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What would your local area be like if everyone in it drove a Toyota Hybrid? That’s the idea that we’ve explored in ‘Hybrid Town’, our latest film, which portrays a hushed utopia populated entirely by Toyota Hybrids, where there’s less pollution and happier motorists.

Filmed on location in the picturesque county of Hampshire, Hybrid Town is more fact-based than you might imagine. That’s because not only are the people featured in the video real Toyota Hybrid customers from the surrounding areas of  Hedge End, Basingstoke and Waterlooville but according to data supplied by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), more Toyota Hybrids were sold per capita in the county in the first quarter of 2014 than anywhere else in the UK. In total, 1,180 found homes there.

To create Hybrid Town, road signs were switched and a fleet of Toyota Hybrids were drafted in to create the whimsical look and feel of a town enjoying the quiet, low carbon, everyday life in Hybrid Town. We then asked our hybrid owners for their thoughts on what it would be like if everyone in Hampshire switched to a Toyota Hybrid.

Hybrid town that way

Sarah Watson, a Yaris Hybrid owner from Portsmouth said:  “Your health would really benefit and it (my area) would be such a quieter place.”

John Spirit and his wife Margaret, are retirees from Waterlooville, and purchased their Tyrol Silver Auris Hybrid Icon in March 2014, John said: “If all cars were hybrids, it would be a lot quieter where we are now.”

But what are the chances of Hybrid Town being a reality? Certainly not as far from real life as one might imagine, because, globally, Toyota invests in research programmes that explore how its hybrid and electric vehicles can form an integral part of a connected community, linking its cars to local domestic power supplies, as demonstrated in a test programme in Japan, and incorporating them in a fully integrated public transport system, as in the newly launched scheme using the i-Road three wheeler in Grenoble, France.

Now without further adieu, sit back, relax, and be transported to a world free from stress that’s also quieter and has cleaner air – welcome to Hybrid Town.

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Where next?

If you would like to test drive a Toyota Hybrid, leave a comment below stating your model of interest and we’ll be in touch shortly. Further information about our range of hybrid cars is available on the designated section of the Toyota website.

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