Video: UK pedal fix – how it works

Today, we began to carry out repairs on recalled cars. In this film, made at a Toyota Centre, a Toyota technician demonstrates exactly how this accelerator pedal fix is carried out.

If you are unsure whether your car is affected, please visit

If you have any questions or concern regarding the recalls, please ring Toyota GB Customer Relations on 0800 1388 744.

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  1. I would like to thank Corrie Motors, Inverness and Toyota for the trouuble free experience I had with my Yaris when it was recalled in early March for the accelerator pedal to be modified. Toyota has acted quickly to sort the problem and I will certainly buy another Toyota car when the time comes. Thankyou all again.
    Fran Raw

  2. We have been that pleased with our Yaris which we have owned for the last 7 years that we have just traded it in (yesterday 11 March) for another Yaris, the 2006 model (keyless)
    We have that much confidence in Toyota and the way that these recent problems are being dealt with is what we have come to expect from a top car manufacturer, which is in a very rapid and professional way.
    We have no problems with Toyota whatsoever…!

  3. I have had my car fixed today great service I had VSO done and washed and vac inside I have driven Toyota cars for many years and will still buy your cars again,think this has been blown out of propotion

  4. my Auris was fixed on Saturday and i was in Arnold Clark Kilmarnock for one and a half hours to get the job done but this is no reflection on Toyota this dealership can book you in for a service which seems to take all day .
    Thank you Toyota for the quick response, a great car .

  5. I had a sticking accelerator on my old 57plate Auris, but it was caused by having the wrong mats,the accelerator pedal got stuck under the mat after it creeped up and started to interfere with the pedal, Removed mats for the correct ones ” problem soloved” for me the car in front is still a Toyota.

  6. My new Auris (1st Sept.2009) was recalled within 1 day of the announcement of the commencement of the recall & was completed within the hour very efficiently by Lookers Raleigh Toyota. As usual, the media have made a mountain out of a molehill & I still have the utmost faith in Toyota vehicles which I have owned for many years. If only the media would refrain from their usual gross exaggeration. There have been far greater & more dangerous problems with other manufacturers.

  7. I’ve just got my vehicle fixed – I was also offered a free car wash and vac by my dealer. My car was also taken out for a road test after being fixed, has anyone else’s car been taken for a road test? Toyota has been very prompt with this issue and has kept customers informed and updated at all times.

  8. Just had my accelerator recall work done today while Avensis in for service, an excellent job done as always at Hodgeson Metrocentre, even though my car is leased and not my own i am always treat in a courteous and friendly manner and would recommend Toyota vehicles and Hodgeson to anyone .

  9. I have just had my Avensis tourer 2.0d tr 15K miles 12mths old rectified under the recall. I have had superb service from my dealer (Inchcape Derby). They could not have been more helpful. Which other manufacturer would stay open late to fix the problem? I would recomend Toyota and Inchcape to anyone. Press coverage totally over the top, unfair and sometimes uninformed and misleading advice.
    This issue has only confirmed my decision to purchase my first Toyota was a great move. No one minds a problem it’s how it is resolved that counts I am DELIGHTED with my car. WELL DONE TOYOTA and INCHCAPE.

  10. I purchased my first toyota a diesel yaris in october 2008 after always buying fords im am very pleased with my yaris and will continue buying toyotas in the future. this problem is a simple thing blown out of all proportions by the press and media Ford recalled my cars several times for far more serious problems but this was always kept quite well done Toyota for being open and upfront about it.

  11. I have recently purchased my first Toyota (Yaris)
    I feel the press have blown this minor problem out of all proportion.
    Iam very pleased with the car, and my local Toyota dealer and would have no hesitation in purchasing another Toyota.

  12. I have first hand experience of the accelerator sticking whilst travelling at speed on the motorway, luckily I managed to get my foot under the pedal and flick it back up, however it was in my previous car…a Volkswagon, not my Auris…Guess which car manufacturer I now have the most confidence in? 11 out of 10 Toyota for acknowledging the problem & actually doing something about it!

  13. My 2009 Auris 1.6 TR exibited this problem from day 1. I put this down to it being new and that the problem would resolve itself as parts bedded in. The pedal does hang up occasionally when the pedal is released but to my mind it is not a major problem and to date has not caused any vehicle operation problems whatsoever. It is brave of Toyota to put their hands up and admit that there is a fault. I do not believe that it will do too much damage to their image. Other manufacturers have had far more serious issues in the past which have been conveniently forgotten. (Ford Ranger to name just one) From my point of view it has not changed my loyalty to the Toyota brand at all. This is my fourth Toyota and I have converted other members of my family to the Toyota brand and their views have not changed either.

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