Win a family adventure in the new Toyota Verso

Want to take a starring role in the next edition of Toyota’s customer magazine this way…? Simply tell us where you want to go in the new Toyota Verso and we could make it happen!

We are looking for a growing family to put the new Verso to the ultimate test, and with it are offering you the chance to be one of the first to drive our new car on UK roads.

As part of your week long test, we’ll also arrange a big family day out, so you can give the Verso’s features a thorough work over while we record your thoughts and opinions.

To be in with a chance of winning, describe the kind of adventure you’d like to have with your kids if you had the new Verso.

Leave your comments below to enter and we’ll choose a winning family on Friday 1st February (PLEASE NOTE – as of 4/2/2013 this offer is now closed). You’ll need to be available towards the end of February and we will cover expenses.

If you are still not sure, why not take a closer look at all that Verso has to offer, here.

Terms and conditions apply.

Comments (38)

  1. I would like to try the car and take a family trip to each of the family fun parks (partner 45. Daughter 8. Son 5 myself 38) to cost various family oriented locations all within a reasonable driving time from home so that we can not only have a great week. By spend enough time in this car to enable us to see what it has to offer. I figure a maximum drive or maybe 2.5 hours each way each day would give us time to experience the cars features. But also enjoy the days out also.

    ( you can get to a lot if places from London within 2.5 hours and use a variety if roads).

  2. I would like to take our 9 year old twins and husband on a tour of some of the major castles in Wales. I can see us stepping back through the mists of time and to be knights on the ramparts of Conwy Castle, soldiers charging to glory up the towers of Caenarvon, winning a battle at Beaumaris, ploding a hard march to Harlech! Y Ddraig Goch ddyry gychwyn (The Red Dragon will show the way) with a spectacular ride in the new Verso!

  3. I have a ten year old t sport. Done 280,000 miles and things are starting to rattle, to say the least. Has cost me hardly anything in them 10 years. My wife’s birthday is end of February and she would love to go to Scotland as we have never been. We would also be taking jack (11) and josh(10) . This would be perfect !

  4. “The Family Face of Verso”

    On Monday we would start the week in a very stylish way, with the arrival of our Toyota Verso, we would shout Hip, Hip, Hooray!

    Then on Tuesday we have to test to see if we can fit a colony of beaver scouts into the back of it. We like to save on petrol and help the environment out, I wonder if there is a badge for that my little passengers shout.

    On Wednesday a different kind of sport and this time off to fencing, with lots of gear to fit in the rear, we fold the back seats flat. I don’t know what we ever did before all of that!

    On Thursday we set of for work, just a short hop to the town, with a quick run to the supermarket, what a super run around.

    Friday the end of the week and a great night out is planned, so collect our friends for a movie and Curry. My this stylish car is really rather grand.

    Saturday is family fun with a lovely trip planned. The boy has always wanted to take his friends to LEGOLAND. With the panoramic window to watch the world go by, and a stereo for music the trip simply wizzes by.

    Sunday is a sad day as we have to say goodbye, to the magical Toyota Verso, but please don’t cry. First we must drop Granny of at Bingo, and you never know she may, just win enough at bingo to buy us our own Verso one day!

  5. hi i”d like to drive the new verso to the lakes
    at the end of feb beging of march
    as i have had toyotas before

  6. We have a young family with 2 small boys (3 and 1) and another on the way. We will need a bigger car so I’m currently trying to choose between a Toyota Verso and a VW Touran. Would be good to go on a family adventure over the Shropshire Hills to take my sons to see their grandparents.

  7. Since 1974 I have bought ten Toyota saloon cars ,Corolla,s Carinas and Avvenses..rephrase ago I sold my 2003 Avensis and part exchanged it for a Peugeot 308… Much to my regret.. I can’t wait to sell it and go back to Toyota..

  8. I was exhilarated when I saw Toyota’s blog running this competition because me and my husband are planning a trip to take our baby born in the year of Dragon to see the Loch Ness monster before I return to work on 4th of March from my maternity leave. Our iterinery is Cardiff – Lake District – Loch Ness – Edinburgh – Aberdeen – Manchester – Cardiff and it will take us a full week to complete this magnificent drive. We will be so happy if you pick us for a ride in your Toyota Verso!

  9. I would love to take my family (husband, 2 children, a baby and a Deerhound puppy) for some adventures in the Verso. We live in Yorkshire so we’d have a day out in the Dales, and I’d love to drive up to Scotland to see family and friends and fit in a trip to the Scottish seaside. I’d also see how the car does on the school run when I can have 6 children to fit in the car!

  10. This looks amazing! We are a family of 6 -hubby and i and 4 children from 13 down to 5. This looks a dream mpv would be nice to have an economical mpv the mpv we currently drive sadly is not. I would love to test this on a trip to west midland safari park and see if it stands up to its name and durability!

  11. As we have the snow on the ground,i would love to be able for me and my boy drive around Great Britain and see how many places we could get to and the furthest place we could within the week. Going to all the small country places and NOT using motorways at all. Lets see how it would handle the snow and ice etc .

  12. My family is still growing, we are proud grandparents of 13 beautiful children. Would love to drive to the NW of Scotland as I have heard it is one of Europes most scenic routes.

  13. Having driven a Toyota Yaris on many a family adventure over the last 4 years, it would be great to test drive this Verso for a week in order to put it to the test.

    I would have to start off by doing the usual “family stuff” – shopping, running the kids to nursery and the commute, but I would take a couple of days off work in order to have a couple days away with my husband in order to escape the kids.

    This would be something simple, like a ride out to the seaside in order to have a walk along the beach and eat fish & chips on the sea front . We would also go to one of our favourite countryside places to go for a walk around the villages and hills in the Ribble Valley. To finish off the week, and to reward the kids, we’d pack up the car and go to visit a working farm so that the children could see all of the animals.

    This schedule would allow us to test the car fully because it would be used as a family car on both a short and long journey, and it would be used for travel as an individual and as a family, in different driving environments.

    Judith McLean
    Rossendale, Lancashire

  14. I would love to take my wife and 3 kids to see the beautiful scenery of the Yorkshire Dales where I completed the Three Peaks Challenge last year. We could camp overnight to make the most of the peace and quiet, then stop off for a bite to eat at one of the lovely family pubs before starting the 2 hour journey home.

  15. I’d love to take my little boys to Legoland and Drayton Manor and anywhere to stop in between for picnics and exploring! And we would actually be able to take their step-sister who could sit very comfortably in the verso!

  16. As we are a growing family of two adults and two young children (Joshua, 3 and Mollie, 1), we are constantly doing the never-ending cycle of the daily commute, the nursery run and day trips to either see family or do activities with our children.
    We currently drive a 08 plate Yaris, and I have to say, it is without doubt, the most reliable car we have ever had, and to now, it has suited our needs – the only drawback is with two kids and a pram, we sometime struggle for luggage and/or shopping space!
    My family would love the opportunity to test drive this car for a week at the end of February, as it would tie-in with my week of annual leave so we will be doing the nursery runs, trips out to visit family and days out, which would provide us with the ideal opportunity to really test the car as a family car both around town and on motorway trips.
    In terms of the written review, both my wife and I are professional people (a mental health support practitioner and police officer respectively) so we are both familiar and experienced with writing reports and giving honest feedback about different things.

    Nathan McLean
    Rossendale, Lancashire.

  17. We are a family of 5 (and one dog too) from Kent! There is my husband and I and our 3 children, aged 5, 3 and 1. It’s always a challenge fitting all the car seats into a normal family car, along with luggage if we’re heading off on a trip.
    As well as doing the school and nursery run everyday and a major food shop each week, we could really put the Verso to the test by taking a family trip up to Norfolk to visit my family. We’d go along the coastal roads and visit Great Yarmouth before heading for an afternoon at Banham Zoo. then we’d take the scenic route to my Mum’s through winding country roads for an evening with the family.
    The next day we would head back for the long two and a half hour journey back to Kent, covering A roads and motorways. Let’s see if the Verso can keep up with the Sullivans!!!

  18. e have daughter at derby university .so yes that means lots of trips up and down the motorway .not to mention all the daddy pickups and drop offs .We also have a son who is into boxing and basketball . So there we go again back on the pickup and drop off roundabout ITS A never ending cycle I would love to buy a verso but our finances won.nt allow us to.But would love to win one. Thankyou the Bainesy Family W

  19. I would love to do this , I have a 63 plate carrola verso and I love it but I have never drove a brand new car. I wouldn’t mind where we go . I have two boys age 10 and 14 even if I just pulled up to collect them from school in a brand new verso would be lovely there faces would be a picture , even though its only for s week it would be a great week xx

  20. I’d take the kids to Lego Land
    Where they’ve always wanted to go,
    I wouldn’t hear their moans and groans
    Of squashed sardines packed in a row.

    We’d have space to store our baggage,
    Air-con and touch screen music to our ears,
    A skyview panoramic view,
    And we’d look stylish beyond our years.

    So give us this chance of a lifetime,
    To visit Lego land in comfort and style,
    When it comes to a touring sport estate car,
    Toyota has gone that extra mile!

  21. I have four children so i would like to test drive to London my son live in London than might travel to Glasgow where my Aunty live and i have not seen her since long and will be fantastic journey for test drive than if i like it than i will recommend to my client to get that verso.

  22. I’d like to take it to the Top Gear track at Dunsfold to see how well it performs on a similar regime to the Toyota Hilux torture testcar. After this I would like to drive it to the local car wreckers and see how well it performs in the crushing machine…

  23. My best friend lives in Inverness, he has a young son that I have never met. I currently have a Prius and my wife drives the brand new Yaris Hybrid. So I guess we would go on the boat to Liverpool or Scotland and travel up and back. My daughter Eva is dying to get on an ‘over night’ boat!

    Pick Us

  24. To be able to take my partner who is my carer, to torquay to see his parents that he has not seen for a long time, and to take our grandchildren to see their grandparents for the first time.

  25. As my partner is my carer and he has not seen his parents for a long time, who live in Torquay, Devon, I would love to take him there as a surprise and to say thank you for looking after me! And it would give us the chance to take our grandchildren to meet their grandparents for the first time!

  26. I own a 2010 2.0diesel which is my 2nd verso (& 4th toyota). Would take the wife & 4 kids to see family 350 miles to see family in Plymouth during the feb school half term. Haven’t been down to visit for a while. Love the new look verso.

  27. Hi. Our family are already proud owners of a 2010 1.6 petrol verso and we,re considering a purchase of the new verso to become a 2 verso family.

    I would live to see the faces of holly (5) and Bethany (2) when they,re loaded into the new but familiar cabin of the verso. We,d use it to haul the family plus dog and buckets/spades to the seaside in style. Lunch would be served on the handy picnic tables and we,ll be able to watch the skies for signs of rain through the new sunroof.

  28. I would like my mum to drive me to London from Huddersfield (West Yorkshire) along with my brother and Aunty as the car (Toyota Verso) is full of space as you can fill lots of things in the boot which is handy. The Journey won’t be stressful because I will have a lot of leg room 🙂


  29. An adventurous week would do us, be nice to have a bit more room to fit all the camping gear in rather than packing it round the kids in my 3 door Corolla T Sport!

  30. I’d like to drive from Glasgow to Alton towers or Gulliver land Milton Keynes, and actually be able to fit my 5 children in a proper car for a change

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