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New Toyota Verso driving

New Toyota Verso drivingThe new Toyota Verso is about to arrive on UK roads – so if there’s anything you want to find out about the car, now’s the time to ask!

We’ll be attending the media launch of the new compact MPV this week, when the UK’s top motoring journalists and reviewers will get the chance to drive the car and give their verdict on it.

But we’ll also have access to Toyota insiders who know all there is to know about the new model, and we’d love to put your questions directly to them.

So, if you’re considering a new Toyota Verso and want to know some specifics, or if you’re just interested in the car, send your questions our way and we’ll do our best to answer them as quickly as possible.

Don’t forget – you can also contact us via our Facebook page or on Twitter at @ToyotaGB.

In the meantime, take a look at what we’ve already published about the new Verso.

Prices and specifications

Verso debuts at the Paris Motor Show

New Toyota Verso – first pictures


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  1. Hi

    I own a verso 2014 plate.

    I have recently had a baby and tried to install the isofix that came with my pushchair. I’m finding that however I try and position it it always ends up with the car seat being tilted and my babies head tips forward. The car seat I have only comes with an isofix and can’t be used without it. Is there a way to resolve this issue? I’ve seen other posts suggesting to open up the storage compartment and put the isofix bar in there, is this a safe option ?

    Kind regards


  2. I own a Toyota Verso 2017

    I would like to connect two rear seating baby seats using the ISOFIX connections.
    Reading the manual shows that rear facing, like most of the baby seats, are not supported using ISOFIX.
    The seat we want to connect uses the two lower ISOFIX anchors only. No leg required, and no top back-seat anchor.

    1. Would this chair be safe to connect, though ISOFIX won’t support the rear facing standard?
    2. Why aren’t rear facing seats allowed?

      1. Hi,

        I have contacted Toyota on my region, but have not received a satisfying answer. They actually did not know what to answer me.

        I would like an explanation that settles the mind.

        Currently I really do not know what to do.


        1. Hi there,

          Thanks for getting back to us. We appreciate your concerns, however as your car wasn’t sold in the UK, we wouldn’t be able to search within our system for details on your Verso in order to provide you with the answers you’re looking. We are sorry we can’t be of more help, and we would recommend recontacting Toyota in your region.


        2. Hello,

          My question is rearding the manual and not my personal car.

          This is quite frustrating. I’m unable to receive an official answer explaining me my above question.

          So let me be more specific, hoping this will make it easier for you.

          Please answer my question as a UK customer.

          In the car manual there is a table with topic “Child restraint system suitability for various seating positions (with ISOFIX rigid anchor)”.

          In the table you can see all rear facing, among other positions.

          The rear facing seat we want to connect uses the two lower ISOFIX anchors only. No leg required, and no top back-seat anchor.

          1. Would this chair be safe to connect, though ISOFIX won’t support the rear facing standard?
          2. Why aren’t rear facing seats allowed?

          As mentioned before, please refer the UK toyota version 2017.


          1. Hi Matan,

            Thanks for getting back to us about this. Can you please provide us with the reg or VIN? We will use this to check our system and find the manual for your car.


          2. Hi Matan,

            Thanks for your message. We have checked our system and can see your car wasn’t sold in the UK. In this case as we are unable to find out further information about your car and we are unable to help you further. We appreciate you have already spoken to Toyota in your region, but we would recommend recontacting them. This is because different markets have different specification vehicles.


          3. Hi,

            I’m sorry to hear so. This is quite disapointing.
            Since I didn’t receive a satisfying answer, I would like to esclate my issue.
            Could you please assist me in the best way, preferably by email, contacing the Global Toyota Motor Corporation Official Customer Relations?


          4. Hi Matan,

            While there isn’t an email address available, you can write to them at this address: 1 Toyota-Cho, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture 471-8571, Japan.

            Please note, it is likely it will be recommended for you to re-contact Toyota in your region for further advice.


  3. I bought my 2014 toyota verso in mind for my growing family, imagine my disappointment when 1. I cant fit my isofix with support leg due to underfloor storage boxes and 2. I am struggling to actually get a car seat to rear face at the correct angle due to the actual angle of the rear seat its physically impossible for me to currently fit my joie tilt at the correct angle so my babies head doesn’t fall forward when he falls asleep.

    1. Hi Claire,

      Thanks for getting in touch and we’re sorry to hear about the issues you’re having regarding your Toyota Verso. Unfortunately, as we are unable to see the car or the car seat, we are unable to provide an effective answer. Instead, we would recommend visiting your nearest Toyota Centre as they are best placed to assess the car in person and make any recommendations.


  4. hi

    we have a 2014 verso. One of the rear seats in the boot wont lock into an upright position. The tag that hangs out of the seat to pull up the seat hasnt retracted and I can see the cable at the bottom of the seat is taut unlike the other seat which works and has some slack in it.

    Is this a fix I can do? I’ve tried to see if I can work it out but cant do anymore than remove 2 screws from the back of the seat but still cant remove the cover. I can take into a dealer, but is it under warranty for this?

    1. Hi Richard,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      We suggest that you take your vehicle to your local Toyota Centre as they will be able to strip the rear seat and establish what is causing this issue.
      You can find your local Toyota Centre here: https://www.toyota.co.uk/forms/forms?tab=pane-dealer.
      Without a registration or a VIN number and the vehicle mileage it would be very difficult to establish if the vehicle is still under warranty. If you would like to provide us with these details we will be more than happy to check for you.

  5. Hi
    Do you know how what’s the alternative method to fix a 5 cm of crack on sunroof instead of changing the whole rooftop?

  6. Hello,
    I just bought a 2015 Verso with Skyview roof. Since there are no roof rails, i wonder if it is possible to put roof bars without taking any risk of damage to the glass roof ?
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Marc,
      You can use a Verso roof rack on a Panoramic roof. However, we would recommend speaking with your local Toyota Centre about fitting this. Many thanks.

  7. Hi one of our darling children has broken the middle centre seatbelt that comes from the roof so it now doesn’t retract or have any tension. How do we get the seatbelt mechanism out so we can either did or replace it please

    1. Hi Claire,
      Thanks for your query. We would suggest contacting your local dealer. They will be able to assist your further with this issue. Many thanks!

    1. Hi Noel,
      Thanks for your query. The seat itself cannot be removed. However, each seat can be adjusted independently and the whole row can be folded flat. Hope this helps!

  8. Hi there, we have a 2003 corolla verso – currently looking into extended rearfacing carseats for my son and have 2 questions relating to this:

    1) What class isofix points are in this model? (I’m hoping for at least B1 and D – please confirm).

    A – ISO/F3: full height forward facing toddler child restraint
    B – ISO/F2: reduced height forward facing toddler child restraint
    B1 – ISO/F2X: reduced height forward facing toddler child restraint
    C – ISO/R3: full size, rearward facing toddler child restraint
    D – ISO/R2: reduced size rearward facing toddler child restraint
    E – ISO/R1: rearward facing infant child restraint

    2) Does this model have a top-tether attachment point? I’ve had a look in the boot and found a metal ring attached to the floor, but I don’t know if this is a top-tether point or something else.

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer.

  9. Hi,
    Please advse me if in the new Verso it is possible to use rearfacing child seats with a support leg, that would then be placed upon or inside the storage compartments.
    Please don´t blankly tell me to use the seats you “recommend”. Rearfacing is safest for children, agreed by all experts. I need to know (asap) whether I can use my seats in this car. Thank you.

    1. Hi Katrien. We’ve spoken to our Verso experts and they 100% do not recommend using rear-facing seats with the storage compartments. Equally, there is no filler available. Very sorry if this isn’t the answer you were hoping for, Katrien, and thank you for your patience.

      1. Hi could you advise on which rear facing group 0 seats fit in the Verso with the ISO fix and top tether points please? Thank you. Also do you have advise on fitting 3 seats, I will need one group 0, a group 1-2 and a high back booster.

        Many thanks

        1. Sorry Elizabeth, we cannot advise on specific child seats for your car however a fitting specialist such as a car parts chain will be able to further assist you. The Verso has been designed to suit car seats and it should not be a trouble for such a garage to provide this help and advice. Thank you for your understanding.

      2. Will there ever be the option of a filler? This is kind of a huge deal for people considering buying this car as a family car!

        1. Hi Louise,
          Thanks for your post. Unfortunately, we are unable to say what developments will be coming in the future, however we do suggest keeping an eye on our blog. All the latest updates will be shown here. Hope this helps. Many thanks.

          1. Has anything been done to remedy this yet? It’s incredibly disappointing and astonishing that you would sell a family car with Isofix points that does not support a car seat with a support leg or offer a solution to remedy it. If I had known this I would have never bought the car.

          2. Hi Jackie,
            Unfortunately, we have no further information regarding the Isofix points. Like we previously stated, any information will be published on our blog and we do pass all this feedback on. Many thanks!

          3. Is there now a filler that can be purchased for the storage box in the verso? Surely as this is sold as a family car this should be something that is available.

          4. Hi Danni,
            Thanks for getting in touch. Our accessories team have looked at a 2016 model, if you do not have this model then the answer may vary. Please send us your model year and we can check again.

            If you are referring to a storage box that goes on a roof rack then unfortunately we do not have any ‘fillers’ to put inside.

            If you are referring to the boot then we have a few options…
            – A vertical boot net (Part no PZ416-50340-ZA)
            – A boot liner (Part no PZ434-E8372-PJ)
            – A horizontal boot net (Part no PZ472-E8342-ZA)

            Hope this helps.

          5. Hi, I have a 65 plate Toyota verso and the storage that I am referring to is the storage that is in front of the rear seats in the foot wells. Does this have a filler that I can purchase? Many thanks 🙂

          6. Hi Danni,
            Unfortunately, there is no filler available for these areas. We apologise for any inconvenience.

          7. Can you tell me if it is safe to use an isofix child seat in a Toyota Verso 65 plate, with a support leg that rests on top of the storage box in the rear foot wells?

          8. Hi Danni,
            Isofix and the Isofix base is fine as it is a genuine product that has been tested. We would not advise to put the base in something that is not fully secure as this would be classed as unsafe.

          9. That is my question really, Is it safe to have the isofix base leg on top of the storage box that has been designed in to the verso?

          10. Hi Danni,
            We would not advise putting the Isofix base leg on top of the hollow storage box as this is unsafe.
            You can find Verso compatible child seats in the accessories area of the Verso car configurator: http://fal.cn/tEJ8. These car seats are fixed using a top tether rather than a supporting leg. We will however, feed back your comments regarding the filler and the availability of this accessory. Many thanks.

      3. We have been advised to remove the storage cover and extend the seat leg in there. It has been checked by 2 independent car seat exoerts and we have been told it is safe!!!!

  10. Hi we have just bought a verso so we can accommodate all our grandchildren using the two extra seats in the back. The parents are now unsure about using these two seats as they think they might not be safe from a rear bang. Could you advise of the safety measures of these seats please.

    1. Hi Susan
      Thank you for your post.
      When it comes to vehicle safety and crash testing there is an independent company called EuroNCAP who test cars from across Europe. They then publish their results about how each vehicle performs. The Verso has performed extremely well as the attached link will show.
      It is the same design as the Verso currently on sale today. If you want to look at the results directly then here is the link to their website where it explains further about the various tests undertaken.
      Let us know if you have any other questions.

    1. Hello Sara
      Thanks for your post.
      We have checked this with the accessories team and they have confirmed that the roof bars for the current model will fit any Verso produced from January 2009, so if your car is an ’09 plate or later, these can be used.
      Hope this helps.

  11. Hi im just in the process of buying a 51 plate 5 seat corolla verso T spirit.
    i was wondering if i buy the 3rd row seats could i fit them to make it a 7 seat?

    1. Hello Keith
      Thanks for your post and good to hear about your Verso.
      You would not be able to fit the third row of seats unfortunately. The reason is because you would be changing the car outside of the specification in which it was homologated for use in the UK. The registration document should state the number of seats and therefore passengers allowed to be carried. For safety reasons we also have to ensure that all the fixtures and fitting are crash tested to ensure suitability. If you need us to explain more please let us know but hope this helps.

  12. Hi

    I am picking up my new verso at the end of September. I need to get an isofix. Could u please advise me on which one to get. Thank you.

    1. Hello Faiza
      Thanks for your post and great to hear about your new Verso.
      We take it that you are looking to buy an Isofix child seat? The Verso already as the Isofix fittings in the car. The size and type of seat you require will of course depend on the age and size of your child. Your local Toyota dealer does sell child seats and you can look at them here. http://www.toyota.co.uk/new-cars/verso-accessories
      If you buy from any other major retailer, we would always recommend checking a child seat first to make sure it fits in your Verso.
      Hope this helps.

  13. Hi
    I have just had my carseat checked at mothercare by torbay council qualified checkers and have been told my maxi cosi familyfix isofix base is unsafe and cannot be used due to the understorage compartments in the footwells of my toyota verso. So why does it has them which never get used and to then not actually be able to use the actual isofix anchor points in the car which surely is paramont these days? I have bedn told i can only use the isofix base if i have the compartment filled? So how much are the fillers for the compartments so i can use my isofix base? It has actual really put us off this car as we have bedn driving around thinking our child is safe for 5 months oblivious to having these compartments and why if you cant then use the isofix points. Extremly annoyed and wishwe had known this as we would not have brought the car!!!

    1. Hi Debbie,

      Thanks for getting in touch with us.

      We would always recommend that you check the seat you are looking to buy (or already own) is listed as being compatible with the car that you own (or are looking to buy). Ideally you should take the seat to the centre or vice versa before purchasing.

      In the case of the MaxiCosi, and without the specifics of the age of the child or the seat itself, their website states the following when checking the compatibility of their seats with a 2013 Toyota Verso:

      Installation warning. We do not know whether your car is fitted with storage compartments under the seat floor. If your car has a storage compartments(s) this product cannot be installed because the support leg cannot be placed in a safe manner.

      Isofix points are not only compatible with leg-supported seat bases, they are also compatible with top-tethered seats and booster seats. The latter two types are compatible with the Verso and the underfloor storage areas. We also offer our own range of seats which do not require the fitment of a leg support.

      We hope this answer helps and would be happy to answer any more questions that you may have regarding this matter.

  14. Hi, here’s my expirience on this matter. I have 3 kids in childseats. We recently bought a new car that can fit all 3 in back row. We considered Toyota Verso which was our first pick, but the bench in the back row is to tight to fit all 3, and trust me we tried with several combination of carseats (including base for the infant seat). There is NO way you can fit 3 child seats, unfortunally. We even had problem with isofix fittings in the new Verso model.

  15. When you say ‘ you can’t fit 3 carseats in the middle row’ – do you mean it’s dangerous or just that you can’t guarantee that all types of carseats will fit 3 abreast? I think you’ll find that a lot of parents consider/buy the Verso precisely because they want/need to fit 3 carseats in the middle row. We have an infant carrier in the middle and two high backed boosters at the sides of our 2013 Excel model Verso. They do fit fine although a bit of squeeze to do seatbelts up but no worse than other similar sized MPV’s
    I do find it frustrating though that I can’t use an IsoFix base for the infant carrier ( Group 0). Even if we put it on one of the outer seats the bases all seem to come with a support leg which can’t be used with the storage boxes. I know you have your own Toyota baby seat but most parents already have an ( expensive) infant carrier as part of their travel system or from previous car. It does not seem good that we would be forced to buy the toyota infant carrier at extra expense – especially as we wouldn’t get to see the same types of reviews and crash test reports.
    This does seem an oversight for a car that is billed as a versatile family car. Most parents of very young children in rear facing seats would prefer to use an isofix base I suspect. It is a shame as this is otherwise a great family car.

    So my observations are:
    1) Yes, you can fit 3 carseats abreast comfortably if you choose the car seats wisely ( but would like to know from Toyota if they think this is dangerous for any reason?)
    2) You can not use an Isofix base with support leg ( generally needed for most rearfacing car seats) on any of the rear seats with Isofix fittings!

    1. Hi JenniferJ
      Thanks for your post.
      We appreciate your feedback about the Verso.
      Our recommendation regarding the middle row is two because of the number of Isofix fittings available. As you point out child seats do come in a range of sizes and it simply may not be feasible to be able to have three in a row, plus most parents do prefer the security of using the Isofix fittings. Your comments regarding the Isofix base with support leg, will be brought to the attention of our accessory team for consideration when reviewing our product line up.
      Hope this helps.

  16. hi I am considering the icon (2013) for my newborn, I don’t know much about isofix car seats/points & I’m finding it hard locating information on the suitable newborn seats for the car & how many isofix points the car has.
    is their isofix points in the front passenger & rear 3 seats? are they universal / semi ?
    many thanks

    1. Hi Karen
      Thanks for your post and interest in the Verso Icon.
      Just to confirm there are two universal Isofix fittings in the Verso and these are located on the two seats behind the driver and passenger seats. (You could not fit three child seats in a row which is why they are on the outer seats and not the middle). There is no Isofix fitting in the front seat. If you would like to see for yourself or require a test drive do let us know and we would be happy to help arrange this for you. A good child seat retailer would also be able to take you through the recommendations for child seats and types available.
      Hope this helps.

    1. Hi John
      Thanks for your posts.
      Just to clarify, the Skyview roof is a factory fit option for the Verso Excel grade, and current price is £550 including VAT. If you did want to see an image of the roof then this link will take you to our website. http://www.toyota.co.uk/new-cars/verso-gallery.
      If you have already purchased a Verso and would like to feedback about the roof size then I can pass this information to our product team for you.
      Hope this helps.

  17. Can you fit 3 full back child seats / boosters across the second row of the Verso please? We found it very hard to fit our high back britax booster in the middle when we went for a test drive as the seatbelt was too short so had to use a side seat

    1. Hi Katherine
      Thanks for your post and sorry for the delay in replying on this.
      Unfortunately there is not enough space along the middle row of seats in the rear to fit three child seats which is why we only provide two isofix fixing points at each seat by the door. Sorry to hear your comments about the seat belt and will pass this onto our product team.
      Hope this helps clarify but let us know if you have any other queries.

  18. Re fitting isofix bases with legs in cars with underfloor storage.

    I have the 2009 Verso and my base with a leg is safe because the leg fits snuggly against the seat and the foot doesn’t go anywhere near the underfloor storage compartment. It’s a real pain (esp at 37 weeks pregnant!) to test this out as the bases are so heavy, but worth it, all my worries are over!

    I found this on Mumsnet and thought it might be of help to people:
    ‘…the In Car Safety team from Essex County Council, confirmed that if a seat has been designed with a support leg it must be used (howsoever it is secured to the car) and that it is NOT safe to use a child seat that has a support leg with under floor storage. There are three exceptions to this:
    – if the cover can be removed and the leg fits squarely on the base of the storage compartment.
    – if the foot of the leg misses the storge compartment altogether.
    – if the car manufacturer have produced a filler for the storage compartment (to her knowledge this is only available on the VW Touran or the Ford S-Max at the moment).’

  19. Do you supply a filler for the underfloor storage compartment? All current guidance (maxi-cosi / Which) says that I can’t use a base unit with a leg for my 0-9 month old because of the underfloor storage compartment make it unsafe? You also can’t fit this in the middle seat because its only a tether seatbelt even though there is no underfloor storage compartment?

    1. Hi Kim,
      The under floor storage space can not be filled in. We recommend you’re guided by the reports that you’ve got. Please refer to the owners manual for details on the anchor points.
      Hope this helps.

  20. I wanted to change my Zafira for new Verso, but I encourted a huge problem: ISOFIX hooks on new Verso are to tight and I can not fit my Britax isofix childseats! Severeal people were trying for an hour, but without success. It fitted normally (and easy) in all other Toyota models, even in old Verso. Is it manufacturer fault or? ISOFIX is a standard and should be the same in all cars and models…I would aprecciate your expirience and comment on that matter.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi,
      Thank you for taking the time to contact us.
      We’d like to look into this for you, could you please let us know your local Toyota Dealer and your contact details and we’ll arrange for them to take a look at your Verso for you. Please send us an email to toyota.contact@tgb.toyota.co.uk.
      Many thanks.

  21. Hi, can you please tell me if you can use the isofix bases with the leg on or 0 – 12 car seat. The verso has underfloor storage compartments and I have been told that we can use the base with the leg. Is this correct?. If so do you have a suggestions or can we buy a solid infill to go into the space thus making it solid? Thanks

    1. Hi Paul,
      The new Verso has 3 child seat variants available to order. There is a baby seat for birth to 9 months, an Isofix child seat for 8 months-4 years and a child seat for 4-12 years. The Isofix child seat fits directly into the Isofix fittings that come as standard on the two outer seats of the second row. These seats do not come with legs, so please let us know if you require any further information here.
      Your local Dealer will also be able to help you, you can find their details here: http://ow.ly/jR0Xo.
      Thanks for your question.

    1. Hi Derek,
      There are currently no plans to introduce a Verso auto diesel. Other engines for the new Verso include 2.0 D-4D manual transmission and 1.8 petrol CVT transmission.
      Thank you for your question.

  22. Can child seats be fitted to the new ICON 7 seater Verso.
    Also how many of the 5 rearmost seats have Isofix fittings

    1. Hi David,
      Many thanks for your questions.
      The new Verso has 2 seats with Isofix fittings, these are on the 2 outer seats of the middle row.
      You will be able to fit child seats to the other seats in the car, however they won’t have Isofix fittings and would be secured by the seatbelts.
      Do hope this helps, many thanks.

      1. Hi Oliwer,

        We have recently bought the 2015 Verso model and wondered if we can but child-seats in the 2 rear-most seats, i.e. 3rd row seats?
        (I wasn’t quite clear reading the above and haven’t yet received a car manual!)

        Many thanks,


          1. Can you show me a diagram of where the top tether anchor point is for isofix car seat as I have mislaid my corolla verso manual. I have an 04 plate.


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