Video: 12 key features of Toyota Aygo x-nav

Toyota Aygo interior

A new video – developed with Toyota Aygo owners in mind – outlines the key features of the city car’s ‘x-nav’ navigation system.

The system is jam-packed with helpful touches, such as 3D-effect mapping and speed camera warnings, and instructions are available in 20 European languages.

If you’ve just taken delivery of a Toyota Aygo, or are considering one as your next car, then it’s worth bookmarking this post for future reference.

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Where next?

Further information about the Toyota Aygo range is available on the designated section of the Toyota UK website and you can find your nearest Toyota dealer here. If you would like to test drive an Aygo, leave a comment below, and we’ll be in touch shortly.


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  1. Is anyone taking any notice about all these complaints about the X nav. Four years have gone by since the first blog. I bought my Aygo in 2017 and had a sat nav fitted If I had read all these blogs I could have saved myself all the frustrations I have had with X Nav and saved myself money. Toyota should be ashamed of themselves fitting a sub standard navigation system to a first class car. Also not responding to customers complains about the X Nave after 4 years shows how much they care about their customers. I shall think twice about my next car even though my last 4 cars have been a Toyota.

    1. Hi June,

      Thanks for getting in touch and we are sorry to hear that you feel this way. We take customer feedback very seriously and so will pass these comments on the x-nav on to our Product Team. You can also contact our Customer Relations team via this link:


    2. A Toyota garage will update your system for £250 or you can buy the latest SD card update for around a £100 and install it yourself (it fits at back of glove compartment) Either option will not address the issues raised by many on this blog. As many have noted, it is not fit for purpose and you’d be better served by a stand alone unit many of which have free map updates for life. It will be cheaper as well. I used to own a really cheap Binatone satnav, cost me £30. It would verbally warn you well ahead of time when the next turn was coming up. The Aygo satnav doesn’t. I foolishly sold my cheap, and very functional satnav when I bought my Aygo.

    3. I made them remove the satnav and refund me. Glad I did as reading these comments it’s just got worse with updates etc. Wonder if they fixed the clock issue. I could believe they’d invented a satnav that didn’t show the actual time.
      I’ve upgraded since to a yaris. No satnav for obvious reasons. This is my last car with them though, they just haven’t rolled with the times when it comes to technology! Yaris has inbuilt speed warnings and they aren’t right. So why bother?
      Either do it well. Or don’t bother!
      I’d rather have a sunglasses holder.

    4. In a word. NO! Just purchased an almost new 2018 Aygo from my local Toyota dealer and paid extra for the X-nav to be installed. What a crock, I wish that I had seen all of these comments before I decided to buy. The X nav is clearly not fit for purpose and has many problems dating back some 4 years. I have the latest software and are experiencing the many problems listed by other owners in addition to a few more. I have spent many hours trying to resolve the problems and Toyota media support are of no help whatsoever and proportion all blame on Pioneer. There is also a feature printed on page 33 of the Aygo brochure that clearly states that the X nav also has a text-to-speech feature. Having not being able to find any information about this feature in the manual, or online, I called the Toyota Media support helpline to be informed that they had no knowledge of this feature.

      In addiction to the many problems with the X nav I am also unable to connect my iPhone X to the head unit. I even purchased a new cable from Apple and after many hours have now discovered that it only works with an iPhone 4 that is some 6 years out of date.

      I have now been advised to return the vehicle to my Toyota dealer for testing that will comprise of a road test. Really! Are they going to drive the 6 routes that I have, to date, had problems with totalling some 450 miles.

      Toyota are fully aware of the many problems with this unit that date back to 2014 and instead of doing the honourable thing and refunding my money or offering me an upgrade to the Apple Car Play unit, at additional cost, they are doing all they possibly can to cause me even more inconvenience, in my opinion, hoping I will just forget all about it.

      Unless Toyota come up with a reasonable solution then I am left with no alternative but to make a claim against my dealer under the sale of goods act.
      This will be a very last resort because the relationship that I have built up with my dealer will be destroyed.

      The Toyota Aygo is no doubt a very good little car but I am now starting to regretting buying it and wish that I had chosen an alternative manufacturer. After all, if they make you jump through hoops for a problem with the nav unit what are they likely to do with a more serious problem.

      1. Hi Steve,

        Thank you for getting in touch. Customer experience is extremely important to us, so we we are very sorry to hear that you feel this way and that you are experiencing these issues. Our Customer Relations team here at Toyota GB are best equipped to assist you, and you can contact them via this link:

        If you would like to contact them, they can take the relevant steps to help you as soon as possible.


        1. Thank you for your prompt response. I have contacted the customer relations department and understand that my dealer is in contact with Toyota to resolve the problem.

          1. Update from customer support.

            What a complete waste of my time over the last 2 weeks. I have spent around 2.5 hours on the telephone to media/customer support and several hours on the internet looking for a solution to the many problems with the x-nav device to be finally told that my request to have the device removed from my vehicle and my hard earned money refunded declined.

            The customer support person who I spoke with was patronising, talked nonsense and kept apologising. How very annoying it is when you have someone on the telephone who doesn’t listen and is working to an agenda of not accepting any responsibility. In essence I am expected to detail all of the many problems with the system to my Toyota dealer, wasting more of my time, and in way of compensation could, possibly, be given a free map upgrade to the device. The x-nav already has the latest software installed.

            The customer services person went on to say the device is only a guide and NOT meant to be used on routes that are known and was so eager to defend the product that she failed to realise that my Wife is the main user of the car and I was simply testing the device on 6 recent routes. On every route the device had issues, many of which are listed below by other users. Moreover, what nonsense to suggest that the sat nav shouldn’t be used on routes that are familiar to a user and makes a mockery of the safety camera notifications. This clearly demonstrates the lengths that customer support will go to to avoid excepting responsibility for a device that is unfit for purpose.

            Having exhausted any possibility of Toyota accepting responsibility I am now left at the mercy of my local dealer and await their decision on whether they are going to remove the x-nav from my recently purchased vehicle.

            In my experience Toyota customer support and the x-nav device falls short of the Toyota brand and is the worst customer support that I can recall in recent years.

            I now intend writing to the CEO of Toyota and to ensure my complaint is received shall be sending the correspondence including copies of all of this Blog by Bureau Fax.

          2. Hi Steve,

            We are sorry to hear that you feel this way and we apologise for the frustration this may have caused. We wish you all the best and hope that your issue can be resolved with our Customer Relations team and your local Toyota Centre.


          3. UPDATE DECEMBER 2019. Nav unit removal and refund

            The dealer eventually removed the navigation unit In early February and told me they would be in touch regarding the refund. I was messed around for a week with lame excuses but after a number of phone calls and 2 visits to the dealer they eventually refunded my money.

            Unfortunately, the dealer binned the blank out of the glovebox when they fitted the sat-nav but they promised to get me a replacement. The glove box kept jamming shut due to items stored in the glovebox falling into the void so I ended up storing items in a plastic bag under the seat.

            The vehicle went in for servicing at the end of June and I reminded them of the glovebox blank which they said they would fit at the time of service. When I collected the car they said they couldn’t find the blank and I would have to come back another day. There were other aspects of the service I wasn’t happy with that I won’t go into here but the car was dirtier when I collected it than when I took it in. In fact, the side windows were so smeared that I couldn’t see clearly to turn onto the main road out of the dealers forecourt so had to clean them. I went back and complained to the sales Manager, service Manager not in, and outlined all of my issues. I received a call from the service Manager 2 days later and was not impressed. Quite frankly, the guy is hopeless and I got so fed up of all is who shot John (bull sh*it) that I told him to forget it.

            Having carried out my own research I discovered that the part they binned was not available to purchase and was part of the dashboard. I eventually found an optional extra that was a bottle holder but the parts department quoted me £65.00. WOW! for a small bit of plastic. After more research I managed to cross reference it with a Citroen C1 and paid just £17.00 for the very same item.

            I now have another problem. Both Toyota dealers in my area are owned by the same dealer and I’m not going back to them so it looks like an independent garage.

            Would I buy another Toyota? Absolutely not. The sales side of the business is first class but is poorly let down by service.

            I also have some interesting dash camera footage evidencing the shortcomings on the service.

          4. Hi Steve,

            Thanks for getting back in touch and for sharing these additional details with us. We are deeply sorry to hear about your experience with us and the issues you have had with your car. We would like to help you further by opening a case with our customer relations team, as they are best placed to discuss your situation further in order to support you in any way we can. We have emailed you directly to discuss this further.


    5. I could not agree more June. No one is taking any notice. My Media unit in my brand new Toyota Aygo failed within 4.5 months and the service manager at Curries at Combe Lane assured me that it was ususal for 4.5 month old cars to have problems – they refitted the unit, and it failed again with a week. Whilst I was there, there was another customer with the same problem. No one looked surprised.

      I have bought three Toyotas in a row, as I was convinced of their reliability, but that is certainly not the case, and I will not be buying from Toyota again.

      1. Hi there,

        Thanks for getting in touch with us. We are incredibly sorry to hear you are unhappy with your Aygo and would like to put you in touch with our customer relations team who will be able to discuss this with you further. We will email you directly regarding this.


    6. I could not agree more with all the comments that have been made. I have bought 3 toyotas in a row, but after my appalling experience with the AYGO, I would not wish to buy anothe one.

      1. I agree totally and wish that I hadn’t purchased an Aygo.
        Not only is the media system a piece of junk but I’ve also had a bad experience when the car went in for service.

        1. Hi Steve,

          Thanks for getting in touch. We are so sorry to hear you are unhappy with your car and the service it had. We would like to investigate this further for you and see if there’s any way we can help. We will email you directly to discuss this further.


          1. Hello and thanks for your message.

            I have posted more details of my experience with my dealer, WR Davies of Telford, under the heading UPDATE DECEMBER 2019.

            The sales side of the business is superb but is badly let down by the service department who operate with impunity. They handed my vehicle back after removing the sat-nav unit with a gaping hole in the back of the glovebox because they had binned the original blank. From Feb to the end of June, 5 months, I heard nothing about the replacement part and had to remind them when I booked the car for service. They didn’t fit the part at the time of service, they couldn’t find it, and said I would have to go back at a later date. Really! The reason they couldn’t find it was because it is not available on its own and must be purchased as part of the lower dash. Clearly, I was being fobbed off again.

            I was considering swapping our other car, MCC Brabus, for the new Toyota Corolla and had some preliminary discussions with the salesman who sold me the Aygo but having another very bad experience with my dealer I called the salesman and asked him not to ever call me again whilst he worked for any of the dealerships owned by WR Davies. I filled him in on what had happened and he was very apologetic, more than what the service manager ever was. The sales manager is also very good and a really nice person who passed on my complaint to the service manager.

            I don’t think opening a case with Toyota will resolve any of my issues or repay me for the cost, time, and inconvenience of sourcing the missing part myself.

            The problem I now have is where do I go for servicing?
            I ALWAYS prefer to use the main dealer but have no confidence returning to WR Davies. So, it looks like an independent or sell the car.

            I would have sent an email of my complaint with dash cam footage to the owner of WR Davies but they provide no email contact details on their website. I did call by phone and ask for an email address of the owner but was refused and was told that email addresses are NOT provided over the phone. I would have to call in person and I refused.

            I have now owned the car for one year and can’t recall a car that I have been more unhappy with and feel badly let down.

            The automatic headlight sensor appears to have developed a fault and the clock on the radio keeps losing the time and the date defaults to 2062. There is a rattle behind the dash board that may be a result of the dealer not refitting the radio media player correctly.

          2. Hi Steve,

            Thanks for getting back to us with this. We are so sorry to hear about your experience with us. We would deeply appreciate the opportunity to help you further and put things right by opening a case with our customer relations team on your behalf. Our team are in direct contact with our centres and would be able to investigate your situation further. The details of your complaint and the dash cam footage can be sent them and they will be able to follow this up with the dealer directly.

            Regarding servicing and the potential faults you have mentioned, it is important to have the car checked over with your nearest dealer and our team would work to ensure you are happy with the experience.

            Once again, we are sorry to hear about this and we will re-send our email to you for your consideration.


    7. We are trying desperately to change this system local garage won’t hear of it Halfords might not sure what leads etc I need to purchase I bought a stereo Kenwood 8019

  2. I can’t cope with the sat nav at all. It takes me round in circles! I use my phone now instead on Google maps bluetoothed to the radio.

  3. I posted negative comments in 2016, on purchase. There has been no sensible update and to add insult to injury I was expected to pay for map updates. The x Nav is not fit for purpose but Toyota show contempt and patronise any person complaining….I was directed to read the handbook.

    1. Hi Carol,

      Thank you for getting in touch and we are sorry to hear that you feel this way. We take feedback very seriously and therefore will pass these comments on to our Product team.


      1. Another patronising reply, I find it amusing to think you “are sorry”. You have taken none of the comments made, from many people, on this blog seriously. It is two years since I first commented and nothing has changed. Get a decent coder working on your software and address the needs of your customers who paid good money for rubbish. It is this poor hardware which is making me think about leaving Toyota, a shame as I have been driving them since 1973.

  4. I spent the last fifteen years of my working life building, repairing, updating colour displays for warships. Updating software for X Nav should be as simple as it was for these naval navigation displays, i.e. make the update available online or burnt to an optical disk, then download and transfer software to Micro SD Card. This SD card is easily accessible in the glove compartment of the Aygo. I have been quoted a price of £94.51 from Toyota for the latest map. This is extortionate bearing in mind that the map is probably already out of date. I believe maps are updated quarterly then road tested for a few months before release to customer. The basic principle with software should be that if you already own it, then updates should either be free or at a very reasonable cost.

  5. The sound on my Tomtom won’t work when it’s placed in the dock. The speakers in the car work for the radio and the sat nav works otherwise when not in the dock. I’ve reset in on my PC but no joy. Can anyone help?

    1. Hi Lora,
      Thanks for getting in touch. Sorry for the delayed response; after speaking with our technical team, they have advised that there could possibly be a loose connection within the dock. We would suggest taking your vehicle to your nearest dealer, explain what’s happened and they will be able to assist and solve the issues. Hope this helps! 🙂

  6. Agree. I can’t remember the postcode of people I want to visit. I want to put ‘Mum’s house’ or similar.
    Even an £80 free-standing Garmin satnav offers this facility.

  7. I took delivery of a new Aygo on Friday 30 Sept 16, I decided to have Sat Nav as an extra. Have now realised that the system is not fit for purpose and I should have saved my money.. Has anybody managed to rename favourites? Have the time showing alongside the map? Download favourites from a USB stick?

    1. Hi Carol,
      Thanks for getting in touch! You are unable to rename the favourites unfortunately.

      Regarding the time display, are you referring to the current time or the ETA for the set journey? You should be able to display the ETA in the top right when you create a journey, which can be set to the time of arrival or the time you started the journey.

      Full details of the system operation can be found in the Owner’s Accessory Manual, which can be found via –

      Hope this helps!

      1. Thank you Ella, you have confirmed my initial thoughts that the system is not fit for purpose. I have been using integral sat nav systems for the past 10 years so am familiar with one which works well. I have read the system operation manual, more than once. When I am driving I do not want to be looking at my watch to check the current time, it should display alongside the journey time or the expected arrival time when the map is displayed. The software is poor if favourites cannot be renamed, it requires the remembering of addresses to select the favourite. Is there a software update to address these important points.

        1. Hi Carol,
          Unfortunately, we don’t have access to information stating what will come in future updates. All our technical team can suggest is keeping an eye on the update section of the My Toyota portal!

  8. Hi. Is there a way you can name your favorites rather than just having a post code? Many thanks

  9. Please can you tell me what is the part number and cost of the cable required to allow an iphone 5S to use AppInCar?

  10. One of the main reasons for purchasing our Aygo X-pression was the fact we were told that we could connect an iphone to the multimedia system and the display would be like looking at the iPhone allowing navigation apps to be used. 18 months on and anything newer than an iphone 4S still isn’t compatible. I could have bought an X-nav and had it all built in.

    1. Hi Dave,
      Thank you for your post. We have spoken with our technical team and to be able to look into this issue further would you be able to supply us with your phone make and model? Many thanks.

      1. We’ve got 2 phone that we’d like to connect an iphone 5C & an iphone 5S. Just to clarify, the phone work via bluetooth but not via AppIncar, so we cant use the phone Apps such as navigation.

        1. Hi David,
          Thank you for your quick reply. We have run this past our technical team and unfortunately iPhone 5C and 5S are both not compatible with AppInCar at present. We do offer a cable and unit as an accessory making both of these devices compatible. If you are interested in these products we would advise contacting your local Toyota Dealer who will be able to source these for you. Many thanks.

          1. Hi David,
            Thank you for your post. The part number you will need is: CD898-6ZZWL with a cost of: £104.17 (excl. VAT). An Additional purchase of a “Lightning to VGA Adapter” from Apple will be needed for this device to be compatible. Please also note that this accessory is not compatible with XTOUCH software version 0705, 2920, 2919. To check whether your system is compatible please follow this guide: Setup < General < Software Update < Update. Then check the "Audio" software version. Your local Toyota Dealer will be able to source these products for you. Hope this helps further and if you have any other questions please let us know. I hope this information will be of assistance.

          2. So for something that was supposed to work (and the main reason we bought the car) we need to spend nearly £170?
            Can you tell me if it is possible to display an external video on the screen?

          3. Hi David,
            Thank you for your reply. We have spoken with our technical team and they have advised that external videos are unable to be played. Hope this helps a little further and if you have any other questions please let us know.

          4. OK, it still brings me back to the question of why am I having to spend and extra £170 for something that should have worked and was the reason we bought the car?
            Do I have the option of returning the car as it doesn’t do what it was supposed to do, this was the main selling feature?

          5. Hi Dave,
            Thank you for your reply. We are very sorry you feel this way. We have spoken with our technical team again and they have advised that both iPhone 5C and 5S are not compatible with Mirrolink, this is down to the functionality of the phone. They have also advised that the lead and units are both needed for AppInCar. We would advise speaking to your local Toyota Dealer about these issues. Your local Toyota Dealer can be found here: Many thanks.

          6. Hi David,
            Thank you for your post. Once a query is posted on the Toyota blog this will come through to us for approval. Many thanks.

  11. Can you change a setting to allow you to talk on the phone via Bluetooth but see the navi display at the same time?

    1. Hello Heather,
      Thank you for your post. We have spoken with our technical team and they have advised that this is possible. In order to do this you should press the home button and then press the nav button during the phone call. Hope this helps clarify and if you have any other questions please let us know.

      1. Hi Charlotte,
        Can you tell me if adding x nav to an aygo expression is easy as it already has the media screen? I think I have read somewhere that it is simply a case of buying the x nag unit that plugs into a socket in the glove box? Is that correct or is there more work involved in retro fitting the x nag?

        Thank you


        1. Hi Andrew. It is possible to upgrade your system to x-nav. However, we strongly recommend you visit your local Toyota dealer and ask them to fit it for you. Thank you.

  12. How often will there map updates for the vehicle and will these be chargeable or will these be free

    1. Afternoon Gethin, we’re waiting back on technical support to get an answer for you on this. We will contact you again later when we hear back from them. Thank you.

      1. Gethin, the technical team have stated that there was an update for x-nav in April, with such releases normally being twice a year. The update is done in your dealership and there would be a cost involved.

          1. Hi Linda, thanks for messaging. We make our updates available to our dealers as soon as we can upon release. Please refer to your local dealership for information on how to keep up to date with the releases. Thank you.

  13. I’m very pleased with mine – and just found the video very helpful. How can I display the current time rather than whatever the top right display is supposed to be for? I don’t want to keep looking at my watch.

    1. Hello Linda, thank you for your question. It’s lovely to hear from you and that you are enjoying driving in your new Aygo. We have asked our technical experts and will let you know as soon as we hear back about how you can sort this.

      1. Might this be a change for the future as the time is far more useful – the estimated time to the destination is dependent on so many factors – and how would updates happen? I’m planning on keeping my car for many years. Obviously I don’t want to keep taking my eyes off the road to alter the screen.

        1. Hi Linda, we have fed this back to our product team and it is owners such as yourself who help us improve our products. According to each suggestion the difficulty to change product offerings varies greatly but we may see a change if enough people raised the same point. We wish you many happy miles in your Aygo.

    2. Hi again Linda, the technical team have got back to us: when you are using navigation, the x-nav displays time to destination or estimated time of arrival, this does not show the current time unless you flick screen to the home screen. Hope this helps.

      1. Well no, it doesn’t help at all. Maybe this could be part of a future upgrade that the time is still displayed somewhere on the screen.

    1. Hi Damien, yes the X Nav can be fitted as an aftermarket accessory at your dealer. Hope this helps.

      1. Hi, I saw a post confirming that the x nav system can be retro fitted to an aygo, is this an easy task or does it involve costly labour in removing the dashboard etc to change the media unit? I am considering buying a 2015 aygo but would prefer one with sat nav. thanks

  14. Hi , my Samsung galaxy s4 mini connects to my x-touch using the usb cable and mirrorlink , but the phones screen is not being displayed.

    You just gets access to the x-touch screen options , ie brightness / screen fit .

    Any ideas ?

    1. Hello Phil
      Thanks for your post.
      The Samsung Galaxy S4 mini is not listed as a compatible phone for Mirrorlink according to our information. (We only have the SIII and the Note 2 for Samsung). Hope this helps clarify but let us know if you have any other questions.

  15. Hi, thanks. However it’s my phone I was trying to connect via the USB, which worked when I first got the car? Also I can’t get the mirrorlink to work since the Sat nav system was taken out…

    1. Hi Jayne
      Thanks for your reply.
      There should be no effect on the Mirorrlink by having the Nav removed (we are presuming this worked previously with your unit?) We are also presuming that you have the relevant App in your phone and the USB cable required to operate this? Our tech team have advised that you may need to get your local dealer to look at this for you but it also might be worthwhile to see if you can double check the lead you are using to make sure this is ok.

  16. Wow. All my issues here in print, although apparently, my dealer swears, I’m the first person to have these issues!

      1. I had the system removed and my account refunded! Now I just need to work out why the USB no longer works….fab car, but someway to go with the “gadgets”!

        1. Hi Jayne
          Thanks for reply. We recommend a good quality USB formatted to FAT32. There are specifications set out on page 74 of the multimedia handbook regarding the appropriate format required to save your music as this could affect it. Let us know if you have accessed the handbook and if you have saved in the correct format and the USB is still not playing, do you have another USB you can try to see if there is a problem? Keep us posted.

    1. Hi Andrew. Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with x-nav. We’d like to help, so could you provide us with a bit more detail? Thanks.

    1. Thanks for your posts Phil.
      Our customer relations team have picked up on your contact and will be in touch with you directly about this.

  17. I probably being thick but I can’t work out how to operate the following basic satnav functions on my X-Nav, can anyone help?
    -Display the current time when using x-nav
    -Stop an incoming ‘phone call display overriding the route instructions so I don’t miss a turn
    -Plan a route from anywhere other than current location
    -Plan a route travelling via somewhere of my choice
    -Change the voice
    -change the colour scheme
    -update the maps
    -operate Mirrorlink
    -choose avoid motorways or toll roads
    -choose between shortest or fastest route
    -name favourites, such as Site 3 or Caravan. The coordinates and postcode aren’t much use when you’ve lots of favourites
    -show traffic
    -choose which speed to receive warning for
    -warning when nr school etc
    -rotate compass dial rather than having North always at top, need it pointing to direction of travel
    -avoid road blocks 100m ahead etc
    -sometimes it just blanks out completely
    –sometimes I’ve had to turn the engine off to go back to the time screen
    -sometimes routes are weird e.g. left, round next island, left; rather than just straight over
    -long journey times, states 6 hours for known 2 1/2 hour journey
    -speed camera warnings a bit random
    -USB stick not recognised
    – Thanks

    1. Hi Marcelli
      Thanks for your post and that is quite a list you have there.
      In view of the number of questions, the best option here would be a hands on demonstration by your local dealer. They would be more than happy to help advise regarding use and can take you through setting a destination and options available. We can however answer some of the questions and confirm that it is not possible to change the voice or the colour scheme of the unit. With regard to Mirrorlink, the Aygo is Mirrorlink ready but not all phones are compatible and it may also require software to be downloaded on your phone. You may need to check this with your phone provider. We would also recommend taking along the USB stick you have been using as well. Sorry that you have so many queries on your new system and if you need us to contact your dealer so they can book an appointment with you please let us know which dealer you use.

  18. Sadly I have to agree that the x-nav fitted to my nice new Aygo Expression is not fit for purpose with the very same issues as raised by previous posts. I’m waiting patiently for a software update so I can take my stick-on Tom Tom out of the Aygo and rely on the x-nav.

    Toyota customer relations say they haven’t heard any complaints like mine before and say I may have demo software….. I think the sat nav software was rushed and badly needs an update. No car clock when using the nav system, spurious camera warnings and hugely inaccurate route timings just for starters.

    A general software update for the x-nav and the car multimedia system is needed to bring the car electronics up to the very high standard of what I feel is a very nice, economical city car.

    1. Hi Peter
      Thanks for your post and sorry to hear of the problems you have experienced.
      We do recommend staying in touch with our customers relations team here so they can keep you updated.

  19. Dreadful. Route navigation is all over the place, maps are not up to date and safety cams are either missing or on the ‘wrong’ side of the road. Curious as to why Toyota would risk their good name on this. I am seeking to get mine removed as it is not fit for purpose.

  20. Toyota should be ashamed of producing this piece of rubbish and, to add insult to injury, charging a huge amount of money for it. Maps are out of date, safety cameras are not up to date (and many are missing or on the ‘wrong’ side). Safety camera warning is between a quarter to half a mile, so you have forgotten the warning by the time you get to the camera. Routing is wrong – it often takes you on a long detour (on one occasion for me, 20 miles) instead of the logical route. It even cancels out the car clock so if you use nav a lot, you have to buy a stick-on clock (very cool). There is nothing good about this product. Nothing.

    1. Mrs Williams
      Thank you for your post, we have recommended contacting our customer relations team about this issue.

    2. I bought my Aygo in July 2018. It’s slightly reassuring to read all the dissatisfaction everyone has with the X nav. I can live with most of the defects but NOT THE LACK IF CURRENT TIME when using the Satnav. Surely this is solvable???

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