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Are you Toyota’s biggest fan, or are you part of a Toyota-only family? Has your Toyota kept you moving through flood and drought, regardless of road conditions?

If the answer is “yes” to any of the questions above, then we want you to get in touch and tell us more.

Perhaps you’ve clocked up a record mileage, or kept your car in tip-top condition by having it serviced at your local Toyota centre. If you have, why not get in contact and let us know.

Was your first Toyota passed down from mum and dad? Or will you be passing yours onto your kids? Do you drive the oldest Toyota on the road in the UK, or perhaps the most valuable?

We know that there are brilliant stories out there – we just need you to help us tell them.

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As part of a very special project, we are looking for some of Toyota’s most enthusiastic customers.

Submitting your story couldn’t be easier, simply fill in the form above, and we will take care of the rest. To see some of the films we’ve made with you in the past, watch our videos below.

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  1. I have had my Toyota for 10 Years and it has been an excellent car, on Friday 6th June 2020 i finished work got to my car and turned on the engine my Toyota Prius at work car park in, my heart sank. The noise coming out of the vehicle was terrible, but i knew precisely why.
    my catalytic converter had been stolen – and not for the first time. Just three months earlier, the previous catalytic converter had been stolen while his Prius was parked on the driveway at the family home Windsor. Now his insurance is up for renewal, and his company, Direct Line, has told him it will not offer cover again. I cant believe Toyota is not informing all its customers of how easy and serious this is, ive just paid Berkshire Toyota £1018 for a new one but the lock is £250 which I cannot afford, I cant believe how expensive this is, for the first time in 10 years I have regrets for buying this Toyota.
    what can I do

    1. Hi,

      We’re very sorry to hear that your vehicle has been targeted by criminals.

      Toyota published police advice on this crime as soon as it could online, wrote to our dealer network to brief customers and wrote directly to owners of a number of our vehicles where we had details to do so. We have tried to ensure as many of our customers as possible are aware.

      We have developed and are supplying theft deterrent devices at zero profit such as CatLocs and tilt alarms. We’re sorry that this is still unaffordable for you.

      If you’d like to discuss this further, please contact our customer relations team here:

    I purchased a 2004 Camry in 2007. I LOVE this car!
    Recently I was bragging that in 6 miles the car would roll to 400,000 Miles. 🙂
    Unfortunately, last week I noticed something was not right. I took it to get looked at and the service gentleman said I think you need a new head gasket but with all these miles I think it’s time you get a different car. I have another car and it’s a newer model (not a Toyota) and it doesn’t hold a candle to my Camry.
    I am still able to drive the Camry, slowly and short distances. I was told not to get it hot because of the motor.
    This is a car that since 2004 has only needed the following repaired: a belt, spark plugs, and tires.
    The thought of not being able to drive this car really saddens me. It’s pearl white body is still in excellent condition and the cloth fabric interior still looks good. I just can’t say enough about this amazing car.
    The safety and comfort this Toyota Camry has provided is amazing.
    I hope to one day purchase another great Toyota but I wanted to tell you my Toyota story and say thank you for providing a feeling of safety and trust that come along with these amazingly built cars.

    1. Hi Julie,

      Thanks for getting in touch and for sharing this great story, we’re happy to hear you have so many great memories with it.

      The Camry has an incredibly rich history with us starting with it’s first entry into the UK market in 1983, you can read more about this here:

      We hope to see you behind the wheel of a Camry again in the future. Feel free to take a look at our new Camry in Platinum Pearl white here:


  3. We purchased a brand new Toyota Corolla in 1996 and it is still going strong. Our four sons learned to drive it during their teens (they are now 25, 30, 33, and 34). It has been rear-ended twice and has hit three deer during its lifetime. It currently has a little over 319,000 miles on it. We have only done brake work on it, added oil occasionally, purchased new tires and just recently replaced the alternator – only a few minor repairs in its 18 years. At this point it has become a game to see how long it runs. I’d say it is pretty reliable.

  4. I have been a Toyota owner since 2004 Starting with a Toyota Sequoia which had 6,88976miles on it .

    I traded for a 2008 highlander Hybrid light silver loved it was so quiet . Just wasn’t too pleased with the gas milage on the road ,around town was great.which I drove till my warranty was about to expire was afraid of having to buy batteries .so

    I traded for a 2013 highlander limited charcoal gray had had foe 7 days . I spent the morning at the dealership having running boards installed . I left there and started to ck. on my handicapped son but came around a curve only to see a buck 2002 model in my lane I swirved to avoid hitting it head on and hit passage side to passanger side to passanger turned my car almost back the way I came from .
    It was in slow motion I said oh lord help me get out of the way , I asked the Lord if this was the way it was gona end for me?
    The air bags deployed windshield cracked ,seatbelt cut into my side , chipped my pelvis on the left side .
    The shoulder belt t rubbed all the skin off my collar bone and down to my sternum.
    Broke my ankle from the impact.
    I was in the hospital for a week after sugery to repair my ankle. Totaled my s.u.v. almost totaled me.

    My Husband went to clean out my car before it was sold at the wrecker service he found in my seat a piece of sheet music that was out of the portfolio of music in the back seat that was shut.
    The song was” Safe in the Hollow of God’s Hands ”
    My Husband said you got your answer when he handed me the music he found in my seat .

    I was out of commission for six mo.’s finally was able to drive after boot came off so I purachased yet another Highlander 2012 pearl white with 11 thousand miles on it., people asked why I said between the Lord and my Highlander i’m still here if it ant broke don’t fix it.
    So I basically have had 3 highlanders in just over a year’s time.

    1. Hello Nancy
      That is some story and it is great to hear that you were all ok after the incident.
      We buy cars fitted with safety technology and never think we will ever use it but when the unavoidable does occur it is good to hear everything works as it should and of course you also had the right piece of music in the car as well.
      Have you told Toyota in the United States your story? I am sure that they would love to hear this too.
      We do hope that you are now fully recovered and would like to extend our very best wishes to you from all at Toyota here in the UK.
      One last point was the staggering 688,976 miles covered in your Sequoia. This is one of the highest mileages we have heard of covered in a Toyota vehicle. We do not sell this vehicle here so great to hear all about it.
      Best wishes.

  5. No, I have not pulled the space shuttle, but i recently purchased a 31 foot travel trailer. I weighed the truck and trailer loaded with fuel. The combined total was 14,490 and the Tundra pulled like there was no tomorrow. I was amazed that this truck behaved so well and the fuel mileage was equal to many diesel pushers (9.75 mpg). I am very happy with the 2011 Toyota Tundra Double Cab 2wd 5.7.

  6. To whom it may concern,
    I’d like to tell you our Toyota Story. Our family has 2 Toyota Siennas and had a Celica.
    The first was purchased in 2003 as a family van, then my oldest son used it until he purchased a Toyota Celica, at which time we gave it to my youngest son, now my youngest son and oldest son share it because someone hit the Celica and totaled it.
    The Sienna has 296,000 miles on it. We are having a big party when it hits 300,000 miles. Which with the amount we drive will be soon.
    We also have a 2004 Toyota Sienna that I got after I passed the other one down to my son, we use this to travel all over the country with my son’s band. This van has 142,000 miles on it.
    I think it would be neat to do a commercial celebrating 300,000 miles for our one toyota and
    for the other. I think our story of driving all across the country with the van in every type of weather
    would let people know why they should choose Toyota.

    I’ve attached photos of both vans and their miles. They are actually higher, I took these photos about 2 weeks ago.

    Cindy Russo

    1. Dear Cindy,
      Firstly, we’d like to thank you for taking the time to write to us and tell us your family story with Toyota.
      It’s certainly a milestone, literally, hitting the 300,000 mile mark! We’re don’t often hear of customers who’ve got such high mileage cars and it’s great to hear that they’re still running well.
      We’ve got your contact details and will share your story with the team here. Should we be ready to make a story on the blog, we’ll be in touch.
      Many thanks, once again, for getting in touch, we really do appreciate it.
      Kind regards.

  7. My sister owned a pink yaris up untill just recently which unfortunatly was sent to car heaven after an accident on the motorway. the little pink yaris did us very proud and saved my sister and her friends lives but i have to say its needs the the award of “creating so many smiles” every year we join up with lots of other pink cars to help raise money for a charity called “the little princess trust” this is a charity that raises money to help provide children/young people with real hair wigs. We travel around all different hospitals and areas waving and tooting to everyone raising money to help.
    i would like to take this oportunity to ask toyota if theres any chance of helping us get another pink yaris to help carry on putting smiles on so many poorly childrens faces?
    many thanks and hope to hear back soon

    1. Thank you so much for your story, and we’re pleased to know that nobody was hurt in your accident. Amazing to hear of the charity work you have done with your Yaris, and the smiles achieved!
      Thanks also for your interest in another Yaris, we suggest you speak with your Local Dealer about the possibility of getting one in pink.
      We hope this helps. Thanks again!

  8. I first read about the Toyota Yaris in a car magazine and I knew then that I had to have one.

    As luck would have it (or not as it could be said) my then current car; a lovely little Peugeot 106 was parked on the side of the road when it became collateral damage to a couple of passing boy-racers.

    Naturally, I was heart-broken as that little 4-speed wonder had served me well as my first car.

    Of course, that presented me with the opportunity to replace that spartan little French thing with something a little more advanced. Along came the Yaris. Actually, along didn’t come the Yaris for about 3 months because back then, they were still being manufactured in Japan and the model I wanted, in the colour I wanted would take at least 3 months to get here.
    The alternative to waiting was to take a lesser spec’d model in a, let’s admit it, not very nice and not exactly red “red” or to take the showroom test-driver that was in black. The less said about the red the better and while the car is nice in black, there was something a little too poseur about a black car. Let’s ignore that I am too lazy to keep a black car clean enough to look half decent.

    So wait I did, driving around in the courtesy car that Toyota had provided while mine was being assembled 6000 miles away.

    Then the day came. A quick call from Toyota in the afternoon and a short drive later, I was handed the keys to my futuristic egg of a car with the funky sliding rear bench, “holographic” dash display and the coolest stock alloys to ever grace a 1.0 litre car. Except it wasn’t really 1.0 litre. To be precise, it was 993cc; that is a little over 3 cans of Coke but whatever that 993cc contained it went like it was more. Like for like, it out-performed anything else its size. That was mostly to do with quite a hi-tech little engine in such a small car and of course, it did also weigh a puny 855kg, or in other words, the same as a Lotus Elise with a fat bloke in it. That low weight and fizzy engine made so much sense in a small car and it that rev hungry little engine really liked to sing.
    I made sure that it did.

    That was 1999.
    It is now 2012 and the little green “Froggy”, as he/it was nicknamed by my girlfriend at the time, is with me still. He doesn’t sing as well as he used to and he perhaps creaks in places where it shouldn’t but when the mood is right and Froggy feels particularly healthy, he can still muster up the will to make his voice heard.

    1. Thank you so much for such a lovely story, we really enjoyed reading about your journey to getting your Yaris. Thanks again for taking the time to tell us your story, wishing you many more happy years with your Toyota.
      Best wishes.

  9. I’ve loved pretty much every sports car Toyota has made. There’s always something different about them and mixed with Toyota’s reliability and reputation, they usually make for great cars to own. My first Toyota was a 1998 top of the range Celica GT (ST202). I picked it up in 2006 and was amazed at it’s condition. It didn’t look more than 4 years old, never mind 8! It was also my first sportscar and coupe and must have been very lucky in finding such a pristine model as many had been snapped up and modified.

    Sadly in 2010, I was involved in an accident and the car was beyond repair. While I was heartbroken, the other party did admit full liability and I immediately knew what car to replace it with – the new Gen 7 Celica. I had to travel all over the country looking for a good example (by train too as I didn’t have a car) with extensive service history and just before Christmas 2010 I found one. A 2004 red TSport. I fell in love instantly and it had obviously been very well looked after. Amazingly, the previous owner had lived less than half a mile away from my great nan’s house in the Cotswolds, who had sadly died a month earlier, so I may well have seen it driving around during one of my visits there!

    I’m still driving it and have no plans to sell it and it’s already driven some classic UK routes around Cornwall, the Lake District, Kent and Snowdonia. Despite being eight years old, it still looks new – a familiar story I find with Toyota’s. While I’d still have my Gen 6 back, the Gen 7 is so much fun to drive, I’m not too unhappy.

    Both cars never broke down either- with over six years of Celica ownership, I can say this beats any car in my family. I can’t imagine owning anything other than a Celica now – so I was a little sad the new GT86 didn’t use the Celica name. As I plan to keep mine for a while, maybe Toyota might bring something out in the future!


    1. Hi Antony – many thanks for your story, we’ve really enjoyed reading about your Celicas. It sounds like you have rather a special model there and certainly something worth keeping hold of and maintaining, in return it’ll keep you going for many more years! We very much appreciate you taking the time to write your story on our blog post, thank you.

  10. I always wanted a generation 7 Celica, i remember on launch the advert with a scorpion hiding in a shoe, and the promise of something fast reacting. I renember the first one i saw on the road, showroom fresh red and looking like an exotic. It was the car i one day promised myself and last winter finally made that a reality. The car lived up to my expectations and more and we have shared many memorable weekends away. Driving to Anglesey for an impromptu overnight stay gave me some of my best drives, we had the first showings of spring as sunlight crept through treetops patterning the road. Myself and my financee love the car so much we replaced her MX5 with an MR2. It took along time to find a perfect MR2 as all the good ones are being held onto, with good reason. Now we have his and hers cars, matching colours interiors and alloys. I can sling my mountain bike in the back of the surprisingly spacious boot of my celica, I work as an artist and have transported canvases round the country in it.  I won’t part with this car for a long time. It turns heads and the quality betrays the price. We have both had good experiences with main dealers despite our vehicles being no longer production models. The only thing that looks like coming close is a GT-86 but I need to sell a few more paintings yet.

    1. Hi David – thank you very much for taking the time to write your Toyota story. We have been delighted reading about your Celica and also that you’ve continued to have your car serviced with your Dealer. It sounds like a dream Toyota garage there too with the MR2 on the drive! Thanks again and may we wish you many more miles of joy in your cars.

  11. I started my taxi business in 2004 with a Peugot 406 estate car. But it was always my goal to go upmarket to an MPV. In 2005 after looking at the brochures for all the MPV’s available, I decided to purchase a new Toyota Previa MPV. Why? Well by far it was the best looking MPV, not “a van with windows.”It was well fitted out and certainly a step up for me. And most importantly it came with the usual, outstanding Toyota reputation for reliability, the most essential aspect of my business. All my clients loved it and love it still. The stylish look, leg and headroom and comfortable seating has helped me to increase and maintain my client base.I am chuffed to report that despite daily useage 7 days per week, the vehicle has now clocked up over 538,000 miles!! Same engine and major components, only had to replace some of the bolt-on bits through general wear and tear. And these only after I had put 400,00 miles on the car! I will continue to keep the old girl going as I see no reason to replace her at the moment. I have one moan – why did Toyota stop manufacturing Previas in the UK in 2006? Please bring them back and I’ll beg, borrow or steal to afford a new one!!

  12. July 2011 was an exciting month. I bought my first 1997 Mk2 Toyota MR2 2.0 GTi T-Bar Sonic Shadow and what a summer we had, taking the roof off at every opportunity. Only two previous owners (husband and wife) who obviously loved it too, keeping her as standard which, in my opinion, is best. A year on and she’s still only done 61,000 miles, never misses a beat and is a pleaure to drive; a proper driver’s car, mid engined, no traction control and pop-up headlights. I love the drive, its looks and character and my husband loves driving it too, which is why I managed to talk him into a car port! We have always enjoyed going to car shows but we now belong to a Jap car club so we have met some lovely people and meet at these shows. It is brilliant when people stop to admire my pride and joy, taking photographs and being very complimentary about its condition. It is surprising the amount of people who say they used to own one and regret selling it. This year I saw the new GT86 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and I have to say I am really impressed but still love my 15 year old motor. (May I take this opportunity to thank Toyota for their hospitality at Goodwood, their friendliness and professionalism where second to none, not forgetting the staff at our local Dealership.)

    This year I have bought another Toyota which is a 5-door Rav4 VX 2003 auto, the second Rav4 I have owned. I now own two Toyotas as the MR2’s going nowhere! My first Rav4 was a 3-door 1999 GX manual, aka Nelly, which I absolutely loved, again never letting me down and leaving others standing in the snow and ice. I regret selling this car but my new Rav is proving to be just as good.

    I cannot fault Toyota’s reliability and build quality and can honestly say I’m hooked! It reminds me of the days when my Dad owned a white Mk1 Celica when I was a child. I think this is where my interest started as that was a fantastic sports car.

    Thank you and keep motoring on Toyota – you’ve got one very happy customer!

    1. Hi Karen,
      Thank you ever so much for your Toyota Story! We’ve all really enjoyed reading about your MR2 GTi – that’s quite a car you’ve got there!
      As you know, we are collecting stories like this and hope to use them in a piece in the coming months. So keep your eyes on the official Toyota blog as you never know, we may very well be writing about you and your MR2.
      We’d all like to thank you again for sharing your story and wish you many more happy years motoring with Toyota.
      P.S. Glad you enjoyed Goodwood. We were lucky to have so many GT86 models there this year. Here’s to next year!

      1. I’m glad you enjoyed my story, it’s a shame there was nowhere I could post a picture or two.

  13. My dad always had Ford company cars. When he retired in 1989 he looked around at what to buy. The chap in the Honda dealer was very offhand because dad was only looking at a base model car.

    The chap in the Toyota dealer on the other hand was very helpful, sorting dad out with a test drive, brochure etc. So it was the Corolla he bought. That was soon traded in for a Carina, which was followed by another Carina. These were cars so unlike his company cars over the years: they just worked! They started every morning, they had great toys like electric windows and sunroof, and the 16V engines were light years ahead of his old company cars.

    Over the years, he got to know his local dealer very well, who were always happy to chat when he popped in to get his car serviced. When the original Yaris was announced he was first in the queue and took delivery on the first day they were on sale. He persuaded my mum to get a Yaris as well, then my daughter! He traded up a couple of years later to another one. He liked Yarises! He was very excited about the IQ but unfortunately he died before getting the chance to have a go in one.

    When I was looking for a new car in 1993, a Carina seemed an obvious choice. I owned it for 11 years and it never let me down or needed anything doing it other than routine maintenance. This was finally followed by a Corolla for my wife in 2005, while I had moved on to a Lexus IS200, then an IS250.

    In over 20 years of driving Toyotas, none of my family has ever broken down, my sister walked away from a nasty accident in her Yaris, the car having looked after her very well.

    We have also had a few great days out thanks to Toyota: free tickets to the BTCC in about 1995, a trip round the Burnaston factory, and a great driving day at Brands Hatch a few Years ago.

    Of course I now heartily recommend Toyotas to people!

    1. Hi Chris,
      What a lovely post, thank you very much for sharing your Toyota Story with us. We are delighted to hear about all of the models you’ve had in the family and hope you continue to enjoy driving your Toyota!
      We shall be using some of these stories for a piece in the future so you never know, we may very well be writing about you and your history with Toyota soon.
      I’d like to take this opportunity, on behalf of the team here, to thank you again for taking the time to tell us your story.
      Wishing you all the very best,

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