Winter Tyres Giveaway

Forecasters are predicting a cold and snowy winter for 2013… To help keep one lucky Toyota driver  on the road, we are giving away a set of winter tyres.

You’ll find full details on how to enter at the bottom of this post. Winter weather tyres are designed to provide better grip on the road surface in conditions when the temperature is below seven degrees centigrade. In the UK this usually happens between October and March.

The tyres are manufactured with higher levels of natural rubber and silica and a tread pattern designed to help them bond with the road at lower temperatures.

This gives better grip and improved stopping distances compared to standard tyres in cold weather, improving the vehicle’s handling characteristics.

For more information about the full service of purchasing, fitting and tyre storage please contact your Local Dealer who’ll be able to help you further.

We are giving away one set of winter tyres. This will include a set of four winter tyres, rims, fitting and advice on storing your current tyres.


To be in with a chance of winning upload a picture of your car in the winter’s weather onto our Facebook page. We’ll choose a winner at random on Friday 6th December 2013. Terms and Conditions apply.


Comments (146)

  1. Winter tyres are for use in temperatures of below 7°C

    Simon Mortley 1996 Celica ST202, & 2002 VW Passatt 2.0 Estate.

  2. You recommend that winter tyres should be used once the temperature goes below seven degrees centigrade/celcius.

    2000 Lexus IS200 Sport

  3. Winter tyres work best from 7°C.

    Suppose I’d best put these on the 2000 Toyota Yaris, unless you’ve got some spare for a 1993 Corvette 😉

  4. You should use winter tyres once the temperature is below 7 deg C. (I have found out the hard way in the GT86 and the unexpected snow fall today!)

  5. You don’t actually make a specific recommendation but you do say that winter tyres are designed to work best at temperatures below 7degC so I’ll take that as a recommendation!
    Toyota 2.0 V-matic XT-R AWD. I actually came to this site after searching for recommendations on types of winter tyre to fit! It would be good to win a set. Thanks for giving us the chance.

  6. You advise winter tyres should be used at temperatures below 7 degrees centigrade. My car is a Volvo XC90.

  7. As the nights become darker and the weather is colder the temperature drops can you afford to take a chance on the roads driving with standard tyres compared to winter tyres at 7 degrees C and below a vehicle driving at 30mph in the snow with summer tyres will take 43metres to stop where as using winter tyres you are able to stop at 35 metres that’s 8 metres or the length of 2 cars. So remember using winter tyres is not just for your own safety it helps you stay on the road and get where you need to go.
    Steve Airth 2003 Celica T Sport

  8. Well, it’d be best to use winter tyres when the temp drops below 7°C.
    Celica 2.0 Gti – 16 Generation 5 ST182.

  9. Toyota recommend using winter tyres at temperatures below 7 degrees centigrade. Tabba
    2000 Toyota Celica TRD Sports-M (ZZT231)

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