Winners announced for the Toyota Drift School 2012

Calling the class of 2012! Through our recent competition, pupils for the 2012 Toyota Drift School have been selected and we can finally begin to show them how to drift the new Toyota GT86 like ‘Drift King’ Keiichi Tsuchiya.

Our winners are:

Stephen Hall, Adam Smith, Chris Auty, David Gareth Jones, Anthony Tarick Taylor, Paul Parsons, Paul Renwick, Chris Torbett, Paul Metherell, Martin Johnson, Karen Bagshaw, Michael Gooderham, George F.Williams, Leon Kehoe, George Demetriou, Jamaine Jacobs, Charlie Worsley, Garry Towns, Daniel Duperouzel, Julian Earl, Jake Archer, James Leacock, Kun Dang, Ricardo Claro, Robin Callighan, Colin Johnston, Simon Cane and Harry Erskine.

The event will be held at a private track on Saturday 15th September. We will have a full report on the action the following week.

Our track has been fine tuned with the help of Autocar’s Steve Sutcliffe and Top Gear Magazine’s Ollie Marriage – both highly capable drivers.

As our video shows, the idea is simple. Racing against clock, pupils will need a combination of car control and raw speed to complete the course as quickly as possible.

Well done to our competition winners, have fun on the day and may we encourage you to tweet if you are on Twitter and upload pictures if you are on Facebook to help share this unique experience with those who can’t make it!


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  1. RAV4 safely home in manchester, many thanks to Toyota for a great day, much laughs and fast fun
    Go team winners 🙂


  2. Had a good day, thanks Toyota, and especially Danny who lead our team to VICTORY! Also, if my twin is reading this, look me up on Facebook bro.

    1. not even going to bother reading that. never tryed it before .think u can read into it to just going to see what happens colin
      but cannot wait for it . i drive a aygo 1 litre i bought it this year dew to the petrol prices u can go for miles in it its great car but with out the power .nippy litle thing well prob bump in to yea along the way .just have fun its whats it all about.


  3. Thanks to all at Toyota, cant wait for the fun 🙂
    Techie working for HP/BT backup team will try his best

    Go Colin ! 🙂

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