Toyota Verso gets new 1.6 diesel engine

New Toyota Verso driving 

Details of a new addition to the Toyota Verso  family have been announced today. The entry-level model will be powered by a BMW built 1.6-litre D-4D diesel engine, and goes on sale early in 2014.

The engine deal marks a first step in the collaboration agreed between Toyota and BMW Group in 2011.

Offering 111bhp and producing 119g/km of CO2, the engine develops an impressive 270NM of torque.

The deal for it to be used by Toyota is part of a wider collaboration between the two companies, which will see us work together to develop a fuel cell system, investigate the feasibility of a new mid-sized sports car, and carry out research and development of lightweight technologies and lithium-air batteries.

The research and development team at Toyota’s European technical centre in Belgium led the development of the Verso 1.6 D-4D, focused on ensuring a seamless match between the engine and the Toyota transmission and electronics.

At the same time they safeguarded the car’s established ride comfort and dynamic performance. This involved the development of a number of new components, including new engine mounts, a dual-mass flywheel, a new gearbox and a stop/start system to further improve efficiency and reduce emissions.

Production of the Verso 1.6 D-4D will begin in January 2014 at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey’s Adapazari plant, the centre for all Verso manufacturing.

Didier Leroy, Senior Managing Officer of Toyota Motor Corporation, and President and CEO of Toyota Motor Europe (TME), said: “At Toyota, we believe that tackling environmental challenges facing our industry will require more than one approach. Hybrid is at the core of our strategy towards sustainable mobility, but we also see a role for clean diesel in Europe.

“Working together with an industry leader like the BMW Group allows us to benefit from economies of scale to reduce development costs as well as improve our time-to-market.”





New 1.6 D-4D

2.0 D-4D

1.6 Valvematic

1.8 Valvematic

Power (bhp/kW @ rpm)

111/83 @ 4,000

122/91 @ 3,600

130/97 @ 6,400

145/108 @ 6,400

Torque (Nm @ rpm)

270 @ 1,750 – 2,250

310 @ 1,600 – 2,400

160 @ 4,400

180 @ 4,000

CO2 (g/km)





Read our interview with Mehmet Kilic, deputy chief engineer of new Verso – here.




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  1. I am writing to you to seek your attention and assistance to address my concern.

    I’m an owner of Toyota 2014 Toyota Verso 1.6 D4D(BMW) Diesel from Ankara Turkey. I would like to bring my complaint & my experience about the Toyota Verso & services I’m facing to Toyota Japan.
    I drove this car at around 110000 Km and after expiration of warranty I sent my car to service outside Toyota center. After service I drove my car around 800km and without any engine oil warnings I noticed the sound of engine was changed and I towed the car to authorized Toyota Service BOROVALI at İzmir, Turkey. They said that engine oil filter O-ring seal was not mounted to the filter, so engine ran out of oil by leaking gradually (1 liter oil left) and engine was broken. I asked them to check electronically my car to address my problem that engine oil warnings didn’t work. They replied me that manually they witnessed that they didn’t see any warnings on the instrument panel and after electronic check also there was no problem regarding the engine warning systems. All system on my car working well and my cars computer logs have no record. They didn’t give me any satisfactory answer for the engine warning system failure.
    I fully understand the starting cause of the problem was human error. But the big question was, Why the engine oil pressure and engine oil level warning system didn’t warn me? If it would have warned me, I could take necessary preventive measures to protect my engine. As you know this type of warning systems installed every type of engine not only car but also every type of vehicles (aircrafts etc.) to prevent any malfunction irrespective of the cause.
    I have filed complaint with customer service at Toyota Turkey, 08 Jul 2019 regarding:
    Car Model: Toyota Verso 1.6 D4D (BMW) Diesel Engine
    Local Register Number: 06 FH 6154
    Engine Number : N47C16A74568939
    Defect : Defective Diesel Engine ( Engine oil monitoring system not working)
    I asked them to answer my big question Why the engine oil pressure and engine oil level warning system didn’t warn me? And requested to inspect my engine to find out what is the problem. So, Toyota can address and fix the problem and save many customers who bought this type of car using without any awareness of the problem. But unfortunately reply from Toyota Customer Service Turkey was rude, they didn’t give any concrete reply and they didn’t accept my requests and they said engine was not covered within the warranty the car wasn’t serviced in Toyota Center. However, I believe this is related to the engine warning system as I mentioned above.
    To repair it, I need to pay around 10,000 USD at full cost to replace a new engine. I suspect that the cause is just human error. I checked this type of engine problems around my circle, everyone has the same complaints. Mechanics whom I asked they said this engine has manufacture based problems and not reliable. So, you cannot fix it. You should replace a new engine. When I sent my car to service ALJ Toyota Ankara, Turkey to fix this problem, they advised me to replace a new one. This made me and mechanics right about my suspicion for this engine. I am sure you will agree that in view of the above problems was not of acceptable quality for Toyota standard.
    Above all Toyota put me and my beloved family lives at risk because of the engine system failure. I am lucky that didn’t happen any accident during my 800 km drive with my family. But what about the others, will they be so lucky if you cannot address this problem?
    I have enjoyed the Toyota Verso and I always trust Toyota as a reputable brand. I am very disappointed with the lack of interest I am receiving regarding this issue. It certainly doesn’t entice me to purchase Toyota car in future.
    Consequently, for the sake of other innocent people/costumers I kindly ask Toyota to check my engine problem and fix all around the world who using this type of engine.

    I sincerely hope Toyota will address my problem and request. I trust the efficiency and speedy resolution of Toyota customer support in assuring my request will be attended without any further delay.
    Thank you for giving this matter your serious consideration.

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for getting in touch and we’re sorry to hear about your situation. We appreciate the distress this may have caused you, however unfortunately, we don’t hold information on models in other markets and so are unable to provide any further answers to your questions regarding your engine oil system. We would recommend recontacting Toyota in your region as they will be best placed to help you further.


  2. Hi all, has anyone actually received their Verso with the new BMW engine? I would be keen to hear any feedback. We ordered a Verso at end of Dec which we learnt in Feb would be with the new engine and then a stream of delays, but told today (April Fools Day?!) car has arrived and ready for collection. Similar to others here, the dealer has been fine but has struggled to get firm dates that Toyota can keep to. We’ve been told customer orders have been prioritised over test drive vehicles, and it’s been a bit frustrating not being able to try the new engine since we specifically test drove a car with the engine on our original order. Let’s hope it delivers on the claims and has normal high Toyota reliability!

    1. Hi Stephen,
      We understand there are delays on this product, which are unfortunate and our logistical teams are working hard to make sure customer orders are processed as fast as possible. Apologies for the delay.

  3. Hi Nick, Thank you for your kind thoughts, we are pleased that we made the descision to cancel as we go on holiday tomorrow without the stress, and although my wife is upset that she didnt get the car that she wanted we can now look at another brand ie Audi or Kia who can deliver when they say they will.
    I support you in all you say about Toyota, they really are not on the same planet as the customer, and it leaves their dealers looking bad.
    Have fun and i wish you well
    Harry Baker Sleaford Lincs

  4. Thanks you David – customer services have now contacted me directly and I have supplied them with the details. The least Toyota should be doing is supplying customers with an appropriate vehicle from the originally promised delivery day to the date when the new vehicle actually arrives. This should not left to individual dealers to resolve – the company should have a national approach to try to make some recompense to all these customers it has so badly let down.

    Poor Harry Baker. We now have a delivery date to the showroom of 30th April – fully 6 weeks lateer than promised on just Monday of this week. Like you, we have no issue with our dealership but the company seems to be utterly incompetenet. It cannot even tell its own staff what’s going on. Depending upon the outcome of my discussions with customer services, we might well follow you in cancelling the order.

  5. Hi Nick, Many thanks for your mail, My verso was sopposed to be delivered this morning into Listers of Grantham. I took my plate retention certificate to the dealer only to be told that the lorry had been and gone without my vehicle onboard. The business manager as usual was very helpful and contacted Toyota only to be told that my car was at Portbury Bristol, and that all the verso’s had an omission problem and that none were going to be released yet.
    As my wife explained, buying anew car should be a happy time without stress, but toyota causes so much stress that you were only informed of lies lies and more lies. WE HAVE CANCELED OUR ORDER. Listers have been fantastic and have tried to help in every way, but even toyota dont tell them the truth.
    I hope that you get your car some time, and i wish you well.
    Regards Harry Baker Sleaford Lincs

  6. Thank you Harry Baker for your sympathies – I hope you get your vehicle before ours is now due whch is the end of April – at least 5 weeks after the promised delivery date.

    Thank you David Crouch for passing this on to Customer Services – can you let me know when I can expect to receive a response by?

    1. Hello Nick
      I have been in touch with our customer relations team who are looking into this further and will be in touch early next week. In the meantime if you can let us know the dealer you are purchasing the car from I will pass this on for you.

  7. How i feel for Nick Johnson, there is a big problem with the toyota delivery service on certain models, I am now told that my new verso should be here tomorrow. I really hope that Toyota isnt messing my dealer about as have taken there advice and already put my private number on a retention certificate at a cost of £105… I think Listers have been faultless as even they can only believe what Toyota tell them.
    Anyway, we will see what tomorrow brings, as we are away on holiday on saturday and as far as i am concerned i have done my bit, placed an order paid a deposite and waited, and they have until the end of the month then i shall cancel,
    Good Luck to Nick.
    Regards Harry Baker

  8. Car was promised for delivery on 19/3 and colelctiin on 24/3, Hioweverm, as of 8am on 19/1 got a call from my dealer saying it was delayed until the end of April. So over a month later than planned. Apology but no compensation offered. Was offered to be able borrow a car to enable a family holiday (2 children =, cat basket and luggage don;lt fit in our current vehicle) but still expected to drive to showroom to collect and drop off – effectively putting me out in time and costs when fault entirely due to Toyota.
    How on earth can you only find out on expcted delivery day it is delayed for over 5 weeks I’ve no idea. We aslo compromised on spec and colour to enable arrival by end of March. No offer to reopen this. What is going on?

    1. Hi Nick
      Thanks for your post and we are sorry to read the details about your delay.
      In view of your comments we will refer this matter to our customer relations team to investigate this further for you.

  9. Well, its Saturday 15th and yet another non delivery, Listers were expecting the demonstrator, the showroom car and my order for the Trend yesterday but it didnt arrive, and now today i am informed that it hasnt arrived today either, so another untruth,,,,i feel the time is soon going to arrive when i cancel the order and go to Audi,,,enough is enough, Toyota really dont know what one part of the company is doing OR they cant tell the truth in fear of losing the order.
    Harry Baker

    1. Thank you for your post Harry.
      Our previous advice that customer deliveries commence from 24 March (as per my post on the 11 March) does still apply.

      1. Dear Mr Crouch, Many thanks for your reply, and i note your proposed date that cars are to be delivered to customers as from 24th March.
        Well, once again someone is telling porkies, as i have been informed yesterday by Listers that after a visit by Toyota Management my car will be delivered to Grantham this Friday…. Just who makes the final descision. God Knows.
        Regards Harry Baker

        1. Hello Harry
          Thanks for your reply and we do apologise again for the delay with the delivery of your new Verso.
          We are usually accurate regarding the eta of a car to a dealer but the production delay did mean this data was not as conclusive as we would have liked. We can assure you that it is not indicative of our normal standard of service. Your dealer will have access to the very latest information regarding delivery which would explain if this date does change.

  10. Just to add to my last comment, can anybody give me information regarding the delivery dates for the new 1.6 Verso Trend.
    Having placed a firm order for the vehicle, the delivery date keeps moving, and now i am told that the ship docks in Portbury on march 19th, then its unloading, sorting , transporting etc etc..and all this time the value of my P/X is getting less and less,
    Come on Toyota come clean
    Harry Baker Sleaford

    1. Hello Mr Baker
      Thank you for your post and we do apologise for the delay regarding the delivery of your Verso. As you are aware from your conversation with our product team this has been the result of a production delay. However we can now confirm that vehicles are planned for delivery to customers from week commencing 24 March. We would recommend keeping in touch with your dealer who will be able to confirm your exact delivery details.
      Hope this helps for now.

      1. Hello David, Very many thanks for your reply. I note your comments about the anticipated delivery times starting on 24th of March.
        I passed this information to my dealer Listers in Grantham, their reply was ” believe it when you see it”, and then 2 hours later i was informed that the showroom vehicle plus the demonstrator plus my vehicle is due for deliver on the 19th,,,,,as they say ALL CHANGE”
        Thanks again
        Regards Harry Baker

        1. Hello Harry
          Great news that yours is arriving sooner and we do apologise again for the delay on this.
          Let us know how you get on once you take delivery of your new Verso.
          Best wishes

  11. Hi,

    Being a Toyota fan, (My fist Toyota was a Cressida – That dates me!!) really looking forward to test driving the 1.6d Verso. My local Toyota dealer as of today has little information re delivery dates available etc. Are you still on line for March deliveries?


    1. Hello Chris
      We remember the Cressida too, what a car. we won’t say how long ago though so we can protect all our ages here.
      Regarding the new 1.6 diesel Verso, deliveries/on sale date is still scheduled from 1 March (coincides with the new number plate) and this has not changed. We will check when demo vehicles are being registered so you can see about a test drive but hope this helps confirm for now.

      1. Hello Chris, With reference to the delivery dates if the new 1.6 Verso, i dont think that Toyota has any real ideas about delivery times, I have ordered one in Dacuma Grey and the new Trend. The delivery time keeps moving and the earliest date i have been given is the ship docks at Portbury on the 19th March, but that has been moved twice already….Any news i would appreciate
        Regards Harry Baker Sleaford Lincs

  12. The mpg & CO2 figures for this new diesel car are about class average. I would have expected >70 mpg & <99 g/km CO2. The Vauxhall Insignia facelift for example.

    Is the BMW N47D16 1.6 diesel power plant the best Toyota could manage? Are BMW giving Toyota the latest versions of its diesel technology?

    1. Hi
      Thanks for your post and feedback regarding the new engine in Verso.
      Appreciate your comments but the new 1.6-litre engine is a more fuel efficient, lighter and with lower emissions than the 2.0-litre diesel it replaces. It is also tuned in terms of driveability to deliver a fast throttle response throughout the rev range. This provides a better drive and lower cost of ownership which is what we are aiming to provide to new owners.
      Hope this helps.

      1. Hi Dave
        Thanks for the prompt response.

        Toyota buyers (I have purchased 2 Corollas, 1 Carina, 2 Avensis, 1 IQ) look for Toyota values incorporated into the product: Durability, reliability, safety & class leading running costs using advanced, tried technology.

        The running costs, the BMW N47D16 diesel engine (released 2007) for Verso is unlikely to impress buyers when cars in same segment are up to 20% better on mileage & CO2 pollution emission in 2013. From my perspective, it seems that BMW are doing well in selling last gen power plants to Toyota without all that pesky R&D expenditure.

        Best wishes

          1. Hi Cleanupcars
            Thanks for your post.
            Have referred these details for information to our technical and product teams. To answer your question though the vehicle manufacturer warranty will end at five years or 100,000 miles, (whichever comes sooner) and no warranty claim can be submitted beyond this point regardless of the failure which has occurred. There is always the option to purchase extended warranties should owners wish to do so.
            Hope this helps clarify.

  13. Having just road tested the 2.2 Diesel i did not purchase the vehicle but bought a Ford Grand C Max, which i am pleased with. However the introduction of a 1.6 diesel will interest me for next year. Two points that i found very disappointing was that the dash board is very dated and why oh why should a 7 seater be fitted with dated rear brake drums. With the Toyota brand reputation coupled with BMW, i find those brakes really out of date…

    1. Hi Harry
      Thanks for your post.
      All Verso’s we currently sell are fitted with rear disc brakes and so will the new 1.6 when it goes on sale so not sure why you have seen drums. (NB the handbrake system will use drums as this is the most efficient way but it will use disc brakes to stop the car).
      Hope this helps.

    1. Hello Phil
      We will check this for you, but suspect it will be March as production does not start until February.

  14. My last two cars were Honda FRVs and I was very happy with this very versitile vehicle, but no longer in production. Having now gone to the Toyota Verso with the 2.0 litre engine I must say the drive experience is very good. Putting a 1.6 litre engine into this model would work very well and further improve the fuel economy.

    What I would like Toyota to do when they next reslyle this vehicle is to widen the vehicle to improve its interiot room. It will also give it an improved aspect with that MPV roomier feel, after all customers that buy this model are families who want space. What I want from Toyota is a mid range MPV that feels like the Tardis when you are in there.

    As a new convert to Toyota I hope they will listen to their customers, to many car manufacturers dictate to the customer what they should have. As a retired development Engineer I know how Designers like to think they know best.

    1. Hello Peter
      Thank you for your post.
      We appreciate your comments regarding your Verso and how we can improve on interior space. Major changes such as this are only likely to take place at the introduction of new generation models but feedback is always sent to our product team for use during future product reviews. You may be aware we have to work many years in advance and you are spot on with your assessment of what customers look for when choosing Verso. Incase it is of interest we have announced today the changes for the 2014 Verso, (though not in terms of interior space) and further details can be found here
      Hope this helps.

      1. I must say coming over to Toyota from a competitor, and having somebody give me an informed reply to my comments, is very welcome.

        kind regards

        peter Weston

    1. Hello Phil
      Thanks for your post and Merry Christmas to you.
      Details are being finalised however we expect the car to go on sale in quarter one of next year so sooner rather than later. We will know more in the new year and will post on our Blog as soon as we can confirm.
      Hope this helps.

    2. Hi Phil
      News out today. It is availble to order in February with first deliveries taking place from 1 March (in conjunction with new registration plate). News will be on our Blog shortly.

  15. Just a couple of questions…

    BMW offer this engine in 111hp and 141hp in the Mini, would Toyota consider offering the higher HP version to replace the current 122 D-4D engine?

    Any possibility of this engine replacing the 1.4 D-4D in the Auris/Auris Tourer?

    Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi Bryan
      Thanks for your post.
      Still early days at present so no plans to increase the power to match our higher output diesel engine. With regard to the supply of diesel engines to other models, this is still under review so cannot confirm at this stage unfortunately. Certainly keep an eye on the Blog for the latest news and updates though.

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