What is the plural of Prius? Vote now!

What’s the plural of Prius? That’s the question we are asking as the acclaimed Toyota hybrid range expands.

You can vote with your answer on our Facebook page, but before you do, it’s worth doing a bit of research.

We are unveiling two new additions to the Prius family, so where once there was one car, now there are three.

This July, the existing 2012 Prius is joined by the seven-seat Prius+ and the new Prius Plug-in hybrid, the most advanced road car we have ever made.

But while this is great news for Toyota hybrid fans, it’s posing us a problem. Exactly what is the plural of Prius? What should you call a line-up of all three cars?

We need your help to answer this difficult question, and have launched a simple to use app on Facebook to record your thoughts. We’ve even made a video to describe the challenge in detail, which you can watch below.

As you’ll see, suggestions include Priuses, Prium, Pries, Prii, Prien and simply, Prius – but which would you choose?

The result will be announced later, and if you choose the winning name, you can revel in the knowledge that you have helped make the English language that little bit more interesting – and helped a nation answer that difficult question… What, exactly, is the plural of Prius?

To help you get started, and to introduce the cars in more detail, we have produced the guide below.

Toyota Prius
With the new generation Prius you’ll find the same Hybrid Synergy Drive coupled with a bold exterior design. The two engines work in perfect harmony to give you a drive with low carbon emissions. If you drive in in electric mode you’ll produce no emissions at all, proving that two engines really are better than one.

Toyota Prius Plug-in
The groundbreaking new Prius Plug-in offers you the best of both worlds: an electric car when you drive short distances, and a hybrid when you’re driving further. So you get two cars for the price of one.

Toyota seven-seat Prius+
The spacious Prius+ has the lowest fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of any seven-seat car on the market. So as your family grows, your carbon footprint needn’t.

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  1. I would like to point out that the proper plural of octopus is NOT octopi! That is an over-correction which assumes octopus is from Latin. In actuality, it comes from Greek, and therefore the correct plural is actually octopuses or even more traditionally octopodes (octo=eight; pus=foot; podes=feet)

  2. I really love this advert and want more like it please! I think the plural should be Prii or Prium.
    Make more fun adverts! Pete, you smell funny. I also agree with that dominoe guy.
    THANKS FOR ALL THE FUN!!!!!!!! xx

  3. I think that I’d have to say Priem sounds the best to me =) I only know a little latin but all I can say is that you should ignore latin altogether. It is obviously just a bit of fun & everytime I go to the cinema I sing along as its just so catchy =) Everyone needs to lighten up & just sing along & enjoy yourselves instead of hating a fun advert =)

  4. My daughter has some memory. After just two visits to the cinema over half term and seeing the Prius advert she asked it could be her YouTube debut! Understanding the rules of fatherhood as I do, no questions were asked and this from memory is what was produced… Go to YouTube and type in “the plural of prius don’t you know”.
    Saatchi have made a great advertisement and Toyota can rest assured it was money well spent. And just in case you’re wondering we went for the double eye!!!

  5. Really, Toyota! It’s a good thing I’m already an enthusiastic Prius owner.

    Prius owners, and potential Prius owners, are an educated bunch. This competition will have most of them puking and then dragging themselves away to the nearest Mercedes Dealer.

    Firstly, regarding the above video, the plural of Octopus is not Octopi. Octopus is a Greek word, not a Latin one. If you’re English, Octopuses is fine, but if you want to be true to the original Greek, the plural is ὀκτώποδες, or Octopodes.

    Regarding Prius, and moving on to the Facebook voting page, the voting options don’t actually include an appropriate Latin plural, And the comments are full of comments along the lines that Latin words ending in -us should change to -i.

    Prius is not a second declension Latin noun. Its Latin plural is not straightforward because the latin word Prius can be an adverb or a fourth declension neuter comparative adjective.

    Adverbs obviously don’t have a plural. The plural of the comparative adjective is Priora. It is, emphatically, not Prii.

    Since a car name is obviously a noun that bears only a passing acquaintance with its Latin root, I would favour the Anglicised plural, i.e. Priuses. If you really must go for the Latin, it has to be Prius or Priora. I’m about to sign the order form for a Plug in Prius, but I fear the pen will fall out of my shaking hand if you go with Prii.

    All the best


    1. Actually, have now signed the order form so will be trading in my 3 year old T-Spirit for a Plug in at the end of this month. The salesman ended my procrastination by ringing me back this morning with an offer I couldn’t refuse.

      I really shall die of embarrassment if I find myself driving around in one of your Prii, so please, Toyota, ignore the 700 million Facebook users and consult a Latin textbook instead


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