Toyota UK statement regarding USA Corolla Sedan

Toyota (GB) is aware of customer complaints from owners of Corolla models in the USA regarding the power-steering on that car. We want to be absolutely clear with our UK customers that the ‘Corolla Sedan’ (the 4-door Saloon) in question is not a model which is, or has been, sold in the UK. The ‘Corolla’ model sold in the UK up to 2007 is a different car.

2009/2010 Corolla Sedan is not sold in the UK
2009/2010 Corolla Sedan is not sold in the UK

The latest information that we have regarding this matter in the United States is that Toyota has not received any official letter from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) regarding a possible issue with Toyota Corolla steering. As you would expect, Toyota Motor Sales, the US equivalent of Toyota (GB), will provide its full cooperation to any investigations that are deemed necessary.

Toyota GB will of course keep our customers updated.

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  1. I tend not to comment on blogs, but your post urged me to praise your efforts. Thank you for the read, I will surely bookmark your blog and come back occasionally. Cheers.

  2. I don’t know about that. I’m not sure I agree with your ideas. I’ll just agree to disagree. Thanks for the post.

  3. I own a toyota prius second generation in the uk and i am wondering if anything could be wrong with it or will it need to be recalled, it is a 57 plate.

  4. I have a Toyota car myself however not one of the recalls. My experience in the UK has always been outstanding, far better than any others I may add and there have been a few! The media should leave well enough alone and the public should make their decisions on fact and not fiction.

  5. Any loss of life caused as a direct result of a vehicle defect is of course a tragedy. As previous people have commented there are many other manufacturers out there who have far more serious issues with their vehicles.

    Toyota for all their faults (perceived or actual) should be applauded for being so open and direct in their response.

    Other manufacturers on the other hand choose a course of deniability, for example a German manufacturer with cracking alloy wheels or a French manufacturer whose bonnet release catches fail whilst your driving at 70mph.

    Unfortunately the media are again largely to blame for this frenzy by whipping up a panic amongst consumers. As far as the media goes the only good news is bad news.

    I for one will still have confidence in the Toyota brand and will continue to buy Toyota products.

    1. In the U.S. Toyota first denigned anything was wrong. Then they blamed the customer. than they blamed the parts supplier. Only after a high ranking government official visited Toyota in Japan did they decide to do anything. They handled poorly in the U.S.

      1. In reply to Dan Roberts, i didn’t realise Toyota had taken this initial course of action, and to be frank the US situation appears to have been poorly handled.

        As for the UK i can say from my own experience, that thus far Toyota have been quick to respond to customers queries and appear to have got a grip on the recall program.

  6. Fully agree about the media frenzy around Toyota. The NHTSA database in the US tells a similar story – multiple recalls from a range of manufacturers, many of them for more serious faults. It would be a great shame if the vision and commitment to innovation that brought us the Prius ten years ahead of its time, along with significant investment in the UK, were to be a casualty of the media’s disproporionate response to the recall story.

  7. From what I have read, the deaths in the US are completely unrelated to the issues in the UK. I have met drivers who have experience the accelerator issue and the Prius brake issue. For every single one of them the ‘concern’ was a minor inconvenience. I have not yet met a single person who has suggested that their car accelerated suddenly or that their Prius did not stop. The press are exaggerating these concerns and linking unrelated incidents in order to build a bigger story. Finally, if you access VOSA’s website that lists all the recalls in the UK you will find a scary amount of vehicles from all makers with issues far more serious – such as brake light switches catching fire and filling the car with smoke. Recalls are a natural part of the constant efforts of manufacturers to provide for the constantly increasing demands of customers. Toyota is no worse than any other maker for having issues with its cars and the biggest problem in recent weeks has been the press inflaming the situation with wildly exaggerated and inaccurate stories.

  8. Hi
    Its very worrying that all of a sudden various issues about
    different models made by Toyota are coming out in the open. T
    There is no mention on the Toyota website about the casualties in the USA due to the acclerator pedal problem.
    My worry is there more to come?
    How many more skeletons are going to tumble out of Toyota’s hi-tech super polished cupboards?
    I seriously doubt Toyota’s integrity now.

    1. You may want to look on Ford’s website and see if they mention the 250+ people who died in the late 90’s due the the Ford/Firestone tyre controversy…

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