the faster location of favourite destinations. The phone interface has also been redesigned for easier, more intuitive use on the move. A new screen layout gives direct access to an incoming/outgoing/missed call list in the top menu, once again reducing the number of operation steps required.

A higher grade Touch 2 with Go*** system further features voice recognition, a text-to-speech function and 3D navigation mapping. Voice recognition may now be used for the launch and control of apps, for simple, one-shot navigation address confirmation, and for the use of Apple Siri eyes-free. Driver merely need to press and hold the Voice Recognition button on the steering wheel to talk to Siri on their iPhone.

The setup menu now also includes a ‘Let’s get Started’ QR code which opens an online quick start system guide on the user’s mobile device. Connection to the Toyota customer portal has been made easier, and customers can now quickly create a My Toyota account on-screen, from within the vehicle. The downloading of apps has also been simplified. Once the owner has established a data connection with his mobile phone, apps can be installed directly onto the system from within the vehicle.

* Where allowed by law
** Market dependent
*** Model/grade dependent

Comments (553)

  1. I have just updated my Touch2 Go to the latest (Autumn 2018) map and system. There are quite a few differences from the 2015 system that my car came with, so is there an updated manual for the Nav/Multimedia system available for download?

    1. Hi Ashley,

      Thanks for getting in touch. The manual hasn’t yet been updated for the latest software update, however you can download a more recent navigation manual, for example for a 2018 vehicle, which will demonstrate similar and familiar features. You can find them via this link:

      If you have any further queries regarding this, we would advise for you to contact our Multimedia Team, as they will be able to assist you further:


  2. Log into your My Toyota account and select the My Toyota tab then click “e-Store”, then select “Purchases” near the top of your screen and click the appropriate map update (this should show near the top of the page under “Active”. You should see a licence key listed. Write this down (again carefully) or select “Print Activation Code”. Once you have the key to hand, press “Download to USB” and save the update anywhere on your computer.
    While the update downloads, it’s time to prepare your USB stick. To proceed, you will need a USB stick with a capacity of minimum 8GB. Plug it in to your PC and open “Computer”. Right-click the USB stick and select “Format…”.
    Beware – all data on the USB stick will be deleted after following this step. Set the File system to “FAT32” and Allocation Unit Size to “4096 bytes”. Leave all other settings and press “Start”.
    Once the download and format are both complete, unzip the downloaded update to the USB stick. Do not simply copy the zip file over, as this will not allow the update to be installed.
    Securely eject the USB stick from your PC and take it to your vehicle.
    Turn the ignition on in your vehicle and allow the Touch 2 with Go unit to start completely. Once it has started completely, insert the prepared USB stick in the USB socket. You will be prompted to install he update and enter your key. In addition, you will be asked to select the countries you wish to include on your Touch 2 with Go unit.
    Follow the on-screen instructions to complete. The update will take between 30 and 90 minutes, where it can be left unattended. Do, however, ensure the ignition is left on to ensure the Touch 2 with Go unit stays on and the update is allowed to complete.
    Once finished, remove the USB stick and turn your ignition off and back on to re-start the unit. To verify your new software version, go to Setup, then General and choose System information.
    I hope this helps with updating your multimedia system to the latest software version.

    1. I seem to be having a problem with map update 6.12.0H. I can download it ok and extract it to a USB ok. When I try to update the car nothing happens. With past updates there were some files in the root directory of the USB and a nav folder, with the current update there is a 6.12.0H folder in the root directory of the USB and I think that this is the problem. I have looked at the downloaded zip file and within it is the 6.12.0H folder. In past updates this has contained some files and the nav folder. I have downloaded this update several times with Internet Explorer and also Chrome but the result is the same.

      1. Hi Gerry,

        Thanks for getting in touch and we are sorry to hear that you are experiencing these issues. We would advise for you to contact our Multimedia Team regarding this, as they will be able to assist you further. You can find their contact details via the following link:


      2. I downloaded 6.12.0H on 26/10 and had no problem installing it. It did take a few minutes to recognise the USB stick. In the 6.12.0H directory there should be 5 files (total 2.05Gb) and one folder (NAV @ 5.26Gb). All files/folder need to be in the root of the USB memory (7.48Gb) and you should not have a 6.12.0H folder.
        I hope this information helps you…

      1. Hi Jon,

        Which updates would you like to know about? If you let us know, we can speak to our Multimedia Team and get back to you with the information you’d like.

        Many thanks.

  3. What has happened to the September map update? They have appeared in March and September for the last two years. Not that I have noticed and difference with the updates. The system is still unaware of changes to the A40/A417 completed well over 12 months ago!

    1. Hi John,

      Thanks for getting in touch. The map update to Touch2 will be available in the next few days.

      Hope this helps.

  4. Hi,

    I’ve spotted an issue with the turn-by-turn list. Sometimes I’m finding that it doesn’t show the whole of my route! What I mean by that is the chequered flag is showing against a road that is on my route but NOT my final destination, and no other roads appear after that one in the list.

    The ETA still reflects the time to get to my REAL final destination so it’s just the turn-by-turn list that is incomplete.

    I known you’re going to ask me to e-mail your Multimedia team but wanted to raise this on the blog in case anyone else has noticed it.. Anyone else seen this issue please?


    1. Hi Steven,

      Thanks for getting in touch and we are sorry to hear that you are experiencing these issues. A member of our Multimedia Team is going to email you directly to gather some more details and help to solve this problem.


  5. Hello.

    Seems to me that system forgets setting about traffic information via internet quite often after upgrading to 6.11.0. Could you please check it?

    And one more question – seems is shutdowned, how can one download newer versions of SW?

    Regards, Pablo

    1. Hi Pablo (and Toyota),

      I’ve been experiencing the same problem over the last few weeks but that’s BEFORE I updated to 6.11.0! Sometimes it uses traffic information via Internet immediately (my default), other times I can be driving for 5 minutes or more after setting off somewhere and it’s still set to TMC radio station for traffic information!

      I certainly haven’t changed any settings and it’s obviously not specific to the newer software either so something has gone wrong somewhere.

      Did you get any response from the Multimedia team Pablo?


      1. Hello.

        No I haven’t received any answer – as I haven’t sent any request.

        That’s because of my previous experience (communication started with requests of VIN numbers, … – which are surely not needed to solve multimedia issues).


        1. Hi Pablo,
          We ask for a reg or VIN number so we can find the exact model and year of your car so we can give you the most accurate advise.

  6. Have same issue as others have mentioned, The Toyota Touch 2 with Go mapping is out of date. Downloaded and unzipped the update but the navigation system does not “see” the USB stick.

    Problem 1 of course is that few people will have a standard USB stick of 8GB capacity, I certainly didn’t. The unzipped files totalled 4.7GB. Putting these on a 32GB USB drive, nothing happens. Toyota Multimedia Support suggest the 32GB stick is too big! Got files on to a smaller drive but again no recognition. The USB port recognises same USB stick if I put music on to it, so it is not the port itself, or the USB drive for that matter.

    Another problem is exactly what update file I should be downloading? The Toyota site originally said 6.11.0WL, which is what I have tried using. Today it is showing two different versions: 6.11.0H, which it tells me is not valid for my vehicle, and 6.11.0L which it seems to be willing to provide. So is the file I spent half an hour downloading and an even longer time unzipping on to USB drive not the correct file?

    Not impressed. Seems Toyota are relying on only the really technically savvy even bothering to try to update the mapping system. No doubt the “buy a new car every year” types aren’t affected. Some of us though buy a car and keep it for years. Along with other engine management issues, it is increasingly looking like this Avensis won’t be staying long and I’ll be returning to Hyundai or VW. To paraphrase a Toyota advert from some years back, “the car left behind is the Toyota … “

    1. Hi Sandy,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      Can we please contact you using the email provided, in order to investigate this further?

    2. I hope you have a better experiance than me, after numerous emails with Toyota IT department, they finally admitted the system had problems they could not sort and wished me luck with it, not a good experience at all.

      1. Hi Dennis,
        We are sorry to hear about your negative experience.
        We will pass your feedback on to the relevant teams.

        1. Thanks Jessica, but I feel it is a waste of time, the car has been to two different dealer’s on five occasions for the various faults on mine to no avail, your IT people asked for my phone number to discuss the problem but no call was made, I emailed again to ask why and that is when they admitted the system is flawed and wished me luck.

          1. Hi Dennis,
            I am sorry you have had this experience.
            I have had a look through your case and have now escalated this for you.
            One of our Customer Relations Managers should be in touch in 3 – 5 working days.
            I hope your concerns are seen too.

          2. Well it’s good news this time, Toyota’s customer relations contacted me to discuss the problems I had with the car, this resulted it my car being taken to my local dealer, John Roe Toyota and Graham Picken the after sales manager taking responsibility, since this time I am pleased to say I have had no further problems with the Touch 2 system and the Mirrorlink is finally working correctly as well.

          3. Hi Dennis,

            Thanks for getting in touch, that’s great to hear! We wish you many more happy miles in your Toyota.


      2. Having read the latest comments on here about problems with the Touch 2 with Go system, I should like to share my own experiences.

        I bought a new Avensis Excel in October 2015, and although I felt the satnav/media player was very ‘clunky’ and had some annoyances, on the whole it worked fairly well.

        In April 2016, Toyota issued a major upgrade (version 6.7.0) to great fanfare and that is where the major problems started. The USB player would cut out randomly (often after only a few seconds) and required the ignition to be turned off and on again for it to reset. It would then play for a random period again before cutting out again (again, often after only a few seconds). This effectively rendered the USB music function unusable. In spite of many users reporting exactly the same problem, Toyota tried to blame anything and everything but their own faulty software. There is also no facility to roll the software back to the previous version, which did at least work. The next software upgrade in October 2016 (version 6.8.1) still did not fix the problem and it took until January 2017 (a delay of nine months) before an interim upgrade (version 6.8.2) was issued to fix this problem.

        At the same time in April 2016, the voice recognition feature for selecting music would reset every time the ignition was turned off (rather than permanently storing the data as previously) and would take from around 15-20 minutes (on a good day!) to on the worst occasion over 2 ½ hours (and often an hour or more) before the system had ‘synced’ and the voice recognition would work again. Not only did the system not work properly, but I had to endure listening to the recorded message “The media device is syncing, please be patient”, over and over again, which was, to say the least, intensely annoying.

        I took this up with Toyota Customer Services in June 2017, providing a detailed description of the problem and all I got was vague and patronising responses. They would not accept my detailed explanation and analysis of the problem and insisted I took the car into my dealer. I took the car into my dealer and demonstrated the problem to them and as expected, they agreed it was a software problem and there was nothing they could do. They fed the findings back to Toyota and I waited patiently for a response. In October 2017, I got a call from my dealer saying Toyota wanted to close the case, although I had received no communication at all from Toyota directly, which I found completely unacceptable. I made it clear that the problem had not been resolved and I took the matter up directly with Toyota Customer Services again.

        Again, after exchanging many emails and having to endure more vague and patronising comments, Toyota Customer Services finally admitted in November 2017 that there were “limitations with the system” and there was nothing further they could do. They failed to provide any sort of detailed explanation as to why, especially as the voice recognition worked satisfactorily when I bought the car. They are also still promoting this feature in their promotional literature for the car, even though it doesn’t work satisfactorily.

        I am now on the latest version of the software (6.11.0) from April and still nothing has changed. Toyota also fails to publish a change log for each update detailing what changes have been made to the software.

        Other, less serious, problems that have been widely reported and still not fixed are the failure of the album and track details to scroll properly in the split-screen view (they sometimes will scroll sideways for a few seconds but mostly the scrolling doesn’t work) and overall the response from the unit to selecting stored destinations or using the touch screen to select music is extremely slow. Either the hardware is not up to the demands of the software, or the software itself is very badly written and not optimised.

        In conclusion, the last two years have been a series of continuing annoyances and frustrations. Together with the very poor attitude of Toyota towards sorting out problems entirely of their own making, this has spoilt my enjoyment of the car and destroyed the good reputation that I previously had for Toyota. It is disappointing that a global company of Toyota’s standing with a reputation for quality can produce such poor quality software for its cars.

        It is highly unlikely that my next car will be a Toyota.

        1. I think that what you experience and feel about Toyota’s multimedia system most people do feel the same.
          The car is robust but the full experience with the car is not only to have a good engine and structure, most of it is the multimedia system that completes this car experience, and Toyota has done a really really bad job in this case, and on top of it, charging gold for a system that work slower than my old pentium 1 computer.

          I know many people in the Toyota community that are saying the same, their next car will probably not be a Toyota!

        2. I just find something strange in my Yaris hybrid 2017 brochure! Toyota mentioned that there is no more traffic info over FM radio. So would you please clarify why this option still exists in my navigation settings? I have to manually change this to internet every time after starting my car as I described before here and no changes are made after latest update.
          I think after all Toyota must understand while people have Iphone in their pockets, Expect more functionality from huge boxes in their car do almost anything for them. Insisting to this kind of customer service and sending them to customer service maze is just leads Toyota to lost customers. It is 2018 now, not 1980 anymore. You have to follow up people generic problems here, If not better to close comments for your blog.

        3. Hi Mervyn,

          Thanks for your detailed report. I gave up as well for a while. It’s just frustrating. Newer saw such a bad piece of software.

          Today I was a little bit lucky.. but just for a single drive… I had a 2 hour journey and I took the time to update to 6.11.
          Right after the update was finished, I unplugged the update usb stick and attached again a stick with about 5000 songs (because, doesn’t need to reduce if it anyway doesn’t work with less songs as well). I didn’t turned off the car when switching the USB sticks. Surprise: It took only one song (maybe less, I didnt’ try) – the voice recognition system was working and was moreover very fast and responsive. I enjoyed the remaining time in the car with choosing every 2 minutes by voice control without hearing the annoying “device is syncing ” message.
          So, I thought the bug is fixed by the update, but obviously it isn’t. On the drive back, I waited half an hour … no chance: “device is syncing” again.

          I made a test. I switched again to the installation USB stick, but unplugged it again when the screen appears that indicates that it is detected. Plug in the music again. And wonder, again only 1-2 songs and voice recognition was working perfectly…

          Next Test: Drive to parking place, turn of the car, turn on again… no chance: neverending synchronisation of the device.

          So, for me that’s the proof that it should work and the response about the limited resources of the device they gave to you is simply wrong. For sure it’s not the fastest one out there.. but it can manage it. It’s just a matter of producing buggy software or not. By the way, to point on limited resources while letting the device sync everytime an USB stick when switched on is the most ridiculous excuse I’ve ever heard.

          For me that’s a serious security issue of the car … The manual interface it’s not useable because of it’s poor performance. If you try to while you are driving, you risk a lot… Either you stay with the radio or risk it, because the voice recognition system is not usable. That’s a problem and I don’t understand why they simply not fixing that. Solving it by not sync the USB stick over and over again and maybe just offering a reset USB function that can be manuallly triggered to resync it if I really want to… that would save the resouces!

    3. Hi Sandy, please let us know here what the outcome of your personal contact with Toyota is, so that we can all benefit!

      Also, one thing is for sure, my next car will inseed NOT be a Toyota, however much I appreciate the mechanical quality and robustness, unless they get their IT/navigation/multimedia/updates act together.

        1. I’m in the Netherlands and the link you gave is only for the UK. Do you have an NL address?
          And by the way, as I’m sure you know, a web form is NOT the same as ’email’, so please don’t say we can ’email’ you.

          1. Hi Nick,
            We are Toyota GB, in order to deal with your concerns you will need to contact Toyota in your region.

  7. Hi,
    I downloaded 6.11.0WH on windows, extracted and then tried to move to the 8gb usb drive as per normal process.

    Usually on 8gb USB drives there are only approx 7.25gb available for use. However the file size is over 7.25gb so it cannot fit onto the USB key. Also I believe USB keys over 8gb cannot be used. This is the first map upgrade I have not been able to use my 8gb usb for. Please help what are my options.

  8. Hello.

    It seems new version 6.11.0 is available. Are there any information on this release/changelog available?


  9. I have a 2017 GT86 with touch 2 and go and just tried updating my software and maps with the downloads from
    The update went successfully but just updated to exactly the same versions.

    The versions installed are 6.7.0WL and map 2016 v1.

    Surely there’s been an update since start of 2016.

    Makes a mockery of 3 years free updates if there aren’t any in over 2 years.

    What are the latest versions I should be able to get?


  10. Hello,

    what is error code 4013? Keeps displaying given error when trying to use any internet connected application (traffic news, weather, …). Started 2 days ago.

    Regards, Pablo

    1. Hi Pablo,
      Thanks for getting in touch. The Issues appears to be with us, we have logged the issues and it is currently under investigation. We’ll let you know as soon as we have further information. Thanks.

  11. Have a 2015 Auris with Touch to go plus(I think), just downloaded the 1 year update package, but confused by which upgrade I should use. Update 4.3 or Update 6.1 Want to upgrade the maps and software. Do I put the unzipped folder onto the stick or just the unzipped files. Whichever I do the car doesn’t recognise it. The files won’t fit onto a FAT32 formatted USB stick so had to use EX32. I am using a MacBook. Any help gratefully received. Toyota guidance not at all clear.

    1. Use a Windows machine to download and unzip the update, I had the same issue, its seems that when doing this same action on an Apple computer, the update is not recognized, I think its because of the spotlight indexing of OS X on the USB drive changes something.

  12. Hello,
    Just recently, Toyota announced that 2019 models will have CarPlay compatibility, that is great news.
    Do you know if older Toyota touch, 2 models will get an update in the near future to allow this connectivity with CarPlay and make millions of Toyota drivers happy? Or will Toyota risk not to upgrade us older drivers and maybe lose millions of customers forever? ;D

    1. Hi Elias,
      Thanks for getting in touch. We have no new news on this at the moment, but keep and eye on our blog and social spaces for more updates. Thanks.

    2. Good idea I hope Toyota will do this as I find mirrorlink will not work, tried two different mirrorlink phones and they are both the same, mostly refuse to connect and when they eventually do there is no sound. Totally use.

      1. Hi Dennis,
        We’re sorry to hear you are having trouble connecting your phones to the Mirrorlink system. Have you tried contacting our multimedia team directly? You can contact them on this email address: Thanks.

        1. The car has now been into the dealer for attention to the software, I have also contacted your multimedia department as advised, but sorry to say neither were any help, both car and PHONES, on mirrorlink version 1.1 but only connect at random, a pretty useless system?.

          1. Agreed – The Toyota multimedia system is a pretty useless system. Catalogue of random glitches – the satnav is frustratingly hopeless. Toyota have no permanent resolutions. I have resigned to living with it unhappily forever.

          2. I have had Toyota cars since around 1975 when a friend took on the dealership, a new one every two years up until I retired and have lost count how many car’s I had in that time?

            Yes all the random glitches frequent visits to the dealer for attention, resigned to it?, No, I will just do what a lot of others have done who I have spoken to, buy a different make, sorry Toyota but no one to blame but yourselves.

          3. I can’t speak for mirrorlink.

            But on the other hand now I have my phone paired via bluetooth both for calls, music and internet.

            As soon as I start the engine, unit connects with mobile, downloads realtime traffic information and automatically starts navigation home (in the afternoon) or to work (in the morning). Suggested routes are on par with waze. Not bad in my opinion.

            It took me some time, but now I am quite happy with it.

  13. I’ve just updated my Auris hybrid sat nav to 6.10.0WH and it took over an hour to do and the maps are still not completely up to date! Why doesn’t Toyota support Android Auto and Apple car play? No need to update maps, traffic works immediately whereas Toyota traffic takes a couple of minutes to get going by which time your now stuck in traffic. Also you would have to spend so much time supporting the sat nav. Do Toyota really believe that they are better at software than Google, etc? Come on Toyota give customers what the deserve; good quality products. If you don’t I predict they will lose market share…

    Also I’ve notice many time recently where it says “I’m trying to reach the server…” Is there something wrong with the server? Should I clear all data and start again to pair my phone…? How else can I check if the server is down?

    I would have to worry about all this if the car came with Android Auto!

    Maybe its not too late to change the software because it use to have support for MirrorLink?

      1. Maybe just an idea for future development.

        Type of traffic information (none/radio/internet) could be displayed on the traffic bar on the left side of the display by some suitable icon.

    1. Thanks for your reply… Do you know how I can tell if I’m connected to the internet from the Sat Nav screen? Or if I’m using internet traffic?
      Currently I have to go to settings then traffic but I’d rather not have to take my eyes of the road to push buttons when I’m driving…

      1. Not a problem Kelvin. Please could you provide your Reg or VIN number so we can look further in to this for you. Thanks.

      2. Probably the easiest way is to divide display do map and media information by taping arrow symbol. Then in upper right corner you can see the information required.

        1. From the Sat Nav screen – use the split screen to display the media source that is playing (you may have to set something up to do this), In the media that displays – there will be upto three small icons showing. If you see the globe icon (the third one on the right) – then you are connected to the internet.

        2. Thanks for the tip Pablo. It would be great to have this useful information on all screens rather than hide it away…

          1. I would also like to know whether I am picking up the latest speed cameras. I have my doubts as to whether I am connected to the service (passing speed cameras not shown) but no idea how to check. Thanks

  14. I had a new Sat Nav installed on my Verso Touch 2, and it seems a software update for the unit as a whole, but since then, I can no longer synch my phonebook from my phone.
    I know the phone settings are correct as it worked before.Any ideas?

    1. Hi Tharmesh,
      Thanks for getting in contact. We’d advise removing the pairings from your phone and multimedia device, switch off your handset and then attempt pairing again. If you have an Android phone, you’ll be asked if you would like to allow contacts to be shared to your multimedia device. If you have any further questions you can contact our Multimedia team directly at this address: Many thanks.

  15. There a major issue I have found.
    The sat nav recommends a diversion but when you stop it completely forgets about the diversion until you are stuck in the traffic that it previously diverted you away from!

    1. Hi Chris,
      Thanks for getting in touch and sorry for the delayed response. We’ve passed this on to our multimedia team. Many thanks.

  16. Hi,

    Who provides the prices for the petrol app please? I’m asking because the data it’s giving me is completely out of date e.g. showing £1.13 for unleaded at Sainsbury’s Heaton Park Manchester when it has been 114.9p for the last few weeks!

    Lots of other examples I could give you too.


    1. Hi Steven,
      Thanks for getting in touch. The application is updated by a national database which contains store fuel prices, it could either be that the Sainsbury’s you’re referring to isn’t subscribed to that database or doesn’t provide that database updates. Another cause could be that you aren’t using the connected services on the car, therefore the most recent updates aren’t downloading.
      Hope his helps.

      1. Thanks for your reply but as I said there are loads of examples and it’s not just Sainsbury’s it’s Tesco, Asda etc.

        I use tethering on my phone daily for traffic updates so I am using the connected services.

        Please can you investigate further and advise.


        1. Hi Steven,
          As this is not a vehicle defect and the information is managed by a database which, in turn, is managed by the petrol station. Therefore, if the petrol station doesn’t provide updates, these will not get to the vehicle app, sadly is something out of our control. Many thanks.

      1. The UK website gives me the OM47896E PDF, which is apparently not for the “Go Plus” version, since it does not contain any information about Google Search, Wifi etc. This is the same one I get from My car is a Prius+ with Touch & Go Plus, built in december 2014. Anyone with an up to date Touch & Go manual which covers the “Plus” features…?

  17. I have recently purchased a 2014 Auris Hybrid Touring Excel. The System Information states Software version: 4.3.0L and Map ID: 2014 v2 (I have Touch and Go 2). And Software version: 010120

    Should I be able to update the software, at a dealership or by myself? After that should I update the maps? I intend keeping the car for a while and so have no issues with paying for up to date maps.

    Thanks in advance for any advice

    1. Hi Matthew,
      Thanks for getting in touch. We’d advise going to your local dealer as they would be in the best position to assist you. Many thanks.

      1. How did this work out for you? My dealer is great at everything else, but they know NOTHING AT ALL about the multimedia system. They always say to contact Toyota directly.

        1. Likewise, the dealership is great at nuts and bolts, but ‘limited’ in their knowledge of the multimedia system.
          In the end I contacted Toyota because I couldn’t register the multimedia system online – they sorted this out pretty quickly, and then I bought the Sat Nav package and installed it myself with a newly formatted USB stick – it took about half an hour to install in the vehicle. The new software has no wow factor, just up to date maps, icons are placed slightly differently – all the internet enabled stuff has to go through my phone. I played with this for a while, but it’s quite clunky and has limited use. So really I’ve paid £200 for up to date maps, which as I plan to keep the car for a while is (kind of) money well spent.

  18. Since the upgrade before last the system now randomly stops paying media streamed from my phone and required you to switch to from Bluetooth to DAB and back to Bluetooth to play media otherwise it’s displays audio mute. It’s very buggy and incredibly frustrating enough to put me off Toyota for my next car purchase.

  19. I updated to 6.10.0 last weekend and I’m afraid to say the following bugs I reported in 2016 still haven’t been fixed:

    1. Traffic Announcement volume isn’t remembered from one occasion to the next (most times)
    2. Traffic Announcement screen sometimes stays on screen after traffic announcement has finished and gone back to USB music.

    Also when travelling from Middleton to Rochdale along the A664 (Rochdale Road), my sat nav is STILL telling me to ‘bear left’ at Hollin Lane (A6046) with a matching left turn arrow on screen, despite the fact that it should be telling me to bear right as the route calculated is to continue straight on the A664.

    When will these problems be fixed please?


    1. Hi Steven,
      Thanks for getting in touch. We can appreciate your reasons for writing to us and can assure you that we do take your views very seriously. We very much value the feedback we receive from our owners and this information is passed back to the appropriate department for review.
      As distributor for Toyota cars within the United Kingdom, we do not have control over all aspects of car specification; however, we will request certain features in response to owner demand. On the choices we can influence we also have to assess various customer preferences whilst keeping the final price as competitive as possible.
      While we accept it is almost impossible to produce such a complex product still meeting everyone’s individual requirements, owner comments do allow us the opportunity to further improve our range. In this way, the views of our customers can be incorporated into the future development and design works that form a vital aspect of our constant programme of improvement.
      With this in mind, it is important to review and collate valuable comments and this is why we will be forwarding a copy of your letter to the Design Team for consideration. We are sure that your comments will highlight some important issues and may provide a catalyst for change in the future.
      In closing, We do hope that this aspect does not detract from your overall enjoyment of your car, and thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.
      Many thanks.

      1. Hi,

        Thanks for your reply but that really does sound like a stock answer and doesn’t address the specific bugs / navigation errors I reported.

        Regardless, today I have found another much more serious bug.

        I wanted to send a text using the standard templates, but when I went in to the screen the only one there was the ‘I will arrive at ‘ – the other standard ones plus the ones I created had gone!

        Even worse than that, I tried creating a new template called ‘OK’ and it told me it had saved it, but when I checked, it wasn’t there.

        Thanks for your reply but that really does sound like a stock answer and doesn’t address the specific bugs / navigation errors I reported.

        Regardless, today I have found another much more serious bug.

        I wanted to send a text using the standard templates, but when I went in to the screen the only one there was the ‘I will arrive at ‘ – the other standard ones plus the ones I created had gone!

        Even worse than that, I tried creating a new template called ‘OK’ and it told me it had saved it, but when I checked, it wasn’t there.

        So now I can’t use the standard templates OR create my own to replace them.

        Has anyone else had this problem? If so you need to release a ‘hot fix’ ASAP to correct this.


          1. Thanks. It started working again the same evening and is still working so hopefully it was just a blip!


  20. Updated my Prius+ to 6.10.0.WH. Seems to work so far, except that there’s still no support for FM radio station names with international (Swedish) characters. These are all replaced with question-marks.

    1. Hi Peter,
      Thanks for getting in touch. We’d advise going to a dealer near you as they would be in the best position to assist. Many thanks.

  21. I update my Prius ZVW50 to the new 6.10.0.WH and it have a BUG.
    Every time I enter in the car and after bluetooth connects to my phone it makes/starts Fake call to “Unknown” (no number). The “call” is shown only on the car. No call on my phone.

    If I disconnect and connect manually my phone via Connectivity menu the same fake call starts.

    There was no such problem on previous 6.9 version.

    Anyone have same problem?

  22. Hello,

    seems that new version 6.10.0 is available. For me i would really appreciate these small bugfixes in upcoming versions:
    – phone book case insensitive search
    – voice command to dim/switch off the display (on night driving it’s too distracting to switch off the display only via diving in menu commands)
    – voice command to start a call, but being able to spell the name (not only say the name)
    And please check entering the street names via spelling, it seems to ignore accented letters. I couldn’t find a way to make system recognize “Údernícka” street.


    1. Hi Pablo,
      Sorry for the delay. The new map update will not have these changes however, in the future there will always be updates, unfortunately we do not know what is included in our updates. We appreciate your comments and we’ll pass them on to our multimedia team. Many thanks.

      1. Hello.

        One more suggestion – when driver zooms out the map to “national” level, it would be suitable to have it displayed in north up mode.

        Regards, Pablo

  23. Hi,

    I have a 2014 Toyota Auris Hybrid with the Touch 2 and with Go System. It still has the original software (4.2.2L). I’m interested in upgrading. I note the latest version in My Toyota is 6.9.0L, from Spring 2017.

    Could you please confirm if there are any more future updates on the way so I can hold off until then?

    Something I really would like is the ability to see folders when playing MP3s. I find working with playlists rather frustrating and time consuming, for a large set of files, exceeding 32GB, 64GB etc. This limitation has been much talk about. Please can you give us an idea if this will be addressed?


    1. Hi there,
      Thanks for getting in touch with us. This particular issue has been noted and it should be addressed in future map updates. Many thanks.

      1. Hi there, In my new RAV4 I have the old maps etc. dated 2016. A car was bought in October 2017. Why is that, please?

        1. Hi Maya,
          Thanks for getting in touch with us. Depending on when the car was registered, would depend on what system were installed at the time. We’d advise you to speak to your local Toyota dealership to have your multimedia system updated to the latest software version. You can find you closest dealer here: Hope this helps.

  24. Hi, I bought my RAV4 BE 2 days ago and on the steering wheel there is a VR button, unfortunately it seems to be not working. Please can you advise.

    1. Hi Maya,
      Thanks for getting in touch with us. All of the Rav’s have the same steering wheel with this Voice Recognition button, however only the Excel grade actually has the ability to use it. Hope this helps.

        1. Hi Maya,
          We’re sorry you feel this way. There are a couple of options available to you.
          The first being, if you push and hold the home button on an iPhone it will activate Siri or saying “Hey Siri” activates it as well. Work is underway to enable it to work with Android however, the delay is caused by the number of different versions Android equipped phones use.
          For full VR for the sat nav, Touch & Go+ is required, which is available as an accessory from a Toyota dealer. This is an expensive option, which is why the ability to activate the phone voice recognition on all grades was introduced – although currently it is only Apple, this will allow you to make a call or control the Bluetooth music.
          If you wish to find your local dealer, you can find them here:
          Hope this helps.

  25. Hi. I have a 2017 Prius. Connecting my phone via Bluetooth does not work properly – the connection gets dropped, or it refuses to reconnect, or music playback stutters.

    This happens with two different phones: a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and an HTC One M8.

    I did not have these problems with a 2016 Rav4 which I drove last year.

    Can you advise please?

    1. Hi Dan,
      Thank you for getting in touch with us. This is a common issue with Android software 7 and there seems to be a bug with the Android software. We’d advise deleting the pairing and re-pair the device or wiping the phone and reload the music. Unfortunately, the issue is with the phone, and if possible, restore the system to version 6 and should then work ok. Hope with helps.

      1. Hello, thank you for your reply.

        My phone has Android version 6, and the other phone is Android version 4. I have also tried re-pairing many times, and even a factory reset – still the same issue with both phones.

        You mention it also doesn’t work with Android version 7. Does this mean that the Toyota Bluetooth functionality is not compatible with Android versions 4, 6, or 7? Can you advise which versions of Android the car is compatible with?

        I have Jabra and Samsung Bluetooth handsfree devices and they both work flawlessly with my phone, so I would hope that the car would do the same.


  26. Hi Toyota ok got a 2016 yaris with touch2 unfortunately the browse menu on itunes does not show up any more after I changed from iPhone 4 to iPhone 6s. How can I get it to work again?

    1. Hi David,
      Thanks for getting in touch. We’ve received your query on Twitter and it has been passed to Multimedia Support team. Please expert to hear from them within 72 hours.

  27. Hello. I have my iphone SE connected to my Toyota touch and go (Rav 4 bought in 2016) via Bluetooth. i can use the phone – and play music from my phone. What I cannot do is get it to connect to the internet. I have my hotspot turned on. I am on the THREE network. In the instructions, it says that if bluetooth is connected, then I should be able to just hit connect to internet. This doesn’t work. Connection failed.  On going into internet settings – it asks for this information.

    Provider Username    I am putting in here the name of my Iphone   Chris

    Provider Password    I am putting in here the password to my hotspot.

    APN     I am putting here     Three.Co.UK.

    None of this works. Can anyone tell me where I am wrong wrong please ? Thanks.

    1. Hi Chris,
      Thanks for getting in touch. We can see that multimedia support are assisting you with this. We hope the issue is resolved soon.

      1. Hi Christian,
        Thank you for contacting us. We’d recommend contacting our Customer Relations team with your query and give them your reg details. They’ll contact you with in 72 working hours. You can contact them here: Hope this helps.

  28. The Toyota real-time traffic server availability seems a bit patchy at the moment. Sometimes it won’t connect at all, on other occasions I have to keep trying by selecting ‘Traffic info from Internet’ and eventually it connects. Is there an ongoing issue please? Also is there no failover server in case the primary server fails?


    1. Hi Steven,
      Over the past 2 weeks there have been a number of issues with the servers and this should have been completed last night. Hope this helps.

      1. Hi Ella,

        Thanks for your reply and yes it does help – I can’t remember having had any issues this week.

        Something I did forget to mention though – I’m not sure what it’s called, maybe something like ‘bad road geometry’, but it’s basically when you get to a junction and the sat nav has told you to turn right. At a number of locations, before you get chance to turn right (e.g. oncoming traffic), the sat nav somehow thinks you have gone past the turning and starts recalculating! Why would this be please?


        1. Hi Steven,
          You’re welcome.
          We’ve spoken with our technical team regarding your second query and they’ve advised that this just needs to be reported to
          Hope this helps.

  29. I too was frustrated with the speed camera warnings and I certainly wasn’t going to pay £79 for Coyote.

    As my Android phone was being used as a mobile hotspot to download the traffic info I downloaded the TomTom Speed Camera app (free of charge) from Google Play Store.

    With my phone on the wireless charger I can hear the warning beeps as I approach a camera and that alerts me to the SatNav map.

    Not a perfect solution but it’s the best I can come up with.

  30. The latest version seems very buggy indeed.

    Stereo rebooting randomly, duplicate DAB stations, right and left arrows not working at times on the DAB station list screen. Email viewing not formatted as well as previously.

    Such a shame.

        1. Unfortunately, we have no information on what will be included in the updates prior to release. We feed back all the comments to the relevant team/department and updates usually come in Spring and Autumn.

  31. I have been struggling to get rid of this annoying beep for months now on my 2017 RAV 4 hybrid
    I assume this is some kind of satnav alert as it only occurs on certain stretches of road – I recently managed to ‘hide it’ by reducing the volume to zero when it occurred using the button on the steering Any idea what it is and how to switch it off completely?

    1. Hi Andrew,
      We’ve had a chat with our technical team and we believe this is the speed camera warning working incorrectly, or even an app called Coyote. Have you taken it to your nearest Dealer?

      1. Yes – they did not know what was causing it and informed me I need to book the vehicle in for a 2 day diagnostics session.
        If it definitely is a fault I will proceed and book it in

        1. Hi Andrew,
          That sounds like good advice. They do believe it is a speed camera warning fault.

  32. Hi

    I have updated my 2014 Auris Hybrid Toyota Touch & Go 2 system and maps twice now in the last month and keep getting the same error. First time I was going from the original software and maps that came with the car 3 years ago to the latest version a month ago and now the version just released (6.9.0WL) and Spring 2017 map update.

    The update starts OK and gets through to “Package 6 of 7: Navigation / Version: v6.9.0WL /Overall progress 73% /Package progress 9%”.

    It then stays at this point for a few mins and then come up with error “Oops! Software update of version 6.9.0WL has failed due to an error: / Error text: Update content consistency check failed / Please remove the USB device to restart the system”.

    This is the exact same error I had on my first go at updating my system. All seems to work OK. New style DAB radio layout and new satnav features. However I am wondering if the maps are not updated as some road changes I was expecting to be shown do not appear. When you look at the Setup, System Information it shows the current sofware and map version.

    Can you please help.

    1. Hi David,
      Thanks for getting in touch. Our technical department would recommend trying another USB. When a USB is transferring data it uses embedded bits to track progress – these timing bits are sent from the USB to the head unit and back to the USB. On some cheaper USBs the timing chip receiver operates too slowly so misses a returned bit, the Stick then thinks the unit has not received a data packet so re-sends. The unit receives the same packet and says “hey I’ve already had this” and after a number of these incidents the unit says this isn’t working anymore and hence the error message. In short, they’d recommend trying a different USB stick.

      1. Hi Ella. Thanks for your prompt response. My USB stick is about 7 years old, so probably USB 2. I have now purchased a new USB 3 stick and the upgrade has now loaded onto the Touch and Go OK. It may be worth updating the estore instructions on how to update your system by qualifying what sort of USB stick you should use.

        Can I additionally ask how do we know when map updates are released. Is it on set dates ? or do we have to keep looking on the estore website ?.

        How up to date will the latest map upgrade be. We have a major new bypass here in Bristol, South Bristol Link Road, from A370 at Long Ashton to A38 which opened in January this year. All that is shown on the latest map release is the roundabout on the A370 which has been there for sometime.

        1. Hi David,
          Glad to hear you’ve managed to sort it. We will pass that feedback to our web team so they are aware.
          Map updates usually come twice a year (Spring and Autumn), however this can differ. We can only recommend logging in every so often to check for an update.
          The latest map update came during the last few weeks of April so is therefore very recent. Your local centre might be able to confirm whether this change has been made, having tested the latest update in the same location.
          Hope this helps.

      2. Hi
        I have the same problem with my Touch and go and have tried to copy the content of the first usb 2.0 to a brand new USB 3.0.
        I still have the same message when it comes to package 7 of 8 (Navigation) :’Update content consistency check failed, Unplug…’
        The thing is that I can not get the digital print from the car anymore as it is locked on ‘update Mode’.

        How can I do, as I have nothing working now ?


        1. Hi Saban,
          Thank you for your comment. We’ve passed this on to our multimedia team and will be in contact once we have an answer for you.
          Many thanks.

          1. Hello,

            I somehow managed to get out of the Update mode but now I have a firmware 2.15.5WL but with map from year 20110321 (which theorytically is not possible)

            The new finger print is not more recognized by the Toolbox ? Can I sent it to you ?

  33. Hi
    I noticed that the the Touch2withGo has received a new update – Map Update 6.9.0L.

    Can you please specify publicly the exact technical details contained in this new software update – what’s new? Compared to the last version. We are not so much interested in the actual road map enlargement/augmentation, but rather what has been refined in the software behind all of this.


    1. Hi Michael,
      The main fix in 6.9.0, was to resolve DAB station information not being displayed correctly. Below are the three changes:
      1) DAB station text is incorrect sometimes.
      2) The screen blacks out shortly after ignition when a USB stick was inserted previously.
      3) The last playback track is not retained when playing music using an I-pod.
      Hope this helps.

      1. Hi Ella,

        All fixes are good I suppose, but it doesn’t seem very many for a new update!

        The following bugs I reported last year still haven’t been fixed:

        1. Traffic Announcement volume isn’t remembered from one occasion to the next
        2. Traffic Announcement screen sometimes stays on screen after traffic announcement has finished and gone back to USB music.

        When will these be fixed please?


        1. Hi Steven,
          All feedback regarding the updates are passed on to our technical team. Unfortunately, we have no information on what will be included in the updates and this is out of our hands. We do make sure customer opinions and suggestions are raised.

  34. This website still says new software update was March 1st 2016! I have updated my touch with go 2 at least once since then but am wondering when further updates might appear.
    My biggest gripe is still the initial warnings which slow the whole system down each time the vehicle is started.

    1. latest update 6.9.0wl now showing have downloaded it and installed don’t know yet if it has cured the many faults on the media player heres hoping

      1. Sad to say the USB still will not remember what track it was on on occasion ( twice in 2 weeks ) reverts to the start of tracks. 18 months is obviously far to short a time scale to sort out what should be a easy fix.

  35. Hi

    Hilux 2017 GX17 WHE , I have been using the voice recognition to make calls which is very handy, but now it has stopped and displays the message no voice recognition installed, my dealer Vertu are unsure my Hilux has this feature,

    Its an Invincible X top spec and has the voice button o the steering wheel, have you any ideas why it has stopped working?



    1. Hi James,
      We’re sorry to hear there’s been complications. Our technical team have advised speaking with Vertu and getting them to look into this further. They will be able to advise on if this feature comes with the Hilux.

  36. June 2016 Prius. Looking on My Toyota I can only see map 6.8.1. You suggested to another customer to not log in to get 6.8.2, he then said he could see 6.8.2 but you needed to buy the update. I can see no reply to that. So how do I get the latest update?

    1. Hi Philip,
      6.8.2 is for H (high) systems only. 6.8.1 is the latest for L (low) systems. Hope this helps!

  37. Hello,

    I have a Toyota Touch 2 and Go PLUS, I have just tried to do the latest update 6.8.2H, and Im getting an error message saying:

    Oops! navigation database update of version 6.8.2WH has failed due to an error:
    Error text: update not valid for this device.

    Do you know this error? and assist me to fix it so I can update to the latest version?


    1. Hi Elias,
      Can you confirm the software that you currently have installed? It would also be useful if we could take note of your registration number or VIN. Many thanks.

      1. My current Software version is: 6.7.0H, maps version 2016 v1, I have not my VIN number with me, I will send it out once I have it. Thanks for the help.

        1. Thanks, Elias.
          We may not need it but it would be useful if you could provide it later on.

          1. Thanks for the quick replay,
            Just as an FYI, I saw some old comment from another user “Rachel” from 2016(, that seem to had a similar issue as me, and I will try this solution suggested maybe later today,

            I had download the 7GB ZIP file on a mac computer and unzipped it from there to my USB key (this seem to have caused the issue for the other user as well).
            On the second attempt of the user, downloading the ZIP file on a windows PC, formatting and unzipping it to the USB key, seemed to go ok and execute the update on the head unit.

            Are you aware of issues with using Mac computers to download, unzip, copy and format the USB key?

            Thanks again for your help!

          2. Hello Ella, I have an update in regards to my issue, its solved!

            Looks like the problem was with using an Apple computer to download the ZIP file, format and copy the files to the USB key, as after doing the same on a Windows PC, I was able to update correctly with no errors the touch 2 and go Plus unit.
            I have read in some other forum, that it seems that spotlight writes some hidden files onto your USB key, when you use an apple machine, so the update package does not really like that and than you get the error I mentioned in my first post, the USB key has to be clean from any hidden files, etc…than the update will process successfuly.

            Best regards,

  38. Hi, I’ve recently upgraded the maps and system and apps on my 2014 Auris hybrid Icon Plus and the upgrade was largely succesful with just a couple of minor problems. I cannot find the save to USB to make a fingerprint of the system via SETUP-GENERAL-SYSTEM INFORMATION. Was this function not available on some cars? Thanks.

    1. Hi Wayne,
      We’re just investigating this. We’ll come back to you when we hear back from our technical team.

    2. Hi Wayne,
      This can be dependent on the model and software version, which may be why you are unable to see the option.
      Can we ask what options you can see in the menu? We can try and compare with another vehicle at HQ.
      Many thanks.

      1. Thanks Ella. The screen is headed –

        Software version: 6.8.1WL
        Map ID: 2016 be
        Underneath on the same screen are two rows of six boxes, the first headed – Device ID:, and the second headed – Request code:
        Underneath them are two tabs labeled System information and Audio information. Opening either of the tabs reveals nothing useful.

        Thanks, Wayne

          1. Hi Wayne,
            Thanks for getting back to us. Our technical team have checked this against another vehicle and this seems to be the same. They advised us that this is a normal display for this software.

          2. Thanks Ella, presumably Toyota Touch & Go Toolbox can’t be used with this Auris then, depending as it does on using a USB key that’s been prepared via the Touch & Go multimedia unit in the car. That’s a shame. Wayne

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for getting in touch. This is a software issue and it is known. There will be an update in coming months that should solve this issue. Many thanks.

      1. “Update in coming months”..typical pathetic reply from Toyota firewall! However I am impressed with the statement that it “This is a software issue and it is known.” Wonderful! Maybe Toyota should employ some software engineers who live in the real world and are old enough to drive a car!
        I’ve been quite vocal about Toyota’s infotainment system software ever since I bought my 2016 Auris Excel Touring Sport Hybrid due to the following shortcomings..
        1. Could not play music reliably from a USB stick (MP3 files) – now fixed, THANK YOU!
        2. DAB radio text doesn’t scroll reliably – sometimes it would be nice to see the full title of the song!
        3. Why does the screen display change whenever I alter a setting on the heating/ventilation controls for approx 5 seconds – I can already see this on the HVAC displays..

        I welcome your feedback. And again, I re-iterate that my next car will NOT be a Toy! (sic!)

  39. Could some kind soul please tell me how to cancel a route in the Touch and Go 2. I want to be able to cancel the satnav when a journey is in progress. Thanks

    1. Hi Steve,
      We’ve asked our experts and we’ll get back to you when we hear back. Thanks for your patience.

    2. Hi Steve,
      Our team have advised that this is dependent on the software version of the Touch and Go 2.
      If it’s version 6 or later, then push the 3 dots on the nav screen and then stop.
      If 4-6, push the button on bottom right, then stop guidance.
      Hope this helps!

  40. How do I get the speed camera warning beeps to work on my touch and go sat nav fitted to my 2015 land cruisers. It used to work until my dealer updated it for me since then no joy tried contacting Toyota but received only confusing answers. Do I need to download something via my mobile phone?

    1. Hi Tony,
      Normally, the Touch 2 with Go system features a speed camera warning facility which should inform the driver of any speed cameras without the need to use any of the apps. However, we believe the best advice would be to take your vehicle to a Centre. The Centre will be able to confirm if there is a genuine issue, and if necessary report it to the relevant people.

      1. Ella tried my local centre it took them two days to update the sat nav and they left it in a total mess I have zero confidence that they can solve this problem. Not that Toyota are any better, there in lies the problem I think Toyota support zero out of ten must try harder I think.

          1. Ella no I still have not solved the problem I have been through all the setup menus and everything seems to be as it should be for the speed camera beeps to work and all the other beeps are working. Can someone specifically advise me how to turn the speed camera beep on step by step through the setup menu.Also it does not help when Toyota in their wisdom seem not to have issued a revised manual for the updated system.

          2. Hi Tony,
            We’ve spoken with our technical department and they have advised that the speed camera beep cannot be turned on, on Land Cruisers. Unfortunately, in recent months it has become the same on all Land Cruiser models and it is possible that it could be solved in a future map update. Many thanks.

          3. Ella I am very disapointed that it has taken so long for Toyota to recognise this problem with the sat nav on Landcruisers and would have expected a speedy solution and recall to fix this problem. However, this is the sort of poor performance I have come to expect from Toyota and their dealerships. My vehicle is coming up for replacement in the next 12 months guess what I will be buying, definately not a Toyota.

          4. Hi Tony,
            We’re so sorry to hear that. Updates come from Toyota HQ in Japan and unfortunately we have no control over what is put in these updates, however we do feed back all complaints, criticism and development points. We would suggest contacting customer relations if you’d like to take your complaint further, someone can be in touch to try and assist you.

  41. Hopefully some good news for owners suffering problems trying to play music from a USB memory stick!

    I noticed a new Map update available for Touch2 with Go on the UK e-Store, “Map Update 6.8.2H”. I downloaded it (which took around 4hrs for some reason!) and updated my 16 plate Auris with this new release. It now displays software version “6.8.2WH”. Previous version was “6.8.1WH”.
    Strictly speaking, this new release isn’t a map update but a system software update as the Map ID is still showing as 2016 v2.

    The car updated itself in about 25 minutes, but that was probably due to only the system software being updated. Most likely will take longer if you are updating maps too.

    Anyway, so far I’m now able to reliably play music from a 16GB USB memory stick. I’ve had a few journeys in the car and so far no “freezes” in playing MP3 music from the USB stick. I’m now back to using the 32GB memory stick which I used in my 2014 Auris and so far so good! (this USB stick has approx 31.5GB music on it).

    I was driving the car whilst the firmware updated itself, and once it completed I noticed that operating the heating/ventilation controls didn’t cause the display to change – perfect! Unfortunately once the car was power cycled, this annoying feature is still present. A change to the heating/ventilation controls results in the screen to change to show the new settings for approx 5 seconds. Personally, I don’t want to see this, as I have full visibility of the h/v controls below the screen. Maybe other drivers like this feature? Could you at least make the display change selectable in the Options menu?

    It would be good to get feedback from other owners to see if the new update finally resolves the USB MP3 music problem.

    1. This is really erncouraging if it works as I am suffering continual annoyance and frustration with the USB freezing randomly at the moment, as well as the album selection on voice recognition resetting itself every time the ignition is turned off and taking ages to sync.

      However, when I try to download the update, I get the message that I have already purchased this product and it won’t let me go any further.

      Please, Toyota, can this be fixed so I can try the update?


    2. Further to my earlier comment, by going into the Purchases screen on the My Toyota website it shows the latest version against my October 2016 update so I am downloading it now. I will then install in the car and give it a good test and report back.


      1. Mervyn, apologies..I should have mentioned that I got the same message that I had purchased it before…interesting..I just carried on and downloaded it. Have now noted that 6.8.1 Map update has now disappeared from e-Store.

        Best regards,


        1. OK, got it now…you only pay for Map Updates, not Harman’s system updates! Update 6.8.2 has same maps hence the message that you already have this update. Does this mean that future SYSTEM ONLY updates will be free (beyond the inclusive 3 year map updates)?
          Come on Toyota, sort this out! Make it transparent what is actually being updated/fixed!

          Best regards,


    3. Hi…just logged in to e-store and I’m still seeing Map Update 6.8.1L…is the new one car model dependant…?

      1. Hi Rodger,

        When I log in to the e-Store I can only see Map Update 6.8.2H (6.8.1L no longer visible in my e-Store). I have a July 2016 Auris Excel Hybrid Touring Sport with Touch 2 with Go with three years of free updates.

        Hi Gigi,

        Update changelog would be nice…

          1. Hi Ian thanks for that information can see update on site but the only way to download it is to sign in whereby it dissappears.

          2. Hi ian
            Yes..I can see 6.8.2H when visiting E-Store without logging in.
            1. It’s not possible buy it without logging in
            2.I don’t think that it is the right version for my system (2016 -RAV 4 BE+ Hybrid)
            3. I have already paid for the 3 year map care package – so I would need the download and the activation key.

            I would appreciate an answer from Toyota as to how many map updates the subscription is supposed to provide.

            My small Garmin standalone SatNav used to have typically 4 map updates per year and routine software fixes and updates.

            As many others have said – the Toyota is a good car which is let down by poor commitment to software.

    4. While not 100% conclusive, I have now been using the 6.8.2 update for a couple of weeks now without any random freezing of music played from a USB stick (64GB), so that is very encouraging. It is just a pity it has taken Toyota 9 months to fix the problem.

      What has not been fixed though is that the voice recognition system for playing music still resets itself every time the ignition is turned off and takes around 15-20 minutes to “sync” every time the car is started, with the usual message “The media device is syncing, please be patient”. Music can still be selected using the menus during this time but this is not ideal as it is a distraction from driving. Voice recognition for sat-nav destinations works fine without any delays. When it is working, the voice recognition for selecting music works pretty well.

      Priot to the upgrade last April, if the memory stick was updated with new content then it would take some time to “sync” again before the voice recognition worked, but after that worked without any delays even after turning off the ignition.

      Please Toyota, fix this problem and I shall then be satisfied.

      1. “The media device is syncing, please be patient”.

        … I would as well really appreciate to have this optimized. I bought the Avensis with Touch 2 with Go about 2 weeks ago – now running 4.9.0. I have a USB stick attached containing around 6000 songs in about 50 folders. The menu is reacting no good but in acceptable time always when I start the car but the voice control system is still answering “The media device is syncing, please be patient”.what makes the system unusable when I drive.
        The longest trips took about 1 hour and I never came to the point where I was able to use the voice control system for music.
        Is there any hint how I can speed up the process of “syncing”? Can I access somehow some debug information so I can see what’s really going on behind? I mean it’s very unclear to me, what exactly the process of “syncing” contains as the ID3 tags are obviously well processed because the menu is showing albums, artists and so on properly.
        Does it maybe help to use a specific version of ID3Tags or does it help to bring the mp3s in a specific folder structure. Are there any more less official hints like that?

        kind regards

        1. Although the USB stick now plays music reliably without the random cutting out, the voice recognition is still far from satisfactory. On a 2 1/2 hour journey last Saturday, the voice recognition for playing music wouldn’t work at all with the “Media Device is Syncing, Please Be Patient” message occuring every time I tried it throughout the journey. On the return journey, it starting working after about 1/2 hour but on a short journey yesterday it wouldn’t work again. It is clearly not fit for purpose. It is now over 15 months since the update in April 2016 stopped this feature working correctly and it has still not been fixed in subsequent software updates. This is extremely disappointing and not what I would expect from a global company of Toyota’s standing. Can we have some feedback as to when this feature will be sorted out so that it works as it should?

          1. Hi Mervyn,
            We’ve spoken with our technical team and they have asked if you can provide some more information.
            1. VIN
            2. Software version the car is on
            3. What size USB stick you’re using
            4. What bit rate the music is
            and finally
            5. What is the file structure you’re using for the music

            Alternatively, a dealer should be able to help you with this issue.

          2. The VIN is SB1BT76L00E006429
            I am using the latest version of the software – 6.9.0H
            The memory stick is a 64Gb USB2 stick formatted as FAT32. The stick is approximately 60% full.
            All the files on the stick are in mp3 format at 256kb/s
            On the stick are three parent directories called “Classical”, “Pop”, “Jazz”. Under each parent directory is a folder for each album and within each album folder are the mp3 files for each track plus album artwork where available. There is nothing else on the memory stick. All the files can be accessed without problem by going through the menus on the screen even when the voice recognition is giving the “syncing” message.

            This is the same stick and same file structure that I have used since getting the car new in October 2015 and which worked fine until the software update in April 2016 (6.7.0H). The stick has not been updated or removed from the car for nearly 2 months.

            When I spoke to my Toyota main dealer last year about the problems that I was having with the USB music cutting out randomly from the same upgrade in April 2016 until it was fixed in January this year with version 6.8.1, they were unable to offer any help as it was clearly a software problem and suggested it needed to be raised with Toyota UK directly.

          3. Hi Mervyn,
            We have taken note of your email address and contacted you with further technical information. Please check both inbox and spam. Many thanks.

          4. Hi Mervyn,

            Did you have any progress regarding the endless syncing issue? Did you receive any advice about the root cause?

    5. Hi Does anyone know when the spring update for the Sat Nav for the Gen 4 Prius is going to show its face.

      1. Hi Ian,
        At this moment in time we have no dates of when the Spring update will come. If we get this information we will pass it on to our customers. Many thanks.

  42. Can anyone help me with a connectivity problem please? I purchased the 3 year MapCare and Services package for my 2015 Auris and have so far been unable to install the ‘Services’ apps using the ‘Over The Air’ instructions on the Toyota eStore.

    My Android 5.1 smartphone connects to the car via Bluetooth with no problem, but despite enabling Bluetooth tethering on the phone, I get the following error every time I try to connect to the eStore or other internet services such as Parking or Fuel:

    “Service provider unavailable. Please check your internet connection.”

    The phone definitely has an internet connection (I’ve been doing this via WiFi at home) and the connectivity settings in the car setup menu seem to indicate that an internet connection has been established via Bluetooth. I’ve also tried enabling mobile Wi-Fi hotspot in my phone settings, but this made no difference.

    Presumably OTA installation is the only way of getting services installed/updated on the car, as I couldn’t see anything on the eStore to allow a download to USB, as per the procedure for map updates.

    I’m conscious that I have purchased a time-limited package so each day that goes by I’m just losing services I’ve paid for – hence I’d be grateful for any help.

    1. Hi Chas,
      Would you be able to provide us with your phone details (manufacturer, software version etc.). Many thanks.

      1. Thanks everyone for your replies – it turned out that once I had upgraded the car to the latest software version (I purchased the 3 year update package from the eStore), the connection problem was resolved. However, I’m now struggling to find the “auto navigation” option mentioned in the blog article above, so if anyone can help me on that, I’d be grateful.

    2. Chas,

      Go into the Tethering settings on your phone and make sure Wifi hotspot is OFF, (USB tethering should be greyed out and OFF also) but make sure Bluetooth Tethering is ON. That should get you the internet to the headunit. I forget the exact place on Android 5.1 but if you look for Bluetooth tethering, that should get you there.

  43. Hello!

    About 2 weeks ago my smartphone Sony Xperia X Perfomance DUAL updated to Android 7.0

    But, our media 6.8.1WL on the basis of the system refused to connect to smart on profiles “A2DP” (sound through BT), “Internet”, “SMS” and “mail”.
    Profile of “telephone” is connected successfully, the address book is available.
    As a result, traffic jams are not working through BT and reading SMS \ Mail.

    Consider who plan to be updated.

  44. Hello,

    There are many things which should be polished in 6.7/6.8 version. But definitely it’s a more usable than previous 4.5 version.

    For me being able to search both the name and surname in phone book is a plus, also ability to switch on/off navigation voice during phone call.

    I would like to see “play folder from usb” functionality, ability to “read out” names to have better chance of speaking them later correctly to be recognized. And sure being able to choose time in a mp3 file would be nice (listening to only the second half of hour long podcast is a problem).

    And it seems that some maps are several meters off, so the system thinks I chose bad direction, but it only doesn’t know my precise location (despite tracking 8 satellites).

    Keep working.

    Regards, Pablo

      1. Hello,

        I missed one more suggestion in my previous post.

        Voice command uses spelling to enter destination in navigation. I would also prefer having possibility to use spelling to make a call. Voice recognition of spoken names is not very reliable, I would expect spelling would be much better for “foreign” names.

        Regards, Pablo

    1. One more suggestion. Voice commands should be expanded to enable “switch off dislay”, as can be done via setup/display menu. I have driven lately several night drives and it was much more comfortable with switched off screen.

  45. Hello to all, as other people my updated multimedia system suffers from the continuing blockade of the USB key. I pray with courtesy our talented moderators of this site do not write the usual phrase “we will pass the information in our technical” because it would be the same that you have told me two updates ago. Up to 4.0 everything worked. From 6.0 onwards, usb, any type, format, size, size (try as many as 3), with MP3 perfectly in line with the bitrate for the manual, cover, size, crashes after 40 seconds, or after 2 minutes of songs maybe the day after work. It’s a shame. Moving on to the technical details, why do not you also pass an answer on this?
    is it really so hard in 2016 to operate a USB key? those who go to work like me is forced to listen to the radio after paying 1000 euro?

    1. Hi Gigi, thank you for the feedback. We’re sorry to hear of your issue. We have no further information for you at this time, but we are looking in to getting this problem resolved.

      1. Thanks for the reply. Then tells me that you are to the current problem of USB? Last night, for example, worked for two hours this morning to the second song was blocked again, five times in a row, with 5 different songs, with the exact same USB, the exact same album, the exact same songs. I do not think that you know not the problem since in various forums are not talking about more …

    2. Hi Gigi,

      I have exactly the same problem. I hope that Toyota solves the problem as soon as possible.

      This really is not a good advertisement and actually quite a shame compared to competitors with a functioning media system.

      1. Hello Michael, I’m sure we’re not the only ones to suffer from this problem. On many forums discussing this problem. The shameful thing is that the usb worked perfectly up to version 4.4 of the software; from 6 onwards it has stopped working well. And no one responds. Administrators, your staff is at least aware of the problem? They are doing something about it? We tried 3 of usb brands, each type of setting perfectly following the manual instructions, but nothing. In 2017 you can not listen to music with a usb; it’s normal?

        1. I add; try using the USB connecting the phone with bluethoot; you’ll see that goes completely in unit with a long and endless screen “loading”

  46. I can say, that Toyota’s software SUCKS! It’s not intuitive, it’s not useful, it doesn’t do the job at all. The map doesn’t know round bounds in UK, I constantly get a black screen, when my iPod is connected to USB and HAVE to stop the engine to reboot the computer, I have to wait 5 min in order computer to boot up, there is no control over the FM radio during the booting process, I can’t change MPG to KPL at all (there is no such a option), split screen is a JOKE! There is no control over the map voice at all, there is no button to repeat the last command, as it was in ver. 4.5…. etc. I can write a book of all STUPED thinks Toyota purpose to their customers. I understand that you are trying to keep the costs low, but… come on! 13 years old child can write better software! Especially the interface! So disappointed!

    1. Hi Georgi,
      Thank you for all your feedback. We’re sorry to hear that you’re disappointed and not happy with the Touch systems. We will pass all your comments on to our team! Many thanks.

    2. Absolutely right Georgi…..the Satnav system is not worth the money paid for it!!!!
      I could write a catalogue of woes about it…but I’ll save Toyota the embarrassment.
      Hope they will listen to customer complaints via their next version 6.9v ??

    1. Hi there,
      Thank you for getting in touch with us. Unfortunately, we have no information regarding the replacement of the Aupeo! If there are any further developments on this they will be voiced through our social channels.

  47. Could I query an issue please, as mentioned above, the 6.7OH update includes ‘ three years free map care and connected services. These include map updates and free registration to TomTom real-time traffic information, mobile speed camera notification*, fuel price information, parking locations and availability, weather updates’, when I check my Toyota portal-Estore, it states that my Fuel Prices, Parking &Weather will expire on 28/11/2016 (which is when the car is 1 year old), according to the information you have provided, the expiry date for the above apps should expire on 28/11/2018 (i.e when the cars is 3 years old), the only way I can see to update is to purchase a Service Pack for either 1,2 or 3 years. Which contradicts the information you have provided. Therefore could you please provide the information to extend these apps for the free 3 years . Please don’t suggest contacting my local dealer, I tried this once before on another software issue, basically they didn’t have an answer, and suggested I contact yourselves. I have a November 2015 Auris Excel 1.8 Hybrid Touring Sports.

    1. Hi Les,
      I have spoken with our technical team and they have asked if you can provide us with your user ID (email address). We will not publish this. Many thanks 🙂

        1. Hi Les,
          We have passed on your email to our technical department. We will let you know any further information when we hear back. Many thanks 🙂

    2. Hi Les,
      We have spoken to our technical and systems team and we can confirm that MM13 devices came with 3 years map updates but only 1 year connected services. This will be the reason for the dates, if you wish to extend the connected services, you will need to purchase a subscription pack via the estore. We hope this helps clear up your questions 🙂

      1. Unfortunately it doesn’t clear up the question, the information Toyota provided clearly states ‘Moreover, this 2016 software update is also available to all current system owners’ , it doesn’t mention excluding MM13 devices.
        So it appears that that I should be included for the 3 years of connected services.

        1. Hi Les,
          Our technical team have advised that because you are using the free update and not paying for subscription you do not get these benefits. If you paid for the subscription you would get 3 years of connected services. Other customers will get this as they are paying for the update.

  48. Hello Toyota
    I just had my Rav4 Business Edition Hybrid map updated to ver 6.8 at your garage today.
    Could you please (Toyota) SPELL out what’s different from the old map 6.7v and the new one 6.8v, as I couldn’t see/feel any change at all.

    I would also be grateful for any one/user who has the same map update (from 6.7v to 6.8v) tell me their noticeable difference(s) is/are after the update.

    1. Hi Michael,
      Thanks for getting in touch. After speaking with our technical team, we can advise that the update will include additional map data and improved operating system software. Your Toyota Centre should be able to provide specific further details! Hope this helps.

      1. Hi Ella

        My dealer was unable to help me because they stated that “they don’t get a list of update info (from Toyota)”

        Could you clarify or spell out the specifics of the operating system that would have been improved, as a result of the upgrade to 6.8v compared to 6.7v

        1. Hi Michael,
          If you could provide us with your email address we will get in contact with you privately. We will not publish your private email address on the blog. Many thanks 🙂

          1. Hi Ella

            I still haven’t heard back from you after providing my email address as you have asked.

            Can also ask why the “call sender” option on the right hand side of the screen is greyed out (un-usable) after a text message alert has been received?


          2. Hi Michael,
            I can confirm that we did email your private email address with information that you requested. Can you please post your email again and we can try a second time.
            With regards to the ‘Call Sender’ button, we would have to advise contacting your dealer to look at this issue.
            Many thanks.

          3. My email is: *********
            With regards to the ‘Call Sender’ function that is greyed out/not useable when a text message alert is received, I am afraid the dealer doesn’t know as much as you think they know, as they always refer back to you, just like in the case of “what’s different in Map Update ver 6.8 – waste of time referring people back to dealers with some of these issues!!

          4. Hi Michael,
            We have emailed you with further information. We hope it helps!
            With regards to the ‘Call Sender’ function, could we take your vehicle registration plate or VIN number? Our technical department can have a look into this for you. What type of mobile phone are you trying to connect with? Many thanks 🙂

          5. I have just purchased the three years of map services and updated to 6.8.1L and would like details of what is actually included and how to access the features. For example, Coyote is included but I get a message of only 1 month free service. I cannot find Cyclops anywhere, how do I download / access it? What other features am I missing? I can provide an e-mail address if required. Thanks

          6. Hi Steve,
            We’re just in talks with our technical department and we’ll get back to you as soon as we hear anything. Thanks for your patience.

    2. I too would be very interested in seeing a change log published when new versions of the software are released. I would hope the developers have an internal change log of what they have improved / fixed!

      Apart from updated maps (which still haven’t included updates I made on I can’t see anything standing out that’s different from 6.7.

      What still isn’t fixed is the Traffic Announcement volume which still doesn’t remember the volume I set it to the previous time I received an announcement (25), going back to 20 pretty much every time. Please can this finally be fixed?

      What is more worrying is the ‘blank map’ problem which I had twice in the previous version and had hoped wouldn’t occur with 6.8, but it did the other week. When I say blank map what I mean is that the map portion of the sat nav screen goes completely black, but the icons surrounding the map stay visible as does the media window if you have spit screen on.

      The only way to get the maps visible again is to actually turn off the engine (mine is a Yaris Hybrid) and then turn it back on again – not ideal.

      Has anyone else experienced this?


      1. Hi,

        I had the blank map problem again this morning and had to ‘reboot’ my car (when stationary!) to get them back again. Do you know what’s causing this please? Let me know if you need any more information but it seems quite random.


  49. Hi,

    posting a changelog, like every other software company does, on what has actually changed between versions would be such an improvement.

    Thank you.

      1. Hello Ella, I have a 2016 Auris. I bought it in July 2016. It has software version 4.5.0 and I know it’s been updated to 6.7/6.8 also the maps are from 2015. I heard that the system should have been updated to the latest versions when I bought the car In July and I know it wasn’t updated to what was available at that time. I’ve logged on to etc and registered details, I’ve logged on to the internet with my touch 2 go system but no updates are showing as available. Only offering £109 map update? Please can you confirm what I’m entitled to as a free software/maps upgrade?

        Regards Dave

        1. Hi Dave,
          Thanks for getting in touch with us, could you provide us with your VIN or registration number? We will be able to ask our technical team once we have this information. Many thanks.

  50. Last Friday I managed to upgrade in one go to 6.8.1. (4x a year 2,5 hours downloading, upgrading, motor running???)
    I don’t understand the differences between WH and WL so I hope I took the right one. It seems to work. There is no logical reason why, seeing that my car connects online to the portal, Toyota doesn’t tell me which version I need.

    Some things to pass on to the developers: there is no logical reason from the user’s point of view, why the download doesn’t already include the required activation key, which now needs to be downloaded in a separate step.

    User friendliness of the car itself, which is truly fantastic, is greatly contrasted to the abismal user friendliness around the software. Other brands are much advanced on this important aspect, Toyota seems to be lagging behind and outsourcing it all to third parties who couldn’t care all that much. End result is noticeable lack of synergy between physical car and it’s software.

    1. After lots of problems with the USB Media Player in version 6.7.0WH of the software, I installed software version 6.8.1WH in my 2015 Avensis Excel 10 days ago and have now had chance to test it. In summary, I am suffering exactly the same problems as I had in the earlier version.

      During a brief journey last Friday, the USB media player froze after only a few minutes.

      During a lengthier test last Sunday, the player froze after 17 minutes and I had to stop and turn the ignition off and on again for it to continue. It then only played for a few seconds before freezing again. After that, it seemed to work fine for the rest of the journey. After about an hour’s driving, I tried the voice recognition for selecting music and that also seemed to work.

      Then, on another brief journey on Tuesday, the USB player froze again and the voice recognition wouldn’t work again with the usual message “The media device is syncing, please be patient”. Trying it again today, the USB player froze three times after a few minutes each time and the voice recognition system still gave the same “syncing” message.

      It seems the voice recognition system resets itself every time the ignition is turned off and needs the car to run for over an hour each time to reload. This is ludicrous and makes it completely unusable. The random freezing of the USB media player also makes the software unfit for purpose.

      The overall satnav unit continues to be very sluggish and selecting destinations and route calculations are very slow – the TNS 700 satnav in my Avensis from 9 years ago was far better than this. There are no obvious changes to the software operation or functionality in the latest version and none of the problems that have previously been identified appear to have been fixed – it seems like it is just a map update. I am just getting more and more frustrated and annoyed with the whole thing and it is spoiling my enjoyment of what is, otherwise, a nice car.

      Toyota really needs to listen to its customers, take ownership of all the problems, get them sorted quickly and issue a patch or fix. Waiting six months for the next update only to find it still doesn’t work correctly is completely unacceptable. I feel really sorry for those people who have paid £99 for software that is so full of bugs and unfit for purpose.

    2. I am still running the 4.5 version and have bought the new 6.8.1L – should I actually bother to upgrade? can you rollback to previous version if you don’t like the new?

  51. I’ve now updated my Software to version 6.8.1WL (Navigation Database version 2016 v2). However, I only managed less than 10 miles before my Display randomly switched into kilometres (again). Furthermore – and as before – switching back over to miles in Setup is not as easy as it would appear. Even after selecting miles – the display still sticks to kilometres. The only way I’ve managed so far to make miles ‘stick’ is to turn the ignition off whilst the screen is still displaying miles on the setup screen. Not an easy matter whilst driving the car !

    Come on Toyota – you can do better than this. It’s not as if this problem not been previously reported.

    David G

    1. Hi David,
      We’re sorry to learn that you’re having problems. We will pass this on to our team! Thanks.

    2. I had exactly the same problem since updating to 6.8 this week, with the Nav telling me the speed limits in km/h, same problem in setup and the same solution. Haven’t they sorted this it’s two months gone since October ?

    1. Yes. No big change except an old version of Mirrorlink that’s not compatible with half the mirrorlink apps (of which there are already so few).
      GPS (positioning) performance is still abysmally bad.
      Looks slightly more responsive.

      1. So Alex where did you get the activation code? I cannot install my update as the customer portal says “There is no Activation Key present for this product”
        Is it something I do not understand? Greatful for help.

    2. Hello,

      I wanted to try it, but was unable to install it, as my_toyota_eu didn’t generate an activation code – with a message “There is no Activation Key present for this product”.


        1. Hi Bjorn,
          Thanks for getting in touch. We apologise for the delay in response. We have had to contact our technical team for more information! We have to advise double checking the process you have taken against these ‘how to’ videos:
          How to update Touch and Go Maps with My Toyota –
          How to update Toyota Touch 2 with Go Maps –
          How to buy an app with My Toyota –

          This seems to be a larger issue and if the issue continues we would suggest contacting our customer relations team and they will raise the issue with Toyota Motor Europe.
          You can get in touch with customer relations via telephone: 0344 701 6202 OR via email:

          Many thanks!

        1. Hi Rab,
          Thanks for getting in touch. We apologise for the delay in response. We have had to contact our technical team for more information! We have to advise double checking the process you have taken against these ‘how to’ videos:
          How to update Touch and Go Maps with My Toyota –
          How to update Toyota Touch 2 with Go Maps –
          How to buy an app with My Toyota –

          If the issue continues we would suggest contacting our customer relations team and they will raise the issue with Toyota Motor Europe.
          You can get in touch with customer relations via telephone: 0344 701 6202 OR via email:

          Many thanks!

          1. Hi Rab,
            Thanks for getting back to us. No problem, if you’re still having issues please contact us again 🙂

    3. Hi Ron, I’ve installed this on my 2016 Auris TS. Still doesn’t play MP3 music reliably from the 32GB USB stick I used in my 2014 model. Really hope this isn’t due to car hardware problem.. Haven’t tried out the maps. Speed camera alert better..

    4. I updated this morning. Not had a proper look yet. Maps seem a bit smoother bit but noticed anything else yet. Do Toyota publish a change log showing what’s new / been fixed?

      1. Hi Andy,
        Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately, no. There’s no change log to show customers what’s been updated. Many thanks 🙂

      1. Hi Stefano,
        Thanks for getting in touch. We apologise for the delay in response. We have had to contact our technical team for more information! We have to advise double checking the process you have taken against these ‘how to’ videos:
        How to update Touch and Go Maps with My Toyota –
        How to update Toyota Touch 2 with Go Maps –
        How to buy an app with My Toyota –

        This seems to be a larger issue and if the issue continues we would suggest contacting our customer relations team and they will raise the issue with Toyota Motor Europe.
        You can get in touch with customer relations via telephone: 0344 701 6202 OR via email:

        Many thanks!

          1. Hi, what did you do to solve it? i tried today and i have always the same problem.No code generated.

          2. Hi Rab,
            Are you still having issues? It seems to have corrected itself on a number of other My Toyota portals. Please allow up to 48 hours, and if you’re still having issues and it has not shown up please contact our customer relations team! Hope this helps. Many thanks.

    5. After signing into My Toyota I ‘bought’ the upgrade for £0.00 as I had purchased the 3 year plan earlier this year, went through checkout and it now shows in my purchases along with the 25 character activation key – haven’t had a chance to download the update yet, but the first part was seamless for me 🙂

    6. I’ve downloaded this version from
      Unfortunately I’m not getting an activation code.
      I’ve read here that this problem seems to be fixed after a while, however after waiting almost a week I still can’t get an activation code. So there’s no way for me to install this update. I’m anxious to try 6.8.1HW, because the previous version is very buggy. It sometimes freezes, USB music stops playing etc.
      So hopefully this is fixed in 6.8.1. Please Toyota, fix the activation code problem.

      1. Hi Patrick,
        Thanks for getting in touch. We have to advise double checking the process you have taken against these ‘how to’ videos:
        How to update Touch and Go Maps with My Toyota –
        How to update Toyota Touch 2 with Go Maps –
        How to buy an app with My Toyota –

        This seems to be a larger issue and if the issue continues after checking, we would suggest contacting our customer relations team and they will raise the issue with Toyota Motor Europe and help solve the problem.
        You can get in touch with customer relations via telephone: 0344 701 6202 OR via email:

        Many thanks!

    7. I have downloaded 6.8 without problem apart from the time it takes! The spoken directions seem better as it states the road number ; eg 4th exit M25 which is helpful on modern multi lane roundabouts. At least there is a sporting chance of finding the correct lane! Annoyingly it repeatedly gives out warnings about limits of satnav and mobile charges. Can this please be removed at the next update?

      1. Interesting comment. How do you get the SatNav to say the road names etc? Is that a feature only of specific versions of the software? Voiced road names were a really good feature of my Garmin Nuvi which I gave up for the built in on the Rav 4

  52. Hello – I have ‘purchased’ the latest update to the Maps Version 6.8.1 (actually free of charge because I paid for the 3 year Map Care package). I cannot see a link anywhere in myToyota to actually download the software to get it onto a USB stick in order to run the update. The help documents all point to a ‘Customer Portal’ which is the predecessor to myToyota. Please could you provide accurate instructions on how to download.
    Also please could you advise whether the software engineers have fixed any of the performance glitches which have been raised in this blog over the last 6 months – or is this simply an update to the maps

      1. Hi Ella…thanks for the advice but no help as when I click on the purchases tab it says “No purchased product found. You can purchase products here”.
        This is clearly not right as I “purchased”
        3 year map care on 24 April
        Glass of Water in September
        Aupeo Trial in September
        6.8.1 Map Update ion 18 October
        All of these show up in my Payment history.
        I believe that at least one other person has posted similar problem in this blog and I have also e-mailed

        1. Hi Rodger,
          Thanks for getting in touch. We apologise for the delay in response. We have had to contact our technical team for more information! We have to advise double checking the process you have taken against these ‘how to’ videos:
          How to update Touch and Go Maps with My Toyota –
          How to update Toyota Touch 2 with Go Maps –
          How to buy an app with My Toyota –

          If the issue continues we would suggest contacting our customer relations team and they will raise the issue with Toyota Motor Europe.
          You can get in touch with customer relations via telephone: 0344 701 6202 OR via email:

          Many thanks!

          1. Hi Ellla – Good News!
            I checked again on the MyToyota portal and saw that my purchases were visible again (I had used your video to do this in the first place). I downloaded the update and installed it using the new activation key and this all ran OK.
            I want to make a suggestion for you to escalate through the appropriate management in Toyota. Consumers who take the trouble to maintain software are more likely to be interested in what issues /changes have actually been addressed in updates. It is good consumer relations to publish even a simplified log of changes. This also helps consumers to identify possible bugs or issues which can be addressed in future releases. Field testing is often more effective than than development/validation in this area.

          2. Hi Rodger,
            Thanks for all your feedback and for getting in touch with us. We will pass this on to our team!

    1. I have also the three years Map Care package, and I have manage to download the update 6.8.1 and I have it on my stick. Yoy find it here:
      But I need the activation code to install it. Just get the message “There is no Activation Key present for this product”.
      Can anyone who obviously has succeeded to install tell me where I can find the activation code?

      1. Hi Bjorn,
        Thanks for getting in touch. We apologise for the delay in response. We have had to contact our technical team for more information! We have to advise double checking the process you have taken against these ‘how to’ videos:
        How to update Touch and Go Maps with My Toyota –
        How to update Toyota Touch 2 with Go Maps –
        How to buy an app with My Toyota –

        If the issue continues we would suggest contacting our customer relations team and they will raise the issue with Toyota Motor Europe.
        You can get in touch with customer relations via telephone: 0344 701 6202 OR via email:

        Many thanks!

    2. Hello, I got the same problem. I bought 3 year Map Care package and when I have purchased the latest update to the version 6.8.1 (for free) I didn’t get the link to download the software to get it onto a USB stick. There is only a link to a user guide how run the update online with using your phone when you’re sitting in your car. Pity

      1. Hi Darek,
        Thanks for getting in touch. We have had to contact our technical team for more information! We have to advise double checking the process you have taken against these ‘how to’ videos:
        How to update Touch and Go Maps with My Toyota –
        How to update Toyota Touch 2 with Go Maps –
        How to buy an app with My Toyota –

        This seems to be a larger issue and if the issue continues we would suggest contacting our customer relations team and they will raise the issue with Toyota Motor Europe and help solve the problem.
        You can get in touch with customer relations via telephone: 0344 701 6202 OR via email:

        Many thanks!

  53. The constant apathy in the responses I keep reading is incredible. It seems numerous posters, plus I’m sure hundreds or thousands more users, have paid £100 for sub-standard software, then told there is no certainty if items will be fixed, or when. If this software provisioning was your core business you’d be out of business by now. Most tech firms can turn around software changes, including UAT in weeks, not months, and have a roadmap of what they plan to mend / improve. How can the collection of all faults be escalated to someone who is empowered to make decisions / speed things up? Currently it feels we should all be refunded our £100 as the product is sub-standard and not fit for purpose.

    There is no point suggesting we all go to our local dealers as they are interesting selling cars not sorting out software glitches. This should be owned and progressed centrally as a matter of urgency; if the developers are not aware of agile software delivery perhaps they should look to adopt this sooner rather than later.

    1. Adrian
      My thoughts exactly! How does a company as big as Toyota manage to be totally apathetic to its customer needs. This forum headline “Toyota Touch2 with Go receives major software upgrade.” Should be amended to “Toyota Touch2 with Go receives major software upgrade making it utter rubbish”. How can Toyota think that previous software that worked well, be replaced with fancy upgrades that are hopelessly inadequate.
      Toyota executives have buried their heads in the sand hoping customers will just get tired of complaining and just shut up.
      After the VW scandal, I thought Toyota was a safe bet, good track record on sorting problems and customer service. Now I know better, should have stuck with the devil I know!

    2. Agree 100% Adrian. It’s buggy, slow and feels like its running on a spectrum processor. More importantly the nav system with all its bugs and lag is safer switched off otherwise in my view it’s a distraction.

      Upgrade the mirror link so we can use our phones at least or include support for Android or apple Auto.

      No need for a reply, appreciate you will pass it on.

      Everyone here loves your cars, this love will wear off if you don’t fix your technology.

      Hopefully someone senior from Toyota will read all the comments and take some ownership.

      This should be a non issue, listen to your customers, respond, fix and recover the situation.

      1. I think Toyota have ring fenced this site, perhaps we should be posting our complaints on more public sites like Facebook and Twitter. Corporations hate public criticism.

        1. Hi Phil,
          On our Toyota blog, we do have specific rules in place and if comments contain external links or abusive language we are not able to publish them. All comments go through an approval process before they go live. Many thanks.

          1. I think Toyota have ring fenced this site, perhaps we should be posting our complaints on social media. Corporations hate public criticism.

          2. Hi Philip,
            We have certain rules that prevent some posts from being posted. For example, blog comments containing offensive language or external links will not be published. All comments go through an approval process to avoid this! We will be happy to answer you comments on our social channels but we would advise contacting our customer relations team if you want to escalate your issue further. Many thanks.

    3. Hi Adrian.

      I bought a new Toyota Yaris Excel Hybrid which I collected in 1st September 2016.

      I have issues with my speed camera alerts on my Satnav.

      Before approaching certain speed cameras, the speed camera alert starts to keep & doesn’t stop until I have passed the speed camera. It’s worse having if I am caught in traffic

      The Toyota Jemca dealer where I purchased vehicle from, didn’t appreciate that there was a problem with the Satnav. They were made aware of this by their technical department. I was told that there were other customers who experienced the same & Toyota are waiting for a new software update. The problem is that nobody knows when an update will be available.

      I wasn’t happy about this & wrote an email to Toyota UK’s President & CEO to complain. He received my complaint & passed it on to one of his
      Colleagues in the Toyota Customer Relations Specialist Case Team Manager.

      I appreciate that it will take time for Toyota UK, to resolve the issues with my car. I have been very reasonable & allowed them until the end of October 2016, to produce a satisfactory result.

      If the issue with my Satnav isn’t resolved, I have told Toyota Customer Relations, that I will reject the car. I explained that I am aware of my consumer rights & quoted The Consumers Rights Act 2015 & that I am covered under section 75 of the credit card act.

      The response that’s I received from the specialist team manager, wasn’t that inspiring. I asked her to send me an email, to confirm the things that we had discussed, which I received.

      I have also mentioned to the customer relations team specialist manager, that I have been a very loyal customer & that this my third Toyota Yaris. I feel it’s only courtesy that Toyota UK demonstrate the same courtesy to me!


      Kind regards.


      1. Hi Treville

        How have you gotten on? I still have the same issues as you, plus more, but Toyota have refused to accept my rejection of the vehicle. Im looking at starting legal action, and have already contacted the motor ombudsman in regards to this. Any feedback appreciated

        1. Hi Philip. Sorry that your still experiencing issues.

          I have had the latest software on my car installed by Toyota by the head of their technical department and it has resolved the issues that I had experienced. I had mentioned to Customer Services Team Specialist Team leader, that the satnav still doesn’t recognise certain speed cameras.
          In my previous Toyota Yaris, it indicated any speed camera on both sides of the road but, now it only recognises speed camera in the direction your travelling and the odd speed camera on the other side of the road.

          As Toyota rely on a third party developer to provide up-to-date software and it will be a case of waiting for another update in the next year.

          The only other two things that I have mentioned to Toyota, is that the DAB radio displays another stations text details and the satnav, hasn’t been updated to show certain roads in London, are now 20mph speed limits. Again, the information that I have provided to Toyota UK, is currently being investigated.

          I do hope you manage to contact your local Toyota’s technical manager and to see how he can assist you.


          Kind regards.


    4. Hi

      I raised a separate query / complaint directly with Customer Services. For openness their response is below:

      Thank you for your email and I am sorry to read your comments.

      I am sorry that you feel the responses being sent or posted to our customers are apathetic as I can assure you that this is not the sentiment intended and I would be keen to review this.

      You are obviously correct that Toyota build and sell cars and the relationship with our software providers and the provision of devices in our vehicles whilst becoming increasingly important to us over the years is still a third party relationship and I agree that any fixes and updates are taking to long in some instances for some customers.

      I will indeed escalate your email to my colleagues and superiors and would be grateful also for the individual issues you are having, to allow me put some more information forward.

      Thank you for your time and I am sorry for the frustration this matter is causing you.


      If you are able to respond directly to customer services, this may help build the overall case


      1. I see that version 6.8 map/software update appeared briefly in E Store but has now dissapeared. What was the reason for it being removed?

        1. Hi Gerry,
          Sorry for the delay in response; we had to have a chat with our technical team about this! We are pleased to inform you that the issue on the Autumn 2016 map update has been resolved. The new v6.8.1 map update is now available on both TechDoc and Customer portal. Due to an error in the update script from the supplier, there was a slight issue with connection services. You should now be able to update to v6.8.1! Hope this helps 🙂

          1. Ella I have purchased the 6.8.1 update but cannot download it because “My Toyota” informs me that I have not made any purchase. If I click on “Purchases” it tells me I have not purchased any products. Why can I not veiw my purchases.

          2. Hi Gerry,
            We’re sorry to hear this. We can have a chat with out technical team. Have you found your purchase since publishing this comment?

          3. Ella, I still cannot view my 6.8.1 purchase. In fact I cannot view any of my previous purchases. My purchases are showing in my Payment History.

          4. Hi Gerry,
            Thanks for getting in touch. We apologise for the delay in response. We have had to contact our technical team for more information! We have to advise double checking the process you have taken against these ‘how to’ videos:
            How to update Touch and Go Maps with My Toyota –
            How to update Toyota Touch 2 with Go Maps –
            How to buy an app with My Toyota –

            If the issue continues we would suggest contacting our customer relations team and they will raise the issue with Toyota Motor Europe.
            You can get in touch with customer relations via telephone: 0344 701 6202 OR via email:

            Many thanks!

      2. Thanks for this. I have just picked up a new Prius Gen 4 Excel hybrid and have the same problem with beeping on approach and driving past speed cameras, even when crawling in traffic!

        If anyone finds a solution for this, apart from switching off ‘Road Sign Assist’, please post!

  54. Hi In June I took delivery of the Prius Mk4 Business Edition with the latest Touch and Go update (6.7.OWL ) on the drive back I was unable to to hear the Sat Nav (the dealer had set the sound level to 3) I turned it up to 5 it worked well. A few days later when using the Sat Nav ,when turned on the sound level was at maximum I turned it down to 3 again it worked fine. This has happened on 3 other occasions. Once the Sat Nav turned itself off while driving, reset itself, but was showing Kilometres not Miles and took a lot of effort to change it back. Also Speed recognition of signs is very hit and miss it has shown speeds from 5 MPH to 130 MPH if this is controlled by the same software I do not know. The USB sometimes cannot remember where it is, as in when the car is switched off it will be on track 13 when restarted it will be on track 4, is there going to be a update to fix these problems.

    1. Hi Ian,
      We’re sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your sat nav. We are unable to say what will be in our next update or if/when there will be another! Our technical team advise keeping an eye on My Toyota for a new update. Hope this helps!

      1. your answer hardly helps I expect more from Toyota than an answer which says we may or may not repair a buggy software issue

        1. Hi Ian,
          We do not have access to information that will tell us whether or not bugs will be fixed. Unfortunately, this means we are unable to comment on it. Many thanks!

  55. I’ve been using the latest software for a week or so now, and it feels good, the split screen function is excellent. Much easier access of controls, and a lot smoother than previous. However, it does have some glitches, (or functions that could be much better) , the main one is if you include a stop-over in your route, the system will only provide the distance and the estimated time of arrival to the stopover, not to the final destination. The system should really have both. I mentioned previously that current speed could be available on the screen as an option, also altitude, I’m often tootling around the Yorkshire Dales , so this function is quite handy. The ‘Stop Navigating’ function is only available in full screen, it should be available on split screen also. This is probably an ask too far, but could speed camera warnings/drifting over the speed limit be viewable in the 4.2 inch TFT display on the dash alongside navigation direction arrows?

    1. Hi Les,
      Thanks for all your feedback. Although we cannot comment on new features/changes will come with future updates, we will pass your comments on to our team so they are aware of your thoughts! Hope this helps.

  56. I have a 2016 Prius. Software version is 4.4.WH. The update offered on My Toyota is is version 4.3.
    I cant believe this is an update as there is talk of version 6.7 on this site. The system as is gives very odd directions on occasions!

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for getting in touch. In the e-store the version 4.3 is the free update and the 6.7 is available as the paid update. Depending on if you have Touch & Go Plus depends on if you get the 6.7 version as a free update. Hope this helps!

      1. So you’re saying that because I have Toyota touch 2 with go and not the Toyota touch 2 & go PLUS I have to pay another 99£ to update my system software?

          1. Hi other Alex! I suppose I thought there could be a danger of that as software updates sometimes do that. I was hoping for some improvements. I don’t mind about the map I just wanted the software update. I would’ve thought Toyota would want customers to have a better experience with their products and provide free software updates.

      2. Well, I do have touch and go plus. The website says free upgrades for three years. Indeed I put all my detail into the website but was only offered 4.3 as an upgrade.

        1. Hi John,
          We’ve spoken to our technical team and they have advised if you have added your device correctly to the My Toyota portal it should recognise that you get free upgrades. We would advise contacting the dealer you bought your vehicle from and double checking that the vehicle has the Plus feature as we are unable to see that from the information we have at this end. Many thanks!

          1. It did work but only told me that the update was free after I had clicked buy for £99! It is a very slow process but I could drive the car while the USB was loading the new data. It is showing speed limits in kph although I have set the units to miles and gallons.

          2. Hi John,
            You should be able to change your distance unit in: Setup- General- Distance Unit/Distance Fuel Unit/Fuel Consumption Unit. Hope this helps!

    2. Don’t upgrade to 6.7 OH! It is full of bugs. And I think would be better for Toyota don’t advertise this product without a ny patch (I have a 2016 Prius too with 6.7)

      1. I second that there are so many bugs the system is almost unworkable I am having to wait untill a patch is available to get a sat nav which will not shout at you or turn itself off and a usb port that will go fron disc 1 to disc 2 automatically.

  57. The newest maps for the new NL Amsterdam highways A1/A9/A6 are currently completely unusable for the thousands of NL Toyota drivers. When and how often can we expect updates for these vital roads?

    1. Hi Nicolas,
      Unfortunately, we’re unable to say when the next map update will be available. We would recommend keeping an eye on it!

      1. But on the Toyota customer portal, where I can configure my own map download, it states:

        “Always up-to-date

        The latest map update for your vehicle will always be available on eStore. These map updates will contain things like any new roads, addresses, speed limits and also any improvements we make to the interface of your Navigation device to make it even easier to get to where you want to go.”

        Am I to understand this will never be newer than the latest ‘Grand Release’ i.e. currently at 6.7.0 last april? Or will those individual country maps be updated regularly, like weekly or monthly?

        1. Hi Nicholas,
          Map updates usually come in Spring and Autumn (roughly October). However, we cannot officially confirm when it will come. Hope this helps!

  58. I’ve recently updated to 6.7.0H on my 15 plate Auris Tourer, Excel.
    While I generally think the improvements are worthwhile, generally making things a bit sleeker, there is definitely a bug in the software, as others have mentioned, the navigation unit defaults to km/m at random times, and the only way to get back to miles/y is to switch the unit off/on. Really frustrating.
    And a couple of suggestions, in the ‘Favourite’ destination menu, the ‘Home’ at the top is where it should be, but the ‘Work’ button second down, while I accept most owners probably do work, but I’m sure a good percentage of us are retired, and have no need of a ‘Work’ button, could this be made editable or a facility to move it out of the way somewhere.
    One thing I do miss having is the current speed displayed on the display, I had this option on my previous unit (Kenwood/Garnin) , and found it very useful, mainly because it’s more accurate than the car’s speedometer.

    1. Hi Les. Thank you for the feedback. Regarding the bug you have experienced, have you spoken to your local dealer about this? They should be able to help investigate. We’ll pass your other feedback on to our product team for future reference. Thank you.

  59. Hi again,

    Here’s a weird issue for you! One of the roads I use in the morning has 2 fixed speed cameras on it. Both are visible on the map, but neither gives me an audible warning and when I’m about 50m from each one they disappear off the map.

    This was the same with the 2014 maps and now also with the 2016 maps. I’m not using Coyote any more as my trial subscription has expired.

    How can I report this issue and get it fixed please?


    1. Hi Steven. Do you receive audible alerts for other speed cameras? If not, it may be worth checking if the alerts feature is turned on. If you let us know your registration plate we can look up some instructions for you. Thanks.

      1. Hi Michael,

        Yes I do, it’s just those two on that one road that don’t produce audible or visible alerts (but as I said they do exist on the map).

        The cameras are on St. Mary’s Road, Moston, Manchester if that helps!


        1. Thanks for the heads up Steven. If you drop us your registration plate (this won’t be made public) we can pass this on to our technical department and see if they can advise further. Thanks again.

  60. STILL no mapping for Cyprus unlike every other manufacturer. Queried with Toyota Europe and jus get “we don’t do them”. No reply to my question why not.

    1. Hi Paul,
      Thanks for getting in touch. We are unable to offer any further information than what TME have already given you!

  61. Hi, I know you said you didn’t have an online forum so here are a few suggestions for you!

    When using the split screen with media information on the right, how about making these improvements?

    1. Above the information e.g. USB, track name etc., would it be possible to add a ‘progress bar’ showing how far through the track you are? I know there’s limited space so the mins:secs probably wouldn’t fit but a moving bar would not take up too much space and would be really useful!
    2. Where the phone button is at the top right, could we have a big red cross through it if a Bluetooth phone isn’t connected? This would be more clear than just greying out the icons.

    Hope you can take these suggestions into account and possibly implement in the next software release!


  62. Updated the software on my new Auris TS to 6.7.0H (after completing the required 120 miles before setting FUD!) in the hope of fixing the USB MP3 freeze issue.

    No difference, still freezes after playing music for a short time (random but up to a couple of minutes). Nothing wrong with the memory stick which worked perfectly well in my 2014 Auris Touring Sports. Based on the number of posts complaining about MP3 problems there’s obviously some inherent system problem. I just hope it can be resolved by a software update.

    Now DAB text scrolling no longer working too.

    I find it really annoying that any change I make to the climate control is displayed on the screen for about 5 seconds, duplicating what the climate control displays immediately below the screen already show – what’s the point of that?

    Haven’t used the SatNav much yet, but I see plenty of posts relating to that..

    Is the software tailored for each model type, or “generic” for all models with Touch2 With Go Plus fitted?

    Need any beta software testers? Can you send me a software development kit? 🙂

    1. Hi Ian,
      Thanks for all your feedback. We will pass this on to our team! In response to your question, the Touch software is generic for all Toyota vehicles however dependent on your model, means it could come with NAV or more advanced multimedia features. Essentially the software is ordered specific to the vehicle VIN number. Hope this helps! Many thanks.

    2. I have a 16 plate Auris Hybrid and I am not impressed with the whole Touch 2 Go System. Ver. 6.7.owl 2016 v.1

      Miles swaps to Kilometers without any warning, Road map information is crap (Roads missing, wrong speed restriction information), It resets itself without any warning loosing any information input (Favorites, addresses, etc), Direction information recalculates too often, Just ahead information is inconsistent can be 10 feet or x amount of miles. and the list goes on.
      What i want to know if the program is open source can this software be removed and Tom Tom installed

      1. Hi Chris,
        Thanks for your post. The software is not open source unfortunately and we cannot/do not advise altering the software from the factory settings. It may be worth contacting your local Toyota dealer to report your concerns. Many thanks!

      2. And I’ve found it’s not easy to change back from kilometres to miles! You’d think it would be straightforward by doing so in Setup to change back to miles. Not so! Even after having changed to miles in Setup, 9 times out of 10 you still end up back to kilometres! The only foolproof way I’ve found of making miles “stick” is by switching off the ignition whilst still in Setup having just switched from kilometres to miles.

        How much longer have we all got to wait for an upgrade correcting all such reported problems.

        Come on Toyota – You CAN do better !

    3. I have an Avensis Excel from October 2015 and after the 6.7.0H update back in April, there are a series of issues with the Toyota Touch with Go Plus which make many features unfit for purpose. The unit as a whole is very slow in doing anything (The TNS 700 Satnav from 2007 in my previous Avensis was much better) and the “I’m working on it” message for 10 or 15 seconds each time you ask it do something is very annoying.

      My main complaint is with the USB function in the media player. Since the update, the voice recognition doesn’t work (it worked fine before the update), all I get is a message saying “the media device is syncing, please be patient” no matter how long I drive around. Just how long do I have to be patient?

      Using the Browse feature (dangerous while driving) and selecting an album to play, the first track will play for a few minutes then just freezes and the ignition needs to be turned off for it to resume, then for the same problem to occur again.

      Reading the comments on here, it is clear these are common problems and six months after the “upgrade” nothing seems to have been done to issue a fix. I expect better than this from Toyota. It is no good complaining to my dealer as they won’t be able to do anything. If it can’t be fixed quickly then Toyota need to provide a facility to go back to the earlier version of the software but retain the map updates, as at least that worked better than the current version. It is no good just adding more “bells and whistles” to the software if the hardware can’t handle it at a reasonable speed.

      Come on, Toyota, get your act together as the system as it stands is not fit for purpose.

  63. I posted to this blog about 13:00 yesterday but it still hasn’t appeared, yet there have been 2 posts today – why would this be?

    1. Hi Steven,
      We have been waiting on a reply from our technical team regarding your question. We are in the process of replying now. Thanks.

  64. I’ve updated the software last night after leaving it a few months, figuring all the problems would be fixed.
    I paid for the £99 care pack and it’s installed (eventually) and working, but I don’t see or hear speed camera warnings, nor see a POI for cameras. Am I missing something? I thought the “Cyclops Mobile Cameras” would actually show on screen, but both the fixed cameras (been in place for 10 years) I passed this morning didn’t show and I heard nothing.
    So have I missed a setting?

    Also, when in a poor data signal area, the Live traffic switches to RDS mode and then NEVER goes back to mobile data mode, unless I manually notice and switch it back.
    This usually happens as I find a lovely traffic jam and wonder why I wasn’t informed.
    I NEVER want to use RDS. I want to stay on Mobile data even when the signal drops out (as it’ll come back soon enough) & I don’t care about any data costs.

    How do I make this happen?
    If it can’t be set this way, then it’s a poor design.
    Also, I’m not paying £79 a year for Coyote as it’s not worth the money. I kind of think for a car over £20k Toyota should provide this as a standard app.

    1. Hi there,
      Thanks for your post. Coyote is a third part app which we allow use for on our Toyota systems. Coyote is a social speed camera reporting system that you need to have set on the split screen to see. If the camera POI is not on the map, then the camera is not on the national speed camera database, if there is no POI there will be no ‘beep’. Our technical team has not come across the not switching back concern, we have tested units and they all switch back as long as the phone has its hotspot on. If you still can’t get your system to work we would advise visiting your nearest dealer or Coyote’s customer services. They should be able to help further. Hope this helps! Many thanks.

  65. Hi, just updated to 6.7.0L last week and overall it’s a really good update, thanks! However there are still navigation and speed limit errors which I reported to Toyota nearly 2 years ago after I bought my car – any idea why these haven’t been corrected in the new maps please?

    Also with the old version you used to press the turn arrow to show the full turn-by-turn list and now this just speaks the next turn (like the ear button used to do). The only way I have found of displaying the full turn-by-turn list is through about 3 button presses which is obviously not as convenient! Am I missing something?


    1. Hi Steven,
      Thanks for your post. We’re sorry for the delay in response, we were in talks with our technical team to resolve your issue. The technical department have suggested (if you haven’t already) report the issues to You will be able to submit a change, Navteq (who supply our maps) will then drive the route and plan it for a future update. However, it takes 18 months to plot/plan and roads are done on a priority basis. If you do log your issue once something is fixed/mapped you will get a notification which means it will be on an update soon.

      With regards to the turn-by-turn list, it was found through customer feedback that the ‘speak next’ command was more useful so the turn by turn was moved to the 3 buttons.

      Hope this helps! Many thanks.

      1. Hi Ella,

        Thanks for your reply and sorry for chasing up – I didn’t realise you only approved the original questions when you were ready to publish a response!

        It does help but I’m still baffled. Are you saying that someone from Navteq has to physically get in a car and drive the route(s) with incorrect directions?!? Surely they have some way of simulating a journey in-house and using (say) Google Street View to check if the directions are correct?

        What about speed limit changes, surely these are available to Navteq without having to physically visit the road?

        I will visit again, I was directed to such a website 2 years ago but due to having some sort of problem with it, Toyota assured me that my reports had been submitted to Navteq on my behalf.

        I really don’t know which customers you spoke to regarding the turn-by-turn list, I use it constantly to see which route has been planned for me! You can easily SEE the next turn on-screen (e.g. turn left after 1 mile), so why you would need the lady to speak exactly the same thing is beyond my comprehension! Could you please query this decision with your development team? It now takes FOUR button presses (assuming split-screen, I counted!) to get to the same screen I could get to before with ONE press.

        Also I have a few other problems/queries please:

        1. Sometimes the ‘Continue/Cancel’ screen doesn’t disappear after an RDS traffic announcement finishes – this bug existed in the old software too.
        2. It seems I only have a one month trial of Coyote as I was informed last night this will expire on 31st August and costs £79 p.a. to renew (I won’t be!). Apparently though I have access to Cyclops Mobile Cameras for 3 years – please can you advise how I access this from Touch 2 with Go, or is it already included as part of the maps?

        I do like the auto-navigation function though, this seems to work really well 🙂

        Thanks in advance,

        1. Hi Steven,
          We’ve spoken to our technical department for some more information, hence the slight delay on our response.

          A vehicle will drive the route as it needs to get the plotting GPS points. Google maps doesn’t have the same data unfortunately. The software Navteq use is more intricate and accurate.

          Speed limit changes are verified by customer notification via with the local police force & council. Yes, correct, the route does not get driven, but it does get checked.

          The technical department have informed us that it is possible someone logged the issue on your behalf, however is a very large community site and roads that get more reports are prioritised, not all make it into an update sadly.

          We also regret to inform you that the turn-by-turn list will not be changing back to the old format. The new and updated version is something we will continue to run and develop. We have passed on your feedback to our product team!

          With regards to Cylops, this is hidden software in the background and works behind the scenes. As long as the phone is connected for internet it will pull cameras from the Cylops database as well.

          We hope this has answered some of your queries. If you have any more questions please let us know. Many thanks and have a lovely weekend!

          1. Hi Ella,

            Thanks, and the same to yourself.

            Thanks for your latest reply. I have now registered with HERE Map Creator and reported the change of speed limit on one of the roads on my way home from work, as well as (hopefully) removing the old school which was knocked down and a new one built (hence the change of speed limit from 20 to 30 mph!). Can I also use this website to report incorrect directions/turns do you know?

            That’s very disappointing about the turn-by-turn list. Do you have some sort of online customer forum where I can contribute my opinions to design changes and report bugs in a more formal way?

            Speaking of bugs(!), as well as the ‘Continue/Cancel’ prompt I mentioned above, the traffic announcement volume I set doesn’t always get adhered to. For example during an RDS traffic announcement I set the TA volume to be 25. Next time I get a traffic announcement, it’s sometimes still set to 25, but more often than not it has reset itself to 20! Please can you report these two issues to your technical team, thanks.

            Thanks for the clarification regarding the Cyclops mobile cameras being hidden software. This certainly wasn’t obvious (to me anyway) so maybe your web team could make this clearer on the e-Store please?

            Thanks again

          2. Hi Steven,
            Unfortunately, we don’t have an online forum but we do pass these comments onto our team. Please be assured that all the feedback you have given us has been noted. Many thanks!

  66. Hmm. Reading here the really bad state of the software, I’m thinking maybe I should cancel my Auris TS and go for a Laguna which I’ve mostly heard praise of from my colleague Tom.

    1. Hi Nicolas,
      We’re sorry to hear that you’re thinking of this. We’ll pass your feedback on to our team!

      1. I would have done the same thing, I’m stuck with a lousy media system now. Time Toyota took some notice! You don’t expect an upgrade to give worse than before, Apple excluded!

  67. I have just taken delivery of my new Prius Business edition Plus and am disappointed to find the camera beep is so low as to be indistinguishable unless volume is set to max, and the distance before a camera is ridiculously long. Plus it has to be set so loud that navigation instructions are in danger of melting the speakers. DAB text scrolling has stopped and usb music is now horrible. The dealer holds his hands up not knowing what to do. Does now one in the software team check their product before release? I trust these problems will be sorted swiftly.

    1. Hi Philip,
      Thanks for your post. Please provide your vehicle registration and more information regarding the USB music? We will consult the technical team with regards to the text scrolling. Many thanks.

      1. Sorted the music and text scrolling. Memory card was corrupt.However what about the speed camera warning? I have measured the distance from the warning to the cameras and at 30mph the satnav warns me at 600 yards distance. By the time you get to the camera you have forgotten about it some 40 seconds before. That is if you heard it! I am not the only person complaining about this, also dealers are wondering what is going on. Also isn’t Coyote included with the 3 years free apps ? It is telling me it will expire soon.

        1. Hi Philip,
          Thanks for your post. Unfortunately, we can’t alter the distance in which the sat-nav flares up the speed warning. However, you can increase the volume of directions/’beep’ in the settings. With regards to Coyote, this software comes with a 1 month free trial period and is then £79 per year after this. Hope this helps!

          1. Like Philip (and others) I too am having problems with the loudness of the speed camera beeps. Pray tell how “you can increase the volume of directions/”beep” in settings”. Whilst there would appear to be separate and independent controls for ‘media volume’ & ‘SatNav volume’ they are NOT as separate from each other as it would appear. For example – if you manage to get a reasonably sounding bleep from the SatNav but then subsequently turn the meda’s sound down : the bleep is practically non-existent. Likewise if you’ve got your SatNav instructions set at a comfortable volume and turn the Radio up for an interesting news item you’ve just heard (and there’s been lots lately!) you subsequently get blasted out by any future SatNav instructions.

            I appreciate that as is, there’s nothing one can currently do with the current setup with regard to when you get the ‘camera bleeps’ but if my last Prius could satisfactorily give bleeps at the right time (and twice) why can’t the new software do the same. Please fix.

            To get around this problem [sic] (though not perfectly) I shelled out the £79 you mention for the Coyote system, which in the circumstances I feel TOYOTA should have given users free-of-charge for 3-years. Shame after paying £79 – you do NOT even get a Coyote User Guide.

            You’ve no idea as to how frustrated Touch 2 with Go users are! Shame you’re (obviously ?) not given the cars to drive yourselves- then you’d know how fed up we all are.

            As are our local dealers who are as much in the dark as we are.

            Come on Toyota you can do better than this !

          2. Hi David,
            Thanks for your post. We understand your frustration surrounding this issue. Feedback that is posted within any of our social environments is passed on to the technical team and has been recognised as a growing issue.
            To increase the volume of your SatNav without increasing the volume of your media you have to do so when a route is planned and inputted. As the lady is giving an instruction- at that point using the steering wheel controls or head unit controls, increase the volume using the volume buttons.
            Once the lady stops talking if you increase the volume, this will not increase the SatNav volume- it will increase the media volume.
            Hope this helps! Many thanks.

          3. Same problems here and the sat nav freezes and after 20 mins resets and in Klm instead of miles per hour.
            Tried coyote and the cameras were very out of date IE M60 road works been there for the past 18months yet no warnings.
            On a plus note Siri works very well.

          4. This sounds like a complete cop out by Toyota. On the earlier media player the camera alert software gave two clear double beeps at a much more sensible distance, with good audio volume, so why is the present software so awful. Why are the developers being allowed to get away with releasing rubbish? When TomTom had a poor software update it was corrected within the month.
            If, as you say, turn up the volume for the camera beep (which is still difficult to distinguish) the navigation audio becomes intolerably loud if not capable of damaging the speakers! This is destroying what was complete faith in Toyota as manufacture that cares about its customers. I have had to revert to CamerAlert on my phone to make sure I don’t inadvertently stray over the speed limit, this is just not good enough from Toyota.

          5. Hi Philip,
            We really appreciate you getting in touch. We apologise for all the inconvenience caused and we will pass all of this information to our technical department. Unfortunately, at this moment in time all we can do is pass this on further for it to be looked into by another department. This is becoming a recurring complaint and therefore will be looked into in a high level of detail. Many thanks.

          6. I have a same issue with speed camera warning. It’s much too low. Can you tell how to increase volume in the settings. I can’t find a way.

          7. Hi Kari,
            Thanks for your post.
            To increase the volume of your SatNav without increasing the volume of your media you have to do so when a route is planned and inputted. As the lady is giving an instruction- at that point using the steering wheel controls or head unit controls, increase the volume using the volume buttons.
            Once the lady stops talking if you increase the volume, this will not increase the SatNav volume- it will increase the media volume.
            Hope this helps! Many thanks.

  68. iPhone / iPod connectivity is ‘really’ frustrating me now. Seems to have a complete mind of its own. For the most time, it will always defaults to the first track alphabetically, regardless of what I was listening to immediately before. Other times it will start playing a Podcast even though I may not have listened to that podcast recently.

    And then there’s the default radio – it will always default to FM although I always listen to DAB. I know its only a button push away, buy why can’t i set the default band.

    Finally, DAB Radio text is at lot worse since the upgrade – may show the info once initially, but then will not scroll tracks or other info it used to show.

    Pretty sure no dealer can sort these out; they seem inherent bugs that need to be resolved in the next release, which hopefully is weeks, not months away – as from reading this post and comments, there are plenty of niggly glitches in this release!

    1. Hi Adrian,
      Thanks for your post and feedback. We’re really sorry to hear you’re having problems and we will pass this information to our product team. We do try to provide the best quality systems to all of our customers and there will be more updates to come! Many thanks.

    2. I see David has shelled out for the Coyote App £79. I also thought that it might be a work around unfortunately, yes you get a double beep, but that is still nothing like the old warning, dam expensive, and you have to remember to turn it on. As it came as a free sampler I tried it, and I would not bother with it for free! As for £79 ! ………….. £$%&
      Your reply to Kari. The Navigation volume can be set in the Setup – General – Volume settings – Navigation Prompt Volume (Nav). 2 – 3 is normally loud enough. Though at that level you will not hear the Speed Camera Beep! Setting the volume as “She” speaks on the steering wheel controls is a bit hit and miss!

      1. Hi Philip,
        Thanks for your post. We would advise if you have further problems with this to contact customer relations as they will be able to have a 1-to-1 chat with you about issues you are facing. You can contact them here: 0344 701 6202. Many thanks.

      2. Yes Philip it is a bit of an effrontery to be asked to pay an extra £79 to help get around the extant problems of Touch 2 with Go. But Coyote does at least have a ‘loud beep’ and Coyote itself can even be adjusted, as required in its setup, to give a [constant] warning if you’re ‘over the limit’.

        By the way you don’t have to remember to turn it on – if in Touch 2 with Go’s setup – you set it as the app to auto-load!

        But where is the Coyote manual – I’m still waiting!

        1. Thanks David but at £79 I will not be renewing! Even if I can work out how to get it to auto-load. If I have to make sure the phone is connected to it I might as well use the CamerAlert app which is much more friendly and at £19.99 for three phone subscriptions much cheaper, and you get instructions.

  69. I am also having ridiculous issues with touch 2. It says I. No longer have a subscription on the display when in Estore shows I’m subscription to everything. It is terrible at the moment and very distracting.

    1. Hi Steve,
      Thanks for your post. After speaking with our technical team we would advise contacting your local dealer to check what is happening with your system. They should be able to assist you further and help fix the issue. You can find your nearest dealer here: Many thanks.

  70. Same problem with mp3s on my 8 GB and 4 GB usb stick. Since the update my can not see my USB stick anymore. What can I do?

    I have only 150 MP3s in 8 folders

    1. Hi there,
      Thank you for your post. We have spoken with our technical team and they have advised that if the USB memory stick was working correctly prior to the update on this vehicle, a possible cause would be a defect with the USB memory stick. We would suggest, as a first step would be to try a different USB memory stick on your vehicle, or to try the current USB memory stick on another identical vehicle. This will prove if there is an issue with the USB memory stick or your vehicle. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know.

    2. Hi. I also experience problems with the 6.7 update. It does not have to do with thee USB stick. My system (rarely) freezes on the nav screen. When i play MP3 music, sometimes it plays the whole way from work to home and sometimes it stops after 20 seconds. Totally unpredictable. It has to be a software bug.

      1. I have the same problem with USB music on a new Auris with the latest software. I have tried new 16gb (and reformatted) drives to no avail. What I do not understand from all the comments is whether Toyota even recognise that problems exist. Have Toyota test engineers managed to reproduce the problems, or not? If they have, do they know how to fix them? If so, surely they can give an indication of how long it will take? If not, we should be informed a.s.a.p.

        1. Navigation / media systems are an afterthought for Toyota apparently, at least in Europe.
          Toyota sources from whoever is the cheapest I suppose (in this case a Harman – Panasonic mix).
          The US get a superior version with Mirrorlink.
          At least we (some of us) get 5years of free GPS updates and traffic, speed cameras etc.

  71. I got out of the ‘eStore update loop’ by installing Maps version 6.7.0 from a USB stick and then following a nerve-racking maps upgrade and another couple of trips around the eStore update loop – I ended up with eStore 1.0.193 which no longer loops. (For the eStore upgrade itself I had my iPhone 6S tethered to the Touch 2 system.)

    1. Hi David,
      Thank you for your post. We are glad you have managed to download 6.7.0 successfully. Thank you for sharing your feedback we will pass this to our product and technical teams. Many thanks.

    2. I downloaded and installed 6.7.0H on my Auris TS and although I see many improvements I have some weird problems.
      Sometimes the system gets slower and slower until it hangs completely. I have to restart the car to fix it.
      Also browsing through music sometimes is extremely slow.
      Also sometimes it takes ages to make a phone call and it randomly hangs.
      My best guess is the system has some memorty leak and runs out of memory after a while.

      I’m also missing some features I used to have:
      1) Now decent way to change the volume of the navigation voice
      2) No on screen button to switch between Day/Night
      3) No more SMS text message reading.

      I hope there will be a fix soon, because I 6.7.0H is very unstable at the moment.

      1. Hi Patrick,
        Thank you for your post. We would advise contacting our customer services team: They will be able to advise you further. Many thanks.

  72. Hi, I’ve installed update 6.7.0.H on my Toyota Auris TS (2015). I always have an 128GB usb stick with mp3’s to play music in the car. However, since the update the music player randomly crashes. The only way to get it playing again is to power-down the car, remove the stick, start and insert the stick again. I’ve never experienced this behaviour with the previous software version. Besides updating nothing else has changed. Can you advise me how to resolve this, or inform me wether a new update is going to fix this issue?

    1. Hi David. Thanks for getting in touch. We’re sorry to hear you’re having issues with your Auris. Have you tried using a difference memory stick? Officially, we recommend using a 16gb stick to ensure compatibility. Furthermore, some high-end memory sticks have security encryption, which can cause also cause issues. It may be worth paying your local dealer a visit to see if they can spot anything first-hand, too. Thanks.

      1. Hi Michael, thanks very much for replying. I do however doubt whether the usb stick itself has anything to do witch it, as prior to updating I never experienced any problems. I’ll give another stick (16gb, Kingston) a go though. My dealer unfortunately has no know-how in these issues. I believe it is a software related issue, and maybe your developers could look into it?

        1. Hi David,
          Thank you for your reply. We will pass this to our technical team to look into further for you. Many thanks.

    2. I have also experienced this problem along with many others since the upgrade. The workaround is to reduce the number of tracks to below 1900. Toyota needs to look at this problem and issue a fix.

      1. Hi Gerry,
        Thank you for your post and guidance. We are sorry to hear you are experiencing problems too. Officially, we recommend using a 16GB stick to ensure compatibility. We will feed your comments back to our product team for future product reviews. Many thanks.

  73. I posted a comment on May 17th about a Sound Level problem I’m experiencing on the latest Touch 2 system. So far I’ve not see this posted. Did you receive my submission?

      1. I’ve recently upgraded my Prius Business Edition+ Touch 2 with Go to Maps 6.7.0WL and I’m now a bit perplexed concerning the weird interplay between the Media’s own Volume Level and the SatNav’s Volume Level, notwithstanding the fact that the latter has its own Sound Level in SETUP. Often even after all the Volumes are working fine and I turn down the Media Volume using the touch sensitive ‘- key’, the sound of the SatNav instructions can often just disappear altogether.

        An untouched Preset SatNav volume level also seems to vary depending on whether the Media is actually switched on or not!

        Also the ‘pathetic’ beep from the Speed Camera Alert can disappear too if the Media Volume is adjusted and one can only seem to have a decent alert if the SatNav’s Volume is set to a blaringly high level.

        Also [is it me in not having the SatNav settings correctly adjusted or] is it now a ‘feature’ that the Speed Camera Alert only beeps once – a few hundred feet away from the Camera. On my previous 3-year old Prius I used to get 2 nice & loud double-beeps at, say, a quarter of a mile away from the camera as well as from hundred feet away.

        I would love to hear what Toyota have to say about the volume control idiosyncrasies of the new Touch 2 with Go system and what other new Owners think about it !

        1. Hi David. Thanks for following up on this. We’ve had a technical issue with our blog comments, which has caused a delay in responding which we apologise for. In regards to your issues, have you taken your vehicle to your local dealer to ensure it is working properly? This would be an ideal place to start, and we encourage you to let us know how you get on. Thanks David.

        2. I’ve run the same upgrade (Map 6.7.0L) for my RAV4h Icon, and have found the same behaviour. I’m trying to make it reproducible, but there is some interaction/interference between the media and nav sound levels such that I’ve had to turn off any media if I wanted a sensible volume from the nav, or to mute the nav and rely on the map if I wanted to listen to my media at a sensible volume. Not a matter the dealer can fix, really, it is a “pure” software glitch that I guess will need 6.7.1 (smile)….

        3. Hi David. Just to let you know that we have passed this information on to our technical team, who are currently investigating. Thank you for making us aware of the issue.

          1. Hello,

            While we are in bug mode, there is a bug I have noticed on the DAB Text. If the Media is in Full screen (as opposed to split Nav/Media) the station Text (usually show name, current track/artist etc.) appears only briefly and then vanishes. Old (4.5.0) software used to have this permanently displayed. In split screen mode, it stays BUT is truncated as there is not enough space to display…shouldn’t it scroll (so maybe two separate bugs).

            Otherwise I am liking the new software!

          2. We’re glad you’re liking it Ian! We’ll pass on your feedback regarding the DAB text. Thank you for getting in touch with us.

          3. Thanks for agreeing to forward details of the strange & inconsistent behaviour of the various Sound Levels within the latest release of Toyota Touch 2 with Go. I’ve already been in touch with my local dealer, however, they’ve so far had very little experience with 6.7.0 let alone with its idiosyncrasies. Indeed, they tend to leave the ‘SatNav’ systems to a peripatetic expert who only visits various dealerships on an infrequent basis.

            And I have to agree with Lester that because of the irreproducible nature of this problem it is “not a matter the dealer can fix” on an otherwise normally functioning Touch 2 system.

            I’ve just learnt that this problem is also prevalent in a Touch 2 with Go Plus system in an Auris Hybrid delivered to a friend of mine at the end of March. Ideally he’d like to drive around with the Media Volume normally set to zero but with the Traffic Announcements set to a reasonable volume. Unfortunately such a configuration often not only mutes the SatNav’s directions but also the insignificant “beeps” from the Speed Camera alerts.

          4. Thanks for the extra information David. As we said, this is something we’re looking into. Watch this space!

        4. Oh yes, this is driving me crazy. This and the whole “can’t read music from either USB or Bluetooth most of the time”. Oh, and when every 3 weeks my car forgets where I live and work, or my Toyota Online login and password, yeah, that too.

    1. You are not alone George! Strange my post to Paul’s comments of 17/05/16, left nearly 7 days ago was not published. I wonder why Totota/Charlotte does this?

      1. Hi Michael. We do apologise but we’ve recently had a technical issue with the blog comments, which may explain why your post has not appeared yet. We’re working through it as we speak, and hope you understand!

  74. I upgraded the software but now the sat nav loses its position. When I a stationary the map slowly rotates if this happens whilst moving it messes up the directions. It was working 100% prior to the upgrade is there a way to hard reset the system and reinstall the software? Thanks

  75. With the new 6.7.0L Map update, does anyone know how to repeat the audible navigational instruction at will? Under the 4.4.1W version you had to press the “ear icon” to repeat navigation instructions.

    Also does any one know how to move the cursor to the middle of a word to edit, rather than being forced to edit from the last character of the word you are trying to edit by deleting backwards.

    1. First one had me confused 🙂
      The icon which is shown on the map as the next turn diagram in the bottom left? Touch that and it repeats the last instruction.. Actually works well once you realise 😀

      Second one, nope but I would appreciate knowing too – I don’t think you can tap the screen to do it which is a shame.

      1. Hi Ian,
        Thank you for your post. We have spoken with our technical team and they have advised that there is an arrow on the keyboard once typing which will allow you to move to cursor to anywhere in the word without deleting letters. Hope this helps a little further and if you have any further questions please let us know.

        1. Hi Charlotte,

          Unfortunately the only arrow is a “backspace” arrow which deletes the characters; there is no other arrow to move left/right without deleting.

          1. Hi Ian,
            Thank you for your post. Please accept our apologies for the confusion. After speaking with our technical team again it would seem that this option is unavailable at the moment. However we will feed your comments back to our product department for future product reviews. Many thanks.

        2. using the “arrow on the keyboard once typing which will allow you to move to cursor to anywhere” DOES NOT WORK AS DESCRIBED – TRIED OUT but not working!

          1. Hi Michael,
            Thank you for your post. Please accept our apologies for the confusion. After speaking with our technical team again it would seem that this option is unavailable at the moment. However we will feed your comments back to our product department for future product reviews. Many thanks.

  76. Hi,

    I have a 2015 Rav 4 Business Edition with Touch & Go. I am confused about what should be available when. My software is 4.4.1WL and Map ID 2014 v3.

    Will the free software update be available shortly? Also, my car is just over 6 months old; do I get a free map upgrade as well, and if so when will this be available?

    1. Hi Adrian,
      Thank you for you post. We would advise contacting our customer services team: They will be able to advise you further. Many thanks.

  77. I’ve just installed the 6.7.0L update on my Rav4 (Touch 2 with go). The update does make the whole interface more friendly and adds a number of useful features including Siri Eyes Free. Installation ran smoothly. Please could you publish a comprehensive manual on the web as there which includes some of the key Apps,

    1. Hi Rodger,
      Thank you for your post. We will speak with our product department about publishing a manual online. Many thanks.

    2. Roger! Where did you manage to find it? I’ve been watching this blog everyday for a clue. Mine keeps crashing and my local garage aren’t helpful… Much obliged. 2016 Auris Excel by the way. Regards John

      1. Hi bought the Map Care package for £99 and the software update its part of that. I got that because I wanted to keep the subscriptions for live traffic and speed 📷 up to date for three years

    3. Hi Rodger. We are looking to buy a RAV4 Hybrid business plus edition however are getting mixed views as to whether siri eyes free works on the standard touch 2 with go or whether it needs to be the touch 2 with go plus. Is yours the standard touch 2 with go and if so what features of siri eyes free you can use?


    1. Hi Dan,
      Thank you for your post. As this is a modification to your car we would advise speaking with the manufacturer of your cameras. Many thanks.

      1. It is app (not camera) included in last software update for Touch & GO 2. I have 3 year subscription for this app and now I want to install it to car unit. But how?

        1. Hi Dan,
          Thank you for your quick reply. We would advise visiting your local Toyota Dealer who will be able to provide you with a hands on demonstration. Many thanks.

        2. Dan, it’s actual a license for the service rather than a specific App that you install – in the same way the TomTom traffic works. If you have 6.7.0 and you bought the 3 year services, you have it and can select/deselect in the Nav options (Use Internet camera database or something like that). Of course you need an internet connection for this to work.

          Also note that the Google Search and TomTom Places now appear after you search for a POI and you can choose to search them from the results screen, rather than going into an App to search then selecting a result to Navigate – there’s a few places where they have grouped like functions and cleaned up the interface but like you I thought at first I was missing things.

  78. This is beyond a joke! Why is the update still not in the updates section? I even paid the stupid £99 3yr map service to try and get it and it’s still not there! Why will you not allow me to update it?

    1. Hi Jordan,
      Thank you for your post. We would advise contacting our Customer Services: stating your car, registration and multimedia system details and they will be able to help you. Many thanks.

  79. My 2016 Prius shipped with Software Version 4.4.1WH, which appears to be newer than the one on the eStore. However I don’t have a bunch of the promised features (Siri eyes-free?), and it’s incredibly buggy. Opening eStore prompts to update it, which I do, then end up in an infinite update loop where it thinks it hasn’t been updated.

    1. Hi Simon,
      Thank you for your post and feedback. In order for us to recreate the problem we would advise contacting our Customer Services: stating login details, and if possible a screen shot of where the process is creating an error? This will help us to diagnose the issue you’re having. Hope this helps a little further and if you have any other questions please let us know.

      1. I tried that – I even sent them a full video of it happening. They responded by telling me to try things I’d already tried (and detailed in my email to them).

        So, next steps? My local Toyota dealer doesn’t know what to do here either, so there’s no point in suggesting that.

      2. Hi, Since installing update eStore continually says there is an update available which runs though fine. The update message then reappears continuously. (See Simon 25/4/16 ” Opening eStore prompts to update it, which I do, then end up in an infinite update loop where it thinks it hasn’t been updated.”)

        1. Hi Peter,
          Thank you for your post and feedback. We apologise for the issues you are encountering. We would advise contacting our Customer Services: stating your issues, login details, and if possible a screen shot of where the process is creating an error? This will help us to diagnose the issue you’re having. Hope this helps a little further and if you have any other questions please let us know.

        2. Hello
          I get exactly the same issue with e-store. Basically it says an update is available, downloads the files, authenticates the download, installs the update, and finallyvconfirms the install was correctly installed. The next time e-store is started it goes through exactly the same sequence. Several reports of the same problem should be enough for Toyota to check for software bugs without needing to refer the problem to customer services and dealers

          1. Hi Rodger,
            Thank you for your post and feedback. In order for us to recreate the problem we would advise contacting our Customer Services: stating login details, and if possible a screen shot of where the process is creating an error? This will help us to diagnose the issue you’re having. Hope this helps a little further and if you have any other questions please let us know.

    2. Hi Simon, I’m in the same boat as you with the estore loop, Tap eStore, choose yes to upgrade, yes to upgrade, install goes successfully, open eStore and prompted to upgrade again.

      Have tried various, including removing all personal info (closest to “factory default” that I could find), and updating eStore via USB which I’ve failed to get working at all.

      Waiting for a response from the “contact us” page that’s been posted above so frequently.

  80. Hi, I would like to use combo offer of 3years map updates:

    “However, you can benefit from a special offer, which includes map update 6.7.0L with 3 years of free map updates and 3 years free online connected services, for the price of a normal map update. Select the Combo Offer ‘3 Yr MapCare & Services’ now to take full advantage of this limited time offer.”

    But when i click offer link in customers portal 6.7.0L versions description i get error:

    “There has been an error. Please try again later.”

    Is there any posibility to buy such bundle?

    1. Hi there,
      Thank you for your post and feedback. In order for us to recreate the problem we would advise contacting our Customer Services: stating login details, and if possible a screen shot of where the process is creating an error? This will help us to diagnose the issue you’re having. Hope this helps a little further and if you have any other questions please let us know.

  81. Hello,

    I bought the Map care services inc Map update today – there is no download link? It shows in my Purchases (along with the other apps) but just no download link on any of them. When I downloaded other updates I had a “Download to USB” button. Just not there!

    1. I’ve also just seen my emails and it looks like a problem with the webpage when was trying to click the Buy Now button means I’ve bought it eight times! Help! Is there a number I can call to speak to someone and get this sorted out quickly?

      1. Hi Simon,
        Thank you for your post and feedback. We are sorry to hear of your issues and we would advise contacting our Customer Services: Hope this helps a little further and if you have any other questions please let us know.

    2. Hi Ian,
      Thank you for your post. We are very sorry to hear of your issues. We would recommend contacting our Customer Service department: or on 0344 701 6202. Keep us updated with your progress and we hope this helps a little further.

      1. Thanks – the Download to USB button appeared last night along with the activation code so I was able to download and install…still have customer services looking at the multiple purchases issue, but Software is installed and working.

        Where do we send suggestions about the software? I’m still discovering and playing with it but couple things I noticed. One is the circle around the arrow on the sat nav – it’s way to thick. Be nice to be able to adjust the icon or switch off the circle all together.

        If there is a place I can send my ideas to, I’d be only too welcome to share constructively 🙂 must say though things are laid out much more logically now.

        1. Hi Ian,
          Thank you for your reply. We are glad you have managed to successfully download the update. We will be happy for pass your comments onto our product team for future product reviews. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know.

  82. Morning
    I am just about to take delivery of a 2016 Land Cruiser icon
    Can I assume that the update will be loaded and ready to go on delivery ?

    1. Hi Keith,
      Thank you for your post. We have passed this to our product team and will let you know as soon as we have an answer. Many thanks.

  83. Only update I’ve found was Update 4.3.0L
    Is this the correct update ? I’m assuming it’s a free update, as there are also other ones

    1. Eran – have you registered on the site and registered your car? If you go to that page and you are not logged in I only saw the 4.3 free update.

  84. What’s difference between “Update” and “Map Update” on your e-store website.
    Because I am presuming that the “Update” which is free, (and so it should be) would be an update to the app/software controlling/operating the navigational system; whilst “Map Update” should be an optional buyable software for those interested in actual map update/extension/augmentation (whether in Europe, Asia, or anywhere else for that matter).

    My issue is that I am happy with my current pre-installed 4.4.1WL version UK map and do not see the need to fork out an exorbitant over £100 for an extended/augmented map that I do not need.
    Just like any map update with contemporary map suppliers like TOMTOM, would voluntarily (rather than compulsorily offer). Unless of course update to the whole navigational system is intertwined/intergerated with the actual map update – which would be considered mischievous, cunning, if not exhortational on the part of Toyota.

    What I am hoping should happen is to be provided with a free navigational operating software update (contrasted with a map update) to my current map version, so it can navigate correctly, and fix my current problem described below:

    I have a March 2016 Rav4 Business edition, and hence expect the Satnav to be working comparatively as any Satnav on the market. But I am really frustrated with the working of my Satnav as the change-response time of the “arrow indicating the turn direction”, “the guidance route”, and “the current position” graphics is not real time, not dynamic, too slow, hence one ends up missing one’s turn and exits, especially at roundabouts. This makes the Satnav almost useless if one is to wholly depend on the graphics at turns/bends/roundabouts, if there is no audible guidance!!

    Please can you look into this, and advice of a fix for it. Has any one else raised this point before?

    Thanks, awaiting your detailed reply.

    1. Hi Michael,
      Thank you for your post and feedback. We are sorry to hear of your issues and we would advise contacting our Customer Services: Hope this helps a little further and if you have any other questions please let us know.

    1. Hi Michael,
      Thank you for your post. The update is now available on the My Toyota Portal. Many thanks.

      1. As my car is newly bought – in March 2016, am I covered with a 3 year Map care or not? If I am, would I be entitled to a FREE OF CHARGE 6.7.0L map update?

        1. Hi Michael,
          Thank you for your post. We have spoken with our product team and due to your vehicle being ordered before the change was implemented this will not be covered. The 6.7.0 update will provide you with 3 years of free map updates. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know.

          1. Hi Charlotte, we ordered our new Prius on 4th March 2016, and took delivery on the 15th (yes, it was the showroom model). Given that the new Touch and Go was announced as being available on 1st March, could we ask our dealer to have that installed as a complimentary update, please? I think there was an earlier suggestion in your reply to a similar enquiry that this would be viewed sympathetically. Many thanks!

          2. Hi Lester,
            Thank you for your post. We would advise contacting our customer relations team here: Many thanks.

  85. Help with Satellite Navigation –

    I have a March 2016 Rav4 Business edition, and hence expect the Satnav to be working comparatively as any Satnav on the market. But I am really frustrated with the working of my Satnav as the change-response time of the “arrow indicating the turn direction”, “the guidance route”, and “the current position” graphics is not real time, not dynamic, too slow, hence one ends up missing one’s turn and exits, especially at roundabouts. This makes the Satnav almost useless if one is to wholly depend on the graphics at turns/bends/roundabouts, if there is no audible guidance!!

    Please can you look into this, and advice of a fix for it. Has any one else raised this point before?

    Thanks, awaiting your detailed reply.

    1. Hi Michael,
      Thank you for your post. We have spoken with our technical team and they have advised visiting your local Toyota dealer where a visual inspection can be performed to understand these issues further. Your local Toyota Dealer can be found here: We have also fed your comments back to our product department for future product reviews. Many thanks.

  86. For Charlotte. Left a question this afternoon, but no sign of it now on the Blog. You replied to Chris (I think and suggested getting the update from the portal. This is my question “Which part of the portal Charlotte? I’ve looked at the E-store but can’t identify a major software upgrade. Is there a reference number or description? Thanks.”
    I’ve checked again on the portal, but I cannot find a reference to a major update. What is the size of this download? My dealer was reluctant to update to 4.5.0H due to bandwidth and cost issues, and I dare say this update is larger?

    1. I see my question is on the blog now. It wasn’t there when I looked before SFAIK. Is there an issue with Safari on Mac?

    2. Hi John,
      Thank you for your post. Just to keep you updated we are investigating your query and will let you know as soon as we have an answer. Many thanks.

      1. Yes, it would appear so. However, 6.7.0H appears in the map section, not the software update. Sometimes it would help if the designers of these sites had to use them first.
        BTW, I’ve downloaded 6.7.0H (part of the 3 year update coverage for T&G2 plus) but for some reason it won’t load. Matter now referred to CS.

        1. Hi there,
          Thank you for your post. We hope your issue is resolved as soon as possible. Please keep us updated on your progress. Many thanks.

          1. An update. We use an iMac, and and despite many attempts, no success with the transfer of data to the head unit. Decided therefore to use BootCamp to run Windows on my iMac.

            Downloaded the file referenced by CS, onto a freshly formatted USB stick, processed all through Windows. Inserted into Auris.


            With a few hiccups, the process took about 50 minutes. Had to re-insert the Activation code from my last download as the code in the link read 1111-2222-3333-4444 and wasn’t accepted.

            So we are now on 6.7.0WH with map 2016v1.

            Hope this might help. Perhaps the technical staff could consider whether Apple Mac users could be accommodated?

          2. Hi there,
            Thank you for your post. We are sorry for the difficulties you have experienced but we are pleased you have managed to update your system. We will feed your comments back to our product team for future product reviews. Many thanks.

  87. I checked my Toyota account and I see this update is costing >100 EUR (I am from Poland). Is this update free or not? Thank you

    1. Hi Pawel,
      Thank you for your post. We would advise contacting Toyota Poland. Many thanks.

    1. Hi Chris,
      Thank you for your post. The update can be downloaded by your local Toyota Dealer or through the My Toyota portal. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know.

      1. Which part of the portal Charlotte? I’ve looked at the E-store but can’t identify a major software upgrade. Is there a reference number or description? Thanks.

      2. Is it correct that the update costs 119€ also if I have the touch2 go plus (v4.5.0h) which should have 3 years of free map updates included?

        1. Hi Stefano,
          Thank you for your post. We would advise contacting our Customer Services team: stating your car, registration and multimedia system details and they will be able to help you further. Many thanks.

      1. Hi Chris,
        Thank you for your post and apologies for the late reply. We have spoken with our team responsible for the site and unfortunately this is still unavailable due to ongoing problems. We are working as hard as possible to rectify this issue and will keep you updated with the progress. As an alternative you are able to contact along with your car and multimedia system details. Hope this helps further, many thanks.

    1. Hi Paul,
      Thank you for your post. This will be available on your 2012 Hilux Invincible with Touch 2 and Go. Many thanks.

      1. Hi Chris,
        Thank you for your post. The update can be downloaded by your local Toyota Dealer or through the My Toyota portal. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know.

        1. Hi Charlotte

          My dealer has asked me to down load it myself as he hasn’t got enough bandwidth to download it so I need to know how to do it please. 2015 Auris Excel registered in September. Thanking you! John Rutter

          1. Hi John,
            Thank you for your post. We have just sent you a quick message about this. Many thanks.

    1. Hi there,
      Thank you for your post. We can confirm that the update will be available 15 April. Many thanks.

    1. Hi Gethin,
      Thank you for your post. We can confirm that the update will be available 15 April. Many thanks.

    1. Hi Paolo,
      Thank you for your post. We would advise visiting your local Toyota Dealer where they will be able to update your system. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know.

      1. Would have thought that was a little difficult, as local dealers are not in possession of the update yet. At least according to the reply given earlier:

        “LLS March 21, 2016 at 11:49
        Hi Luke,
        Thank you for your post. We can confirm that there will be an update coming this May. When we have more details on this update we will let you know. Many thanks.”

        Any firm news on the update and how to access it? I’ve been waiting for the chance to get mine sorted for some time.

  88. Will there be more apps down loadable in future ?
    I know the upgrade system can read normal messages but who uses sms nowadays?
    What we need is a whatsapp functionally!
    Nice they thought about iphone users,but what about Android?
    Will the system,finally be able to speak out street names,motorway exits and the following directions as I expect modern navigation systems to do so ?

    1. Hi Carsten,
      Thank you for your post. We will feed your comments to our product department for future product reviews. Please keep an eye on our blog for all the latest news and features. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know.

  89. Hi there, is the update still expected to be released in April and can you confirm if it will be free. Thanks

    1. Hi Luke,
      Thank you for your post. We can confirm that there will be an update coming this May. When we have more details on this update we will let you know. Many thanks.

      1. Hi Chalotte

        Could you confirm the date this update will be available for download, I was originally told it was going to be April, now you’re say May?

        1. Hi Colin,
          Thank you for your post. Release dates for updates can be subject to change. However, we can now confirm that the update will be available 15 April. Many thanks.

          1. Hi Colin,
            Thank you for your reply. You have now contacted Customer Relations and raised a case we will respond once investigated please. Many thanks.

          2. Hi. I was quite excited about this update, then I saw the new interface and to be honest, I’m thinking that this is a joke. Seriously, it’s 2016 and Toyota comes out with such obsolete graphics and style?

          3. Hi Roberto,
            Thank you for your post. We will feed your comments to our product department for future product reviews. Many thanks.

        1. Unfortunately not, Roberto. The software update includes a large number of improvements which are linked to the navigation system, connectivity and voice recognition; functionalities which are not available on the non-navigation systems. Thanks.

          1. No changes to phone interface?
            I hoped for at least case insensitive searching in contacts (with both name and surname) 🙁

  90. I forgot to mention, Coyote is also telling me it expires tomorrow. I thought it was free for 1st year? Could be wrong, but it’s insistent.

  91. Been having a problem keeping “traffic over Internet” selected and it keeps reverting to Traffic over TMC. Booked to go back to Dealer on 23rd, so hoping they install the upgrade.
    Also its crashed twice and set me back to KM/H and I have to bounce through KM/L and then to MPG to get it back. I can’t go straight to MPG as it says it’s done it, but then just stays on KM/H.
    Here’s hoping. (2016 Auris – 1 month old)

    1. Hi Si. Thanks for getting in touch to let us know about this. We apologise for the glitches you are experiencing. We hope your dealer can sort these our for you. Please let us know how you get on. Thanks.

      1. Well, it crashed again this morning and set me back to KPH.
        I tried to update as it’s the 15th and seemed to get into an “estore update is available – install – installed – estore update is available – repeat” loop.
        I’ll try it again later.

        1. Hi Si,
          Thank you for your post. Unfortunately we will have to raise this with our technical team next week, therefore will only be able to provide a response next week. Many thanks.

          1. Just to say I’m still unable to update estore update with the same looping error as before.
            I also cannot download the update to USB to install that way as it says “You’ve already purchased” when I try to add it to basket.
            Also on the portal, I’m seeing a charge for the system update of £99 for Map Update 6.7.0L & 3Yr MapCare & Services.
            I thought this was a free upgrade for current owners?

          2. Hi Simon,
            Thank you for your post. We would advise contacting our Customer Services: stating your car, registration and multimedia system details and they will be able to help you. Many thanks.

          3. I bought my Rav4 Business edition in March 2016. Would it have automatically come with a 3Yr Map Care? If so would that give me a FREE ENTITLEMENT to the 6.7.0 map update?

        2. Hi. I’m also having the same issue on estore and seem to be stuck on a loop of update available , installed , verified and then the same again

          1. Hi Andrew,
            Thank you for your post. We would advise contacting our Customer Services team: stating your car, registration and multimedia system details and they will be able to help you. Many thanks.

          2. Did you get to the bottom of this, Andrew? I’m seeing the same thing on my 2016 Prius.

    2. 2 Years later and still there is a problem with “keeping “traffic over Internet” selected and it keeps reverting to Traffic over TMC”. Yaris hybrid 2017 with last maps update, I’m going crazy :(((((

  92. Great news. Will this update correct the long standing oversight of the Apple iPhones not being fully supported?

    1. Hi Justin. Thanks for your comment. Please provide us with more detail about the issues you are referring to and we’ll do our best to answer. Thanks.

      1. Hi Matt. Further detail. I purchased a new Rav4 hybrid, with Touch and Go, on Friday. I have an iPhone6s. I accept that the text message function does not work due to Apple encryption protocols on Messaging. However, I was extremely disappointed to find out that none of the internet functionality works according to my supplying dealer (funny they did not mention this before handover and all functions worked perfectly in my GT86). I have since configured the personal hotspot functions on the iPhone to tether the car. However, using the Bluetooth link I am not able to browse music on my iPhone. This is a rather large impediment to using the system and worked fine on earlier versions of Touch (GT86).

        Really not impressed that Toyota have not designed the system to be compatible with the most widely used/sold phone model in the world.

        1. Hi Justin,
          Thank you for your post. We will feed your comments to our product team for future product reviews. Many thanks.

    1. Thanks for your question. You can either take your car to your local dealer, who will carry out the upgrade for you, or download and install the upgrade yourself via the MyToyota portal, here:

      1. will this update also be free. I am collecting my 2016 Yaris Icon with touch2 with Go next week. Will it have the update already on there

        1. Hi Gethin. We expect this update to be available in April. Please check with your dealer that you have free map updates, and they will be able to arrange an update when it becomes available. Thank you.

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