Toyota’s Mastermind technicians

toyota mastermind

Our technicians are a clever bunch. What they don’t know about Toyota probably isn’t worth knowing. In fact, you could say it’s their specialist subject.

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  1. my wife was complaining abour her rav4 not perfoming correctly like pulling to the right so we went to harr toyota for an all wheel allignment in which they did a two wheel allignment in front and said that because the rear adjustment bolts were frozen and the rear were not out of allignment and would be fine. we;ve replaced all four tires wwith new one’s and the problem continue to occur on rear occassions this has been goining on for about a year. i did take the car out when she complained but could not duplicate the symptoms at the times.that is untill today i was traveling down a two lane roadway and notice not a pullingto the right but like the car lost stability or control and performed like you could not exceed 30 mph or you would feel like the car would go off the road. so today i went on line to check the four wheel drive system abd after reading the bulletin, not being a mechanic i suspect a sensor or electronicmagnetic countrol.

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