Toyota Yaris – Accessories and Roof Racks

The new Yaris is a fantastic example of how Toyota designs its compact car to be spacious inside, and ideal for everyday use. Even so, we know that there are times where you might need that bit more storage for weekend activities or when you’re heading off on holiday.

That’s where Toyota’s official accessories come in handy, and why a roof rack is a great option for your Yaris. Let Betty explain the advantages of the extra practicality afforded by a roof rack.

Fitting a roof rack to your Yaris opens up a world of greater practicality and flexibility. Easy to install, Toyota roof racks can be securely mounted to the roof of the Yaris and are lockable to prevent theft. Priced at £149 (at time of writing), they are a useful addition on their own, as well as providing an excellent base for further accessories.

As shown in the film, other accessories include Thule roof-top luggage boxes for extra storage when you go away on holiday, bicycle holders for active owners, and you can even get holders for skis and snowboards, or canoes and kayaks.

Boosting the practicality of your Yaris is really easy: just speak to your local Toyota dealer for specific details on the options available or visit the accessories section of the Toyota UK website. While you’re there, why not get up to speed with the latest information on the new Yaris too? You won’t regret it!

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