Toyota Yaris – Smart Entry and Keyless Go

Yaris Smart Entry and Keyless Go

The new Toyota Yaris is the perfect partner for your busy life, with Smart Entry and Keyless Go making it quicker and easier to simply jump in and get going.

Forget rummaging around in your bag, or checking every pocket on your person – simply choose the Smart Pack when buying the Yaris Excel and away you go. It’s the smart thing to do, as our short film demonstrates:

Smart Entry and Keyless Go allows you to keep the key safe in your bag or pocket, as the car will automatically detect the key’s presence and unlock when you pull the door handle.

From there, a simple press of the ‘Power’ button will start the car and you can easily drive away. And when you reach your destination, close the door and briefly touch the lock sensor on the door handle to lock the Yaris.

The system even works with the rear hatch – simply press the main button to unlock the door, and a smaller lock button to lock it.

Toyota’s Smart Entry and Keyless Go system is just another example of how the compact Yaris is the ideal car for the modern motorist. For more information on the new Toyota Yaris, visit the Toyota UK website or explore more features of the Yaris below.

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  1. Hi,

    Just purchased a 2018 Yaris Excel Hybrid. How can I tell if I got Smart Entry.
    The door unlock with the remote and lock with the remote but not by touching the handle.
    If it does not come with smart entry is it possible to add it to my yaris by toyota.



  2. Hi
    I am looking to buy a toyota yaris 2005 onward but I need to know that how will I get to know that which particular yaris model is key less entry.

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for getting in touch with us. Keyless smart entry has been available for Yaris as standard on T-Spirit grades since the launch of the second generation in 2006. In addition to this it was also available on the Yaris SR model launched in 2007. In 2014 it became available as an option for design and excel grade Yaris and on our current models it is available as standard on Yaris Hybrid Excel grade. However, before you go ahead and buy a car, it is always worth checking the spec yourself before hand to make sure. In addition to this, if you were to provide us with the reg we would be able to check on your behalf.


  3. Hi Toyota,

    Toyota Yaris Hybrid 2016 1500 Machine Sprit.
    I mean that luck action about keyless entrance system that is it connected in series or parallel with driver and passenger doors?
    Luck action is not working with hand touching to the door handle on all two doors (driver and passenger doors). I have changed and tested door handle between driver and passenger doors but luck failure is same.
    In another word if there is a failure on one of the doors, is the second door luck action affect the first door failure?

    Please answer this.


    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for getting in touch and we are sorry to hear that you are experiencing some issues. We would advise for you to contact your local Toyota centre regarding this, as they will be able to assist you further.


        1. Hi there,

          If you could please provide a registration or VIN number, we will be able to assist you further.


      1. Thanks for replying. Just q one the buttons on the streering wheel do not not light up of a morning when putting lights this normal as unable to see buttons for phone or radio. Thanks for your help only had car a for a week.

        1. Hi Colin,

          Could you please provide us with your registration/VIN and we can get this checked for you.


          1. Hi Colin,

            Thanks for getting back to us. Our technical team have looked into this and as far as they can see there is no illumination, your local Toyota Centre will be able to confirm this on inspection.


  4. Hi, I lost my remote but still have the key. I can get into my car but is there anyway I can start it without the remote?

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for getting in touch. If you could please provide a reg or VIN number, we will be able to assist you further.

  5. Hi, I recently bought a used Yaris Hybrid 2012 model with push button start (remote entry, not keyless).
    The issue is the READY light doesn’t always light, so sometimes I can get in and it will show READY straight away, and other times I can be sitting there for some time, trying over and over before it will show READY.
    I have found the battery in the remote (both remotes) run down quickly, even though I use expensive Duracell type. They only last a few weeks.
    I am not entirely sure this is the cause of intermittent no start, as I have also had the same issue with a brand new battery.

    Am I using the correct batteries? they are CR2032 as per handbook.

    Thanks for any advise.

    1. Hi Wendy,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      There are a couple of things that could be happening here:
      1) The ready light will only come on if the button is pushed and the foot brake is being pushed. If the button is pushed with no foot brake on not pushed hard enough the button will need to be pushed several times to cycle it around again
      2) Remote batteries should last about a year +. It sounds like the keys are being put in a trouser pocket or bag and the buttons are getting pushed causing the key to work all the time. You can get FOB protectors from EBAY and AMAZON.
      Hope this helps.

  6. I’ve had my Toyota Yaris from new in Sept 2016, it recently had its first service, since which time I’ve had problems with the keyless entry. Often (at least 20 times in the last 3 weeks) usually when the front passenger door is closed for some reason the keyless light comes on as if the key has left the vehicle – it has not – sometimes after a couple of seconds it goes off – sometimes longer (but might just feel longer). Dealership told me they wold call me back – no one did – 2 weeks later I call and complain again to be told to take it in and they would do a diagnostic test – returned an hour later to be told they couldnt find the fault, they hadnt done any ‘diagnostic test’ they had simply tried to get the error to occur and apparently it hadnt – however as soon as I got in the car with the service guy it did the same problem – his answer ‘oh thats normal, dont worry unless you lose power’. Really? well it wasnt ‘normal’ for the first 12 months. The first time it happened I had no power and was worried – but it came back on about 30 seconds or so later. Since then when it happens I dont even attempt to move until it goes off. Today, following his advice to ignore it, I pulled off only for it to then start beeping at me. Did they do an update on the service that is causing this?I am loosing all confidence in it and so am constantly worried – NOT what I expect from a car 13 months old with 8000 miles on the clock.

    1. Hi Sue,
      We’re sorry to hear this. We have a few followup questions for you:
      1) When the keyless light comes on, could you explain which light and what colour is it?
      2) When you say no power, is it that it will not drive due to lack of engine power or is it no electrical power?
      3) Where the key is placed when this is happening, in the car/bag/coat?
      Many thanks.

  7. Hello, I have a Toyota Yaris with a keyless start and my key’s battery died. Is there anyway to start the car manually, in the same way I can open the door manually with the manual key?

    1. Hi Rita,

      Thanks for getting in touch with us. I’m afraid you cannot start the car manually, you will need to replace the battery. Please let us know if you are unsure on how to replace your battery.



      1. Hello, I changed the battery and the car still won’t start. Nothing electronic in the car is working. Not even my hazard lights or the light inside the car when I open the door manually. What do u think the issue is?! I’ve tried both keys, and changed their batteries, and still nothing ..

          1. Oh no! 🙁 As someone will need to look at the keys, we would suggest giving your nearest dealer a call so they can try and help resolve the problem for you. Please let us know if you have any issues contacting them.



    2. you can start your car even if the battery died. Place the remote against the start button and press it.
      But you wont be able to unlock the door with the remote. U need to use the key in there

  8. Hi Toyota,

    Absolutely disappointed with the quality of your manufacturing. Bought a Brand New Yaris Hybrid roughly a month ago and today it has refused to start altogether due to a faulty yellow key light. Eventually have to call the breakdown service AA only to find out that it needs a trip to the dealership. In the first set of checks, the dealership is unable to figure out any faults through their computer systems and the misery continues……………. Eventually have to leave the car at the dealership now and waiting to hear back from them.

    Is this what you call quality of manufacturing? Is this why I bought a brand new car?

    Absolutely unhappy customer who will never buy a Toyota again and will suggest others the same as well

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